============================================================================== Cat/No. Title. Artist. Current item number ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CM/0270 100% PROOF CARAVAN 1 CS/A3/45 10th Century HARP Music MIDDLE AGES INST 2 CS/XM/07 13th CENT.NV CAROLS PRO CANTIONE ANT 3 CS/A3/45 13th Century Music (Flute) MIDDLE AGES INST 4 CS/A3/45 13th Century Music (French) MIDDLE AGES INST 5 CH/0079 148TH PSALM Choir Mormon Tab 6 CS/XM/07 14th CENT.NV CAROLS PRO CANTIONE ANT 7 CS/A3/45 14th Century Music & Instrumen MIDDLE AGES INST 8 CS/A3/45 14th Century Music (1300) MIDDLE AGES INST 9 CS/A3/45 14th Century Music (Organ) MIDDLE AGES INST 10 CS/A3/45 14th Century Music(Drum & Lute MIDDLE AGES INST 11 CS/XM/07 15th CENT.NV CAROLS PRO CANTIONE ANT 12 CS/A3/45 15th Century Music (1400) MIDDLE AGES INST 13 CS/A3/45 15th Century Music (1420) MIDDLE AGES INST 14 CS/A3/45 15th Century Music (1480) MIDDLE AGES INST 15 CS/A3/45 15th Century Music (Italian) MIDDLE AGES INST 16 CM/0631 16 MUSICAL YOUTH 17 CW/0298 16th AVENUE LACY J. DALTON 18 CH/0085 16TH CENTURY CHORAL MUSIC ALL SAINTS CHURC 19 CH/0075 Choir WestminCat 20 CS/A3/45 17th Century Music (Scottish M MIDDLE AGES INST 21 CW/0157 18 YELLOW ROSES Marty Robbins 22 COL/0189 1812 OVERTURE NEW UEEN'S HALL 23 CS/A3/21 Unknown Orchestr 24 COL/0446 1812 OVERTURE SOLENNELLE 3 & 4 NEW QUEEN'S HALL 25 COL/0109 1812 OVERTURE SOLENNELLE PT.5 NEW QUEEN'S HALL 26 CS/A2/05 1812 OVERTURE+DON COSSACK CHOI BERLIN PHILHARMO 27 CS/A4/13 18th Century HARPSICHORD music GERALD GIFFORD 28 CS/A4/13 Harpsichord 1775 29 D/315 18th CENTURY PUPPET JEAN JACQUES PER 30 CS/XM/16 1920 LA VESPERS OF THE VIRGIN SCHOLA GREG.CAMB 31 D/223 1920s & 1930s tunes Cab Calloway 32 D/223 To be entered. 33 CS/A4/04 1924 - 25 - 1926 SHOWS Jack Buchanan 34 CS/A4/06 1925-1949 DANCE BANDS various 35 D/255 1960s MEDLEY - 6 WURLITZER JOHN M 36 COM/0175 1985 GOON SHOW 37 CS/XM/16 1994 ORGAN MUSIC ORGAN-NOTRE DAME 38 CS/XM/16 1994 ORGAN MUSIC & CHOIR ORGAN-NOTRE DAME 39 CS/XM/16 SCHOLA GREG.CAMB 40 CM/0746 1999 PRINCE 41 CS/A4/36 19th CENTURY HARP MUSIC HARP - 19th Cent 42 CM/0169 19TH NERVOUS BREAKDOWN Rolling Stones 43 CM/0901 1OO YEARS MODERN TALKING 44 CS/A2/28 20 MOST POPULAR MELODIES GLENN MILLER 45 CM/0169 2000 LIGHT YEARS FROM HOME Rolling Stones 46 Cs/A1/31 2000 WEEKS JAMES GALWAY 47 D/191 2001 : A SPACE ODYSSEY TV THEMES SiFi V 48 CM/0381 21ST CENTURY SCHIZOID MAN KING CRIMSON 49 CH/0104 23RD PSALM Choir Rhos MV 50 CW/0148 25 MINUTES TO GO Johnny Cash 51 CS/A2/08 3 Bourees Barb.Courtney-Kn 52 CS/A5/25 33 Years Julio Iglesias 53 CW/0187 4th of JULY Roger Miller 54 D/270 55 CM/0022 5-7-0-5 CITY BOY 56 COM/0169 50 MILLION BLOW FLIES CAN'T BE Frankie Davidson 57 CW/0097 500 MILES Glen Campbell 58 CW/0089 500 MILES AWAY FROM HOME Bobby Bare 59 CM/0105 54321 Manfred Mann 60 CM/0224 5O'S MEDLEY Osmonds 61 CS/A3/22 633 SQUADRON RAF REgt.Sthn. 62 CM/0046 7 - ROOMS OF GLOOM FOUR TOPS 63 CM/0387 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 RIMSHOTS 64 Cs/A1/29 72nd HIGHLANDERS FAREWELL TO E JIMMY SHAND 65 CH/0010 76 TROMBONES RAF Brize Norton 66 CM/0024 7TEEN REGENTS 67 CW/0258 8 X 10 Bill Anderson 68 D/0327 80s Music Tape Various 69 CM/0763 8TH WONDER OF WORLD ISLEY/JASPER 70 COM/0086 9 - 3 MAX BOYCE 71 CS/A3/35 9 TO 5 MORNING TRAIN JAMES LAST 72 CM/0204 905 Who 73 CM/0170 99 MILES FROM L.A. Albert Hammond 74 CM/0910 A 5TH OF BEETHOVEN WALTER MURPHY 75 CM/0385 A 5TH OF BETTHOVEN WALTER MURPHY 76 CM/0112 A BAD NIGHT CAT STEVENS 77 CM/0054 A BAG FULL OF SOUL Neil Sedaka 78 D/096 A BANDA PEPE JARAMILLO 79 D/285 A BASEBALL TEAM FOR JOLSON MARX BROTHERS 80 D/285 To be entered. 81 Cs/A1/14 A bee in your boudoir Charles Rogers 82 CM/0434 A BLESSING IN DISGUISE Drifters 83 CM/0765 A BOY FROM NOWHERE TOM JONES 84 CM/0309 A BOY IS WAITING DONNY OSMOND 85 CS/A3/14 A boy like that Soundtrack 86 CW/0140 A BOY NAMED SUE Johnny Cash 87 CW/0152 88 CW/0203 89 CS/A4/46 A Boy Was Born op.3. Westm.Cath.Choir 90 CS/A2/38 A BRIDGE TOO FAR ROYAL MARINES 91 CW/0198 A BROKEN HEART A WEDDING BAND StonewallJackson 92 D/279 A Brown bird singing Cliff Adams Sing 93 D/279 To be entered. 94 D/082 A BUSHEL & A PECK DENNIS WILSON OR 95 CW/0155 A CERTAIN KINDA HURTIN' Johnny Cash 96 CM/0286 A CHANGE IS GONNA COME Fifth Dimension 97 CS/X2/09 A CHILD IS BORN MARTIN BEST ENSE 98 CM/0308 A CHILD'S PRAYER HOT CHOCOLATE 99 CM/0373 100 COM/0121 A CHRISTMAS CAROL TOM LEHRER 101 COM/0124 102 CS/X2/20 Various 103 CS/XM/20 A CHRISTMAS CAROL - READING CHARLES DICKENS 104 CS/X2/13 A Christmas Dream Perry Como 105 CS/XM/12 106 CS/XM/09 A CHRISTMAS PASTORAL ORGAN 107 CS/X2/10 ORGAN-M.SOUTER 108 CS/X2/13 A Christmas Wish Vera Lynn 109 CS/XM/12 A Christmas Wish(From Me To Yo Vera Lynn 110 CS/A3/30 A CHRUISTMAS CRADLE SONG ORGAN ChrisHughs 111 CW/0254 A COLD DAY IN JULY Gene Watson 112 CM/0045 A DAY IN THE LIFE Beatles 113 CW/0223 A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A FOOL George Jones 114 CM/0398 A DAY IN THE LIFE OF JULIE Herbie/Royalists 115 CM/0228 A DAY LATE & A DOLLAR SHORT Donny & Marie 116 CM/0289 A DAY WITHOUT LOVE EVERLASTING LOVE 117 CM/0289 Love Affair 118 CR/0402 A DAY'S BROADCASTING CLAPHAM & DWYER 119 COM/0037 A DOCTOR'S LIFE RONNIE BARKER 120 CR/0212 A DREAM WORLD IS WAITING GERALDO 121 COM/0069 A DROP OF THE HARD STUFF Goons 122 CM/0408 A FACE IN THE CROWD Scott Walker 123 CS/A5/23 A FAMILY AT WAR - TV THEME LPO 124 COL/0202 A FEW DRINKS - FUNNY FACE LESLIE HENSON 125 COM/0136 A FEW SELECTED EXITS Ray Smith 126 CW/0196 A FIELD OF YELLOW DAISIES Charlie Rich 127 CD\1859 A fine Romance PICCADILLY DANCE 128 CS/A4/06 A Foggy Day Various 129 CS/A4/15 A FOGGY DAY in medley WALLY STOTT ORCH 130 CM/0296 A FOOL IN LOVE Ike & Tina Turne 131 CM/0488 A FOOL LIKE YOU IAN MATTHEWS 132 CW/0003 A fool such as I Jim Reeves 133 CW/0004 134 CM/0033 A FOREVER KIND OF LOVE Bobby Vee 135 COL/0160 A FORS E LUI - TRAVIATA LILY PONS 136 CR/0135 A FOSCO CIELO! LA SCALA CHORUS 137 CW/0282 A FOUR LEGGED FRIEND Roy Rogers 138 CR/0345 A GAL IN CALICO AMBROSE 139 D/010 A GAY RANCHERO JAMES LAST 140 COL/0344 A GIRL HAS GOT MY HEART COLUMBIA LIGHT O 141 CW/0120 A GIRL I USED TO KNOW Charlie Pride 142 CW/0246 A GOOD OLD COUNTRY SONG Lynn Anderson 143 CW/0223 A GOOD YEAR FOR THE ROSES George Jones 144 CS/A4/31 A GREAT & MIGHTY WONDER PHIL.JONES BRASS 145 CR/0508 A GREAT BIG BUNCH OF YOU BILLY COTTON 146 COM/0148 A GYPSY'S VIOLIN Muppets 147 CS/XM/03 A HAMMOND (ORGAN) CHRISTMAS HAMMOND ORGAN 148 CS/XM/03 MARK LAUB 149 CS/X2/03 A HAMMOND CHRISTMAS MARK LAUB(ORGAN) 150 CM/0044 A HARD DAY'S NIGHT Beatles 151 CM/0086 152 D/004 JAMES LAST 153 CM/0181 A HAZY SHADE OF WINTER Simon & Garfunke 154 COL/0218 A HIKING MEDLEY DEBROY SOMERS 155 CH/0027 A HOLE IN A BOARD MAZOWSZE 156 CW/0116 A HOUSE OF GOLD Hank Williams 157 CW/0116 A HOUSE WITHOUT LOVE Hank Williams 158 D/070 A KING IN NEW YORK LONDON FEST.ORCH 159 D/285 A LAUNDRY FOR JOLSON MARX BROTHERS 160 D/285 To be entered. 161 CW/0180 A LEGEND IN MY TIME EARL POWERS 162 CM/0033 A LETTER FROM BETTY Bobby Vee 163 CW/0147 A LETTER FROM HOME Johnny Cash 164 CH/0057 A LIFE FOR THE CZAR (SCENES FR Choir Don Cossac 165 COM/0053 A LIFE IN THE DAY OF BILLY CONNOLLY 166 CS/A5/32 A LIFE ON THE OCEAN WAVE HM ROYAL MARINES 167 D/296 A LIFE ON THE OCEAN WAVE in m REGINALD DIXON 168 CM/0227 A LITTLE BIT COUNTRY Donny & Marie 169 D/253 A little bit me a little bit Monkees 170 D/253 To be entered. 171 CW/0297 A LITTLE BIT MORE Dr. HOOK 172 CW/0278 A LITTLE BIT OF PUSH Frank Ifield 173 D/252 A LITTLE BITTY TEAR CHET ATKINS 174 CS/A4/33 SHADOWS 175 D/252 To be entered. 176 CW/0045 A LITTLE GOOD LOVIN Chris Nielsen 177 CW/0198 A LITTLE GUY CALLED JOE StonewallJackson 178 Cs/A1/22 A little love a little kiss JeanetteMacDonal 179 CM/0053 A LITTLE LOVIN' Neil Sedaka 180 CR/0160 A LITTLE ON THE LONELY SIDE JIMMY LEACH 181 CM/0464 A LITTLE PEACE NICOLE 182 CM/0481 A LITTLE RESPECT ERASURE 183 D/174 A LITTLE SUITE No.2 TV THEMES CASSET 184 Cs/A1/07 A LONDON OVERTURE - IRELAND LONDON SYMPHONY 185 CW/0124 A LONESOME HEART Slim Whitman 186 CW/0317 A LONG TALK WITH THAT BOY BUDDY EBSEN/MAX 187 CW/0233 A LONG WAY BACK TO LOVE Roy Drusky 188 CM/0230 A LOVE LIKE MINE Gladys Knight/Pi 189 CM/0286 A LOVE LIKE OURS Fifth Dimension 190 CM/0286 THE 5TH DIMENSIO 191 CM/0296 A LOVE LIKE YOURS Ike & Tina Turne 192 COM/0072 A LOVER'S CONCERTO Mrs Miller 193 COM/0109 A LOVERS CONCERTO Mrs Miller 194 CR/0346 A LULLABY FOR DENA DANNY KAYE 195 CW/0273 A MAIDEN'S PRAYER Ray Price 196 CH/0011 A MAN ALONE Choir Morriston 197 Cs/A1/13 A man's a man Corries 198 CS/A4/39 A MAN'S A MAN FOR A' THAT CORPS.TRANS.BAND 199 CW/0270 A MANSION ON THE HILL TOM PALL & GLASE 200 CS/A4/04 A Marching song Jack Buchanan 201 CS/X2/05 A Marshmallow World Brenda Lee 202 Cs/A1/10 A MEDIA LUZ JAMES LAST 203 CS/X2/09 A MEDIEVAL CHRISTMAS MARTIN BEST ENSE 204 CW/0094 A MESSAGE FROM THE TRADE WINDS Hank Snow 205 CW/0095 206 CS/A3/05 A Midsummer night's dream Concertgebouw 207 CH/0080 A MIGHTY FORTRESS IS OUR GOD Choir Mormon Tab 208 CH/0097 209 CW/0063 A MILION MILES TO THE CITY Bobby Bare 210 CW/0321 A MILLION FRIENDS BUT NO SWEET Eddie Noack 211 CM/0309 A MILLION TO ONE DONNY OSMOND 212 CW/0186 A MILLION YEARS OR SO Roger Miller 213 CW/0264 214 D/285 A MINK FOR JOLSON MARX BROTHERS 215 D/285 To be entered. 216 CM/0146 A MINUTE OF YOUR TIME Tom Jones 217 CW/0159 A MOMENT ISN'T VERY LONG Willie Nelson 218 CW/0159 Willy Nelson 219 CM/0384 A MOTHER FOR MY CHILDREN WHISPERS 220 CW/0215 A MOTHER'S LOVE - NARRATIVE Johnny Cash 221 CM/0463 A MUST TO AVOID Herman's Hermits 222 CM/0434 A NEW STAR Roy Orbison 223 CM/0435 224 CW/0065 A NEW STAR IS SHINING IN HEAVE Gene Autry 225 CM/0437 A NIGHT AT DADDY GEES Showaddywaddy 226 CS/A4/17 A NIGHT AT THE OPERA NON-STOP RPO 227 CM/0284 A NIGHT ON A BARE MOUNTAIN ISAO TOMITA 228 CR/0314 A NIGHT ON THE EMBANKMENT SANDY POWELL 229 CM/0323 A NIGHT TO REMEMBER Shalamar 230 CS/A2/21 A nightingale sang in Vera Lynn 231 D/128 A NIGHTINGALE SANG IN BERKELEY CARROLL GIBBONS 232 COM/0082 DAD'S ARMY 233 CS/A2/12 HARMONICA+PIANO 234 CH/0096 TYNESIDE BARBERS 235 CS/A4/06 Various 236 CS/A5/32 Vera Lynn 237 CM/0150 A NON-EXISTENT TV SERIES THEME Elton John 238 CW/0302 A PAIR OF OLD SNEAKERS Tammy Wynette 239 COL/0088 A PARADISE FOR TWO-MAID OF MOU JOSE COLLINS & B 240 CW/0222 A PERFECT ANGEL Bill Anderson 241 D/278 A perfect day Cliff Adams Sing 242 CS/A1/42 HARRY SECOMBE 243 D/278 To be entered. 244 CW/0019 A PERFECT MATCH Lynn Anderson +J 245 CW/0240 A PETAL FROM A FADED ROSE Slim Whitman 246 CW/0014 A PICTURE FROM LIFE'S OTHER SI Cowboy Copas 247 CW/0241 A PICTURE OF ME WITHOUT YOU George Jones 248 CW/0283 A PINTO PAL ELTON BRITT 249 D/087 A Place In My Heart Nana Mouskouri 250 CW/0051 A PLACE IN THE COUNTRY Skeeter Davis 251 CSM/0261 A PLACE IN THE SUN DI ROSS/SUPREMES 252 CM/0261 Diana Ross + 253 CM/0216 Stevie Wonder 254 CM/0283 A PLAY WITHIN A PLAY John & Vangelis 255 CM/0283 JON & VANGELIS 256 D/296 A pretty girl is like a melody REGINALD DIXON 257 CD\1856a A pub with no beer Slim Dusty 258 CM/0326 A QUESTION OF TIME DEPECHE MODE 259 D/285 A QUIZ FOR JOLSON MARX BROTHERS 260 D/285 To be entered. 261 COL/0382 A RAGTIME REVIEW VARIOUS 262 CW/0040 A REAL WOMAN Jeannie C Riley 263 COM/0132 A RHYME IN TIME Judge Dread 264 CH/0052 A ROMAN WAR SONG Choir Welsh Male 265 CH/0063 A ROMAN WAR-SONG Choir LdnWelshMV 266 CS/A2/12 A ROOM WITH A VIEW HARMONICA+PIANO 267 CW/0079 A ROSE & A BABY RUTH George Hamilton 268 CW/0263 269 CW/0284 270 CM/0022 A ROSE HAS TO DIE DOOLEYS 271 CM/0244 272 CM/0287 273 CH/0054 A ROVING MAID SCHELDELOODSENKO 274 CW/0196 A SATISFIED MAN Charlie Rich 275 COM/0034 A SHANTY IN OLD SHANTY TOWN Morecambe & Wise 276 COM/0021 A SHEDFUL OF PIGS BLASTER BATES 277 D/283 A SHELTER IN THE TIME OF STORM JACK WARD PIANO 278 D/283 To be entered. 279 CW/0173 A SHOULDER TO CRY ON Merle Haggard 280 CS/A2/35 A SIMPLE MELODY - SELECTIONS REGINALD DIXON 281 CM/0281 A SOAPBOX OPERA SUPERTRAMP 282 CS/X2/07 A SOLIS ORTUS WIND ENSEMBLE 283 CS/A2/07 A SONG BEFORE SUNRISE - DELIUS HALLE ORCHESTRA 284 CS/X2/22 A SONG FOR CHRISTMAS DAY VARIOUS 285 CM/0126 A SONG FOR JEFFREY JETHRO TULL 286 COM/0004 A SONG OF PATRIOTIC PREJUDICE Flanders & Swann 287 COM/0123 288 Cs/A1/07 A SONG OF SUMMER - DELIUS LONDON SYMPHONY 289 COM/0005 A SONG OF THE WEATHER Flanders & Swann 290 D/265 291 D/265 To be entered. 292 CD\1858 A SPOONFUL OF SUGAR BERDIEN STENBERG 293 COM/0104 A STENCH IN TIME Jan & Dean 294 D/236 A stranger's just a friend Jim Reeves V1 295 D/236 To be entered. 296 CM/0404 A STUDY IN INACCURACY Manfred Mann 297 COM/0136 A SUBALTERN'S LOVE-SONG Ray Smith 298 Cs/A1/28 A SUMMER IN DUBLIN JAMES LAST 299 CS/A4/26 A SUMMER PLACE LIBERACE 300 COM/0107 A SUNDAY AFTERNOON AT HOME Tony Hancock 301 CW/0118 A SUNDAY KIND OF WOMAN Charlie Rich 302 CR/0280 A SUNNY DAY CATERMINA VALENT 303 D/021 A SWINGIN' SAFARI JAMES LAST+PJ&RL 304 CM/0084 A TASTE OF HONEY Beatles 305 CM/0444 Tom Jones 306 D/194 A TEAM TV GREATEST HITS 307 CM/0038 A TEENAGER IN LOVE Dion & Belmonts 308 CD\1856c Marty Wilde 309 CW/0219 A THING CALLED LOVE Jerry Reed 310 CW/0032 311 CW/0155 Johnny Cash 312 CW/0181 313 CM/0007 314 D/235 Johnny Cash - Be 315 D/235 To be entered. 316 CW/0006 A thing called sadness Chuck Howard 317 D/270 Eddy Arnold 318 CW/0071 319 CW/0006 Pete Drake 320 CW/0227 Ray Price 321 D/270 To be entered. 322 CW/0321 A THINKIN' MAN'S WOMAN Eddie Noack 323 CM/0037 A THOUSAND MILES AWAY HEARTBEATS 324 CM/0039 A THOUSAND STARS KATHY YOUNG 325 CW/0156 A TIME & A PLACE FOR EVERYTHIN Marty Robbins 326 D/137 A TIME FOR LOVE MANUEL 327 D/058 Wally Stott Chor 328 CM/0309 A TIME FOR US DONNY OSMOND 329 CS/A3/41 MANCINI 330 CM/0054 A TOUCH OF VELVET Neil Sedaka 331 COM/0005 A TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT Flanders & Swann 332 D/265 333 D/265 To be entered. 334 D/070 A TRIBUTE TO CHARLIE CHAPLIN LONDON FEST.ORCH 335 COM/0009 A TROUBLE & STRIFE RONNIE CORBETT R 336 COL/0292 A TRUMPET VOLUNTARY HALLE 337 COL/0075 338 COL/0075 HALLE ORCH. 339 COL/0292 340 COL/0060 HARRY MORTIMER 341 CW/0196 A VERY SPECIAL LOVE SONG Charlie Rich 342 CW/0151 A VERY SPECIAL WAY Marty Robbins 343 COM/0104 A VI-TA-MIN A DAY Jan & Dean 344 CS/X2/28 A Virgin Most Pure Bach Choir 345 CS/XM/27 Bach Choir+BRASS 346 COM/0160 A VISIT FROM THE POLICE Morecambe & Wise 347 CW/0065 A VOICE IN THE CHOIR Gene Autry 348 COL/0365 A VOICE IN THE NIGHT QUEEN'S HALL LIG 349 COL/0415 QUEEN'S HALL LT. 350 CS/A5/22 A Vucchella Mario Lanza+Pian 351 CM/0172 A WALK IN THE PARK Various 352 CM/0384 A WALKIN' MIRACLE LIMMIE/FAMILY C 353 CM/0308 A WARM SMILE HOT CHOCOLATE 354 COM/0101 A WASTE OF MONEY Allan Sherman 355 CW/0226 A WAY TO SURVIVE Ray Price 356 CM/0078 A WELL RESPECTED MAN Kinks 357 CH/0063 A WELSH RHAPSODY WELSH GUARDS BAN 358 CM/0306 A WHITER SHADE OF PALE Box Tops 359 D/069 CARLINI'S STRING 360 CM/0162 Munich Machine 361 CM/0114 PROCOL HARUM 362 D/133 VARIOUS SEE CARD 363 CM/0491 A WHOLE NEW THING Foundations 364 CD\1858a A WHOLE NEW WORLD - ALLADIN DAVE CULLEN ORCH 365 CS/XM/04 A Winter's Tale David Essex 366 CM/0110 A WOMAN A LOVER A FRIEND Jackie Wilson 367 D/240 A woman in love Frankie Laine 368 CD\1859 Gordon Langford 369 D/094 PEPE JARAMILLO 370 D/240 To be entered. 371 CM/0055 A WOMAN NEEDS A GOOD MAN Three Degrees 372 CM/0439 373 D/121 A Woman's Heart Crystal Gayle 374 COM/0085 A WOMAN'S WOMAN BARRY HUMPHRIES 375 CH/0096 A WONDERFUL GUY SILVER CHORDS PU 376 CM/0144 A WONDERFUL TIME UP THERE Pat Boone 377 CR/0455 378 CW/0120 A WORD OR TWO TO MARY Charlie Pride 379 CW/0062 A WOUND TIME CAN'T ERASE MOE BANDY 380 CW/0023 StonewallJackson 381 CM/0227 A-MY NAME IS ALICE Donny & Marie 382 CW/0326 A-RIDIN' OLD PAINT Tex Ritter 383 CH/0022 A-ROCKING ALL NIGHT Choir Treorchy 384 D/189 A.B.C's WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS TV THEMES 385 CM/0071 ABC Jackson 5 386 CM/0455 387 CW/0157 ABELINE ROSE Marty Robbins 388 CH/0020 ABERYSTWYTH 5000 Welsh Voice 389 CH/0082 Choir Morriston 390 CH/0059 Welsh Voices Cho 391 CH/0055 Abide with me Choir & BRASS BA 392 D/245 Choir Leeds Pari 393 CH/0024 Choir Pendyrus 394 CH/0100 395 CH/0104 Choir Rhos MV 396 CH/0008 Choir Salisbury 397 CH/0025 Choir Treorchy 398 CH/0004 Choir Warwick SM 399 COL/0234 CLARA BUTT 400 COL/0325 401 COL/0264 DAILY EXPRESS CO 402 CH/0099 DONCASTER GIRLS 403 CH/0046 Ernest Lough 404 CS/A1/42 HARRY SECOMBE 405 CH/0101 HUDD'FIELD CHORA 406 D/323 Hymns & Carols 407 D/003 JAMES LAST 408 D/005 409 COL/0209 JEAN WATSON 410 CH/0036 Kentucky Minstre 411 COL/0236 REX PALMER 412 CS/A2/01 Seaford Coll Cho 413 D/245 To be entered. 414 D/142 Valerie Monese 415 CW/0079 ABILENE George Hamilton 416 CW/0190 417 CW/0207 418 CW/0224 419 CW/0263 420 CM/0405 ABORIGINE Gary Shearston 421 CW/0285 ABOVE & BEYOND George Hamilton 422 CW/0201 ABOVE & BEYOND THE CALL OF LOV Bill Anderson 423 CW/0120 Charlie Pride 424 CM/0256 ABRAHAM MARTIN & JOHN Smokey Robinson 425 CSM/0256 426 CS/A3/11 ABROAD FOR PLEASURE ALBION BAND 427 CM/0287 ABSOLUTELY WILD OVER YOU DOOLEYS 428 D/246 Ac cent tchu ate the positive Biong Crosby & A 429 D/246 To be entered. 430 CS/A5/09 ACCELERATION WALTZ VIENNA STATE OPE 431 CS/A5/05 VIENNA STRINGS 432 CW/0128 ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE Johnny Cash 433 CW/0067 ACCORDING TO MY HEART Jim Reeves 434 CM/0812 ACCRETIONS ETC. SHRIEKBACK 435 CS/A3/22 ACE HIGH RAF REgt.Sthn. 436 CS/A4/31 ACH MEIN HERZLIEBES JESULEIN PHIL.JONES BRASS 437 CM/0386 ACHOO Propaganda 438 CM/0912 SPARKS 439 CM/0135 ACID QUEEN Who 440 CM/0417 ACQUARIUS LET THE SUNSHINE IN Ventures 441 CD\1857b ACROSS THE ALLEY FROM THE ALAM BILLY MAY 442 CM/0101 ACROSS THE BORDER Electric Light O 443 CM/0045 ACROSS THE UNIVERSE Beatles 444 CM/0083 445 CM/0458 446 CW/0195 ACT NATURALLY Hank Locklin 447 CW/0002 Jody Miller 448 D/038 ADAGIO FOR STRINGS - BARBER MUNICH SYMPH 449 CS/A5/11 ADAGIO IN 'G' MINOR JAMES LAST 450 CS/A4/30 Adam Lay Ybounden Choir Kings Camb 451 CS/A3/04 ADASTE FIDELIS DOMINGO+WIEN.B.C 452 Cs/A1/11 ADELHEID JAMES LAST 453 CS/A4/05 Adeste Fideles Deanna Durbin 454 CS/X2/31 Joan Sutherland 455 CS/A4/31 PHIL.JONES BRASS 456 CS/XM/17 Adeste Fidelis Bing Crosby 457 CS/XM/29 Joan Sutherland 458 COL/0253 ADIEU DES BERGERS STRASBOURG CATH. 459 CD\1854a ADIOS BILLY MAY 460 D/094 PEPE JARAMILLO 461 CW/0182 ADIOS ALITA Clinton ford 462 CW/0060 ADIOS AMIGO Jim Reeves 463 CW/0206 464 CW/0157 Marty Robbins 465 CS/A3/07 ADIOS MUCHACHOS MANUEL 466 CM/0253 ADMIT YOUR LOVE IS GONE Detroit Emeralds 467 CSM/0253 468 CR/0477 ADORABLE LEO REISMAN 469 CH/0022 ADORAMUS TE Choir Treorchy 470 COL/0229 ADORAMUS TE CHRISTE STRASBOURG CATH. 471 CM/0392 ADRIAN Eurythmics 472 COM/0154 ADS BEN ELTON 473 COM/0010 ADVENTURE DAVID FROST/JOHN 474 CM/0402 Rupert Holmes 475 D/189 ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD TV THEMES 476 CH/0002 AE FOND KISS Choir Glasgow Or 477 CH/0003 478 CM/0024 AE YOU READY BILLY OCEAN 479 CM/0123 AERIE Jefferson Airpla 480 COM/0153 AEROPLANE SONG BOB WILLIAMSON 481 CR/0495 AFRAID TO DREAM JAY WILBUR 482 CM/0433A AFRICA TOTO 483 COM/0006 AFRICA TODAY Peter Sellers 484 D/021 AFRIKAAN BEAT JAMES LAST+PJ&RL 485 COM/0097 AFTER DINNER CONVERSATIONS Vaughn Meader 486 CM/0343 AFTER HOURS Swing out Sister 487 CM/0015 AFTER LOVIN' YOU OMARI 488 CW/0158 AFTER TAKING SEVERAL READINGS Willie Nelson 489 CW/0158 Willy Nelson 490 CR/0501 AFTER THE BALL BRITANNIC ACCORD 491 CR/0149 EVER-BRIGHT BOYS 492 CW/0137 AFTER THE BOY GETS THE GIRL Carl Smith 493 CW/0020 AFTER THE FIRE IS GONE Conway Twitty 494 CW/0199 495 CW/0259 AFTER THE FOOL YOU'VE MADE OF Jerry Lee Lewis 496 CM/0016 AFTER THE GOLDRUSH PRELUDE 497 CW/0071 AFTER THE LAUGHTER Eddy Arnold 498 CM/0247 AFTER THE LIGHTS GO OUT Walker Brothers 499 CM/0324 AFTER THE LOVE HAS GONE Earth Wind & Fir 500 CW/0122 AFTER THE LOVIN' Jack Jones 501 CW/0123 502 CW/0157 AFTER THE STORM Marty Robbins 503 CH/0067 AFTER THIS (CRUCIFIXION) Choir Guildford 504 CM/0294 AFTER YOU CAME MOODY BLUES 505 D/246 AFTER YOU'VE GONE BENNY GOODMAN 506 CD\1854a BILLY MAY 507 D/246 To be entered. 508 CM/0332 AFTERGLOW Tina Turner 509 CM/0280 AFTERNOON MOODY BLUES 510 D/321 AFTERNOON OF A MOAX CHARLIE BARNETT 511 CM/0375 AFTERTONES Janis Ian 512 CM/0350 AGADOO BLACK LACE 513 CM/0721 514 D/091 James Last 515 CS/A3/32 Agadou James LastSinger 516 CW/0026 AGAIN Porter Wagoner 517 CM/0022 AGAIN & AGAIN STATUS QUO 518 CM/0091 519 CM/0475 520 COM/0176 AGGIE THE ELEPHANT BOB WILLIAMSON 521 CS/A3/04 AGNUS DEI DOMINGO+WIEN.B.C 522 D/016 AGUA DE BEBER JAMES LAST+PJ&RL 523 D/282 AGUA DE BERBER XAVIER CUGAT 524 COM/0170 AH COME IN RAWLINSON NOT 9 O'CLOCK NE 525 COM/0060 AH LOVER FROM PRINCE OF PHILAD Anna Russell 526 CS/A3/42 Ah may the red rose live alway Robert White 527 COL/0331 AH MIMI FALSE FICKLEHEARTED HEDDLE NASH/DENN 528 COL/0431 AH YES THOU'RT MINE (IL TROV) JAMES JOHNSTON 529 CH/0037 AH! LOVELY NIGHT Choir Red Army 530 CS/A3/01 Ah! Manon mi tredisce Bjorling&Merrill 531 D/280 AH! NON GIUNGE MUSIC BX 10 AIR 532 D/280 To be entered. 533 D/273 Ah! sweet mystery of life Harry Seacombe 534 CW/0234 Slim Whitman 535 D/273 To be entered. 536 CM/0032 AHAB THE ARAB Ray Stevens 537 CS/A3/35 AI NO CORRIDA JAMES LAST 538 CS/A3/20 Aida - Grand March Unknown Orchestr 539 CS/A5/06 Aida Chorus from Hamburg State Ch 540 CS/A3/01 Aida duets Bjorling&Merrill 541 CS/A5/26 AIDA GRAND MARCH APOLLO 100 542 D/067 BRASS 543 CH/0098 AIDA TRIUMPHAL CHORUS R.WAGNER CHORALE 544 CW/0306 AIN'T GONNA BE YOUR DAY Boxcar Willie 545 CM/0008 AIN'T GONNA BUMP NO MORE JOE TEX 546 CM/0488 547 CW/0206 AIN'T GONNA DO WITHOUT Tim Hardin 548 D/248 Ain't gonna Hobo no more Johnny Cash 549 D/248 To be entered. 550 CW/0104 AIN'T GONNA WORK NO MORE Roger Miller 551 CM/0273 AIN'T GOT NOTHIN' BUT THE BLUE Pointer Sisters 552 CW/0117 AIN'T I SOMETHING Eddie Rabbitt 553 CW/0159 AIN'T IT FUNNY HOW TIME SLIPS Willie Nelson 554 CW/0159 Willy Nelson 555 CM/0404 AIN'T IT SAD Manfred Mann 556 CM/0131 AIN'T IT STRANGE Bay City Rollers 557 CW/0136 AIN'T LIFE A CRYING SHAME ? Marty Robbins 558 CW/0171 AIN'T LIFE EASY ? George Hamilton 559 COM/0135 AIN'T LOVE GRAND MAX MILLER 560 D/243 AIN'T MISBEHAVIN' RUSS CONWAY 561 CW/0189 AIN'T NO GOD IN MEXICO Waylon Jennings 562 CM/0036 AIN'T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUG Diana Ross 563 CM/0074 564 CM/0036 AIN'T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH Diana Ross 565 CM/0233 566 CM/0261 Diana Ross + 567 CM/0412 568 CM/0041 AIN'T NO PLEASIN' YOU Clarence Frogman 569 CM/0009 AIN'T NO STOPPING US NOW MCFADDEN & W. 570 CM/0071 AIN'T NO SUNSHINE Jackson 5 571 CM/0036 Michael Jackson 572 CW/0037 AIN'T NO WHEELS ON THIS SHIP Patsy Cline 573 CM/0297 AIN'T NO WOMAN Four Tops 574 CM/0281 AIN'T NOBODY BUT ME SUPERTRAMP 575 CM/0229 AIN'T NOTHING LIKE THE REAL TH Donny & Marie 576 CM/0037 AIN'T THAT A SHAME Fats Domino 577 CM/0129 Gary Glitter 578 CM/0144 Pat Boone 579 CM/0001 AIN'T THAT ENOUGH FOR YOU J.DAVIS/MONSTER 580 CM/0380 AIN'T THAT LOVIN' YOU BABY Elvis 581 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 582 CM/0069 AIN'T TOO PROUD TO BEG Temptations 583 CM/0344 584 CSM/0261 AINT NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH DI ROSS/SUPREMES 585 CM/0451 AINT NO SUNSHINE BILL WITHERS 586 CM/0900 AINT NOBODY BETTER PARADISE 587 CM/0216 AINT THAT ASKING FOR TROUBLE Stevie Wonder 588 CM/0455 AINT THAT PECULIAR MARVIN GAYE 589 CM/0455 AINT TO PROUD TO BEG TEMPTATIONS 590 CS/A4/42 Air Fa La La La Dubliners 591 D/068 AIR FROM SUITE No.3 in D-BACH HALLE ORCHESTRA 592 CS/A5/26 AIR ON A 'G' STRING APOLLO 100 593 COL/0091 BRIT.SYMPHONY 594 COL/0319 BRITISH SYMPH. 595 COL/0048 AIR ON A G STRING LIVERPOOL PHILHA 596 D/0042 AIR ON THE G STRING DESFORD COLLIERY 597 D/042 598 CM/0170 AIR THAT I BREATHE Albert Hammond 599 CW/0165 Berni Flint 600 CM/0472 HOLLIES 601 CW/0046 OliviaNewtonJohn 602 CS/A4/40 AIRBORNE SALUTE PARA.REG.BAND 603 CM/0409 AIRPORT Motors 604 CM/0246 AJA Steely Dan 605 D/036 AL DI LA MANUEL 606 D/316 AL READ SHOW ? AL READ 607 D/316 To be entered. 608 CW/0008 Alabam Cowboy Copas 609 D/252 Alabama Jubilee Danny Davis & Na 610 D/252 To be entered. 611 Cs/A1/27 ALASSIO JAMES LAST 612 D/133 ALBATROSS VARIOUS SEE CARD 613 D/111 ALED JONES To be entered. 614 COM/0170 ALEEBEE NOT 9 O'CLOCK NE 615 D/129 ALEGRIAS ESPANA Y OLE 616 CS/A4/11 Aleluya sing to Jesus Choir RNC.GRENWI 617 CS/A4/34 ALENTEJO SHADOWS 618 CM/0250 ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL Sweet 619 D/128 ALEXANDER'S RAGTIME BAND HARRY ROY 620 CS/A2/38 ALFIE ROYAL MARINES 621 CM/0216 Stevie Wonder 622 D/140 ALIAS SMITH & JONES theme TV THEMES 623 CW/0289 ALICE BENBOLT Foster & Allen 624 D/296 ALICE BLUE GOWN in med REGINALD DIXON 625 CM/0325 ALICE I WANT YOU JUST FOR ME FULL FORCE 626 D/191 ALIEN TV THEMES SiFi V 627 CW/0081 ALL COUNTRY GUITAR 628 D/257 All alone Bing Crosby 629 Cs/A1/16 JOE LOSS ORCH 630 CS/A5/21 Robert White 631 D/257 To be entered. 632 CW/0145 ALL AROUND COWBOY Johnny Cash 633 CM/0213 ALL AROUND THE WORLD EARL PRESTON 634 CM/0148 ALL BECAUSE Al Green 635 CM/0341 ALL BECAUSE I LOVE ISLEY BROTHERS 636 CM/0107 ALL BECAUSE I LOVE YOU Isley Brothers 637 COM/0012 ALL BECAUSE I ROLLED MY EYES MAX MILLER 638 CM/0315 ALL BECAUSE OF A WOMAN HAROLD MELVIN & 639 CM/0078 ALL DAY & ALL OF THE NIGHT Kinks 640 CH/0017 ALL FLESH IS AS GRASS JANOWITZ/WAECHTE 641 CH/0067 ALL FOR JESUS (CRUCIFIXION) Choir Guildford 642 COM/0004 ALL GALL Flanders & Swann 643 COM/0123 644 CH/0060 ALL GLORY LAUD & HONOUR Choir WestminBac 645 CW/0231 ALL GOOD THINGS DON'T HAVE TO Ronnie Milsap 646 CH/0102 ALL HAIL THE POWER OF JESUS NA TEMPLE CHU CHOIR 647 COL/0370 ALL HAIL THOU DWELLING JAMES JOHNSTON 648 CW/0245 ALL HIS CHILDREN Charlie Pride 649 CW/0092 650 CM/0408 Scott Walker 651 D/021 ALL I EVER NEED IS YOU JAMES LAST+PJ&RL 652 D/251 Kenny Rogers & D 653 D/251 To be entered. 654 CM/0361 ALL I EVER WANT IS YOU Gibson Bros 655 CM/0311 ALL I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM DONNY OSMOND 656 CM/0006 EVERLY BROTHERS 657 D/244 Gentry / Campbel 658 CW/0213 Glen Campbell 659 CM/0304 Glitter Band 660 CM/0436 Roy Orbison 661 D/244 To be entered. 662 CW/0092 ALL I HAVE TO OFFER YOU IS ME Charlie Pride 663 CW/0299 664 CW/0245 665 CW/0175 George Jones 666 Cs/A1/14 All I need is just one girl Fred Macmurray 667 CW/0327 ALL I NEED IS SOME LOVING HILLBILLY HALEY 668 CW/0197 ALL I NEED IS YOU Porter Wagoner 669 CW/0052 ALL I WANNA DO IN LIFE Crystal Gayle 670 CS/X2/03 ALL i WANT FOR CHRISTMAS - M MARK LAUB(ORGAN) 671 D/237 All I want is you Bryan Ferry 672 CW/0017 COUNTRY SHACK 673 D/237 To be entered. 674 CW/0144 ALL I'M MISSING IS YOU Don Williams 675 CM/0106 ALL I'VE GOT TO DO Beatles 676 COM/0019 ALL IN A DAY'S WONK Two Ronnies 677 CH/0087 ALL IN THE APRIL EVENING BBC Welsh Chorus 678 CH/0015 Choir Bath SR 679 CH/0003 Choir Glasgow Or 680 CH/0053 Choir Glasgow Ph 681 CS/A5/31 ORGAN BrianSharp 682 Cs/A1/12 Phil.Chmbr.Choir 683 D/194 ALL IN THE FAMILY TV GREATEST HITS 684 COM/0016 ALL IN THE MIND Judge Dread 685 COM/0110 686 CM/0470 ALL IN THE NAME OF ROCK 'N' RO Rod Stewart 687 D/116 ALL IT TAKES IS TWO STANLEY BLACK 688 CM/0112 ALL KINDS OF EVERYTHING DANA 689 CS/A3/23 Not Original 690 CM/0401 ALL MIXED UP Cars 691 CW/0223 ALL MY FRIENDS ARE GOING TO BE George Jones 692 CM/0218 ALL MY HARD TIMES Joe South 693 D/247 All my love Cliff Richard 694 CM/0305 Glitter Band 695 CM/0445 K.C. & Sunshine 696 D/247 To be entered. 697 CM/0044 ALL MY LOVING Beatles 698 CM/0106 699 CM/0032 ALL MY TRIALS Ray Stevens 700 CM/0020 ALL NIGHT LONG RAINBOW 701 CS/A3/11 ALL OF A ROW ALBION BAND 702 CW/0154 ALL OF GOD'S CHILDREN AIN'T FR Johnny Cash 703 CD\1857a ALL OF ME BILLY MAY 704 CM/0446 ALL OF ME LOVES ALL OF YOU BAY CITY ROLLERS 705 CM/0234 ALL OF MY LIFE Diana Ross 706 CM/0906 707 COL/0035 ALL ON A CHRISTMAS MORNING GRENADIER GUARDS 708 D/235 All over again Johnny Cash - Be 709 D/235 To be entered. 710 CM/0103 ALL OVER THE WORLD Electric Light O 711 CS/A4/11 All people that on earth do Choir RNC.GRENWI 712 CH/0004 ALL PEOPLE THAT ON EARTH DO DW Choir Warwick SM 713 CS/A2/01 Seaford Coll Cho 714 CH/0024 SINGERS/CHOIR/SO 715 CH/0102 TEMPLE CHU CHOIR 716 CH/0100 Various Artists 717 CW/0257 ALL RIGHT Faron Young 718 CW/0249 GEORGE MORGAN 719 CM/0029 ALL RIGHT NOW FREE 720 CM/0380 ALL SHOOK UP Elvis 721 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 722 COM/0153 ALL SIDES NOW BOB WILLIAMSON 723 CM/0108 ALL STOOD STILL Ultravox 724 CM/0037 ALL SUMMER LONG Beach Boys 725 CM/0302 726 CSM/0263 727 D/241 All that I am Elvis Presley 728 D/241 To be entered. 729 CR/0023 ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE AMBROSE 730 CS/A2/22 Benjamin Luxon 731 CS/A3/41 MANCINI 732 COM/0029 Peter Sellers 733 D/078 Ray Conniff 734 CM/0393 ALL THE TIME Barry Manilow 735 CM/0195 ALL THE TIME YOU NEED Chanson 736 CM/0443 ALL THE WAY Gene Pitney 737 CW/0083 Glen Campbell 738 CW/0084 739 D/245 All things bright & beautiful Choir Leeds Pari 740 CH/0021 S.A.SUNBURY SING 741 D/245 To be entered. 742 CH/0026 ALL THRO' THE NIGHT Choir Treorchy 743 CH/0056 744 D/295 All through the day Forrest & Haymes 745 D/295 Helen Forrest 746 D/295 To be entered. 747 CH/0087 All through the night Aled Jones (Boy 748 CH/0015 Choir Bath SR 749 CH/0082 Choir Morriston 750 CH/0064 751 D/278 Cliff Adams Sing 752 CS/A4/36 HARP - 19th Cent 753 CH/0012 Ivor Emmanuel+Fr 754 CH/0048 LINDEN SINGERS 755 D/278 To be entered. 756 CH/0105 WELSH MASSED CHR 757 CD\1858a ALL TIME HIGH - OCTOPUSSY JOE REISEMAN 758 COL/0281 ALL WE LIKE SHEEP HAVE GONE AS HUDDERSFIELD CHO 759 CM/0045 ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE Beatles 760 CM/0419 ALL YOU'LL EVER GET FROM ME Sweet 761 CW/0089 ALL-AMERICAN BOY Bobby Bare 762 CS/X2/07 ALLE PSALLITE WIND ENSEMBLE 763 CS/X2/07 ALLELUIA PSALLAT WIND ENSEMBLE 764 CH/0029 ALLELUJA FROM MOTET 'EXSULTATE Choir Vienna Boy 765 CS/A4/05 Allelujah Deanna Durbin 766 D/243 ALLEY CAT RUSS CONWAY 767 COM/0129 ALLEY OOP HOLLYWOOD ARGYLE 768 COM/0157 Ray Stevens 769 CM/0039 ALLEY-OOP HOLLYWOOD ARGYLE 770 CW/0181 ALLIGATOR MAN JIMMY 'C' NEWMAN 771 COL/0449 ALLO WHO GOES THEER STANLEY HOLLOWAY 772 D/260 ALLOUETTE ZAMFIR 773 CW/0088 ALMANAC SONG TEXAS JIM ROBERT 774 CW/0007 Almost Faron Young 775 COM/0048 ALMOST A GENTLEMAN Tony Hancock 776 CM/0037 ALMOST GROWN Chuck Berry 777 CM/0380 ALMOST IN LOVE Elvis 778 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 779 CD\1859 Almost like being in love Nat.Symph.Orch 780 CW/0077 ALMOST PERSUADED Ben Colder 781 CW/0196 Charlie Rich 782 CW/0019 DAVID HOUSTON/BA 783 CW/0293 Hank Locklin 784 CW/0021 Roy Drusky 785 CW/0178 Tammy Wynette 786 CW/0027 787 CW/0286 788 CW/0030 789 D/312 Almost there Andy Williams 790 D/312 To be entered. 791 D/162 Aloha Al Ciola 792 D/135 ALOHA OR AROHA WOUT STEENHUIS 793 CW/0065 ALON THE NAVAJO TRAIL Gene Autry 794 CR/0015 Alone Gracie Fields 795 CR/0003 PETULA CLARK 796 CW/0183 ALONE & FORSAKEN Hank Williams 797 CM/0110 ALONE AT LAST Jackie Wilson 798 CM/0210 ALONE AT THE DRIVE-IN MOVIE (I NOT GIVEN 799 CW/0257 ALONE WITH YOU Faron Young 800 CM/0032 ALONG CAME JONES Ray Stevens 801 CH/0035 ALONG PETER'S STREET Choir Red Army 802 CH/0018 ALONG THE NARROW BRIDGE Choir Red Army 803 CH/0019 804 CH/0057 ALONG THE ST.PETERSBURG ROAD Choir Don Cossac 805 CR/0146 ALONG THE WINDING ROAD VINCENT TILDSLEY 806 CH/0014 ALOUETTE Dai Francis 807 CM/0157 ALREADY GONE Eagles 808 CM/0470 ALRIGHT FOR AN HOUR Rod Stewart 809 COL/0352 ALT! WHO GOES THEER STANLEY HOLLOWAY 810 COL/0449 811 CH/0049 ALTE MUHLEN JUNGE HERZEN Gunther Kallman 812 COM/0150 ALTERNATIVES JASPER CARROTT 813 CW/0158 ALTHOUGH I LOVE YOU IN MY OWN Willie Nelson 814 CW/0158 Willy Nelson 815 D/194 ALVIN SHOW TV GREATEST HITS 816 CM/0149 ALWAYS Al Green 817 CM/0788 ATLANTIC STAR 818 D/257 Bing Crosby 819 Cs/A1/16 JOE LOSS ORCH 820 D/251 Patsy Cline 821 D/257 To be entered. 822 CW/0094 ALWAYS & ALWAYS I'LL LOVE YO Hank Snow 823 CW/0160 ALWAYS & ALWAYS I'LL LOVE YOU Hank Snow 824 CR/0016 ALWAYS IN MY HEART Carroll Gibbons 825 CM/0068 Diana Ross+Sup 826 Cs/A1/16 ALWAYS TRUE TO YOU IN MY FASHI JOE LOSS ORCH 827 CM/0245 ALWAYS YOURS Gary Glitter 828 CM/0416 829 CR/0017 AM I FOR YOU (FOXTROT) MANTOVANI 830 CM/0397 AM I GROOVIN' YOU Foundations 831 CW/0004 Am I losing you Jim Reeves 832 CW/0060 833 CW/0179 AM I LOSING YOU ? BILL QUINN 834 CW/0256 Jim Reeves 835 CW/0051 AM I THAT EASY TO FORGET DON GIBSON 836 D/252 Skeeter Davis 837 D/296 AM I WASTIN' MY TIME in med REGINALD DIXON 838 CS/A4/36 AM SPRINGRUNNEN OP.23 (ZABEL) HARP - 19th Cent 839 DC&BG/01 AMADA SUITE (GOODWIN) BOURNEMOUTH S.O. 840 CW/0090 AMANDA Don Williams 841 CW/0091 842 CW/0102 843 D/257 Amapola Bing Crosby 844 D/008 JAMES LAST 845 CS/A2/15 JOE LOSS 846 CM/0248 Spotniks 847 D/257 To be entered. 848 CW/0131 AMARILLO SIOUX 849 CW/0252 AMAZING REX ALLEN Jr. 850 CH/0013 AMAZING GRACE Angels of Korea 851 COM/0130 Barron Knights 852 COM/0067 853 CW/0213 Glen Campbell 854 CS/A1/42 HARRY SECOMBE 855 D/323 Hymns & Carols 856 D/009 JAMES LAST 857 D/003 858 D/052 LONDON C.GOSPELC 859 D/307 London Commun.Go 860 D/256 Miki & Griff 861 D/087 Nana Mouskouri 862 CM/0426 ROYAL SCOTS GDS 863 CS/A3/15 Salvation Army 864 CW/0208 Skeeter Davis 865 D/307 To be entered. 866 D/256 867 D/296 AMAZING GRACE in med REGINALD DIXON 868 CM/0135 AMAZING JOURNEY Who 869 CW/0092 AMAZING LOVE Charlie Pride 870 CW/0096 871 CW/0245 872 COM/0173 AMAZING MARVIN SUGGS & HIS Muppets 873 CM/0308 AMAZING SKIN SONG HOT CHOCOLATE 874 CM/0670 AMAZON QUEEN GARY CRISS 875 COM/0055 AMBASSADOR OF KHASILAND Morecambe & Wise 876 COM/0127 877 Cs/A1/11 AMBOSS POLKA JAMES LAST 878 CM/0152 AMBUSH ALICE John Weider 879 CW/0154 AMEN Johnny Cash 880 COL/0259 AMEN (MESSIAH) HUDDERSFIELD CHO 881 CM/0003 AMERICA SIMON & GARFUNK 882 CM/0181 Simon & Garfunke 883 CS/A3/14 Soundtrack 884 D/194 AMERICAN BANDSTAND TV GREATEST HITS 885 CM/0840 AMERICAN EYES LILAC TIME 886 CM/0001 AMERICAN GENERATION RITCHIE FAMILY 887 COL/0420 AMERICAN MEDLEY - ONE STEP SAVOY ORPHEANS 888 CD\1854a AMERICAN PATROL BILLY MAY 889 Cs/A1/10 JAMES LAST 890 CM/0380 AMERICAN TRILOGY Elvis 891 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 892 D/097 Hallmark of Harm 893 COM/0025 AMERICANS HIT TOWN Tony Hancock 894 COM/0032 895 COM/0145 896 CM/0494 AMIGO BLACK SLATE 897 CM/0325 AMITYVILLE LOVEBUG STARSKI 898 CM/0323 AMNESIA Shalamar 899 CM/0430 AMONG MY SOUVENIRS Connie Francis 900 CW/0036 Vera Lynn 901 D/008 AMOR JAMES LAST 902 D/095 AMOR CHA CHA CHA PEPE JARAMILLO 903 D/016 AMOR E SOM JAMES LAST+PJ&RL 904 CS/A5/03 Amor ti Vieta John Talliavini 905 CR/0282 AMORESQUE DNEY LIPTON 906 CS/A4/06 Ampstead way Various 907 CM/0212 AMSTERDAM AL STEWART 908 D/134 AN 18th CENTURY DRAWING ROOM NORRIE PARAMOR+p 909 D/287 AN AMERICAN INSTITUTION W.C. FIELDS ROUT 910 CW/0176 AN ANGEL DIED Bobbie Gentry 911 CW/0176 BOBBY GENTRY 912 COM/0058 AN AWFUL LOT OF BULL Paddy Roberts 913 CW/0158 AN END TO UNDERSTANDING Willie Nelson 914 CW/0158 Willy Nelson 915 CH/0003 AN ERIKSAY LOVE LILT Choir Glasgow Or 916 CH/0002 AN ERISKAY LOVE LILT Choir Glasgow Or 917 CH/0003 918 CH/0050 Choir Silver Rin 919 CR/0079 PAUL ROBESON 920 Cs/A1/12 Phil.Chmbr.Choir 921 CR/0320 AN EVENING AT THE BU IN ORKNEY ROBERT MILNE 922 D/072 AN HOUR OF STRAUSS LONDON PHIL.ORCH 923 COM/0100 AN INFINITE NUMBER OF MONKEYS BOB NEWHART 924 COL/0389 AN IRISH SYMPHONY HALLE ORCH. 925 COL/0389 HALLE ORCHESTRA 926 CS/A4/38 An Island Spinning Song Kiri Te Kanawa 927 CS/XM/01 An old Christmas Card Jim Reeves 928 COM/0136 AN OLD MODEL Ray Smith 929 COL/0087 AN OLD TIME SING SONG PTS 1/2 CHARLES COBORN 930 CS/A3/10 AN OLD VIOLIN ALBERT SANDLER 931 D/174 AN ORDINARY COPPER TV THEMES CASSET 932 CM/0144 ANASTASIA Pat Boone 933 CM/0359 ANCESTRAL CEREMONY Kool 934 D/296 ANCHORS AWEIGH in med REGINALD DIXON 935 CS/A4/03 Ancient Forest Clannad 936 CH/0067 AND AS MOSES Choir Guildford 937 CS/A2/01 And did those feet Seaford Coll Cho 938 D/054 And Did Those Feet In Ancient Brid.Priory 939 CH/0064 Choir Morriston 940 CM/0900 AND I DO PARADISE 941 CM/0044 AND I LOVE HER Beatles 942 CM/0458 943 D/299 CHET ATKINS 944 CM/0253 Detroit Emeralds 945 CSM/0253 946 CS/A4/25 PAN PIPES P.LEON 947 D/299 To be entered. 948 D/239 And I love you so Howard Keel 949 D/114 NATHAN WILLIAMS 950 D/239 To be entered. 951 CM/0489 AND I'LL GO Karlins 952 CM/0074 AND IF YOU SEE HIM Diana Ross 953 CW/0046 AND IN THE MORNING OliviaNewtonJohn 954 CW/0257 AND IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT Faron Young 955 CM/0251 AND LOVE GOES ON Earth Wind & Fir 956 CH/0067 AND ONE OF THE MALEFACTORS (CR Choir Guildford 957 CM/0022 AND THE BAND PLAYED ON FLASH/PAN 958 CM/0008 AND THE BEAT GOES ON WHISPERS 959 COM/0163 AND THE GREAT BIG SAW CAME NEA Spike Jones 960 CW/0083 AND THE WORLD KEEPS SPINING Glen Campbell 961 CW/0083 AND THE WORLD KEEPS SPINNING Glen Campbell 962 CW/0084 963 CW/0090 964 CW/0091 965 CR/0364 AND THEN HE TOOK UP GOLF FRANK CRUMIT 966 CH/0034 AND THEN SHALL YOUR LIGHT BREA ROYAL CHORAL SOC 967 CH/0067 AND THEY CAME TO A PLACE (CRUC Choir Guildford 968 D/317 And This Is My Beloved Mario Lanza 969 D/317 Mario Lanza. 970 Cs/A1/22 Rbt Merrill & AL 971 D/317 To be entered. 972 CM/0007 AND WHEN I DIE BLOOD SWEAT & T 973 CH/0067 AND WHEN THEY HAD COME (CRUCIF Choir Guildford 974 CS/A1/42 And yet HARRY SECOMBE 975 CM/0037 AND YOU ALONE PLATTERS 976 CM/0221 AND YOU LOVE ME Osmonds 977 D/282 ANDALUCIA XAVIER CUGAT 978 COM/0108 ANDALUCIAN GYPSIES Benny Hill 979 COM/0133 980 COL/0061 ANDANTE CANTABILE ROBIN HOOD DELL 981 CM/0205 ANDERSON TAPES - THEME Quincy Jones 982 CH/0066 ANDREAS HOFER Choir Vienna Boy 983 CM/0100 ANDY'S CHEST Lou Reed 984 CM/0131 ANGEL ANGEL Bay City Rollers 985 CM/0132 ANGEL BABY Bay City Rollers 986 CM/0478 ANGEL EYES Abba 987 D/237 Bryan Ferry 988 D/286 FRANK SINATRA SH 989 CS/A5/31 ORGAN BrianSharp 990 CM/0023 ROXY MUSIC 991 D/237 To be entered. 992 D/286 993 CM/0480 WET WET WET 994 CM/0304 ANGEL FACE Glitter Band 995 CM/0053 Neil Sedaka 996 CW/0038 ANGEL IN YOUR ARMS Billie Jo Spears 997 CW/0048 Lynn Anderson 998 CW/0038 ANGEL IN YOUR ARMS. THE Billie Jo Spears 999 CM/0391 ANGEL OF THE MORNING JUICE NEWTON 1,000 CM/0018 MARY MASON 1,001 CM/0488 1,002 CW/0065 ANGEL SONG Gene Autry 1,003 D/054 Angel Voices Ever Singing Brid.Priory 1,004 CM/0364 ANGELINE Our Kid 1,005 CM/0011 ANGELO B'HOOD OF MAN 1,006 CS/A4/30 Angels & The Shepherds Choir Kings Camb 1,007 CW/0065 ANGELS ARE LIGHTINGGOD'S LITTL Gene Autry 1,008 CR/0366 ANGELS CRY Guy Mitchell. 1,009 CS/X2/31 Angels We Have Heard On High Joan Sutherland 1,010 CS/XM/29 1,011 CS/X2/28 Angelus & Virginem Bach Choir 1,012 CS/X2/07 ANGELUS AD VIRGINEM WIND ENSEMBLE 1,013 CS/XM/27 Angelus ad Virginem (14th Cen) Bach Choir+BRASS 1,014 CM/0216 ANGIE GIRL Stevie Wonder 1,015 CM/0334 ANGIE'S HEART Modern Talking 1,016 COM/0136 ANGLO-WELSH POETRY WELSH CAST 1,017 D/192 ANGRY RED PLANET TV THEMES SiFi V 1,018 D/270 Animal of man Roger Miller 1,019 CW/0187 ANIMAL OF MAN - The Roger Miller 1,020 COM/0148 ANIMAL SINFS GERSHWIN Muppets 1,021 COM/.015 ANIMALS JASPER CARROTT 1,022 CW/0269 ANITA YOU'RE DREAMING WATLON JENNINGS 1,023 CW/0228 Waylon Jennings 1,024 CW/0005 1,025 CM/0084 ANNA (GO TO HIM) Beatles 1,026 COM/0002 ANNA MARIE Benny Hill 1,027 COM/0064 1,028 CW/0060 Jim Reeves 1,029 CM/0007 ANNABELLE DANIEL BOONE 1,030 CH/0049 Gunther Kallman 1,031 Cs/A1/10 ANNCHEN VON THARAU IST'S JAMES LAST 1,032 Cs/A1/11 ANNELIESE JAMES LAST 1,033 D/006 ANNEN POLKA JAMES LAST 1,034 D/0006 1,035 D/072 LONDON PHIL.ORCH 1,036 CS/A4/08 VIENNA FESTIVAL 1,037 CM/0027 ANNIE GET YOUR GUN SQUEEZE 1,038 COL/0051 VARIOUS 1,039 COL/0052 1,040 COL/0362 1,041 COL/0374 1,042 COL/0375 1,043 D/239 Annie get your gun - medley Howard Keel 1,044 D/239 To be entered. 1,045 COL/0339 ANNIE GET YOUR GUN VOC.GEMS VARIOUS 1,046 CM/0497 ANNIE I'M NOT YOUR DADDY KID CREOLE 1,047 CH/0037 ANNIE LAURIE Choir Red Army 1,048 CS/A4/05 Deanna Durbin 1,049 CS/A4/38 Kiri Te Kanawa 1,050 COM/0135 ANNIE THE FARMER'S DAUGHTER MAX MILLER 1,051 CM/0908 ANNIE'S SONG CANDLEWICK GREEN 1,052 CH/0063 FLUTE SOLO 1,053 CS/A3/41 MANCINI 1,054 CR/0302 ANNIVERSARY SONG Al Jolson 1,055 CR/0395 VAUGHN MONROE 1,056 D/267 Anniversary Waltz Fureys 1,057 D/267 To be entered. 1,058 CS/A2/21 Vera Lynn 1,059 D/296 ANNIVERSARY WALTZ in med REGINALD DIXON 1,060 COM/0087 ANNUAL CONVENTION LAUREL & HARDY 1,061 CM/0465 ANOTHER DAY Wings 1,062 COM/0087 ANOTHER FINE MESS LAUREL & HARDY 1,063 CW/0122 ANOTHER HAND SHAKIN' GOODBYE Jerry Lee Lewis 1,064 CM/0116 ANOTHER KINDA LOVE John Mayall 1,065 CM/0389 ANOTHER LONELY MAN Patrick Duvet 1,066 CW/0286 ANOTHER LONELY SONG Tammy Wynette 1,067 CM/0281 ANOTHER M SUPERTRAMP 1,068 CW/0141 ANOTHER MAN DONE GONE Johnny Cash 1,069 CM/0281 ANOTHER MAN'S WOMAN Supertramp 1,070 COM/0068 ANOTHER MONTY PYTHON RECORD MONTY PYTHON 1,071 CM/0280 ANOTHER MORNING Moody Blues 1,072 CM/0065 ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST Queen 1,073 CM/0416 ANOTHER ROCK 'N' ROLL CHRISTMA Gary Glitter 1,074 CS/XM/04 Another Rock'n'Roll Christmas Gary Glitter 1,075 CM/0013 ANOTHER SATURDAY NIGHT CAT STEVENS 1,076 CW/0297 ANOTHER SOMEBODY DONE SOMEBODY JEAN SHEPARD 1,077 CM/0217 ANOTHER STAR Stevie Wonder 1,078 CW/0093 ANOTHER STORY, ANOTHER TIME- ERNEST TUBB 1,079 CM/0477 ANOTHER TOWN ANOTHER TRAIN Abba 1,080 CM/0480 ANOTHER WEEKEND FIVE STAR 1,081 CR/0358 ANSWER ME DAVID WHITFIELD 1,082 CR/0090 FRANKIE LAINE 1,083 CW/0193 1,084 D/254 ANSWER ME MY LOVE BERT WEEDON 1,085 D/254 To be entered. 1,086 CM/0487 ANSWER TO EVERYTHING First Christian 1,087 CM/0314 ANSWERING YOU SALLY OLDFIELD 1,088 CM/0468 ANT MUSIC Adam & the Ants 1,089 CS/A3/15 Anthem of the free Salvation Army 1,090 CM/0468 ANTS INVASION Adam & the Ants 1,091 Cs/A1/10 ANUSCHKA JAMES LAST 1,092 CH/0001 ANVIL CHORUS Choir Morriston 1,093 CS/A3/20 Unknown Orchestr 1,094 CM/0093 ANY MAJOR DUDE WILL TELL YOU Steely Dan 1,095 CS/A4/05 Any moment now Deanna Durbin 1,096 COM/0067 ANY OLD IRON Barron Knights 1,097 COM/0130 1,098 COM/0069 Goons 1,099 D/097 Any Old Iron - M Hallmark of Harm 1,100 CM/0397 ANY OLD TIME YOU'RE LONELY & S Foundations 1,101 CW/0166 ANY TIME Jimmy Dean 1,102 CW/0036 Vera Lynn 1,103 CR/0244 ANY TIME AT ALL VICTOR SILVESTER 1,104 CW/0238 ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN Glen Campbell 1,105 CW/0262 ANYMORE Roy Drusky 1,106 CW/0230 ANYONE IS NO ONE CARL JACKSON 1,107 Cs/A1/16 ANYTHING GOES JOE LOSS ORCH 1,108 COL/0238 ANYTHING GOES SEL. FOUR HARMONISTS 1,109 COL/0238 SIDNEY HOWARD/JA 1,110 CW/0309 ANYTHING MORE TO SAY Hank Williams 1,111 CM/0066 ANYTHING SHE DOES Genesis 1,112 COL/0052 ANYTHING YOU CAN DO D.GRAY/B.JOHNSON 1,113 CR/0343 JOE LOSS 1,114 CW/0318 ANYTIME BOBBY SYKES 1,115 CW/0310 BOBBY SYKES & LO 1,116 CW/0268 Unknown Vocalist 1,117 CM/0229 ANYTIME SUNSHINE Donny & Marie 1,118 CW/0295 ANYWAY George Hamilton 1,119 CM/0214 ANYWAY ANYHOW ANYWHERE David Bowie 1,120 CM/0021 ANYWAY YOU DO IT LIQUID GOLD 1,121 CW/0074 ANYWHERE Charlie Pride 1,122 CM/0443 ANYWHERE I WANDER Gene Pitney 1,123 CS/A3/44 Anywhere on earth is Heaven Geraldo & BrlDvs 1,124 CW/0030 APARTMENT H 9 Tammy Wynette 1,125 CW/0178 APARTMENT H9 Tammy Wynette 1,126 CW/0027 APARTMENT NO.9 Tammy Wynette 1,127 CW/0027 APARTMENT NO.9. Tammy Wynette 1,128 CW/0030 1,129 D/250 APPASSIONATA - BEETHOVEN JOSEPH LONG - GR 1,130 D/250 To be entered. 1,131 CW/0285 APPLE BLOSSOM TIME IN ANNAPOLI George Hamilton 1,132 CR/0480 APPLE HONEY WOODY HERMAN 1,133 CS/X2/02 Apple Tree Chapter House Ch 1,134 CS/XM/02 1,135 CW/0042 APPLEJACK Dolly Parton 1,136 CW/0238 1,137 D/0042 APRES UN REVE DESFORD COLLIERY 1,138 D/042 1,139 D/078 April In Paris Ray Conniff 1,140 D/0122 RONNIE ALDRICH 1,141 D/122 1,142 D/249 APRIL IN PORTUGAL MANTOVANI 1,143 D/249 To be entered. 1,144 D/134 APRIL LOVE NORRIE PARAMOR+p 1,145 CM/0144 Pat Boone 1,146 CW/0020 APRON STRINGS PEGGY SUE 1,147 CW/0199 1,148 CM/0183 AQUA TANGERINE DREAM 1,149 CS/A4/36 AR HYD Y NOS HARP - 19th Cent 1,150 D/0334 ARAB FEAST RON GOODWIN 1,151 D/148 ARABELLA CORY WORKMEN'S 1,152 CS/A4/36 ARABESQUE NO.1 - DEBUSSY HARP - 19th Cent 1,153 CS/A1/34 ARABESQUES - 2 - DEBUSSY NANCY ALLEN-HARP 1,154 D/0334 ARABIAN MUSIC * * * VG * RON GOODWIN 1,155 D/116 ARANJUEZ STANLEY BLACK 1,156 COL/0194 ARCADIANS LANCERS HARRY DAVIDSON 1,157 COL/0211 1,158 COL/0247 1,159 COL/0261 1,160 COL/0275 1,161 COL/0378 1,162 CH/0066 ARCHDUKE JOHANN YODELLING SONG Choir Vienna Boy 1,163 D/194 ARCHIES TV GREATEST HITS 1,164 COM/0120 ARCHITECT Paddy Roberts 1,165 COM/0116 ARDIN'S THEORY OF 'UMOUR HIKE HARDING 1,166 CW/0116 ARE YOU BUILDING A TEMPLE Hank Williams 1,167 CW/0116 ARE YOU BUILDING A TEMPLE IN H Hank Williams 1,168 CM/0342 ARE YOU GETTING ENOUGH HAPPINE Hot Chocolate 1,169 D/110 Are You Goin' To Scarborough F Morriston Orp.Ch 1,170 COM/0034 ARE YOU HAVIN' ANY FUN Morecambe & Wise 1,171 CM/0148 ARE YOU LONELY FOR ME Al Green 1,172 CM/0309 ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT DONNY OSMOND 1,173 D/241 Elvis Presley 1,174 CM/0224 Osmonds 1,175 CM/0144 Pat Boone 1,176 D/241 To be entered. 1,177 CW/0180 ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT ? Merle Haggard 1,178 CM/0327 ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH Five Star 1,179 CM/0293 ARE YOU SITTING COMFORTABLY MOODY BLUES 1,180 CM/0040 ARE YOU SURE Best of 50/60s 1,181 CM/0040 Best of 50s/60s 1,182 CM/0915 LOVE UNLIMITED 1,183 CW/0293 ARE YOU TEASING ME ? Hank Locklin 1,184 CW/0133 ARE YOU TREATING YOUR NEIGHBOU Hank Locklin 1,185 CM/0413 ARE YOU UP THERE Osmonds 1,186 CM/0414 1,187 CM/0058 ARGUS Wishbone Ash 1,188 CS/A3/07 ARIA MANUEL 1,189 CH/0034 ARISE ELIJAH ROYAL CHORAL SOC 1,190 CH/0034 ARISE NOW ROYAL CHORAL SOC 1,191 CR/0341 ARISE O SUN RICHARD CROOKS 1,192 CR/0408 ARKANSAW TRAVELLER BOSTON PROM ORCH 1,193 COM/0011 ARMADILLO Flanders & Swann 1,194 CR/0218 ARME KLEINE MARINA PETER SCHEEBEN 1,195 CM/0384 ARMED & EXTREMELY DANGEROUS FIRST CHOICE 1,196 CW/0114 ARMS OF A FOOL Faron Young 1,197 CW/0313 1,198 CH/0063 ARMS PARK WELSH GUARDS BAN 1,199 D/135 AROAH OR ALOHA WOUT STEENHUIS 1,200 CR/0466 AROUND THE CORNER Jack Hylton 1,201 CM/0102 AROUND THE PLYNTH Faces 1,202 CM/0462 AROUND THE WORLD LUANN SIMMS 1,203 CD\1858a RCA SYMPH 1,204 CS/A3/28 UNKNOWN ORCHESTR 1,205 COM/0149 AROVING FIRST XV SING RU 1,206 CM/0134 ARRESTED Royal Philharmon 1,207 CM/0134 RPO 1,208 D/068 ARRIVAL OF THE QUEEN OF SHEBA HALLE ORCHESTRA 1,209 COL/0144 R 1,210 CS/A5/31 ARRIVAL QUEEN OF SHEBA ORGAN BrianSharp 1,211 D/254 ARRIVEDERCI ROMA BERT WEEDON 1,212 CS/A5/12 EDMUNDO ROS 1,213 CD\1855 Mark Rattray 1,214 D/254 To be entered. 1,215 D/249 ARRIVERDERCI ROMA MANTOVANI 1,216 D/249 To be entered. 1,217 CM/0236 ART FOR ARTS SAKE 10CC 1,218 CH/0088 ART THOU TROUBLED ? Aled Jones (Boy 1,219 CM/0485 ARTHUR DALEY FIRM 1,220 COM/0022 ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION BLASTER BATES 1,221 CW/0040 ARTIST Jeannie C Riley 1,222 CS/A5/05 ARTIST'S LIFE VIENNA STRINGS 1,223 CR/0398 ARTISTRY IN BOOGIE STAN KENTON 1,224 CR/0398 ARTISTRY IN RHYTHM STAN KENTON 1,225 CD\1857b ARTISTRY JUMPS BILLY MAY 1,226 COM/0155 ARTYCRAFT STANLEY UNWIN 1,227 CM/0164 AS Elkie Brooks 1,228 CM/0217 Stevie Wonder 1,229 CW/0095 AS FAR AS YOU Charlie Pride 1,230 CW/0096 1,231 CD\1856a As I love you Shirley Bassey 1,232 CM/0239 AS I SEE IT NOW Melanie 1,233 CS/A5/18 As I sit here Stuart Burrows 1,234 CD\1859 As if we never said Goodbye Sinfonia of Lond 1,235 CS/XM/21 As Joseph was a-walking Ch.Magdel.Oxford 1,236 CS/X2/21 Magdalen Coll.Ch 1,237 CD\1859 As long as he needs me Nat.Sympn.Orch 1,238 CW/0233 AS LONG AS I LIVE Roy Drusky 1,239 CW/0296 AS LONG AS I LOVE Dolly Parton 1,240 CM/0443 AS LONG AS SHE NEEDS ME Gene Pitney 1,241 CM/0099 AS LONG AS THE PRICE IS RIGH Dr.feelgood 1,242 CW/0186 AS LONG AS THERE'S A SHADOW Roger Miller 1,243 CM/0490 AS LONG AS YOU'RE THERE Partridge Family 1,244 COL/0355 AS PANTS THE HART JOHN G.GRIFFITHS 1,245 CW/0016 AS SOON AS I HANG UP THE PHONE COWAY TWITTY & L 1,246 CW/0049 AS SOON AS I TOUCHED HIM Dolly Parton 1,247 D/240 As tears go by Marianne Faithfu 1,248 CM/0169 Rolling Stones 1,249 D/240 To be entered. 1,250 CM/0031 AS THOUGH IT WERE A MOVIE Peter Sarstedt 1,251 CS/A4/26 AS TIME GOES BY LIBERACE 1,252 CS/A3/41 MANCINI 1,253 CS/A3/07 MANUEL 1,254 CD\1858a AS TIME GOES BY - CASABLANCA HENRY MANCINI 1,255 CS/X2/25 As with gladness men of old Choir St.Paul's 1,256 CS/X2/24 Choir Warwick 1,257 CS/XM/24 ChoirSt.MaryWarw 1,258 CS/XM/28 Three Cathedrals 1,259 CS/A4/38 Ash Grove Kiri Te Kanawa 1,260 CH/0048 LINDEN SINGERS 1,261 CS/A5/25 Ask Him Julio Iglesias 1,262 CM/0084 ASK ME WHY Beatles 1,263 COM/0170 ASK THE FAMILY NOT 9 O'CLOCK NE 1,264 COM/0086 ASSO ASSO YOGOSHI MAX BOYCE 1,265 COM/0097 ASTRONAUTS Vaughn Meader 1,266 CW/0215 AT CALVARY - NARRATIVE Johnny Cash 1,267 CM/0231 AT EVERY END THERE'S A BEGINNI Gladys Knight/Pi 1,268 CM/0386 AT HOME AT WORK Propaganda 1,269 CM/0912 AT HOME AT WORK AT PLAY SPARKS 1,270 COL/0320 AT KING'S LAKE VIOLIN/HARP/FLUT 1,271 CM/0034 AT LAST Marvin Gaye 1,272 COM/0161 AT LAST I'M FIRST WITH YOU Spike Jones 1,273 CM/0039 AT MY FRONT DOOR EL DORADOS 1,274 CM/0375 AT SEVENTEEN Janis Ian 1,275 CS/A5/21 At Sundown Robert White 1,276 D/296 AT SUNDOWN in med REGINALD DIXON 1,277 CR/0445 AT THE BALALAIKA NELSON EDDY 1,278 COM/0087 AT THE BALL THAT'S ALL LAUREL & HARDY 1,279 COM/0059 AT THE BLUE ANGEL Paddy Roberts 1,280 CS/A1/36 AT THE CLOSE OF A LONG LONG DA PRIMO SCALA 1,281 CM/0434 AT THE CLUB Drifters 1,282 CR/0035 AT THE CODFISH BALL MISS JOY (CHILD 1,283 D/010 AT THE COPA JAMES LAST 1,284 CM/0381 AT THE CROSSROADS MOTT THE HOOPLE 1,285 COM/0148 AT THE DANCE Muppets 1,286 CS/A5/31 ORGAN BrianSharp 1,287 CS/A2/07 AT THE DANCE - COATES Ryl. LIV.PHILHAR 1,288 CW/0124 AT THE END OF NOWHERE Slim Whitman 1,289 CH/0088 AT THE END OF THE DAY Aled Jones (Boy 1,290 CM/0382 AT THE HOP DANNY/JUNIORS 1,291 CM/0037 Flash Cadillac 1,292 CM/0225 AT THE RAINBOW'S END Osmonds 1,293 D/196 1,294 CW/0035 AT THE TIME Jean Shephard 1,295 CW/0215 AT THE WAILING WALL - NARRATIV Johnny Cash 1,296 CS/A2/15 AT THE WOODCHOPPER'S BALL JOE LOSS 1,297 CM/0181 AT THE ZOO Simon & Garfunke 1,298 CH/0051 ATIN KU PUNG SINGSING PHILIPPINE DANCE 1,299 CW/0285 ATLANTIC LULLABY George Hamilton 1,300 CS/A4/34 ATLANTIS SHADOWS 1,301 CM/0334 ATLANTIS IS CALLING Modern Talking 1,302 CM/0531 1,303 CM/0901 1,304 CM/0350 ATMOSPHERE RUSS ABBOT 1,305 CM/0376 ATOMIC Blondie 1,306 CW/0090 ATTA A WAY TO GO Don Williams 1,307 CW/0091 1,308 CW/0098 ATTA WAY TO GO Don Williams 1,309 CW/098 1,310 D/087 Attic Toys Nana Mouskouri 1,311 CH/0039 AU BORD DE L'ONDE Choir Red Army 1,312 CS/A2/23 AU CLAIR DE LUNE Richd.Clayderman 1,313 CS/A3/01 Au fond du tempple saint Bjorling&Merrill 1,314 Cs/A1/10 AUCH DU WIRST MICH EINMAL BETR JAMES LAST 1,315 COM/0154 AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION BEN ELTON 1,316 CR/0468 AUF WEIDERSEH'N MY DEAR AMBROSE 1,317 CR/0308 Jack Hylton 1,318 Cs/A1/20 Auf Wiedersehen Nelson Eddy 1,319 CH/0018 AUF'M BAUM SITZT A ZEISERL VIENNA WOODS BOY 1,320 CH/0019 1,321 D/276 Auld Lang Syne Kenneth McKellar 1,322 D/276 To be entered. 1,323 COM/0097 Vaughn Meader 1,324 COM/0026 AUNTIE ROTTER Peter Sellers 1,325 COM/0029 1,326 CW/0305 AURA LEE Slim Whitman 1,327 CS/A3/44 Aurora Nat Gonella 1,328 CH/0106 AUS DER TRAUBE IN DER TONNE Choir Rhos MV 1,329 CH/0090 AUS DER TRAUBEIN DIE TONNE CHOIR CESTRIAN 1,330 COM/0170 AUSSIE PILOT NOT 9 O'CLOCK NE 1,331 COM/0169 AUSTRALIAN BORN AUSTRALIAN BRE Frankie Davidson 1,332 COM/0067 AUTOGRAPH HUNTER Barron Knights 1,333 COM/0130 1,334 CS/A2/39 AUTUMN - CHAMINADE SEMPRINI 1,335 CM/0239 AUTUMN LADY Melanie 1,336 CR/0187 AUTUMN LEAVES Melachrino 1,337 CR/0427 MITCH MILLER 1,338 CM/0146 Tom Jones 1,339 CD\1854a AUTUMN NOCTURNE BILLY MAY 1,340 CR/0449 AUTUMN SONG BETTENDORF/ERNST 1,341 CR/0426 AVA CYRIL STAPLETON 1,342 CR/0302 AVALON Al Jolson 1,343 D/237 Bryan Ferry 1,344 CW/0056 CHET ATKINS 1,345 D/010 JAMES LAST 1,346 D/237 To be entered. 1,347 COM/0169 AVE A BEER Frankie Davidson 1,348 D/092 Ave Maria BBC Welsh Chorus 1,349 COL/0358 CHARLES KULLMAN 1,350 CR/0442 CONCHITA SUPERVI 1,351 COL/0383 ISOBEL BAILLIE 1,352 CS/X2/31 Joan Sutherland 1,353 CS/A4/44 Mario Lanza 1,354 CD\1855 Mark Rattray 1,355 CR/0327 TIANA LEMMITZ 1,356 COL/0171 AVE MARIA - (BACH/GOUNOD) ISOBAL BAILLEY 1,357 CS/A5/14 Ave Maria - (Bach/Gounod) Deanna Durbin 1,358 COL/0171 ISOBAL BAILLEY 1,359 CH/0064 AVE MARIA - (Bach/Gounod)Latin Choir Morriston 1,360 CH/0024 Stuart Burrows 1,361 CH/0015 AVE MARIA - (Bruckner) Latin Choir Silver Rin 1,362 CS/XM/29 Ave Maria - (Schubert) Joan Sutherland 1,363 D/298 Ronnie Ronalde 1,364 CH/0055 AVE MARIA - (Schubert) Latin CHOIR & BRASS BA 1,365 CH/0100 Stuart Burrows 1,366 D/260 AVE MARIA - (SCHUBERT/HOOF) ZAMFIR 1,367 D/280 AVE MARIA - (Shubert) POLYPHON 24 1,368 CS/A3/04 AVE MARIA - BACH DOMINGO+WIEN.B.C 1,369 CS/A3/04 AVE MARIA - SCHUBERT DOMINGO+WIEN.B.C 1,370 CS/A3/09 Ronnie Ronalde 1,371 CS/A4/36 AVE MARIS (SCHUBERT) HARP - 19th Cent 1,372 COL/0253 AVE VERA VIRGINITAS STRASBOURG CATH. 1,373 COL/0229 AVE VERUM STRASBOURG CATH. 1,374 D/092 Ave Verum Corpus BBC Welsh Chorus 1,375 CH/0017 BERLIN HANDEL 1,376 CH/0030 Choir Kings Coll 1,377 CS/A2/04 Choir Oxfd Cath 1,378 D/110 Morriston Orp.Ch 1,379 CS/A4/45 Ave Verum Op.2.No.1 Cant.Cath.Choir 1,380 D/189 AVENGERS TV THEMES 1,381 D/174 TV THEMES CASSET 1,382 D/294 Awake my Soul Choir Wells Cath 1,383 D/294 To be entered. 1,384 CH/0060 AWAKE US LORD FROM SLUMBER Choir WestminBac 1,385 CM/0133 AWAKEN Yes 1,386 CR/0266 AWAY DOWN SOUTH PEERLESS QUARTET 1,387 CS/X2/28 Away In A Manger Bach Choir 1,388 CS/XM/27 Bach Choir+BRASS 1,389 CS/X2/21 Ch.New Coll.Oxfo 1,390 CS/XM/02 Chapter House Ch 1,391 CS/X2/02 1,392 CS/A4/29 Choir Kings Camb 1,393 CS/XM/21 Choir New Col.Ox 1,394 CS/X2/25 Choir St.Paul's 1,395 CS/X2/24 Choir Warwick 1,396 CS/XM/22 Choir Worces.Cat 1,397 CS/XM/24 ChoirSt.MaryWarw 1,398 D/323 Hymns & Carols 1,399 CH/0021 S.A.SUNBURY SING 1,400 CS/XM/31 St. Winifred's 1,401 CS/X2/29 St.Winifred's Ch 1,402 CS/X2/22 VARIOUS 1,403 CS/X2/20 1,404 CS/X2/23 Worcester Cath. 1,405 CS/XM/06 AWAY IN A MANGER (M) HAYSBRIDGE STRGS 1,406 CS/X2/08 AWAY IN A MANGER - M HAYSBRIDGE STRGS 1,407 CS/X2/03 MARK LAUB(ORGAN) 1,408 CM/0736 AXEL F HAROLD FALTERMEY 1,409 CM/0372 AY AY AY AY MOOSEY Modern Romance 1,410 CM/0271 B-A-B-Y THIS IS SOUL 1,411 CM/0014 B-BOY BON ROCK 1,412 CM/0271 B.A.B.Y CARLA THOMAS 1,413 COM/0018 B.B.C. MEDICAL JASPER CARROTT 1,414 CH/0034 BAAL WE CRY TO THEE ROYAL CHORAL SOC 1,415 CM/0135 BABA O'RILEY Who 1,416 CS/X2/15 Babe Of Bethlehem Valleyfolk 1,417 CS/XM/15 1,418 CM/0005 BABY HOLLIES 1,419 CM/0256 BABY BABY DON'T CRY Smokey Robinson 1,420 CSM/0256 BABY BABY DON'T YOU CRY SMOKEY ROBINSON 1,421 CW/0203 BABY BABY I KNOW YOU'RE A LADY DAVID HOUSTON 1,422 COM/0001 BABY BATTERING CYRIL FLETCHER 1,423 CM/0189 BABY BE MINE Michael Jackson 1,424 CM/0160 BABY BLUE Giorgio Moroder 1,425 CR/0406 BABY BLUES SUGAR CHILE ROBI 1,426 CM/0096 BABY BOOMERANG T.Rex 1,427 CM/0137 BABY CAN'T YOU SEE Coast to Coast 1,428 CW/0206 BABY CLOSE IT'S EYES Tim Hardin 1,429 CM/0153 BABY COME BACK Equals 1,430 CM/0425 1,431 CM/0910 1,432 CW/0049 BABY COME OUT TONIGHT Dolly Parton 1,433 CM/0011 BABY DON'T CHANGE YOUR MIND GLADYS KNIGHT 1,434 CM/0231 Gladys Knight/Pi 1,435 CM/0029 BABY DON'T GET HOOKED ON ME MAC DAVIS 1,436 COM/0148 BABY FACE Muppets 1,437 CH/0095 READING BARBERET 1,438 CR/0127 BABY FACE (QUICK-STEP) VICTOR SILVESTER 1,439 CM/0304 BABY I DON'T CARE Glitter Band 1,440 CM/0398 BABY I LOVE YOU Herbie/Royalists 1,441 CM/0067 BABY I NEED YOUR LOVING Supremes 1,442 CM/0445 BABY I WANT YOUR LOVIN' K.C. & Sunshine 1,443 CM/0609 BABY I'M BURNIN' DOLLY PARTON 1,444 CW/0120 BABY IS GONE Charlie Pride 1,445 CR/0012 BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE DINAH SHORE/BUDD 1,446 CW/0235 SKEETER DAVIS & 1,447 CM/0084 BABY IT'S YOU Beatles 1,448 CSM/0264 BABY LET ME TAKE YOU DETROIT EMERALDS 1,449 CM/0233 BABY LOVE Diana Ross 1,450 CM/0290 Diana Ross & Sup 1,451 CM/0290 DIANA ROSS & THE 1,452 CM/0077 BABY MAKE IT SOON Marmalade 1,453 CW/0104 BABY ME BABY Roger Miller 1,454 CM/0118 BABY NOW THAT I'VE FOUND YOU FOUNDATIONS 1,455 CM/0397 1,456 CM/0491 1,457 CM/0703 BABY OF MINE ALAN PRICE 1,458 CW/0045 BABY PICTURES Chris Nielsen 1,459 CM/0129 BABY PLEASE DON'T GO Gary Glitter 1,460 CM/0115 Them 1,461 CW/0008 Baby rocked her dolly FRANKIE MILLER 1,462 CM/0096 BABY STRANGE T.Rex 1,463 CM/0015 BABY TALK GREG BROWN 1,464 CM/0454 BABY WE BETTER TRY & GET BARRY WHITE 1,465 CM/0418 BABY WE'D BETTER TRY & GET IT BARRY WHITE 1,466 CM/0039 BABY WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO JIMMY REED 1,467 CM/0137 BABY WHY LET GO Coast to Coast 1,468 CM/0110 BABY WORKOUT Jackie Wilson 1,469 CW/0076 BABY YOU LOOK GOOD TO ME TONIG John Denver 1,470 D/259 BABY'S BIRTHDAY PARTY MAX KLEIN 1,471 D/259 To be entered. 1,472 CM/0392 BABY'S COMING BACK Eurythmics 1,473 CS/X2/06 Baby's First Christmas Connie Francis 1,474 CS/XM/05 1,475 CM/0051 BABYLON Sad Cafe 1,476 CM/0082 BABYLON BY BUS LP Bob Marley 1,477 CS/A2/06 BACH GAMMON RICHARDCLAYDERMN 1,478 CM/0770 BACK & FORTH CAMEO 1,479 CW/0324 BACK DOOR BADEAUX/LOUISIAN 1,480 CW/0205 BACK HOME IN GEORGIA Jerry Reed 1,481 CM/0237 BACK IN LOVE AGAIN Donna Summer 1,482 CM/0290 BACK IN MY ARMS AGAIN Diana Ross & Sup 1,483 CM/0290 DIANA ROSS & THE 1,484 CW/0326 BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN Gene Autry 1,485 CM/0045 BACK IN THE USSR Beatles 1,486 CM/0405 BACK OF BEYOND Gary Shearston 1,487 CM/0023 BACK OF MY HAND Sparks 1,488 CM/0397 BACK ON MY FEET AGAIN Foundations 1,489 CM/0027 BACK ON THE CHAIN GANG PRETENDERS 1,490 CM/0496 1,491 CM/0497 1,492 CM/0251 BACK ON THE ROAD Earth Wind & Fir 1,493 CM/0324 1,494 CM/0225 BACK ON THE ROAD AGAIN Osmonds 1,495 D/196 1,496 CW/0054 BACK SIDE OF DALLAS Jeannie C Riley 1,497 CM/0029 BACK STABBERS O'JAYS 1,498 CW/0195 BACK STREET AFFAIR Hank Locklin 1,499 CM/0194 BACK STREET BABY Cafe 1,500 CM/0241 BACK TO CALIFORNIA Carole King 1,501 CM/0027 BACK TO LOVE EVELYN KING 1,502 CW/0040 BACK TO SCHOOL Jeannie C Riley 1,503 CM/0329 BACK TO THE 60'S TIGHT FIT 1,504 CM/0754 1,505 CW/0172 BACK WHEN WE WERE YOUNG Tom T. Hall. 1,506 CW/0295 BACK WHERE IT'S AT George Hamilton 1,507 CM/0332 BACK WHERE YOU STARTED Tina Turner 1,508 CM/0262 BACKFIRE Smokey Robinson 1,509 CSM/0262 1,510 CW/0257 BACKTRACK Faron Young 1,511 CM/0073 BAD BAD WEATHER Detroit Spinners 1,512 CM/0053 BAD BLOOD Neil Sedaka 1,513 CM/0086 BAD BOY Beatles 1,514 CM/0474 1,515 CM/0325 MIAMI SOUND M/C 1,516 CM/0663 BAD BOYS WHAM 1,517 CM/0028 BAD DAY CARMEL 1,518 CM/0219 BAD GIRL Neil Sedaka 1,519 CM/0315 BAD LUCK HAROLD MELVIN & 1,520 CM/0197 BAD MOON RISING Creedence Clearw 1,521 CM/0197 Kate Bush 1,522 CM/0191 BAD MOUTHIN' Motown 1,523 CW/0207 BAD NEWS George Hamilton 1,524 D/242 BAD PENNY BLUES HUMPHREY LYTTLET 1,525 D/242 To be entered. 1,526 COM/0021 BADGERS IN THE WOOD BLASTER BATES 1,527 CM/0025 BAGGY TROUSERS MADNESS 1,528 COM/0157 BAGPIPES THAT'S MY BAG Ray Stevens 1,529 CM/0208 BAHAMA MAMA Boney M 1,530 CS/A2/08 Bailero Barb.Courtney-Kn 1,531 D/068 BAILERO - SONGS OF AUVERNE HALLE ORCHESTRA 1,532 CM/0483 BAKED BEAN Haircut 100 1,533 CS/A4/23 BAKER STREET L.S.O. 1,534 D/247 SHADOWS 1,535 COM/0093 BALHAM Peter Sellers 1,536 COM/0026 BALHAM-GATEWAY TO THE SOUTH Peter Sellers 1,537 COM/0029 1,538 CM/0466 BALI HA'I David Cassidy 1,539 D/135 WOUT STEENHUIS 1,540 CR/0386 BALI HA'I (SOUTH PACIFIC) MURIEL SMITH/DR. 1,541 CM/0344 BALL OF CONFUSION TEMPTATIONS 1,542 COM/0178 BALL OF KERRYMUIR STAG 1,543 CS/A2/06 BALLAD FOR ADELINE RICHARDCLAYDERMN 1,544 CM/0360 BALLAD FOR SPACE LOVERS Space 1,545 COL/0105 BALLAD MEMORIES QUENTIN MACLEAN- 1,546 CW/0143 BALLAD OF A TEEN-AGE QUEEN Johnny Cash 1,547 CW/0204 1,548 COM/0007 BALLAD OF BETHNAL GREEN Paddy Roberts 1,549 COM/0059 1,550 COM/0066 1,551 COM/0120 1,552 CM/0482 BALLAD OF BILLY THE KID Billy Joel 1,553 CW/0147 BALLAD OF BOOT HILL Johnny Cash 1,554 CR/0479 BALLAD OF DAVY CROCKETT LARRY CROSS 1,555 COM/0073 BALLAD OF FRANK SPENCER Barron Knights 1,556 CW/0092 BALLAD OF IRA HAYES Johnny Cash 1,557 CW/0093 BALLAD OF JED CLAMPETT Glen Campbell 1,558 CW/0097 1,559 CW/0203 LESTER FLATT & E 1,560 CW/0317 LESTER FLATT/EAR 1,561 CM/0045 BALLAD OF JOHN & YOKO Beatles 1,562 CM/0167 BALLAD OF LUCY BORDAN Dr. Hook 1,563 COM/0086 BALLAD OF MORGAN THE MOON MAX BOYCE 1,564 CW/0095 BALLAD OF MYRA HAYES Johnny Cash 1,565 CM/0408 BALLAD OF SACCO & VANZETTI Scott Walker 1,566 COM/0176 BALLAD OF SAMMY'S BAR BOB WILLIAMSON 1,567 CW/0156 BALLAD OF THE ALAMO Marty Robbins 1,568 CW/0154 BALLAD OF THE HARP WEAVER Johnny Cash 1,569 COM/0096 BALLAD OF THE ROYAL SCOTTISH P KENNETH WILLIAMS 1,570 COM/0096 BALLAD OF THE WOGGLERS MOULIE KENNETH WILLIAMS 1,571 CW/0186 BALLAD OF WATERHOLE 3 Roger Miller 1,572 CW/0264 BALLAD OF WATERHOLE No. 3 (5 Roger Miller 1,573 CW/0106 BALLAD OF WATERHOLE No.3 Code Roger Miller 1,574 CM/0123 BALLAD OF YOU & ME & POONEIL Jefferson Airpla 1,575 CS/A2/23 BALLADE POUR ADELINE Richd.Clayderman 1,576 Cs/A1/17 BALLET - FAUST K.T.LUXEMBOURG 1,577 Cs/A1/32 BALLET - ASCANIO - ST.SAENS JAMES GALWAY 1,578 CS/A2/39 BALLET - CARNAVAL SEMPRINI 1,579 CS/A2/31 BALLET - COPPELIA ROY.OPERA HSE.CG 1,580 Cs/A1/19 BALLET - FAUST 6 IN ALL K.T.LUXEMBOURG 1,581 CS/A2/31 BALLET - FIREBIRD ROY.OPERA HSE.CG 1,582 CS/A2/31 BALLET - GAYANEH ROY.OPERA HSE.CG 1,583 CS/A2/31 BALLET - GISELLE ROY.OPERA HSE.CG 1,584 CS/A2/25 Ballet - Hamlet - Thomas N.P.O. 1,585 Cs/A1/19 BALLET - LAKME K.T.LUXEMBOURG 1,586 Cs/A1/17 BALLET - LAKME - AIRS DE DANSE K.T.LUXEMBOURG 1,587 Cs/A1/17 BALLET - LE CID - AUBADE K.T.LUXEMBOURG 1,588 Cs/A1/19 BALLET - LE ROI D'YS - OVRTURE K.T.LUXEMBOURG 1,589 CS/A2/39 BALLET - LES SYLPHIDES SEMPRINI 1,590 CS/A2/25 Ballet - Les Sylphides -Chopin N.P.O. 1,591 Cs/A1/19 BALLET - NAIA - PAS DE FLEURS K.T.LUXEMBOURG 1,592 CS/A2/31 BALLET - NUTCRACKER ROY.OPERA HSE.CG 1,593 CS/A2/31 BALLET - ROMEO & JULIET ROY.OPERA HSE.CG 1,594 CS/A4/09 BALLET - ROSAMUNDE VIENNA OPERA ORC 1,595 CS/A2/31 BALLET - SLEEPING BEAUTY ROY.OPERA HSE.CG 1,596 CS/A2/31 BALLET - SPARTACUS ROY.OPERA HSE.CG 1,597 CS/A2/31 BALLET - SWAN LAKE ROY.OPERA HSE.CG 1,598 CS/A2/31 BALLET ALBUM - VARIOUS ROY.OPERA HSE.CG 1,599 Cs/A1/17 BALLET CARMEN - 4 ENTRACTES K.T.LUXEMBOURG 1,600 COL/0335 BALLET EGYPTIEN GRENADIER GUARDS 1,601 Cs/A1/17 BALLET MUSIC - TAPE - 1 R.T.LUXEMBOURG 1,602 Cs/A1/18 BALLET MUSIC - TAPE 2 K.T.LUXEMBOURG 1,603 Cs/A1/19 BALLET MUSIC - TAPE 3 K.T.LUXEMBOURG 1,604 CS/A4/21 BALLET MUSIC FROM FAUST GOUNOD GD.ORCH.LUXEMBOR 1,605 Cs/A1/17 BALLET SYLVIA - VALSE LENTE K.T.LUXEMBOURG 1,606 Cs/A1/19 BALLET THREE DANCES FROM FAUST K.T.LUXEMBOURG 1,607 Cs/A1/17 BALLETmusicOF BERLIOZ & GOUNOD K.T.LUXEMBOURG 1,608 Cs/A1/17 BALLETmusicOF BIZET & DELIBES K.T.LUXEMBOURG 1,609 Cs/A1/17 BALLETmusicOF BORODIN & GLINKA K.T.LUXEMBOURG 1,610 Cs/A1/17 BALLETmusicOF MASSENET K.T.LUXEMBOURG 1,611 Cs/A1/17 BALLETmusicOF TCHAI & CHOPIN K.T.LUXEMBOURG 1,612 D/257 Ballin' the Jack Bing Crosby 1,613 CH/0093 BOSTON BARBERS 1,614 CR/0360 DANNY KAYE 1,615 CM/0222 Osmonds 1,616 D/257 To be entered. 1,617 Cs/A1/28 BALLINAKELLY REEL JAMES LAST 1,618 CM/0096 BALLROOMS OF MARS T.Rex 1,619 CS/A4/27 BALLSISRENEN (MERRY WIDOW) J.STRAUSS VI.ORC 1,620 CW/0291 BALLYJAMESDUFF Foster & Allen 1,621 CM/0087 BAMA LAMA,BAMA LOO Little Richard 1,622 COM/0133 BAMBA 3688 Benny Hill 1,623 CR/0238 BAMBARITO DON MARINO BARRE 1,624 CS/X2/04 Bambino Springfields 1,625 CS/XM/04 1,626 CS/XM/01 1,627 CS/X2/22 VARIOUS 1,628 COM/0105 BANANA BOAT STAN FREBERG 1,629 COM/0164 1,630 COM/0165 1,631 D/299 BANANA BOAT SONG CHET ATKINS 1,632 D/243 HAMMOND ORG-LAMB 1,633 CR/0298 TARRIERS 1,634 D/243 To be entered. 1,635 D/299 1,636 COM/0132 BANANA THROAT SONG Judge Dread 1,637 CM/0259 BAND OF GOLD Freda Payne 1,638 CSM/0259 1,639 CM/0187 BAND ON THE RUN Wings 1,640 CM/0465 1,641 CH/0065 BANDELTERZETT - (MOZART) Choir Vienna Boy 1,642 CW/0308 BANDERA CHET ATKINS 1,643 D/008 BANDIT - O'CANGANCIERO JAMES LAST 1,644 CW/0283 BANDIT - The NASHVILLE STRING 1,645 CW/0280 Tex Ritter 1,646 CH/0081 BANDIT'S CHORUS - ERNANI Choir Morriston 1,647 CH/0035 BANDURA Choir Red Army 1,648 COM/0061 BANDWAGGON Arthur Askey 1,649 D/261 Bang a boomerang Abba 1,650 D/261 To be entered. 1,651 CM/0023 BANG BANG B.A.ROBERTSON 1,652 CM/0477 BANG-A-BOOMERANG Abba 1,653 D/261 1,654 COM/0006 BANGERS & MASH PETER SELLERS/SO 1,655 COM/0159 BANGING IN YOUR HEAD CHAS & DAVE 1,656 CS/A3/29 BANJO MEDLEYS - APPROX 12 IN A GEOFF LOVEBANJOS 1,657 COM/0022 BANK STRONGWALL BLASTER BATES 1,658 Cs/A1/12 Banks o'doon Phil.Chmbr.Choir 1,659 CW/0070 BANKS OF THE NILE Johnny Horton 1,660 CW/0120 BANKS OF THE OHIO Charlie Pride 1,661 CM/0426 OLIVIA NEWTON-J 1,662 Cs/A1/09 WOLFTONES 1,663 CM/0002 BANNER MAN BLUE MINK 1,664 CW/0165 BAR ROOM BLUES Berni Flint 1,665 CW/0130 BARBARA ALLEN Tex Ritter 1,666 CSM/0263 BARBARA ANN BEACH BOYS 1,667 CM/0037 BARBARA ANNE REGENTS 1,668 COL/0064 BARBER OF SEVILLE DENNIS NOBLE 1,669 COL/0006 BARBER OF SEVILLE OVERTURE HALLE 1,670 COL/0006 HALLE ORCH. 1,671 CS/A5/16 LSO 1,672 CH/0096 BARBERSHOP - BRITISH -SEE THIS BRIGHTON NAT CON 1,673 CH/0094 BARBERSHOP BALLADS - SEE THIS 3 FINALISTS 95'7 1,674 CH/0093 BOSTON BARBERS 1,675 D/097 BARBERSHOP FAVOURITES To be entered. 1,676 D/097 Barbershop Songs Hallmark of Harm 1,677 CH/0091 BARBERSHOP SONGS - SEE THIS LP SQUARE PEGS 1,678 CH/0032 BARCAROLLE Choir Luton Girl 1,679 CR/0099 GEORGE BRAUN 1,680 COL/0050 HAYDN ORCHESTRA 1,681 D/293 PETER KATIN 1,682 CS/A2/23 Richd.Clayderman 1,683 COL/0061 ROBIN HOOD DELL 1,684 CS/A4/15 SOC.SYMPHONIQUES 1,685 CR/0409 THEA PHILLIPS/FR 1,686 D/293 BARCAROLLE OP.60 PETER KATIN PIAN 1,687 CM/0801 BARCELONA FREDDY MERCURY 1,688 CW/0070 BAREFOOT BOY BLUES Johnny Horton 1,689 D/0334 BAREFOOT GIRL RON GOODWIN 1,690 D/194 BARETTA TV GREATEST HITS 1,691 CM/0135 BARGAIN Who 1,692 CW/0042 BARGAIN STORE Dolly Parton 1,693 CW/0043 1,694 COL/0386 BARN DANCE HARRY DAVIDSON 1,695 COM/0103 Two Ronnies 1,696 COL/0254 BARN DANCE (THOSE WERE THE DAY HARRY DAVIDSON 1,697 COL/0408 1,698 COL/0005 BARN DANCE MEDLEY SYDNEY THOMPSON 1,699 D/194 BARNABY JONES TV GREATEST HITS 1,700 D/194 BARNEY MILLER TV GREATEST HITS 1,701 CW/0298 BARON The Johnny Cash 1,702 CM/0093 BARRYTOWN Steely Dan 1,703 COM/0163 BARSTOOL COWBOY FROM OLD BARST Spike Jones 1,704 CW/0241 BARTENDER'S BLUES George Jones 1,705 CM/0336 BASIC INGREDIENTS Animal Nightlife 1,706 CD\1854a BASIE BOOGIE BILLY MAY 1,707 D/055 BASIN STREET BLUES ROYAL DOULTON BD 1,708 D/051 BASSOON CONCERTO BLACK DYKE MILLS 1,709 D/189 BAT MASTERSON TV THEMES 1,710 COM/0036 BATH TIME FOR ERNIE Morecambe & Wise 1,711 COM/0104 BATMAN Jan & Dean 1,712 CD\1858 RD.HAYMAN ORCH 1,713 COM/0104 BATMAN THEME Jan & Dean 1,714 CW/0241 BATTLE - The George Jones 1,715 COL/0371 BATTLE EVE H.EISDELL/N.ALLI 1,716 CW/0271 BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC BARBARA MANDRELL 1,717 CH/0055 CHOIR & BRASS BA 1,718 CH/0005 Choir Froncysyll 1,719 CH/0063 Choir LdnWelshMV 1,720 CH/0079 Choir Mormon Tab 1,721 CH/0097 1,722 CH/0001 Choir Treorchy 1,723 CW/0065 Gene Autry 1,724 CS/A1/42 HARRY SECOMBE 1,725 CH/0105 WELSH MASSED CHR 1,726 CS/A3/22 BATTLE OF BRITAIN RAF REgt.Sthn. 1,727 CD\1856c Battle of New Orleans Lonnie Donegan 1,728 CS/A3/11 BATTLE OF THE SOMME ALBION BAND 1,729 CS/A2/11 BATTLE OF TRAFALGAR ROYL.MAR.COMMAND 1,730 CS/A4/03 Battles Clannad 1,731 D/191 BATTLESTAR GALACTICA TV THEMES SiFi V 1,732 CW/0081 BAUBLES BANGLES & BEADS COUNTRY GUITAR 1,733 CM/0275 BAYOU VILLAGE VOYAGE 1,734 D/0334 BAZAAR RON GOODWIN 1,735 CM/0386 BC Propaganda 1,736 CM/0912 SPARKS 1,737 CW/0004 Be a little quieter Porter Wagoner 1,738 CS/A3/44 Be careful it's my heart Harry Roy & MK 1,739 Cs/A1/16 JOE LOSS ORCH 1,740 CM/0324 BE EVER WONDERFUL Earth Wind & Fir 1,741 CM/0027 BE HEARD TOYAH 1,742 CW/0086 BE HONEST WITH ME CLEN CAMPBELL 1,743 CW/0161 Jimmy Dean 1,744 CW/0126 Slim Whitman 1,745 CM/0131 BE MY BABY Bay City Rollers 1,746 CM/0140 BE MY JUDY Alvin Stardust 1,747 D/274 Be my love Harry Seacombe 1,748 CS/A4/43 Mario Lanza 1,749 CD\1855 Mark Rattray 1,750 D/274 To be entered. 1,751 D/255 WURLITZER JOHN M 1,752 CH/0034 BE NOT AFRAID ROYAL CHORAL SOC 1,753 CM/0004 BE NOT TOO HARD MANFRED MANN 1,754 CM/0164 BE POSITIVE Elkie Brooks 1,755 CM/0027 BE PROUD BE LOUD TOYAH 1,756 COM/0013 BE SINCERE MAX MILLER 1,757 CS/A4/34 BE SURE TO WEAR SOME FLOWERS SHADOWS 1,758 CM/0451 BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU GOT WILLIAM DEVAUGHA 1,759 CM/0356 BE WHO YOU ARE Bee Gees 1,760 CM/0904 BE-BOP DELUXE SUNBURST FINISH 1,761 CM/0415 BE-BOP- GENE VINCENT 1,762 COM/0082 BEACH DAD'S ARMY 1,763 COM/0002 BEACH AT SAN TROPEZ Benny Hill 1,764 COM/0064 BEACH AT SAN TROPEZ-THE Benny Hill 1,765 D/011 BEACH PARTY 3 To be entered. 1,766 CM/0201 BEANBAG Johnny & Hurri 1,767 CM/0116 BEAR John Mayall 1,768 CM/0480 BEAT DIS BOMB THE BASS 1,769 CM/0481 1,770 CM/0189 BEAT IT Michael Jackson 1,771 CM/0426 BEAT THE REAPER LAURIE STYVERS 1,772 CS/X2/07 BEATA VISCERA WIND ENSEMBLE 1,773 CS/A2/04 Beati Quorum Via Choir Oxfd Cath 1,774 COM/0129 BEATNIK FLY JOHNNY & HURRICA 1,775 CM/0210 BEATY SCHOOL DROP-OUT FRANKIE AVALON 1,776 CW/0077 BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BANJO Ben Colder 1,777 CW/0234 BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BLUE EYES Slim Whitman 1,778 CM/0085 BEAUTIFUL BOY DARLING BOY John Lennon 1,779 CM/0085 BEAUTIFUL BOYS John Lennon 1,780 CH/0023 BEAUTIFUL DREAMER Choir Mormon Tab 1,781 D/267 Fureys 1,782 CS/A3/42 Robert White 1,783 CM/0436 Roy Orbison 1,784 CW/0240 Slim Whitman 1,785 CH/0091 SQUARE PEGS 1,786 D/267 To be entered. 1,787 CR/0450 BEAUTIFUL EILEEN BARNEY O'LEARY 1,788 CH/0066 BEAUTIFUL FLOWER Choir Vienna Boy 1,789 CS/A1/42 Beautiful Isle of somewhere HARRY SECOMBE 1,790 CR/0107 BEAUTIFUL LOVE Bing Crosby 1,791 CH/0037 BEAUTIFUL MOONLIT NIGHT Choir Red Army 1,792 CR/0295 BEAUTIFUL OHIO GLENN MILLER 1,793 CM/0033 BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE Bobby Vee 1,794 CM/0005 BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY DANIEL BOONE 1,795 CM/0387 BEAUTIFUL WOMAN DEREK MARTIN 1,796 CW/0215 BEAUTIFUL WORDS - NARRATIVE Johnny Cash 1,797 CM/0053 BEAUTIFUL YOU Neil Sedaka 1,798 COM/0166 BEAUTY CONTEST TOM O'CONNOR 1,799 CM/0069 BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN DEEP Temptations 1,800 CM/0344 1,801 CM/0904 BEAUTY SECRETS SUNBURST FINISH 1,802 CM/0081 BECAUSE Beatles 1,803 CM/0079 Dave Clark Five 1,804 CS/A5/14 Deanna Durbin 1,805 D/273 Harry Seacombe 1,806 CS/A5/03 John Talliavini 1,807 CM/0489 Karlins 1,808 CS/A4/44 Mario Lanza 1,809 CD\1855 Mark Rattray 1,810 D/273 To be entered. 1,811 CS/A5/03 Because you're mine John Talliavini 1,812 CS/A4/43 Mario Lanza 1,813 CS/A5/22 Mario Lanza+Pian 1,814 CD\1855 Mark Rattray 1,815 COM/0004 BEDSTEAD MEN Flanders & Swann 1,816 COM/0123 1,817 CW/0018 BEDTIME STORY Tammy Wynette 1,818 CW/0015 1,819 COM/0097 Vaughn Meader 1,820 CS/A1/45 Beduin Love song Peter Dawson 1,821 CM/0602 BEE STING CAMOUFLAGE 1,822 CD\1858 BEEAUTY AND THE BEAST B.STTRDIEN FLUTE 1,823 CM/0213 BEECHWOOD IAN & ZODIACS 1,824 COL/0456 BEEFEATER STANLEY HOLLOWAY 1,825 CM/0166 BEEN TO CANAAN Carole King 1,826 CR/0499 BEER BARREL POLKA GLENN MILLER 1,827 CR/0248 LONDON PIANO ACC 1,828 COM/0169 BEER BEER BEAUTIFUL BEER Frankie Davidson 1,829 D/026 BEETHOVEN 1 SUISSE ROMANDE 1,830 D/027 BEETHOVEN 2 SUISSE ROMANDE 1,831 COL/0227 BEETHOVEN QUARTETTE IN F LONDON STRING QU 1,832 CS/A5/26 BEETHOVEN'S 9th APOLLO 100 1,833 CS/A5/15 BEETHOVEN'S MANY DANCES ACAD.St.MARTIN 1,834 CW/0066 BEFORE I DIED Jim Reeves 1,835 CW/0111 BEFORE I MET YOU Charlie Pride 1,836 CW/0299 1,837 CW/0174 George Jones 1,838 CW/0195 BEFORE I'M OVER YOU Hank Locklin 1,839 CM/0413 BEFORE THE BEGINNING Osmonds 1,840 CM/0414 1,841 CW/0120 BEFORE THE NEXT TEARDROP FALLS Charlie Pride 1,842 CW/0072 Joe Simon 1,843 CW/0036 Vera Lynn 1,844 D/294 Before the paling of the stars Choir Wells Cath 1,845 D/294 To be entered. 1,846 CM/0400 BEFORE YOU ACCUSE ME Creedence Clearw 1,847 CM/0005 BEG STEAL OR BORROW NEW SEEKERS 1,848 CS/A3/23 Not Original 1,849 CM/0453 BEGGIN' Frankie Vali + 1,850 CW/0121 BEGGING TO YOU Marty Robbins 1,851 CS/A2/15 BEGIN THE BEGIN JOE LOSS 1,852 D/246 BEGIN THE BEGUINE EDDIE HAYWOOD PI 1,853 CS/A5/25 Julio Iglesias 1,854 CR/0407 Melachrino 1,855 CR/0264 Richard Tauber 1,856 D/246 To be entered. 1,857 CM/0444 Tom Jones 1,858 CW/0026 BEGINNING Porter Wagoner 1,859 CM/0068 BEGINNING OF THE END Diana Ross+Sup 1,860 CR/0272 BEGUINE KENNY GRAHAM'S A 1,861 CM/0341 BEHIND A PAINTED SMILE ISLEY BROTHERS 1,862 CM/0135 BEHIND BLUE EYES Who 1,863 CM/0391 BEHIND CLOSED DOORS CHARLIE RICH 1,864 CW/0180 1,865 CW/0118 1,866 CM/0906 DIANA ROSS 1,867 D/269 Loretta Lynn 1,868 D/269 To be entered. 1,869 CW/0327 BEHIND THE EIGHT BALL HILLBILLY HALEY 1,870 COM/0022 BEHIND THE SCENES AT BBC-2 BLASTER BATES 1,871 D/283 BEHOLD ME STANDING AT THE DOOR JACK WARD PIANO 1,872 D/283 To be entered. 1,873 D/280 BEHOLD THE LORD HIGH EXECUTION MUSIC BX 8 AIR C 1,874 D/280 To be entered. 1,875 CH/0034 BEHOLD! GOD THE LORD PASSED BY ROYAL CHORAL SOC 1,876 COM/0173 BEING GREEN Muppets 1,877 CM/0145 BEING TOGETHER David Cassidy 1,878 CM/0035 BEING WITH YOU SMOKEY ROBINSON 1,879 CM/0101 BELIEVE ME NOW Electric Light O 1,880 CW/0011 BELL WITCH MERLE KILGORE 1,881 COM/0043 BELLAS BASH BOBBY PICKETT 1,882 COM/0168 1,883 CR/0196 BELLE BELLE MY LIBERTY BELLE Guy Mitchell. 1,884 COM/0058 BELLE OF BARKING CREEK Paddy Roberts 1,885 COM/0066 BELLE OF BARKING GREEK Paddy Roberts 1,886 Cs/A1/15 BELLE OF CHICAGO ROYAL MARINES 1,887 COM/0014 BELLE OF SNODLAND TOWN Judge Dread 1,888 COM/0111 1,889 CM/0511 BELLE OF ST. MARKS SHEILA. E. 1,890 CH/0084 BELLS - ALL KINDS OF TITLES TEMPLE UNIVERSIT 1,891 CS/A3/09 Bells across the meadow Ronnie Ronalde 1,892 D/298 1,893 CM/0242 BELLS IN MY HEART Carole King 1,894 CM/0242 Darts 1,895 CH/0048 BELLS OF ABERDOVEY LINDEN SINGERS 1,896 CW/0126 BELLS OF MEMORY Slim Whitman 1,897 CM/0333 BELLS OF PARIS Modern Talking 1,898 CH/0032 BELLS OF ST.MARY'S Choir Luton Girl 1,899 CH/0076 BELLS POEM BY RACHMANINOV RUSSIAN CHORUS & 1,900 Cs/A1/12 Belmont Phil.Chmbr.Choir 1,901 CH/0002 BELMONT HYMN Choir Glasgow Or 1,902 CH/0003 BELMONT-HYMN Choir Glasgow Or 1,903 CW/0143 BELSHAZAH Johnny Cash 1,904 CW/0204 1,905 CM/0097 BELTANE WALK T.Rex 1,906 CM/0071 BEN Jackson 5 1,907 D/189 BEN CASEY TV THEMES 1,908 CW/0287 BEN DEWBERRY'S FINAL RUN JIMMIE RODGERS 1,909 CD\1858 BEN-HUR THEME L.S.O. 1,910 CS/XM/02 Benadicamus Domino Chapter House Ch 1,911 CW/0289 BENBULBEN OF SLIGO Foster & Allen 1,912 CW/0157 BEND IN THE RIVER Marty Robbins 1,913 D/0338/b Beneath the lights of home Beverley Sisters 1,914 CS/X2/02 Benedicamus Domino Chapter House Ch 1,915 CD\1857b BENJIE'S BUBBLE BILLY MAY 1,916 CM/0385 BENNY & THE JETS ELTON JOHN 1,917 D/051 BENVENUTO CELLINI OVERTURE BLACK DYKE MILLS 1,918 CS/A5/11 BERCEUSE JAMES LAST 1,919 D/067 BERCEUSE DE JOCELYN BMC MASSED BANDS 1,920 D/293 BERCEUSE Op 57 PETER KATIN 1,921 COL/0055 BERCEUSE OP.57 EILEEN JOYCE 1,922 D/293 PETER KATIN PIAN 1,923 D/300 BERGERAC To be entered. 1,924 D/300 to be listed. 1,925 D/116 BERIMBAU STANLEY BLACK 1,926 D/242 BERLIN MELODY SAX IN GOLD 1,927 CS/A2/41 BERLIN Recordings 1927-1931 JACK HYLTON 1,928 CS/A3/35 BERMUDA TRIANGLE JAMES LAST 1,929 CM/0202 TOMITA 1,930 CM/0046 BERNADETTE FOUR TOPS 1,931 CM/0144 BERNADINE Pat Boone 1,932 D/004 BERTHA BUTT BOOGIE JAMES LAST 1,933 D/246 Besame Mucho Kitty Kallen & B 1,934 CS/A4/43 Mario Lanza 1,935 COM/0119 Spike Jones 1,936 D/246 To be entered. 1,937 CH/0009 BESANSCHOT Choir AuriShanty 1,938 CH/0007 BESANSCHOT AN Choir AuriShanty 1,939 CD\1859 Bess you is my woman Pringle/Leonrdos 1,940 CM/0367 BESSIE James Brown 1,941 CM/0385 BEST DISCO IN TOWN RITCHIE FAMILY 1,942 CM/0358 BEST KEPT SECRET Heaven 17 1,943 CW/0246 BEST KEPT SECRET IN SANTA FE Lynn Anderson 1,944 COM/0093 BEST MANS SPEECH ROWAN ATKINSON 1,945 CM/0717 BEST MIX OF OUR LIVES MODERN ROMANCE 1,946 CW/0186 BEST OF ALL POSSIBLE WORLDS Roger Miller 1,947 CS/A5/14 Best of Deanna Durbin Deanna Durbin 1,948 CS/A4/05 BEST OF DEANNA DURBIN - Vol.2 Deanna Durbin 1,949 CM/0352 BEST OF HOUSE MUSIC VOL.2 VARIOUS 1,950 CM/0353 BEST OF HOUSE MUSIC VOL.3 VARIOUS 1,951 CM/0351 BEST OF HOUSE MUSIC VOL.I VARIOUS 1,952 CM/0052 BEST OF LEO KOTTKE LEO KOTTKE 1,953 CM/0157 BEST OF MY LOVE Eagles 1,954 CM/0428 EMOTIONS 1,955 CM/0488 TANYA TUCKER 1,956 CM/0154 BEST OF T.REX T.REX 1,957 COM/0081 BEST OF THE GOON SHOWS NO 2 GOONS 1,958 CW/0015 BEST PART OF LIVING Marty Robbins 1,959 CW/0018 1,960 CM/0440 BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED Gladys Knight & 1,961 CM/0231 Gladys Knight/Pi 1,962 CM/0027 BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES MODERN ROMANCE 1,963 CM/0496 1,964 CM/0497 1,965 CW/0164 BET ON THE BLUES John Denver 1,966 CM/0043 BETCHA GOLLY WOW Stylistics 1,967 CM/0381 BETTER BY YOU BETTER THAN ME SPOOKY TOOTH 1,968 CW/0235 BETTER MOVE IT ON HOME Porter Wagoner 1,969 CM/0287 BETTER OFF WITHOUT YOU DOOLEYS 1,970 CM/0392 BETTER TO HAVE LOST IN LOVE Eurythmics 1,971 CM/0231 BETTER YOU GO YOUR WAY Gladys Knight/Pi 1,972 CM/0053 BETTY GRABLE Neil Sedaka 1,973 D/321 BETWEEN 18th & 19th ON CHESTNU CHARLIE BARNETT 1,974 CW/0094 BETWEEN FIRE & WATER Hank Snow 1,975 CW/0095 1,976 CW/0016 BETWEEN LUST & TV Cal Smith 1,977 CM/0150 BETWEEN SEVENTEEN & TWENTY Elton John 1,978 CW/0278 BETWEEN THE LOVING & THE LEAVI Frank Ifield 1,979 CW/0221 BETWEEN THIS TIME & THE NEXT T Gene Watson 1,980 CS/A4/05 Beutiful heaven Deanna Durbin 1,981 CW/0317 BEVERLY HILLBILLIES - SONGS BEVERLY HILLBILL 1,982 CW/0317 BEVERLY HILLS BEVERLY HILLBILL 1,983 CR/0008 BEWARE FRANK CORDELL 1,984 CR/0421 BEWITCHED EVE BOSWELL 1,985 CR/0425 FELIX KING 1,986 CD\1859 Sinfonia of Lond 1,987 D/296 BEWITCHED in med REGINALD DIXON 1,988 CM/0295 BEYOND Moody Blues 1,989 CM/0060 BEYOND & BEFORE Yes 1,990 CM/0295 BEYOND (INSTRU) Moody Blues 1,991 COM/0039 BEYOND OUR KEN KENNETH HORNE 1,992 CD\1854a BEYOND THE BLUE HORIZON BILLY MAY 1,993 CW/0201 BEYOND THE SUNSET Bill Anderson 1,994 CW/0183 Hank Williams 1,995 D/121 Beyond You Crystal Gayle 1,996 CM/0065 BICYCLE RACE Queen 1,997 COM/0072 BIG ARCHITECT DUNCAN JOHNSON 1,998 COM/0109 BIG ARCHITECT THE DUNCAN JOHNSON 1,999 COM/0163 BIG BAD BILL Spike Jones 2,000 CW/0203 BIG BAD JOHN Jimmy Dean 2,001 CW/0110 BIG BEAVER BOB WILLS 2,002 CW/0064 BIG BEN COLSON Bobby Bare 2,003 CW/0194 2,004 CS/A4/06 Big Ben is saying goodnight Various 2,005 CW/0285 BIG BIG LOVE George Hamilton 2,006 CM/0362 BIG BIG STAR Showaddywaddy 2,007 CW/0122 BIG BLON' BABY Jerry Lee Lewis 2,008 CW/0055 BIG BOSS MAN Bobbie Gentry 2,009 CW/0191 2,010 CW/0207 Charlie Rich 2,011 CM/0413 Elvis 2,012 CM/0413 Elvis Presley 2,013 CM/0269 BIG BOY'S BAND DOUBLE 'A' 2,014 CM/0269 BIG BOYS BAND Movies 2,015 CM/0269 The Movies 2,016 CW/0011 BIG BROTHER MURV SHINER 2,017 CM/0029 BIG CITY D.LIVINGSTONE 2,018 CM/0144 BIG COLD WIND Pat Boone 2,019 CS/A3/34 BIG COUNTRY MANTOVANI 2,020 D/249 2,021 D/249 To be entered. 2,022 COM/0120 BIG DEE JAY Paddy Roberts 2,023 COM/0066 BIG DEE-JAY Paddy Roberts 2,024 CW/0316 BIG DUMMY TOMMY COLLINS 2,025 COM/0014 BIG EIGHT Judge Dread 2,026 COM/0111 2,027 CM/0221 BIG FINISH Osmonds 2,028 COM/0014 BIG FIVE Judge Dread 2,029 COM/0111 2,030 CW/0016 BIG FOUR POSTER BED Brenda Lee 2,031 CW/0306 BIG FREIGHT TRAIN CARRY ME HOM Boxcar Willie 2,032 CM/0900 BIG FUN PARADISE 2,033 CM/0453 BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY Frankie Vali + 2,034 CM/0039 BIG HURT TONI FISHER 2,035 CW/0044 BIG HURTS CAN COME Marie Osmond 2,036 CW/0156 BIG IRON Marty Robbins 2,037 CW/0157 2,038 CM/0760 BIG LOVE FLEETWOOD MAC 2,039 CM/0311 BIG MAN DONNY OSMOND 2,040 D/193 BIG MATCH - YOUNG SCENE TV THEMES FAVOUR 2,041 COM/0125 BIG MICK FROM CONNEMARA BLASTER BATES 2,042 D/287 BIG MOVIES & SAD FAREWELLS W.C. FIELDS ROUT 2,043 COM/0014 BIG NINE Judge Dread 2,044 COM/0111 2,045 CW/0163 BIG OLE SHOULDER LARRY CUNNINGHAM 2,046 COM/0014 BIG ONE Judge Dread 2,047 COM/0111 BIG ONE THE Judge Dread 2,048 CW/0140 BIG RIVER Johnny Cash 2,049 CW/0017 BIG SANDY RIVER ORANGE BLOSSOM S 2,050 COM/0016 BIG SEVEN Judge Dread 2,051 COM/0110 2,052 CM/0147 BIG SHIP Cliff Richard 2,053 CM/0029 BIG SIX JUDGE DREAD 2,054 COM/0016 2,055 COM/0110 2,056 COM/0129 2,057 CM/0101 BIG WHEELS Electric Light O 2,058 CW/0182 BIG WILLY BROKE JAIL TONIGHT Clinton ford 2,059 D/118 BIG YELLOW TAXI PERCY FAITH ORCH 2,060 COM/0110 BIGGEST BEAN YOU'VE EVER SEEN Judge Dread 2,061 COM/0016 BIGGEST BEAN YOU'VE EVER SEEN- Judge Dread 2,062 CW/0069 BILE 'EM CABBAGE DOWN THE BUCKAROOS 2,063 COM/0166 BILL TOM O'CONNOR 2,064 D/286 BILL BAILEY FRANK SINATRA SH 2,065 D/286 To be entered. 2,066 D/296 BILL BAILEY WON'T YOU PLEASE C REGINALD DIXON 2,067 CM/0189 BILLIE JEAN Michael Jackson 2,068 CM/0432 BILLY - DON'T BE A HERO Paper Lace 2,069 CW/0060 BILLY BAYOU Jim Reeves 2,070 CM/0022 BILLY BENTLEY KILBURN 2,071 CH/0031 BILLY BOY Choir Consett Ci 2,072 CR/0326 JOHN GOSS/CATHED 2,073 CM/0910 BILLY DON'T BE A HERO PAPER LACE 2,074 Cs/A1/27 BILLY MAGEE MAGAR JAMES LAST 2,075 CW/0023 BILLY THE KID Marty Robbins 2,076 CW/0157 2,077 CW/0130 Tex Ritter 2,078 CW/0023 BILLY THE KIDD Marty Robbins 2,079 CR/0270 BILLY'S BOOGIE BILLY PENROSE QU 2,080 D/032 BIM BAM BOOM PERCY FAITH 2,081 CR/0280 BIM-BAM-BIM-BAM-BINA CATERINA VALENTI 2,082 D/284 BING & GROUCHO IN CHICAGO MARX BROTHERS 2,083 D/284 To be entered. 2,084 D/255 BING CROSBY SELECTION - 9 WURLITZER JOHN M 2,085 D/285 BING CROSBY'S LAWSUIT MARX BROTHERS 2,086 D/285 To be entered. 2,087 CM/0415 BIRD DOG EVERLY BROS 2,088 CM/0283 BIRD SONG John & Vangelis 2,089 CS/A5/07 Bird Songs Bird Songs 2,090 CS/A3/10 BIRD SONGS AT EVENTIDE ALBERT SANDLER 2,091 D/278 Cliff Adams Sing 2,092 D/278 To be entered. 2,093 D/255 WURLITZER JOHN M 2,094 CM/0283 BIRDCONG JON & VANGELIS 2,095 CM/0350 BIRDIE SONG TWEETS 2,096 CW/0288 BIRDIE SONG - The Foster & Allen 2,097 CW/0317 BIRDS & BEES DONNA DOUGLAS 2,098 COM/0064 BIRDS & THE BEES Benny Hill 2,099 COM/0002 2,100 CM/0382 JEWEL AKENS 2,101 COM/0129 JEWEL AKINS 2,102 CM/0039 JEWEL ATKINS 2,103 CS/A5/08 Birds British Birds (STEREO) Bird Songs 2,104 CS/A5/08 Birds CLIFFS (STEREO) Bird Songs 2,105 CS/A5/08 Birds FENS (STEREO) Bird Songs 2,106 CS/A5/08 Birds HEATHS (STEREO) Bird Songs 2,107 CM/0206 BIRDS OF A FEATHER Gordon Giltrap 2,108 CM/0218 Joe South 2,109 CM/0101 BIRMINGHAM BLUES Electric Light O 2,110 CW/0127 BIRMINGHAM JAIL Slim Whitman 2,111 CW/0206 2,112 CM/0150 BITE YOUR LIP Elton John 2,113 CM/0079 BITS & PIECES Dave Clark Five 2,114 CM/0030 BITS OF KIDS Stiff Little Fin 2,115 CR/0474 BITTER SWEET WALTZ DE GROOT 2,116 CM/0166 BITTER WITH THE SWEET Carole King 2,117 CM/0176 BITTERBLUE Cat Stevens 2,118 CM/0075 BIYO Earth Wind & Fir 2,119 CM/0759 BIZZARE LOVE TRIANGLE NEW ORDER 2,120 CM/0109 BL Depeche mode 2,121 CM/0029 BLACK & WHITE GREYHOUND 2,122 D/140 BLACK BEAUTY THEME TV THEMES 2,123 COM/0089 BLACK BOTTOM Spike Jones 2,124 COM/0102 2,125 COM/0147 2,126 D/310 BLACK BOTTOM STOMP MAX HARRIS & PEP 2,127 D/310 To be entered. 2,128 CM/0246 BLACK COW Steely Dan 2,129 CM/0420 BLACK DIAMOND Bee Gees 2,130 CW/0029 Hank Snow 2,131 CM/0013 BLACK EYED BOYS PAPER LACE 2,132 COM/0096 BLACK GRUNGER OF HOUNSLOW KENNETH WILLIAMS 2,133 D/123 BLACK HARLEM PAUL MAURIAT 2,134 D/191 BLACK HOLE TV THEMES SiFi V 2,135 CM/0339 BLACK HOLES AMANDA LEAR 2,136 Cs/A1/15 BLACK HORSE TROOP ROYAL MARINES 2,137 CM/0114 BLACK IS BLACK LOS BRAVOS 2,138 D/148 BLACK KNIGHT WINGATES TEMPERA 2,139 CM/0237 BLACK LADY Donna Summer 2,140 D/116 BLACK MAGIC STANLEY BLACK 2,141 D/118 BLACK MAGIC WOMAN PERCY FAITH 2,142 D/118 PERCY FAITH ORCH 2,143 CM/0217 BLACK MAN Stevie Wonder 2,144 CM/0002 BLACK NIGHT DEEP PURPLE 2,145 CM/0064 BLACK NIGHT WHITE LIGHT Frankie goes to 2,146 Cs/A1/09 BLACK RIBBON BAND WOLFTONES 2,147 CM/0051 BLACK ROSE Sad Cafe 2,148 CW/0189 Waylon Jennings 2,149 CH/0045 BLACK SEA SUN IS SHINING Choir Red Army 2,150 CW/0206 BLACK SHEEP BOY Tim Hardin 2,151 CM/0090 BLACK VEILS OF MELANCHOLY Status Quo 2,152 CM/0432 BLACK-EYED BOYS Paper Lace 2,153 CM/0378 BLACKER THE BERRY Biddu Orch 2,154 CM/0402 BLACKJACK Rupert Holmes 2,155 CW/0289 BLACKSMITH - The Foster & Allen 2,156 COM/0163 BLACKSMITH SONG Spike Jones 2,157 D/192 BLADE RUNNER TV THEMES SiFi V 2,158 CM/0497 BLADERUNNER MORRISSEY-MULLEN 2,159 CH/0103 BLAEN Y COED 6,500 VOICES 2,160 CH/0103 BLAENWERN 6,500 VOICES 2,161 CM/0177 BLAGGED Peter Sarstedt 2,162 CM/0384 BLAME IT JOHNNY JOHNSON 2,163 CM/0391 BLANKET ON THE GROUND BILLIE JO SPEARS 2,164 CW/0250 2,165 CW/0297 2,166 CH/0031 BLAYDON RACES Choir Consett Ci 2,167 CS/A5/32 Spinners 2,168 D/067 BLAZE AWAY BRASS 2,169 CS/A5/04 RAFBAND CRANWELL 2,170 CS/A2/38 ROYAL MARINES 2,171 CW/0177 BLAZE OF GLORY Kenny Rogers 2,172 CM/0904 BLAZING APOSTLES SUNBURST FINISH 2,173 COM/0062 BLESS 'EM ALL ALAN RANDALL 2,174 D/281 2,175 COL/0357 BLESS THE BRIDE VIVIAN ELLIS 2,176 CM/0230 BLESS THE ONE Gladys Knight/Pi 2,177 CH/0087 BLESS THIS HOUSE Aled Jones (Boy 2,178 CH/0097 Choir Mormon Tab 2,179 CH/0064 Choir Morriston 2,180 CH/0104 Choir Rhos MV 2,181 D/278 Cliff Adams Sing 2,182 CW/0065 Gene Autry 2,183 CS/A1/42 HARRY SECOMBE 2,184 CS/A1/45 Peter Dawson 2,185 D/278 To be entered. 2,186 CR/0392 TURNER LAYTON 2,187 D/140 TV THEMES 2,188 D/246 Bless You Ink Spots 2,189 D/246 To be entered. 2,190 D/239 Bless your beautiful hide Howard Keel 2,191 D/239 To be entered. 2,192 CH/0079 BLESSED ARE THEY THAT MOURN Choir Mormon Tab 2,193 CS/X2/02 Blessed Be That Lady Bright Chapter House Ch 2,194 CS/XM/02 2,195 CW/0291 BLIND - The Foster & Allen 2,196 CW/0094 BLIND BOY'S DOG Hank Snow 2,197 CW/0095 2,198 CM/0145 BLIND HOPE David Cassidy 2,199 CM/0566 BLIND VISION BLANCMANGE 2,200 CM/0004 BLINDED BY THE IGHT MANFRED MANN 2,201 CM/0416 BLINDED BY THE LIGHT MANFRED MANN 2,202 CW/0140 BLISTERED Johnny Cash 2,203 CS/A5/17 BLITHE BELLS - GRAINGER BOURNEMOUTH SYMP 2,204 CS/A3/44 BLITZ - DANCE BANDS OF THE Harry Roy & MK 2,205 CM/0560 BLITZ-BUTTER MIX SWEET 2,206 CW/0060 BLIZZARD Jim Reeves 2,207 COM/0169 BLOKE WHO INVENTED BEER Frankie Davidson 2,208 CM/0339 BLOOD & HONEY MANDA LEAR 2,209 COM/0043 BLOOD BANK BLUES BOBBY PICKETT 2,210 COM/0168 2,211 COM/0045 BLOOD DONOR Tony Hancock 2,212 COM/0093 2,213 COM/0171 2,214 CW/0130 BLOOD ON THE SADDLE Tex Ritter 2,215 CW/0034 BLOOD RED & GOIN' DOWN TANYA TUCKER 2,216 CW/0034 BLOOD RED & GOING DOWN TANYA TUCKER 2,217 CR/0396 BLOOP BLEEP DANNY KAYE 2,218 COM/0051 BLOOPERS See this LP 2,219 CS/A4/04 BLOTTO Jack Buchanan 2,220 CH/0007 BLOW MY BONNIE BOYS BLOW Choir AuriShanty 2,221 CH/0009 2,222 CH/0054 BLOW THE MAN DOWN SCHELDELOODSENKO 2,223 CH/0031 BLOW THE WIND SOUTHERLY Choir Consett Ci 2,224 CM/0299 BLOW YOUR MIND THIS TIME Delfonics 2,225 CM/0384 2,226 CM/0445 BLOW YOUR WHISTLE K.C. & Sunshine 2,227 CM/0387 RIMSHOTS 2,228 CM/0493 BLOWIN' IN THE WIND Bob Dylan 2,229 D/299 CHET ATKINS 2,230 CW/0097 GLEEN CAMPBELL 2,231 CW/0093 Glen Campbell 2,232 CM/0136 Hollies 2,233 CM/0216 Stevie Wonder 2,234 D/299 To be entered. 2,235 D/119 BLOWIN' YOUR MIND JOHN SCOTT ORCH 2,236 CW/0086 BLOWIN'IN THE WIND Glen Campbell 2,237 CW/0193 BLOWING WILD (Ballad of Black Frankie Laine 2,238 Cs/A1/13 Blubells of Scotland in med Corries 2,239 CM/0368 BLUE Norman Connors 2,240 D/322 BLUE BAYOU COUNTRY GUITARS 2,241 CW/0238 Linda Ronstadt 2,242 CM/0436 Roy Orbison 2,243 CH/0015 BLUE BIRD Choir Bath SR 2,244 CH/0003 Choir Glasgow Or 2,245 D/310 BLUE BLOOD BLUES MAX HARRIS & PEP 2,246 D/310 To be entered. 2,247 CW/0224 BLUE BLUE DAY DON GIBSON 2,248 CW/0294 2,249 CW/0060 BLUE BOY Jim Reeves 2,250 CS/XM/03 BLUE CHRISTMAS HAMMOND ORGAN 2,251 CS/X2/03 MARK LAUB(ORGAN) 2,252 CS/X2/01 Russ Morgan 2,253 CS/X2/06 Shakin' Stevens 2,254 CS/XM/05 Shakin'Stevens 2,255 CS/X2/22 VARIOUS 2,256 CS/XM/01 Blue Christmas - Chorus & Orch RUSS MORGAN ORCH 2,257 COM/0110 BLUE CROSS CODE Judge Dread 2,258 COM/0016 BLUE CROSS CODE-THE Judge Dread 2,259 CH/0032 BLUE DANUBE Choir Luton Girl 2,260 COL/0232 JOHANN STRAUSS 2,261 CS/A4/08 LONDON FESTIVAL 2,262 COM/0102 Spike Jones 2,263 COM/0147 2,264 COM/0089 2,265 D/259 TEDDY BROWN 2,266 CS/A5/09 VIENNA STATE OPE 2,267 CS/A5/05 VIENNA STRINGS 2,268 CS/A5/14 Blue Danube Dream Deanna Durbin 2,269 CS/A4/09 BLUE DANUBE WALTZ LONDON FESTIVAL 2,270 COM/0079 VICTOR BORGE 2,271 COM/0070 2,272 CS/A4/15 VIENNA STATE OPR 2,273 CS/A3/22 BLUE DEVILS RAF REgt.Sthn. 2,274 D/133 BLUE EYES VARIOUS SEE CARD 2,275 CW/0054 BLUE EYES CRYING IN THE RAIN CHARLIE WALKER 2,276 CW/0182 Clinton ford 2,277 CW/0290 Foster & Allen 2,278 CW/0019 JOHNNY DUNCAN/JU 2,279 CW/0203 Willie Nelson 2,280 D/251 2,281 CD\1854a BLUE FLAME BILLY MAY 2,282 CM/0433B BLUE HAT FOR A BLUE DAY NICK HEYWARD 2,283 D/162 Blue Hawaii Al Ciola 2,284 D/242 SAX IN GOLD 2,285 D/135 WOUT STEENHUIS 2,286 CM/0005 BLUE IS THE COLOUR CHELSEA F.TEAM 2,287 CR/0214 BLUE IS THE NIGHT ROBERT GWYNN 2,288 COM/0089 BLUE JEANS Spike Jones 2,289 CW/0281 BLUE KENTUCKY GIRL ANN BREEN 2,290 CW/0053 Emmylou Harris 2,291 CW/0137 BLUE LOVE IN MY HEART Carl Smith 2,292 CM/0521 BLUE MONDAY NEW ORDER 2,293 CM/0343 BLUE MOOD Swing out Sister 2,294 D/321 BLUE MOON LES BROWN 2,295 CM/0168 Mud Rock 2,296 CM/0476 2,297 CM/0210 SHA-NA-NA 2,298 CW/0230 BLUE MOON OF KENTUCKY CARL JACKSON 2,299 D/308 Blue Rain (Coming Down) Roy Orbison 2,300 D/308 Blue raw coming down Roy Orbison 2,301 CW/0209 BLUE RIDGE CABIN HOME LESTER FLATT & M 2,302 CM/0080 BLUE SEUDE SHOES Dave Clark Five 2,303 CW/0293 BLUE SIDE OF LONESOME Hank Locklin 2,304 CW/0029 Jim Reeves 2,305 D/236 Jim Reeves V1 2,306 D/236 To be entered. 2,307 CS/A4/33 BLUE STARS SHADOWS 2,308 CW/0181 BLUE SUEDE SHOES Carl Perkins 2,309 CW/0023 2,310 CM/0382 2,311 CM/0415 2,312 CM/0380 Elvis 2,313 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 2,314 CS/A5/07 Blue Tit Bird Songs 2,315 CW/0143 BLUE TRAIN Johnny Cash 2,316 CW/0204 2,317 CW/0295 BLUE TRAIN OF THE HEARTBREAK L George Hamilton 2,318 CW/0287 BLUE YODEL N0. 7(ANNIVERSARY B JIMMIE RODGERS 2,319 CW/0110 BLUE YODEL No 1. BOB WILLS 2,320 CW/0150 BLUE YODEL No. 2 JIMMIE RODGERS 2,321 CW/0150 BLUE YODEL No. 3 JIMMIE RODGERS 2,322 CW/0150 BLUE YODEL No. 7 JIMMIE RODGERS 2,323 CW/0150 BLUE YODEL No. 12 JIMMIE RODGERS 2,324 CW/0287 BLUE YODEL No. 4 (CALIFORNIA B JIMMIE RODGERS 2,325 Cs/A1/29 BLUEBELL POLKA JIMMY SHAND 2,326 CM/0316 BLUEBERRIES FOR BREAKFAST MAMAS & PAPAS 2,327 CM/0080 BLUEBERRY HILL Dave Clark Five 2,328 CW/0065 Gene Autry 2,329 Cs/A1/27 BLUEBIRD JAMES LAST 2,330 CS/A4/25 PAN PIPES P.LEON 2,331 Cs/A1/12 Phil.Chmbr.Choir 2,332 CM/0187 Wings 2,333 Cs/A1/27 BLUEBIRD - TAPE JAMES LAST 2,334 CR/0355 BLUEBOTTLE BLUES GOONS 2,335 CM/0915 BLUES CONCERTO LOVE UNLIMITED 2,336 CW/0023 BLUES COUNTRY STYLE Marty Robbins 2,337 COM/0152 BLUES FOR BOOTS DUDLEY MOORE TRI 2,338 CM/0123 BLUES FROM AN AIRPLANE Jefferson Airpla 2,339 CW/0003 Blues in my heart DON GIBSON 2,340 CM/0198 BLUES IN THE GUTTER Booker T. Jones 2,341 D/115 BLUES IN THE NIGHT JOHNNY ARTHEY 2,342 D/036 BOA NOITE - GOOD NIGHT MANUEL 2,343 COM/0015 BOAT TRAIN JOYCE GRENFELL 2,344 CM/0366 BOB GROPES BLUES Gonzalez 2,345 D/194 BOB NEWHART SHOW TV GREATEST HITS 2,346 CH/0031 BOBBY SHAFTOE Choir Consett Ci 2,347 CM/0040 BOBBY'S GIRL Best of 50/60s 2,348 CM/0040 Best of 50s/60s 2,349 CS/A2/12 BODY & SOUL HARMONICA+PIANO 2,350 CM/0744 MAI TAI 2,351 D/055 ROYAL DOULTON BD 2,352 CM/0500 BODYWORK HOT STREAK 2,353 CW/0106 BOEING BOEING 707 Roger Miller 2,354 CW/0186 2,355 COM/0018 BOGGERY-THE JASPER CARROTT 2,356 COL/0444 BOHEMIAN GIRL OVERTURE PERCY PITT 2,357 COL/0086 BOHEMIAN GIRL-HEART BOWED DOWN HENRI SCOTT 2,358 CS/A4/23 BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY L.S.O. 2,359 CM/0065 Queen 2,360 COM/0069 BOILED BANANAS & CARROTS Goons 2,361 D/148 BOLD GENDARMES SCOTTISH CWS 2,362 COL/0111 BOLERO JACK PAYNE 2,363 COL/0412 2,364 COL/0270 BOLERO (PTS.3 & 4) WILLEM MENGELBER 2,365 CD\1858 BOLERO FROM '10' NAT.PHIL ORCH 2,366 CW/0130 BOLL WEEVIL Tex Ritter 2,367 CH/0039 BON VOYAGE Choir Red Army 2,368 CM/0386 Propaganda 2,369 CM/0912 SPARKS 2,370 COM/0177 BONA PERFORMERS K.WILLIAMS/H.PAD 2,371 COM/0077 WILLIAMS/PADDICK 2,372 D/193 BONANZA TV THEMES FAVOUR 2,373 CW/0247 BONANZA - THEME (SQUARE DANCE) TV SOUND 2,374 D/140 BONANZA THEME TV THEMES 2,375 CW/0310 BONAPARTE'S RETREAT BOBBY SYKES & LO 2,376 CW/0318 BOBBY SYKES/LOU 2,377 CW/0293 Hank Locklin 2,378 D/193 BOND STREET PARADE TV THEMES FAVOUR 2,379 CW/0268 BONEAPARTE'S RETREAT Unknown Vocalist 2,380 CM/0242 BONES Darts 2,381 CR/0272 BONGO CHANT KENNY GRAHAM'S A 2,382 CS/A5/22 Bonjour Ma Belle Mario Lanza+Pian 2,383 D/243 BONNIE & CLYDE HAMMOND ORG-LAMB 2,384 D/243 To be entered. 2,385 CH/0002 BONNIE DUNDEE Choir Glasgow Or 2,386 CH/0003 2,387 CM/0087 BONNIE MARONE Little Richard 2,388 CH/0031 BONNY AT MORN Choir Consett Ci 2,389 CM/0038 BONY MARONIE LARRY WILLIAMS 2,390 COM/0129 BONY MORONIE Larry Williams 2,391 CM/0415 RONNIE HAWKINS 2,392 CS/A4/32 SHADOWS 2,393 CM/0362 Showaddywaddy 2,394 CS/A4/04 BOODLE - SELECTIONS FROM Jack Buchanan 2,395 D/310 BOOGABOO MAX HARRIS & PEP 2,396 D/310 To be entered. 2,397 CM/0269 BOOGALOO DOUBLE 'A' 2,398 CM/0269 Movies 2,399 CM/0269 The Movies 2,400 CM/0225 BOOGIE DOWN Osmonds 2,401 D/196 2,402 CM/0462 BOOGIE FLAP DISCO TEX 2,403 CR/0270 BOOGIE IN BLACK & WHITE BILLY PENROSE QU 2,404 CR/0174 BOOGIE IN THE BALLROOM BILLY PENROSE QU 2,405 CM/0612 BOOGIE MAN HAREEM 2,406 CM/0071 Jackson 5 2,407 CM/0488 BOOGIE NIGHTS HEATWAVE 2,408 CM/0026 LAFLEUR 2,409 D/009 BOOGIE OOGIE OOGIE JAMES LAST 2,410 CM/0150 BOOGIE PILGRIM Elton John 2,411 CM/0211 BOOGIE SHOES K.C. & SUNSHINE 2,412 CM/0324 BOOGIE WONDERLAND Earth Wind & Fir 2,413 CM/0350 EARTH,WIND & FIR 2,414 CR/0403 BOOGIE WOOGIE TOMMY DORSEY 2,415 CM/0618 BOOGIE WOOGIE DANCIN' SHOES CLAUDIA BARRY 2,416 CW/0319 BOOGIE WOOGIE MEXICAN BOY George Jones 2,417 CM/0037 BOOK OF LOVE MONOTONES 2,418 CM/0181 BOOKENDS THEME Simon & Garfunke 2,419 CS/A3/23 Boom Bang A Bang Not Original 2,420 CD\1855 Boom biddy boom boom Mark Rattray 2,421 CM/0485 BOOM BOOM ROOM NATASHA 2,422 COM/0055 BOOM OO YATTA-TA-TA Morecambe & Wise 2,423 COM/0127 2,424 CW/0310 BOQUET OF ROSES BOBBY SYKES & LO 2,425 CW/0135 Marty Robbins 2,426 COL/0216 BORDER BALLADS IN STEWART 2,427 CM/0135 BORIS THE SPIDER Who 2,428 D/239 Born again Howard Keel 2,429 D/239 To be entered. 2,430 D/312 Born free Andy Williams 2,431 CH/0096 PURBROOK SWEET A 2,432 CH/0095 2,433 D/243 RUSS CONWAY 2,434 D/312 To be entered. 2,435 CD\1858 BORN FRRR THEMER ROMSNIC TRINGS 2,436 CS/XM/05 Born In Bethlehem Lonnie Donegan 2,437 CS/X2/22 BORN ON CHRISTMAS DAY VARIOUS 2,438 D/308 Born To Be Loved By You Roy Orbison 2,439 CM/0448 BORN TO BE WILD Slade 2,440 CW/0201 BORN TO BE WITH YOU Bill Anderson 2,441 CM/0210 BORN TO HAND JIVE Sha-Na-Na 2,442 CW/0061 BORN TO LOSE Eddy Arnold 2,443 CW/0003 Porter Wagoner 2,444 CW/0227 Ray Price 2,445 CM/0137 BORN TO ROCK & ROLL Coast to Coast 2,446 CM/0738 BORN TO RUN BRUCE SPRINGSTEE 2,447 CM/0064 Frankie goes to 2,448 CM/0013 BORN WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE S.DE SYKES 2,449 CM/0910 STEPHANIE DE SYK 2,450 COM/0148 BORNEO Muppets 2,451 CM/0102 BORSTAL BOYS Faces 2,452 CM/0234 BOSS Diana Ross 2,453 D/036 BOSSA DEL CID MANUEL 2,454 COL/0305 BOSTON TWO-STEP HARRY DAVIDSON 2,455 CW/0210 BOTH SIDES NOW CHET ATKINS 2,456 CW/0079 George Hamilton 2,457 CW/0263 2,458 CW/0213 Glen Campbell 2,459 D/249 MANTOVANI 2,460 D/249 To be entered. 2,461 CW/0083 BOTH SIDES, NOW Glen Campbell 2,462 CW/0084 2,463 CW/0031 BOTTLE Tammy Wynette 2,464 CW/0311 BOTTLE IN THE HAND IS STRONGER Conway Twitty 2,465 CW/0069 BOTTLE LET ME DOWN Merle Haggard 2,466 CW/0066 BOTTLE, TAKE EFFECT Jim Reeves 2,467 CW/0152 BOTTOM OF A MOUNTAIN Johnny Cash 2,468 CS/A4/42 Boulavogue Dubliners 2,469 CW/0053 BOULDER TO BIRMINGHAM Emmylou Harris 2,470 CM/0031 BOULEVARD Peter Sarstedt 2,471 CM/0314 BOULEVARD SONG SALLY OLDFIELD 2,472 CR/0515 BOUNCE ME BROTHER WITH A SOLID JOE LOSS 2,473 COM/0154 BOUNCERS BEN ELTON 2,474 CH/0007 BOUND FOR BALTIMORE Choir AuriShanty 2,475 CH/0009 2,476 CW/0134 BOUND FOR OLD MEXICO Marty Robbins 2,477 CW/0318 BOUQUET OF ROSES BOBBY SYKES /LOU 2,478 CW/0327 HILLBILLY HALEY 2,479 CW/0268 Unknown Vocalist 2,480 CM/0008 BOURGIE BOURGIE GLADYS KNIGHT 2,481 CW/0040 BOX OF MEMORIES Jeannie C Riley 2,482 CW/0306 BOXCAR'S MY HOME Boxcar Willie 2,483 CW/0238 BOXER - The EMMYLOU HARRIS 2,484 D/133 VARIOUS SEE CARD 2,485 CM/0433A BOXERBEAT JO BOXERS 2,486 CM/0012 JOBOXERS 2,487 CM/0242 BOY FROM NEW YORK CITY Darts 2,488 CW/0190 BOY NAMED SUE Johnny Cash 2,489 D/094 BOY ON A DOLPHIN PEPE JARAMILLO 2,490 COM/0150 BOY SCOUTS JASPER CARROTT 2,491 CM/0084 BOYS Beatles 2,492 CM/0474 2,493 CM/0481 SABRINA 2,494 CM/0319 BOYS & GIRLS TOGETHER MAMAS & PAPAS 2,495 CW/0291 BOYS OF BLUE HILL Foster & Allen 2,496 D/189 BRADY BUNCH TV THEMES 2,497 D/039 BRAHMS vol 1 To be entered. 2,498 D/040 BRAHMS vol 2 To be entered. 2,499 CW/0110 BRAIN CLOUDY BLUES BOB WILLS 2,500 COM/0170 BRAIN DEATH NOT 9 O'CLOCK NE 2,501 D/196 Brainstorm cassette Osmonds 2,502 D/114 BRAND NEW KEY A.GREENSLADE ORC 2,503 CM/0005 MELANIE 2,504 CM/0007 BRANDY LOOKING GLASS 2,505 CM/0426 SCOTT ENGLISH 2,506 COM/0179 BRANDY-ME TEA STAG 2,507 D/074 BRASS ABLAZE To be entered. 2,508 D/023 BRASS BAND MUSIC To be entered. 2,509 COM/0069 BRASS BAND SAMBA Goons 2,510 Cs/A1/03 Brass Symph op.80. KOETSIER Brass Ensemble 2,511 CW/0280 BRAVE MAN Tex Ritter 2,512 D/008 BRAZIL JAMES LAST 2,513 CS/A4/34 SHADOWS 2,514 CM/0066 BRAZILIAN Genesis 2,515 CM/0915 BRAZILIAN LOVE SONG LOVE UNLIMITED 2,516 CM/0324 BRAZILIAN RHYME Earth Wind & Fir 2,517 COM/0129 BREAD & BUTTER NEW BEATS 2,518 CM/0442 BREAK DOWN THE DOOR Barry Manilow 2,519 CM/0332 BREAK EVERY RULE Tina Turner 2,520 CW/0009 Break my mind Hank Snow 2,521 CW/0014 Roy Drusky 2,522 CH/0089 BREAK O'DAY Choir M/cr Boys 2,523 CH/0032 BREAK OF DAY Choir Luton Girl 2,524 CM/0091 BREAK THE RULES Status Quo 2,525 CM/0475 2,526 CM/0043 BREAK UP TO MAKE UP Stylistics 2,527 CM/0377 BREAK WITH THE PAST Ananta 2,528 CM/0003 BREAKAWAY ART GARFUNKEL 2,529 CM/0018 GALLAGHER & LYLE 2,530 CM/0434 BREAKIN UP IS BREAKIN MY HEART Roy Orbison 2,531 CM/0435 2,532 D/308 Breakin' Up Breakin' My Heart Roy Orbison 2,533 CM/0430 BREAKING IN A BRAND NEW BROKEN Connie Francis 2,534 CW/0279 2,535 D/161 Breaking In A Brand New Heart Connie Francis 2,536 CM/0053 BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO Neil Sedaka 2,537 CM/0909 2,538 CW/0287 BREAKMAN'S BLUES(YODELLING THE JIMMIE RODGERS 2,539 CM/0343 BREAKOUT Swing out Sister 2,540 CM/0409 BREATHLESS Motors 2,541 COM/0159 BREATHLESS - LIVE CHAS & DAVE 2,542 D/257 Breeze & I Bing Crosby 2,543 D/257 To be entered. 2,544 D/120 WERNER MULLER 2,545 D/095 BREEZE & I BOLERO PEPE JARAMILLO 2,546 CR/0110 BREEZE (FOX-TROT) HENRY KING 2,547 D/0330 Brenda Lee Cassette Brenda Lee 2,548 CM/0455 BRICK HOUSE COMMODORES 2,549 CH/0058 BRIDAL CHORUS (LOHENGRIN) CHORUS & HAMBURG 2,550 CS/A5/06 Bridal Chorus- Lohengrin Hamburg State Ch 2,551 CH/0087 BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER Aled Jones (Boy 2,552 D/005 JAMES LAST 2,553 CM/0813 LINDA CLIFFORD 2,554 CS/A2/23 Richd.Clayderman 2,555 CM/0006 ROBERTA FLACK 2,556 CSM/0262 SMOKEY ROBINSON 2,557 CM/0262 2,558 D/087 Bridge Over Troubled Waters Nana Mouskouri 2,559 CM/0219 Neil Sedaka 2,560 CW/0208 Skeeter Davis 2,561 D/004 BRIDGE. THE JAMES LAST 2,562 CM/0032 BRIDGET THE MIDGET Ray Stevens 2,563 COM/0121 BRIGHT COLLEGE DAYS TOM LEHRER 2,564 COM/0124 2,565 D/055 BRIGHT EYES ROYAL DOULTON BD 2,566 CS/A4/33 SHADOWS 2,567 D/247 2,568 CD\1858 BRIGHT EYES FROM WATERSHIP DWN CONDON CINEMA OR 2,569 CW/0258 BRIGHT LIGHTS & COUNTRY MUSIC Bill Anderson 2,570 CW/0035 Jean Shephard 2,571 CM/0441 BRIGHT LIGHTS & YOU GIRL Tom Jones 2,572 COM/0116 BRIGHT SIDE - CAN'T HELP LOOKI HIKE HARDING 2,573 CM/0241 BRIGHTER Carole King 2,574 CM/0053 BRIGHTON Neil Sedaka 2,575 CM/0012 BRILLIANT ISN'T IT ROL 2,576 COL/0085 BRINDISI - TRAVIATA GENTILE/GRANDA/N 2,577 CM/0115 BRING 'EM ON IN Them 2,578 CW/0025 BRING BACK THE LOVE ANNE MURRAY/GLEN 2,579 COM/0134 BRING BACK THE SILENCE JOYCE GRENFELL 2,580 CS/A2/36 2,581 COM/0132 BRING BACK THE SKINS Judge Dread 2,582 CM/0305 BRING HER BACK Glitter Band 2,583 CM/0087 BRING IT BACK HOME TO ME Little Richard 2,584 CM/0916 BRING IT ON UP LOVE UNLIMITED 2,585 CM/0831 BRING ME EDELWEISS EDELWEISS 2,586 COM/0055 BRING ME SUNSHINE Morecambe & Wise 2,587 CM/0372 BRING ON THE FUNKATEERS Modern Romance 2,588 CH/0073 BRINGING IN THE SHEAVES EVANGELICAL MIXE 2,589 D/055 BRITISH BRASS 1 ROYAL DOULTON 2,590 D/056 BRITISH BRASS 2 ROYAL DOULTON 2,591 D/087 BRITISH CONCERT To be entered. 2,592 CS/A5/29 BRITISH GRENADIERS ROYAL LIVERPOOL 2,593 CM/0022 BRITISH HUSTLE HI-TENSION 2,594 COM/0177 BRITISH INSTITUTIONS -POLICE TONY FAYNE 2,595 COM/0077 BRITISH INSTITUTIONS(THE POLIC TONY FAYNE 2,596 CR/0470 BROADWAY MELODY BEN SELVIN 2,597 CR/0415 NAT SHILKRET 2,598 D/296 BROADWAY MELODY in med REGINALD DIXON 2,599 D/214 Broken doll Edward Woodward 2,600 CW/0115 BROKEN DOWN COWBOY Toby Beau 2,601 COM/0002 BROKEN HEARTED LOVERS' STEW Benny Hill 2,602 CD\1856b Broken hearted melody Vaughan/Eckstine 2,603 COM/0064 BROKEN-HEARTED LOVERS' STEW Benny Hill 2,604 CS/A3/06 Brokenhearted Ken Dodd 2,605 COL/0170 BRONZE HORSE OVERTURE BOURNEMOUTH MUNI 2,606 COL/0283 LONDON SYMPHONY 2,607 CM/0241 BROTHER BROTHER Carole King 2,608 CR/0262 BROTHER CAN YOU SPARE A DIME Steve Conway 2,609 COL/0341 BROTHER JAMES AIR ST.NICOLAS COLL. 2,610 COL/0174 BROTHER JAMES' AIR CHOIR ST.NICOLAS 2,611 COL/0173 2,612 COL/0024 CHORISTERS ST.NI 2,613 CH/0024 BROTHER JAMES'S AIR Choir Llandaff 2,614 CM/0373 BROTHER LOUIE Hot Chocolate 2,615 CM/0342 2,616 CM/0334 Modern Talking 2,617 CM/0326 2,618 CM/0530 BROTHER LOVE MODERN TALKING 2,619 CM/0901 BROTHER LOVIE MODERN TALKING 2,620 D/140 BROTHERS THEME TV THEMES 2,621 CM/0384 BROWN BABY BILLY PAUL 2,622 CM/0205 BROWN BALLAD Quincy Jones 2,623 CM/0022 BROWN GIRL IN THE RING BONEY M 2,624 CM/0209 2,625 D/009 JAMES LAST 2,626 CW/0031 BROWN PAPER BAG Tammy Wynette 2,627 CM/0169 BROWN SUGAR Rolling Stones 2,628 CH/0020 BRYN CALFARIA WELSH MASSED CHO 2,629 CH/0059 Welsh Voices Cho 2,630 CH/0020 BRYN CALFARIA (CALVARY HILL) 5000 WELSH VOICE 2,631 CH/0103 BRYN MYRDDIN 6,500 VOICES 2,632 CH/0033 BRYNABER CWMANFA GANU CWM 2,633 CS/A2/27 BUACALLAN BUIDHE JOHN WILLAMS GUI 2,634 COM/0089 BUBBLE GUM SONG Spike Jones 2,635 COM/0102 2,636 CW/0208 BUBBLING OVER Dolly Parton 2,637 D/190 BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25th CENTY TV THEMES SiFi V 2,638 CW/0282 BUCK-EYE COWBOY Roy Rogers 2,639 CW/0115 BUCKAROO Toby Beau 2,640 CM/0033 BUDDY'S SONG Bobby Vee 2,641 CM/0042 2,642 COM/0170 BUDGET NOT 9 O'CLOCK NE 2,643 CR/0454 BUENAS NOCHES EDMUNDO ROS 2,644 CM/0433 BUFFALO SOLDIER BOB MARLEY 2,645 CM/0450 BUFFALO STATION - GET ON DOWN Wizzard 2,646 D/259 BUFFOON TEDDY BROWN 2,647 D/259 BUFFOON - (COLIN WAGGOTT) FAIRY BAND 1973 2,648 D/259 To be entered. 2,649 CH/0050 BUGEILOI'R GWENITH GWYN Choir Silver Rin 2,650 CR/0253 BUGLE CALL RAG HARRY ROY 2,651 CM/0212 BUGLER BYRDS 2,652 D/242 BUGLER'S HOLIDAY FOUR TRUMPETS 2,653 D/242 To be entered. 2,654 CW/0176 BUGS Bobbie Gentry 2,655 CW/0176 BOBBY GENTRY 2,656 CM/0096 BUICK MACKANE T.Rex 2,657 CM/0040 BUILD ME UP BUTTERCUP Best of 50/60s 2,658 CM/0040 Best of 50s/60s 2,659 CM/0397 Foundations 2,660 CM/0289 BUILD ON LOVE EVERLASTING LOVE 2,661 CM/0289 Love Affair 2,662 CH/0020 BUILTH 5000 WELSH VOICE 2,663 CH/0059 Welsh Voices Cho 2,664 CW/0093 BULL DURHAM Glen Campbell 2,665 CW/0097 2,666 CW/0115 BULLDOG Toby Beau 2,667 COM/0010 BULLETIN DAVID FROST/JOHN 2,668 CS/A5/07 Bullfinch Bird Songs 2,669 CR/0356 BUMBLE BOOGIE FREDDY MARTIN 2,670 CM/0140 BUMP Alvin Stardust 2,671 CM/0425 BUMP ME BABY DOOLEY SILVERSP. 2,672 CW/0289 BUNCH OF THYME Foster & Allen 2,673 CR/0037 BUNKEY DOODLE-I-DOH (FOX-TROT) Jack Hylton 2,674 COM/0044 BUNNY POEM PAM AYRES 2,675 CM/0138 BUONA SERA Bad Manners 2,676 Cs/A1/10 JAMES LAST 2,677 CW/0107 BURGUNDY Muskrats 2,678 CW/0105 BURMA SHAVE Roger Miller 2,679 CM/0075 BURNIN' BUSH Earth Wind & Fir 2,680 CS/X2/20 Burning Babe Various 2,681 CS/XM/20 BURNING BABE - READING ROBERT SOUTHWELL 2,682 CW/0242 BURNING BRIDGES DAVID ROGERS 2,683 D/123 PAUL MAURIAT 2,684 CM/0380 BURNING LOVE Elvis 2,685 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 2,686 D/241 2,687 D/241 To be entered. 2,688 CW/0226 BURNING MEMORIES Ray Price 2,689 CW/0152 BURY ME NOT ON THE LONE PRAIRI Johnny Cash 2,690 CW/0130 Tex Ritter 2,691 COM/0100 BUS DRIVERS SCHOOL BOB NEWHART 2,692 CW/0208 BUS FARE TO KENTUCKY Skeeter Davis 2,693 CM/0192 BUSH WALKIN' Stylus 2,694 CS/A4/04 BUSINESS IS BUSINESS Jack Buchanan 2,695 CW/0128 BUSTED Johnny Cash 2,696 CW/0141 2,697 CW/0148 2,698 D/252 2,699 D/235 Johnny Cash - Be 2,700 D/235 To be entered. 2,701 D/252 2,702 CW/0270 TOM PALL & GLASE 2,703 CM/0419 BUSY LINE Pipkins 2,704 CM/0041 BUT I DO Clarence Frogman 2,705 CW/0105 BUT I LOVE YOU MORE Roger Miller 2,706 CM/0371 BUT I'M CHEAP Secret Affair 2,707 CM/0278 BUT IN MY HEART IT'S SPRING Love Unlimited 2,708 CM/0162 BUT IT'S ALRIGHT Munich Machine 2,709 CM/0488 BUT MY BABY LOVES TO DANCE TINA CHARLES 2,710 CM/0046 BUT THINK ABOUT YOU FOUR TOPS 2,711 COM/0097 BUT VOTE!! BOB BOOKER 2,712 DC&BG/01 But Where Are You Harriet Hillyard 2,713 COL/0268 BUT WHO MAY ABIDE THE DAY NORMAN ALLIN 2,714 D/236 But you love me daddy Jim Reeves V1 2,715 D/236 To be entered. 2,716 Cs/A1/09 BUTTERFLY BOTHY BAND 2,717 CM/0002 DANYEL GERARD 2,718 CM/0227 Donny & Marie 2,719 D/243 HAMMOND ORG-LAMB 2,720 CM/0077 Marmalade 2,721 D/243 To be entered. 2,722 COM/0022 BUTTERLESS BUTTY BLASTER BATES 2,723 D/076 Buttons & Bows Ray Conniff 2,724 CH/0050 BUY BROOM BUZZEMS Choir Silver Rin 2,725 CM/0024 BUZZ BUZZ & DIDDLE IT MATCHBOX 2,726 COM/0004 BY AIR Flanders & Swann 2,727 COM/0123 2,728 CH/0052 BY BABYLON'S WAVE (GOUNOD) Choir Welsh Male 2,729 CR/0137 BY CANDLELIGHT LEW STONE 2,730 CH/0002 BY COOL SILOAM'S SHADY RILL Choir Glasgow Or 2,731 CH/0053 Choir Glasgow Ph 2,732 CH/0003 BY COOL SILOAM'S SHADY RILLS Choir Glasgow Or 2,733 D/035 BY LAND & SEA HM ROYAL MARINES 2,734 COM/0162 BY THE BEAUTIFUL SEA Spike Jones 2,735 CM/0097 BY THE LIGHT OF A MAGICAL MO T.Rex 2,736 COL/0338 BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON EVELYN LAYE/DERE 2,737 CS/A5/21 By the light of the Silvery Mo Robert White 2,738 DC&BG/01 By The Sea Spike Jones 2,739 COL/0026 BY THE TAMARISK ERIC COATES 2,740 CM/0391 BY THE TIME I GET TO PHOENEX GLEN CAMPBELL 2,741 CW/0025 BY THE TIME I GET TO PHOENIX ANNE MURRAY/GLEN 2,742 CW/0014 Faron Young 2,743 CM/0391 GLEN CAMPBELL 2,744 CW/0312 2,745 CW/0213 2,746 D/249 MANTOVANI 2,747 D/269 Roger Miller 2,748 D/249 To be entered. 2,749 CW/0036 Vera Lynn 2,750 CW/0240 BY THE WATERS OF THE MINNETONK Slim Whitman 2,751 CW/0307 BY THE WAY - I STILL LOVE YOU NANCY SINATRA 2,752 CM/0326 BYE BABY RUBY TURNER 2,753 CM/0132 BYE BYE BABY Bay City Rollers 2,754 CM/0285 BYE BYE BIRD MAGNIFICENT MOOD 2,755 CM/0285 Moody Blues 2,756 D/097 Bye Bye Blackbird Hallmark of Harm 2,757 CS/A5/21 Robert White 2,758 CR/0200 STANLEY KIRBY 2,759 CM/0208 BYE BYE BLUEBIRD Boney M 2,760 CH/0094 BYE BYE BLUES FIVE BRIDGE 4 2,761 D/259 JACK SIMPSON 2,762 D/021 JAMES LAST+PJ&RL 2,763 D/259 To be entered. 2,764 COM/0101 BYE BYE BLUMBERG Allan Sherman 2,765 CM/0168 BYE BYE JOHNNY Mud Rock 2,766 CM/0476 2,767 CM/0401 BYE BYE LOVE Cars 2,768 CM/0382 EVERLY BROS 2,769 CM/0039 Everly Brothers 2,770 COM/0034 BYRON & KEATS Morecambe & Wise 2,771 CM/0709 C'EST LA VIE ROBBIE NEVIL 2,772 CM/0616 C'EST SHEEP ADRIAN MUNSEY 2,773 CM/0054 C'EST SI BON Neil Sedaka 2,774 COM/0105 STAN FREBERG 2,775 COM/0156 2,776 COM/0164 2,777 COM/0165 2,778 CD\1856c C'mon everybody Eddie Cochran 2,779 CM/0349 C'MON EVEYBODY Lindisfarne 2,780 CM/0227 C'MON MARIANNE Donny & Marie 2,781 CS/X2/01 C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Perry Como 2,782 CS/XM/01 2,783 CH/0031 CA' HAWKIE THROUGH THE WATER Choir Consett Ci 2,784 CH/0003 CA' THE YOW'S Choir Glasgow Or 2,785 CH/0002 CA' THE YOWES Choir Glasgow Or 2,786 CH/0003 2,787 CH/0002 CA'THE YOWES Choir Glasgow Or 2,788 COL/0098 CABARET GIRL-SEL-JEROME KERN HERMAN FINK 2,789 CD\1858 CABARET TITLE SONG GORDON LANGFORD 2,790 CM/0497 CACHARPAYA INCANTATION 2,791 CS/A4/25 PAN PIPES P.LEON 2,792 D/095 CACHITO BAION PEPE JARAMILLO 2,793 D/137 CACTUS FLOWER THEME MANUEL 2,794 COM/0136 CADFAN N.LEWIS/J.LUCE 2,795 CM/0194 CAFE Cafe 2,796 CM/0150 CAGE THE SONGBIRD Elton John 2,797 D/300 CAGNEY & LACY BILL CONTE 2,798 D/300 To be entered. 2,799 CW/0108 CAJUN MUSIC Various Artists 2,800 CW/0324 CAJUN RAMBLERS SPECIAL WALLACE DEROUEN 2,801 CW/0324 CAJUN STRIPPER BELTON RICHARDS 2,802 CW/0216 Concrete Cowboy 2,803 CM/0381 CAJUN WOMAN F'PORT CONV. 2,804 CM/0322 CALAFORNIA DREAMIN' MAMAS & THE PAPA 2,805 CW/0325 CALCASIEU RAMBLER'S SPECIAL AUGUST BROUSSARD 2,806 D/299 CALCUTTA CHET ATKINS 2,807 D/242 SAX IN GOLD 2,808 D/299 To be entered. 2,809 CM/0208 CALENDAR SONG Boney M 2,810 CM/0909 CALENDER GIRL NEIL SEDAKA 2,811 CM/0318 CALFORNIA DREAMIN' MAMAS & PAPAS 2,812 CM/0212 CALICO BABY DREAMS 2,813 CS/A5/14 Californ-i-ay Deanna Durbin + 2,814 CM/0155 CALIFORNIA Manfred Mann 2,815 CH/0095 PURBROOK SWEET A 2,816 CW/0115 Toby Beau 2,817 CM/0318 CALIFORNIA DREAMIN' MAMAS & PAPAS 2,818 CM/0320 2,819 CM/0321 CALIFORNIA EARTHQUAKE MAMAS & THE PAPA 2,820 CM/0364 CALIFORNIA FEELING Our Kid 2,821 CM/0113 CALIFORNIA SUNDAY MORNING BROTHERHOOD OF M 2,822 CH/0034 CALL FIRST UPON YOUR GOD ROYAL CHORAL SOC 2,823 CM/0025 CALL ME BLONDIE 2,824 CM/0376 2,825 CM/0412 Diana Ross + 2,826 CM/0491 Foundations 2,827 CM/0188 CALL ME BACK AGAIN Wings 2,828 CW/0065 CALL OF THE CANYON Gene Autry 2,829 COM/0139 CALL OF THE WEST GOONS 2,830 CM/0325 CALL OF THE WILD MIDGE URE 2,831 D/097 Call Round Any Old Time - M Hallmark of Harm 2,832 CM/0633 CALL THE CIRCUS JACKBOOT 2,833 CM/0308 CALL THE POLICE HOT CHOCOLATE 2,834 D/174 CALLAN TV THEMES CASSET 2,835 COL/0210 CALLER HERRIN' COLUMBIA DRAMATI 2,836 D/067 CALLING ALL WORKERS BRASS 2,837 CM/0483 CALLING CAPTAIN AUTUMN Haircut 100 2,838 CW/0158 CALLING EVERYBODY HONEY Willie Nelson 2,839 CW/0158 Willy Nelson 2,840 CM/0028 CALLING YOUR NAME MARILYN 2,841 CH/0020 CALON IAN WELSH MASSED CHO 2,842 CH/0059 Welsh Voices Cho 2,843 CH/0022 CALON LAN Choir Treorchy 2,844 CH/0033 CWMANFA GANU CWM 2,845 CH/0020 CALON LAN (GUILELESS HEART) 5000 WELSH VOICE 2,846 CS/A2/14 Calypso John Denver 2,847 CM/0211 CALYPSO BREAKDOWN Bee Gees 2,848 CM/0211 RALPH MCDONALD 2,849 CS/XM/31 Calypso Carol St. Winifred's 2,850 CS/X2/29 St.Winifred's Ch 2,851 CS/X2/15 Cambridgeshire May Carol Shirley Collins 2,852 CS/XM/15 2,853 CS/A2/22 Camelot - 1982 london cast various 2,854 COM/0116 CAMEO CLUB MIKE HARDING 2,855 CW/0325 CAMERON TWO STEP BARRO WITH THE T 2,856 D/010 CAMINITO JAMES LAST 2,857 CM/0543 CAMOUFLAGE STAN RIDGEWAY 2,858 D/280 CAMPBELLS ARE COMING MUSIC BX 8 AIR C 2,859 D/280 To be entered. 2,860 CH/0023 CAMPTOWN RACES Choir Mormon Tab 2,861 COM/0162 Spike Jones 2,862 CH/0091 SQUARE PEGS 2,863 CM/0138 CAN CAN Bad Manners 2,864 CM/0350 2,865 CM/0433 2,866 CW/0016 CAN I COME HOME TO YOU Bill Anderson 2,867 D/278 Can I forget you Cliff Adams Sing 2,868 D/278 To be entered. 2,869 CM/0255 CAN I GET A WITNESS Rolling Stones 2,870 CW/0016 CAN I SLEEP IN YOUR ARMS Jeannie Seely 2,871 CM/0910 CAN THE CAN SUZIE QUATRO 2,872 CM/0352 CAN U DANCE KENNY JAM JASON 2,873 CM/0352 Slade 2,874 CM/0016 CAN YOU DO IT GEORDIE 2,875 CM/0276 CAN YOU FEEL IT Gap Band 2,876 CS/A3/35 JAMES LAST 2,877 CM/0276 THE GAP BAND 2,878 CM/0009 CAN YOU FEEL THE FORCE REAL THING 2,879 CM/0550 2,880 CD\1859 Can you feel the love tonight West End Th.Orch 2,881 CD\1858 CAN YOU READ MY MIND L.S.O. 2,882 D/191 TV THEMES SiFi V 2,883 CM/0270 CAN'T BE LONG NOW CARAVAN 2,884 CM/0044 CAN'T BUY ME LOVE Beatles 2,885 CM/0086 2,886 D/004 JAMES LAST 2,887 CM/0153 CAN'T FIND A GIRL TO LOVE ME Equals 2,888 CM/0418 CAN'T GET BY WITHOUT YOU REAL THING 2,889 CM/0178 CAN'T GET ENOUGH Barry White 2,890 CW/0009 Can't get enough of you baby CARROLL BAKER 2,891 CM/0454 CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF YOUR LOVE BARRY WHITE 2,892 CM/0451 2,893 CM/0023 DARTS 2,894 CR/0494 CAN'T GET OUT OF THIS MOOD ANNE SHELTON 2,895 D/312 Can't get used to losing you Andy Williams 2,896 CM/0433A BEAT 2,897 D/312 To be entered. 2,898 CM/0466 CAN'T GO HOME AGAIN David Cassidy 2,899 D/312 Can't help falling in love Andy Williams 2,900 D/241 Elvis Presley 2,901 CW/0151 Marty Robbins 2,902 D/241 To be entered. 2,903 D/312 2,904 COM/0116 CAN'T HELP LOOKING ON THE BRIG HIKE HARDING 2,905 Cs/A1/21 Can't help lovin' dat man Cogi Grant 2,906 CD\1859 Lehman Engel Orc 2,907 CS/A5/14 Can't help Singing Deanna Durbin 2,908 CM/0299 CAN'T HIDE FROM LOVE Delfonics 2,909 CM/0324 CAN'T LET GO Earth Wind & Fir 2,910 CM/0005 CAN'T LET YOU GO BARRY RYAN 2,911 CM/0285 CAN'T NOBODY LOVE YOU MAGNIFICENT MOOD 2,912 CM/0285 Moody Blues 2,913 CM/0254 CAN'T SATISFY Impressions 2,914 CM/0018 CAN'T SMILE WITHOUT YOU BARRY MANILOW 2,915 CM/0393 2,916 CM/0630 CAN'T STOP DANCING CHANTER SISTERS 2,917 CM/0077 CAN'T STOP NOW Marmalade 2,918 CM/0579 CAN'T STOP RUNNING SPACE MONKEY 2,919 CS/A4/17 CAN'T STOP THE CLASSICS 1 & 2 RPO 2,920 CM/0025 CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC VILLAGE PEOPLE 2,921 D/312 Can't take my eyes off you Andy Williams 2,922 D/269 Eddy Arnold 2,923 CM/0453 Frankie Vali + 2,924 D/269 To be entered. 2,925 D/312 2,926 CM/0174 CAN'T TAKE THE HURT ANYMORE Cliff Richard 2,927 CM/0327 CAN'T WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE Five Star 2,928 CM/0237 CAN'T WE JUST SIT DOWN Donna Summer 2,929 COM/0034 CAN'T WE MEET AGAIN Morecambe & Wise 2,930 CM/0240 CAN'T YOU BE REAL Carole King 2,931 CM/0153 CAN'T YOU HEAR THAT MELODY Equals 2,932 CM/0079 CAN'T YOU SEE THAT SHE'S MIN Dave Clark Five 2,933 CM/0055 CAN'T YOU SEE WHAT YOU'RE DOIN Three Degrees 2,934 CM/0439 2,935 CW/0021 CAN'T YOU TAKE IT BACK & CHANG REX ALLEN 2,936 CM/0285 CAN7T NOBODY LOVE YOU MAGNIFICENT MOOD 2,937 CW/0079 CANADIAN PACIFIC George Hamilton 2,938 CW/0194 2,939 CW/0207 2,940 CW/0263 2,941 CW/0295 2,942 CW/0025 CANADIAN SUNSET ANNE MURRAY/GLEN 2,943 CS/A2/11 CANBERRA ROYL.MAR.COMMAND 2,944 CR/0230 CANDAIAN CAPERS MILT HERTH TRIO 2,945 COM/0065 CANDID MIKE Various Artists 2,946 CM/0268 CANDIDA Dawn 2,947 CM/0268 TONY ORLANDO & D 2,948 CM/0268 Tony Orlando+D 2,949 CM/0481 CANDLE IN THE WIND ELTON JOHN 2,950 CM/0295 CANDLE OF LIFE Moody Blues 2,951 CS/X2/02 Candlelight Carol Chapter House Ch 2,952 CS/XM/02 2,953 CW/0327 CANDY & WOMEN HILLBILLY HALEY 2,954 CR/0263 CANDY LIPS DORIS DAY/JOHNNI 2,955 CM/0427 CANDY MAN SAMMY DAVIS JR 2,956 CW/0325 CANKTON TWO STEP LEEMAN PREJEAN 2,957 CM/0200 CANNONBALL SKY 2,958 CD\1858 CANON IN DFROM ORDINARY PEOPLE LONDON PROM.ORCH 2,959 D/005 CANTAR AMIGOS JAMES LAST 2,960 CM/0270 CANTERBURY TALES CARAVAN 2,961 CM/0299 CANTICLE Delfonics 2,962 CS/X2/26 Cantique De Noel Placido Domingo 2,963 CS/XM/26 Cantique de Noel (O Holy Night Placido Domingo 2,964 COM/0060 CANTO DOLCIAMENTE PIPO Anna Russell 2,965 CD\1858 CANYOU FREL TH LOVE TONIGHT GORDON LANGFORD 2,966 D/020 CAP'N JAMES To be entered. 2,967 COL/0154 CAPRICE ESPAGNOL - RIMSKY PHILHARMONIC 2,968 COL/0143 CAPRICE ESPAGNOL-RIMSKY LIVERPOOL PHILHA 2,969 D/192 CAPRICORN ONE TV THEMES SiFi V 2,970 CS/A2/07 CAPRIOL SUITE - WARLOCK ENGLISH SINFONIA 2,971 CM/0098 CAPTAIN FANTASTIC L.P. ELTON JOHN 2,972 CM/0482 CAPTAIN JACK Billy Joel 2,973 CM/0040 CAPTAIN OF YOUR SHIP Best of 50/60s 2,974 CM/0040 Best of 50s/60s 2,975 D/095 CAPULLITO DE ALELI SON MAMBO PEPE JARAMILLO 2,976 D/189 CAR 54 WHERE ARE YOU TV THEMES 2,977 CR/0380 CARA MIA DAVID WHITFIELD 2,978 CM/0382 JAY/AMERICANS 2,979 CS/A5/03 John Talliavini 2,980 CS/A3/34 MANTOVANI 2,981 CR/0374 RON GOODWIN 2,982 CW/0272 Slim Whitman 2,983 D/129 CARACOLAS ESPANA Y OLE 2,984 CM/0649 CARAIBA TUMBLACK 2,985 CD\1857a CARAVAN BILLY MAY 2,986 D/016 JAMES LAST+PJ&RL 2,987 D/242 SAX IN GOLD 2,988 CM/0270 CARAVAN THE NEW SYMPHONIA CARAVAN 2,989 CM/0763 CARAVAN Of LOVE ISLEY/JASPER 2,990 CM/0053 CARDBOARD CALIFORNIA Neil Sedaka 2,991 COM/0136 CARDIFF BORN & CARDIFF BRED WELSH CAST 2,992 COM/0136 CARDIFF BORN CARDIFF BRED TRIBAN 2,993 CW/0250 CARELESS HANDS DOTTIE WEST 2,994 CW/0126 Slim Whitman 2,995 D/003 CARELESS LOVE JAMES LAST 2,996 CW/0247 MICHAEL LANDON ( 2,997 CW/0323 CARELESS WORDS JOE CARSON 2,998 CW/0205 CARIBBEAN Jerry Reed 2,999 CR/0422 TONY MARTIN 3,000 CM/0359 CARIBBEAN FESTIVAL Kool 3,001 D/091 Caribbean Queen James Last 3,002 CM/0298 CARIBOU Earth Wind&Fire 3,003 D/055 CARILLON ROYAL DOULTON BD 3,004 CM/0351 CARINO Slade 3,005 CM/0351 T COY 3,006 CM/0302 CARL'S BIG CHANCE Beach Boys 3,007 D/036 CARLO'S THEME MANUEL 3,008 D/238 Carmel album Carmel 3,009 D/238 To be entered. 3,010 CS/A4/21 CARMEN - 4 ENTRACTES GD.ORCH.LUXEMBOR 3,011 COL/0084 CARMEN - CARD SCENE MARIA GAY 3,012 CH/0098 CARMEN - MARCH & CHORUS R.WAGNER CHORALE 3,013 D/280 CARMEN - MARCH TORREADORS POLYPHON 24 3,014 COM/0147 CARMEN - MURDERED Spike Jones 3,015 D/008 CARMEN 68 JAMES LAST 3,016 Cs/A1/10 CARMEN MARCH JAMES LAST 3,017 CS/A2/27 CARNAVAL JOHN WILLAMS GUI 3,018 COL/0145 CARNAVAL BALLET LONDON BALLET 3,019 COL/0136 LONDON BALLET OR 3,020 D/148 CARNAVAL ROMAIN OVERTURE GUS FOOTWEAR BAN 3,021 D/094 CARNIVAL PEPE JARAMILLO 3,022 D/036 CARNIVAL - (BONFA) MANUEL 3,023 Cs/A1/31 CARNIVAL IS OVER JAMES GALWAY 3,024 CS/A4/36 CARNIVAL OF VENICE VARIATIONS HARP - 19th Cent 3,025 CM/0255 CAROL Rolling Stones 3,026 CS/XM/26 Carol Medley of five (5:18) Placido Domingo 3,027 CS/X2/14 Carol of The Bells Fireside Singers 3,028 CS/XM/14 3,029 CS/X2/23 Johnny Mathis 3,030 CS/XM/23 3,031 CH/0096 CAROLINA IN THE MORNING HOVE HARMONISERS 3,032 CH/0093 CAROLINA MOON BOSTON BARBERS 3,033 CM/0430 Connie Francis 3,034 D/236 Jim Reeves V1 3,035 CW/0166 Jimmy Dean 3,036 D/236 To be entered. 3,037 D/296 CAROLINA MOON in med REGINALD DIXON 3,038 D/252 Carolina on my mind George Hamilton 3,039 D/252 To be entered. 3,040 CM/0091 CAROLINE Status Quo 3,041 CM/0475 3,042 CS/A2/32 CAROLS - ENCHANTED -MUSICAL BX INSTRUMENTAL 3,043 CS/X2/02 Carols From York Minster Chapter House Ch 3,044 CS/XM/02 3,045 COL/0353 CAROUSEL VARIOUS 3,046 CS/A3/28 CAROUSEL WALTZ UNKNOWN ORCHESTR 3,047 COL/0101 CAROUSEL-GEMS IVA WITHERS ETC 3,048 D/028 CARPENTERS MUSIC RAY CONNIFF 3,049 D/247 Carrie Cliff Richard 3,050 D/247 To be entered. 3,051 CM/0200 CARRILLON SKY 3,052 CW/0077 CARROLL COUNTY ACCIDENT Ben Colder 3,053 CW/0005 Porter Wagoner 3,054 CW/0228 CARROLL COUNTY ACCIDENT - The Porter Wagoner 3,055 CW/0269 3,056 CW/0139 CARRY ME BACK Statler Bros 3,057 CH/0095 CARRY ME BACK TO OLD VIRGINNY READING BARBERET 3,058 COM/0160 CARRY ON ERN Morecambe & Wise 3,059 CS/A4/06 Carry on London Various 3,060 COM/0082 CARRY ON ON THE HOME FRONT DAD'S ARMY 3,061 CM/0360 CARRY ON TURN ME ON Space 3,062 CM/0081 CARRY THAT WEIGHT Beatles 3,063 CM/0241 CARRY YOUR LOAD Carole King 3,064 CM/0092 CARS Gary Numan 3,065 CS/A3/11 CART MUSIC ALBION BAND 3,066 CH/0028 CARTER. THE MAZOWSZE 3,067 CH/0081 CARTREF Choir Morriston 3,068 CS/A5/23 CASANOVA TV THEME STUTTGART CHAMBR 3,069 CH/0090 CASATCHOCK CHOIR CESTRIAN 3,070 D/311 CASCADES RAGTIMERS 3,071 COM/0142 CASE OF THE MISSING CD PLATES GOONS 3,072 CR/0469 CASEY COURT CONCERT CASEY COURT KIDS 3,073 CW/0059 CASEY JONES Eddy Arnold 3,074 CW/0153 Johnny Cash 3,075 CW/0128 3,076 CW/0141 3,077 COM/0161 Spike Jones 3,078 COL/0186 CASSE NOISETTE BBC SYMPH 3,079 CS/A3/35 CASSEY BLUE / AU REVOIR JAMES LAST 3,080 CM/0205 CAST YOUR FATE TO THE WIND Quincy Jones 3,081 COM/0019 CASTAWAY Two Ronnies 3,082 Cs/A1/13 Castle of Drumore Corries 3,083 CM/0216 CASTLES IN THE SAND Stevie Wonder 3,084 D/056 CASTLEWAY ROCHDALE WILSONS 3,085 CM/0288 CAT BLACK T.Rex 3,086 CM/0288 CAT BLACK ( WIZARD HAT) T.REX 3,087 CM/0288 TREX 3,088 CM/0467 CAT CREPT IN Mud 3,089 CM/0168 Mud Rock 3,090 D/315 CAT IN THE NIGHT JEAN JACQUES PER 3,091 D/274 Catari Catari Harry Seacombe 3,092 CS/A2/27 JOHN WILLAMS GUI 3,093 CS/A3/34 MANTOVANI 3,094 D/274 To be entered. 3,095 CR/0181 CATCH A FALLING STAR Perry Como 3,096 CM/0079 CATCH US IF YOU CAN Dave Clark Five 3,097 CW/0202 CATFISH BATES George Hamilton 3,098 CS/A3/30 CATHEDRAL BELLS BEING RUNG LINCOLN CATHEDRA 3,099 CS/A2/03 CATHEDRAL MUSIC - STANFORD WORCESTER CATH 3,100 CS/A4/32 CATHY'S CLOWN SHADOWS 3,101 CM/0201 CATNIP Johnny & Hurri 3,102 CW/0283 CATTLE CALL Eddy Arnold 3,103 CW/0326 TEX OWENS 3,104 CW/0265 CAUSE I LOVE YOU LEROY & LINDA 3,105 CM/0145 CAUSE WE'VE BEEN LOVERS TOO LO David Cassidy 3,106 CS/A5/26 CAVALLERIA INTERMEZZO APOLLO 100 3,107 COL/0181 CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA DE GROOT 3,108 CH/0087 CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA - INTERME BBC WELSH SYMPHO 3,109 COL/0152 CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA INTERMEZZ HENRY WOOD SYMPH 3,110 CS/A5/04 CAVALRY OF THE STEPPES RAFBAND CRANWELL 3,111 CS/A2/38 ROYAL MARINES 3,112 CS/A5/12 CAVAQUINHO EDMUNDO ROS 3,113 CM/0908 CAVATINA CANDLEWICK GREEN 3,114 CS/A3/07 MANUEL 3,115 COM/0149 CAVIARE FIRST XV SING RU 3,116 CD\1858 CAVTINA FROM DEER HUNTER MARCO MUCIANO 3,117 D/0334 CEDARS OF LEBANON RON GOODWIN 3,118 CW/0004 Cedartown Georgia Waylon Jennings 3,119 CM/0778 CELEBRATE- REMIX BLOW MONKEYS 3,120 CM/0432 CELIA Paper Lace 3,121 Cs/A1/02 Celtic Songs CLANNAD 3,122 D/035 CEREMONY OF BEATING THE RETREA HM ROYAL MARINES 3,123 D/035 CEREMONY OF TATTOO HM ROYAL MARINES 3,124 D/272 CEREMONY OF THE KEYS - GIB ROYAL GREEN JACK 3,125 CM/0661 CH TEARS FOR FEARS 3,126 CS/A5/07 Chaffinch Bird Songs 3,127 CM/0394 CHAIN Fleetwood Mac 3,128 CW/0141 CHAIN GANG Johnny Cash 3,129 COM/0001 CHAIN LETTER CYRIL FLETCHER 3,130 CM/0034 CHAINED Marvin Gaye 3,131 CM/0273 CHAINEY DO POINTER SISTERS 3,132 CM/0084 CHAINS Beatles 3,133 CM/0301 Marmalade 3,134 CM/0144 CHAINS OF LOVE Pat Boone 3,135 CM/0150 CHAMELEON Elton John 3,136 COM/0011 Flanders & Swann 3,137 CD\1857a CHAMP BILLY MAY 3,138 D/016 CHAMPAGNE & CAVIAR JAMES LAST+PJ&RL 3,139 D/214 Champagne Charlie Edward Woodward 3,140 D/072 CHAMPAGNE POLKA LONDON PHIL.ORCH 3,141 CS/A4/09 VIENNA OPERA ORC 3,142 CS/A5/09 VIENNA STATE OPE 3,143 CS/A5/04 CHAMPION RAFBAND CRANWELL 3,144 CM/0342 CHANCES Hot Chocolate 3,145 CM/0291 CHANCES ARE Sha Na Na 3,146 CM/0291 SHANANA 3,147 Cs/A1/16 CHANGE PARTNERS JOE LOSS ORCH 3,148 CW/0249 CHANGE THAT DIAL Marty Robbins 3,149 CM/0034 CHANGE WHAT YOU CAN Marvin Gaye 3,150 CM/0282 CHANGE WITH THE TIMES VAN MCCOY 3,151 CM/0496 CHANGES IMAGINATION 3,152 D/022 To be entered. 3,153 CM/0176 CHANGES IV Cat Stevens 3,154 CM/0026 CHANGING FOR YOU CHI-LITES 3,155 CS/A3/10 CHANSON - FRIML ALBERT SANDLER 3,156 CM/0006 CHANSON D'AMOUR MANHATTAN TRANSF 3,157 COL/0423 CHANSON DE MATIN BIRMINGHAM CITY 3,158 CS/A5/31 ORGAN BrianSharp 3,159 CS/A2/07 CHANSON DE MATIN - ELGAR RPO 3,160 COL/0423 CHANSON DE NUIT BIRMINGHAM CITY 3,161 CS/A3/10 CHANSON HINDOUE ALBERT SANDLER 3,162 CR/0439 ROSE CARDAY 3,163 CD\1856c Chantilly Lace Big Bopper 3,164 CM/0037 3,165 CM/0037 BIG POPPER 3,166 CM/0080 Dave Clark Five 3,167 D/070 CHAPLIN REVUE LONDON FEST.ORCH 3,168 CS/A4/26 CHARADE LIBERACE 3,169 CM/0096 CHARIOT CHOOGLE T.Rex 3,170 D/086 CHARIOTS OF FIRE To be entered. 3,171 CM/0901 CHARLENE MODERN TALKING 3,172 CR/0144 CHARLES AUGUSTUS FORTESQUE HAROLD WILLIAMS 3,173 COL/0454 CHARLES DICKENS CHRISTMAS BRANSBY WILLIAMS 3,174 COL/0235 CHARLES DICKENS CHRISTMAS SKET BRANSBY WILLIAMS 3,175 COM/0017 CHARLES DRAKE 007 CHARLIE DRAKE 3,176 COM/0092 CHARLESTON Spike Jones 3,177 CW/0210 CHARLIE BROWN CHET ATKINS 3,178 D/070 CHARLIE CHAPLIN TRIBUTE To be entered. 3,179 CM/0093 CHARLIE FREAK Steely Dan 3,180 CR/0125 CHARLIE KUNZ PIANO MEDLEY CHARLIE KUNZ 3,181 D/194 CHARLIE'S ANGELS TV GREATEST HITS 3,182 Cs/A1/10 CHARMAINE JAMES LAST 3,183 CR/0381 MANTOVANI 3,184 D/296 REGINALD DIXON 3,185 CS/A5/21 Robert White 3,186 COL/0344 CHARMING WEATHER COLUMBIA LIGHT O 3,187 CM/0033 CHARMS Bobby Vee 3,188 CM/0239 CHART SONG Melanie 3,189 CM/0269 CHASING ANGELS DOUBLE 'A' 3,190 CM/0269 Movies 3,191 CM/0269 The Movies 3,192 D/242 CHATTANOOGA CHOO CHOO SAX IN GOLD 3,193 D/252 Chattanoogie shoe shine boy Floyd Cramer 3,194 CW/0161 Jimmy Dean 3,195 D/252 To be entered. 3,196 CW/0073 CHEATIN' IS BARBARA FAIRCHIL 3,197 CW/0244 Tammy Wynette 3,198 COM/0162 CHEATIN' ON THE SANDMAN Spike Jones 3,199 CW/0306 CHEATING WIFE Boxcar Willie 3,200 CM/0225 CHECK IT OUT Osmonds 3,201 D/196 3,202 CM/0172 CHECK OUT THE GROOVE Various 3,203 CM/0481 CHECK THIS OUT L.A. MIX 3,204 CM/0610 CHECKIN' ON YOU THIRD ENCOUNTER 3,205 D/286 CHEEK TO CHEEK FRANK SINATRA SH 3,206 CS/A5/20 Peter Skellern 3,207 D/286 To be entered. 3,208 COM/0012 CHEEKY CHAPPIE MAX MILLER 3,209 COM/0013 3,210 CR/0273 CHEERFUL BLUES HARRY ROY 3,211 CR/0306 CHEERIO (HERE WE GO) PRIMO SCALA 3,212 D/194 CHEERS TV GREATEST HITS 3,213 COM/0019 Two Ronnies 3,214 Cs/A1/16 CHEK TO CHEEK JOE LOSS ORCH 3,215 CD\1854b CHELSEA BRIDGE BILLY MAY 3,216 CM/0212 CHELSEA GIRLS SPIRIT 3,217 COM/0020 CHELSEA PENSIONERS MEDLEY Ronnie Barker 3,218 CM/0373 CHERI BABE Hot Chocolate 3,219 CM/0334 CHERI CHERI LADY Modern Talking 3,220 CM/0901 3,221 CM/0145 CHERISH David Cassidy 3,222 CM/0046 FOUR TOPS 3,223 D/321 CHEROKEE CHARLIE BARNETT 3,224 COM/0109 CHERRY PIE JESS CONRAD 3,225 COM/0072 3,226 CM/0124 Sade 3,227 D/008 CHERRY PINK & APPLE BLOSSOM JAMES LAST 3,228 D/242 TRUMPETS STAN RO 3,229 CM/0485 CHERRY PINK & APPLE BLOSSOM WH MODERN ROMANCE 3,230 CH/0050 CHERRY RIPE Choir Silver Rin 3,231 CS/A2/07 Ryl LIV PHILHAR 3,232 CS/XM/21 Cherry Tree Carol Choir Durham Cat 3,233 CS/X2/21 Durham Cath.Choi 3,234 CS/XM/15 Valleyfolk 3,235 CS/X2/15 3,236 CS/X2/08 CHESTNUTS ROASTING ON AN OPEN HAYSBRIDGE STRGS 3,237 CS/X2/03 MARK LAUB(ORGAN) 3,238 CW/0056 CHET ATKINS & FRIENDS CHET ATKINS 3,239 D/140 CHEYENNE TV THEMES 3,240 CS/A3/35 CHI MAI THEME JAMES LAST 3,241 CR/0424 CHICAGO BREAKDOWN LLOYD SHAKESPEAR 3,242 CM/0155 CHICAGO INSTITUTE Manfred Mann 3,243 CW/0176 CHICKASAW COUNTY CHILD BOBBY GENTRY 3,244 D/005 CHICKEN REEL JAMES LAST 3,245 D/252 LES PAUL 3,246 D/252 To be entered. 3,247 D/284 CHICO NOODLIN' AROUND MARX BROTHERS 3,248 D/284 To be entered. 3,249 CS/A4/41 Chief O'Neill's Favourite Dubliners 3,250 CM/0240 CHILD OF MINE Carole King 3,251 CM/0288 CHILD STAR T.REX 3,252 CM/0288 TREX 3,253 CW/0171 CHILD'S SONG - The George Hamilton 3,254 CM/0198 CHILDREN DONT GET WEARY Booker T. Jones 3,255 CS/A3/43 CHILDREN OF LIR -POEM FOR ORCH ULSTER ORCHESTRA 3,256 CS/A3/36 CHILDREN'S CHRISTMAS DREAM BERT KAEMPFERT 3,257 CH/0044 CHILDREN'S FAVOURITES Choir St Winifre 3,258 CH/0038 CHILDREN. THE WYNN JONES/RHIAN 3,259 COM/0179 CHILE WAS HOT STAG 3,260 D/010 CHILI CONCANE JAMES LAST 3,261 CD\1858 CHIM CHIM CHER-EE BERDIEN STENBERG 3,262 D/0304 Chim Chim Cheree New Christy Mins 3,263 D/243 CHINA TEA RUSS CONWAY 3,264 CW/0325 CHINABALL BLUES AUSTIN PITRE 3,265 CR/0200 CHINESE MOON STANLEY KIRBY 3,266 COM/0089 CHINESE MULE TRAIN Spike Jones 3,267 COM/0102 3,268 CM/0478 CHIQUITITA Abba 3,269 CS/A4/04 Chirp chirp Jack Buchanan 3,270 CH/0013 CHIRPY CHIRPY CHEEP CHEEP Angels of Korea 3,271 CH/0051 CHITCHIRITCHIT PHILIPPINE DANCE 3,272 D/0324 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (RT) Film Tracks 3,273 COM/0163 CHLOE Spike Jones 3,274 COL/0013 CHOCOLATE SOLDIER - MY HERO PAUL WHITEMAN 3,275 CS/A4/18 Choir - Main Theme BBC Choir BBC Prog. 3,276 CM/0306 CHOO CHOO TRAIN Box Tops 3,277 COM/0169 CHOOKS & EMUS Frankie Davidson 3,278 CM/0910 CHOOSING YOU LENNY WILLIAMS 3,279 CM/0250 CHOP CHOP Sweet 3,280 Cs/A1/06 CHOPIN POLONAISES - VARIOUS MAURIZIO POLLINI 3,281 Cs/A1/01 CHOPIN WALTZES - 1 TO 14 KRYSTIAN ZIMERMN 3,282 D/243 CHOPSTICKS RUSS CONWAY 3,283 COL/0069 CHORAL DANCE NO.17 LEEDS FESTIVAL C 3,284 D/126 CHORALE & ROCK OUT CORY BAND 3,285 D/058 CHORALE IN CONCERT WALLY STOTT CHOR 3,286 CH/0017 CHORALE:ZION HORT DIE WACHTER ST.THOMAS CHURCH 3,287 CR/0269 CHORUS GENTLEMEN THORPE BATES 3,288 CH/0089 CHORUS OF ARIEL SPIRITS - PURC Choir M/cr Boys 3,289 CH/0011 CHORUS OF HEBREW SLAVES Choir Morriston 3,290 CH/0106 CHORUS OF HEBREW SLAVES - NAB Choir Rhos MV 3,291 CH/0011 CHORUS OF THE HEBREW SLAVES Choir Morriston 3,292 CH/0082 CHORUS OF THE HEBREW SLAVES - Choir Morriston 3,293 CH/0083 3,294 CW/0324 CHOUPIQUE TWO STEPS NATHAN ABSHIRE 3,295 CW/0325 3,296 D/283 CHRIST AROSE! JACK WARD PIANO 3,297 D/283 To be entered. 3,298 CS/A4/11 Christ is made the sure founda Choir RNC.GRENWI 3,299 CH/0101 CHRIST THE LORD IS RISEN TODAY HUDD'FIELD CHORA 3,300 CH/0017 CHRISTE ELEISON MUNICH BACH 3,301 CS/X2/07 CHRISTEMASSE WIND ENSEMBLE 3,302 CM/0012 CHRISTIAN CHINA CRISIS 3,303 CW/0063 CHRISTIAN SOLDIER Bobby Bare 3,304 CH/0101 CHRISTIANS AWAKE HUDD'FIELD CHORA 3,305 CS/A3/30 Christians awake ! Choir Lincoln Ca 3,306 CS/XM/15 CHRISTMAS - ANCIENT SONGS VARIOUS FOLK 3,307 CS/XM/25 CHRISTMAS - GUITARS & VOICES GUITARS VARIOUS 3,308 CS/XM/25 CHRISTMAS - GUITARS 31 TUNES GUITARS VARIOUS 3,309 CS/XM/20 CHRISTMAS - POEMS & CAROLS VARIOUS 3,310 CS/XM/20 CHRISTMAS - READINGS & CAROLS VARIOUS 3,311 CS/XM/20 CHRISTMAS - WIND & SNOW FOOTST SOUND EFFECTS 3,312 CS/A4/29 CHRISTMAS -WORLD OF Choir Kings Camb 3,313 CS/XM/19 CHRISTMAS ALBUM - MANTOVANI MANTOVANI 3,314 CS/X2/19 CHRISTMAS BELLS MANTOVANI 3,315 CS/XM/19 3,316 CS/X2/22 VARIOUS 3,317 CS/X2/26 Christmas Carol Medley Placido Domingo 3,318 COL/0361 CHRISTMAS CAROLS LONDON CHURCH CA 3,319 COL/0120 CHRISTMAS CAROLS-ORGAN MEDLEY CHEAPSIDE ST.MAR 3,320 D/294 Christmas Celebration Choir Wells Cath 3,321 D/294 To be entered. 3,322 COM/0146 CHRISTMAS CLUB TONY HANCOCK & O 3,323 CS/X2/20 Christmas Day Various 3,324 CS/XM/20 CHRISTMAS DAY - READING FROM NICHOLAS BRETON 3,325 CS/X2/20 Christmas Day 1868 Various 3,326 CS/XM/20 CHRISTMAS DAY 1868 READING CHARLES KINGSLEY 3,327 CS/X2/06 Christmas Eve In My Home Town Bobby Vinton 3,328 CS/XM/05 3,329 CS/XM/31 Christmas for everyone St. Winifred's 3,330 CS/X2/29 St.Winifred's Ch 3,331 COL/0035 CHRISTMAS GEMS GRENADIER GUARDS 3,332 CS/X2/22 CHRISTMAS GUITARS VARIOUS 3,333 COL/0120 CHRISTMAS HYMNS -ORGAN MEDLEY CHEAPSIDE ST MAR 3,334 CS/X2/17 Christmas In Killarney Bing Crosby 3,335 CS/XM/17 3,336 CS/A3/30 CHRISTMAS IN LINCOLN CATHEDRAL ORGAN ChrisHughs 3,337 CS/XM/01 CHRISTMAS IN THE 60s- CASSETTE VARIOUS 3,338 CS/XM/12 CHRISTMAS IN THE 70's & 8O's VARIOUS 3,339 CS/X2/13 Christmas Is Jack Jones 3,340 CS/XM/12 3,341 CS/XM/05 Christmas Is Coming Harry Belafonte 3,342 CS/X2/01 Christmas Island Andrews Sisters 3,343 CS/XM/01 3,344 CS/XM/11 CHRISTMAS MEDDLEY x 4 MANTOVANI 3,345 CS/X2/12 CHRISTMAS MEDLEY - 1 MANTOVANI 3,346 CS/X2/12 CHRISTMAS MEDLEY - 2 MANTOVANI 3,347 CS/X2/12 CHRISTMAS MEDLEY - 3 MANTOVANI 3,348 CS/X2/12 CHRISTMAS MEDLEY - 4 MANTOVANI 3,349 CS/XM/03 CHRISTMAS MEDLEYS x 6 HAMMOND ORGAN 3,350 CS/X2/06 Christmas Never Comes Cliff Richard 3,351 CS/XM/05 3,352 CS/A4/31 CHRISTMAS ORATORIO - BACH PHIL.JONES BRASS 3,353 CS/XM/09 CHRISTMAS ORGAN MUSIC ORGAN 3,354 CS/X2/18 Christmas Party Sing-A-Long Various 3,355 CS/XM/18 CHRISTMAS PARTY SING-ALONG CHORUS ? 3,356 CS/X2/13 Christmas Present Andy Williams 3,357 CS/XM/12 3,358 D/323 Christmas Selection Hymns & Carols 3,359 CS/XM/30 Christmas Sing-a-long Max Bygraves 3,360 CS/X2/14 Christmas Song Fireside Singers 3,361 CS/XM/14 3,362 CS/XM/10 GLENN MILLER 3,363 CS/X2/11 GLENN MILLER ORC 3,364 CS/XM/03 HAMMOND ORGAN 3,365 CS/X2/08 HAYSBRIDGE STRGS 3,366 CS/XM/06 3,367 CS/X2/23 Johnny Mathis 3,368 CS/XM/23 3,369 CS/XM/32 Kings Singers 3,370 CS/X2/27 Kings' Singers 3,371 CS/X2/03 MARK LAUB(ORGAN) 3,372 CS/XM/22 Tony Bennett 3,373 CS/X2/23 3,374 CS/A1/43 Christmas songs - various Bing Crosby 3,375 CS/XM/01 CHRISTMAS SOUVENIRS - CASSETTE VARIOUS 3,376 CM/0617 CHRISTMAS SPECTRE JINGLE BELLES 3,377 CS/A3/36 CHRISTMAS SPIRIT BERT KAEMPFERT 3,378 CS/X2/01 CHRISTMAS THROUGH THE YEARS -2 VARIOUS 3,379 CS/XM/01 3,380 CS/XM/12 CHRISTMAS THROUGH THE YEARS -3 VARIOUS 3,381 CS/XM/01 Christmas Waltz Doris Day 3,382 CS/X2/08 HAYSBRIDGE STRGS 3,383 CS/XM/06 3,384 CS/X2/03 MARK LAUB(ORGAN) 3,385 CS/X2/06 Christmas Will Be Just Another Brenda Lee 3,386 CS/XM/05 3,387 CS/XM/10 CHRISTMAS WITH GLENN MILLER GLENN MILLER 3,388 CS/XM/11 CHRISTMAS WITH MANTOVANI MANTOVANI 3,389 CS/XM/26 CHRISTMAS with Placido Domingo Placido Domingo 3,390 CS/A3/36 CHRISTMAS WONDERLAND BERT KAEMPFERT 3,391 COM/0048 CHRISTMAS-EAST CHEAM STYLE Tony Hancock 3,392 D/294 Christmastide Choir Wells Cath 3,393 D/294 To be entered. 3,394 COL/0384 CHU CHIN CHOW MALCOLM MCEACHER 3,395 CM/0492 CHUMP CHANGE Quincy Jones 3,396 COM/0169 CHUNDER IN THE OLD PACIFIC SEA Frankie Davidson 3,397 CW/0282 CHURCH MUSIC - The Roy Rogers 3,398 CW/0215 CHURCH OF THE HOLY SEPULCHRE - Johnny Cash 3,399 CS/A4/05 Cielito lindo Deanna Durbin 3,400 CW/0003 Cigareets Whusky & wild wild w HOMER & JETHRO 3,401 COM/0169 CIGARETTES & WHISKEY Frankie Davidson 3,402 CW/0314 CIMARRON SONS OF THE PURP 3,403 CW/0064 CINCINNATI JAIL Bobby Bare 3,404 CW/0258 CINCINNATI OHIO Bill Anderson 3,405 CW/0194 Connie Smith 3,406 D/004 CINDERELLA BABY JAMES LAST 3,407 CM/0040 CINDERELLA ROCKEFELLA Best of 50/60s 3,408 CM/0040 Best of 50s/60s 3,409 CR/0287 CINDERELLA WALTZ AMBROSE 3,410 CM/0102 CINDY INCIDENTALLY Faces 3,411 D/302 Cindy oh Cindy Eddie Fisher 3,412 D/302 To be entered. 3,413 Cs/A1/29 CIRASSIAN CIRCLE JIMMY SHAND 3,414 CM/0219 CIRCULATE Neil Sedaka 3,415 D/259 CIRCUS RING JULIUS NEHRING 3,416 D/259 To be entered. 3,417 CR/0438 CIRIBIRIBIN GRACE MOORE 3,418 CW/0326 CITY BOARDERS SAM AGINS 3,419 CW/0258 CITY LIGHTS Bill Anderson 3,420 CW/0035 Jean Shephard 3,421 D/070 LONDON FEST.ORCH 3,422 CW/0226 Ray Price 3,423 CM/0626 CITY MUSIC DAVID BOYDELL 3,424 CH/0101 CITY OF GOD HOW BROAD & FAR HUDD'FIELD CHORA 3,425 CW/0017 CITY OF NEW ORLEANS REDWOOD 3,426 CH/0018 CITY OF SONGS VIENNA WOODS BOY 3,427 CH/0019 3,428 CM/0420 CITY ON THE BLACK SEA Bee Gees 3,429 COM/0162 CITY SLICKER POLKA Spike Jones 3,430 CW/0107 CITY STREETS Muskrats 3,431 COM/0096 CLACTON BOGLE PICKER'S LAMENT KENNETH WILLIAMS 3,432 COM/0067 CLAIR Barron Knights 3,433 COL/0326 CLAIR DE LUNE ANDRE KOSTELANET 3,434 COL/0345 3,435 COL/0406 ANDREW KOSTELANE 3,436 D/084 RON GOODWIN 3,437 COM/0130 CLAIRE Barron Knights 3,438 D/004 CLAP HANDS JAMES LAST 3,439 D/321 CLAP HANDS HERE COMES CHARLIE CHARLIE BARNETT 3,440 CM/0485 CLAPPING SONG BELLE STARS 3,441 CM/0245 Gary Glitter 3,442 CM/0129 3,443 CD\1854a CLARINET A LA KING BILLY MAY 3,444 CD\1858 CLARINET CONCERTO OUT OF AFRIC WALTER BOEYKENS 3,445 D/163 CLASS 33 RAILWAY SOUNDS 3,446 D/166 CLASS 47s RAILWAY SOUNDS 3,447 D/167 CLASS 50 RAILWAY SOUNDS 3,448 D/170 CLASS 52s RAILWAY SOUNDS 3,449 CS/A4/23 CLASSIC ROCK L.S.O. 3,450 CM/0496 CLASSIC ROCK CLASSICS L.S.O. 3,451 CS/A5/26 CLASSICAL GAS APOLLO 100 3,452 CS/A5/26 CLASSICAL GAS - APOLLO 100 APOLLO 100 3,453 CS/A2/29 CLASSICAL- SELECTION OF TUNES JAMES GALWAY 3,454 COL/0114 CLASSICS IN CAMEO - 2 DEBROY SOMERS 3,455 COL/0239 CLASSICS IN CAMEO NO.3. DEBROY SOMERS 3,456 CM/0457 CLEAN HEART Sade 3,457 CS/A3/15 Cleansing Power Salvation Army 3,458 CM/0085 CLEANUP TIME John Lennon 3,459 CM/0349 CLEAR WHITE LIGHT Lindisfarne 3,460 COM/0178 CLEMENTINE STAG 3,461 COM/0124 TOM LEHRER 3,462 COM/0121 3,463 COM/0001 CLEOPATRA DRAIN CYRIL FLETCHER 3,464 CD\1858a CLEOPATRA LOVE THEME RCA SYMPH 3,465 CM/0198 CLEVELAND NOW Booker T. Jones 3,466 CH/0006 CLIFF Choir Red Army 3,467 CH/0006 CLIFF. THE Choir Red Army 3,468 CH/0031 CLIFFS OF OLD TYNEMOUTH Choir Consett Ci 3,469 CW/0010 CLIMBIN' THE WALLS SANFORD CLARK 3,470 COM/0071 CLINK CLINK ANOTHER DRINK Spike Jones 3,471 COM/0092 3,472 D/0042 CLOCK & THE DRESDEN CHINA FIG DESFORD COLLIERY 3,473 D/042 3,474 D/259 CLOCK & THE DRESDEN CHINA FIGS DESFORD COLL DOW 3,475 D/259 To be entered. 3,476 CW/0075 CLOCK ON THE WALL Crystal Gayle 3,477 D/050 CLOCKWORK ORANGE & OTHERS To be entered. 3,478 COM/0091 CLOE Spike Jones 3,479 CR/0379 CLOPIN CLOPANT Melachrino 3,480 CS/X2/27 Cloria Kings' Singers 3,481 CW/0054 CLOSE ALL THE HONKY TONKS CHARLIE WALKER 3,482 Cs/A1/20 Close as pages in a book MacDonald&Merill 3,483 D/191 CLOSE ENCOUNTERS TV THEMES SiFi V 3,484 CM/0569 CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE 3RD GENE PAGE 3,485 CM/0443 CLOSE TO MY HEART Gene Pitney 3,486 CM/0412 CLOSE TO YOU Diana Ross + 3,487 Cs/A1/10 JAMES LAST 3,488 D/007 3,489 D/063 CLOTHO'S WEB To be entered. 3,490 CM/0344 CLOUD NINE TEMPTATIONS 3,491 CM/0028 CLUB TROPICANA WHAM 3,492 CM/0051 CLUMBIDEXTROUS Sad Cafe 3,493 CR/0290 CO CO CO CO CO CO RO CARMEN MIRANDA 3,494 CM/0250 CO-CO Sweet 3,495 CM/0391 COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER LORETTA LYNN 3,496 CW/0020 3,497 CW/0199 3,498 CW/0224 3,499 CS/A5/07 Coal Tit Bird Songs 3,500 CM/0137 COASTIN' Coast to Coast 3,501 CW/0042 COAT OF MANY COLOURS Dolly Parton 3,502 CW/0043 3,503 CW/0053 Emmylou Harris 3,504 CS/A3/24 Cobbler's Song Peter Dawson 3,505 CW/0288 COCK OF THE NORTH Foster & Allen 3,506 D/260 COCKEYE'S SONG ZAMFIR 3,507 Cs/A1/28 COCKLES & MUSSELS JAMES LAST 3,508 D/003 3,509 D/005 3,510 D/097 Cockney Medley Hallmark of Harm 3,511 COM/0091 COCKTAILS FOR TWO Spike Jones 3,512 CW/0291 COCKY FARMER Foster & Allen 3,513 CR/0423 COCOANUT WOMAN HARRY BELAFONTE 3,514 CW/0106 CODE OF THE WEST Roger Miller 3,515 CM/0196 COFFEE HOMEGROUND Kate Bush 3,516 CM/0402 COLD Rupert Holmes 3,517 CS/XM/04 Cold As Christmas Elton John 3,518 CW/0310 COLD COLD HEART BOBBY SYKES & LO 3,519 CW/0294 DON GIBSON 3,520 CW/0263 George Hamilton 3,521 CW/0079 3,522 CW/0112 Hank Williams 3,523 CW/0327 HILLBILLY HALEY 3,524 CW/0054 Jerry Lee Lewis 3,525 CW/0214 Johnny Cash 3,526 CW/0273 Ray Price 3,527 CW/0268 Unknown Vocalist 3,528 CW/0124 COLD EMPTY ARMS Slim Whitman 3,529 CW/0005 Cold hard facts of life Porter Wagoner 3,530 CW/0032 3,531 CW/0219 3,532 CW/0269 3,533 CW/0228 COLD HARD FACTS OF LIFE - The P[ORTER WAGONER 3,534 COM/0073 COLD IN MY NOSE Barron Knights 3,535 COM/0007 COLD PORRIDGE Spike Milligan 3,536 CW/0318 COLD, COLD HEART BOBBY SYKES 3,537 D/140 COLDITZ MARCH TV THEMES 3,538 CS/A4/39 COLDSTREAM MARCH MILANOLLO COLDST.GDS BAND 3,539 CW/0131 COLERADO SIOUX 3,540 CW/0094 COLERADO COUNTRY MORNING Hank Snow 3,541 CW/0160 3,542 COM/0002 COLLEEN Benny Hill 3,543 COM/0064 3,544 Cs/A1/13 Collier Laddie Corries 3,545 D/035 COLONEL BOGEY HM ROYAL MARINES 3,546 CS/A5/32 COLONEL BOGEY MARCH HM ROYAL MARINES 3,547 COL/0311 COLONEL BOGEY ON PARADE GRENADIER GUARDS 3,548 CM/0486 COLOR HER BLUE Val Stoecklein 3,549 CW/0171 COLORADO George Hamilton 3,550 CW/0012 COLORADO COUNTRY MORNING Tennessee Ernie 3,551 CM/0118 COLOURS DONOVAN 3,552 CD\1858 COLOURS OF THE WIND NICK INGMAN ORCH 3,553 CM/0190 COME & GET IT Motown 3,554 CM/0067 COME & GET THESE MEMORIES Supremes 3,555 CW/0076 COME & LET ME LOOK IN YOUR EYE John Denver 3,556 CS/A4/31 COME ALL YE SHEPHERDS PHIL.JONES BRASS 3,557 CS/XM/15 Come all you good true Christi Valleyfolk 3,558 CS/X2/15 Come All You True Good Christi Valleyfolk 3,559 CW/0221 COME BACK HOME Gene Watson 3,560 CM/0021 COME BACK JONEE DEVO 3,561 CM/0242 COME BACK MY LOVE Darts 3,562 CW/0289 COME BACK PADDY REILLY Foster & Allen 3,563 Cs/A1/28 COME BACK TO ERIN JAMES LAST 3,564 D/0334 COME BACK TO ME - ARABIAN RON GOODWIN 3,565 CH/0036 COME BACK TO SORRENTO Beniamino gigli 3,566 D/274 Harry Seacombe 3,567 D/110 Morriston Orp.Ch 3,568 D/274 To be entered. 3,569 CM/0033 COME BACK WHEN YOU GROW UP Bobby Vee 3,570 D/094 COME CLOSER TO ME PEPE JARAMILLO 3,571 CH/0079 COME COME YE SAINTS Choir Mormon Tab 3,572 CH/0097 3,573 CM/0026 COME DANCING KINKS 3,574 CM/0166 COME DOWN EASY Carole King 3,575 CW/0090 COME EARLY MORNING Don Williams 3,576 CW/0102 3,577 CW/0144 3,578 CM/0064 COME FIGHTING Frankie goes to 3,579 CS/A2/08 Come follow me Barb.Courtney-Kn 3,580 CM/0037 COME GO WITH ME DEL-VIKINGS 3,581 CM/0291 Sha Na Na 3,582 CM/0291 SHANANA 3,583 CM/0079 COME HOME Dave Clark Five 3,584 D/0335 COME INTO SANSSOUCI PARK ROBERT STOLTZ 3,585 D/278 Come into the garden Maud Cliff Adams Sing 3,586 CS/A5/18 Stuart Burrows 3,587 D/278 To be entered. 3,588 COM/0162 COME JOSEPHINE IN MY FLYING MA Spike Jones 3,589 CH/0053 COME LET US TO THE LORD OUR GO Choir Glasgow Ph 3,590 CM/0358 COME LIVE WITH ME Heaven 17 3,591 CW/0185 Roy Clark 3,592 CH/0017 COME MY DAUGHTERS SHARE MY MOU MUNICH BACH CHOI 3,593 COM/0169 COME ON AUSSIE COME ON Frankie Davidson 3,594 CM/0491 COME ON BACK TO ME Foundations 3,595 CM/0213 COME ON BE MY GIRL DENNISONS 3,596 CM/0117 COME ON CHILDREN Small Faces 3,597 CM/0128 COME ON COME IN GET ON Gary Glitter 3,598 CM/0488 COME ON DANCE DANCE S'NIGHT BAND 3,599 CM/0437 COME ON LET'S GO Showaddywaddy 3,600 CM/0434 COME ON OVER TO MY PLACE Drifters 3,601 COM/0132 COME OUTSIDE Judge Dread 3,602 CS/A4/43 Come Prima Mario Lanza 3,603 D/295 Come rain or come shine Forrest & Haymes 3,604 CM/0247 JOHN WALKER 3,605 D/295 To be entered. 3,606 CM/0262 COME ROUND HERE Smokey Robinson 3,607 D/113 Come Saturday Morning Liza Minnelli 3,608 CM/0408 Scott Walker 3,609 D/113 To be entered. 3,610 CM/0290 COME SEE ABOUT ME Diana Ross & Sup 3,611 CM/0290 DIANA ROSS & THE 3,612 CM/0455 DIANA ROSS/SUPRE 3,613 CM/0230 Gladys Knight/Pi 3,614 CW/0233 COME SUNDOWN Roy Drusky 3,615 CH/0066 COME SWEET MAY Choir Vienna Boy 3,616 CM/0824 COME TO AMERICA GIBSON BROTHERS 3,617 CM/0601 COME TO ME FRANCE JOLI 3,618 CM/0852 3,619 COL/0156 COME TO ME SOOTHING SLEEP KATHLEEN FERRIER 3,620 COL/0294 COME TO ME SOOTHING SLEEP - HA KATHLEEN FERRIER 3,621 CS/A4/38 Come To The Fair Kiri Te Kanawa 3,622 D/255 WURLITZER JOHN M 3,623 CM/0045 COME TOGETHER Beatles 3,624 CM/0081 3,625 CM/0105 COME TOMORROW Manfred Mann 3,626 CM/0427 COME WHAT MAY VICKY LEANDROS 3,627 CH/0023 COME WHERE MY LOVE LIES DREAMI Choir Mormon Tab 3,628 CH/0091 SQUARE PEGS 3,629 COL/0331 COME WITH ME NO RISK YOU RUN HEDDLE NASH/DENN 3,630 CS/A3/42 Come with thy sweet voiceagain Robert White 3,631 CW/0257 COMEBACK - The Faron Young 3,632 COM/0093 COMEDIANS FRANK CARSON 3,633 COM/0088 COMEDIANS (1971) Various Artists 3,634 CS/A5/31 COMEDIANS' GALLOP ORGAN BrianSharp 3,635 D/318 COMEDY ALAN SHERMAN 3,636 D/318 Allan Sherman 3,637 D/318 BILLY CONNOLLY 3,638 D/318 BOB NEWHART 3,639 D/318 To be entered. 3,640 D/309 Comedy - Victor Borge Victor Borge 3,641 COM/0126 COMEDY IN MUSIC VICTOR BORGE 3,642 D/318 COMEDY MASTER (A) VARIOUS COMEDIAN 3,643 CM/0773 COMIN' ON STRONG BROKEN ENGLISH 3,644 CS/A4/38 Comin' Thro' The Rye Kiri Te Kanawa 3,645 D/121 Coming Closer Crystal Gayle 3,646 COM/0166 COMING HOME TOM O'CONNOR 3,647 D/246 Coming in on a wing & a prayer Anne Shelton & A 3,648 D/246 To be entered. 3,649 CW/0190 COMMANCHEROS - The CLAUDE KING 3,650 COM/0082 COMMAND POST DAD'S ARMY 3,651 CS/A2/11 COMMANDO GENERAL ROYL.MAR.COMMAND 3,652 CW/0011 COMMERCIAL AFFECTION MEL TILLIS 3,653 CM/0171 COMMON AS MUCK Ian Drury 3,654 COM/0027 COMMON ENTRANCE Peter Sellers 3,655 CW/0202 COMMON GROUND George Hamilton 3,656 CM/0197 COMMOTION Creedence Clearw 3,657 CM/0197 Kate Bush 3,658 CM/0353 COMMUNICATE FULL HOUSE 3,659 CM/0353 Slade 3,660 CM/0728 COMMUNICATION SPANDAU BALLET 3,661 D/308 Communication Breakdown Roy Orbison 3,662 CM/0343 COMMUNION Swing out Sister 3,663 CS/A5/25 Como tu Julio Iglesias 3,664 CW/0014 COMPANY'S COMIN' Faron Young 3,665 D/214 Comrades Edward Woodward 3,666 CH/0001 COMRADES IN ARMS Choir Morriston 3,667 CH/0064 3,668 CR/0001 COLNE ORPHEUS GL 3,669 CH/0005 COMRADES' SONG OF HOPE Choir Froncysyll 3,670 D/263 CONCERT MARCH GOOD ELIZABETHAN YORKSHIRE IMPERI 3,671 D/051 CONCERT OVERTURE BLACK DYKE MILLS 3,672 COM/0038 CONCERT-THE Michael Bentine 3,673 CS/A3/07 CONCERTO - RODRIGO'S GUITAR MANUEL 3,674 CS/A2/39 CONCERTO APPASSIONATO SEMPRINI 3,675 CH/0049 CONCERTO D' AMOUR Gunther Kallman 3,676 D/247 CONCERTO DE ARANJUEZ -RODRIGO SHADOWS 3,677 CS/A5/11 CONCERTO DE ARRANJUEZ JAMES LAST 3,678 CS/A2/34 CONCERTO FOR CELLO - ELGAR CELLO- BARENBOIM 3,679 CS/A3/18 CONCERTO FOR HARPSICHORD & ORC NURENBURG SYMPH 3,680 Cs/A1/04 CONCERTO FOR ORCHESTRA- BARTOK CHICAGO SYMPH OR 3,681 COL/0293 CONCERTO FOR TRUMPET & ORCH - GEORGE ESKDALE 3,682 COL/0078 CONCERTO GROSSO IN D MAJOR - H LONDON SYMPHONY 3,683 COL/0027 CONCERTO IN A MINOR IGNAZ FRIEDMAN 3,684 COL/0042 CONCERTO IN A MINOR - PIANO & DINU LIPATTI 3,685 COL/0203 CONCERTO IN F (PTS 1 & 2) PAUL WHITEMAN 3,686 COL/0205 CONCERTO IN F (PTS 5 & 6) PAUL WHITEMAN 3,687 COL/0204 CONCERTO IN F (PTS.3 & 4) PAUL WHITEMAN 3,688 COL/0213 CONCERTO NO.1 IN B FLAT MINOR ARTHUR SANDFORD 3,689 COL/0225 DEBROY SOMERS 3,690 COL/0068 CONCERTO NO.2 IN A MAJOR EGON PETRI 3,691 CR/0447 CONCERTO SYMPHONIQUE IRENE SCHARRER 3,692 CS/A2/39 CONCERTO SYMPHONIQUE - SCHERZO SEMPRINI 3,693 CW/0222 CONCRETE Bill Anderson 3,694 CM/0114 CONCRETE & CLAY UNIT 4 PLUS 2 3,695 COM/0021 CONCRETE BLOCK BLASTER BATES 3,696 CW/0216 CONCRETE COWBOYS Concrete Cowboy 3,697 CM/0288 CONESUALA T.REX 3,698 CM/0288 TREX 3,699 CM/0413 CONFIDENCE Elvis Presley 3,700 CM/0353 CONFUSION ARMANDO 3,701 CM/0353 Slade 3,702 COL/0278 CONGO NIGHTS OSIBISABA QUARTE 3,703 CS/A3/23 Congratulations Not Original 3,704 COM/0001 CONJUROR'S BRIDE CYRIL FLETCHER 3,705 CM/0426 CONQUISTADOR PROCOL HARUM 3,706 CM/0001 CONTACT EDWIN STARR 3,707 CM/0008 3,708 CM/0175 3,709 CM/0516 3,710 COM/0027 CONTEMPORARY SCENE - 1 Peter Sellers 3,711 COM/0027 CONTEMPORARY SCENE - 2 Peter Sellers 3,712 CS/A5/03 Contessa John Talliavini 3,713 D/051 CONTESTER MARCH BLACK DYKE MILLS 3,714 D/114 CONTINENTAL A.GREENSLADE ORC 3,715 CD\1857a BILLY MAY 3,716 CS/A5/20 Peter Skellern 3,717 CM/0215 CONTRACT ON LOVE Stevie Wonder 3,718 CM/0216 3,719 CS/A2/10 CONTRAST & RHYME - WALTON ELIZ.BAINBRIDGE 3,720 CM/0911 CONTROL TOWER DISCO TECH 3,721 CM/0217 CONTUSION Stevie Wonder 3,722 COM/0038 CONVERSATION IN THE TRAIN Michael Bentine 3,723 D/284 CONVERSATION WITH HARPO MARX BROTHERS 3,724 D/284 To be entered. 3,725 CW/0173 CONVERSION OF RONNIE JONES Merle Haggard 3,726 CW/0292 CONVICT & THE ROSE Hank Snow 3,727 CS/A3/14 Cool Soundtrack 3,728 CM/0212 COOL FOOL EDGAR WINTER 3,729 CW/0193 COOL WATER Frankie Laine 3,730 CW/0149 JIMMIE RODGERS 3,731 CW/0283 SONS OF THE PION 3,732 CW/0314 SONS OF THE PURP 3,733 CW/0078 WELLINGS & TRAVI 3,734 CM/0393 COPACABANA Barry Manilow 3,735 D/010 JAMES LAST 3,736 D/010 To be entered. 3,737 COL/0017 COPPELIA LONDON BALLET OR 3,738 D/257 Coquette Bing Crosby 3,739 D/257 To be entered. 3,740 CM/0201 CORN BREAD Johnny & Hurri 3,741 D/067 CORNET CARILLION BRASS BANDS 3,742 D/051 CORNET CARILLON BLACK DYKE MILLS 3,743 D/051 CORNET ROUNDABOUT BLACK DYKE MILLS 3,744 COL/0056 CORNISH RHAPSODY HARRIET COHEN 3,745 COL/0106 3,746 COL/0107 3,747 COL/0135 3,748 COL/0145 3,749 COL/0237 3,750 COL/0421 3,751 COL/0422 3,752 CR/0135 CORO SOLDATI LA SCALA CHORUS 3,753 COL/0073 CORONATION MARCH BOURNEMOUTH MUNI 3,754 CS/A5/29 CORONATION MARCH - ELGAR ROYAL LIVERPOOL 3,755 D/071 Coronation Scene Royal Op.Hse Ch 3,756 D/174 CORONATION STREET TV THEMES CASSET 3,757 CW/0110 CORRINE CORRINA BOB WILLS 3,758 COM/0149 COSHER BAILEY FIRST XV SING RU 3,759 COM/0136 Various Artists 3,760 CS/A4/18 Cosi fan tutte Trio Choir Gloucester 3,761 CM/0359 COSMIC ENERGY Kool 3,762 CH/0006 COSSACK PATROL Choir Red Army 3,763 CS/A5/04 RAFBAND CRANWELL 3,764 D/005 COSTA BRAVA JAMES LAST 3,765 COM/0173 COTTLESTON PIE Muppets 3,766 CW/0322 COTTON CECIL BOWMAN 3,767 CW/0216 COTTON EYED JOE Concrete Cowboy 3,768 CW/0327 COTTON HAIRED GAL HILLBILLY HALEY 3,769 CW/0012 COTTON JENNY ANNE MURRAY 3,770 CM/0289 COULD I BE DREAMING EVERLASTING LOVE 3,771 CM/0289 Love Affair 3,772 CM/0145 COULD IT BE FOREVER David Cassidy 3,773 CM/0393 COULD IT BE MAGIC Barry Manilow 3,774 CM/0038 COULD THIS BE MAGIC DUBS 3,775 CH/0067 COULD YE NOT WATCH WITH ME (CR Choir Guildford 3,776 CW/0117 COULD YOU LOVE A POOR BOY DOLL Eddie Rabbitt 3,777 CW/0117 COULD YOU LOVE A POOR GUY DOLL Eddie Rabbitt 3,778 CM/0481 COULD'VE BEEN TIFFANY 3,779 COM/0073 COULDN'T SPELL !!**?! Barron Knights 3,780 Cs/A1/28 COULIN JAMES LAST 3,781 CM/0174 COUNT ME OUT Cliff Richard 3,782 CS/A4/14 COUNT OF LUXEMBOURG WALTZ MAREK WEBER 3,783 CH/0032 COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS Choir Luton Girl 3,784 CH/0089 Choir M/cr Boys 3,785 D/283 JACK WARD PIANO 3,786 D/052 LONDON C.GOSPELC 3,787 D/307 London Commun.Go 3,788 D/283 To be entered. 3,789 D/307 3,790 D/321 COUNT'S IDEA CHARLIE BARNETT 3,791 CW/0166 COUNTING TEARS Jimmy Dean 3,792 CH/0016 COUNTING THE GOATS APOLLO TEESIDE 3,793 CH/0064 Choir MonmouthMV 3,794 CH/0047 3,795 CH/0011 Choir Morriston 3,796 CH/0001 Choir Treorchy 3,797 CH/0048 LINDEN SINGERS 3,798 CH/0105 WELSH MASSED CHR 3,799 CW/0214 COUNTRY BOY Johnny Cash 3,800 CW/0213 COUNTRY BOY (You got your feet Glen Campbell 3,801 CW/0016 COUNTRY BUMPKIN Cal Smith 3,802 CW/0172 COUNTRY CABIN-ITIS Tom T. Hall. 3,803 CW/0298 COUNTRY COMFORT EARL SCRUGGS REV 3,804 CW/0222 COUNTRY D.J. Bill Anderson 3,805 CS/A5/15 COUNTRY DANCES FOR ORCH - 12 ACAD.St.MARTIN 3,806 CW/0045 COUNTRY DREAMS Chris Nielsen 3,807 CW/0235 COUNTRY DUETS Various Artists 3,808 CW/0300 3,809 CW/0301 3,810 CS/A5/17 COUNTRY GARDENS - GRAINGER BOURNEMOUTH SYMP 3,811 CS/A2/07 Lt.MUSIC SOCY 3,812 CW/0028 COUNTRY GENTLEMAN FLOYD CRAMER 3,813 CW/0028 COUNTRY GENTLEMEN FLOYD CRAMER 3,814 CW/0271 COUNTRY GIRL BARBARA MANDRELL 3,815 CW/0257 Faron Young 3,816 CW/0091 Glen Campbell 3,817 CW/0083 3,818 CW/0051 Lynn Anderson 3,819 CW/0022 3,820 CW/0184 3,821 COM/0120 Paddy Roberts 3,822 COM/0066 3,823 D/058 Wally Stott Chor 3,824 CW/0294 COUNTRY GREEN DON GIBSON 3,825 CM/0062 COUNTRY HONK Rolling Stones 3,826 CW/0216 COUNTRY IS THE CLOSEST THING T Concrete Cowboy 3,827 CW/0171 COUNTRY MUSIC IN MY SOUL George Hamilton 3,828 CW/0295 3,829 CW/0068 COUNTRY PICKIN' THE BUCKAROOS 3,830 D/315 COUNTRY ROCK POLKA JEAN JACQUES PER 3,831 CW/0267 COUNTRY SING-ALONG STYLE (Good CHAMP BUTLER 3,832 CM/0249 COUNTRY SONG Prairie League 3,833 CW/0298 COUNTRY STORYTELLERS Various Artists 3,834 CW/0033 COUNTRY SUNSHINE DOTTIE WEST 3,835 D/003 COUNTRY TRAIN JAMES LAST 3,836 CW/0207 COUNTRYFIED George Hamilton 3,837 CW/0295 3,838 COL/0193 COUNTY COTILLON WALTZLAND HARRY DAVIDSON 3,839 CR/0439 COUPLETS DU CHARME ROSE CORDAY 3,840 D/189 COURAGEOUS CAT TV THEMES 3,841 CH/0037 COURAGEOUS DON COSSACKS Choir Red Army 3,842 CW/0289 COURTIN' IN THE KITCHEN Foster & Allen 3,843 CH/0027 COURTSHIP MAZOWSZE 3,844 D/189 COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER TV THEMES 3,845 CW/0055 COURTYARD Bobbie Gentry 3,846 CW/0191 3,847 CS/X2/25 Coventry Carol Choir St.Paul's 3,848 CM/0167 COVER OF 'ROLLING STONE' Dr. Hook 3,849 CR/0372 COVERED WAGON MELODI LIGHT ORC 3,850 CW/0327 COVERED WAGON ROLLED RIGHT ALO HILLBILLY HALEY 3,851 CW/0261 COWARD OF THE COUNTY Kenny Rogers 3,852 COM/0150 COWARDS JASPER CARROTT 3,853 CW/0326 COWBOY GLENN OHRLIN 3,854 CW/0282 COWBOY HEAVEN Roy Rogers 3,855 CW/0109 COWBOY LOVING NIGHT Royston Jones 3,856 CW/0326 COWBOY SONG RIDERS IN THE SK 3,857 D/304 Cowboy songs Singing Cowboys 3,858 D/305 3,859 D/306 3,860 CW/0326 COWBOY STOMP BOB WILLIS 3,861 CS/A2/14 Cowboy's delight John Denver 3,862 CW/0302 COWBOYS DON'T SHOOT STRAIGHT L Tammy Wynette 3,863 CW/0049 COWGIRL & THE DANDY Dolly Parton 3,864 CW/0326 COWHAND'S LAST RIDE JIMMIE RODGERS 3,865 CM/0005 COZ I LUV YOU SLADE 3,866 CM/0449 3,867 CS/A4/18 Cradle Song Choir Gloucester 3,868 CM/0480 CRASH PRIMITIVES 3,869 CM/0481 3,870 COM/0178 CRAVEN A STAG 3,871 CM/0434 CRAWLING BACK Roy Orbison 3,872 CM/0435 3,873 D/308 3,874 CW/0323 CRAWLING BACK TO YOU Johnny Dollar 3,875 CM/0467 CRAZY Mud 3,876 CW/0256 Patsy Cline 3,877 CM/0256 CRAZY ABOUT THE LA LA LA Smokey Robinson 3,878 CW/0311 CRAZY ARMS Conway Twitty 3,879 CW/0044 MARIE OSMAN 3,880 CW/0226 Ray Price 3,881 CW/0227 3,882 CW/0188 Waylon Jennings 3,883 CM/0257 CRAZY CHICKEN Graham Central S 3,884 CW/0218 CRAZY DREAMS Conway Twitty 3,885 CM/0221 CRAZY HORSES Osmonds 3,886 CM/0224 3,887 CM/0065 CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LO Queen 3,888 CM/0527 CRAZY MUSIC OTTAWAN 3,889 CM/0150 CRAZY WATER Elton John 3,890 CH/0093 CRAZY WORDS CRAZY TUNE BOSTON BARBERS 3,891 CH/0070 CREATION.THE (HAYDN) PART 1 VIENNA PHILHARMO 3,892 CH/0071 CREATION.THE (HAYDN) PART 11 VIENNA PHILHARMO 3,893 COM/0136 CREDIT TALFRYN THOMAS 3,894 CH/0036 CREED RUSSIAN METROPOL 3,895 CM/0671 CREEPER PUMPKIN DELIVERY 3,896 CM/0318 CREEQUE ALLEY MAMAS & PAPAS 3,897 CM/0319 3,898 CM/0320 3,899 COL/0180 CREOLE LOVE CALL DUKE ELLINGTON 3,900 CS/A2/16 CRETE - AN EVENING IN SWANN & GRK LADY 3,901 COM/0019 CRICKET COMMENTATORS Two Ronnies 3,902 Cs/A1/12 Crimmond Phil.Chmbr.Choir 3,903 CH/0020 CRIMOND 5000 WELSH VOICE 3,904 CH/0003 Choir Glasgow Or 3,905 D/323 Hymns & Carols 3,906 CS/A2/01 Seaford Coll Cho 3,907 CH/0059 Welsh Voices Cho 3,908 D/296 CRIMOND in med REGINALD DIXON 3,909 COM/0054 CRIPPLE CREEK BILLY CONNOLLY 3,910 CW/0317 CRITTERS BEVERLY HILLBILL 3,911 CM/0481 CROSS MY BROKEN HEART SINITTA 3,912 D/148 CROSS OF HONOUR CORY WORKMEN'S 3,913 CH/0067 CROSS OF JESUS (CRUCIFIXION) Choir Guildford 3,914 D/174 CROSSROADS TV THEMES CASSET 3,915 CM/0188 Wings 3,916 D/140 CROSSROADS THEME TV THEMES 3,917 CM/0402 CROWD PLEASER Rupert Holmes 3,918 CM/0433 CROWN GARY BYRD 3,919 CH/0004 CROWN HIM WITH MANY CROWNS Choir Warwick SM 3,920 CH/0101 HUDD'FIELD CHORA 3,921 CS/A5/29 CROWN IMPERIAL ROYAL LIVERPOOL 3,922 CM/0123 CROWN OF CREATION Jefferson Airpla 3,923 CH/0088 CROWN OF ROSES - THE Aled Jones (Boy 3,924 COM/0042 CROWTHER'S CROWD LESLIE CROWTHER 3,925 COM/0053 CRUCIFIXION BILLY CONNOLLY 3,926 COL/0010 CRUEL HEART THOU HAST BETRAYED ELISABETH SCHWAR 3,927 CS/A3/24 Cruel is life Peter Dawson 3,928 CH/0033 CRUGYBAR CWMANFA GANU CWM 3,929 COM/0166 CRUISE TOM O'CONNOR 3,930 COM/0150 CRUISE MISSILES JASPER CARROTT 3,931 COM/0099 CRUISE OF THE USS CODFISH BOB NEWHART 3,932 CM/0011 CRUNCH RAH BAND 3,933 CM/0487 CRUNCHY GRENOLA SUITE First Christian 3,934 Cs/A1/15 CRUSADER ROYAL MARINES 3,935 CH/0001 CRUSADERS Choir Treorchy 3,936 CH/0001 CRUSADERS. THE Choir Treorchy 3,937 CM/0358 CRUSHED BY THE WHEELS OF INDUS Heaven 17 3,938 CW/0015 CRY Lynn Anderson 3,939 CW/0018 3,940 CM/0496 CRY BOY CRY BLUE ZOO 3,941 CW/0047 CRY CRY AGAIN Lynn Anderson 3,942 CW/0054 CRY CRY CRY Johnny Cash 3,943 CW/0214 3,944 CW/0054 CRY CRY DARLING JIMMY C. NEWMAN 3,945 CM/0431 CRY LIKE A BABY Aretha Franklin 3,946 CM/0306 Box Tops 3,947 D/121 Cry Me A River Crystal Gayle 3,948 CW/0266 CRY SOFTLY JESSI COLTER 3,949 D/308 Cry Softly Lonely One Roy Orbison 3,950 CW/0047 CRY,CRY AGAIN Lynn Anderson 3,951 CM/0356 CRYIN' EVERY DAY Bee Gees 3,952 CW/0024 CRYIN' TIME George Jones 3,953 CW/0012 SUSAN RAYE 3,954 CM/0114 CRYING GAME DAVE BERRY 3,955 CW/0209 CRYING HOLY UNTO MY LORD BILL MONROE 3,956 D/241 Crying in the chapel Elvis Presley 3,957 CM/0380 3,958 CM/0037 SONNY TILL 3,959 D/241 To be entered. 3,960 D/256 Crying time Miki & Griff 3,961 D/262 Ray Charles 3,962 D/256 To be entered. 3,963 CM/0904 CRYING TO THE SKY SUNBURST FINISH 3,964 D/269 Crystal Chandeliers Charley Pride 3,965 CW/0092 Charlie Pride 3,966 CW/0111 3,967 CW/0245 3,968 CW/0263 George Hamilton 3,969 CW/0079 3,970 D/269 To be entered. 3,971 CM/0904 CRYSTAL GAZING SUNBURST FINISH 3,972 CD\1858 CSVALLERIA RUSTICANA INTERMEZZ ORCH.FILARMONICA 3,973 CR/0331 CUANTO LE GUSTA EDMUNDO ROS 3,974 CM/0350 CUBA GIBSON BROTHERS 3,975 D/282 CUBAN LOVE SONG XAVIER CUGAT 3,976 CR/0509 CUBANANCAN ANDRE KOSTELANET 3,977 Cs/A1/03 CUCKOO - ITALIAN FOLK TUNE Brass Ensemble 3,978 CH/0014 CUCKOO - THE Black & White Mi 3,979 COM/0148 CUENTOLE GUSTA MISS PIGGY/PIGS 3,980 CM/0449 CUM ON FEEL THE NOIZE Slade 3,981 D/068 CUM SANCTO SIRITU - ROSSINI HALLE ORCHESTRA 3,982 CM/0415 CUMBERLAND GAP LONNIE DONEGAN 3,983 COM/0166 CUP FINAL TOM O'CONNOR 3,984 CW/0091 CUP O' TEA Don Williams 3,985 CW/0100 3,986 CW/0323 CUP OF LONELINESS George Jones 3,987 CM/0283 CURIOUS ELECTRIC John & Vangelis 3,988 CM/0283 JON & VANGELIS 3,989 COM/0044 CURLERS POEM PAM AYRES 3,990 CW/0197 CURSE OF THE WILD WEED FLOWER Porter Wagoner 3,991 CW/0124 CURTAIN OF TEARS Slim Whitman 3,992 CH/0031 CUSHIE BUTTERFIELD Choir Consett Ci 3,993 CD\1857b CUTE BILLY MAY 3,994 CM/0362 CUTIE Showaddywaddy 3,995 D/154 CUTS BOTH WAYS To be entered. 3,996 CH/0063 CWAHODDIAD Choir LdnWelshMV 3,997 CH/0026 CWM RHONDD Choir Pendyrus 3,998 CH/0020 WELSH MASSED CHO 3,999 CH/0020 CWM RHONDDA 5000 WELSH VOICE 4,000 CH/0064 Choir Morriston 4,001 CH/0056 Choir Pendyrus 4,002 CH/0022 Choir Treorchy 4,003 CH/0059 Welsh Voices Cho 4,004 CH/0052 CWM RHONDDA & LAND OF MY FATHE Choir Welsh Male 4,005 CM/0201 CYCLONE Johnny & Hurri 4,006 CM/0266 MECO 4,007 CM/0186 TANGERINE DREAM 4,008 CH/0106 CYFRIR GEIFR Choir Rhos MV 4,009 CH/0103 CYMOD 6,500 VOICES 4,010 CW/0325 CYPRESS INN SPECIAL LIONEL CORMIER 4,011 CH/0026 CYSGA DI Choir Pendyrus 4,012 CH/0056 4,013 CH/0027 CYT CYT MAZOWSZE 4,014 D/0042 CZARDAS DESFORD COLLIERY 4,015 D/042 4,016 CM/0010 D CHIC 4,017 CW/0326 D-BAR-2 HORSE WRANGLER SLIM CRITCHLOW 4,018 CW/0265 D-I-V-O-R-C-E LEROY & LINDA 4,019 CW/0178 Tammy Wynette 4,020 CW/0190 4,021 CW/0030 4,022 CW/0286 4,023 CM/0025 D.I.S.C.O. OTTAWAN 4,024 CM/0494 OTTOWAN 4,025 COM/0067 D.I.V.O.R.C.E. Barron Knights 4,026 CW/0027 Tammy Wynette 4,027 CW/0030 4,028 CW/0054 D.J.FOR A DAY JIMMY C.NEWMAN 4,029 COM/0060 DA NYET DA NYET Anna Russell 4,030 CS/A3/44 Daddy Harry Roy & MK 4,031 CM/0022 DADDY COOL BONEY M 4,032 CM/0010 DARTS 4,033 CM/0242 DADDY COOL/GIRL CAN'T HELP IT Carole King 4,034 CM/0242 DADDY COOL/THE GIRL CAN'T HELP Darts 4,035 CM/0231 DADDY COULD SWEAR I DECLARE Gladys Knight/Pi 4,036 CM/0489 DADDY DON'T YOU WALK SO FAST Karlins 4,037 D/235 Daddy sang bass Johnny Cash - Be 4,038 CH/0096 RINGLEADERS 4,039 D/235 To be entered. 4,040 COL/0217 DAFT SANDY WILL FYFFE 4,041 COM/0136 DAI SMALL COAL NEIL LEWIS 4,042 CR/0149 DAISY BELL EVER BRIGHT BOYS 4,043 D/005 DAISY DAISY JAMES LAST 4,044 CS/A4/34 DAKOTA SHADOWS 4,045 D/189 DAKTAN TV THEMES 4,046 D/300 DALLAS FRANK BARBER ORC 4,047 D/300 To be entered. 4,048 D/194 TV GREATEST HITS 4,049 D/055 DALLAS THEME ROYAL DOULTON BD 4,050 D/067 DAM BUSTER'S MARCH BMC CONCERT BAND 4,051 CR/0390 DAM BUSTERS' MARCH R.A.F. CENTRAL B 4,052 CS/A5/29 DAMBUSTER'S MARCH ROYAL LIVERPOOL 4,053 CS/A3/22 DAMBUSTERS RAF REgt.Sthn. 4,054 CS/A4/21 DAMNATION OF FAUST (BERLIOZ) GD.ORCH.LUXEMBOR 4,055 CS/A4/22 DAMNATION OF FAUST - BERLIOZ GD.ORCH.LUXEMBOR 4,056 D/237 Dana away Bryan Ferry 4,057 D/237 To be entered. 4,058 CM/0477 DANCE Abba 4,059 CM/0364 Our Kid 4,060 CM/0011 DANCE & SHAKE YOUR TAMBOURINE INNER CITY EXP. 4,061 CS/A3/14 Dance at the Gym Soundtrack 4,062 CM/0141 DANCE AWAY Elkie Brooks 4,063 D/120 DANCE BALLERINA DANCE WERNER MULLER 4,064 CS/A4/06 DANCE BANDS BRITISH - GREAT various 4,065 CM/0006 DANCE DANCE DANCE CHIC 4,066 CM/0089 Dave Edmunds 4,067 Cs/A1/17 DANCE DES SYLPHES - D.of FAUST K.T.LUXEMBOURG 4,068 CR/0358 DANCE GIPSY DANCE DAVID WHITFIELD 4,069 D/152 DANCE HITS OF 80s VOL 1 VARIOUS 4,070 D/153 DANCE HITS OF 80s VOL 2 VARIOUS 4,071 CS/A5/26 DANCE MACABRE APOLLO 100 4,072 CM/0587 DANCE MAN EL COCO 4,073 CM/0416 DANCE ME UP Gary Glitter 4,074 CM/0347 DANCE MIX '87 VARIOUS 4,075 CM/0368 DANCE OF MUSIC Norman Connors 4,076 CS/A3/02 DANCE OF THE BLESSED SPIRITS ACADEMYSt.MARTIN 4,077 Cs/A1/32 JAMES GALWAY 4,078 Cs/A1/14 Dance of the Cuckoos Laurel & Hardy 4,079 COL/0220 DANCE OF THE HOURS HALLE ORCH. 4,080 COM/0147 Spike Jones 4,081 CM/0379 DANCE OF THE SCREAMERS Ian Drury 4,082 CM/0270 DANCE OF THE SEVEN PAPER HAN CARAVAN 4,083 D/058 Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Wally Stott Chor 4,084 Cs/A1/04 DANCE SUITE CHICAGO SYMPH OR 4,085 CM/0446 DANCE THE KUNG FU CARL DOUGLAS 4,086 CM/0384 DANCE TO THE MUSIC SLY/FAMILY STONE 4,087 D/174 DANCE TO YOUR DADDY TV THEMES CASSET 4,088 D/261 Dance while the music goes on Abba 4,089 D/261 Dance while the music still go Abba 4,090 D/261 To be entered. 4,091 D/257 Dance with a dolly with a hole Bing Crosby 4,092 D/257 To be entered. 4,093 CM/0434 DANCE WITH ME Drifters 4,094 CM/0807 DANCE WITH THE TIMES COLOUR CODE 4,095 CM/0024 DANCE YOURSELF DIZZY LIQUID GOLD 4,096 CM/0907 DANCER LEO SAYER 4,097 CM/0030 Michael Schenker 4,098 CD\1858 DANCES WITH WOLVES MAIN THEMR ORCH.OF AMERICAS 4,099 CM/0103 DANCIN' Olivia Newton Jo 4,100 CM/0650 DANCIN' LOVE AFFAIR WAYNE HENDERSON 4,101 CM/0365 DANCIN' ON A SATURDAY NIGHT Barry Blue 4,102 CM/0494 DANCIN' ON A WIRE SURFACE NOISE 4,103 CM/0010 DANCIN' PARTY SHOWADDYWADDY 4,104 CM/0361 DANCIN' THE MAMBO Gibson Bros 4,105 CM/0433A DANCIN' TIGHT FREEEZ 4,106 CM/0317 DANCING BEAR MAMAS & PAPAS 4,107 D/098 Dancing close Elaine Paige 4,108 Cs/A1/29 DANCING DUSTMAN JIMMY SHAND 4,109 D/0334 DANCING EYES RON GOODWIN 4,110 CM/0363 DANCING IN THE AISLE Silver Conventio 4,111 CM/0471 4,112 D/009 DANCING IN THE CITY JAMES LAST 4,113 D/128 DANCING IN THE DARK AMBROSE 4,114 CM/0416 DANCING IN THE STREET Gary Glitter 4,115 CM/0078 Kinks 4,116 CM/0317 MAMAS & PAPAS 4,117 CM/0318 4,118 CM/0455 MARTHA REEVES 4,119 CM/0119 Walker Brothers 4,120 CM/0071 DANCING MACHINE Jackson 5 4,121 CM/0172 DANCING ON THE FLOOR Various 4,122 CM/0478 DANCING QUEEN Abba 4,123 CM/0151 DANCING THE NIGHT AWAY Leo Sayer 4,124 D/296 DANCING WITH TEARS IN MY EYES REGINALD DIXON 4,125 CS/A3/12 SANDY MACPHERSON 4,126 CM/0108 DANCING WITH TEARS INMY EYES Ultravox 4,127 D/255 DANCING YEARS SELECTION WURLITZER JOHN M 4,128 CM/0227 DANDELION Donny & Marie 4,129 CM/0169 Rolling Stones 4,130 CM/0496 DANGER GAMES PINKEES 4,131 CM/0337 DANGLING ON A STRING Chairmen of Boar 4,132 D/312 Danny Boy Andy Williams 4,133 COL/0011 DORA LABBETTE 4,134 COL/0249 4,135 CM/0110 Jackie Wilson 4,136 CS/A4/38 Kiri Te Kanawa 4,137 CM/0219 Neil Sedaka 4,138 CS/A5/18 Stuart Burrows 4,139 D/312 To be entered. 4,140 CM/0441 Tom Jones 4,141 D/087 Dans le soleil at dans le vent Nana Mouskouri 4,142 D/060 DANSANT 1 To be entered. 4,143 CS/A4/22 DANSE DE SYLPHES (BERLIOZ) GD.ORCH.LUXEMBOR 4,144 CS/A5/11 DANSE ESPAGNOL JAMES LAST 4,145 COL/0425 DANSE MACABRE ORCHESTRE SYMPHO 4,146 CS/X2/07 DANSE REAL WIND ENSEMBLE 4,147 CS/A1/34 DANSES SACREE ET PROFANE NANCY ALLEN-HARP 4,148 CM/0200 DANZA SKY 4,149 CS/A3/11 DARE TO BE A DANIEL ALBION BAND 4,150 D/126 DARGASON FANTASIA ON (HOLST) CORY BAND 4,151 CS/A1/37 DARIUS MILHAUD COMPOSITIONS LONDON WIND ORCH 4,152 CM/0248 DARK EYES Spotniks 4,153 D/189 DARK SHADOWS TV THEMES 4,154 CM/0061 DARK SIDE OF THE MOON PINK FLOYD 4,155 D/190 DARK STAR TV THEMES SiFi V 4,156 CS/A4/03 Darkmere Clannad 4,157 CM/0473 DARKNESS Human League 4,158 CM/0484 Police 4,159 CH/0096 DARKNESS ON THE DELTA CRAWLEY CHORDSME 4,160 D/296 DARKTOWN STRUTTER'S BALL in m REGINALD DIXON 4,161 D/322 DARLIN' COUNTRY GUITARS 4,162 CM/0022 FRANKIE MILLER 4,163 CM/0414 Osmonds 4,164 CM/0413 4,165 CR/0318 DARLING DENNY DENNIS 4,166 CM/0230 Gladys Knight/Pi 4,167 CM/0448 DARLING BE HOME SOON Slade 4,168 CM/0256 DARLING DEAR Smokey Robinson 4,169 CM/0262 4,170 CSM/0256 4,171 CSM/0262 4,172 D/126 DASHING AWAY WITH A SMOOTHING CORY BAND 4,173 Cs/A1/12 Dashing white sergeant Phil.Chmbr.Choir 4,174 D/194 DASTARDLY & MUTLEY TV GREATEST HITS 4,175 D/190 DAUGHTER OF THE LESSER MOON TV THEMES SiFi V 4,176 CS/XM/16 DAVID HILL -ORGANIST CATHDRAL ORGAN-WINCHESTER 4,177 D/0328 David Hughes Cassette (RT) David Hughes 4,178 D/224 David Whitfield David Whitfield 4,179 D/224 To be entered. 4,180 CM/0155 DAVY'S ON THE ROAD AGAIN Manfred Mann 4,181 CM/0377 DAWN Ananta 4,182 CM/0212 MAHAVISHNU ORCH 4,183 CM/0280 MOODY BLUES 4,184 CS/A5/07 Dawn Chorus (15 mins) Bird Songs 4,185 CR/0417 DAWN FANTASY PETER YORKE 4,186 CM/0453 DAWN GO AWAY Frankie Vali + 4,187 CM/0280 DAWN IS A FEELING Moody Blues 4,188 CM/0280 DAY BEGINS MOODY BLUES 4,189 CR/0468 DAY BY DAY AMBROSE 4,190 D/270 Day I jumped from Uncle Harvey Roger Miller 4,191 D/247 Day I met Marie Cliff Richard 4,192 CS/A4/32 SHADOWS 4,193 D/247 To be entered. 4,194 D/286 DAY IN DAY OUT FRANK SINATRA SH 4,195 D/094 PEPE JARAMILLO 4,196 D/286 To be entered. 4,197 D/323 Day Is Ended Hymns & Carols 4,198 CS/X2/10 DAY IS SO FULL OF JOY ORGAN-M.SOUTER 4,199 CS/XM/09 DAY SO FULL OF JOY ORGAN 4,200 CM/0179 DAY THAT MY HEART CAUGHT FIRE Paul Young 4,201 CD\1856a Day the rains came Jane Morgan 4,202 CR/0219 4,203 D/240 4,204 D/240 To be entered. 4,205 D/245 Day thou gavest Choir Leeds Pari 4,206 CH/0102 TEMPLE CHU CHOIR 4,207 D/245 To be entered. 4,208 CS/A4/11 Day thou gavest Lord is ended Choir RNC.GRENWI 4,209 CH/0101 HUDD'FIELD CHORA 4,210 CS/A2/01 Seaford Coll Cho 4,211 CS/A3/11 DAY THOUN GAVEST ALBION BAND 4,212 CM/0044 DAY TRIPPER Beatles 4,213 CM/0086 4,214 CM/0142 DAYA THINK I'M SEXY Rod Stewart 4,215 D/098 Daybreak Elaine Paige 4,216 CM/0466 DAYDREAM David Cassidy 4,217 CM/0466 DAYDREAMER David Cassidy 4,218 CM/0492 DAYDREAMING Quincy Jones 4,219 CR/0353 DAYREAMS ANNE SHELTON 4,220 CM/0371 DAYS OF CHANGE Secret Affair 4,221 CS/A3/41 DAYS OF WINE & ROSES MANCINI 4,222 D/082 REG TILSLEY ORCH 4,223 CD\1858 DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES TITLE HENRY MANCINI 4,224 CH/0015 DE BATTLE OF JERICHO Choir Silver Rin 4,225 CR/0378 DE LA FENETRE D'EN HAUT CHARLES TRENET 4,226 CH/0039 DE LA VOLGA AU DON Choir Red Army 4,227 CH/0007 DE VEERMASTER Choir AuriShanty 4,228 CH/0009 4,229 D/092 De Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy BBC Welsh Chorus 4,230 CS/XM/32 Kings Singers 4,231 CS/X2/27 Kings' Singers 4,232 CM/0246 DEACON BLUES Steely Dan 4,233 COM/0011 DEAD DUCKS Flanders & Swann 4,234 CM/0078 DEAD END STREET Kinks 4,235 CM/0323 DEAD GIVEAWAY Shalamar 4,236 CS/A5/11 DEAD INFANT PAVANE JAMES LAST 4,237 CW/0323 DEAD LOST NEAL JONES 4,238 CM/0247 DEADLIER THAN THE MALE Walker Brothers 4,239 CM/0003 DEADRINGER FOR LOVE MEATLOAF 4,240 CM/0198 DEADWOOD DICK Booker T. Jones 4,241 COM/0109 DEAL THE PAT CAMPBELL 4,242 COM/0072 DEAL-THE PAT CAMPBELL 4,243 CW/0250 DEALTA DAWN TANYA TUCKER 4,244 CH/0066 DEAR BROTHER Choir Vienna Boy 4,245 CW/0302 DEAR DAUGHTERS Tammy Wynette 4,246 CR/0040 DEAR DEAR DEAR CLARKSON ROSE 4,247 CM/0293 DEAR DIARY MOODY BLUES 4,248 CM/0136 DEAR ELOISE Hollies 4,249 COM/0015 DEAR FRANCOIS JOYCE GRENFELL 4,250 CW/0304 DEAR HEART Slim Whitman 4,251 CW/0112 DEAR JOHN Hank Williams 4,252 CW/0251 JEAN SHEPARD & R 4,253 CW/0238 Jean Shephard 4,254 CR/0018 DEAR LITTLE IRISH MOTHER SAVOY HAVANA BAN 4,255 D/279 Dear little Shamrock Cliff Adams Sing 4,256 D/279 To be entered. 4,257 D/054 Dear Lord & Father Of Mankind Brid.Priory 4,258 CS/A4/11 Choir RNC.GRENWI 4,259 CS/A2/01 Seaford Coll Cho 4,260 CH/0102 TEMPLE CHU CHOIR 4,261 COL/0206 DEAR LOVE OF MINE C.BUTT/K.RUMFORD 4,262 COL/0083 DEAR LOVE, MY LOVE COL.VOC.GEM CO. 4,263 CD\1854b DEAR MASH BLUES BILLY MAY 4,264 CW/0082 DEAR OLD DIXIE FLATT & SCRUGGS 4,265 CS/A4/32 DEAR OLD Mrs.BELL SHADOWS 4,266 CR/0149 DEAR OLD PALS EVER BRIGHT BOYS 4,267 CW/0089 DEAR WASTE BASKET Bobby Bare 4,268 CM/0085 DEAR YOKO John Lennon 4,269 CW/0164 DEAREST ESMERALDA John Denver 4,270 CS/XM/09 DEAREST JESUS WE ARE HERE ORGAN 4,271 CS/X2/10 ORGAN-M.SOUTER 4,272 CR/0318 DEARLY BELOVED DENNY DENNIS 4,273 CW/0236 DEARY REX ALLEN Jr. 4,274 CM/0118 DEATH OF A CLOWN DAVE DAVIES 4,275 Cs/A1/09 DEATH OF QUEEN JANE BOTHY BAND 4,276 COM/0136 DEBIT Ray Smith 4,277 CM/0288 DEBORA T.REX 4,278 CM/0288 TREX 4,279 CM/0029 TYRANNOSAURUS 4,280 CM/0270 DEBOUCHEMENT CARAVAN 4,281 CM/0104 DEBRIS Faces 4,282 CM/0453 DECEMBER '63 Frankie Vali + 4,283 CM/0009 DECEMBER 1963 FOUR SEASONS 4,284 CS/XM/04 December Will Be Magic Again Kate Bush 4,285 COM/0016 DECEPTION Judge Dread 4,286 COM/0110 4,287 COM/0097 DECISION Vaughn Meader 4,288 COM/0010 DECK OF CARDS DAVID FROST/OHN 4,289 CW/0002 T.TEXAS TYLER 4,290 CW/0113 Tex Ritter 4,291 CS/XM/29 Deck the hall Joan Sutherland 4,292 CS/X2/31 4,293 CH/0048 LINDEN SINGERS 4,294 CS/XM/19 DECK THE HALL WITH BOUGHS OF H MANTOVANI 4,295 CS/XM/01 Deck the Halls Nat King Cole 4,296 CS/XM/05 Spinners 4,297 CS/X2/03 DECK THE HALLS - M MARK LAUB(ORGAN) 4,298 CS/X2/19 DECK THE HALLS WITH BOUGHS OF MANTOVANI 4,299 CS/X2/20 Various 4,300 CM/0286 DECLARATION Fifth Dimension 4,301 CM/0078 DEDICATED FOLLOWER OF FASHIO Kinks 4,302 CM/0319 DEDICATED TO THE ONE I LOVE MAMAS & PAPAS 4,303 CM/0320 4,304 CM/0321 MAMAS & THE PAPA 4,305 COL/0388 DEDICATION QUEENS HALL LIGH 4,306 CR/0336 DEED I DO LENA HORNE 4,307 D/087 Deep & Silent Sea Nana Mouskouri 4,308 D/079 DEEP - THE SOUNDTRACK To be entered. 4,309 CS/A4/44 Deep In MY Heart Dear Mario Lanza 4,310 CW/0002 Deep in the Heart of Texas Hank Thompson 4,311 D/076 Ray Conniff 4,312 CR/0485 DEEP PURPLE BILLY COTTON 4,313 CM/0388 DEEP PURPLE 4,314 CM/0227 Donny & Marie 4,315 CM/0144 Pat Boone 4,316 D/255 WURLITZER JOHN M 4,317 D/092 Deep River BBC Welsh Chorus 4,318 D/278 Cliff Adams Sing 4,319 D/278 To be entered. 4,320 CW/0316 DEEP WATER Carl Smith 4,321 CM/0259 DEEPER & DEEPER Freda Payne 4,322 CSM/0259 4,323 CS/A4/35 DEER HUNTER THEME SHADOWS 4,324 COM/0100 DEFUSING A BOMB BOB NEWHART 4,325 CW/0053 DEFYING GRAVITY Emmylou Harris 4,326 CS/A3/08 Delaney's Donkey Val Doonican 4,327 CW/0142 DELIA'S GONE Johnny Cash 4,328 CR/0008 DELICADO FRANK CORDELL 4,329 D/008 JAMES LAST 4,330 CS/A3/07 MANUEL 4,331 D/094 PEPE JARAMILLO 4,332 CH/0063 DELILAH Choir LdnWelshMV 4,333 D/249 MANTOVANI 4,334 CM/0156 Platters 4,335 D/249 To be entered. 4,336 CM/0441 Tom Jones 4,337 CM/0146 4,338 COL/0434 DELILAH WALTZ HARRY DAVIDSON 4,339 CW/0180 DELLA & THE DEALER HOYT AXTON 4,340 CW/0181 4,341 CW/0015 DELTA DAWN TANYA TUCKER 4,342 CW/0018 4,343 CW/0034 4,344 CW/0188 Waylon Jennings 4,345 CM/0427 DELTA LADY JOE COCKER 4,346 CW/0231 DELTA QUEEN Ronnie Milsap 4,347 CW/0096 DELTA TOWN Charlie Pride 4,348 D/168 DELTICS RAILWAY SOUNDS 4,349 CS/A3/10 DEMANDE ET REPONSE ALBERT SANDLER 4,350 CS/A2/07 PHILHARMONIA ORC 4,351 CM/0484 DEMOLITION MAN Police 4,352 CM/0460 DEMOLITION MEN Toyah 4,353 D/087 Den itan nissi Nana Mouskouri 4,354 CM/0376 DENIS Blondie 4,355 CH/0017 DENN ALLES FLEISCH ES IST WIE Various Artists 4,356 CM/0075 DEPARTURE Earth Wind & Fir 4,357 D/174 DEPUTY - THE TV THEMES CASSET 4,358 CS/A5/06 Der Freischutz Hamburg State Ch 4,359 COM/0091 DER FUEHRER'S FACE Spike Jones 4,360 COM/0161 4,361 CH/0066 DER LENZ Choir Vienna Boy 4,362 CH/0049 DER REIGEN Gunther Kallman 4,363 Cs/A1/10 DER ROTE SARAFAN JAMES LAST 4,364 D/072 DER ZIGUNERBARON OVERTURE LONDON PHIL.ORCH 4,365 CM/0130 DEREK'S END PIECE Bay City Rollers 4,366 CH/0022 DERYN Y BWN Choir Treorchy 4,367 CH/0022 DERYN Y BWN Choir Treorchy 4,368 CW/0150 DESERT BLUES JIMMIE RODGERS 4,369 D/0334 DESERT HERO RON GOODWIN 4,370 COL/0324 DESERT SONG E.DAY/H.WELCHMAN 4,371 COL/0074 4,372 COL/0040 EDITH DAY/HARRY 4,373 COL/0451 4,374 COL/0458 4,375 COL/0460 4,376 D/073 Harry Secombe 4,377 CS/A4/44 Mario Lanza 4,378 COL/0037 DESERT SONG PIANO MEDLEY BILLY MAYERL 4,379 COL/0037 DESERT SONG VOC.GEMS COLUMBIA LIGHT O 4,380 CS/A3/01 Deserto sulla terra Bjorling&Merrill 4,381 COM/0005 DESIGN FOR LIVING Flanders & Swann 4,382 COM/0095 4,383 D/265 4,384 D/265 To be entered. 4,385 D/282 DESINAFINADO XAVIER CUGAT 4,386 CW/0033 DESPERADO DOTTIE WEST 4,387 CM/0157 Eagles 4,388 CW/0048 Lynn Anderson 4,389 D/133 VARIOUS SEE CARD 4,390 CW/0237 DESPERATION Gene Watson 4,391 Cs/A1/20 Dessert Song Anna Moffo & RF 4,392 COL/0191 DESTINY WALTZ COURT SYMPH 4,393 COL/0252 COURT SYMPH. 4,394 COL/0196 HARRY DAVIDSON 4,395 COL/0003 PRINCE'S GRAND C 4,396 CW/0077 DETROIT CITY Ben Colder 4,397 CW/0181 Bobby Bare 4,398 CW/0089 4,399 CW/0001 Roy Drusky 4,400 CW/0002 Tennessee Ernie 4,401 CM/0146 Tom Jones 4,402 CH/0016 DEUS SALUTIS APOLLO TEESIDE 4,403 CH/0082 Choir Morriston 4,404 CH/0105 WELSH MASSED CHR 4,405 CW/0218 DEVIL DOLL Roy Orbison 4,406 CM/0380 DEVIL IN DISGUISE Elvis 4,407 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 4,408 CM/0106 DEVIL IN HER HEART Beatles 4,409 CM/0033 DEVIL OR ANGEL Bobby Vee 4,410 CW/0148 DEVIL TO PAY Johnny Cash 4,411 CW/0180 DEVIL WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA CHARLIE DANIELS 4,412 D/247 Devil woman Cliff Richard 4,413 CM/0404 Manfred Mann 4,414 CW/0136 Marty Robbins 4,415 CW/0157 4,416 D/252 4,417 CM/0173 Ringo 4,418 D/247 To be entered. 4,419 D/252 4,420 D/140 DEVIL'S GALLOP - DICK BARTON TV THEMES 4,421 CW/0070 DEVILISH LOVE LIGHT Johnny Horton 4,422 CM/0029 DEVILS ANSWER ATOMIC ROOSTER 4,423 CM/0298 DEVOTION Earth Wind&Fire 4,424 CM/0156 DEVRI Platters 4,425 CH/0020 DIADEM 5000 WELSH VOICE 4,426 CH/0059 Welsh Voices Cho 4,427 COM/0033 DIAMOND RING IN THE WINDOW Morecambe & Wise 4,428 COM/0160 4,429 CM/0019 DIAMONDS CHRIS REA 4,430 CM/0777 HERB ALPERT 4,431 CW/0250 DIAMONDS & RUST Joan Baez 4,432 CD\1858 DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER TITLE SNG L.S.O. 4,433 CM/0333 DIAMONDS NEVER MADE A LADY Modern Talking 4,434 CM/0054 DIANA Neil Sedaka 4,435 D/297 Diana Goodbye New Vaudeville B 4,436 D/297 To be entered. 4,437 D/240 Diane Bachelors 4,438 CR/0381 MANTOVANI 4,439 D/249 4,440 CW/0304 Slim Whitman 4,441 D/240 To be entered. 4,442 D/249 4,443 D/140 DICK BARTON - DEVIL'S GALLOP TV THEMES 4,444 COL/0443 DICK WHITTINGTON COLUMBIA SKETCH 4,445 CR/0495 DICKERY DICKERY DOCK JAY WILBUR 4,446 CW/0217 DID SHE MENTION MY NAME ? George Hamilton 4,447 CM/0195 DID YOU EVER Chanson 4,448 CW/0024 George Jones 4,449 CM/0319 DID YOU EVER WANT TO CRY MAMAS & PAPAS 4,450 CW/0092 DID YOU THINK TO PRAY Charlie Pride 4,451 CW/0111 4,452 CW/0245 4,453 COM/0086 DID YOU UNDERSTAND MAX BOYCE 4,454 CM/0299 DIDN'T I Delfonics 4,455 CM/0384 4,456 CM/0128 DIDN'T I DO IT RIGHT Gary Glitter 4,457 CM/0245 4,458 D/113 Didn't We Liza Minnelli 4,459 CM/0905 TONY CHRISTIE 4,460 CM/0783 DIDN'T WE ALMOST HAVE IT ALL SHITNEY HOUSTON 4,461 CW/0312 DIDN'T WE GIRL ? Glen Campbell 4,462 CM/0074 DIDN'T YOU KNOW Diana Ross 4,463 COL/0385 DIE FLEDERMAUS JOHANN STRAUSS 4,464 CS/A5/09 DIE FLEDERMAUS - OVERTURE VIENNA STATE OPE 4,465 COL/0260 DIE FLEDERMAUS OVERTURE HALLE ORCH. 4,466 D/072 LONDON PHIL.ORCH 4,467 CS/A5/16 VIENNA PHILHARM 4,468 CS/A5/05 DIE FLEDERMAUS WALTZ VIENNA STRINGS 4,469 CS/A4/08 DIE FLEDERMAUS WALTZ-DU UND DU LONDON FESTIVAL 4,470 CS/A4/31 DIE WEISEN AUS MORGENLANDE PHIL.JONES BRASS 4,471 CH/0055 DIES IRAE CHOIR & BRASS BA 4,472 CH/0086 Choir Pontarddul 4,473 CH/0052 Choir Welsh Male 4,474 COL/0333 DIES IRAE REQUIEM JOHN MCHUGH 4,475 CW/0322 DIESEL SMOKE BENNY BARNES 4,476 D/172 DIESELS AT BRISTOL RAILWAY SOUNDS 4,477 D/171 DIESELS AT WESTBURY RAILWAY SOUNDS 4,478 CM/0391 DIFFERENT DRUM LINDA RONSTADT 4,479 CM/0083 DIG A PONY Beatles 4,480 CM/0083 DIG IT Beatles 4,481 CM/0387 DIG YOUR ACT WHATNAUTS 4,482 CW/0326 DIM NARROW TRAIL TEXAS RUBY 4,483 CM/0286 DIMENSION FIVE 5TH DIMENSION 4,484 CM/0286 Fifth Dimension 4,485 COM/0103 DIMPLES Two Ronnies 4,486 D/259 DINAH JACK SIMPSON 4,487 D/259 To be entered. 4,488 CS/X2/02 Ding Dong Merrily Chapter House Ch 4,489 CS/XM/02 4,490 CS/X2/28 Ding Dong Merrily On High Bach Choir 4,491 CS/XM/27 Bach Choir+BRASS 4,492 CS/A4/29 Choir Kings Camb 4,493 CS/A3/30 Choir Lincoln Ca 4,494 CS/X2/24 Choir Warwick 4,495 CS/XM/22 Choir Wells Cath 4,496 CS/XM/24 ChoirSt.MaryWarw 4,497 CS/A4/31 PHIL.JONES BRASS 4,498 CS/XM/05 Spinners 4,499 CS/X2/22 VARIOUS 4,500 CS/X2/23 Wells Cath Choir 4,501 D/004 DING-A-DONG JAMES LAST 4,502 COM/0016 DING-A-LING Judge Dread 4,503 COM/0110 4,504 CM/0153 DING-DONG Equals 4,505 CM/0266 DING-DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD MECO 4,506 CM/0055 DIRTY OL' MAN Three Degrees 4,507 CM/0488 4,508 CM/0439 DIRTY OL'MAN Three Degrees 4,509 CW/0295 DIRTY OLD MAN George Hamilton 4,510 CM/0405 DIRTY OLD TOWN Gary Shearston 4,511 CM/0398 Herbie/Royalists 4,512 CM/0323 DISAPPEARING ACT Shalamar 4,513 CM/0270 DISASSOCIATION CARAVAN 4,514 CM/0207 DISCO BABY Van McCoy 4,515 CM/0583 DISCO BEATLEMANIA D.B.M 4,516 CM/0917 DISCO DOUBLE (30) HITS VARIOUS 4,517 CM/0001 DISCO INFERNO TRAMMPS 4,518 CM/0211 4,519 CM/0132 DISCO KID Bay City Rollers 4,520 CM/0282 VAN MCCOY 4,521 CM/0488 DISCO LADY JOHNNIE TAYLOR 4,522 CM/0418 DISCO MUSIC JALN BAND 4,523 D/290 Star Sound 4,524 CM/0373 DISCO QUEEN Hot Chocolate 4,525 CM/0385 4,526 CM/0849 DISCO SAMBA SPANISH 4,527 CM/0850 TWO MAN SOUND 4,528 CM/0684 DISCO WEDDING PAUL JABARA 4,529 CM/0192 DISCOVER YOUR LIFE Stylus 4,530 CM/0152 DISTANCE John Weider 4,531 CW/0219 DISTANT DRUMS Jim Reeves 4,532 CW/0032 4,533 CW/0206 4,534 D/236 Jim Reeves V1 4,535 CW/0007 Tex Ritter 4,536 D/236 To be entered. 4,537 D/126 DIVERTIMENTO No. 1 (KELLY) WILLIAM DAVIS 4,538 D/126 DIVERTIMENTO No. 4 (KELLY) WILLIAM DAVIS 4,539 CW/0032 DIXIELAND Tammy Wynette 4,540 CW/0243 DIXIELAND YOU WILL NEVER DIE Tammy Wynette 4,541 CM/0213 DIZZIE MISS LIZZIE ESCORTS 4,542 CM/0417 DIZZY Ventures 4,543 CD\1855 Dnny Boy Mark Rattray 4,544 CW/0056 DO I EVER CROSS YOUR MIND CHET ATKINS 4,545 CW/0224 DO I HAVE TO DRAW A PICTURE ? BILLY SWAN 4,546 CM/0033 DO I REALLY Bobby Vee 4,547 CR/0483 DO I WORRY ? INK SPOTS 4,548 CS/A4/04 DO IT FOR ME Jack Buchanan 4,549 CM/0445 DO IT GOOD K.C. & Sunshine 4,550 CM/0352 DO IT PROPERLY 2 PUERTO RICANS 4,551 CM/0352 Slade 4,552 CM/0497 DO IT TO THE MUSIC RAW SILK 4,553 CM/0537 DO IT WITH LOVE PHIL WATTS 4,554 CM/0004 DO IT YOURSELF HERON 4,555 CM/0253 DO ME RIGHT Detroit Emeralds 4,556 CSM/0253 4,557 CD\1858 DO NOT FORSAKE ME - HIGH NOON MALCOLM LOCKYER 4,558 CM/0001 DO OR DIE GRACE JONES 4,559 CM/0473 Human League 4,560 CM/0591 DO RE ME FOR SOUL RICHARD EVANS 4,561 CM/0741 DO THE CONGA BLACK LACE 4,562 CM/0137 DO THE HUCKLEBUCK Coast to Coast 4,563 CM/0213 DO THE MASHED POTATO UNDERTAKERS 4,564 CS/X2/04 Do They Know It's Christmas Band Aid 4,565 CS/XM/04 4,566 D/004 DO WAH DIDDY DIDDY JAMES LAST 4,567 CM/0105 Manfred Mann 4,568 CM/0504 DO WHAT YOU DO JERMAINE JACKSON 4,569 CW/0002 Do what you do do well Ned Miller 4,570 CM/0035 DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO FOUR TOPS 4,571 CM/0011 DO WHAT YOU WANNA DO CONNECTION 4,572 CM/0638 T-CONNECTION 4,573 CM/0551 DO YA DO YA WANNA PLEASE ME SAMANTHA FOX 4,574 CM/0589 DO YA WANT TO GET FUNKY WITH PETER BROWN 4,575 CS/X2/23 Do You Hear What I Hear Andy Williams 4,576 CS/XM/22 4,577 CS/X2/06 G.Knight & Pips 4,578 CS/XM/05 4,579 CS/XM/32 Kings Singers 4,580 CS/X2/27 Kings' Singers 4,581 CS/X2/13 Vera Lynn 4,582 CS/XM/12 4,583 CW/0072 DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE- Joe Simon 4,584 CM/0906 DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU'RE GOING DIANA ROSS 4,585 CM/0234 4,586 CS/A4/25 PAN PIPES P.LEON 4,587 CD\1858 ROMANTIC STRINGS 4,588 CM/0455 DO YOU LOVE ME CONTOURS 4,589 CM/0079 Dave Clark Five 4,590 CM/0213 FARON'S FLAM' 4,591 CM/0349 Lindisfarne 4,592 CM/0168 Mud Rock 4,593 CM/0476 4,594 CM/0900 DO YOU LOVE WHAT YOU FEEL PARADISE 4,595 D/240 Do you mind Anthony Newley 4,596 CM/0409 Motors 4,597 D/240 To be entered. 4,598 CH/0095 DO YOU REALLY LOVE ME READING BARBERET 4,599 CM/0497 DO YOU REALLY WANT TO HURT ME CULTURE CLUB 4,600 CM/0302 DO YOU REMEMBER Beach Boys 4,601 CM/0305 Glitter Band 4,602 CH/0096 TYNESIDE BARBERS 4,603 CH/0096 DO YOU REMEMBER ? TYNESIDE LADIES 4,604 CW/0117 DO YOU RIGHT TONIGHT Eddie Rabbitt 4,605 CM/0135 DO YOU THINK IT'S ALRIGHT Who 4,606 CM/0333 DO YOU WANNA Modern Talking 4,607 CM/0365 DO YOU WANNA DANCE Barry Blue 4,608 CSM/0263 BEACH BOYS 4,609 CM/0037 BOBBY FREEMAN 4,610 CM/0349 Lindisfarne 4,611 CM/0322 MAMAS & THE PAPA 4,612 CM/0321 4,613 CM/0128 DO YOU WANNA TOUCH ME Gary Glitter 4,614 CM/0416 4,615 CM/0312 DO YOU WANT ME DONNY OSMOND 4,616 CM/0853 DO YOU WANT MY LOVE MANDY PERRYMENT 4,617 CM/0084 DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET Beatles 4,618 CM/0216 DO YOURSELF A FAVOR Stevie Wonder 4,619 CH/0044 DO-RE-MI Choir St Winifre 4,620 D/1715 Joan Regan 4,621 CM/0249 DOC'S TUNE Prairie League 4,622 D/193 DOCTOR AT LARGE TV THEMES FAVOUR 4,623 CM/0334 DOCTOR FOR MY HEART Modern Talking 4,624 CW/0317 DOCTOR GRANNY BEVERLY HILLBILL 4,625 D/310 DOCTOR JAZZ MAX HARRIS & PEP 4,626 D/310 To be entered. 4,627 CM/0071 DOCTOR MY EYES Jackson 5 4,628 COM/0104 DOCTOR'S DILEMMA Jan & Dean 4,629 D/004 DOCTOR'S ORDERS JAMES LAST 4,630 CM/0207 Van McCoy 4,631 CM/0480 DOCTORIN' THE HOUSE COLDCUT 4,632 CM/0481 4,633 CM/0481 DOCTORIN' THE TARDIS TIMELORDS 4,634 CM/0830 4,635 COM/0037 DOCTORS ANONYMOUS Two Ronnies 4,636 COM/0048 DOCTORS DILEMA Tony Hancock 4,637 COM/0170 DOES GOD EXIST NOT 9 O'CLOCK NE 4,638 CW/0092 DOES MY RING HURT YOUR FINGER Charlie Pride 4,639 CW/0245 4,640 CW/0299 4,641 CS/A3/44 Does she love me Harry Leader &AK 4,642 CM/0478 DOES YOUR MOTHER KNOW Abba 4,643 CM/0063 DOESN'T ANYBODY STAY TOGETHE Phil Collins 4,644 CM/0468 DOG EAT DOG Adam & the Ants 4,645 CM/0270 DOG, THE DOG, HE'S AT IT AGA CARAVAN 4,646 CM/0270 CM/0270 4,647 CM/0110 DOGGIN' AROUND Jackie Wilson 4,648 CW/0157 DOGGONE COWBOY Marty Robbins 4,649 CM/0256 DOGGONE RIGHT Smokey Robinson 4,650 CSM/0256 4,651 CW/0209 DOGHOUSE BLUES BILL MONROE 4,652 CW/0271 DOIN' IT RIGHT BARBARA MANDRELL 4,653 CW/0214 DOIN' MY TIME Johnny Cash 4,654 CM/0406 DOIN' THE STREETS Stylistics 4,655 COL/0052 DOIN' WHAT COMES NATURALLY DOLORES GRAY 4,656 COM/0013 DOING ALL THE NICE THINGS MAX MILLER 4,657 CM/0352 DOING IT PROPERLY DENISE MOTTO 4,658 CM/0352 DOING IT PROPERLY IS XTC Slade 4,659 CM/0253 DOING WITHOUT YOU Detroit Emeralds 4,660 CH/0031 DOL-LI-A Choir Consett Ci 4,661 CS/A2/23 DOLANNES MELODIE Richd.Clayderman 4,662 CM/0433A DOLCE VITA RYAN PARIS 4,663 CM/0562 4,664 CM/0308 DOLLAR SIGN HOT CHOCOLATE 4,665 CM/0387 DOLLY MY LOVE MOMENTS 4,666 COM/0044 DOLLY ON THE DUSTCART PAM AYRES 4,667 CS/A4/01 DOLORES VIENNA FOLKOPERA 4,668 CH/0013 DOMENIQUE Angels of Korea 4,669 CH/0104 DOMINE NON SUM DIGNUS Choir Rhos MV 4,670 CM/0066 DOMINO Genesis 4,671 D/241 Don't Elvis Presley 4,672 D/241 To be entered. 4,673 CM/0379 DON'T ASK ME Ian Drury 4,674 CW/0067 DON'T ASK ME WHY Jim Reeves 4,675 CM/0302 DON'T BACK DOWN Beach Boys 4,676 D/248 Don't be a stranger David Allen Coe 4,677 D/248 To be entered. 4,678 CW/0223 DON'T BE ANGRY George Jones 4,679 CW/0198 StonewallJackson 4,680 Cs/A1/30 Don't Be Cross ElizabethSchwarz 4,681 CM/0380 DON'T BE CRUEL Elvis 4,682 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 4,683 D/005 JAMES LAST 4,684 CM/0468 DON'T BE SQUARE Adam & the Ants 4,685 CH/0027 DON'T BEND THE GUELDER ROSE MAZOWSZE 4,686 D/195 Don't blame me Bing Crosby 4,687 D/195 To be entered. 4,688 CM/0032 DON'T BOOGIE WOOGIE Ray Stevens 4,689 COM/0157 4,690 CM/0106 DON'T BOTHER ME Beatles 4,691 CH/0094 DON'T BRING LULU Barrytones 4,692 CH/0096 FORTUNAIRS 4,693 CM/0214 DON'T BRING ME DOWN David Bowie 4,694 CM/0231 DON'T BURN DOWN THE BRIDGE Gladys Knight/Pi 4,695 CW/0019 DON'T CALL ME FROM A HONKY TON JOHNNY AND JONIE 4,696 CM/0401 DON'T CHA STOP Cars 4,697 CM/0296 DON'T COME KNOCKING EVERY DAY Ike & Tina Turne 4,698 D/005 DON'T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA JAMES LAST 4,699 CS/A4/33 SHADOWS 4,700 D/242 TRUMPETS TONY FI 4,701 D/260 ZAMFIR 4,702 CD\1858 DON'T CRY FOR ME ARGRENTINA ROMANTIC STRINGS 4,703 CM/0254 DON'T CRY MY LOVE Impressions 4,704 CSM/0254 4,705 CM/0141 DON'T CRY OUT LOUD Elkie Brooks 4,706 CS/A4/39 DON'T DILLY DALLY ROYAL CORPSTRANS 4,707 D/097 Don't Dilly Dally On The Way.M Hallmark of Harm 4,708 CW/0282 DON'T EVER LEAVE ME Roy Rogers 4,709 CW/0037 DON'T EVER LEAVE ME AGAIN Patsy Cline 4,710 CM/0033 DON'T EVER TAKE HER FOR GRAN Bobby Vee 4,711 CM/0033 DON'T EVER TAKE HER FOR GRANTE Bobby Vee 4,712 CM/0078 DON'T EVERY CHANGE Kinks 4,713 CM/0442 DON'T FALL IN LOVE WITH ME Barry Manilow 4,714 CM/0356 Bee Gees 4,715 D/246 Don't fence me in Bing Crosby & AS 4,716 CW/0065 Gene Autry 4,717 CR/0212 GERALDO 4,718 D/246 To be entered. 4,719 CW/0092 DON'T FIGHT THE FEELINGS Charlie Pride 4,720 CW/0096 4,721 CW/0245 4,722 CM/0144 DON'T FORBID ME Pat Boone 4,723 CR/0498 DON'T GET AROUND MUCH ANYMORE INK SPOTS 4,724 CM/0417 DON'T GIVE IN TO HIM Ventures 4,725 COM/0163 DON'T GIVE THE CHAIR TO BUSTER Spike Jones 4,726 CM/0152 DON'T GIVE UP ON ME John Weider 4,727 CM/0910 DON'T GIVE UP ON US DAVID SOUL 4,728 CM/0487 DON'T GO First Christian 4,729 CM/0485 YAZOO 4,730 CW/0134 DON'T GO AWAY SENOR Marty Robbins 4,731 CM/0472 DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART ELTON JOHN/KIKI 4,732 D/004 DON'T HA HA JAMES LAST 4,733 CM/0237 DON'T HANG UP 10CC 4,734 CM/0001 DON'T HOLD BACK CHANSON 4,735 CM/0195 4,736 CM/0687 4,737 D/322 DON'T IT MAKE MY BROWN EYES BL COUNTRY GUITARS 4,738 CW/0052 Crystal Gayle 4,739 CW/0250 4,740 CW/0297 4,741 D/121 4,742 CM/0472 4,743 CM/0116 DON'T KICK ME John Mayall 4,744 CM/0019 DON'T KILL IT CAROL MANFRED MANN 4,745 CM/0216 DON'T KNOW WHY I LOVE YOU Stevie Wonder 4,746 CM/0386 DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE WITH HER Propaganda 4,747 CM/0912 SPARKS 4,748 CM/0558 DON'T LEAVE ME THIS WAY COMMUNARDS 4,749 CM/0910 H.MELVIN/BLUE NO 4,750 D/005 JAMES LAST 4,751 CM/0455 THELMA HOUSTON 4,752 CW/0022 DON'T LEAVE THE LEAVING UP TO Lynn Anderson 4,753 CW/0051 4,754 CW/0184 4,755 CW/0266 DON'T LET HIM GO JESSI COLTER 4,756 CM/0429 DON'T LET HIM KNOW Prism 4,757 CM/0002 DON'T LET IT DIE HURRICANE SMITH 4,758 CM/0021 DON'T LET IT FADE AWAY DARTS 4,759 CM/0702 DON'T LET IT GO TO YOUR HEAD BLACK HARMONY 4,760 CM/0287 DON'T LET ME BE THE LAST TO DOOLEYS 4,761 CM/0244 DON'T LET ME BE THE LAST TO KN Dooleys 4,762 CM/0287 4,763 CW/0316 DON'T LET ME CROSS OVER CARL & PEARL BUT 4,764 CW/0066 Jim Reeves 4,765 CM/0045 DON'T LET ME DOWN Beatles 4,766 D/113 Don't Let Me Lose This Dream Liza Minnelli 4,767 CW/0181 DON'T LET THE GOOD TIMES FOOL Wanda Jackson 4,768 CW/0212 DON'T LET THE STARS GET IN YOU JOHNNY & JACK 4,769 CW/0273 Ray Price 4,770 D/244 Slim Whitman 4,771 CW/0237 DON'T LOOK AT ME IN THAT TONE Gene Watson 4,772 CM/0069 DON'T LOOK BACK Temptations 4,773 CM/0371 DON'T LOOK DOWN Secret Affair 4,774 CM/0063 DON'T LOSE MY NUMBER Phil Collins 4,775 CM/0464 DON'T LOVE ME TOO HARD NOLANS 4,776 CS/A4/04 DON'T LOVE YOU Jack Buchanan 4,777 CW/0214 DON'T MAKE ME GO Johnny Cash 4,778 CW/0292 DON'T MAKE ME GO TO BED & I'LL Hank Snow 4,779 CM/0454 DON'T MAKE ME WAIT TOO LONG BARRY WHITE 4,780 CW/0206 DON'T MAKE PROMISES Tim Hardin 4,781 CM/0458 DON'T PASS ME BY Beatles 4,782 CM/0496 DON'T PAY THE FERRYMAN CHRIS DR BURGH 4,783 CW/0213 DON'T PULL YOUR LOVE Glen Campbell 4,784 CM/0008 DON'T PUSH IT DON'T FORCE IT LEON HAYWOOD 4,785 CM/0020 4,786 CM/0196 DON'T PUSH YOUR FOOT Kate Bush 4,787 CM/0365 DON'T PUT YOUR MONEY ON MY HOR Barry Blue 4,788 CM/0412 DON'T RAIN ON MY PARADE Diana Ross + 4,789 COL/0344 DON'T SAY GOODBYE COLUMBIA LIGHT O 4,790 CM/0025 DON'T SAY I TOLD YOU SO TOURISTS 4,791 CM/0907 DON'T SAY IT'S OVER LEO SAYER 4,792 CM/0459 DON'T SET ME FREE Joe Bolan 4,793 CW/0324 DON'T SHAKE MY TREE AUSTIN PITRE 4,794 CM/0115 DON'T START CRYING NOW Them 4,795 CM/0394 DON'T STOP Fleetwood Mac 4,796 CM/0012 DON'T STOP 'TIL YOU GET ENOUGH ASHAYE 4,797 CM/0373 DON'T STOP IT NOW Hot Chocolate 4,798 CM/0065 DON'T STOP ME NOW Queen 4,799 CM/0459 DON'T STOP SHOUT IT OUT Joe Bolan 4,800 D/237 Don't stop the dance Bryan Ferry 4,801 D/237 To be entered. 4,802 CM/0130 DON'T STOP THE MUSIC Bay City Rollers 4,803 CW/0054 George Jones 4,804 CW/0319 4,805 CM/0117 DON'T STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING Small Faces 4,806 CM/0590 DON'T STOP YOUR LOVE KELLY MARIE 4,807 CM/0244 DON'T TAKE IT LYIN' DOWN Dooleys 4,808 CM/0287 4,809 CM/0262 DON'T TAKE IT SO HARD Smokey Robinson 4,810 CSM/0262 4,811 CM/0414 DON'T TAKE IT TOO EASY Osmonds 4,812 CW/0092 DON'T TAKE YOUR GUNS TO TOWN Johnny Cash 4,813 CW/0095 4,814 CW/0162 4,815 D/235 Johnny Cash - Be 4,816 D/235 To be entered. 4,817 Cs/A1/14 Don't tell him what happened Tallulah Bankhea 4,818 CW/0067 DON'T TELL ME Jim Reeves 4,819 CW/0137 DON'T THAT MOON LOOK LONESOME Carl Smith 4,820 CW/0155 DON'T THINK TWICE IT'S ALL RIG Johnny Cash 4,821 D/269 Don't think twice it's alright Johnny Cash 4,822 D/269 To be entered. 4,823 CM/0239 DON'T THINK TWICE,IT'S ALL RIG Melanie 4,824 CM/0599 DON'T THROW IT ALL AWAY ANDY GIBBS 4,825 D/251 Dave & Sugar 4,826 D/251 To be entered. 4,827 CM/0421 DON'T THROW YOUR LOVE AWAY SEARCHERS 4,828 CM/0218 DON'T THROW YOUR LOVE TO THE W Joe South 4,829 D/270 Don't touch me Eddy Arnold 4,830 CW/0071 4,831 CW/0027 Tammy Wynette 4,832 D/270 To be entered. 4,833 COM/0017 DON'T TRIM MY WICK CHARLIE DRAKE 4,834 CM/0481 DON'T TURN AROUND ASWAD 4,835 COM/0120 DON'T UPSET THE LITTLE KIDDIWI Paddy Roberts 4,836 COM/0066 DON'T UPSET THE LITTLE KIDDYWI Paddy Roberts 4,837 CM/0103 DON'T WALK AWAY Electric Light O 4,838 D/098 Don't walk away till I tough y Elaine Paige 4,839 CM/0365 DON'T WANNA BE BLUE Barry Blue 4,840 CM/0647 DON'T WANNA SAY GOODNIGHT KANDIDATE 4,841 CM/0827 4,842 CM/0022 DON'T WANT TO SAY GOODNIGHT KANDIDATE 4,843 CM/0175 DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME Edwin Starr 4,844 CW/0156 DON'T WORRY Marty Robbins 4,845 CM/0901 MODERN TALKING 4,846 CR/0275 DON'T WORRY 'BOUT ME QUINT.HOT CLUB F 4,847 CM/0218 DON'T YOU BE ASHAMED Joe South 4,848 CW/0090 DON'T YOU BELIEVE Don Williams 4,849 CW/0091 4,850 CW/0102 4,851 CW/0063 DON'T YOU EVER GET TIRED Bobby Bare 4,852 CW/0252 DON'T YOU EVER TELL A SOUL REX ALLEN Jr. 4,853 CM/0327 DON'T YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU Five Star 4,854 CW/0192 DON'T YOU THINK IT'S TIME ? Don Williams 4,855 CM/0473 DON'T YOU WANT ME Human League 4,856 CS/A4/23 L.S.O. 4,857 CM/0014 DON'T YOU WANT MY LOVING MICHAEL BAKER 4,858 CW/0067 DON'T YOU WANT TO BE MY GIRL Jim Reeves 4,859 CR/0364 DONALD THE DUB FRANK CRUMIT 4,860 CM/0250 DONE ME WRONG ALRIGHT Sweet 4,861 CW/0070 DONE ROVIN' JOHNY HORTON 4,862 CS/A4/42 Donegal Reel Dubliners 4,863 COM/0016 DONKEY DICK Judge Dread 4,864 COM/0110 4,865 Cs/A1/20 Donkey Serenade Allan Jones 4,866 CS/A2/15 JOE LOSS 4,867 CS/A4/43 Mario Lanza 4,868 CS/A1/36 PRIMO SCALA 4,869 CM/0199 DONNA Bob Marley 4,870 CM/0129 Gary Glitter 4,871 CM/0245 4,872 CM/0039 RICHIE VALENS 4,873 CM/0224 DONNA & MARIE MEDLEY Osmonds 4,874 COL/0015 DONNA DIANA OVERTURE VIENNA PHILHARMO 4,875 CM/0074 DOOBEDOOD'NDOOBE Diana Ross 4,876 CM/0233 DOOBEDOOD'NDOOBEDOO Diana Ross 4,877 CD\1857b DOODLETOWN FIFERS BILLY MAY 4,878 CW/0241 DOOR - The George Jones 4,879 COL/0299 DORIS WALTZ HARRY DAVIDSON 4,880 CM/0266 DOROTHY'S RESCUE MECO 4,881 CM/0029 DOUBLE BARREL D & A COLLINS 4,882 CM/0277 DOUBLE CROSS FIRST CHOICE 4,883 CM/0226 DOUBLE LOVIN' Osmonds 4,884 D/084 DOUBLE SCOTCH RON GOODWIN 4,885 CM/0097 DOVE T.Rex 4,886 COM/0034 DOWN & OUT BLUES Morecambe & Wise 4,887 CW/0254 DOWN & OUT THIS WAY AGAIN Gene Watson 4,888 CM/0026 DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN FLASH & THE PAN 4,889 CW/0145 DOWN AT DRIPPIN' SPRINGS Johnny Cash 4,890 CM/0198 DOWN AT RALPH'S JOINT Booker T. Jones 4,891 CM/0099 DOWN AT THE DOCTORS Dr.feelgood 4,892 CS/A4/39 DOWN AT THE OLD BULL & BUSH ROYAL CORPSTRANS 4,893 COM/0001 DOWN BELOW CYRIL FLETCHER 4,894 CM/0224 DOWN BY THE LAZY RIVER Osmonds 4,895 CM/0226 4,896 COM/0162 DOWN BY THE O-HI-O Spike Jones 4,897 D/279 Down by the old mill stream Cliff Adams Sing 4,898 D/279 To be entered. 4,899 CM/0170 DOWN BY THE RIVER Albert Hammond 4,900 CM/0413 DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE Elvis 4,901 CM/0413 Elvis Presley 4,902 CH/0007 DOWN BY THE SEA Choir AuriShanty 4,903 CH/0009 4,904 CM/0091 DOWN DOWN Status Quo 4,905 CM/0475 4,906 CM/0089 DOWN DOWN DOWN Dave Edmunds 4,907 CD\1854b DOWN FOR DOUBLE BILLY MAY 4,908 CS/A3/44 Down Forget-me-not lane Joe Loss & SamB 4,909 CW/0041 DOWN FROM DOVER Dolly Parton 4,910 CW/0208 4,911 CW/0221 DOWN HERE ON MY KNEES Gene Watson 4,912 COM/0161 DOWN IN JUNGLE TOWN Spike Jones 4,913 CH/0066 DOWN IN THE LIACHTEN VALLEY Choir Vienna Boy 4,914 COM/0135 DOWN IN THE VALLEY MAX MILLER 4,915 COL/0223 DOWN MEMORY LANE J.H.SQUIRE CELES 4,916 D/081 To be entered. 4,917 CM/0434 DOWN ON THE BEACH TONIGHT Drifters 4,918 CM/0197 DOWN ON THE CORNER Creedence Clearw 4,919 CW/0010 DOWN ON THE CORNER OF LOVE Buck Owens 4,920 CW/0065 DOWN ON THE OLD PLANTATION Gene Autry 4,921 CR/0004 DOWN SOUTH LEW WHITE 4,922 CR/0337 DOWN THE OLD SPANISH TRAIL Monte Rey 4,923 CW/0304 DOWN THE RIVER OF GOLDEN DREAM Slim Whitman 4,924 CW/0090 DOWN THE ROAD I GO Don Williams 4,925 CW/0098 4,926 CW/0145 Johnny Cash 4,927 CW/0204 DOWN THE STREET TO 301 Johnny Cash 4,928 CW/0050 DOWN TO EARTH Stella Parton 4,929 CM/0216 Stevie Wonder 4,930 CM/0395 DOWN TO ZERO Joan Armatrading 4,931 D/004 DOWN TOWN JAMES LAST 4,932 CM/0433A DOWN UNDER MEN AT WORK 4,933 D/302 Downearted Eddie Fisher 4,934 D/302 To be entered. 4,935 D/284 Dr. G. MARX HACKENBUSH MARX BROTHERS 4,936 D/284 To be entered. 4,937 COM/0110 DR. KITCH Judge Dread 4,938 COL/0155 DR. MCGREGOR WILL FYFFE 4,939 COM/0093 DR. O'DELL Spike Milligan 4,940 CM/0597 DR. WHO MANKIND 4,941 D/190 TV THEMES SiFi V 4,942 CM/0213 DR.FEELGOOD RORY STORM 4,943 COM/0016 DR.KITCH Judge Dread 4,944 COM/0009 DR.SPOONER IN THE BOOKSHOP RONNIE BARKER/DI 4,945 COM/0039 DR.YES KENNETH HORNE 4,946 COM/0151 DRACULA & THE TRENDIES MIKE HARDING 4,947 CW/0109 DRAG 'EM OFF THE INTERSTATE SO Royston Jones 4,948 CS/A2/11 DRAKE 400 SUITE -GOODWIN ROYL.MAR.COMMAND 4,949 CR/0444 DRAKE GOES WEST COMMODORE GRAND 4,950 COM/0177 DRATS (OLD ENGLISH PUB GAME) MICHAEL BENTINE 4,951 COM/0077 DRATS(AN OLDE ENGLISH PUB GAME MICHAEL BENTINE 4,952 COM/0132 DREAD ROCK Judge Dread 4,953 COM/0016 DREAD'S ALMANACK Judge Dread 4,954 COM/0110 4,955 COM/0014 DREAD'S LAW Judge Dread 4,956 COM/0111 4,957 COM/0141 DREADED BATTER PUDDING HURLER GOONS 4,958 CM/0022 DREADLOCK HOLIDAY 10 C.C. 4,959 CM/0293 DREAM MOODY BLUES 4,960 D/080 ROBERT FARNON 4,961 CM/0436 Roy Orbison 4,962 CM/0320 DREAM A LITTLE DREAM OF ME MAMAS & PAPAS 4,963 CM/0321 MAMAS & THE PAPA 4,964 D/080 ROBERT FARNON 4,965 D/197 DREAM CONCERTO - CASSETTE KLAUS WUNDERLICH 4,966 D/197 To be entered. 4,967 CM/0690 DREAM MACHINE J.K.D. BAND 4,968 D/133 DREAM MELODIES VOL 1 VARIOUS 4,969 D/080 DREAM MEMORY ROBERT FARNON 4,970 COL/0367 DREAM OF OLWEN CHARLES WILLIAMS 4,971 COL/0288 4,972 CH/0032 Choir Luton Girl 4,973 D/296 REGINALD DIXON 4,974 CS/A3/09 Ronnie Ronalde 4,975 D/298 4,976 COL/0148 DREAM OF OLWEN-FILM WHILE I LI CHARLES WMS CONC 4,977 D/240 Dreamboat Alma Cogan 4,978 D/266 4,979 D/240 To be entered. 4,980 D/266 4,981 CM/0140 DREAMBREAKER Alvin Stardust 4,982 CM/0165 DREAMDEALER Elkie Brooks 4,983 CM/0339 DREAMER AMANDA LEAR 4,984 D/247 Dreamin' Cliff Richard 4,985 CM/0349 Lindisfarne 4,986 D/247 To be entered. 4,987 CM/0023 DREAMING BLONDIE 4,988 CM/0376 4,989 CM/0459 Joe Bolan 4,990 COM/0034 Morecambe & Wise 4,991 D/121 Dreaming My Dreams With You Crystal Gayle 4,992 COL/0344 DREAMING OF LOVE COLUMBIA LIGHT O 4,993 CM/0109 DREAMING OF ME Depeche mode 4,994 CS/A3/10 DREAMING WALTZ ALBERT SANDLER 4,995 CM/0409 DREAMING YOUR LIFE AWAY Motors 4,996 CM/0394 DREAMS Fleetwood Mac 4,997 CM/0007 DREAMS ARE TEN A PENNY KINCADE 4,998 CM/0432 Paper Lace 4,999 CW/0213 DREAMS OF THE EVERYDAY HOUSEWI Glen Campbell 5,000 CW/0312 5,001 D/252 5,002 D/252 To be entered. 5,003 CW/0306 DREARY DAY Boxcar Willie 5,004 COM/0097 DRESS EARLE DOUD, NAOM 5,005 CM/0140 DRESSED IN BLACK Alvin Stardust 5,006 CW/0169 DRIFT AWAY NARVEL FELTS 5,007 CM/0470 Rod Stewart 5,008 CW/0285 DRIFTWOOD ON THE RIVER George Hamilton 5,009 CR/0232 DRINK - See Cider Night MITCH MILLER 5,010 CS/A4/43 Drink Drink Drink Mario Lanza 5,011 CD\1855 Drink Drink Drink Drinking son Mark Rattray 5,012 CH/0025 DRINK TO ME ONLY Choir Treorchy 5,013 D/279 Cliff Adams Sing 5,014 D/279 To be entered. 5,015 CH/0015 DRINK TO ME ONLY WITH THINE EY Choir Bath SR 5,016 CS/A3/24 Peter Dawson 5,017 CW/0064 DRINK UP & GO HOME Bobby Bare 5,018 CW/0289 DRINK UP THE CIDER Foster & Allen 5,019 COM/0154 DRINKERS BEN ELTON 5,020 COM/0169 DRINKERS OF AUSTRALIA Frankie Davidson 5,021 CW/0117 DRINKIN' MY BABY Eddie Rabbitt 5,022 CW/0270 DRINKIN' THEM BEERS TOM PALL & GLASE 5,023 D/287 DRINKING INTO ILLNESS W.C. FIELDS ROUT 5,024 D/073 Drinking Song Harry Secombe 5,025 Cs/A1/20 Drinking Song - Student Prince Rbt.Shaw Chorale 5,026 CM/0044 DRIVE MY CAR Beatles 5,027 CM/0088 5,028 CM/0089 Dave Edmunds 5,029 CM/0300 DRIVE SAFELY DARLIN' Tony Christie 5,030 CM/0302 DRIVE-IN Beach Boys 5,031 CW/0225 DRIVER GET ME HOME ON TIME HILLSIDERS 5,032 COM/0093 DRIVERS MEETING PETER USTINOV 5,033 CW/0224 DRIVIN' MY LIFE AWAY EDDY RABBIT 5,034 CM/0485 DRIVING IN MY CAR MADNESS 5,035 COM/0099 DRIVING INSTRUCTOR BOB NEWHART 5,036 COM/0100 5,037 CM/0148 DRIVING WHEEL Al Green 5,038 CM/0907 DROP BACK LEO SAYER 5,039 CM/0357 DROWN MY HEART Edwin Starr 5,040 CM/0155 DROWNING ON DRY LAND Manfred Mann 5,041 COL/0304 DRUID'S PRAYER WALTZ HARRY DAVIDSON 5,042 CS/A3/24 Drum Major Peter Dawson 5,043 CS/X2/22 DRUMMER BOY VARIOUS 5,044 CM/0006 DRUMMER MAN TONIGHT 5,045 CM/0021 5,046 CW/0292 DRUNKARD'S CHILD - The Hank Snow 5,047 CW/0320 DRUNKARD'S SORROW WALTZ THE BALFA BROTHE 5,048 COM/0072 DRUNKEN DRIVER FERLIN HUSKY 5,049 COM/0109 5,050 CH/0007 DRUNKEN SAILOR Choir AuriShanty 5,051 CH/0009 5,052 CR/0453 HARMONY EIGHT 5,053 D/296 DRUNKEN SAILOR in med REGINALD DIXON 5,054 CW/0164 DRUTHERS John Denver 5,055 Cs/A1/10 DU SOLIST DER KAISER MEINER SE JAMES LAST 5,056 COM/0021 DUBBIN' SHEARS BLASTER BATES 5,057 D/174 DUCHESS OF DUKE STREET TV THEMES CASSET 5,058 COM/0011 DUCK-BILLED PLATYPUS Flanders & Swann 5,059 CS/X2/07 DUCTIA WIND ENSEMBLE 5,060 D/194 DUDLEY DO RIGHT TV GREATEST HITS 5,061 CW/0012 DUELLIN' BANJOS CARL JACKSON 5,062 D/0042 DUET FOR TWO CATS DESFORD COLLIERY 5,063 COM/0070 DUETS VICTOR BORGE 5,064 CM/0019 DUKE OF EARL DARTS 5,065 CM/0038 GENE CHANDLER 5,066 D/321 DUKE' IDEA CHARLIE BARNETT 5,067 CW/0238 DUKES OF HAZZARD- JUST GOOD OL RONNIE PROPHET 5,068 CW/0296 DUMB BLONDE Dolly Parton 5,069 D/035 DUNEDIN HM ROYAL MARINES 5,070 CH/0005 DUO SERAPHIM Choir Froncysyll 5,071 CW/0321 DUST ON THE RIVER Eddie Noack 5,072 CM/0126 DUSTY JOHN MARTYN 5,073 CR/0339 DUTCH LULLABY HARRY WULSON 5,074 CW/0039 DUTY NOT DESIRE Jeannie C Riley 5,075 COM/0086 DUW IT'S HARD MAX BOYCE 5,076 CH/0016 DYCHWELYD APOLLO TEESIDE 5,077 CH/0038 DYFFRYN CLWYD ANN GRIFFITHS/BR 5,078 CW/0326 DYING COWBOY JULES VERNE ALLE 5,079 CW/0149 DYING COWBOY'S SONG JIMMIE RODGERS 5,080 CM/0467 DYNA-MITE Mud 5,081 CM/0168 Mud Rock 5,082 D/194 DYNASTY TV GREATEST HITS 5,083 CS/A4/39 DZERJINSKY MARCH PARA.REG.BANDS 5,084 CS/A5/22 E Lucevan le Stelle Mario Lanza+Pian 5,085 CS/X2/07 E SEMINE ROSA WIND ENSEMBLE 5,086 CM/0117 E TOO D Small Faces 5,087 D/192 E.T. TV THEMES SiFi V 5,088 D/315 E.V.A. JEAN JACQUES PER 5,089 CM/0283 EACH & EVERYDAY John & Vangelis 5,090 CM/0283 JON & VANGELIS 5,091 Cs/A1/14 Eadie was a lady Ethel Merman 5,092 D/321 EAGER BEAVER STAN KENTON 5,093 CM/0478 EAGLE Abba 5,094 D/058 Eagle & Me Wally Stott Chor 5,095 CW/0087 EAGLE & THE HAWK John Denver 5,096 D/035 EAGLE SQUADRON HM ROYAL MARINES 5,097 CS/A3/22 RAF REgt.Sthn. 5,098 CM/0130 EAGLES FLY Bay City Rollers 5,099 CS/X2/02 Earl Of Salisbury Chapter House Ch 5,100 CS/XM/02 5,101 CD\1854b EARL.THE BILLY MAY 5,102 CS/X2/15 Earlsdon Sword Dance Wastersons 5,103 CS/XM/15 Watersons 5,104 CD\1857a EARLY AUTUMN BILLY MAY 5,105 D/0122 RONNIE ALDRICH 5,106 D/122 5,107 CR/0294 EARLY CALL HUMPHREY LYTTELT 5,108 CH/0086 EARLY ENGLISH GLEE - ANON Choir Pontarddul 5,109 CM/0042 EARLY IN THE MORNING Bobby Vee 5,110 CH/0054 SCHELDELOODSENKO 5,111 CM/0005 VANITY FARE 5,112 CW/0014 EARLY MORNIN' RAIN Roy Drusky 5,113 CW/0165 EARLY MORNING RAIN Berni Flint 5,114 CW/0079 George Hamilton 5,115 CW/0032 5,116 CW/0217 5,117 CW/0219 5,118 CW/0263 5,119 D/244 5,120 D/244 To be entered. 5,121 CH/0050 EARLY ONE MORNING Choir Silver Rin 5,122 CS/A5/32 GUS FOOTWEAR 5,123 D/148 GUS FOOTWEAR BAN 5,124 CS/A4/38 Kiri Te Kanawa 5,125 CM/0422 Paper Lace 5,126 CW/0247 PERNELL ROBERTS 5,127 CM/0291 EARTH ANGEL Sha Na Na 5,128 CM/0291 SHANANA 5,129 CM/0075 EARTH WIND & FIRE Earth Wind & Fir 5,130 CSM/0257 EARTHQUAKE GRAHAM CENTRAL 5,131 CM/0257 Graham Central S 5,132 CM/0282 VAN MCCOY 5,133 CM/0174 EASE ALONG Cliff Richard 5,134 CM/0605 EASE ON DOWN THE ROAD DIANA ROSS & MIC 5,135 CW/0068 EASE YOUR PAIN ANNE MURRAY & GL 5,136 CW/0025 ANNE MURRAY/GLEN 5,137 CM/0259 EASIEST WAY TO FALL Freda Payne 5,138 CSM/0259 5,139 CD\1858 EAST OF EDEN THEME RCA SYMPH.ORCH 5,140 CM/0093 EAST ST. LOUIS TOODLE-OO Steely Dan 5,141 D/300 EASTENDERS SIMON MAY 5,142 D/092 Easter Hymn BBC Welsh Chorus 5,143 CH/0055 CHOIR & BRASS BA 5,144 CH/0032 Choir Luton Girl 5,145 CH/0011 Choir Morriston 5,146 CH/0004 Choir Warwick SM 5,147 CH/0036 JEANNE DUSSEAU/N 5,148 COL/0085 EASTER HYMN - CAVALLERIA RUSTI ARANGI-LOMBARDI 5,149 D/068 HALLE ORCHESTRA 5,150 CR/0486 EASTER MORNING CASANI CLUB ORCH 5,151 CM/0378 EASTERN JOURNEY Biddu Orch 5,152 CM/0274 EASTERN TRIP Voyage 5,153 CSM/0274 5,154 CM/0314 EASY SALLY OLDFIELD 5,155 CS/A4/41 Easy & Slow Dubliners 5,156 CM/0408 EASY COME EASY GO Scott Walker 5,157 CW/0258 EASY COME-EASY GO Bill Anderson 5,158 CM/0273 EASY DAYS POINTER SISTERS 5,159 CM/0281 EASY DOES IT SUPERTRAMP 5,160 CM/0004 EASY LIVIN' URIAH HEEP 5,161 CW/0119 EASY LOOK Charlie Rich 5,162 CM/0509 EASY LOVER PHIL BAILEY & PH 5,163 CW/0125 EASY LOVIN' Slim Whitman 5,164 CW/0303 5,165 CW/0092 EASY PART'S OVER Charlie Pride 5,166 CW/0245 5,167 CW/0299 5,168 CW/0160 EASY TO LOVE Hank Snow 5,169 CM/0191 Motown 5,170 CW/0137 EASY TO PLEASE Carl Smith 5,171 D/310 EASY WINNERS MAX HARRIS & PEP 5,172 D/310 To be entered. 5,173 CW/0057 EAT DRINK & BE MERRY Porter Wagoner 5,174 D/069 EBB TIDE CARLINI'S STRING 5,175 CS/A3/34 MANTOVANI 5,176 CS/X2/07 ECCE QUOD NATURA WIND ENSEMBLE 5,177 CM/0024 ECHO BEACH MARTHA/MUFFINS 5,178 CS/A3/13 ECHOES OF A WATERFALL HARP-SUSAN DRAKE 5,179 CM/0206 ECHOING GREEN Gordon Giltrap 5,180 COM/0097 ECONOMY LUNCH Vaughn Meader 5,181 D/249 EDELWEISS MANTOVANI 5,182 CH/0010 RAF Brize Norton 5,183 CW/0305 Slim Whitman 5,184 D/249 To be entered. 5,185 CS/A3/28 UNKNOWN ORCHESTR 5,186 D/300 EDGE OF DARKNESS ERIC CLAPTON 5,187 D/300 To be entered. 5,188 CM/0553 EDGE OF HEAVEN WHAM 5,189 CS/X2/07 EDI BEO THU WIND ENSEMBLE 5,190 CM/0420 EDISON Bee Gees 5,191 COM/0100 EDISONS MOST FAMOUS INVENTION BOB NEWHART 5,192 COM/0159 EDMONTON GREEN CHAS & DAVE 5,193 D/0333 Edmundo Ros Programme BBC Edmundo Ros 5,194 COM/0042 EDUCATING ARCHIE ERIC SYKES 5,195 COL/0165 EDWARD NORMAN ALLIN 5,196 COL/0302 5,197 D/174 EDWARDIAN TV THEMES CASSET 5,198 D/140 EDWARDIAN - UPSTARS DOWNSTAIRS TV THEMES 5,199 D/214 EDWARDIAN WOODWARD BB EDWARD WOODWARD 5,200 D/214 To be entered. 5,201 COM/0007 EEH!AH!OH!OOH! GOONS 5,202 COM/0108 EGG MARKETING BOARD TANGO Benny Hill 5,203 COM/0133 5,204 CM/0089 EGG OR THE HEN Dave Edmunds 5,205 COL/0318 EGMONT OVERTURE PHILHARMONIA ORC 5,206 CS/A5/19 EGYPTIAN MARCH BERLIN PHILHARM 5,207 CS/A4/08 LONDON FESTIVAL 5,208 CH/0106 EI DU MADCHEN Choir Rhos MV 5,209 CH/0038 EIF' ONYDD RHYDDERCH JONES/ 5,210 CW/0258 EIGHT BY TEN Bill Anderson 5,211 CS/A3/06 Ken Dodd 5,212 CM/0044 EIGHT DAYS A WEEK Beatles 5,213 D/004 JAMES LAST 5,214 D/065 EIGHTEEN FAVOURITE FILM THEMES SEYMOUR STUDIO O 5,215 CW/0157 EIGHTEEN YELLOW ROSES Marty Robbins 5,216 CS/A4/09 EINE KLEIN NACHTMUSIK 1ST mvm MOZARTEUM PLAYER 5,217 CS/A3/02 EINE KLEINE NACHTMUSIK ACADEMYSt.MARTIN 5,218 Cs/A1/30 Einer Wird Kommen ElizabethSchwarz 5,219 D/005 EING GANZE NACT JAMES LAST 5,220 CH/0103 EIRINWG 6,500 VOICES 5,221 CH/0038 EISTEDDFOD ANN GRIFFITHS 5,222 CS/A3/24 El Abanico Peter Dawson 5,223 CS/A5/04 RAFBAND CRANWELL 5,224 CS/A5/25 El Amorht Julio Iglesias 5,225 CS/A3/07 EL BIMBO MANUEL 5,226 CR/0325 EL CAPITAN BOSTON PROMENADE 5,227 D/141 HM COLDSTREAM 5,228 Cs/A1/15 ROYAL MARINES 5,229 D/010 EL CHOCLO JAMES LAST 5,230 D/095 EL CHOCLO BAION PEPE JARAMILLO 5,231 CD\1858 EL CID LOVE THEME RCA SYMPH.ORCH 5,232 CS/A4/25 EL CONDOR PASA PAN PIPES P.LEON 5,233 D/123 PAUL MAURIAT 5,234 D/133 VARIOUS SEE CARD 5,235 CM/0208 EL LUTE Boney M 5,236 COL/0164 EL MISERERE-IL TROVATORE ELISE STEVENSON+ 5,237 CW/0182 EL PASO Clinton ford 5,238 CW/0005 Hank Snow 5,239 CW/0269 5,240 CW/0255 5,241 CW/0032 5,242 CW/0219 5,243 CW/0212 HOMER & JETHRO 5,244 CW/0017 LORNE GIBSON TRI 5,245 CW/0181 Marty Robbins 5,246 CW/0157 5,247 CW/0190 5,248 CW/0203 5,249 CW/0156 5,250 CW/0135 5,251 CW/0023 5,252 CW/0001 Roy Drusky 5,253 CW/0298 EL PASO CITY Marty Robbins 5,254 D/096 EL POROMPOMPERO PEPE JARAMILLO 5,255 CW/0283 EL RANCHO GRANDE Hank Snow 5,256 D/010 JAMES LAST 5,257 CM/0044 ELEANOR RIGBY Beatles 5,258 CM/0086 5,259 CR/0426 ELEANORA CYRIL STAPLETON 5,260 D/038 ELEGIE IN MEMORY DENNIS BRAIN HORN & PIANO 5,261 CM/0220 ELEGY NICE.THE 5,262 CM/0288 ELEMENTAL CHILD T.REX 5,263 CM/0288 TREX 5,264 COM/0121 ELEMENTS TOM LEHRER 5,265 COM/0124 5,266 COM/0011 ELEPHANT Flanders & Swann 5,267 D/315 ELEPHANT NEVER FORGETS JEAN JACQUES PER 5,268 Cs/A1/33 ELGAR - CROWN OF INDIA SUITE L.P.O. 5,269 Cs/A1/33 ELGAR - OVERTURE IN THE SOUTH L.P.O. 5,270 CW/0076 ELI'S SONG John Denver 5,271 COL/0287 ELIJAH -HE THAT SHALL ENDURE ISOBEL BAILLEY E 5,272 CH/0049 ELISABETH SERENADE Gunther Kallman 5,273 CS/A2/23 ELISABETHAN SERENADE Richd.Clayderman 5,274 CH/0049 ELISABETHEN SERENADE Gunther Kallman 5,275 D/084 ELIZABETH & ESSEX LOVE THEME RON GOODWIN 5,276 CM/0138 ELIZABETHAN REGGAE Bad Manners 5,277 CS/A4/15 ELIZABETHAN SERENADE NATIONAL PHOLHAR 5,278 D/084 RON GOODWIN 5,279 D/0006 ELJEN A MAGYAR JAMES LAST 5,280 D/006 5,281 D/072 ELJEN MAGYAR POLKA LONDON PHIL.ORCH 5,282 CD\1854b ELK'S PARADE BILLY MAY 5,283 CH/0003 ELLAN VANNIN Choir Glasgow Or 5,284 CH/0050 Choir Silver Rin 5,285 CM/0460 ELOCUTION LESSON Toyah 5,286 CM/0422 ELSIE Paper Lace 5,287 D/269 Elusive Butterfly Dolly Parton 5,288 D/269 To be entered. 5,289 CS/A3/08 Val Doonican 5,290 CM/0113 5,291 CD\1859 Embraceable you Judy Collins 5,292 CS/A4/15 EMBRACEABLE YOU in medley WALLY STOTT ORCH 5,293 CM/0294 EMILY'S SONG MOODY BLUES 5,294 CM/0342 EMMA Hot Chocolate 5,295 CM/0373 5,296 CM/0018 EMOTIONS SAMANTHA SANG 5,297 CM/0910 5,298 D/0006 EMPEROR WALTZ JAMES LAST 5,299 D/006 5,300 CS/A4/09 LONDON FESTIVAL 5,301 D/249 MANTOVANI 5,302 D/072 SCOTTISH NAT.ORC 5,303 D/249 To be entered. 5,304 CS/A4/14 VIENNA PHILHARM 5,305 CS/A5/05 VIENNA STRINGS 5,306 CH/0019 VIENNA WOODS BOY 5,307 CH/0018 5,308 D/190 EMPIRE STRIKES BACK TV THEMES SiFi V 5,309 CS/A1/34 EMPRESS OF THE PAGODAS NANCY ALLEN-HARP 5,310 CW/0133 EMPTY BOTTLE EMPTY HEART Hank Locklin 5,311 CM/0727 EMPTY ROOMS GARY MOORE 5,312 CR/0022 EMPTY SADDLES (NOVELTY) BILLY COTTON 5,313 D/087 Enas Mithos Nana Mouskouri 5,314 COM/0015 ENCORES JOYCE GRENFELL 5,315 CM/0081 END Beatles 5,316 CM/0168 END OF THE WORLD Mud Rock 5,317 CM/0476 5,318 CW/0307 NANCY SINATRA 5,319 CW/0032 Skeeter Davis 5,320 CW/0181 5,321 CW/0208 5,322 CW/0217 5,323 CW/0219 5,324 CW/0250 5,325 CW/0124 Slim Whitman 5,326 CM/0234 ENDLESS LOVE Diana Ross 5,327 CS/A4/25 PAN PIPES P.LEON 5,328 D/133 VARIOUS SEE CARD 5,329 CD\1858 ENDLESS LOVE TITLE SONG JOHN GREGORY ORC 5,330 CW/0102 ENDLESS SLEEP Don Williams 5,331 CM/0039 JODY REYNOLDS 5,332 COL/0394 ENGEN ONEGIN (ACT 1) LJUBA WELITSCH 5,333 COL/0155 ENGINEER THE WILL FYFFE 5,334 CW/0298 ENGINEERS DON'T WAVE FROM THE EARL SGRUGGS & T 5,335 CS/A2/30 ENGLAND - MEDIEVAL MUSIC HILLIARD ENSEMBL 5,336 CS/A5/32 ENGLAND - SOUNDS OF VARIOUS RECORDNG 5,337 CW/0186 ENGLAND SWINGS Roger Miller 5,338 D/252 5,339 CS/A2/02 ENGLISH CONNECTION -V.WILLIAMS ACADEMY St.MARTI 5,340 CS/A5/32 ENGLISH COUNTRY GARDEN MORRIS CONCERT 5,341 CW/0274 ENGLISH COUNTRY LP PAT & ROGER JOHN 5,342 D/068 ENGLISH DANCE No.5 - ARNOLD HALLE ORCHESTRA 5,343 CM/0578 ENGLISH EVENINGS ENGLISH EVENINGS 5,344 CH/0061 ENGLISH MADRIGALS (ELIZABETH 1 PURCELL CONSORT 5,345 CS/A2/07 ENGLISH MELODIES Ryl. LIV.PHILHAR 5,346 D/0338/a English Muffins & Irish Stew Beverley Sisters 5,347 D/338 5,348 Cs/A1/07 ENGLISH TONE PICTURES LONDON SYMPHONY 5,349 CS/A2/34 ENIGMA VARIATIONS - ELGAR CELLO- BARENBOIM 5,350 CM/0025 ENOLA GAY ORCH.MANOEUVRES 5,351 CM/0494 ORCH.MANOEVRES 5,352 CW/0238 ENOUGH OF EACH OTHER JANICE FRICKE 5,353 CW/0320 ENTERRE-MOI PAS THE BALFA BROTHE 5,354 CH/0093 ENTERTAINER BOSTON BARBERS 5,355 D/194 ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT TV GREATEST HITS 5,356 CS/A4/22 ENTR'ACTE (ACT 3) (DELIBES) GD.ORCH.LUXEMBOR 5,357 COL/0111 ENTRANCE OF THE LITTLE FAUNS JACK PAYNE 5,358 COL/0412 5,359 CS/A5/04 ENTRY OF THE GLADIATORS RAFBAND CRANWELL 5,360 D/126 STALYBRIDGE BAND 5,361 CH/0058 ENTRY OF THE GUESTS (TANNHAUSE CHORUS & HAMBURG 5,362 CS/A5/06 Entry of the Guests-Tannhauser Hamburg State Ch 5,363 COM/0160 ERIC -YOU'LL DO ANYTHING FOR A Morecambe & Wise 5,364 CH/0086 ERIE (E-RI-E) CANAL Choir Pontarddul 5,365 D/087 Erini Nana Mouskouri 5,366 D/279 Eriskay Love Lilt Cliff Adams Sing 5,367 Cs/A1/28 JAMES LAST 5,368 D/276 Kenneth McKellar 5,369 D/276 To be entered. 5,370 D/279 5,371 CH/0005 ERLAUBE MIR Choir Froncysyll 5,372 COM/0160 ERN YOU HAVE GOT A MAGNIFICENT Morecambe & Wise 5,373 CH/0046 ERNEST LOUGH ALBUM - MY LIFE I Ernest Lough 5,374 COM/0130 ERNIE Barron Knights 5,375 COM/0067 5,376 COM/0064 Benny Hill 5,377 COM/0002 5,378 CS/X2/10 ES IST EIN ROS ENTSPRINGEN ORGAN-M.SOUTER 5,379 CS/XM/09 ES IST EIN ROS ENTSPRUNGEN ORGAN 5,380 D/003 ES WAREN ZWEI KONIGSKINDER JAMES LAST 5,381 Cs/A1/10 ES ZOGEN DREI BURCHEN JAMES LAST 5,382 CM/0024 ESCAPE RUPERT HOLMES 5,383 CM/0350 ESENTIAL WALLY PARTY MEDLEY GAY GORDON 5,384 D/005 ESO ES AL AMOR JAMES LAST 5,385 CS/A4/01 ESPANA VIENNA FOLKOPERA 5,386 CS/A3/28 ESPANA WALTZ UNKNOWN ORCHESTR 5,387 D/129 ESPANA Y OLE QUADRO FLAMENCO 5,388 CR/0435 ESPANOLA ( YO LA QUIERO ) Joseph Schmidt 5,389 CM/0353 ESSENCE OF A DREAM RISQUE III 5,390 CM/0353 Slade 5,391 CS/A4/05 Estrellita - Little Star Deanna Durbin 5,392 CS/A4/01 ESTUDIANTINA VIENNA FOLKOPERA 5,393 D/054 Eternal Father Strong To Save Brid.Priory 5,394 CS/A4/11 Choir RNC.GRENWI 5,395 CH/0008 Choir Salisbury 5,396 CH/0004 Choir Warwick SM 5,397 CH/0101 HUDD'FIELD CHORA 5,398 CS/A2/01 Seaford Coll Cho 5,399 D/273 Eternally Harry Seacombe 5,400 D/273 To be entered. 5,401 CM/0295 ETERNITY ROAD Moody Blues 5,402 D/293 ETUDE IN C Min PETER KATIN 5,403 COL/0047 ETUDE IN C MINOR LOUIS KENTNER 5,404 D/293 ETUDE IN C MINOR OP.10 NO.12 PETER KATIN PIAN 5,405 D/293 ETUDE IN E PETER KATIN 5,406 COL/0009 ETUDE IN E MAJOR EILEEN JOYCE 5,407 D/293 ETUDE IN E OP.10 NO.3 PETER KATIN PIAN 5,408 D/123 ETUDE IN THE FORM OF RHYTHM PAUL MAURIAT 5,409 CS/A4/36 ETUDE NO.21 (DIZI) HARP - 19th Cent 5,410 CW/0324 EUNICE TWO-STEP MAURICE BARZAS 5,411 CM/0316 EUROPEAN BLUE BOY MAMAS & PAPAS 5,412 CM/0003 EUROPEAN FEMALE STRANGLERS 5,413 CS/A3/23 EUROVISION BRITISH HITS VARIOUS 5,414 CS/A4/27 EVA J.STRAUSS VI.ORC 5,415 CM/0172 EVE OF THE WAR Various 5,416 CW/0119 EVEN A FOOL WOULD LET GO Charlie Rich 5,417 CW/0221 EVEN AT IT'S WORST IT'S STILL Gene Watson 5,418 CS/A3/24 Even bravest Heart Peter Dawson 5,419 CM/0317 EVEN IF I COULD MAMAS & PAPAS 5,420 CW/0024 EVEN THE BAD TIMES ARE GOOD George Jones 5,421 CW/0284 EVEN THO' George Hamilton 5,422 CM/0428 EVEN THOUGH YOU'RE GONE JACKSONS 5,423 CM/0280 EVENING MOODY BLUES 5,424 CS/A2/38 EVENING BREEZE ROYAL MARINES 5,425 D/272 EVENING HYMN & LAST POST ROYAL GREEN JACK 5,426 CR/0240 ROYAL MILITARY S 5,427 CH/0006 EVENING ON THE ROADSTEAD Choir Red Army 5,428 CS/A2/04 Evening Service in A Major Choir Oxfd Cath 5,429 CM/0240 EVENTUALLY Carole King 5,430 CW/0230 EVER & EVER CARL JACKSON 5,431 CM/0252 EVER I SAW YOUR FACE Chi-lites 5,432 CW/0279 EVERBODY'S SOMEBODYS' FOOL Connie Francis 5,433 CM/0289 EVERLASTING LOVE EVERLASTING LOVE 5,434 CW/0263 George Hamilton 5,435 CW/0079 5,436 CM/0289 Love Affair 5,437 CM/0342 EVERY 1'S A WINNER Hot Chocolate 5,438 CM/0373 5,439 CM/0230 EVERY BEAT OF MY HEART Gladys Knight/Pi 5,440 CM/0292 EVERY CHRISTIAN HEARTED MAN BEST OF THE BEE 5,441 CM/0292 EVERY CHRISTIAN LION HEARTED M Bee Gees 5,442 CM/0023 EVERY DAY HURTS SAD CAFE 5,443 CM/0296 EVERY DAY I HAVE TO CRY Ike & Tina Turne 5,444 CM/0060 EVERY LITTLE THING Yes 5,445 CM/0484 EVERY LITTLE THING SHE DOES Police 5,446 CM/0085 EVERY MAN HAS A WOMAN WHO LO John Lennon 5,447 COM/0085 EVERY MOTHER WANTS A BOY LIKE BARRY HUMPHRIES 5,448 CM/0434 EVERY NIGHT Drifters 5,449 CS/A3/44 Every Night about this time Geraldo & BDavis 5,450 CW/0325 EVERY NIGHT WHEN IT'S DARK ADAM HEBERT 5,451 CM/0034 EVERY NOW & THEN Marvin Gaye 5,452 CW/0032 Tammy Wynette 5,453 CW/0243 5,454 CW/0016 EVERY TIME I TURN THE RADIO ON Bill Anderson 5,455 CW/0222 5,456 CW/0180 EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE EDDY RABBITT 5,457 CW/0103 EVERY WHICH-A-WAY Roger Miller 5,458 CM/0031 EVERY WORD YOU SAY Peter Sarstedt 5,459 CM/0079 EVERYBODY GET TOGETHER Dave Clark Five 5,460 CM/0009 EVERYBODY GET UP UK PLAYERS 5,461 CM/0079 EVERYBODY KNOWS Dave Clark Five 5,462 CM/0213 EVERYBODY LOVES A LOVER UNDERTAKERS 5,463 CM/0482 EVERYBODY LOVES YOU NOW Billy Joel 5,464 CM/0362 EVERYBODY ON YOUR FEET Showaddywaddy 5,465 CW/0075 EVERYBODY OUGHTA CRY Crystal Gayle 5,466 CM/0384 EVERYBODY PLAYS THE FOOL MAIN INGREDIENT 5,467 CM/0372 EVERYBODY SALSA Modern Romance 5,468 CM/0002 EVERYBODY'S EVERYTHING SANTANA 5,469 CM/0020 EVERYBODY'S GOT TO LEARN SOMET KORGIS 5,470 CW/0045 EVERYBODY'S LAUGHIN BUT ME Chris Nielsen 5,471 COL/0093 EVERYBODY'S MELODIES J.H.SQUIRE CELES 5,472 CR/0006 LESLIE JAMES - O 5,473 CM/0430 EVERYBODY'S SOMEBODY'S FOOL Connie Francis 5,474 D/161 5,475 CW/0044 MARIE OSMAN 5,476 CM/0363 EVERYBODY'S TALKING 'BOUT LOVE Silver Conventio 5,477 CM/0471 5,478 CM/0033 EVERYDAY Bobby Vee 5,479 CW/0038 EVERYDAY I HAVE TO CRY Billie Jo Spears 5,480 CM/0910 EVERYONE'S A WINNER HOT CHOCOLATE 5,481 CW/0045 EVERYONE'S LAUGHIN' BUT ME Chris Nielsen 5,482 CW/0312 EVERYTHING A MAN COULD EVER NE Glen Campbell 5,483 CM/0351 EVERYTHING BAMBOO LENNY D ETC 5,484 CM/0351 Slade 5,485 CM/0026 EVERYTHING COUNTS DEPECHE MODE 5,486 CM/0109 5,487 CM/0228 EVERYTHING GOOD REMINDS ME OF Donny & Marie 5,488 COM/0135 EVERYTHING HAPPENS TO ME MAX MILLER 5,489 CM/0306 EVERYTHING I AM Box Tops 5,490 CD\1858 EVERYTHING I DO I DO IT FOR YO HARRY DALTON ORC 5,491 D/302 Everything I have is yours Eddie Fisher 5,492 D/302 To be entered. 5,493 CR/0016 EVERYTHING I LOVE CARROLL GIBBONS 5,494 CM/0446 EVERYTHING I OWN KEN BOOTHE 5,495 CM/0170 EVERYTHING I WANT TO DO Albert Hammond 5,496 CW/0212 EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL George Hamilton 5,497 CM/0909 NEIL SEDAKA 5,498 CM/0032 Ray Stevens 5,499 CM/0810 EVERYTHING IS GREAT INNER CIRCLE 5,500 CM/0214 EVERYTHING'S ALRIGHT David Bowie 5,501 CM/0213 MOJOS 5,502 CM/0247 EVERYTHING'S GONNA BE ALRIGHT Walker Brothers 5,503 CM/0226 EVERYTIME I FEEL THE SPIRIT Osmonds 5,504 CM/0028 EVERYTING COUNTS DEPECHE MODE 5,505 CW/0253 EVERYWHERE I TURN THERE'S YOUR Ronnie Milsap 5,506 COM/0056 EVILS OF BUSHEY SPON GOONS 5,507 COM/0152 EXACTLY LIKE YOU DUDLEY MOORE TRI 5,508 COL/0212 EXCELSIOR F.RUSSELL/H.WILL 5,509 COL/0371 H.EISDELL/N.ALLI 5,510 CW/0008 Excuse me DARRELL MCCALL 5,511 CSM/0260 ZAP POW 5,512 CM/0260 Zap-Pow 5,513 COL/0108 EXCUSE ME DANCES-OLD TYME HARRY DAVIDSON 5,514 CW/0285 EXCUSE ME I THINK I'VE GOT A H George Hamilton 5,515 COL/0103 EXCUSE ME WALTZ-ETON BOATING S HARRY DAVIDSON 5,516 CS/A5/26 EXERCISE IN A MINOR APOLLO 100 5,517 CM/0082 EXODUS Bob Marley 5,518 D/299 CHET ATKINS 5,519 CS/A2/23 Richd.Clayderman 5,520 D/299 To be entered. 5,521 CH/0081 EXODUS SONG Choir Morriston 5,522 CD\1858 EXODUS THEME RCA SYMPH.ORCH 5,523 COM/0097 EXPERIMENT BOB BOOKER,VAUGH 5,524 CW/0100 EXPERT AT EVERYTHING Don Williams 5,525 CW/0144 5,526 CS/A4/08 EXPLOSIONS POLKA VIENNA FESTIVAL 5,527 COM/0094 EXPLOSIVE GASES JASPER CARROTT 5,528 D/004 EXPRESS JAMES LAST 5,529 COM/0136 EXTRACTS FROM LETTERS TO GASBO Various Artists 5,530 COM/0083 EXTRACTS FROM ROUND THE HORNE HORNE/WILLIAMS E 5,531 COM/0083 EXTRACTS FROM THE FROST REPORT DAVID FROST ET A 5,532 COM/0083 EXTRACTS FROM THE WORLD OF BEA Spike Milligan 5,533 CS/A2/38 EYE LEVEL ROYAL MARINES 5,534 D/174 TV THEMES CASSET 5,535 D/140 EYE LEVEL - VAN DER VALK TV THEMES 5,536 CS/A4/23 EYE OF THE TIGER L.S.O. 5,537 CM/0003 SURVIVOR 5,538 CM/0295 EYES OF A CHILD Moody Blues 5,539 CM/0492 EYES OF LOVE Quincy Jones 5,540 CM/0239 EYES OF MAN Melanie 5,541 CH/0022 EZEKIEL - SAW A WHEEL Choir Treorchy 5,542 CM/0271 FA-FA-FA-FA-FA (SAD SONG) SOUL 5,543 CM/0271 FA.FA.FA.FA.FA OTIS REDDING 5,544 D/007 FACE IN A CROWD JAMES LAST 5,545 CM/0351 FACE IT MASTER C AND J 5,546 CM/0351 Slade 5,547 CW/0130 FACE ON THE BARROOM FLOOR - Th Tex Ritter 5,548 CM/0251 FACES Earth Wind & Fir 5,549 D/194 FACTS OF LIFE TV GREATEST HITS 5,550 CW/0050 FADE MY BLUES AWAY Stella Parton 5,551 CW/0224 FADED LOVE Blair Kennedy 5,552 CW/0216 Concrete Cowboy 5,553 CH/0015 FAERY CHORUS Choir Bath SR 5,554 Cs/A1/12 Faery Chorus from Immortal Hou Phil.Chmbr.Choir 5,555 CH/0003 FAERY SONG Choir Glasgow Or 5,556 CW/0291 FAGIN'S WAKE Foster & Allen 5,557 COM/0170 FAILED IN WALES NOT 9 O'CLOCK NE 5,558 CM/0298 FAIR BUT SO UNCOOL Earth Wind&Fire 5,559 CM/0904 FAIR EXCHANGE SUNBURST FINISH 5,560 COL/0008 FAIR MAID OF PERTH HEDDLE NASH 5,561 COL/0034 5,562 COL/0214 5,563 CH/0105 FAIR MAID OF PERTH SERENADE WELSH MASSED CHR 5,564 CW/0103 FAIR SWISS MAIDEN Roger Miller 5,565 COL/0445 FAIREST DAUGHTER OF THE GRACES M.LICETTE/M.BRUN 5,566 Cs/A1/15 FAIREST OF THE FAIR ROYAL MARINES 5,567 D/258 Fairy on the clock - Voc TEDDY BROWN XYLO 5,568 Cs/A1/02 Fairy Queen CLANNAD 5,569 CH/0003 FAIRY SONG Choir Glasgow Or 5,570 CW/0195 FAITH & TRUTH Hank Locklin 5,571 COM/0069 FAITH CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS Goons 5,572 CS/X2/17 Faith Of Our Fathers Bing Crosby 5,573 CS/XM/17 5,574 CM/0403 FAITH WALKING PEOPLE Passage 5,575 D/148 FAITHFUL HUSSAR - NOVELTY HARRY MORTIMER 5,576 CW/0246 FAITHLESS LOVE Lynn Anderson 5,577 CM/0181 FAKIN' IT Simon & Garfunke 5,578 CM/0103 FALL Electric Light O 5,579 D/263 FALL IN & FLY - IN MED YORKSHIRE IMPERI 5,580 CM/0324 FALL IN LOVE WITH ME Earth Wind & Fir 5,581 CM/0453 FALLEN ANGEL Frankie Vali + 5,582 CW/0100 FALLIN' IN LOVE AGAIN Don Williams 5,583 Cs/A1/14 Falling in love again Marlene Dietrich 5,584 D/273 Falling in love with love Harry Seacombe 5,585 D/317 Mario Lanza 5,586 D/317 Mario Lanza. 5,587 D/273 To be entered. 5,588 D/317 5,589 CS/A3/28 UNKNOWN ORCHESTR 5,590 CM/0254 FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU Impressions 5,591 CSM/0254 5,592 CM/0138 FALLING OUT OF LOVE Bad Manners 5,593 CM/0165 FALLING STAR Elkie Brooks 5,594 CW/0057 FALSE TRUE LOVER Porter Wagoner 5,595 CM/0002 FAMILY AFFAIR SLY/FAMILY STONE 5,596 CW/0323 FAMILY BIBLE CLAUDE GRAY 5,597 CW/0223 George Jones 5,598 CW/0158 FAMILY BIBLE ON THE TABLE Willie Nelson 5,599 CW/0158 Willy Nelson 5,600 CM/0129 FAMOUS INSTIGATOR Gary Glitter 5,601 CM/0245 5,602 COM/0134 FAN JOYCE GRENFELL 5,603 CS/A2/36 5,604 CM/0836 FAN FAN FANATICO RHEINGOLD 5,605 CS/A4/04 Fancy our meeting Jack Buchanan 5,606 D/004 FANCY PANTS JAMES LAST 5,607 CM/0363 FANCY PARTY Silver Conventio 5,608 CM/0471 5,609 D/129 FANDANGO ESPANA Y OLE 5,610 D/129 FANDANGO DE HUELVA ESPANA Y OLE 5,611 CS/A2/11 FANFARE & MELODY ROYL.MAR.COMMAND 5,612 CS/A3/22 FANFARE FOR THE RAF RAF REgt.Sthn. 5,613 CR/0397 FANFARE JUMP ERIC DELANEY BAN 5,614 D/272 FANFARE SIR DEREK REFFELL ROYAL GREEN JACK 5,615 CM/0037 FANNY MAE BUSTER BROWN 5,616 COL/0379 FANTAISIE IMPROMPTU IN C SHARP IRENE SCHARRER 5,617 CS/A2/02 FANTASIA CONC.ON CORELLI-TIPPE ACADEMY St.MARTI 5,618 Cs/A1/03 Fantasia for 6 brass Brass Ensemble 5,619 COL/0055 FANTASIA IMPROMPTU EILEEN JOYCE 5,620 CH/0102 FANTASIA IN C G.THALBEN-BALL 5,621 CS/A2/02 FANTASIA ON THEME -THOS.TALLIS ACADEMY St.MARTI 5,622 CH/0025 FANTASIA ON WELSH HYMN TUNE Choir Treorchy 5,623 Cs/A1/32 FANTASIE PASTORALE HONGROISE JAMES GALWAY 5,624 CM/0351 FANTASIZE ME PLEASURE PUMP 5,625 CM/0351 Slade 5,626 CM/0483 FANTASTIC DAY Haircut 100 5,627 CM/0324 FANTASY Earth Wind & Fir 5,628 CM/0428 EARTH WIND FIRE 5,629 D/293 FANTASY - IMPROMPTU OP.66 PETER KATIN PIAN 5,630 D/293 FANTASY IMPROMPTU PETER KATIN 5,631 CM/0497 FANTASY ISLAND TIGHT FIT 5,632 CM/0051 FANX TA-RA Sad Cafe 5,633 CH/0035 FAR AWAY Choir Red Army 5,634 CM/0283 FAR AWAY IN BAAGAD John & Vangelis 5,635 CM/0283 JON & VANGELIS 5,636 CM/0307 FAR FAR AWAY SLADE 5,637 CM/0446 5,638 COM/0006 FARE THEE WELL PETER SELLERS/SO 5,639 COL/0459 FAREWELL JOSE COLLINS 5,640 CH/0054 FAREWELL & ADIEU SCHELDELOODSENKO 5,641 CM/0035 FAREWELL IS A LONELY SOUND JIMMY RUFFIN 5,642 CW/0290 FAREWELL TO DERRY Foster & Allen 5,643 Cs/A1/20 Farewell to dreams Eddy & MacDonald 5,644 CW/0009 Farewell to Nova Scotia George Hamilton 5,645 CW/0032 5,646 CW/0219 5,647 CW/0285 5,648 D/148 FAREWELL WALTZ HARRY MORTIMER 5,649 CM/0213 FARMER JOHN SEARCHERS 5,650 COM/0001 FARMER SEE CYRIL FLETCHER 5,651 D/263 FARMYARD MEDLEY YORKS IMP METALS 5,652 COM/0001 FARQUHAR & PRENDERGHAST CYRIL FLETCHER 5,653 D/075 FASCINATING RHYTHM VARIOUS ORCH 5,654 CS/A4/15 FASCINATING RHYTHM SUITE ETC WALLY STOTT ORCH 5,655 D/120 FASCINATION JURGEN HERMAN 5,656 CM/0339 FASHION PACK AMANDA LEAR 5,657 D/258 FASHIONETTE XYLO - UNKNOWN A 5,658 CM/0206 FAST APPROACHING Gordon Giltrap 5,659 CW/0085 FAST BOAT TO SYDNEY J.CASH/JUNE CART 5,660 COM/0154 FAST FOOD BEN ELTON 5,661 CM/0360 FASTEN SEAT BELT Space 5,662 CM/0159 FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LOVE Giorgio Moroder 5,663 D/194 FAT ALBERT & THE COSBY KIDS TV GREATEST HITS 5,664 CM/0065 FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS Queen 5,665 COM/0007 FATHER & SON PETER COOK/DUDLE 5,666 CR/0082 FATHER KNICKERBOPPER TED HEATH 5,667 CS/A1/42 Father of Girls HARRY SECOMBE 5,668 CM/0909 NEIL SEDAKA 5,669 CM/0004 FATHER OF NIGHT MANFRED MANN 5,670 COM/0132 FATTY DREAD Judge Dread 5,671 COL/0370 FAUST JAMES JOHNSTON 5,672 CS/A4/22 FAUST BALLET - GOUNOD GD.ORCH.LUXEMBOR 5,673 CS/A4/14 FAUST WALTZ MAREK WEBER 5,674 CH/0098 FAUST WALTZ & CHORUS R.WAGNER CHORALE 5,675 CH/0098 FAUST, SOLDIERS' CHORUS R.WAGNER CHORALE 5,676 CM/0483 FAVOURITE SHIRTS Haircut 100 5,677 D/104 FAVOURITES To be entered. 5,678 COM/0150 FEAR JASPER CARROTT 5,679 CM/0125 Sade 5,680 CM/0206 FEAR OF THE DARK Gordon Giltrap 5,681 CH/0016 FEASTING I WATCH APOLLO TEESIDE 5,682 CM/0468 FEED ME TO THE LIONS Adam & the Ants 5,683 CW/0131 FEEL A WHOLE LOT BETTER SIOUX 5,684 CW/0079 FEEL LIKE A MILLION George Hamilton 5,685 CW/0263 5,686 CM/0231 FEEL LIKE MAKIN' LOVE Gladys Knight/Pi 5,687 CM/0235 FEEL THE BENEFIT 10cc 5,688 CM/0006 FEEL THE NEED IN ME DETROIT EMERALDS 5,689 CSM/0264 5,690 CM/0224 FEELIN' ALL RIGHT Osmonds 5,691 CM/0286 FEELIN' ALRIGHT 5TH DIMENSION 5,692 CM/0412 Diana Ross + 5,693 CM/0286 Fifth Dimension 5,694 CM/0298 FEELIN' BLUE Earth Wind&Fire 5,695 CW/0270 FEELIN' THE WEIGHT OF MY CHAIN TOM PALL & GLASE 5,696 CM/0166 FEELING SAD TONIGHT Carole King 5,697 CS/A3/41 FEELINGS MANCINI 5,698 CS/A4/25 PAN PIPES P.LEON 5,699 D/116 STANLEY BLACK 5,700 CM/0905 TONY CHRISTIE 5,701 CM/0300 5,702 CM/0494 FEELS LIKE I'M IN LOVE KELLY MARIE 5,703 D/010 FEELS SO GOOD JAMES LAST 5,704 CR/0366 FEET UP Guy Mitchell. 5,705 CS/A4/40 FEHRBELLINER REITERMARCH CORPS.TRANS.BAND 5,706 D/193 FENN St. GANG TV THEMES FAVOUR 5,707 CM/0166 FERGUSON ROAD Carole King 5,708 CM/0477 FERNANDO Abba 5,709 D/261 5,710 D/243 HAMMOND ORG-LAMB 5,711 D/009 JAMES LAST 5,712 D/243 To be entered. 5,713 D/261 Fernano Abba 5,714 D/261 To be entered. 5,715 CM/0064 FERRY Frankie goes to 5,716 CS/XM/28 Festival of Carols-St.Pauls & Two other Cathed 5,717 CS/A4/46 Festival Te Deum op.32 Westm.Cath.Choir 5,718 CM/0656 FEVER LITTLENELL 5,719 CM/0222 Osmonds 5,720 CM/0466 FEVER TIME David Cassidy 5,721 Cs/A1/30 Fiametta's Song ElizabethSchwarz 5,722 CM/0135 FIDDLE ABOUT Who 5,723 CW/0289 FIDDLER - The Foster & Allen 5,724 CS/A3/34 FIDDLER ON THE ROOF MANTOVANI 5,725 CW/0056 FIDDLIN' AROUND CHET ATKINS 5,726 COM/0152 FIELD DAY FOR SHIRLEY DUDLEY MOORE TRI 5,727 CW/0077 FIFTEEN BEERS AGO Ben Colder 5,728 CW/0020 FIFTEEN YEARS AGO Conway Twitty 5,729 CW/0199 5,730 CW/0139 Statler Bros 5,731 CM/0211 FIFTH OF BEETHOVEN Bee Gees 5,732 CM/0211 WALTER MURPHY 5,733 CW/0133 FIFTY MILES OF ELBOW ROOM Hank Locklin 5,734 COM/0169 FIFTY MILLION BLOW FLIES CAN'T Frankie Davidson 5,735 D/174 FIFTY TV THEMES - PICKWICK VARIOUS ARTISTS 5,736 D/311 FIG LEAF RAG RAGTIMERS 5,737 CW/0197 FIGHTING KIND - The Porter Wagoner 5,738 CH/0051 FILIPINO SONGS & DANCES PHILIPPINE DANCE 5,739 D/073 FILM & SHOW MEDLEY To be entered. 5,740 D/119 FILM BLOCK BUSTERS To be entered. 5,741 Cs/A1/14 Film Star Parade - tape Various 5,742 COM/0170 FINANCIAL TIMES NOT 9 O'CLOCK NE 5,743 D/297 Finchley Central New Vaudeville B 5,744 D/297 To be entered. 5,745 CM/0586 FIND MY WAY CAMEO 5,746 CM/0326 FIND THE TIME FIVE STAR 5,747 CM/0327 5,748 CH/0006 FINE DON FELLOWS Choir Red Army 5,749 CW/0039 FINE FEATHERED FRIEND Jeannie C Riley 5,750 CM/0325 FINEST SOS BAND 5,751 COL/0201 FINGAL'S CAVE NEW QUEEN'S HALL 5,752 D/296 FINGAL'S CAVE OVERTURE in med REGINALD DIXON 5,753 CW/0037 FINGERPRINTS Patsy Cline 5,754 CW/0211 5,755 CM/0215 FINGERTIPS Stevie Wonder 5,756 CM/0216 5,757 D/232 Finian's Rainbow - 1960 Brdwy Broadway Product 5,758 D/232 To be entered. 5,759 D/277 Finian's Rainbow - Broadway'60 Jeannie Carson 5,760 D/277 To be entered. 5,761 CH/0049 FINKENWALZER Gunther Kallman 5,762 CH/0086 FINLANDIA Choir Pontarddul 5,763 Cs/A1/08 FINNEGAN'S WAKE DUBLINERS 5,764 CM/0153 FIRE Equals 5,765 CM/0207 Van McCoy 5,766 CR/0372 FIRE GOD MELODI LIGHT ORC 5,767 CH/0054 FIRE IN THE GALLEY SCHELDELOODSENKO 5,768 CM/0614 FIRE NIGHT DANCE PETER JAQUES BAN 5,769 D/005 FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN JAMES LAST 5,770 CM/0002 FIREBALL DEEP PURPLE 5,771 CW/0271 FIREBALL MAIL - INSTR BARBARA MANDRELL 5,772 CM/0284 FIREBIRD TOMITA 5,773 CM/0284 FIREBIRD SUITE ISAO TOMITA 5,774 CR/0203 FIREFLY Jack Hylton 5,775 COM/0104 FIREMAN'S FLAMING FLOUISH Jan & Dean 5,776 CW/0321 FIREWATER LUKE Eddie Noack 5,777 COM/0004 FIRST & SECOND LAW Flanders & Swann 5,778 COM/0123 5,779 CM/0314 FIRST BORN OF THE EARTH SALLY OLDFIELD 5,780 CM/0289 FIRST CUT IS THE DEEPEST EVERLASTING LOVE 5,781 CM/0289 Love Affair 5,782 CM/0142 Rod Stewart 5,783 CM/0166 FIRST DAY IN AUGUST Carole King 5,784 CM/0159 FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE Giorgio Moroder 5,785 CW/0167 FIRST LOVE BEST LOVE Berni Flint 5,786 CM/0119 FIRST LOVE NEVER DIES Walker Brothers 5,787 CM/0247 5,788 CS/XM/22 First Noel Choir Kings Camb 5,789 CS/X2/25 Choir St.Paul's 5,790 D/323 Hymns & Carols 5,791 CS/X2/23 Johnny Mathis 5,792 CS/XM/23 5,793 CS/X2/26 Placido Domingo 5,794 CS/X2/23 St.John's Coll 5,795 CS/X2/22 VARIOUS 5,796 CS/X2/20 5,797 CS/XM/06 FIRST NOEL (M) HAYSBRIDGE STRGS 5,798 CS/X2/08 FIRST NOEL - M HAYSBRIDGE STRGS 5,799 CS/X2/03 MARK LAUB(ORGAN) 5,800 CS/X2/21 First Nowell Canterbury Cath 5,801 CS/XM/21 Choir Canterbury 5,802 CS/A4/29 Choir Kings Camb 5,803 CS/A3/30 Choir Lincoln Ca 5,804 CS/X2/24 Choir Warwick 5,805 CS/XM/24 ChoirSt.MaryWarw 5,806 CM/0292 FIRST OF MAY Bee Gees 5,807 CM/0292 BEST OF THE BEE 5,808 D/126 FIRST OF THE THREE DALE DANCES WILLIAM DAVIS 5,809 CM/0026 FIRST PICTURE OF YOU LOTUS EATERS 5,810 CM/0028 5,811 CW/0249 FIRST THING EVERY MORNING Jimmy Dean 5,812 CM/0252 FIRST TIME Chi-lites 5,813 CSM/0252 5,814 CS/A4/25 FIRST TIME EVER I SAW YOUR FAC PAN PIPES P.LEON 5,815 CM/0492 FIRST TIME EVER ISAW YOUR FACE Quincy Jones 5,816 D/133 FIRST TIME I EVER SAW YOUR FAC VARIOUS SEE CARD 5,817 CS/A4/23 FIRST TIME I EVER SAW YOURFACE L.S.O. 5,818 CR/0440 First time I saw you Gracie Fields 5,819 COM/0179 FIRST TIME STARTER STAG 5,820 CW/0116 FIRST YEAR BLUES Hank Williams 5,821 CM/0155 FISH SOUP Manfred Mann 5,822 CS/A3/24 Fishermen of England Peter Dawson 5,823 CM/0097 FIST HEART MIGHTY DAWN DART T.Rex 5,824 CW/0162 FIVE FEET HIGH & RISIN' Johnny Cash 5,825 CW/0092 FIVE FEET HIGH & RISING Johnny Cash 5,826 CM/0679 FIVE FINGER SHUFFLE MEGALOMANIA 5,827 CW/0095 FIVE FT. HIGH & RISING Johnny Cash 5,828 CW/0072 FIVE HUNDRED MILES Joe Simon 5,829 CW/0093 FIVE HUNDRED MILES AWAY Glen Campbell 5,830 CW/0097 FIVE HUNDRED MILES AWAY FROM H Glen Campbell 5,831 CW/0258 FIVE LITTLE FINGERS Bill Anderson 5,832 CS/A3/44 Five O'Clock whistle Harry Roy & MK 5,833 CM/0102 FLAGS & BANNERS Faces 5,834 CW/0197 FLAME - The Porter Wagoner 5,835 CS/A4/25 FLAME TREES OF THIKA PAN PIPES P.LEON 5,836 CM/0028 FLAMING SWORD CARE 5,837 D/263 FLANAGAN'S MARE - IN MED YORKSHIRE IMPERI 5,838 CM/0065 FLASH Queen 5,839 D/192 FLASH GORDON TV THEMES SiFi V 5,840 CR/0338 FLAVILLA MAZURKA THOMAS PARKER (B 5,841 CS/A5/23 FLAXTON BOYS - TV THEME SUISSE ROMANDE 5,842 COM/0024 FLEA - THE Goons 5,843 D/263 FLEET'S IN PORT AGAIN - IN MED YORKSHIRE IMPERI 5,844 Cs/A1/11 FLEGERMARSCH JAMES LAST 5,845 CR/0462 FLIES CRAWLED UP THE WINDOW JACK HULBERT 5,846 COM/0104 FLIGHT OF THE BATMOBILE Jan & Dean 5,847 D/315 FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLE BEE JEAN JACQUES PER 5,848 CS/A4/15 NEW SYMPH LONDON 5,849 CS/A5/31 ORGAN BrianSharp 5,850 CS/A2/39 SEMPRINI 5,851 COM/0147 Spike Jones 5,852 COM/0102 5,853 COM/0089 5,854 Cs/A1/32 FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLEBEE JAMES GALWAY 5,855 CM/0051 FLINGUS' HOLIDAY Sad Cafe 5,856 CM/0303 FLIP FLOP & FLY Bill Haley 5,857 COM/0067 FLOAT ON Barron Knights 5,858 CM/0428 FLOATERS 5,859 CM/0604 5,860 CM/0613 5,861 CM/0011 5,862 COL/0083 FLOATIN'DOWN TO COTTON TOWN COL.VOC.GEM CO. 5,863 CM/0295 FLOATING Moody Blues 5,864 CR/0442 FLOR Y LUZ CONCHITA SUPERVI 5,865 COM/0082 FLORAL DANCE DAD'S ARMY 5,866 CS/A3/24 Peter Dawson 5,867 COL/0215 RAYMOND NEWELL 5,868 CS/A2/40 Floral Dance Cassette-Various PETER DAWSON 5,869 CM/0262 FLOWER GIRL Smokey Robinson 5,870 CSM/0262 5,871 COL/0431 FLOWER SONG (CARMEN) JAMES JOHNSTON 5,872 CM/0428 FLOWERS EMOTIONS 5,873 CM/0584 5,874 CM/0398 FLOWERS ALL SURROUNDING Herbie/Royalists 5,875 CS/A5/30 Flowers that bloom in the Spri London Ensemble+ 5,876 CW/0091 FLY AWAY Don Williams 5,877 CW/0099 5,878 CM/0361 Gibson Bros 5,879 CS/A2/14 John Denver 5,880 CW/0170 5,881 CM/0310 FLY INTO THE WIND DONALD CLARK OSM 5,882 COM/0152 FLY ME TO THE MOON DUDLEY MOORE TRI 5,883 CS/A5/12 EDMUNDO ROS 5,884 CM/0385 FLY ROBIN FLY SILVER CONV. 5,885 CM/0363 Silver Conventio 5,886 CM/0375 FLY TOO HIGH Janis Ian 5,887 D/259 FLYER - (COLIN WAGGOTT) CWS MANCHESTER B 5,888 D/259 To be entered. 5,889 CM/0102 FLYING Faces 5,890 CS/A5/12 FLYING DOWN TO RIO EDMUNDO ROS 5,891 COL/0130 FLYING DUTCHMAN-WAGNER LPO 5,892 CD\1858 FLYING FROM E.T. JOHNNY GREGORY O 5,893 CM/0256 FLYING HIGH TOGETHER Smokey Robinson 5,894 CSM/0256 5,895 CD\1854a FLYING HOME BILLY MAY 5,896 D/321 CHARLIE BARNETT 5,897 CM/0147 FLYING MACHINE Cliff Richard 5,898 CW/0047 Lynn Anderson 5,899 CM/0360 FLYING NIGHTMARE Space 5,900 D/148 FLYING SCOT SCOTTISH CWS BAN 5,901 COM/0108 FLYING SOUTH Benny Hill 5,902 COM/0133 5,903 CW/0195 Hank Locklin 5,904 COM/0041 FOAMING AT THE MOUTH TOMMY HANDLEY 5,905 CS/A4/07 FOCUS ON CHARLIE KUNZ 5,906 D/088 FOCUS ON MANTOVANI To be entered. 5,907 D/093 FOCUS ON WERNER MULLER WERNER MULLER 5,908 CM/0016 FOG ON THE TYNE LINDISFARNE 5,909 CM/0349 5,910 CS/A4/41 Foggy Dew Dubliners 5,911 CW/0001 Foggy Mountain Breakdown FLATT & SCRUGGS 5,912 CW/0023 5,913 CW/0316 LESTER FLATT/EAR 5,914 CW/0308 FOGGY MOUNTAIN TOP CHET ATKINS 5,915 Cs/A1/09 FOGGYDEW WOLFTONES 5,916 COM/0140 FOILED BY PRESIDENT FRED GOONS 5,917 CR/0029 FOLD.THE CLARA BUTT 5,918 D/157 FOLK MUSIC To be entered. 5,919 CW/0083 FOLK SINGER Glen Campbell 5,920 CW/0084 5,921 CW/0090 5,922 CS/A2/27 FOLK SONG COLLECTION JOHN WILLAMS GUI 5,923 CH/0013 FOLK SONGS - KOREAN Angels of Korea 5,924 CS/A1/44 Folk songs collection Kathleen Ferrier 5,925 CW/0094 FOLLOW ME Hank Snow 5,926 CW/0160 5,927 CW/0087 John Denver 5,928 CM/0489 Karlins 5,929 CW/0046 OliviaNewtonJohn 5,930 COM/0120 Paddy Roberts 5,931 COM/0066 5,932 COM/0059 5,933 D/283 FOLLOW ON! JACK WARD PIANO 5,934 D/283 To be entered. 5,935 CS/A4/06 Follow the white line Various 5,936 CW/0058 FOLSOM PRISON DUFFY BROS/RON R 5,937 CW/0260 NASSINGTON FLYER 5,938 D/252 Folsom Prison Blues Charley Pride 5,939 CW/0007 FERLIN HUSKY 5,940 CW/0054 Johnny Cash 5,941 CW/0140 5,942 CW/0148 5,943 D/235 Johnny Cash - Be 5,944 D/235 To be entered. 5,945 D/252 5,946 CW/0078 WELLINGS & TRAVI 5,947 COM/0151 FOO FOO SHUFFLEWICK & HER EXOT MIKE HARDING 5,948 CM/0144 FOO'S HALL OF FAME Pat Boone 5,949 CW/0220 FOOD BLUES Bobby Bare 5,950 CM/0020 FOOD FOR THOUGHT U.B.40 5,951 CM/0488 FOOL AL MATTHEWS 5,952 CM/0018 CHRIS REA 5,953 CW/0116 FOOL ABOUT YOU Hank Williams 5,954 CW/0116 FOOL ABOUT YOU # Hank Williams 5,955 CM/0026 FOOL FOR YOU JULIE ROBERTS 5,956 CM/0020 FOOL FOR YOUR LOVING WHITESNAKE 5,957 CM/0141 FOOL IF YOU THINK IT'S OVER Elkie Brooks 5,958 CM/0179 FOOL IN LOVE Paul Young 5,959 D/248 Fool inside of me David Allen Coe& 5,960 D/248 To be entered. 5,961 CW/0195 FOOL No. 1 Hank Locklin 5,962 CM/0045 FOOL ON THE HILL Beatles 5,963 D/096 PEPE JARAMILLO 5,964 CW/0163 FOOL'S PARADISE LARRY CUNNINGHAM 5,965 CW/0283 FOOL'S PARADISE - The Jim Reeves 5,966 CM/0343 FOOLED BY A SMILE Swing out Sister 5,967 CW/0285 FOOLIN' AROUND George Hamilton 5,968 CW/0327 FOOLISH QUESTIONS HILLBILLY HALEY 5,969 CM/0442 FOOLS GET LUCKY Barry Manilow 5,970 CW/0204 FOOLS HALL OF FAME Johnny Cash 5,971 CR/0046 FOOLS RUSH IN LEN GREEN 5,972 CW/0230 FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW CARL JACKSON 5,973 CW/0103 Roger Miller 5,974 COM/0169 FOOTY SONG Frankie Davidson 5,975 CM/0163 FOR A LIFETIME Mary Wells 5,976 CS/A5/25 For a little of your love Julio Iglesias 5,977 CM/0144 FOR A PENNY Pat Boone 5,978 CM/0015 FOR A PRETTY FACE WEST PHILLIPS 5,979 D/122 FOR ALL SEASONS RONNIE ALDRICH 5,980 CS/A1/36 FOR ALL THAT I CARE PRIMO SCALA 5,981 CW/0250 FOR ALL THE RIGHT REASONS BARBRA FAIRCHILD 5,982 CS/A4/45 For All The Saints Cant.Cath.Choir 5,983 CH/0004 Choir Warwick SM 5,984 D/038 FOR ALL THE SAINTS -V.WILLIAMS SINGERS & ORGAN 5,985 D/254 FOR ALL WE KNOW BERT WEEDON 5,986 CM/0073 Detroit Spinners 5,987 D/254 To be entered. 5,988 CM/0305 FOR ALWAYS & EVER Glitter Band 5,989 CW/0087 FOR BABY John Denver 5,990 CW/0087 FOR BOBBIE John Denver 5,991 CM/0270 FOR GIRLS WHO GO PLUMP IN TH CARAVAN 5,992 CM/0111 FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE Frankie goes to 5,993 CS/A2/04 For lo I raise up Choir Oxfd Cath 5,994 CS/A2/03 Worcs.Cath.Choir 5,995 CW/0201 FOR LOVING YOU Bill Anderson 5,996 CW/0258 5,997 CS/A4/04 FOR MY FRIEND Jack Buchanan 5,998 CM/0144 FOR MY GOOD FORTUNE Pat Boone 5,999 CW/0083 FOR MY WOMAN'S LOVE Glen Campbell 6,000 CW/0091 6,001 CW/0053 FOR NO ONE Emmylou Harris 6,002 CM/0216 FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE Stevie Wonder 6,003 CW/0006 For Pete's Sake Pete Drake 6,004 CM/0270 FOR RICHARD CARAVAN 6,005 CH/0046 FOR THE BEAUTY OF THE EARTH Ernest Lough 6,006 CH/0102 TEMPLE CHU CHOIR 6,007 CD\1855 For the first time Mark Rattray 6,008 D/252 For the good times Floyd Cramer 6,009 CW/0122 Jerry Lee Lewis 6,010 CW/0203 Ray Price 6,011 D/252 To be entered. 6,012 CW/0036 Vera Lynn 6,013 CM/0320 FOR THE LOVE OF IVY MAMAS & PAPAS 6,014 CM/0321 MAMAS & THE PAPA 6,015 CH/0079 FOR UNTO US A CHILD IS BORN Choir Mormon Tab 6,016 COL/0303 HUDDERSFIELD CH. 6,017 COM/0148 FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH Muppets 6,018 D/0338/b For you Beverley Sisters 6,019 CR/0345 FOR YOU ALONE LAURITZ MELCHIOR 6,020 CM/0083 FOR YOU BLUE Beatles 6,021 CD\1858 FOR YOUR EYES ONLY TITLE SONG L.S.O. 6,022 CM/0041 FOR YOUR LOVE Clarence Frogman 6,023 CM/0010 FOUR TOPS 6,024 CM/0039 FOR YOUR PRECIOUS LOVE JERRY BUTLER 6,025 CM/0012 FORBIDDEN COLOURS SYLVIAN/SAKAMOTO 6,026 CM/0184 FORCE MAJEURE TANGERINE DREAM 6,027 CM/0287 FOREVER DOOLEYS 6,028 CW/0006 Pete Drake 6,029 CW/0288 FOREVER & EVER Foster & Allen 6,030 CM/0910 SLIK 6,031 CM/0280 FOREVER AFTERNOON Moody Blues 6,032 D/0122 FOREVER AUTUMN RONNIE ALDRICH 6,033 D/122 6,034 CM/0071 FOREVER CAME TODAY Jackson 5 6,035 CM/0916 FOREVER IN LOVE LOVE UNLIMITED 6,036 CW/0202 FOREVER YOUNG George Hamilton 6,037 CM/0398 FOREVER YOURS Herbie/Royalists 6,038 CW/0135 Marty Robbins 6,039 CM/0022 FORGET ABOUT YOU MOTORS 6,040 CM/0409 6,041 CM/0694 6,042 CM/0339 FORGET IT AMANDA LEAR 6,043 CM/0677 BETTE NOIR 6,044 CW/0293 FORGIVE ME Hank Locklin 6,045 D/016 JAMES LAST+PJ&RL 6,046 D/134 FORGOTTEN DREAMS NORRIE PARAMOR+p 6,047 CD\1858 FORREST GUMP MAIN THEME ORCH.OF AMERICAS 6,048 CS/A2/08 Forsaken Shepherdess Barb.Courtney-Kn 6,049 CS/A5/23 FORSYTE SAGA - TV THEME NEW SYMPH ORCH 6,050 CH/0048 FORTH TO BATTLE LINDEN SINGERS 6,051 CM/0197 FORTUNATE SON Creedence Clearw 6,052 CM/0213 FORTUNE TELLER MERSEYBEATS 6,053 CW/0285 FORTUNES IN MEMORIES George Hamilton 6,054 CW/0162 FORTY SHADES OF GREEN Johnny Cash 6,055 CM/0381 FORTY THOUSAND HEADMEN TRAFFIC 6,056 CM/0219 FORTY WINKS AWAY Neil Sedaka 6,057 CH/0045 FORWARD Choir Red Army 6,058 COM/0172 FOSDYKES ARISE BERNARD WRIGLEY 6,059 D/087 Four & Twenty Hours Nana Mouskouri 6,060 COM/0149 FOUR & TWENTY VIRGINS FIRST XV SING RU 6,061 CR/0429 FOUR BIBLICAL SONGS CLARA BUTT 6,062 CD\1857b FOUR BROTHERS BILLY MAY 6,063 CR/0351 FOUR JOLLY SAILORMEN OSCAR NATZKE 6,064 CW/0282 Four legged Friend Roy Rogers 6,065 CW/0050 FOUR LITTLE LETTERS Stella Parton 6,066 CM/0040 FOUR PENNIES Best of 50/60s 6,067 CM/0040 Best of 50s/60s 6,068 CW/089 FOUR STRONG WINDS Bobby Bare 6,069 CW/0179 FOUR WALLS BILL QUINN 6,070 CW/0009 DON GIBSON 6,071 CW/0060 Jim Reeves 6,072 CW/0256 6,073 D/236 Jim Reeves V1 6,074 D/236 To be entered. 6,075 CW/0036 Vera Lynn 6,076 CM/0167 FOUR YEARS OLDER THAN ME Dr. Hook 6,077 CW/0232 FOURTEEN CARAT MIND Gene Watson 6,078 COL/0402 FOURTH FORM WILL HAY/SCHOLAR 6,079 COL/0403 FOURTH FORM AT ST.MICHAEL'S PT WILL HAY/SCHOLAR 6,080 CW/0215 FOURTH MAN Johnny Cash 6,081 D/270 Fourth of July Roger Miller 6,082 CW/0187 FOURTH OF JULY - The Roger Miller 6,083 CM/0105 FOX ON THE RUN Manfred Mann 6,084 COM/0173 FOZZIE BEAR GIVES A MONOLOGUE Muppets 6,085 D/194 FRACTURED FAIRY TALES TV GREATEST HITS 6,086 CW/0128 FRANCIE'S MAN Johnny Cash 6,087 CS/A1/37 FRANCIS POULENC COMPOSITIONS LONDON WIND ORCH 6,088 CM/0270 FRANCOISE CARAVAN 6,089 CM/0750 FRANKIE SISTER SLEDGE 6,090 CM/0413 FRANKIE & JOHNNY Elvis 6,091 CM/0413 Elvis Presley 6,092 CW/0150 JIMMIE RODGERS 6,093 COM/0174 FRANKIE HOWARD PERFORMING LIVE FRANKIE HOWARD 6,094 CM/0124 FRANKIE'S FIRST AFFAIR Sade 6,095 CW/0128 FRANKIE'S MAN JOHNNY Johnny Cash 6,096 CW/0140 6,097 CS/A1/40 Frasquita serenade Richard Tauber 6,098 CW/0195 FRAULEIN Hank Locklin 6,099 CW/0169 NARVEL FELTS 6,100 CW/0262 Roy Drusky 6,101 Cs/A1/10 FRAULEIN PARDON ! JAMES LAST 6,102 CM/0026 FREAK BRUCE FOXTON 6,103 CM/0167 FREAKERS' BALL Dr. Hook 6,104 CR/0481 FRECKLE FACE YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL LEW SYLVA 6,105 COM/0180 FRED'S PIE STALL Tony Hancock 6,106 CM/0032 FREDDIE FEELGOOD Ray Stevens 6,107 COM/0157 6,108 COM/0001 FREDDIE FUSS CYRIL FLETCHER 6,109 CM/0210 FREDDY MY LOVE CINDY BULLENS 6,110 D/234 Frederick Ferrari - 40s singer To be entered. 6,111 D/234 To be listed 6,112 COM/0136 FREDERICK WERMYSS RUTH MADOC 6,113 CM/0018 FREE DENIECE WILLIAMS 6,114 CM/0428 6,115 CM/0226 Osmonds 6,116 CM/0319 FREE ADVICE MAMAS & PAPAS 6,117 CM/0170 FREE ELECTRIC BAND Albert Hammond 6,118 CM/0174 FREE MY SOUL Cliff Richard 6,119 CM/0410 FREE RIDE Adrian Gorvitz 6,120 Cs/A1/08 FREE THE PEPOLE DUBLINERS 6,121 COM/0038 FREEDOM OF THE AIRWAYS Michael Bentine 6,122 D/299 FREIGHT TRAIN CHET ATKINS 6,123 CW/0081 COUNTRY GUITAR 6,124 D/299 To be entered. 6,125 CW/0010 FREIGHT TRAIN BLUES Jimmy Dean 6,126 CM/0501 FRENCH CONNECTION REPARTEE 6,127 CM/0486 FRENCH GIRL AFFAIR Val Stoecklein 6,128 COL/0040 FRENCH MARCHING SONG EDITH DAY/CHORUS 6,129 COL/0460 6,130 COL/0324 6,131 COL/0451 6,132 COL/0458 6,133 COL/0074 EDITHDAY/CHORUS 6,134 COM/0059 FRENCH SONG Paddy Roberts 6,135 COM/0087 FRESH FISH LAUREL & HARDY 6,136 CM/0214 FRIDAY ON MY MIND David Bowie 6,137 CS/A4/33 SHADOWS 6,138 CM/0490 FRIEND & A LOVER Partridge Family 6,139 D/278 Friend O' mine Cliff Adams Sing 6,140 D/278 To be entered. 6,141 CM/0405 FRIEND TO ME Gary Shearston 6,142 COM/0004 FRIENDLY DUET Flanders & Swann 6,143 COM/0123 6,144 D/257 Friendly persuasion Bing Crosby 6,145 CM/0144 Pat Boone 6,146 D/257 To be entered. 6,147 CM/0112 FRIENDS ARRIVAL 6,148 CM/0323 Shalamar 6,149 COL/0233 FRIENDSHIP C.BUTT/K.RUMFORD 6,150 CS/A4/35 FRIGHTENED CITY (FROM FILM) SHADOWS 6,151 CM/0223 FRIGHTENED EYES Osmonds 6,152 CW/0188 FRISCO DEPOT Waylon Jennings 6,153 D/0339 Fritz & his twiddly bits Billy Cotton 6,154 CW/0056 FROG KISSIN' CHET ATKINS 6,155 CW/0012 FROGGY WENT A-COURTIN' Tex Ritter 6,156 CW/0190 FROM A JACK TO A KING Ned Miller 6,157 CW/0069 NEL MILLER 6,158 CW/0229 FROM A ROLLS TO THE RAILS Boxcar Willie 6,159 CM/0238 FROM DANCE TO LOVE Samantha sang 6,160 CM/0275 FROM EAST TO WEST VOYAGE 6,161 CM/0428 6,162 CH/0016 FROM FAR AWAY COMING APOLLO CHOIR OF 6,163 CM/0010 FROM HERE TO ETERNITY GIORGIO 6,164 CM/0159 Giorgio Moroder 6,165 CW/0054 FROM HERE TO THERE TO YOU Hank Locklin 6,166 CW/0195 6,167 CM/0044 FROM ME TO YOU Beatles 6,168 CM/0086 6,169 CS/X2/13 Vera Lynn 6,170 CS/A2/07 FROM MEADOW TO MAYFAIR -COATES Ryl.LIV.PHILHARM 6,171 CM/0010 FROM NEW YORK TO L.A. PATSY GALLANT 6,172 CM/0611 FROM NOW ON LINDA CLIFFORD 6,173 CM/0180 Lou Rawls 6,174 CD\1858 FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE TITLE SG RCA SYMPH.ORCH 6,175 CH/0066 FROM THE HEIGHTS OF THE DACHST Choir Vienna Boy 6,176 CS/A3/10 FROM THE LAND OF SKY BLUE WATE ALBERT SANDLER 6,177 CH/0067 FROM THE THRONE OF THE CROSS ( Choir Guildford 6,178 CW/0017 FROM THE WATERS OF THE MEDWAY BRYAN CHALKER 6,179 CH/0018 FRONTIER GUARDS SONG Choir Red Army 6,180 CH/0019 6,181 CS/X2/05 Frosty The Snowman Beach Boys 6,182 CS/XM/14 Fireside Singers 6,183 CS/X2/14 6,184 CS/XM/10 GLENN MILLER 6,185 CS/X2/11 GLENN MILLER ORC 6,186 CS/XM/01 Nat King Cole 6,187 CS/X2/01 6,188 CS/X2/03 FROSTY THE SNOWMAN - M MARK LAUB(ORGAN) 6,189 COM/0021 FROZEN MINER BLASTER BATES 6,190 CM/0031 FROZEN ORANGE JUICE Peter Sarstedt 6,191 CM/0319 FRUSTATION MAMAS & PAPAS 6,192 CW/0296 FUEL TO THE FLAME Dolly Parton 6,193 CW/0208 Skeeter Davis 6,194 CW/0006 Fugitive BILLY RAY REYNOL 6,195 CW/0006 Fugitive - the Pete Drake 6,196 CS/A3/30 FUGUE SUR LE CARILLON -DURUFLE ORGAN ChrisHughs 6,197 CM/0149 FULL OF FIRE Al Green 6,198 COM/0069 FULLER'S EARTH Goons 6,199 CM/0196 FULLHOUSE Kate Bush 6,200 CM/0447 FUN FUN FUN Beach Boys 6,201 CSM/0263 6,202 CS/A4/15 FUNERAL MARCH OF A MARIONETTE SOC.SYMPHONIQUES 6,203 CS/A4/44 Funiculi Funicula Mario Lanza 6,204 D/280 POLYPHON DISK 24 6,205 CM/0054 FUNKY BOTTOM CONGREGATION Neil Sedaka 6,206 CSM/0261 FUNKY BROADWAY DI ROSS/SUPREMES 6,207 CM/0261 Diana Ross + 6,208 CW/0107 FUNKY COUNTRY Muskrats 6,209 COM/0129 FUNKY GIBBON GOODIES 6,210 CM/0192 FUNKY MUSIC Stylus 6,211 CM/0009 FUNKYTOWN LIPPS INC 6,212 CW/0052 FUNNY Crystal Gayle 6,213 D/121 6,214 CW/0032 FUNNY FACE Tammy Wynette 6,215 CW/0243 6,216 CW/0302 6,217 CW/0294 FUNNY FAMILIAR FORGOTTEN FEELI DON GIBSON 6,218 CM/0146 Tom Jones 6,219 CM/0250 FUNNY FUNNY Sweet 6,220 CM/0421 FUNNY HOW LOVE CAN BE IVY LEAGUE 6,221 D/244 Funny how time slips away Willie Nelson 6,222 CW/0083 FUNNY KIND OF MONDAY Glen Campbell 6,223 CW/0091 6,224 CW/0045 FUNNY LITTLE GIRL Chris Nielsen 6,225 COM/0054 FUNNY THING RELIGION BILLY CONNOLLY 6,226 Cs/A1/10 FUR ELISE JAMES LAST 6,227 CS/A2/06 RICHARDCLAYDERMN 6,228 CS/A2/23 Richd.Clayderman 6,229 COM/0087 FURNITURE PAYMENT LAUREL & HARDY 6,230 CM/0051 FURTHER ADVENTURES OF MAD ALAN Sad Cafe 6,231 CM/0378 FUTURISTIC JOURNEY Biddu Orch 6,232 CW/0054 FUZZY WAS AN OUTLAW DAVID ALLAN COE 6,233 D/292 G MAJOR SONATA PETER KATIN PIAN 6,234 D/292 G MINOR SONATA PETER KATIN PIAN 6,235 COM/0119 G.I.HAIRCUT Spike Jones 6,236 CM/0218 GABRIEL Joe South 6,237 CS/X2/28 Gabriel's Message Bach Choir 6,238 CS/XM/27 Bach Choir+BRASS 6,239 CS/A4/30 Choir Kings Camb 6,240 CS/A3/30 Choir Lincoln Ca 6,241 CM/0222 GABRIELLE Osmonds 6,242 D/189 GADGET TV THEMES 6,243 Cs/A1/03 GADIOLUS RAG Brass Ensemble 6,244 COM/0103 GAL FROM ARKENSAW Two Ronnies 6,245 D/321 GAL FROM JOE'S CHARLIE BARNETT 6,246 COM/0103 GAL WHO'S GONNA MARRY ME Two Ronnies 6,247 D/193 GALA PREMIERE TV THEMES FAVOUR 6,248 D/140 GALLOPING HOME - BLACK BEAUTY TV THEMES 6,249 D/244 Galveston Glen Campbell 6,250 CW/0213 6,251 CW/0312 6,252 D/244 To be entered. 6,253 CM/0417 Ventures 6,254 CW/0180 GAMBLER - The Bobby Bare 6,255 CW/0220 6,256 CW/0297 DON SCHLITZ 6,257 CW/0146 GAMBLING POLKA DOT BLUES Hank Snow 6,258 COM/0170 GAME FOR A LAUGH NOT 9 O'CLOCK NE 6,259 CM/0305 GAME'S UP Glitter Band 6,260 CW/0210 GAMES PEOPLE PLAY FLOYD CRAMER 6,261 CW/0039 Jeannie C Riley 6,262 CM/0218 Joe South 6,263 CW/0297 6,264 CM/0422 Paper Lace 6,265 CM/0417 Ventures 6,266 D/005 GAMES THAT LOVERS PLAY JAMES LAST 6,267 CS/A3/35 GAMES WITHOUT FRONTIERS JAMES LAST 6,268 CM/0024 PETER GABRIEL 6,269 CM/0123 GANG OF EAGLES Jefferson Airpla 6,270 CR/0385 GARDEN OF EDEN Frankie Vaughan 6,271 CR/0341 GARDEN OF HAPPINESS RICHARD CROOKS 6,272 CS/A4/04 Garden of Lies Jack Buchanan 6,273 COM/0176 GARDEN OF LOVE BOB WILLIAMSON 6,274 D/036 GARDENS IN IBIZA MANUEL 6,275 COM/0154 GARETH & HIS CHUMS BEN ELTON 6,276 Cs/A1/08 GARRETT BARRY'S JIG FUREY BROTHERS 6,277 COM/0136 GAS BOARD LETTERS WELSH CAST 6,278 COM/0123 GAS MAN COMETH Flanders & Swann 6,279 COM/0004 GAS-MAN COMETH Flanders & Swann 6,280 CM/0463 GASLITE STREET Herman's Hermits 6,281 CM/0126 GASOLINE ALLEY WYNDER K.FROG 6,282 CM/0136 GASOLINE ALLEY BRED Hollies 6,283 COM/0133 GATHER IN THE MUSHROOMS Benny Hill 6,284 CH/0016 GAUDE MATER POLONIA APOLLO TEESIDE 6,285 CS/XM/04 Gaudete Steeleye Span 6,286 CS/X2/02 Gaudette Chapter House Ch 6,287 CS/XM/02 6,288 COL/0091 GAVOTTE IN E - BACH BRITISH SYMPHONY 6,289 COL/0319 GAVOTTE IN E FOR STRINGS BRITISH SYMPH. 6,290 CR/0258 GAY 90'S WALTZ MEDLEY PRIMO SCALA 6,291 COL/0125 GAY GORDONS HARRY DAVIDSON 6,292 COL/0306 6,293 COL/0321 GAYANEH BALLET SUITE PHIL.SYMPH.NEW Y 6,294 CM/0038 GEE CROWS 6,295 CM/0446 GEE BABY PETER SHELLEY 6,296 CM/0144 GEE BUT IT'S LONELY Pat Boone 6,297 CS/A3/14 Gee officer Krupke! Soundtrack 6,298 CW/0195 GEISHA GIRL Hank Locklin 6,299 CW/0054 6,300 CW/0008 Johnny Mathis 6,301 CR/0399 GEMS FROM CALL ME MADAM ANTON WALBROOK 6,302 COL/0372 GENDARMES DUET M.MCEACHERN/H.WI 6,303 CM/0494 GENERALS & MAJORS XTC 6,304 CW/0039 GENERATION GAP Jeannie C Riley 6,305 CW/0039 GENERATION GAP. THE Jeannie C Riley 6,306 CM/0025 GENO DEXY'S RUNNERS 6,307 CH/0023 GENTLE ANNIE Choir Mormon Tab 6,308 CW/0291 Foster & Allen 6,309 CS/A3/42 Robert White 6,310 CH/0021 GENTLE JESUS MEEK & MILD S.A.SUNBURY SING 6,311 CH/0021 SALV.ARMY SUNBUR 6,312 CS/A4/38 Gentle Maiden Kiri Te Kanawa 6,313 CW/0213 GENTLE ON MY MIND Glen Campbell 6,314 CW/0013 6,315 CW/0312 6,316 CW/0051 Hank Snow 6,317 D/123 PAUL MAURIAT 6,318 CW/0178 Tammy Wynette 6,319 CW/0030 6,320 CW/0286 6,321 CW/0269 WATLON JENNINGS 6,322 CW/0255 Waylon Jennings 6,323 CW/0005 6,324 CM/0247 GENTLE RAIN SCOTT WALKER 6,325 Cs/A1/10 GENTLEMAN OF MUSIC JAMES LAST 6,326 CW/0321 GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES Eddie Noack 6,327 CH/0066 GENTLY FLOWING THROUGH MY SOUL Choir Vienna Boy 6,328 CW/0030 GENTLY ON MY MIND Tammy Wynette 6,329 CR/0349 GEORGE FORMBY'S CRAZY RECORD GEORGE FORMBY 6,330 COM/0027 GEORGE GERSHWIN Peter Sellers 6,331 COM/0054 GEORGE MY FAITHFUL ROADIE BILLY CONNOLLY 6,332 D/189 GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE TV THEMES 6,333 D/262 Georgia on my mind Ray Charles 6,334 CM/0444 Tom Jones 6,335 D/310 GEORGIA SWING MAX HARRIS & PEP 6,336 D/310 To be entered. 6,337 CM/0010 GEORGINA BAILEY NOOSHA FOX 6,338 CH/0078 GERMAN CHILDREN'S SONGS GERMAN CHILDREN' 6,339 CS/A5/15 GERMAN DANCES -12 FOR ORCH ACAD.St.MARTIN 6,340 D/173 GERMAN DIESELS RAILWAY SOUNDS 6,341 CH/0090 GERMAN PSALM CHOIR CESTRIAN 6,342 CM/0901 GERONIMO'S CADILLAC MODERN TALKING 6,343 COM/0082 GERT & DAISY DAD'S ARMY 6,344 CM/0019 GERTCH CHAS & DAVE 6,345 COM/0159 GERTCHA CHAS & DAVE 6,346 CM/0291 GET A JOB Sha Na Na 6,347 CM/0291 SHANANA 6,348 CM/0037 SILHOUETTES 6,349 CM/0148 GET BACK Al Green 6,350 CM/0083 Beatles 6,351 CM/0045 6,352 CS/A4/23 L.S.O. 6,353 CW/0107 Muskrats 6,354 CM/0473 GET CARTER Human League 6,355 CM/0023 GET DANCIN' BOMBERS 6,356 CM/0462 DISCO TEX 6,357 CM/0446 6,358 CM/0207 Van McCoy 6,359 CM/0001 GET DOWN GENE CHANDLER 6,360 CM/0009 6,361 CM/0449 GET DOWN & GET WITH IT Slade 6,362 CM/0448 GET DOWN WITH IT Slade 6,363 CW/0082 GET IN LINE BROTHER FLATT & SCRUGGS 6,364 CM/0416 GET IT ON Gary Glitter 6,365 CM/0097 T.Rex 6,366 CM/0007 6,367 COM/0055 GET IT RIGHT CORPORAL Morecambe & Wise 6,368 COM/0127 6,369 CM/0071 GET IT TOGETHER Jackson 5 6,370 CW/0231 GET IT UP Ronnie Milsap 6,371 CH/0013 Get me to the church on - Angels of Korea 6,372 D/082 GET ME TO THE CHURCH ON TIME LES REED ORCH 6,373 CM/0169 GET OFF MY CLOUD Rolling Stones 6,374 CM/0161 GET ON THE FUNK TRAIN Munich Machine 6,375 CM/0419 GET ON THE LINE Sweet 6,376 CM/0139 GET ON UP Cecil Parker 6,377 CS/A5/21 Get out & get under Robert White 6,378 CM/0481 GET OUTTA MY DREAMS BILLY OCEAN 6,379 CM/0068 GET READY Diana Ross+Sup 6,380 CM/0262 Smokey Robinson 6,381 CSM/0262 6,382 CM/0067 Supremes 6,383 CM/0344 TEMPTATIONS 6,384 CM/0455 6,385 CM/0069 6,386 CW/0143 GET RHYTHM Johnny Cash 6,387 CW/0204 6,388 CM/0109 GET THE BALANCE RIGHT Depeche mode 6,389 CM/0426 GET TO THE COUNTRY LABI SIFFRE 6,390 CM/0363 GET UP & BOOGIE Silver Conventio 6,391 CM/0150 GET UP & DANCE Elton John 6,392 CW/0307 GET WHILE THE GETTIN'S GOOD NANCY SINATRA 6,393 CW/0258 GET WHILE THE GETTING'S GOOD Bill Anderson 6,394 CM/0075 GETAWAY Earth Wind & Fir 6,395 CM/0492 GETAWAY LOVE THEME Quincy Jones 6,396 CM/0107 GETTIN' LOUDER Isley Brothers 6,397 CM/0252 GETTIN' ON OUT OF TOWN Chi-lites 6,398 CSM/0252 6,399 CM/0234 GETTIN' READY FOR LOVE Diana Ross 6,400 D/055 GETTING SENTIMENTAL ROYAL DOULTON BD 6,401 CS/A2/12 GETTING TO KNOW YOU HARMONICA+PIANO 6,402 D/155 GHANDI SOUNDTRACK To be entered. 6,403 CW/0285 GHOST OF BRAS D'OR George Hamilton 6,404 COM/0178 GHOST RIDER'S IN THE SKY STAG 6,405 CW/0314 GHOST RIDERS IN THE SKY SONS OF THE PURP 6,406 CW/0078 WELLINGS & TRAVI 6,407 Cs/A1/23 GHOST STORIES - M.R.JAMES - 1 MICHAEL HORDERN 6,408 Cs/A1/24 GHOST STORIES - M.R.JAMES - 2 MICHAEL HORDERN 6,409 CW/0090 GHOST STORY Don Williams 6,410 CW/0099 6,411 CW/0144 6,412 D/091 Ghostbusters James Last 6,413 CS/A5/22 Gia, Il sole del Gange Mario Lanza+Pian 6,414 Cs/A1/22 Giannina Mia J.MacDonald 6,415 CS/A4/35 GIANT SHADOWS 6,416 CM/0054 GIANT WURLITZER VOL.2 Neil Sedaka 6,417 D/272 GIBRALTAR EFFECTS ROYAL GREEN JACK 6,418 D/004 GIDDY UP GIDDY UP JAMES LAST 6,419 CM/0438 GIFT OF SONG Neil Diamond 6,420 CS/A4/26 GIGI LIBERACE 6,421 CD\1859 Rex Harrison 6,422 CM/0436 GIGOLETTE Roy Orbison 6,423 D/194 GIMME A BREAK TV GREATEST HITS 6,424 CM/0520 GIMME ALL YOUR LOVIN' ZZ TOP 6,425 CM/0419 GIMME DAT DING Pipkins 6,426 CM/0024 GIMME GIMME GIMME ABBA 6,427 CM/0478 6,428 CM/0169 GIMME SHELTER Rolling Stones 6,429 CM/0426 GIMME SOME LOVIN' TRAFFIC ETC 6,430 CM/0304 GIMME SOME LOVING Glitter Band 6,431 CM/0696 GIMME YOUR LUVIN ATLANTIC STARR 6,432 CM/0062 GIMMIE SHELTER Rolling Stones 6,433 CH/0058 GIPSY CHORUS (IL TROVATORE) CHORUS & HAMBURG 6,434 CS/A4/14 GIPSY LOVE VIENNESE WALTZ O 6,435 COL/0124 GIPSY TANGO-PLAY TO ME GIPSY HARRY DAVIDSON 6,436 CM/0044 GIRL Beatles 6,437 CM/0088 6,438 CM/0221 Osmonds 6,439 COM/0169 GIRL BEHIND THE BAR Frankie Davidson 6,440 CM/0010 GIRL CAN'T HELP IT DARTS 6,441 CM/0342 GIRL CRAZY Hot Chocolate 6,442 D/036 GIRL FROM IPANEMA MANUEL 6,443 D/242 SAX IN GOLD 6,444 CS/A3/11 GIRL I LEFT BEHIND ME ALBION BAND 6,445 CM/0119 GIRL I LOST IN THE RAIN Walker Brothers 6,446 CM/0222 GIRL I LOVE Osmonds 6,447 CM/0224 6,448 CW/0232 GIRL I USED TO RUN AROUND ON - Gene Watson 6,449 CW/0040 GIRL MOST LIKELY Jeannie C Riley 6,450 D/241 Girl of my best friend Elvis Presley 6,451 D/241 To be entered. 6,452 D/267 Girl of my dreams Fureys 6,453 D/267 To be entered. 6,454 COL/0450 GIRL ON THE PROW EVELYN LAYE 6,455 COL/0051 GIRL THAT I MARRY BILL JOHNSON 6,456 CR/0371 GIRL WHO BROKE THE SGT.MAJOR'S RAOC BLUE ROCKET 6,457 CM/0069 GIRL WHY YOU WANNA' MAKE ME Temptations 6,458 CW/0134 GIRL WITH GARDENIAS IN HER HAI Marty Robbins 6,459 D/0042 GIRL WITH THE FLAXEN HAIR DESFORD COLLIERY 6,460 D/042 6,461 CM/0069 GIRL'S ALRIGHT WITH ME Temptations 6,462 CM/0481 GIRLFRIEND PEBBLES 6,463 CM/0193 GIRLS Moments 6,464 CM/0387 6,465 CM/0332 Tina Turner 6,466 CS/A1/40 Girls are made to love & kiss Richard Tauber 6,467 CH/0013 Girls FROM Korea IN choir Angels of Korea 6,468 CM/0418 GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS SAILOR 6,469 COM/0013 GIRLS I LIKE MAX MILLER 6,470 CM/0189 GIRLS MINE Michael Jackson 6,471 CM/0302 GIRLS ON THE BEACH Beach Boys 6,472 D/274 Girls were made to love & kiss Harry Seacombe 6,473 D/274 To be entered. 6,474 CW/0238 GIRLS WOMEN & LADIES ED BRUCE 6,475 CM/0032 GITARZAN Ray Stevens 6,476 CS/A4/27 GIUDITTA J.STRAUSS VI.ORC 6,477 CR/0343 GIUSEPPE'S BAND JOE LOSS 6,478 CM/0130 GIVE A LITTLE LOVE Bay City Rollers 6,479 CM/0131 GIVE IT TO ME NOW Bay City Rollers 6,480 CM/0026 GIVE IT UP KC/SUNSHINE BAND 6,481 CM/0433A 6,482 CM/0457 Sade 6,483 COM/0053 GIVE ME A LITTLE OF YOUR TIME BILLY CONNOLLY 6,484 CW/0091 GIVE ME BACK THAT OLD FAMILIAR Glen Campbell 6,485 CW/0213 6,486 CW/0083 GIVE ME BACK THAT OLD- Glen Campbell 6,487 CM/0337 GIVE ME JUST A LITTLE MORE TIM Chairmen of Boar 6,488 CM/0001 GIVE ME LOVE CERRONE 6,489 CM/0397 Foundations 6,490 CR/0375 GIVE ME MY RANCH RONNIE HILTON 6,491 Cs/A1/20 Give me one hour Gladys Swarthout 6,492 CM/0367 GIVE ME SOME SKIN James Brown 6,493 CM/0085 GIVE ME SOMETHING John Lennon 6,494 COL/0437 GIVE ME YOUR DARLING HANDS E.STRALIA/F.MULL 6,495 CM/0496 GIVE ME YOUR HEART TONIGHT SHAKIN' STEVENS 6,496 CM/0497 6,497 D/266 Give me your word Tennessee Ernie 6,498 CW/0143 GIVE MY LOVE TO ROSE Johnny Cash 6,499 CW/0155 6,500 CW/0204 6,501 CM/0368 GIVE THE DRUMMER SOME Norman Connors 6,502 CS/A4/45 Give Unto The Lord Cant.Cath.Choir 6,503 CM/0916 GIVE UP YOUR LOVE GIRL LOVE UNLIMITED 6,504 CM/0141 GIVIN' IT UP FOR YOUR LOVE Elkie Brooks 6,505 CW/0296 GIVING & THE TAKING Dolly Parton 6,506 CM/0151 GIVING IT ALL AWAY Leo Sayer 6,507 CM/0021 GIVING UP GIVING IN THREE DEGREES 6,508 CM/0577 6,509 CM/0079 GLAD ALL OVER Dave Clark Five 6,510 CM/0415 6,511 CR/0323 GLAD RAG DOLL MANHATTAN MELODY 6,512 CR/0432 TED LEWIS 6,513 D/258 TEDDY BROWN XYLO 6,514 D/296 GLAD RAG DOLL in med REGINALD DIXON 6,515 CM/0318 GLAD TO BE UNHAPPY MAMAS & PAPAS 6,516 Cs/A1/15 GLADIATOR ROYAL MARINES 6,517 D/141 GLADIATOR.THE HM COLDSTREAM 6,518 D/310 GLADIOLUS RAG RAGTIMERS 6,519 COM/0094 GLEEMODENT JASPER CARROTT 6,520 CW/0297 GLEN CAMPBELL GALVESTON 6,521 COL/0197 GLEN MONA WALTZ HARRY DAVIDSON 6,522 CS/A4/42 Glendalough Saint Dubliners 6,523 CR/0492 GLENDORA Perry Como 6,524 CH/0023 GLENDY BURK Choir Mormon Tab 6,525 CS/A3/33 Glenn Miller Sound Not Original 6,526 D/071 Gli Arredi Festivi Giu Infrant Vienna St.Op.Ch. 6,527 CM/0030 GLITTERING PRIZE Simple Minds 6,528 CH/0049 GLOCKENSERENADE Gunther Kallman 6,529 CM/0114 GLORIA Them 6,530 CM/0115 6,531 D/071 Gloria All Egitto L'accademia Ch. 6,532 CH/0030 GLORIA (VIVALDI) Choir Kings Coll 6,533 D/294 Gloria - 1st Mvmnt Choir Wells Cath 6,534 D/294 To be entered. 6,535 CS/A4/45 Gloria in Excelsis Cant.Cath.Choir 6,536 CS/XM/32 Gloria(Heilge Nacht auf Engels Kings Singers 6,537 CS/A2/03 Glorious & powerful God Worcs.Cath.Choir 6,538 COL/0095 GLORIOUS & POWERFUL GOD-ANTHEM CHOIR ST.GEO.CHA 6,539 CS/A3/24 Glorious Devon Peter Dawson 6,540 DC&BG/01 6,541 CM/0212 GLORY BE ARRIVAL 6,542 CM/0371 GLORY BOYS Secret Affair 6,543 CM/0149 GLORY GLORY Al Green 6,544 CH/0080 GLORY GLORY GLORY Choir Mormon Tab 6,545 CM/0408 GLORY ROAD Scott Walker 6,546 COM/0022 GLOVE COMPARTMENT - THE BLASTER BATES 6,547 D/259 GLOW WORM NEW LT ORCH 6,548 COM/0147 Spike Jones 6,549 COM/0091 6,550 D/259 To be entered. 6,551 CH/0049 GLUHWURMCHEN Gunther Kallman 6,552 COM/0176 GNOME BOB WILLIAMSON 6,553 COM/0095 GNU Flanders & Swann 6,554 COM/0005 GNU SONG Flanders & Swann 6,555 D/265 6,556 D/265 To be entered. 6,557 CM/0434 GO AWAY Roy Orbison 6,558 CM/0435 6,559 CM/0226 GO AWAY LITTLE GIRL Osmonds 6,560 COM/0090 GO CARTS BILL COSBY 6,561 CM/0002 GO DOWN GAMBLIN BLOOD/SWT/TEARS 6,562 CM/0212 GO DOWN GAMBLIN' BLOOD SWEAT 6,563 CH/0104 GO DOWN MOSES Choir Rhos MV 6,564 CH/0052 GO DOWN MOSES ! Choir Welsh Male 6,565 CM/0697 GO FOR IT BILLY PRESTON & 6,566 CM/0496 WHAM 6,567 CW/0322 GO HOME LETTER GLEN BARBER 6,568 CM/0362 GO JOHNNY GO Showaddywaddy 6,569 CM/0285 GO NOW MAGNIFICCENT MOO 6,570 CM/0285 MAGNIFICENT MOOD 6,571 CM/0114 MOODY BLUES 6,572 CM/0285 6,573 CW/0107 GO ON HOME Muskrats 6,574 CS/XM/05 Go Tell It On The Mountain Dolly Parton 6,575 CS/A3/15 Salvation Army 6,576 CM/0019 GO WEST VILLAGE PEOPLE 6,577 CM/0321 GO WHERE YOU W MAMAS & THE PAPA 6,578 CM/0320 GO WHERE YOU WANNA GO MAMAS & PAPAS 6,579 CM/0322 MAMAS & THE PAPA 6,580 CM/0394 GO YOUR OWN WAY Fleetwood Mac 6,581 CH/0102 GOD BE IN MY HEAD TEMPLE CHU CHOIR 6,582 CS/A2/01 God be in my head & in my unde Seaford Coll Cho 6,583 D/323 God Be With You Hymns & Carols 6,584 D/283 JACK WARD PIANO 6,585 D/283 To be entered. 6,586 CH/0097 GOD BLESS AMERICA Choir Mormon Tab 6,587 COM/0169 GOD BLESS AUSTRALIA Frankie Davidson 6,588 CM/0431 GOD BLESS THE CHILD Aretha Franklin 6,589 CH/0026 GOD BLESS THE PRINCE OF WALES Choir Morriston 6,590 CH/0056 6,591 CH/0064 6,592 CH/0082 6,593 CH/0106 Choir Rhos MV 6,594 CH/0073 GOD HIMSELF IS WITH US EVANGELICAL MIXE 6,595 CW/0215 GOD IS NOT DEAD Johnny Cash 6,596 CM/0148 GOD IS STANDING BY Al Green 6,597 CM/0276 GOD IS WATCHING YOU Gap Band 6,598 CM/0276 THE GAP BAND 6,599 D/308 God Love Me Roy Orbison 6,600 D/308 God Love You Roy Orbison 6,601 CW/0277 GOD MADE LOVE Frank Ifield 6,602 COM/0151 GOD MEETS RONNIE MIKE HARDING 6,603 D/312 God only knows Andy Williams 6,604 CSM/0263 BEACH BOYS 6,605 D/247 SHADOWS 6,606 D/312 To be entered. 6,607 CS/X2/17 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Bing Crosby 6,608 CS/X2/23 BLACK DYKE MILLS 6,609 CS/X2/21 Canterbury Cath 6,610 CS/A4/29 Choir Kings Camb 6,611 CS/X2/25 Choir St.Paul's 6,612 CS/X2/24 Choir Warwick 6,613 CS/XM/05 Cliff Richard 6,614 CS/X2/08 HAYSBRIDGE STRGS 6,615 CS/XM/06 6,616 CS/X2/23 Johnny Mathis 6,617 CS/X2/27 Kings' Singers 6,618 CS/X2/26 Placido Domingo 6,619 CS/X2/22 VARIOUS 6,620 CS/X2/20 6,621 CS/XM/17 God rest ye merry, Gentlemen Bing Crosby 6,622 CS/XM/22 BLACK DYKE&HUDDR 6,623 CS/XM/21 Choir Canterbury 6,624 CS/XM/23 Johnny Mathis 6,625 CS/XM/32 Kings Singers 6,626 CS/XM/28 Three Cathedrals 6,627 CS/X2/28 God Rest You Merry Gentlemen Bach Choir 6,628 CS/A4/31 PHIL.JONES BRASS 6,629 CS/XM/27 God rest you merry, Gentlemen Bach Choir+BRASS 6,630 CS/XM/24 ChoirSt.MaryWarw 6,631 CH/0011 GOD SAVE THE QUEEN Choir Morriston 6,632 CH/0052 Choir Welsh Male 6,633 CH/0105 WELSH MASSED CHR 6,634 COL/0325 GOD SHALL WIPE AWAY ALL TEARS CLARA BUTT 6,635 CH/0088 GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD Aled Jones (Boy 6,636 CH/0101 HUDD'FIELD CHORA 6,637 CH/0067 GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD (CRUCIF Choir Guildford 6,638 CH/0004 GOD THAT MADEST EARTH & HEAVEN Choir Warwick SM 6,639 CW/0049 GOD'S COLOURING BOOK Dolly Parton 6,640 CW/0131 GOD'S OWN SINGER SIOUX 6,641 Cs/A1/32 GODARD - WALTZ - 3 PIECES JAMES GALWAY 6,642 CS/X2/07 GODAY MY LORD SYRE WIND ENSEMBLE 6,643 CS/A4/25 GODFATHER THEME PAN PIPES P.LEON 6,644 D/119 GODFATHER WALTZ JOHN SCOTT ORCH 6,645 D/191 GODZILLA TV THEMES SiFi V 6,646 CW/0181 GOIN' AWAY ROSE MARIE 6,647 CM/0240 GOIN' BACK Carole King 6,648 CW/0177 GOIN' BACK TO ALABAMA Kenny Rogers 6,649 CW/0308 GOIN' DOWN THE ROAD CHET ATKINS 6,650 CS/A5/24 Goin' home Cliff Richard 6,651 CH/0001 DOWLAIS M.V. 6,652 CM/0414 Osmonds 6,653 CM/0413 6,654 CH/0083 GOIN' HOME - DVORAK Choir Morriston 6,655 CW/0257 GOIN' STEADY Faron Young 6,656 CW/0153 GOIN' TO MEMPHIS Johnny Cash 6,657 CW/0052 GOING DOWN SLOW Crystal Gayle 6,658 D/121 6,659 CM/0273 GOING DOWN SLOWLY POINTER SISTERS 6,660 CS/A5/23 GOING FOR A SONG LSO 6,661 CM/0133 GOING FOR THE ONE Yes 6,662 CM/0311 GOING GOING GONE DONNY OSMOND 6,663 CH/0099 GOING HOME Choir Rhos MV 6,664 CH/0106 6,665 CM/0914 MIDNIGHT CAFE 6,666 COM/0134 GOING HOME TIME JOYCE GRENFELL 6,667 D/003 GOING HOME-ADDAGIO-NEW WORLD JAMES LAST 6,668 COM/0072 GOING OUT OF MY HEAD RAPHAEL 6,669 COM/0109 6,670 CM/0373 GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS Hot Chocolate 6,671 CM/0371 GOING TO A GO-GO Secret Affair 6,672 CM/0455 SMOKEY ROBINSON 6,673 CM/0231 GOING UPS & COMING DOWNS Gladys Knight/Pi 6,674 CM/0440 GOING UPS & THE COMING DOWNS Gladys Knight & 6,675 CW/0326 GOL-DURNED WHEEL VAN HOLYOAK 6,676 CS/A4/27 GOLD & SILVER OP.79 J.STRAUSS VI.ORC 6,677 CS/A3/28 GOLD & SILVER WALTZ UNKNOWN ORCHESTR 6,678 COL/0140 GOLD DIGGERS OF BROADWAY REGAL CINEMA ORC 6,679 CM/0394 GOLD DUST WOMAN Fleetwood Mac 6,680 COM/0133 GOLDEN DAYS Benny Hill 6,681 COM/0108 6,682 CD\1855 Mark Rattray 6,683 COL/0083 GOLDEN DREAMBOAT COL.VOC.GEM CO. 6,684 CM/0274 GOLDEN ELDORADO Voyage 6,685 CSM/0274 6,686 CW/0258 GOLDEN GUITAR Bill Anderson 6,687 CS/X2/04 GOLDEN HITS OF CHRISTMAS - 1 VARIOUS 6,688 D/124 GOLDEN HOUR SOUNDS ORCHESTRA 6,689 CW/0256 GOLDEN MEMORIES & SILVER TEARS Jim Reeves 6,690 CM/0027 GOLDEN MOMENT FAT LARRY'S BAND 6,691 CW/0024 GOLDEN RING George Jones 6,692 CW/0203 6,693 CM/0081 GOLDEN SLUMBERS Beatles 6,694 CS/A2/18 GOLDEN YEARS OF JIMMY SHAND 6,695 CS/A5/07 Goldfinch Bird Songs 6,696 COM/0155 GOLDYLOPPERS & THE THREE BEAR STANLEY UNWIN 6,697 CM/0270 GOLF GIRL CARAVAN 6,698 COM/0170 GOLF TROUSERS NOT 9 O'CLOCK NE 6,699 D/0042 GOLLIWOG'S CAKE WALK DESFORD COLLIERY 6,700 D/042 GOLLIWOGG'S CAKE-WALK DESFORD COLLIERY 6,701 D/189 GOMER PYLE U.S.M.C. TV THEMES 6,702 COL/0250 GONDOLIERS SEL. COURT SYMPH. 6,703 COL/0251 6,704 CM/0228 GONE Donny & Marie 6,705 CW/0145 Johnny Cash 6,706 CM/0580 GONE GONE GONE JOHNNY MATHIS 6,707 CW/0299 GONE ON THE OTHER HAND Charlie Pride 6,708 CM/0274 GONE WITH THE MUSIC Voyage 6,709 CSM/0274 6,710 D/041 GONE WITH THE WIND To be entered. 6,711 CW/0222 GONNA FIND ME A BLUEBIRD Bill Anderson 6,712 CW/0059 Eddy Arnold 6,713 CM/0676 GONNA GET YOU-MEGAMIX FREEEZ 6,714 CM/0384 GONNA MAKE YOU AN OFFER JIMMY HELMS 6,715 CM/0338 GONNA MAKE YOU MINE Loose Ends 6,716 CM/0041 GONNA SIT RIGHT DOWN & WRITE Clarence Frogman 6,717 CM/0041 GONNA SIT RIGHT DOWN & WRITE M Clarence Frogman 6,718 CW/0022 GOOD Lynn Anderson 6,719 CW/0051 6,720 CW/0184 6,721 D/263 GOOD ELIZABETHANS - MARCH YORKSHIRE IMPERI 6,722 D/263 GOOD ELIZABETHANS MARCH YORKS IMP METALS 6,723 CM/0361 GOOD GIRL BAD BOY Gibson Bros 6,724 CM/0080 GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY Dave Clark Five 6,725 CM/0039 Little Richard 6,726 CM/0382 6,727 COM/0129 6,728 CM/0179 GOOD GOOD GOOD Paul Young 6,729 COM/0153 GOOD GREENALL'S BEER BOB WILLIAMSON 6,730 CW/0017 GOOD HEARTED WOMAN COUNTRY SHACK 6,731 CS/X2/25 Good King Wenceslas Choir St.Paul's 6,732 CS/X2/24 Choir Warwick 6,733 CS/XM/22 ChoirSt.JohnsCam 6,734 CS/XM/24 ChoirSt.MaryWarw 6,735 D/323 Hymns & Carols 6,736 CS/X2/31 Joan Sutherland 6,737 CS/XM/29 6,738 CS/X2/12 MANTOVANI 6,739 CS/XM/11 6,740 CS/X2/26 Placido Domingo 6,741 CS/X2/23 St.John's Coll 6,742 CS/X2/20 Various 6,743 CS/X2/22 6,744 CR/0056 WESTMINSTER ABBE 6,745 CM/0900 GOOD LIFE PARADISE 6,746 CW/0177 GOOD LIFE - The Kenny Rogers 6,747 CM/0297 GOOD LORD KNOWS Four Tops 6,748 CM/0380 GOOD LUCK CHARM Elvis 6,749 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 6,750 CM/0906 GOOD MORNING HEARTACHE DIANA ROSS 6,751 CM/0235 GOOD MORNING JUDGE 10cc 6,752 CM/0277 GOOD MORNING MIDNIGHT FIRST CHOICE 6,753 D/036 GOOD NIGHT - BOA NOITE MANUEL 6,754 CM/0282 GOOD NIGHT BABY Van McCoy 6,755 COM/0169 GOOD OLD AUSSIE BEER Frankie Davidson 6,756 D/243 GOOD OLD BAD OLD DAYS RUSS CONWAY 6,757 CS/X2/22 GOOD OLD CHRISTMAS FEELING VARIOUS 6,758 D/243 GOOD OLD FASHIONED MUSIC HAMMOND ORG-LAMB 6,759 D/243 To be entered. 6,760 CM/0079 GOOD OLD ROCK 'N ROLL Dave Clark Five 6,761 CM/0080 6,762 CM/0065 GOOD OLD-FASHIONED LOVER BOY Queen 6,763 D/269 Good ole boys like me Don Williams 6,764 D/269 To be entered. 6,765 CS/A5/24 Good on the Sally Army Cliff Richard 6,766 CW/0241 GOOD ONES & BAD ONES George Jones 6,767 CM/0144 GOOD ROCKIN' TONIGHT Pat Boone 6,768 CW/0072 GOOD THINGS Joe Simon 6,769 CM/0512 GOOD TIMES CLUB HOUSE 6,770 D/194 TV GREATEST HITS 6,771 CM/0147 GOOD TIMES (BETTER TIMES) Cliff Richard 6,772 CM/0169 GOOD TIMES B Rolling Stones 6,773 CM/0401 GOOD TIMES ROLL Cars 6,774 CS/A4/33 GOOD VIBRATIONS SHADOWS 6,775 D/140 GOOD WORD - NATIONWIDE THEME TV THEMES 6,776 D/174 GOOD WORD - THE TV THEMES CASSET 6,777 CW/0087 GOODBYE AGAIN John Denver 6,778 CW/0046 OliviaNewtonJohn 6,779 CR/0482 GOODBYE BLUES FELIX MENDELSSOH 6,780 CW/0173 GOODBYE COMES HARD FOR ME Merle Haggard 6,781 D/214 Goodbye Dolly Grey Edward Woodward 6,782 CM/0166 GOODBYE DON'T MEAN I'M GONE Carole King 6,783 D/004 GOODBYE GOODBYE GOODBYE JAMES LAST 6,784 CW/0099 GOODBYE ISN'T REALLUY GOOD AT Don Williams 6,785 CW/0091 GOODBYE ISN'T REALLY GOOD- Don Williams 6,786 CW/0099 6,787 CD\1856a Goodbye Jimmy Goodbye Ruby Murray 6,788 CW/0155 GOODBYE LITTLE DARLIN' GOODBYE Johnny Cash 6,789 CW/0261 GOODBYE MARIE Kenny Rogers 6,790 CM/0305 GOODBYE MY LOVE Glitter Band 6,791 D/004 JAMES LAST 6,792 CH/0054 GOODBYE MY LOVER SCHELDELOODSENKO 6,793 CM/0446 GOODBYE NOTHIN' TO SAY NOSMO KING 6,794 CW/0122 GOODBYE OF THE YEAR Jerry Lee Lewis 6,795 CW/0122 GOODBYE OF THE YEAR - The Jerry Lee Lewis 6,796 CM/0147 GOODBYE SAM HELLO SAMANTHA Cliff Richard 6,797 CM/0007 GOODBYE TO LOVE CARPENTERS 6,798 CW/0058 GOODBYE WOMAN GOODBYE DUFFY BROS/RON R 6,799 CW/0260 NASSINGTON FLYER 6,800 COM/0006 GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME PETER SELLERS/SO 6,801 CR/0340 GOODNIGHT (SHINE SHINE MOON) TOM KINNIBURGH 6,802 D/162 Goodnight Aloha Al Ciola 6,803 CM/0282 GOODNIGHT BABY VAN MCCOY 6,804 D/267 Goodnight Irene Fureys 6,805 CW/0205 Jerry Reed 6,806 CW/0204 Johnny Cash 6,807 CW/0143 6,808 D/267 To be entered. 6,809 D/279 Goodnight Ladies Cliff Adams Sing 6,810 CM/0100 Lou Reed 6,811 D/279 To be entered. 6,812 D/0338/b Goodnight my someone Beverley Sisters 6,813 CH/0010 RAF Brize Norton 6,814 CM/0907 GOODNIGHT OLD FRIEND LEO SAYER 6,815 CM/0291 GOODNIGHT SWEETHEART Sha Na Na 6,816 CM/0291 SHANANA 6,817 CS/A2/12 GOODNIGHT VIENNA HARMONICA+PIANO 6,818 D/273 Harry Seacombe 6,819 Cs/A1/14 Jack Buchanan 6,820 D/273 To be entered. 6,821 CM/0037 GOODNIGHT WELL IT'S TIME TO SPANIELS 6,822 CM/0037 GOODNIGHT WELL IT'S TIME TO GO SPANIELS 6,823 CS/X2/09 GOODWILL ON EARTH MARTIN BEST ENSE 6,824 COM/0138 GOONS MAX GELDRAY 6,825 COM/0138 GOONS - INTERNAT.CHRISTMAS PUD GOONS 6,826 COM/0138 GOONS - LURGI STRIKES AGAIN GOONS 6,827 CH/0028 GOOSE BY WATER. THE MAZOWSZE 6,828 CS/XM/20 GOSPEL ACCORDING TO St.LUKE READING 6,829 CS/X2/20 Various 6,830 D/307 Gospel Greats London Commun.Go 6,831 D/052 To be entered. 6,832 D/307 6,833 D/315 GOSSIPO PERPETUO JEAN JACQUES PER 6,834 CW/0186 GOT 2 AGAIN Roger Miller 6,835 D/259 GOT A DATE WITH AN ANGEL FATS WALLER&TEDD 6,836 D/259 TEDDY BROWN & FA 6,837 D/259 To be entered. 6,838 CM/0322 GOT A FEELIN MAMAS & THE PAPA 6,839 CM/0320 GOT A FEELING MAMAS & PAPAS 6,840 CM/0389 Patrick Duvet 6,841 CM/0001 PATRICK JUVET 6,842 CM/0380 GOT A LOT O' LIVIN TO DO Elvis 6,843 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 6,844 COM/0159 GOT MY BEER ON THE SIDEBOARD H CHAS & DAVE 6,845 CM/0078 GOT MY FEET ON THE GROUND Kinks 6,846 CM/0105 GOT MY MOJO WORKING Manfred Mann 6,847 CM/0138 GOT NO BRAINS Bad Manners 6,848 COM/0120 GOT THE BLUES Paddy Roberts 6,849 CM/0192 GOT TO BE Stylus 6,850 CM/0071 GOT TO BE THERE Jackson 5 6,851 CM/0193 GOT TO FIND A WAY Moments 6,852 CM/0324 GOT TO GET YOU INTO MY LIFE Earth Wind & Fir 6,853 CM/0634 GOT TO GIVE IN TO LOVE BONNIE BOYER 6,854 CM/0341 GOT TO HAVE YOU BACK ISLEY BROTHERS 6,855 CW/0107 GOT YOU TO BLAME Muskrats 6,856 CM/0450 GOTTA CRUSH ABOUT YOU Wizzard 6,857 CM/0225 GOTTA GET LOVE Osmonds 6,858 D/196 6,859 CM/0166 GOTTA GET THROUGH ANOTHER DAY Carole King 6,860 CM/0208 GOTTA GO HOME Boney M 6,861 CW/0218 GOTTA LOTTA RHYTHM IN MY SOUL Patsy Cline 6,862 COM/0099 GRACE L FERGUSON AIR LINE BOB NEWHART 6,863 CM/0325 GRACELAND BIBLE 6,864 CS/A4/32 GRACIE SHADOWS 6,865 CR/0116 GRACIE'S & SANDY'S PARTY GRACIE FIELDS/SA 6,866 CM/0447 GRADUATION DAY Beach Boys 6,867 CS/A5/17 GRAINGER -PERCY - COMPOSITIONS BOURNEMOUTH SYMP 6,868 CW/0193 GRANADA Frankie Laine 6,869 D/274 Harry Seacombe 6,870 CS/A4/15 HILL BOWEN 6,871 D/008 JAMES LAST 6,872 D/249 MANTOVANI 6,873 CS/A4/43 Mario Lanza 6,874 CS/A4/34 SHADOWS 6,875 D/249 To be entered. 6,876 D/274 6,877 CS/A3/37 GRANADOS DANZAS ESPANOLAS PIANO ALICIA dL 6,878 CS/A3/11 GRAND CIRCLE DANCE ALBION BAND 6,879 CM/0212 GRAND COULEE DAM BOB DYLAN 6,880 D/056 GRAND DUCHESSE CHARLOTTE ROCHDALE WILSONS 6,881 CH/0074 GRAND MAGNIFICAT Choirs 6,882 CS/A4/40 GRAND MARCH MIL.SCH.MUSIC BD 6,883 CS/A4/39 GRAND MARCH FROM 'AIDA' PARA.REG.BANDS 6,884 CW/0203 GRAND TOUR - The George Jones 6,885 CW/0241 6,886 COM/0014 GRANDAD'S FLANALETTE NIGHTSHIR Judge Dread 6,887 COM/0111 6,888 CM/0464 GRANDE GRANDE GRANDE JULIO IGLESIAS 6,889 COM/0178 GRANDFATHER CLOCK STAG 6,890 D/051 GRANDFATHER'S CLOCK BLACK DYKE MILLS 6,891 CH/0044 Choir St Winifre 6,892 CR/0418 Grandma's Lysol-see It's in t JOHNNY STANDLEY 6,893 CS/X2/05 Grandma's Party Paul Nicholas 6,894 COM/0006 GRANDPA'S GRAVE Peter Sellers 6,895 CM/0316 GRASSHOPPER MAMAS & PAPAS 6,896 COM/0043 GRAVEYARD SHIFT BOBBY PICKETT 6,897 COM/0168 6,898 CM/0557 GRAVITY JAMES BROWN 6,899 CW/0194 GRAZING IN THE GRASS CHET ATKINS 6,900 CM/0453 GREASE Frankie Vali + 6,901 CM/0210 FRANKIE VALLI 6,902 CM/0210 GREASED LIGHTNIN' JOHN TRAVOLTA 6,903 CW/0181 GREAT BALLS OF FIRE Jerry Lee Lewis 6,904 COM/0007 GREAT BELL Marty Feldman 6,905 D/281 Great Comedy War Songs Alan Randall 6,906 D/070 GREAT DICTATOR LONDON FEST.ORCH 6,907 CW/0185 GREAT DIVIDE - The Roy Clark 6,908 CW/0180 GREAT EL TIGRE - The Lorne Gibson 6,909 CM/0277 GREAT EXPECTATIONS FIRST CHOICE 6,910 D/034 GREAT FILM THEMES SCOTS GUARDS 6,911 CM/0403 GREAT FLOOD Passage 6,912 COM/0173 GREAT GONZO EATS A RUBBER TYRE Muppets 6,913 CM/0546 GREAT GOSH A MIGHTY LITTLE RICHARD 6,914 D/035 GREAT LITTLE ARMY HM ROYAL MARINES 6,915 COM/0007 GREAT MAN STORY Spike Milligan 6,916 D/071 Great Opera Choruses Various 6,917 D/062 GREAT ORCH OF THE WORLD PETER THOMAS ORC 6,918 D/162 GREAT ORCH OF WORLD To be entered. 6,919 CM/0037 GREAT PRETENDER Platters 6,920 CM/0156 6,921 CM/0415 6,922 COM/0156 STAN FREBERG 6,923 COM/0164 6,924 COM/0165 6,925 COM/0105 GREAT PRETENDER THE STAN FREBERG 6,926 D/158 GREAT RUSSIAN BALLETS PARIS CONSERVATO 6,927 CS/A5/07 Great tit Bird Songs 6,928 CS/A4/14 GREAT WALTZES VARIOUS ORCH 6,929 CS/A4/45 Greater Love Hath No Man Cant.Cath.Choir 6,930 D/194 GREATEST AMERICAN HERO TV GREATEST HITS 6,931 CM/0901 GREATEST HITS MIX MODERN TALKING 6,932 CM/0218 GREATEST LOVE Joe South 6,933 D/190 GREATEST SCIENCE FICTION HITS TV THEMES SiFi V 6,934 CM/0369 GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH Sparks 6,935 COM/0109 GREATEST STAR OF ALL Skip Jackson 6,936 COM/0072 GREATESTSTAR OF ALL Skip Jackson 6,937 CS/A5/17 GREEN BUSHES BOURNEMOUTH SYMP 6,938 CS/A5/17 GREEN BUSHES - GRAINGER BOURNEMOUTH SYMP 6,939 CW/0052 GREEN DOOR Crystal Gayle 6,940 CW/0012 MAYF NUTTER 6,941 CM/0350 SHANKIN STEVENS 6,942 D/095 GREEN EYES BOLERO PEPE JARAMILLO 6,943 D/338 Green Fields Beverley Sisters 6,944 D/0338/a 6,945 CS/XM/15 Watersons 6,946 CS/X2/15 6,947 Cs/A1/08 GREEN FIELDS OF FRANCE FUREY BROTHERS 6,948 CH/0057 GREEN GRASS Choir Don Cossac 6,949 CR/0406 GREEN GRASS GROWS ALL AROUND SUGAR CHILE ROBI 6,950 CW/0086 GREEN GREEN Glen Campbell 6,951 CW/0097 6,952 CW/0077 GREEN GREEN GRASS OF HOME Ben Colder 6,953 CW/0032 FLOYD CRAMER 6,954 CW/0009 George Hamilton 6,955 CW/0263 6,956 CW/0219 6,957 CW/0079 6,958 CW/0223 George Jones 6,959 CW/0152 Johnny Cash 6,960 D/235 Johnny Cash - Be 6,961 CW/0001 Roger Miller 6,962 CW/0264 6,963 D/235 To be entered. 6,964 CM/0146 Tom Jones 6,965 CW/0291 GREEN GROVES OF ERIN Foster & Allen 6,966 COM/0096 GREEN GROW MY NADGERS OH! KENNETH WILLIAMS 6,967 CW/0152 GREEN GROW THE LILACS Johnny Cash 6,968 CW/0113 Tex Ritter 6,969 D/189 GREEN HORNET TV THEMES 6,970 COM/0073 GREEN KNICKERS Barron Knights 6,971 D/070 GREEN LANTERN RAG LONDON FEST.ORCH 6,972 CW/0081 GREEN LEAVES OF SUMMER COUNTRY GUITAR 6,973 D/135 WOUT STEENHUIS 6,974 CM/0174 GREEN LIGHT Cliff Richard 6,975 CM/0037 GREEN ONIONS Booker T/MGs 6,976 CM/0024 BOOKER.T. 6,977 CM/0037 6,978 CM/0197 GREEN RIVER Creedence Clearw 6,979 CM/0197 Kate Bush 6,980 CW/0206 GREEN ROCKY ROAD Tim Hardin 6,981 D/297 Green street green New Vaudeville B 6,982 D/297 To be entered. 6,983 CM/0090 GREEN TAMBOURINE Status Quo 6,984 CW/0291 GREEN WILLOW Foster & Allen 6,985 CW/0289 GREEN WILLOW - The Foster & Allen 6,986 CW/0210 GREEN, GREEN GRASS OF HOME FLOYD CRAMER 6,987 CW/0057 Porter Wagoner 6,988 CW/0093 GREEN. GREEN Glen Campbell 6,989 CW/0137 GREENER PASTURES Carl Smith 6,990 CS/A5/07 Greenfinch Bird Songs 6,991 COM/0057 GREENSLADE STORY GOONS 6,992 CH/0013 GREENSLEEVES Angels of Korea 6,993 COM/0095 Flanders & Swann 6,994 D/265 6,995 COM/0005 6,996 COL/0301 HALLE ORCH. 6,997 COL/0001 6,998 COL/0169 JACQUES ORCH 6,999 CS/A4/38 Kiri Te Kanawa 7,000 CS/A4/26 LIBERACE 7,001 D/249 MANTOVANI 7,002 CS/A5/32 MORRIS CONCERT 7,003 D/249 To be entered. 7,004 D/265 7,005 COL/0256 GREENSLEEVES FANTASIA HALLE ORCH. 7,006 D/068 HALLE ORCHESTRA 7,007 COL/0169 JACQUES ORCH 7,008 COL/0137 7,009 CM/0320 GREEQUE ALLEY MAMAS & PAPAS 7,010 CH/0066 GREETING Choir Vienna Boy 7,011 CH/0089 GREETINGS - GRUSS Choir M/cr Boys 7,012 CH/0041 GREGORIAN CHANTS L'ALUMNT BOYS'CH 7,013 COM/0055 GREIG-PIANO CONCERT Morecambe & Wise 7,014 CH/0057 GRETCHANIOFF SONGS SELECTION Choir Don Cossac 7,015 CW/0177 GREY BEARD Kenny Rogers 7,016 CW/0154 GREYSTONE CHAPEL Johnny Cash 7,017 D/004 GRIECHISCHERM WEIN JAMES LAST 7,018 COM/0127 GRIEG PIANO CONCERTO Morecambe & Wise 7,019 CW/0198 GRIEVING IN MY HEART StonewallJackson 7,020 CM/0172 GROOVE Various 7,021 CM/0191 GROOVE TIME Motown 7,022 CM/0606 GROOVIN' RONNIE JONES 7,023 CM/0040 GROOVY KIND OF LOVE Best of 50/60s 7,024 CM/0040 Best of 50s/60s 7,025 CM/0180 GROOVY PEOPLE Lou Rawls 7,026 D/284 GROUCHO & THE HYPOCONDRIAC MARX BROTHERS 7,027 D/284 To be entered. 7,028 D/284 GROUCHO THE PATIENT MARX BROTHERS 7,029 D/284 To be entered. 7,030 COM/0170 GROW UP YOU BASTARDS NOT 9 O'CLOCK NE 7,031 CM/0241 GROWING AWAY FROM ME Carole King 7,032 COM/0120 GROWING OLD Paddy Roberts 7,033 COM/0030 GRUMBLEWEEDS COMEDY GRUMBLEWEEDS 7,034 CS/A5/25 Guantanamera Julio Iglesias 7,035 CM/0163 GUARANTEE Mary Wells 7,036 COM/0177 GUARDING THE FLEA P.SELLERS/S.MILL 7,037 COM/0077 SELLERS/MILLIGAN 7,038 COM/0062 GUARDING THE HOMES OF THE HOME ALAN RANDALL 7,039 D/281 7,040 CM/0449 GUDBUY T' JANE Slade 7,041 CW/0120 GUESS THINGS HAPPEN THAT WAY Charlie Pride 7,042 CW/0140 Johnny Cash 7,043 CM/0309 GUESS WHO DONNY OSMOND 7,044 CM/0230 Gladys Knight/Pi 7,045 CM/0294 GUESSING GAME Moody Blues 7,046 CH/0053 GUIDE ME O THOU GREAT JEHOVAH Choir Glasgow Ph 7,047 CH/0101 HUDD'FIELD CHORA 7,048 D/245 Guide me O thou great Redeemer Choir Leeds Pari 7,049 CS/A4/11 Choir RNC.GRENWI 7,050 CS/A2/01 Seaford Coll Cho 7,051 D/245 To be entered. 7,052 CH/0105 GUIDE ME OH THOU GREAT JEHOVAH WELSH MASSED CHR 7,053 CW/0060 GUILTY Jim Reeves 7,054 CW/0009 7,055 CM/0019 MIKE OLDFIELD 7,056 CM/0013 PEARLS 7,057 D/296 GUILTY in med REGINALD DIXON 7,058 CM/0204 GUITAR & PEN Who 7,059 CM/0205 GUITAR BLUES/FROM ROOTS TO FRU Quincy Jones 7,060 CW/0028 GUITAR BOOGIE ARTHUR SMITH 7,061 CD\1856c Guitar Boogie Shuffle Bert Weedon 7,062 CM/0380 GUITAR MAN Elvis 7,063 CM/0413 7,064 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 7,065 CM/0413 7,066 CM/0140 GUITAR STAR Alvin Stardust 7,067 CW/0168 GUN WON'T SHOOT NO MORE FJELLGAARD 7,068 CW/0190 GUNFIGHT AT THE O.K. CORRAL Frankie Laine 7,069 CM/0381 GUNGAMAI QUINTESSENCE 7,070 CS/A2/38 GUNS OF NAVARONE ROYAL MARINES 7,071 CW/0283 GUNSLINGER'S PRAYER - The LORNE GREEN 7,072 CH/0025 GUTE NACHT Choir Treorchy 7,073 D/216 GUY LOMBARDO ORCHESTRA BB DANCE MUSIC 7,074 D/216 To be entered. 7,075 CH/0104 GWAHODDIAD Choir Rhos MV 7,076 CH/0048 GWCW FACH LINDEN SINGERS 7,077 CH/0103 GYMANFA GANU 1965 6,500 VOICES 7,078 CM/0200 GYMNOPEDIE NO.1 SKY 7,079 CM/0295 GYPSY Moody Blues 7,080 CM/0004 URIAH HEEP 7,081 CS/A5/09 GYPSY BARON - OVERTURE VIENNA STATE OPE 7,082 CS/A5/06 Gypsy Chorus - l Trovatore Hamburg State Ch 7,083 CW/0005 Gypsy feet Jim Reeves 7,084 CW/0228 7,085 CW/0269 7,086 CW/0041 GYPSY JOE & ME Dolly Parton 7,087 CW/0207 7,088 D/151 GYPSY KINGS - SPANISH To be entered. 7,089 CW/0306 GYPSY LADY & THE HOBO Boxcar Willie 7,090 CS/A4/27 GYPSY LOVE J.STRAUSS VI.ORC 7,091 Cs/A1/20 Gypsy Love Song Rbt.Shaw Chorale 7,092 COM/0133 GYPSY ROCK Benny Hill 7,093 CM/0357 H.A.P.P.Y. RADIO Edwin Starr 7,094 CM/0105 HA HA SAID THE CLOWN Manfred Mann 7,095 COL/0041 HA'PENNY BREEZE PHILIP GREEN 7,096 COL/0084 HABANERA MARIA GAY 7,097 CM/0204 HAD ENOUGH Who 7,098 CM/0102 HAD ME A REAL GOOD TIME Faces 7,099 CH/0005 HAI NONNY NO Choir Froncysyll 7,100 CS/A2/10 HAIL ALL HAIL TO THE QUEEN BBC SYMPHONY ORC 7,101 D/054 Hail Gladdening Light Brid.Priory 7,102 CS/A2/04 Choir Oxfd Cath 7,103 COL/0095 HAIL GLADDENING LIGHT-ANTHEM CHOIR ST.GEO.CHA 7,104 CH/0060 HAIL TO THE LORD'S ANNOINTED Choir WestminBac 7,105 CM/0054 HAIR Neil Sedaka 7,106 CW/0147 HAIWATHA'S VISION Johnny Cash 7,107 CS/A2/27 HAJRA KATI JOHN WILLAMS GUI 7,108 CS/X2/15 Hal-An-Tow Wastersons 7,109 CS/XM/15 Watersons 7,110 CH/0033 HALELIWIA CWMANFA GANU CWM 7,111 CM/0170 HALF A MILLION MILES FROM HOME Albert Hammond 7,112 CW/0285 HALF A MIND George Hamilton 7,113 D/251 Willie Nelson 7,114 CW/0001 Half as Much George Jones 7,115 CW/0132 Marty Robbins 7,116 CW/0138 HALF OF WHAT YOU'VE BEEN TO ME R.HARLAN SMITH 7,117 D/321 half side of a 90m cassette charlie barnet 7,118 CM/0026 HALF THE DAY'S GONE KENNY LYNCH 7,119 CM/0683 7,120 CH/0044 HALF WAY DOWN THE STAIRS Choir St Winifre 7,121 COM/0173 HALFWAY DOWN THE STAIRS Muppets 7,122 CM/0019 HALFWAY HOTEL VOYAGER 7,123 CS/A5/26 HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING APOLLO 100 7,124 CM/0212 HALLELUJAH SWEATHOG 7,125 CH/0087 HALLELUJAH - MESSIAH BBC Welsh Chorus 7,126 CH/0055 HALLELUJAH AMEN CHOIR & BRASS BA 7,127 CH/0099 HALLELUJAH CHORUS BRADFORD CHORAL 7,128 CH/0055 CHOIR & BRASS BA 7,129 CS/A4/18 Choir Gloucester 7,130 CH/0097 Choir Mormon Tab 7,131 COL/0281 HUDDERSFIELD CHO 7,132 COL/0076 7,133 CS/XM/09 ORGAN 7,134 CS/X2/10 ORGAN-M.SOUTER 7,135 D/280 POLYPHON 24 7,136 CH/0024 SINGERS/CHOIR/SO 7,137 CS/A3/21 Unknown Orchestr 7,138 CH/0100 Various Artists 7,139 CH/0080 HALLELUJAH CHORUS - MESSIAH Choir Mormon Tab 7,140 CM/0071 HALLELUJAH DAY Jackson 5 7,141 CH/0101 HALLELUJAH SING TO JESUS HUDD'FIELD CHORA 7,142 CS/A3/43 HAMILTON HARTY - 1879-1941 Heather Harper 7,143 CS/XM/20 HAMLET ACT 1 SCENE 1 SHAKESPEARE 7,144 CS/X2/20 Various 7,145 CM/0196 HAMMER HORROR Kate Bush 7,146 D/013 HAMMOND A GO GO VoL 2 To be entered. 7,147 D/014 HAMMOND A GO GO VoL 3 To be entered. 7,148 CM/0242 HAMMY'S BOOGIE Darts 7,149 COM/0146 HANCOCK'S WAR TONY HANCOCK & O 7,150 COM/0061 HANCOCKS HALF HOUR Tony Hancock 7,151 COM/0007 HAND UP YOUR STICKS KENNETH WILLIAMS 7,152 CM/0289 HANDBAGS & GLADRAGS EVERLASTING LOVE 7,153 CM/0289 Love Affair 7,154 COL/0053 HANDEL IN THE STRAND PHILHARMONIA ORC 7,155 CS/A5/17 HANDEL IN THE STRAND -GRAINGER BOURNEMOUTH SYMP 7,156 CM/0287 HANDS ACROSS THE OCEAN DOOLEYS 7,157 CM/0244 HANDS ACROSS THE SEA Dooleys 7,158 D/076 Hands Across The Table Ray Conniff 7,159 CS/A3/32 Hands Up James LastSinger 7,160 CM/0350 OTTAWAN 7,161 CW/0136 HANDS YOU'RE HOLDING - The Marty Robbins 7,162 CW/0121 HANDS YOU'RE HOLDING NOW Marty Robbins 7,163 D/258 HANDSOME GIGOLO TEDDY BROWN XYLO 7,164 CM/0276 HANG ON Gap Band 7,165 CM/0451 HANG ON IN THERE BABY JOHNNY BRISTOL 7,166 CM/0385 HANG ON SLOOPY SANDPIPERS 7,167 CM/0067 Supremes 7,168 CM/0124 HANG ON TO YOUR LOVE Sade 7,169 CM/0276 HANG ON TO YOURSELF THE GAP BAND 7,170 CW/0283 HANG THE KEY ON THE BUNKHOUSE WILF CARTER 7,171 CW/0021 HANG UP THE PHONE LEROY 7,172 CW/0161 HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME Jimmy Dean 7,173 CM/0192 HANGIN' Stylus 7,174 CM/0100 HANGIN' 'ROUND Lou Reed 7,175 CW/0247 HANGIN' BLUES - The DAN BLOCKER (Hos 7,176 CM/0021 HANGING ON THE TELEPHONE BLONDIE 7,177 CM/0376 7,178 CW/0135 HANGING TREE Marty Robbins 7,179 CW/0093 HANK IT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME ERNEST TUBB 7,180 COM/0104 HANK OF HAIR & A BANANA PEEL Jan & Dean 7,181 CW/0229 HANK YOU STILL MAKE ME CRY Boxcar Willie 7,182 COL/0262 HANSEL & GRETEL - DANCE DUET MANCHESTER CHILD 7,183 COL/0262 HANSEL & GRETEL - DANCE SUET ManchesterSch.Ch 7,184 COL/0142 HANSEL & GRETEL DANCE DUET CHOIR M/CR CHILD 7,185 COL/0176 7,186 COL/0175 7,187 COL/0177 7,188 COL/0340 MANCHESTER CH.CH 7,189 COL/0176 ManchesterSch.Ch 7,190 COL/0175 7,191 COL/0177 7,192 COL/0142 7,193 COL/0100 HANSEL & GRETEL-DANCE DUET MANCHESTER CHILD 7,194 COL/0100 ManchesterSch.Ch 7,195 CS/A3/35 HANSIMANIA - CASSETTE JAMES LAST 7,196 CSM/0257 HAPP-E-2-C-U-A-GINN GRAHAM CENTRAL 7,197 CSM/0256 7,198 CM/0257 Graham Central S 7,199 CM/0233 HAPPENING Diana Ross 7,200 CM/0290 Diana Ross & Sup 7,201 CM/0290 DIANA ROSS & THE 7,202 COM/0082 HAPPIDROME DAD'S ARMY 7,203 CW/0258 HAPPINESS Bill Anderson 7,204 CM/0230 Gladys Knight/Pi 7,205 CS/A3/06 Ken Dodd 7,206 CW/0155 HAPPINESS IS YOU Johnny Cash 7,207 CSM/0252 HAPPINESS IS YOUR MIDDLE NAM CHI-LITES 7,208 CM/0252 HAPPINESS IS YOUR MIDDLE NAME Chi-lites 7,209 CW/0096 HAPPINESS OF HAVING YOU Charlie Pride 7,210 D/258 HAPPY ALBERT - ('APPY) XYLO WHITLOCK 7,211 CW/0125 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Slim Whitman 7,212 CW/0180 7,213 CW/0303 7,214 CW/0247 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cartwrights 7,215 CM/0245 Gary Glitter 7,216 CM/0128 7,217 CM/0040 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET SIXTEEN Best of 50/60s 7,218 CM/0040 Best of 50s/60s 7,219 CM/0487 First Christian 7,220 CM/0909 NEIL SEDAKA 7,221 CM/0432 Paper Lace 7,222 CW/0054 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME Hank Locklin 7,223 CS/X2/22 HAPPY CHRISTMAS WAR IS OVER VARIOUS 7,224 D/147 HAPPY DANCING To be entered. 7,225 COL/0246 HAPPY DAY SEL. DALY'S TH.ORCH 7,226 D/194 HAPPY DAYS TV GREATEST HITS 7,227 D/296 HAPPY DAYS & LONELY NIGHTS med REGINALD DIXON 7,228 D/258 HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN TEDDY BROWN XYLO 7,229 D/296 HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN in m REGINALD DIXON 7,230 CW/0038 HAPPY EVER AFTER Billie Jo Spears 7,231 COM/0148 HAPPY FEET Muppets 7,232 D/012 HAPPY HAMMOND To be entered. 7,233 CM/0038 HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY TUNE WEAVERS 7,234 D/193 HAPPY HARY TV THEMES FAVOUR 7,235 CM/0259 HAPPY HEART Freda Payne 7,236 CSM/0259 7,237 D/019 To be entered. 7,238 CM/0248 HAPPY HENRIK'S POLKA Spotniks 7,239 CW/0288 HAPPY HOUR Foster & Allen 7,240 CM/0135 HAPPY JACK Who 7,241 CSM/0265 HAPPY MAN TONY ORLANDO 7,242 D/139 HAPPY SOUTH AMERICA VARIOUS 7,243 CR/0386 HAPPY TALK (SOUTH PACIFIC) MURIEL SMITH 7,244 CH/0013 HAPPY WANDERER Angels of Korea 7,245 CH/0089 HAPPY WANDERER - THE Choir M/cr Boys 7,246 CH/0013 HAPPY WANDERER+ Angels of Korea 7,247 CS/A3/09 Happy Whistler Ronnie Ronalde 7,248 D/298 7,249 CM/0156 HARBOUR LIGHTS Platters 7,250 D/321 HARBOUR LIGHTS /Skinnay Ennis? SNET HELD ????? 7,251 COM/0087 HARD BOILED EGGS & NUTS LAUREL & HARDY 7,252 D/299 HARD DAYS NIGHT CHET ATKINS 7,253 D/299 To be entered. 7,254 CM/0128 HARD ON ME Gary Glitter 7,255 CW/0058 HARD ROAD DUFFY BROS/ RON 7,256 CW/0260 NASSINGTON FLYER 7,257 COM/0029 HARD STUFF-See Suddenly it's f Peter Sellars 7,258 CM/0085 HARD TIMES ARE OVER John Lennon 7,259 CH/0023 HARD TIMES COME AGAIN NO MORE Choir Mormon Tab 7,260 CM/0441 HARD TO HANDLE Tom Jones 7,261 CM/0351 HARDCORE DUANE AND CO 7,262 CM/0351 Slade 7,263 CM/0480 HARDER I TRY BROTHER BEYOND 7,264 CH/0003 HARK HARK THE ECHO FALLING Choir Glasgow Or 7,265 CS/XM/21 Hark the Herald Angels Choir New Col.Ox 7,266 CS/X2/28 Hark The Herald Angels Sing Bach Choir 7,267 CS/X2/21 Ch.New Coll.Oxfo 7,268 CS/A4/29 Choir Kings Camb 7,269 CS/X2/25 Choir St.Paul's 7,270 CS/X2/24 Choir Warwick 7,271 CS/X2/31 Joan Sutherland 7,272 CS/X2/23 St.John's Coll 7,273 CS/X2/20 Various 7,274 CR/0056 WESTMINSTER ABBE 7,275 CS/X2/03 HARK THE HERALD ANGELS SING -M MARK LAUB(ORGAN) 7,276 CH/0102 HARK WHAT A SOUND TEMPLE CHU CHOIR 7,277 CH/0046 HARK! HARK! THE LARK Ernest Lough 7,278 CS/XM/22 Hark! the herald angels Choir Kings Camb 7,279 CS/XM/21 Choir NewCol.Oxf 7,280 CS/XM/27 Hark! the Herald Angels Sing Bach Choir+BRASS 7,281 CS/A3/30 Choir Lincoln Ca 7,282 CS/XM/24 ChoirSt.MaryWarw 7,283 CS/XM/29 Joan Sutherland 7,284 CS/XM/28 Three Cathedrals 7,285 CR/0329 HARLEM HARRY ROY TIGER 7,286 CR/0174 HARLEM BOOGIE BILLY PENROSE 7,287 CM/0806 HARLEM HUSTLE SHAMPOO 7,288 CM/0350 HARLEM SHUFFLE BOB & EARL 7,289 CM/0397 Foundations 7,290 D/259 HARMONIUM HORATIO ROSSINI'S ACCORD 7,291 CM/0249 HARMONY SONG Prairie League 7,292 CM/0060 HAROLD LAND Yes 7,293 CS/A3/13 HARP MUSIC VARIOUS HARP-SUSAN DRAKE 7,294 CW/0190 HARPER VALLEY P.T.A JEANNIE C.RILEY 7,295 CW/0250 HARPER VALLEY P.T.A. Jeannie C Riley 7,296 CM/0391 HARPER VALLEY PTA JEANNIE C RILEY 7,297 CW/0225 HARPIN' ON HILLSIDERS 7,298 DC&BG/01 Harry Shirley Booth 7,299 COL/0045 HARRY LAUDER MEDLEY GRENADIER GUARDS 7,300 CR/0518 HARRY LAUDER'S POPS ALEXANDER PRINCE 7,301 D/296 HARRY LIME THEME REGINALD DIXON 7,302 Cs/A1/02 HARRY'S GAME - THEME CLANNAD 7,303 CM/0027 HARRY'S GAME THEME CLANNAD 7,304 CM/0497 7,305 Cs/A1/32 HARU NO UMI JAMES GALWAY 7,306 CW/0290 HARVEST MOON Foster & Allen 7,307 COM/0093 HARVEST OF LOVE Benny Hill 7,308 COM/0133 7,309 CS/XM/15 HARVEST SONG WATERSONS 7,310 CS/X2/15 Harvest Song We Gets Up In The Watersons 7,311 CS/XM/15 Harvest Song-We gets up in the Watersons 7,312 CW/0282 HASTA LA VISTA Roy Rogers 7,313 CM/0477 HASTA MANANA Abba 7,314 D/261 7,315 D/261 To be entered. 7,316 CR/0453 HAUL AWAY JOE HARMONY EIGHT 7,317 CW/0251 HAUL OFF & LOVE ME JEAN SHEPARD 7,318 CM/0457 HAUNT ME Sade 7,319 CM/0266 HAUNTED FOREST MECO 7,320 CW/0240 HAUNTED HUNGRY HEART Slim Whitman 7,321 D/258 HAUNTING RAG - NON XYLO HARRY ROY ORCH 7,322 D/258 PALM COURT THEAT 7,323 D/258 To be entered. 7,324 CS/A3/34 HAVA NAGILA MANTOVANI 7,325 CS/A4/38 Have A Bonnet Trimmed With Blu Kiri Te Kanawa 7,326 COM/0169 HAVE A DRINK ON ME Frankie Davidson 7,327 CW/0254 HAVE A GOOD DAY Gene Watson 7,328 CM/0367 HAVE A HAPPY DAY James Brown 7,329 CM/0032 HAVE A LITTLE TALK WITH MYSE Ray Stevens 7,330 CM/0032 HAVE A LITTLE TALK WITH MYSELF Ray Stevens 7,331 CM/0217 HAVE A TALK WITH GOD Stevie Wonder 7,332 CW/0321 HAVE BLUES, WILL TRAVEL Eddie Noack 7,333 CSM/0257 HAVE FAITH IN ME GRAHAM CENTRAL 7,334 CM/0257 Graham Central S 7,335 D/189 HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL TV THEMES 7,336 CW/0113 HAVE I STAYED AWAY TOO LONG Tex Ritter 7,337 CM/0421 HAVE I THE RIGHT HONEYCOMBS 7,338 D/244 Have I told you lately that Marty Robbins 7,339 D/244 To be entered. 7,340 CW/0201 HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY THAT I Bill Anderson 7,341 CR/0510 BING CROSBY/ANDR 7,342 CW/0310 BOBBY SYKES & LO 7,343 CW/0318 BOBBY SYKES/LOU 7,344 CW/0007 Hank Thompson 7,345 CW/0121 Marty Robbins 7,346 CW/0268 Unknown Vocalist 7,347 CW/0078 WELLINGS & TRAVI 7,348 CM/0375 HAVE MERCY LOVE Janis Ian 7,349 D/283 HAVE YOU ANY ROOM FOR JESUS JACK WARD PIANO 7,350 D/283 To be entered. 7,351 D/283 HAVE YOU BEEN TO JESUS JACK WARD PIANO 7,352 D/283 To be entered. 7,353 CW/0256 HAVE YOU EVER BEEN LONELY JIM REEVES & PAT 7,354 CW/0126 Slim Whitman 7,355 CW/0046 HAVE YOU EVER BEEN MELLOW OliviaNewtonJohn 7,356 CM/0197 HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE RAIN Creedence Clearw 7,357 CM/0116 HAVE YOU HEARD John Mayall 7,358 CM/0293 MOODY BLUES 7,359 CM/0293 HAVE YOU HEARD (PART TWO) Moody Blues 7,360 CM/0293 HAVE YOU HEARD PART 11 MOODY BLUES 7,361 CM/0403 HAVE YOU HEARD THE WORD Passage 7,362 CM/0173 HAVE YOU SEEN MY BABY Ringo 7,363 CM/0123 HAVE YOU SEEN THE SAUCERS Jefferson Airpla 7,364 CM/0169 HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR MOTHER BABY Rolling Stones 7,365 CH/0073 HAVE YOU WALKED WITH THE LORD EVANGELICAL MIXE 7,366 CS/XM/22 Have yourself a marry little Judy Garland 7,367 CS/X2/14 Have Yourself A Merry Little Fireside Singers 7,368 CS/XM/23 Johnny Mathis 7,369 CS/X2/23 7,370 CS/X2/01 Judy Garland 7,371 CS/XM/32 Kings Singers 7,372 CS/X2/03 MARK LAUB(ORGAN) 7,373 CS/XM/31 St. Winifred's 7,374 CS/XM/01 Vera Lynn 7,375 CS/X2/06 Have Yourself a Merry Little C Glen Campbell 7,376 CS/X2/11 GLENN MILLER ORC 7,377 CS/XM/03 HAMMOND ORGAN 7,378 CS/X2/08 HAYSBRIDGE STRGS 7,379 CS/X2/23 Judy Garland 7,380 CS/X2/29 St.Winifred's Ch 7,381 CS/XM/14 Have Yourself A Merry Little X Fireside Singers 7,382 CS/XM/05 Glen Campbell 7,383 CS/XM/10 GLENN MILLER 7,384 CS/XM/06 HAYSBRIDGE STRGS 7,385 CS/X2/27 Have Yourselves A Merry Little Kings' Singers 7,386 CW/0045 HAVEN'T I, HAVEN'T YOU Chris Nielsen 7,387 CW/0045 HAVEN'T I. HAVEN'T YOU? Chris Nielsen 7,388 CM/0366 HAVEN'T STOPPED DANCING YET Gonzalez 7,389 CW/0050 HAVEN'T YOU HEARD Stella Parton 7,390 CM/0222 HAVING A PARTY Osmonds 7,391 CM/0447 HAWAII Beach Boys 7,392 D/174 HAWAII 5-0 TV THEMES CASSET 7,393 D/140 HAWAII FIVE-O TV THEMES 7,394 CM/0417 Ventures 7,395 CW/0282 HAWAIIAN COWBOY Roy Rogers 7,396 D/189 HAWAIIAN EYE TV THEMES 7,397 D/135 HAWAIIAN HULA SONG WOUT STEENHUIS 7,398 D/227 HAWAIIAN MUSIC WOUT STEINHUIS 7,399 D/162 Hawaiian Paradise Al Ciola 7,400 COM/0091 HAWAIIAN WAR CHANT Spike Jones 7,401 COM/0147 7,402 D/135 WOUT STEENHUIS 7,403 CM/0309 HAWAIIAN WEDDING SONG DONNY OSMOND 7,404 D/241 Elvis Presley 7,405 CW/0233 Roy Drusky 7,406 CW/0243 Tammy Wynette 7,407 CW/0032 7,408 D/241 To be entered. 7,409 D/135 WOUT STEENHUIS 7,410 D/162 Hawiian Birds & Music Al Ciola 7,411 D/162 Hawiian Wedding Song Al Ciola 7,412 CS/A4/13 HAYDN HARPSICHORD MUSIC Harpsichord 1775 7,413 CS/X2/07 HAYL MARY WIND ENSEMBLE 7,414 CM/0136 HE AIN'T HEAVY HE'S MY BROTHER Hollies 7,415 CW/0048 HE AIN'T YOU Lynn Anderson 7,416 COM/0119 HE BROKE MY HEART IN 3 PLACES Spike Jones 7,417 CW/0266 HE CALLED ME BABY JESSI COLTER 7,418 CM/0165 HE COULD HAVE BEEN AN ARMY Elkie Brooks 7,419 COM/0136 HE DIDN'T OUGHTER RUTH MADOC 7,420 CW/0196 HE FOLLOWS MY FOOTSTEPS Charlie Rich 7,421 CS/A3/15 He found me Salvation Army 7,422 CM/0068 HE HOLDS HIS OWN Diana Ross+Sup 7,423 CM/0477 HE IS YOUR BROTHER Abba 7,424 CW/0039 HE MADE A WOMAN OUT OF ME Jeannie C Riley 7,425 CH/0067 HE MADE HIMSELF OF NO REPUTATI Choir Guildford 7,426 CW/0180 HE STOPPED LOVING HER TODAY George Jones 7,427 CW/0241 7,428 CW/0298 7,429 COL/0076 HE THAT DWELETH JAMES JOHNSON ET 7,430 CS/A3/15 He took my place Salvation Army 7,431 CW/0215 HE TURNED THE WATER INTO WINE Johnny Cash 7,432 CW/0246 HE TURNS IT INTO LOVE AGAIN Lynn Anderson 7,433 CW/0089 HE WAS A FRIEND OF MINE Bobby Bare 7,434 CM/0209 HE WAS A STEPPENWOLF Boney M 7,435 CS/A2/01 He who would Valiant be Seaford Coll Cho 7,436 CM/0038 HE WILL BREAK YOUR HEART JERRY BUTLER 7,437 CW/0246 HE WORSHIPPED ME Lynn Anderson 7,438 D/237 He'll have to go Bryan Ferry 7,439 CW/0190 Jim Reeves 7,440 CW/0206 7,441 CW/0224 7,442 CW/0256 7,443 CW/0060 7,444 D/236 Jim Reeves V1 7,445 D/236 To be entered. 7,446 D/237 7,447 CM/0399 HE'S A BURGLAR Amii Stewart 7,448 CM/0356 HE'S A LIAR Bee Gees 7,449 CM/0015 HE'S A SAINT HE'S A SINNER MIQUEL BROWN 7,450 D/058 He's Gone Away Wally Stott Chor 7,451 CM/0421 HE'S IN TOWN TOCKIN' BERRIES 7,452 CM/0136 HE'S MY BROTHER Hollies 7,453 CW/0238 HE'S OUT OF MY LIFE BARBARA MANDRELL 7,454 CM/0037 HE'S THE GREAT IMPOSTER FLEETWOODS 7,455 CM/0008 HE'S THE GREATEST DANCER SISTER SLEDGE 7,456 CM/0237 HEAD ROOM 10CC 7,457 D/054 Head That Once Was Crowned Brid.Priory 7,458 COM/0073 HEAD TUCKED UNDERNEATH HER ARM Barron Knights 7,459 COM/0170 HEADBANGERS NOT 9 O'CLOCK NE 7,460 Cs/A1/13 Headless Cross Corries 7,461 CM/0270 HEADLOSS CARAVAN 7,462 CW/0220 HEALIN' Bobby Bare 7,463 CW/0266 HEALING HANDS OF TIME JESSI COLTER 7,464 COM/0093 HEALTH INSPECTOR FAWLTY TOWERS 7,465 CM/0448 HEAR ME CALLING Slade 7,466 CS/A2/04 Hear my prayer Choir Oxfd Cath 7,467 CH/0046 Ernest Lough 7,468 CH/0036 ERNEST LOUGH/TEM 7,469 CH/0024 HEATHER LEWIS 7,470 COL/0363 ST.GEORGE'S CHOI 7,471 CW/0107 HEAR THE MASONRY Muskrats 7,472 CH/0034 HEAR YE ISRAEL ROYAL CHORAL SOC 7,473 CM/0037 HEART & SOUL CLEFTONES 7,474 CM/0429 Prism 7,475 COL/0086 HEART BOWED DOWN HENRI SCOTT 7,476 D/121 Heart Mender Crystal Gayle 7,477 COM/0069 HEART OF A CLOWN Goons 7,478 CR/0359 HEART OF A MAN Frankie Vaughan 7,479 CM/0376 HEART OF GLASS Blondie 7,480 CS/A4/33 SHADOWS 7,481 CM/0209 HEART OF GOLD Boney M 7,482 D/007 JAMES LAST 7,483 COM/0157 HEART TRANSPLANT Ray Stevens 7,484 CM/0712 HEARTACHE PEPSI & SHIRLEY 7,485 D/308 Roy Orbison 7,486 CM/0165 HEARTACHE IS ON Elkie Brooks 7,487 CD\1856b Heartaches by the number Guy Mitchell 7,488 CW/0078 WELLINGS & TRAVI 7,489 CM/0042 HEARTBEAT Bobby Vee 7,490 D/252 HEARTBREAK HOTEL CHET ATKINS 7,491 CM/0380 Elvis 7,492 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 7,493 CW/0010 George Jones 7,494 CW/0186 Roger Miller 7,495 COM/0165 STAN FREBERG 7,496 COM/0164 7,497 COM/0156 7,498 COM/0105 7,499 D/252 To be entered. 7,500 CM/0496 HEARTBREAKER DIONNE WARWICK 7,501 CW/0042 Dolly Parton 7,502 D/091 James Last 7,503 COM/0013 HEARTS & FLOWERS MAX MILLER 7,504 CW/0278 HEARTS ON FIRE Frank Ifield 7,505 CM/0206 HEARTSONG Gordon Giltrap 7,506 CM/0135 HEAT WAVE Who 7,507 CM/0455 HEATWAVE MARTHA REEVES 7,508 CM/0423 HEAVEN & HELL VANGELIS 7,509 CM/0216 HEAVEN HELP US ALL Stevie Wonder 7,510 CM/0342 HEAVEN IS IN THE BACK SEAT Hot Chocolate 7,511 CM/0373 7,512 CM/0028 HEAVEN IS WAITING DANSE SOCIETY 7,513 CM/0307 HEAVEN KNOWS SLADE 7,514 CM/0745 HEAVEN MUST BE MISSING AN AN TAVARES 7,515 CM/0455 HEAVEN MUST HAVE SENT YOU ELGINS 7,516 CM/0370 Mathis & William 7,517 CM/0156 HEAVEN ON EARTH Platters 7,518 CM/0269 HEAVEN ON THE STREET DOUBLE A' 7,519 CM/0269 Movies 7,520 CM/0269 The Movies 7,521 CR/0488 HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS ABE LYMAN 7,522 CM/0901 HEAVEN WILL KNOW MODERN TALKING 7,523 CH/0097 HEAVENLY FATHER Choir Mormon Tab 7,524 CM/0904 HEAVENLY HOMES SUNBURST FINISH 7,525 CH/0080 HEAVENS ARE TELLING - THE Choir Mormon Tab 7,526 CH/0099 HEBREW SLAVES Choir Rhos MV 7,527 CH/0105 HEBREW SLAVES CHORUS WELSH MASSED CHR 7,528 CH/0058 HEBREW SLAVES CHORUS (NABUCCO) CHORUS & HAMBURG 7,529 COL/0147 HEBRIDES OVERTURE HALLE ORCH. 7,530 COL/0286 7,531 CS/A5/16 LSO 7,532 CS/A5/07 Hedge Sparrow Bird Songs 7,533 CH/0066 HEDGEROSE Choir Vienna Boy 7,534 CW/0324 HEE HAW BREAKDOWN NOLAN CORMIER/L. 7,535 CH/0066 HEIDENROSELEIN Choir Vienna Boy 7,536 CH/0058 HEIL DIR AGYPTEN (AIDA) CHORUS & HAMBURG 7,537 CS/A5/06 Heil Dir Egyptienne Chorus Hamburg State Ch 7,538 CS/X2/27 Heilge Nacht Auf Engelschwinge Kings' Singers 7,539 Cs/A1/13 Helen of Kirkconnel Corries 7,540 CR/0332 HELENE LEE LAWRENCE 7,541 CM/0089 HELL OF A PAIN Dave Edmunds 7,542 CM/0682 HELL ON WHEELS CHER 7,543 CM/0753 HELLO LIONEL RICHIE 7,544 CM/0308 HELLO AMERICA HOT CHOCOLATE 7,545 D/315 HELLO DOLLY JEAN JACQUES PER 7,546 D/282 XAVIER CUGAT 7,547 D/242 HELLO DOLLY - with chorus HUMPHREY LYTTLET 7,548 D/242 To be entered. 7,549 CM/0045 HELLO GOODBYE Beatles 7,550 CW/0121 HELLO HEARTACHE Marty Robbins 7,551 CW/0135 HELLO HEARTACHES Marty Robbins 7,552 CM/0128 HELLO HELLO I'M BACK AGAIN Gary Glitter 7,553 CM/0416 7,554 CR/0303 HELLO HELLO WHO'S YOUR LADY FR PRIMO SCALA 7,555 D/097 Hello Hello Who's Your Lady.M Hallmark of Harm 7,556 D/121 Hello I Love You Crystal Gayle 7,557 CW/0125 HELLO LOVE Slim Whitman 7,558 CW/0303 7,559 CM/0212 HELLO MARY LOU NEW RIDERS 7,560 CR/0433 HELLO MOM Bing Crosby 7,561 COM/0101 HELLO MUDDAH HELLO FUDDAH Allan Sherman 7,562 CW/0081 HELLO MY BABY COUNTRY GUITAR 7,563 COM/0017 HELLO MY DARLINGS CHARLIE DRAKE 7,564 COL/0083 HELLO OLD WHAT'S-A-NAME COL.VOC.GEM CO. 7,565 DC&BG/01 Hello There David Jacobs 7,566 CW/0077 HELLO WALL Ben Colder 7,567 CW/0013 HELLO WALLS Faron Young 7,568 CW/0069 7,569 CW/0257 7,570 CW/0158 HELLO WALLS (with talking guit Willie Nelson 7,571 CW/0158 Willy Nelson 7,572 CD\1858 HELLO YOUN LOVERS KING & I WALLY SCOTT ORCH 7,573 D/069 HELLO YOUNG LOVERS CARLINI'S STRING 7,574 D/274 Harry Seacombe 7,575 D/073 Harry Secombe 7,576 CS/A3/41 MANCINI 7,577 CM/0054 Neil Sedaka 7,578 CD\1859 New York Pops 7,579 D/274 To be entered. 7,580 CM/0444 Tom Jones 7,581 CS/A3/28 UNKNOWN ORCHESTR 7,582 CM/0044 HELP Beatles 7,583 CM/0086 7,584 CM/0458 7,585 CH/0034 HELP LORD ROYAL CHORAL SOC 7,586 D/237 Help me Bryan Ferry 7,587 CW/0033 DOTTIE WEST 7,588 CW/0227 Ray Price 7,589 D/237 To be entered. 7,590 CM/0705 HELP ME BABY RORY BLOCK 7,591 CM/0035 HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGH THE GLADYS KNIGHT 7,592 D/244 Tammy Wynette 7,593 COM/0054 HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGH THE NI BILLY CONNOLLY 7,594 D/269 Charlie Pride 7,595 CM/0035 GLADYS KNIGHT 7,596 CM/0231 Gladys Knight/Pi 7,597 CM/0446 JOHN HOLT 7,598 CW/0047 Lynn Anderson 7,599 CW/0233 Roy Drusky 7,600 CW/0250 SAMMI SMITH 7,601 CW/0286 Tammy Wynette 7,602 D/269 To be entered. 7,603 CM/0908 HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGHT THE CANDLEWICK GREEN 7,604 CM/0009 HELP ME OUT BEGGAR & CO 7,605 CSM/0263 HELP ME RHONDA BEACH BOYS 7,606 CW/0307 HELP ME STAMP OUT LONELINESS NANCY SINATRA 7,607 CW/0316 HELP STAMP OUT LONELINESS StonewallJackson 7,608 CW/0026 HELP YOU FORGIVE ME WAGONER/PARTON 7,609 CM/0395 HELP YOURSELF Joan Armatrading 7,610 CM/0146 Tom Jones 7,611 CM/0441 7,612 CW/0238 HELP YOURSELF TO ME LARRY GATLIN 7,613 CW/0101 HELP YOURSELVES TO EACH OTHER Don Williams 7,614 CM/0458 HELTER SKELTER Beatles 7,615 D/259 ROYAL ENGINEERS 7,616 CH/0033 HEN DDARBY Choir Cymanfa 7,617 CH/0026 HEN WLAD FY NHADAU Choir Morriston 7,618 CH/0056 7,619 CH/0082 7,620 COL/0112 HENRY HALL OVERTURE (AUTOGRAPH HENRY H 7,621 COM/0044 HENRY MY SON PAM AYRES 7,622 CM/0201 HEP CANARY Johnny & Hurri 7,623 CW/0241 HER NAME IS ... George Jones 7,624 Cs/A1/12 Herdmaiden's song Phil.Chmbr.Choir 7,625 CW/0071 HERE COMES MY BABY Eddy Arnold 7,626 D/270 7,627 D/270 To be entered. 7,628 CS/X2/05 Here Comes Santa Claus Elvis Presley 7,629 CS/X2/14 Fireside Singers 7,630 CS/XM/14 7,631 CW/0065 Gene Autry 7,632 CS/X2/03 HERE COMES SANTA CLAUS - M MARK LAUB(ORGAN) 7,633 CM/0079 HERE COMES SUMMER Dave Clark Five 7,634 CD\1856a Jerry Keller 7,635 CM/0130 HERE COMES THAT FEELING AGAIN Bay City Rollers 7,636 CM/0392 HERE COMES THAT SINKING FEELIN Eurythmics 7,637 COL/0132 HERE COMES THE BRIDE-SELECTION DEBROY SOMERS 7,638 CM/0214 HERE COMES THE NIGHT David Bowie 7,639 CM/0115 Them 7,640 CM/0119 Walker Brothers 7,641 CM/0045 HERE COMES THE SUN Beatles 7,642 CM/0081 7,643 CW/0138 HERE COMES YESTERDAY R.HARLAN SMITH 7,644 D/266 Here in my heart Al Martino 7,645 COM/0069 Goons 7,646 D/266 To be entered. 7,647 CM/0113 HERE IT COMES AGAIN FORTUNES 7,648 D/179 Here lies love Bing Crosby 7,649 CR/0467 RAY NOBLE 7,650 D/179 To be entered. 7,651 CW/0081 HERE THERE & EVERYWHERE COUNTRY GUITAR 7,652 CW/0053 Emmylou Harris 7,653 CS/X2/15 Here We Come a-Wassailing Watersons 7,654 CS/XM/15 7,655 CW/0061 HERE WE GO AGAIN Eddy Arnold 7,656 D/262 Ray Charles 7,657 CW/0131 HERE WITHOUT YOU SIOUX 7,658 COM/0160 HERE YOU ARE 45 MINS OF FUN & Morecambe & Wise 7,659 CM/0496 HERE YOU COME AGAIN CONVERTABLES 7,660 D/322 COUNTRY GUITARS 7,661 CW/0049 Dolly Parton 7,662 CW/0042 7,663 CW/0045 HERE'S SOME LOVE Chris Nielsen 7,664 D/128 HERE'S TO THE NEXT TIME HENRY HALL 7,665 CS/A4/03 Herne Clannad 7,666 CS/X2/15 Herod & The Cock Watersons 7,667 Cs/A1/11 HERZ-SCMERZ-POLKA JAMES LAST 7,668 Cs/A1/30 Heut Noch Weid Ich Ehefrau ElizabethSchwarz 7,669 CS/A5/25 Hey Julio Iglesias 7,670 CM/0153 HEY BABY IT'S TIME YOU GOT GOI Equals 7,671 CM/0132 HEY BEAUTIFUL DREAMER Bay City Rollers 7,672 COM/0170 HEY BOB NOT 9 O'CLOCK NE 7,673 CM/0311 HEY GIRL DONNY OSMOND 7,674 CM/0322 MAMAS & THE PAPA 7,675 CM/0226 Osmonds 7,676 CM/0207 HEY GIRL COME & GET IT Van McCoy 7,677 CW/0271 HEY GOOD LOOKIN' BARBARA MANDRELL 7,678 CW/0007 Faron Young 7,679 CW/0006 7,680 CW/0112 Hank Williams 7,681 CW/0186 Roger Miller 7,682 CW/0309 HEY GOOD LOOKING Hank Williams 7,683 CW/0204 Johnny Cash 7,684 CM/0216 HEY HARMONICA MAN Stevie Wonder 7,685 Cs/A1/10 HEY HEY HEY JAMES LAST 7,686 CM/0301 HEY JOE Marmalade 7,687 CM/0146 HEY JUDE Tom Jones 7,688 CM/0441 7,689 CH/0092 HEY JUDE ETC UNAUTHORISED VER 7,690 CM/0045 HEY JULIE Beatles 7,691 CM/0167 HEY LADY GODIVA Dr. Hook 7,692 CM/0658 HEY LITTLE GIRL ICEHOUSE 7,693 D/263 HEY LITTLE HEN - IN MED YORKSHIRE IMPERI 7,694 CM/0039 HEY LITTLE ONE DORSEY BURNETTE 7,695 CW/0103 HEY LITTLE STAR Roger Miller 7,696 CM/0224 HEY LOOK ME OVER Osmonds 7,697 CM/0216 HEY LOVE Stevie Wonder 7,698 COM/0163 HEY MABEL Spike Jones 7,699 CW/0093 HEY MR. BLUEBIRD ERNEST TUBB 7,700 CM/0221 HEY MR.TAXI Osmonds 7,701 CW/0140 HEY PORTER Johnny Cash 7,702 CM/0013 HEY ROCK 'N' ROLL SHOWADDYWADDY 7,703 CM/0451 HEY THERE LONELY GIRL EDDIE HOLMAN 7,704 CM/0387 HEY THERE SEXY LADY HANK BALLARD 7,705 CM/0311 HEY THERE, LONELY GIRL DONNY OSMOND 7,706 CM/0197 HEY TONIGHT Creedence Clearw 7,707 CS/A5/24 Hey watcha' say Cliff Richard 7,708 CM/0136 HEY WILLY Hollies 7,709 COM/0170 HEY WOW NOT 9 O'CLOCK NE 7,710 CM/0334 HEY YOU Modern Talking 7,711 CM/0901 7,712 D/259 HEYKINS SERENADE IN WALTZTIME JAMES BLADES 7,713 D/259 To be entered. 7,714 CM/0485 HI FIDELITY KIDS FROM FAME 7,715 COM/0061 HI GANG BEN LYON & VIC O 7,716 CM/0465 HI HI HI Wings 7,717 COM/0162 HI HO MY LADY Spike Jones 7,718 CM/0105 HI LILI HI LO Manfred Mann 7,719 CM/0365 HI-COOL WOMAN Barry Blue 7,720 COM/0155 HI-DE-FIDO STANLEY UNWIN 7,721 CW/0231 HI-HEEL SNEAKERS Ronnie Milsap 7,722 CM/0112 HI-LILI HI-LO ALAN PRICE 7,723 CM/0910 HI-TENSION HI-TENSION 7,724 CR/0495 HICKORY DICKORY - SEE DICKORY JAY WILBUR 7,725 CW/0131 HICKORY WIND SIOUX 7,726 CW/0017 THE BIG TIMERS 7,727 CM/0314 HIDE & SEEK SALLY OLDFIELD 7,728 CH/0007 HIEVT AN DE SEGEL Choir AuriShanty 7,729 CH/0009 7,730 CS/A4/35 HIGH & THE MIGHTY SHADOWS 7,731 D/056 HIGH COMMAND ROCHDALE WILSONS 7,732 CM/0140 HIGH FEVER Alvin Stardust 7,733 CM/0248 HIGH FLYIN' SCOTSMAN Spotniks 7,734 CH/0018 HIGH FROM DACHSTEIN ON VIENNA WOODS BOY 7,735 CH/0019 7,736 CW/0006 High heel sneakers DALE SELLERS 7,737 CM/0380 Elvis 7,738 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 7,739 CW/0006 Pete Drake 7,740 CM/0216 Stevie Wonder 7,741 D/286 HIGH HOPES FRANK SINATRA SH 7,742 D/286 To be entered. 7,743 CM/0112 HIGH IN THE SKY AMEN CORNER 7,744 CR/0347 HIGH NOON FRANKIE LAINE 7,745 CW/0193 7,746 CW/0149 JIMMIE RODGERS 7,747 CW/0113 Tex Ritter 7,748 CW/0007 7,749 CW/0280 7,750 CW/0069 HIGH NOON (DO NOT FORWAKE ME) Tex Ritter 7,751 D/110 High On a Hill Morriston Orp.Ch 7,752 D/141 HIGH SCHOOL CADETS HM COLDSTREAM 7,753 CS/A2/38 ROYAL MARINES 7,754 Cs/A1/15 7,755 CD\1856c High School Confidential Jerry Lee Lewis 7,756 CM/0291 Sha Na Na 7,757 CM/0291 SHANANA 7,758 D/0332 High Society - Songs from Film Tracks 7,759 CM/0841 HIGH TIME ADRIAN BAKER 7,760 CM/0385 HIGH WIRE LINDA CARR 7,761 CW/0042 HIGHER & HIGHER Dolly Parton 7,762 CM/0295 Moody Blues 7,763 COM/0087 HIGHER ENDEAVOURS LAUREL & HARDY 7,764 COM/0022 HIGHEST UP THE WALL BLASTER BATES 7,765 CR/0025 HIGHLAND FLING - THE KEELROW LONDON DANCE ORC 7,766 COM/0178 HIGHLAND LASSIE STAG 7,767 COL/0285 HIGHLAND SCOTTISCHE HARRY DAVIDSON 7,768 CS/A1/42 HIGHWAY OF SONG HARRY SECOMBE 7,769 COM/0050 HIKING Max Miller 7,770 COM/0062 7,771 COM/0012 HIKING SONG MAX MILLER 7,772 CM/0205 HIKKY-BURR Quincy Jones 7,773 CM/0913 HILL CLIMBING FOR BEGINNERS WATER INTO WINE 7,774 D/194 HILL STREET BLUES TV GREATEST HITS 7,775 CM/0111 HILL THE PAIN Frankie goes to 7,776 D/236 Hillbilly Waltz Jim Reeves V1 7,777 D/236 To be entered. 7,778 CW/0296 HILLBILLY WILLY Dolly Parton 7,779 COM/0010 HILTON DAVID FROST/JOHN 7,780 CM/0212 HINT OF A FREEZE FISHBAUGH & ZORN 7,781 COM/0125 HINTS ON THE USE OF EXPLOSIVES BLASTER BATES 7,782 COM/0004 HIPPO ENCORE Flanders & Swann 7,783 COM/0123 7,784 COM/0005 HIPPOPOTAMUS Flanders & Swann 7,785 COM/0095 7,786 D/265 Hippopotamus song Flanders & Swann 7,787 D/265 To be entered. 7,788 CM/0168 HIPPY HIPPY SHAKE Mud Rock 7,789 CM/0476 7,790 CM/0382 SWINGING BLUE J 7,791 CW/0324 HIPPY-TI-YO JOE BONSALL 7,792 CH/0103 HIRAETH 6,500 VOICES 7,793 CH/0005 Choir Froncysyll 7,794 CH/0012 Ivor Emmanuel+Fr 7,795 D/287 HIS EARLY LIFE W.C. FIELDS ROUT 7,796 CM/0380 HIS LATEST FLAME Elvis 7,797 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 7,798 CS/A3/15 His loving touch Salvation Army 7,799 COM/0141 HISTORIES OF PLINY THE ELDER GOONS 7,800 CM/0743 HISTORY MAI TAI 7,801 CM/0025 HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT PAT BENATAR 7,802 CM/0171 HIT ME WITH YOUR RHYTHM STICK Ian Drury 7,803 CM/0328 HIT MIX '86 VARIOUS 7,804 CM/0479 HIT MIX 88 VARIOUS 7,805 D/262 Hit the road Jack Ray Charles 7,806 D/115 HIT THE ROAD TO DREAMLAND JOHNNY GREGORY 7,807 D/115 VARIOUS ORCH 7,808 CW/0103 HITCH-HIKER Roger Miller 7,809 CW/0076 HITCHHIKER John Denver 7,810 CM/0040 HITCHIN' A RIDE Best of 50/60s 7,811 CM/0040 Best of 50s/60s 7,812 CM/0432 HITCHIN' A RIDE M'74 Paper Lace 7,813 CS/A3/44 HITS OF THE BLITZ - DANCE BAND VARIOUS 7,814 D/126 HMS PINAFORE OVERTURE WILLIAM DAVIS 7,815 CH/0026 HOB Y DERI DANDO Choir Treorchy 7,816 CH/0056 HOB Y DERI DANDO Choir Treorchy 7,817 CH/0048 LINDEN SINGERS 7,818 CW/0146 HOBO BILL'S LAST RIDE Hank Snow 7,819 CW/0287 JIMMIE RODGERS 7,820 CW/0306 HOBO HEAVEN Boxcar Willie 7,821 CM/0365 HOBO MAN Barry Blue 7,822 CW/0287 HOBO'S MEDITATION - The JIMMIE RODGERS 7,823 Cs/A1/30 Hoch Evoe Angele Didier ElizabethSchwarz 7,824 CM/0212 HOE DOWN POCO 7,825 CM/0270 HOEDOWN CARAVAN 7,826 D/189 HOGAN'S HEROS TV THEMES 7,827 CD\1856b Hold back tomorrow Miki & Griff 7,828 CM/0270 HOLD GRANDAD BY THE NOSE CARAVAN 7,829 CM/0221 HOLD HER TIGHT Osmonds 7,830 CM/0224 7,831 D/338 Hold me Beverley Sisters 7,832 D/0338/a 7,833 CW/0303 Slim Whitman 7,834 CW/0125 7,835 CM/0385 HOLD ME CLOSE DAVID ESSEX 7,836 CM/0153 HOLD ME CLOSER Equals 7,837 CR/0277 HOLD ME JUST A LITTLE CLOSER D ANNE SHELTON 7,838 CM/0028 HOLD ME NOW THOMPSON TWINS 7,839 CM/0229 HOLD ME THRILL ME KISS ME Donny & Marie 7,840 CM/0106 HOLD ME TIGHT Beatles 7,841 CM/0296 HOLD ON BABY Ike & Tina Turne 7,842 CM/0006 HOLD ON I'M COMIN' SAM & DAVE 7,843 CM/0208 HOLD ON I'M COMING Boney M 7,844 CM/0466 HOLD ON ME David Cassidy 7,845 CM/0326 HOLD ON TIGHT SAMANTHA FOX 7,846 CW/0225 HOLD ON TO ME HILLSIDERS 7,847 CM/0128 HOLD ON TO WHAT YOU GOT Gary Glitter 7,848 D/283 HOLD THE FORT JACK WARD PIANO 7,849 D/283 To be entered. 7,850 CM/0003 HOLD THE LINE TOTO 7,851 CM/0040 HOLD TIGHT Best of 50/60s 7,852 CM/0040 Best of 50s/60s 7,853 CM/0006 L'POOL EXPRESS 7,854 CM/0002 HOLD YOUR HEAD UP ARGENT 7,855 CM/0212 7,856 CM/0277 HOLD YOUR HORSES FIRST CHOICE 7,857 CM/0024 HOLDIN' MON TONY RALLO 7,858 CW/0039 HOLDIN' ON Jeannie C Riley 7,859 CM/0253 HOLDING ON Detroit Emeralds 7,860 CSM/0253 7,861 CM/0429 HOLE IN PARADISE Prism 7,862 COM/0116 HOLE IN THE ELEPHANT'S BOTTOM HIKE HARDING 7,863 CW/0165 HOLE IN THE GROUND Berni Flint 7,864 CM/0292 HOLIDAY Bee Gees 7,865 CM/0292 BEST OF THE BEE 7,866 CM/0556 MADONNA 7,867 CS/A3/36 HOLIDAY FOR BELLS BERT KAEMPFERT 7,868 D/246 HOLIDAY FOR STRINGS DAVID ROSE 7,869 D/246 To be entered. 7,870 COM/0170 HOLIDAY HABITS NOT 9 O'CLOCK NE 7,871 CM/0335 HOLIDAY HITS VARIOUS 7,872 D/130 HOLIDAY IN SPAIN To be entered. 7,873 CM/0796 HOLIDAY RAP M.C. MIKER F.& D 7,874 CM/0326 M.C.MIKER G 7,875 COM/0176 HOLLAND'S MEAT PIES BOB WILLIAMSON 7,876 CS/A4/29 Holly & The Ivy Choir Kings Camb 7,877 CS/A4/30 7,878 CS/X2/25 Choir St.Paul's 7,879 CS/X2/24 Choir Warwick 7,880 CS/XM/22 Choir Wells Cath 7,881 CS/XM/24 ChoirSt.MaryWarw 7,882 CS/X2/14 Fireside Singers 7,883 CS/XM/14 7,884 D/323 Hymns & Carols 7,885 CS/XM/29 Joan Sutherland 7,886 CS/X2/31 7,887 CS/X2/19 MANTOVANI 7,888 CS/XM/19 7,889 CS/A4/31 PHIL.JONES BRASS 7,890 CS/X2/05 Spinners 7,891 CS/XM/28 Three Cathedrals 7,892 CS/X2/22 VARIOUS 7,893 CS/X2/20 7,894 CS/X2/23 Wells Cath Choir 7,895 CS/X2/15 Holly Bears A Berry Wastersons 7,896 CS/XM/15 Watersons 7,897 D/285 HOLLYWOOD AGENTS MARX BROTHERS 7,898 D/285 To be entered. 7,899 CR/0470 HOLLYWOOD REVUE OF 1929 BEN SELVIN 7,900 CS/A3/11 HOLY & THE IVY ALBION BAND 7,901 CS/X2/21 Holy Boy Chichester Cath 7,902 CS/XM/21 Choir Chichester 7,903 D/092 Holy City BBC Welsh Chorus 7,904 CH/0055 CHOIR & BRASS BA 7,905 CH/0032 Choir Luton Girl 7,906 CH/0022 Choir Treorchy 7,907 COL/0413 CLARA BUTT 7,908 CS/A1/42 HARRY SECOMBE 7,909 COL/0360 Josef Locke 7,910 CS/A1/45 Peter Dawson 7,911 CH/0100 Stuart Burrows 7,912 CH/0024 7,913 D/142 Valerie Monese 7,914 CS/A4/41 Holy Ground Dubliners 7,915 CH/0079 HOLY HOLY HOLY Choir Mormon Tab 7,916 CS/A4/11 Choir RNC.GRENWI 7,917 D/245 Holy Holy Lord God Almighty Choir Leeds Pari 7,918 D/245 To be entered. 7,919 CH/0067 HOLY JESU (CRUCIFIXION) Choir Guildford 7,920 CM/0027 HOLY JOE HAYSI FANTAYZEE 7,921 D/092 HOLY LAND - voices from the To be entered. 7,922 CW/0218 HOLY NOT A HOLIDAY FERLIN HUSKY 7,923 COM/0007 HOLY SMOKE Spike Milligan 7,924 D/035 HOLYROOD HM ROYAL MARINES 7,925 COM/0136 HOMAGE TO ANEURIN BEVAN Ray Smith 7,926 CH/0012 HOME Ivor Emmanuel+Fr 7,927 CW/0083 HOME AGAIN Glen Campbell 7,928 CW/0084 7,929 CW/0090 7,930 CM/0246 HOME AT LAST Steely Dan 7,931 CS/A4/41 Home Boys Home Dubliners 7,932 COM/0172 HOME BREWED BERNARD WRIGLEY 7,933 CW/0150 HOME CALL JIMMIE RODGERS 7,934 CS/XM/10 HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS GLENN MILLER 7,935 CS/X2/11 GLENN MILLER ORC 7,936 CS/XM/03 HAMMOND ORGAN 7,937 CS/X2/03 MARK LAUB(ORGAN) 7,938 CR/0285 Vera Lynn 7,939 CM/0459 HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS Joe Bolan 7,940 CM/0018 HOME LOVIN' MAN ANDY WILLIAMS 7,941 D/312 7,942 D/312 To be entered. 7,943 CM/0905 HOME LOVING MAN TONY CHRISTIE 7,944 CW/0204 HOME OF THE BLUES Johnny Cash 7,945 CW/0304 HOME ON THE RANGE Slim Whitman 7,946 CW/0314 SONS OF THE PURP 7,947 CR/0443 HOME SWEET HOME CLARA BUTT 7,948 D/279 Cliff Adams Sing 7,949 CS/A5/14 Deanna Durbin 7,950 D/279 To be entered. 7,951 COL/0164 HOME TO OUR MOUNTAINS-IL TROVA MARIE TILLOTSON+ 7,952 COM/0082 HOME TOWN DAD'S ARMY 7,953 D/097 Home Town - M Hallmark of Harm 7,954 D/246 Homecoming Waltz Donald Peers 7,955 CS/A3/44 Ivy Benson & KY 7,956 D/246 To be entered. 7,957 CW/0017 HOMESTEAD ON THE FARM ORANGE BLOSSOM S 7,958 COM/0034 HOMETOWN Morecambe & Wise 7,959 CR/0463 PRIMO SCALA 7,960 CS/A1/36 7,961 CS/A4/06 Various 7,962 CW/0167 HOMEWARD BOUND Berni Flint 7,963 CR/0234 HOMING WALTZ Vera Lynn 7,964 CM/0270 HONEST I DID CARAVAN 7,965 CM/0255 HONEST I DO Rolling Stones 7,966 CSM/0255 7,967 CM/0003 HONESTY BILLY JOEL 7,968 D/069 HONEY CARLINI'S STRING 7,969 CW/0051 Hank Snow 7,970 COM/0044 PAM AYRES 7,971 CM/0163 HONEY BOY Mary Wells 7,972 D/244 Honey come back Glen Campbell 7,973 CW/0312 7,974 CW/0083 7,975 CW/0084 7,976 CW/0213 7,977 CW/0184 Lynn Anderson 7,978 CW/0051 7,979 CW/0022 7,980 D/244 To be entered. 7,981 D/261 Honey honey Abba 7,982 CM/0477 7,983 CM/0013 SWEET DREAMS 7,984 D/261 To be entered. 7,985 CW/0306 HONEY I LOVE YOU Boxcar Willie 7,986 CM/0244 HONEY I'M LOST Dooleys 7,987 CM/0178 HONEY PLEASE CAN'T YA SEE Barry White 7,988 CM/0384 HONEY PLEASE CAN'T YOU SEE BARRY WHITE 7,989 CM/0039 HONEYCOMB JIMMIE RODGERS 7,990 CW/0185 HONEYMOON FEELING Roy Clark 7,991 COL/0197 HONEYMOON PARADE HARRY DAVIDSON 7,992 CD\1856b Honeymoon theme Manuel 7,993 CM/0235 HONEYMOON WITH B TROOP 10cc 7,994 D/189 HONEYMOONER TV THEMES 7,995 CW/0211 HONK TONK MERRY-GO-ROUND Patsy Cline 7,996 CM/0446 HONKEY CAT ELTON JOHN 7,997 CW/0309 HONKY TONK BLUES Hank Williams 7,998 CW/0189 HONKY TONK HEROES Waylon Jennings 7,999 CM/0169 HONKY TONK WOMAN Rolling Stones 8,000 CS/A4/32 SHADOWS 8,001 CW/0069 HONKY-TONK GIRL Hank Thompson 8,002 CW/0080 Johnny Cash 8,003 CS/A3/07 HONYMOON SONG MANUEL 8,004 CS/A4/17 HOOKED ON AMERICA RPO 8,005 CS/A4/17 HOOKED ON BAROQUE NON-STOP RPO 8,006 CS/A2/20 HOOKED ON CLASSICS - VOL 1 RPO 8,007 CM/0331 HOOKED ON NUMBER ONES VARIOUS 8,008 CS/A4/17 HOOKED ON ROMANCE - 2 RPO 8,009 COM/0042 HOOP-LA! MAX KESTER 8,010 D/091 Hooray Hooray It's A Holi-Holi James Last 8,011 CM/0315 HOPE WE CAN GET TOGETHER SOO HAROLD MELVIN & 8,012 CW/0096 HOPE YOU'RE FEELIN' ME - LIKE Charlie Pride 8,013 CM/0210 HOPELESSLY DEVOTED TO YOU OLIVIA NEWTON- 8,014 D/126 HORA STACATO BESSES O'TH'BARN 8,015 CR/0356 FREDDY MARTIN 8,016 Cs/A1/32 HORA STACCATO JAMES GALWAY 8,017 COL/0405 HORN CONCERTO NO.4 E FLAT DENNIS BRAIN 8,018 COL/0428 8,019 COM/0039 HORNERAMA KENNETH HORNE 8,020 CW/0290 HORNPIPES (Selection) Foster & Allen 8,021 COM/0004 HOROSCOPE Flanders & Swann 8,022 COM/0123 8,023 CW/0282 HORSESHOE MOON Roy Rogers 8,024 COM/0162 HORSEY KEEP YOUR TAIL UP Spike Jones 8,025 COM/0048 HOSPITAL OR HANCOCK REVISITED Tony Hancock 8,026 COM/0116 HOSPITAL VISITOR- PROFESSIONAL HIKE HARDING 8,027 COM/0134 HOSTESS JOYCE GRENFELL 8,028 CS/A2/36 8,029 CW/0229 HOT BOX BLUES Boxcar Willie 8,030 CR/0363 HOT CANARY MAYNARD FERGUSON 8,031 CM/0021 HOT CHILD IN THE CITY NICK GILDER 8,032 CM/0201 HOT FUDGE Johnny & Hurri 8,033 CM/0350 HOT HOT HOT ARROW 8,034 CM/0030 HOT IN THE CITY Billy Idol 8,035 CM/0480 8,036 CM/0142 HOT LEGS Rod Stewart 8,037 CM/0097 HOT LOVE T.Rex 8,038 CM/0427 8,039 CR/0458 Hot Pot Gracie Fields 8,040 CM/0001 HOT SHOT KAREN YOUNG 8,041 COM/0104 HOT TIME IN THE OLD TOWN Jan & Dean 8,042 CD\1857b HOT TODDY BILLY MAY 8,043 CM/0513 HOT WATER LEVEL 42 8,044 COM/0147 HOTCHA CORNIA Spike Jones 8,045 CR/0368 8,046 CM/0158 HOTEL CALIFORNIA Eagles 8,047 COM/0151 HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA MIKE HARDING 8,048 CM/0380 HOUND DOG Elvis 8,049 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 8,050 D/005 JAMES LAST 8,051 CM/0210 Sha-Na-Na 8,052 D/142 HOUR FAVOURITE HYMNS VARIOUS 8,053 D/141 HOUR MILITARY MARCHES SOUSA VARIOUS 8,054 D/140 HOUR OF CLASSIC TV THEMES To be entered. 8,055 D/083 HOUR OF MOZART RPO 8,056 D/072 HOUR OF STRAUSS To be entered. 8,057 D/117 HOUR OF SUMMER SOUNDS To be entered. 8,058 D/128 HOUR OF VINTAGE DANCE BANDS VARIOUS 8,059 CM/0480 HOUSE ARREST KRUSH 8,060 CM/0351 HOUSE NATION MASTER BOYZ ETC 8,061 CM/0351 Slade 8,062 CW/0311 HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN Conway Twitty 8,063 CM/0112 FRUID PINK 8,064 CS/A5/22 House on the Hill Mario Lanza+Pian 8,065 CM/0436 HOUSE WITHOUT WINDOWS Roy Orbison 8,066 CM/0172 HOW 'BOUT US Various 8,067 CM/0074 HOW ABOUT YOU Diana Ross 8,068 D/232 How are things in Glocca Morra J.carson B.Howes 8,069 D/277 Jeannie Carson & 8,070 D/232 To be entered. 8,071 D/277 8,072 CR/0496 HOW ASHAMED I WAS BILLY COTTON 8,073 D/092 How Beautiful Are The Feet BBC Welsh Chorus 8,074 CW/0218 HOW BLUE CAN YOU BE Charlie Rich 8,075 CW/0026 HOW CAN I HELP YOU FORGIVE ME Porter Wagoner 8,076 CW/0164 HOW CAN I LEAVE YOU AGAIN John Denver 8,077 CW/0124 HOW CAN I TELL Slim Whitman 8,078 CM/0176 HOW CAN I TELL YOU Cat Stevens 8,079 CW/0206 HOW CAN WE HANG ON TO A DREAM Tim Hardin 8,080 CR/0332 HOW CAN YOU BUY KILLARNEY LEE LAWRENCE 8,081 CW/0116 HOW CAN YOU REFUSE HIM NOW Hank Williams 8,082 CM/0016 HOW COME RONNIE LANE 8,083 CW.0319 HOW COME IT George Jones 8,084 D/257 How come you do me like you do Bing Crosby 8,085 D/257 To be entered. 8,086 CM/0236 HOW DARE YOU 10CC 8,087 CM/0211 HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE Bee Gees 8,088 CR/0244 HOW DO I KNOW VICTOR SILVESTER 8,089 COL/0439 HOW DO YOU DO VARIOUS 8,090 CM/0307 HOW DOES IT FEEL SLADE 8,091 CS/A4/30 How Far Is It To Bethlehem Choir Kings Camb 8,092 CH/0079 HOW GREAT THE WISDOM & THE LOV Choir Mormon Tab 8,093 CH/0063 HOW GREAT THOU ART Choir LdnWelshMV 8,094 CW/0041 Dolly Parton 8,095 CS/A1/42 HARRY SECOMBE 8,096 CW/0129 HOW I LOVE TO LOVE YOU IN THE Porter Wagoner 8,097 COM/0044 HOW I LOVED YOU ETHEL PREEDY PAM AYRES 8,098 CD\1858 HOW LITTLE WE KNOW RCA SYMPH.ORCH 8,099 CM/0273 HOW LONG POINTER SISTERS 8,100 CW/0206 Tim Hardin 8,101 CW/0068 HOW LONG WILL MY BABY BE GONE Buck Owens 8,102 CM/0033 HOW MANY TEARS Bobby Vee 8,103 CM/0151 HOW MUCH LOVE Leo Sayer 8,104 CW/0102 HOW MUCH TIME DOES IT TAKE Don Williams 8,105 D/110 How Soon Morriston Orp.Ch 8,106 CS/A3/15 How sweet the Name Salvation Army 8,107 CS/A3/44 How sweet you are Ivy Benson & RW 8,108 COM/0149 HOW THE MONEY ROLLS IN FIRST XV SING RU 8,109 CD\1858 HOW THE WEST WAS WON THEME D.GAMLEY ORCH 8,110 COM/0136 HOW TO WRITE ANGLO-WELSH POETR Ray Smith 8,111 CW/0175 HOW WONDERFUL A POOR MAN'S LIF George Jones 8,112 CM/0413 HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE Elvis 8,113 CM/0413 Elvis Presley 8,114 CW/0054 HOW'S MY EX TREATING YOU Jerry Lee Lewis 8,115 COL/0282 HOW'S THAT-REVUE MARK DALY EMMY J 8,116 COM/0009 HOW'S YOUR FATHER RONNIE BARKER/RO 8,117 D/300 HOWARD'S WAY SIMON MAY 8,118 CW/0005 Howdy neighbour howdy Porter Wagoner 8,119 CW/0255 8,120 CW/0269 8,121 CM/0385 HOWZAT SHERBET 8,122 CM/0105 HUBBLE BUBBLE Manfred Mann 8,123 D/189 HUCKLEBERRY HOUND TV THEMES 8,124 CH/0103 HUDDERSFIELD 6,500 VOICES 8,125 Cs/A1/20 Hugette Waltz Rosalind Elias 8,126 COM/0173 HUGGA WUGGA Muppets 8,127 D/135 HULA WOUT STEENHUIS 8,128 CR/0500 HULA BLUES FELIX MENDELSSOH 8,129 D/135 WOUT STEENHUIS 8,130 CR/0453 HULLABALOO BALAY HARMONY EIGHT 8,131 CM/0468 HUMAN BEINGS Adam & the Ants 8,132 CM/0279 HUMAN MACHINE UNIVERSAL LOVE 8,133 CM/0189 HUMAN NATURE Michael Jackson 8,134 COM/0022 HUMBLE BEGINNINGS BLASTER BATES 8,135 COM/0011 HUMMING BIRD Flanders & Swann 8,136 CS/A5/11 HUMMING CHORUS JAMES LAST 8,137 D/071 Santa Cecilia Ch 8,138 CS/A3/44 Humpty Dumpty Heart Geraldo & Len Ca 8,139 CH/0048 HUN GWENLLIAN LINDEN SINGERS 8,140 D/038 HUNDRED GREATEST CLASSICS III VARIOUS 8,141 D/024 HUNDRED MINS EASY LISTENING VARIOUS 8,142 D/051 HUNDRED MINS OF To be entered. 8,143 CS/A4/15 HUNGARIAN DANCE No. 5 -BRAHMS VIENNA VOLKSOPER 8,144 CS/A3/40 HUNGARIAN DANCES - 21 in all LABEQUE SISTERS 8,145 CS/A3/40 PIANO 8,146 D/051 HUNGARIAN MARCH BLACK DYKE MILLS 8,147 COL/0097 HUNGARIAN RHAPSODY NO. 1 IN F- ERNST VON DOHNAN 8,148 COL/0178 HUNGARIAN RHAPSODY NO.2 PHILADELPHIA 8,149 CR/0086 HUNGRIAN RHAPSODY ST.HILDA'S PROFF 8,150 CM/0201 HUNGRY EYE Johnny & Hurri 8,151 CM/0051 HUNGRY EYES Sad Cafe 8,152 CW/0037 HUNGRY FOR LOVE Patsy Cline 8,153 CW/0211 8,154 CM/0484 HUNGRY FOR YOU Police 8,155 CM/0030 HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF Duran Duran 8,156 CM/0053 HUNGRY YEARS Neil Sedaka 8,157 COM/0125 HUNT BLASTER BATES 8,158 CS/A3/11 HUNT MUSIC ALBION BAND 8,159 CS/A5/19 HUNTING POLKA BERLIN PHILHARM 8,160 CH/0048 HUNTING THE HARE LINDEN SINGERS 8,161 CS/A2/38 HUNTSMAN ROYAL MARINES 8,162 Cs/A1/11 HUNTSMAN'S DAUGHTER JAMES LAST 8,163 CH/0063 HUNTSMEN'S CHORUS Choir LdnWelshMV 8,164 CS/A5/06 Hamburg State Ch 8,165 CH/0081 HUNTSMEN'S CHORUS - DER FREISC Choir Morriston 8,166 CH/0058 HUNTSMENS CHORUS (DER FREISCHU CHORUS & HAMBURG 8,167 CR/0225 HURRY ON DOWN NELLIE LUTCHER 8,168 CW/0176 HURRY TUESDAY CHILD BOBBY GENTRY 8,169 CM/0428 HURT MANHATTANS 8,170 CM/0488 8,171 CW/0122 HURTIN' PART Jerry Lee Lewis 8,172 CW/0122 HURTIN' PART - The Jerry Lee Lewis 8,173 CW/0250 HURTIN'S ALL OVER - The DOLLY SMITH 8,174 CW/0106 HUSBANDS & WIVES Roger Miller 8,175 CW/0186 8,176 COM/0044 HUSBANDS LAMENT PAM AYRES 8,177 CM/0289 HUSH EVERLASTING LOVE 8,178 CM/0528 HEARTS ON FIRE 8,179 CM/0289 Love Affair 8,180 CS/X2/28 Hush My Dear Lie Still and Slu Bach Choir 8,181 CS/XM/27 Hush! my dear lie still & slum Bach Choir+BRASS 8,182 CM/0302 HUSHABYE Beach Boys 8,183 COL/0234 HUSHEEN CLARA BUTT 8,184 D/264 Husped de Seviglia Spanish TV Opera 8,185 D/116 HUSTLE STANLEY BLACK 8,186 CM/0506 VAN MCCOY 8,187 CM/0207 8,188 CS/A4/06 Hyde Park Corner Various 8,189 CH/0056 HYFRYDOL Choir Pendyrus 8,190 CH/0026 8,191 CH/0022 Choir Treorchy 8,192 CS/A2/36 HYMN JOYCE GRENFELL 8,193 COM/0134 8,194 CM/0108 Ultravox 8,195 CS/X2/20 Various 8,196 CS/XM/20 HYMN BY SIDNEY GODOLPHIN READ READING 8,197 CS/A2/23 HYMNE A JOIE Richd.Clayderman 8,198 COM/0086 HYMNS & ARIAS MAX BOYCE 8,199 D/054 HYMNS - favourites To be entered. 8,200 D/142 HYMNS - Hour of favourites Various 8,201 D/047 HYMNS 20 BEST LOVED To be entered. 8,202 CS/A4/11 HYMNS on this Cassette Choir RNC.GRENWI 8,203 CS/A2/01 HYMNS-15-& PRAYER FOR FORCES Seaford Coll Cho 8,204 CM/0387 HYPERTENSION CALENDAR 8,205 CM/0467 HYPNOSIS Mud 8,206 CW/0096 I AIN'T ALL BAD Charlie Pride 8,207 CW/0186 I AIN'T COMIN'HOME TONIGHT Roger Miller 8,208 CM/0273 I AIN'T GOT NOTHIN' BUT THE POINTER SISTERS 8,209 CM/0147 I AIN'T GOT TIME ANYMORE Cliff Richard 8,210 CW/0053 I AIN'T LIVING LONG LIKE THIS Emmylou Harris 8,211 CW/0266 I AIN'T THE ONE JESSI COLTER 8,212 CW/0096 I AINN'T ALL BAD Charlie Pride 8,213 CM/0213 I AINT MAD AT YOU HOWIE CASIE 8,214 CM/0144 I ALMOST LOST MY MIND Pat Boone 8,215 CR/0348 8,216 CW/0133 I ALWAYS LOSE Hank Locklin 8,217 CM/0460 I AM Toyah 8,218 CM/0031 I AM A CATHEDRAL Peter Sarstedt 8,219 CM/0177 8,220 CM/0145 I AM A CLOWN David Cassidy 8,221 COM/0044 I AM A CUNNING VENDING MACHINE PAM AYRES 8,222 CH/0066 I AM A FARMER Choir Vienna Boy 8,223 CM/0089 I AM A LOVER NOT A FIGHTER Dave Edmunds 8,224 COM/0159 I AM A ROCKER - LIVE CHAS & DAVE 8,225 COM/0044 I AM A WHITNEY BLANKET PAM AYRES 8,226 COM/0151 I AM DANCING ALONE IN THE NIGH MIKE HARDING 8,227 CM/0199 I AM GOING HOME Bob Marley 8,228 CM/0071 I AM LOVE Jackson 5 8,229 D/283 I AM PRAYING FOR YOU JACK WARD PIANO 8,230 D/283 To be entered. 8,231 CM/0217 I AM SINGING Stevie Wonder 8,232 CH/0021 I AM SO GLAD THAT JESUS LOVES S.A.SUNBURY SING 8,233 CW/0324 I AM SO LONELY ADAM HEBERT 8,234 CS/A2/08 I am so sad Barb.Courtney-Kn 8,235 CM/0473 I AM THE LAW Human League 8,236 CS/A5/30 I am the very - Major General London Ensemble+ 8,237 CM/0045 I AM THE WALRUS Beatles 8,238 CM/0458 8,239 CM/0426 I AM WHAT I AM GREYHOUND 8,240 CM/0437 I APPRECIATE THE JOB Showaddywaddy 8,241 CH/0016 I BELIEVE APOLLO TEESIDE 8,242 CM/0309 DONNY OSMOND 8,243 CM/0373 Hot Chocolate 8,244 CH/0096 PURBROOK SWEET A 8,245 CH/0095 8,246 CM/0051 Sad Cafe 8,247 D/273 I believe in love Harry Seacombe 8,248 CM/0029 PIONEERS 8,249 D/273 To be entered. 8,250 CW/0187 I BELIEVE IN THE SUNSHINE Roger Miller 8,251 D/270 8,252 CM/0464 I BELIEVE IN YOU BARBARA DICKSON 8,253 CM/0391 DON WILLI 8,254 CW/0034 I BELIEVE THE SOUTH IS GONNA R TANYA TUCKER 8,255 CM/0428 I BELIEVE YOU DOROTHY MOORE 8,256 CS/A3/23 I belong Not Original 8,257 COL/0279 I BELONG TO GLASGOW WILL FYFFE 8,258 COM/0017 I BENT MY ASSAGAI CHARLIE DRAKE 8,259 CSM/0264 I BET YOU GET THE ONE YOU LO DETROIT EMERALDS 8,260 CM/0235 I BOUGHT A FLAT GUITAR TUTOR 10cc 8,261 CR/0461 I BRING A LOVE SONG W.MELVILLE/D.OLD 8,262 CM/0212 I CALL THAT TRUE LOVE DR.HOOK 8,263 CM/0474 I CALL YOUR NAME Beatles 8,264 CM/0320 MAMAS & PAPAS 8,265 CM/0318 8,266 CM/0322 MAMAS & THE PAPA 8,267 CW/0229 I CAME SO CLOSE TO CALLIN' YOU Boxcar Willie 8,268 CW/0220 I CAN ALMOST SEE HOUSTON FROM Bobby Bare 8,269 CW/0258 I CAN DO NOTHING ALONE Bill Anderson 8,270 CW/0211 I CAN FORGET Patsy Cline 8,271 CM/0417 I CAN HEAR MUSIC Ventures 8,272 CW/0190 I CAN HELP BILLY SWAN 8,273 CW/0203 8,274 CW/0244 I CAN LOVE YOU Tammy Wynette 8,275 CM/0323 I CAN MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD Shalamar 8,276 CM/0326 I CAN PROVE IT PHIL FEARON 8,277 CM/0538 8,278 CM/0488 TONY ETORIA 8,279 CM/0440 I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW Gladys Knight & 8,280 CM/0135 I CAN SEE FOR MILES Who 8,281 CM/0222 I CAN SEE LOVE IN YOU & ME Osmonds 8,282 CW/0047 I CAN SPOT A CHEATER Lynn Anderson 8,283 CW/0244 I CAN STILL BELIEVE IN YOU Tammy Wynette 8,284 CW/0286 8,285 CM/0238 I CAN STILL REMEMBER Samantha sang 8,286 CM/0491 I CAN TAKE OR LEAVE YOUR LOVIN Foundations 8,287 CM/0195 I CAN TELL Chanson 8,288 CM/0686 8,289 CM/0213 RORY STORM 8,290 D/246 I can't begin to tell you Bing Crosby & CC 8,291 D/246 To be entered. 8,292 CM/0040 I CAN'T CONTROL MYSELF Best of 50/60s 8,293 CM/0040 Best of 50s/60s 8,294 CM/0214 I CAN'T EXPLAIN David Bowie 8,295 CW/0067 I CAN'T FLY Jim Reeves 8,296 CW/0037 I CAN'T FORGET Patsy Cline 8,297 CM/0353 Slade 8,298 CM/0226 I CAN'T GE NEXT TO YOU BABE Osmonds 8,299 CM/0148 I CAN'T GET NEXT TO YOU Al Green 8,300 CM/0222 Osmonds 8,301 CM/0224 8,302 CM/0344 TAMPTATIONS 8,303 CM/0455 TEMPTATIONS 8,304 CW/0117 I CAN'T GET THIS RING OFF MY F Eddie Rabbitt 8,305 D/009 I CAN'T GIVE YOU ANYTHING JAMES LAST 8,306 D/296 I CAN'T GIVE YOU ANYTHING med REGINALD DIXON 8,307 CW/0175 I CAN'T GO HOME George Jones 8,308 CW/0233 I CAN'T GO ON LOVING YOU Roy Drusky 8,309 D/297 I can't go wrong New Vaudeville B 8,310 D/297 To be entered. 8,311 CM/0486 I CAN'T HAVE YESTERDAY Val Stoecklein 8,312 CM/0240 I CAN'T HEAR YOU NO MORE Carole King 8,313 CW/0309 I CAN'T HELP IT Hank Williams 8,314 CM/0107 Isley Brothers 8,315 CW/0214 Johnny Cash 8,316 CW/0121 Marty Robbins 8,317 CW/0029 Skeeter Davis 8,318 D/251 I can't help it if I'm still Linda Ronstadt 8,319 D/251 To be entered. 8,320 CW/0229 I CAN'T HELP IT IF I'M STILL I Boxcar Willie 8,321 CW/0284 George Hamilton 8,322 CW/0121 Marty Robbins 8,323 CM/0455 I CAN'T HELP MYSELF FOUR TOPS 8,324 CM/0067 Supremes 8,325 CM/0446 I CAN'T LEAVE YOU ALONE GEORGE MCCRAE 8,326 CM/0225 I CAN'T LIVE A DREAM Osmonds 8,327 D/196 8,328 CR/0046 I CAN'T LOVE YOU ANY MORE LEN GREEN 8,329 CR/0478 I can't remember Gracie Fields 8,330 CW/0132 I CAN'T SAY GOODBYE Marty Robbins 8,331 CM/0253 I CAN'T SEE MYSELF Detroit Emeralds 8,332 CM/0292 I CAN'T SEE NOBODY Bee Gees 8,333 CM/0292 BEST OF THE BEE 8,334 CM/0310 I CAN'T STAND IT DONALD CLARK OSM 8,335 CM/0256 I CAN'T STAND TO SEE YOU CRY Smokey Robinson 8,336 CSM/0256 8,337 CM/0305 I CAN'T STOP Glitter Band 8,338 D/161 I Can't Stop Loving You Connie Francis 8,339 CW/0279 8,340 D/322 COUNTRY GUITARS 8,341 CW/0255 DON GIBSON 8,342 CW/0269 8,343 CW/0005 8,344 CW/0294 8,345 D/244 8,346 CM/0151 Leo Sayer 8,347 D/262 Ray Charles 8,348 D/244 To be entered. 8,349 CM/0441 Tom Jones 8,350 CM/0136 I CAN'T TELL THE BOTTOM Hollies 8,351 CW/0138 I CAN'T TOUCH THE SUN R.HARLAN SMITH 8,352 CM/0317 I CAN'T WAIT MAMAS & PAPAS 8,353 CM/0541 NU SHOOZ 8,354 CM/0353 I CANT FORGET MR LEE 8,355 CSM/0253 I CANT SEE MYSELF (DOING WIT DETROIT EMERALDS 8,356 CW/0105 I CATCH MYSELF CRYING Roger Miller 8,357 CM/0497 I CONFESS BEAT 8,358 CD\1859 I could have danced all night Nat.Symph,Orch 8,359 D/115 I COULD HAVE DANCEE ALL NIGHT LES REED 8,360 Cs/A1/14 I could make a good living at George Formby 8,361 CW/0309 I COULD NEVER BE ASHAMED IF YO Hank Williams 8,362 CW/0214 I COULD NEVER BE ASHAMED OF YO Johnny Cash 8,363 CM/0911 I COULD NEVER MAKE A BETTER DISCO TECH 8,364 CW/0080 I COULDN'T KEEP FROM CRYING Johnny Cash 8,365 CW/0296 I COULDN'T WAIT FOREVER Dolly Parton 8,366 D/021 I COVER THE WATERFRONT JAMES LAST+PJ&RL 8,367 D/078 Ray Conniff 8,368 CW/0211 I CRIED ALL THE WAY TO THE ALT Patsy Cline 8,369 CD\1854a I CRIED FOR YOU BILLY MAY 8,370 CW/0020 I CRIED THE BLUES RIGHT OUT Crystal Gayle 8,371 CW/0199 I CRIED THE BLUES RIGHT OUT OF Crystal Gayle 8,372 CW/0323 I DARE YOU TO LOVE ME DESSIE FAULKNER 8,373 CW/0031 I DID BY BEST Tammy Wynette 8,374 CW/0031 I DID MY BEST Tammy Wynette 8,375 CM/0432 I DID WHAT I DID FOR MARIA Paper Lace 8,376 D/161 I Didn't Care Connie Francis 8,377 CM/0055 I DIDN'T KNOW Three Degrees 8,378 CM/0439 8,379 CM/0129 I DIDN'T KNOW I LOVED YOU Gary Glitter 8,380 CM/0416 8,381 CM/0025 I DIE YOU DIE GARY NUMAN 8,382 CM/0494 8,383 CM/0012 I DISCOVER LOVE FAD GADGET 8,384 CM/0310 I DISCOVERED YOU DONALD CLARK OSM 8,385 CM/0477 I DO I DO I DO Abba 8,386 D/261 I do I do I do I do I do Abba 8,387 D/261 To be entered. 8,388 D/296 I DO LIKE TO BE BESIDE THE REGINALD DIXON 8,389 CS/A5/32 I DO LIKE TO BE BESIDE THE SEA REGINALD DIXON 8,390 D/296 8,391 CW/0285 I DON'T BELIEVE I'LL FALL IN L George Hamilton 8,392 CM/0029 I DON'T BELIEVE IN MIRACLES COLIN BLUNSTONE 8,393 CM/0256 I DON'T BLAME YOU AT ALL Smokey Robinson 8,394 CSM/0256 8,395 CW/0096 I DON'T DESERVE A MANSION CHARLECY PRIDE 8,396 CW/0195 I DON'T HURT ANYMORE Hank Locklin 8,397 CM/0203 I DON'T KNOW Mangione 8,398 D/256 Miki & Griff 8,399 D/256 To be entered. 8,400 CM/0118 I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE ANITA HARRIS 8,401 CD\1859 I don't know how to love Him Elaine Paige 8,402 D/007 JAMES LAST 8,403 D/114 NATHAN WILLIAMS 8,404 CD\1858 PAUL BATEMAN ORC 8,405 CM/0640 I DON'T KNOW WHAT I DO SWEET CREAM 8,406 CM/0041 I DON'T KNOW WHY Clarence Frogman 8,407 CW/0180 I DON'T KNOW WHY I JUST DO Marty Robbins 8,408 CM/0019 I DON'T LIKE MONDAYS BOOMTOWN RATS 8,409 CM/0285 I DON'T MIND MAGNIFICENT MOOD 8,410 CM/0285 Moody Blues 8,411 CW/0177 I DON'T NEED YOU Kenny Rogers 8,412 CM/0402 Rupert Holmes 8,413 D/269 I don't see me in your eyes Charlie Rich 8,414 D/269 To be entered. 8,415 D/321 I don't stand a ghost of a cha Mel Torme 8,416 CW/0098 I DON'T THINK ABOUT HER NO MOR Don Williams 8,417 CW/0144 8,418 CW/0098 I DON'T THINK ABOUT HER- Don Williams 8,419 CM/0063 I DON'T WANNA KNOW Phil Collins 8,420 CW/0101 I DON'T WANNA LET GO Don Williams 8,421 CM/0019 I DON'T WANNA LOSE YOU KANDIDATE 8,422 CW/0117 I DON'T WANNA MAKE LOVE Eddie Rabbitt 8,423 CW/0030 I DON'T WANNA PLAY HOUSE Tammy Wynette 8,424 CW/0178 8,425 CW/0286 8,426 CW/0192 I DON'T WANT THE MONEY Don Williams 8,427 CM/0706 I DON'T WANT THE NIGHT TO EN SYLVIE VARTAN 8,428 CM/0496 I DON'T WANT TO BE THE ONE SEARCHERS 8,429 CM/0433 I DON'T WANT TO DANCE EDDY GRANT 8,430 CM/0119 I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT ANYMOR Walker Brothers 8,431 COM/0149 I DON'T WANT TO JOIN THE ARMY FIRST XV SING RU 8,432 CM/0394 I DON'T WANT TO KNOW Fleetwood Mac 8,433 CW/0167 I DON'T WANT TO PUT A HOLD ON Berni Flint 8,434 CW/0297 BERNIE FLINT 8,435 CR/0255 I DON'T WANT TO SET THE WORLD AMBROSE 8,436 CS/A3/44 Geraldo & Dot.Ca 8,437 CM/0142 I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT Rod Stewart 8,438 CM/0469 8,439 CM/0470 8,440 CW/0296 I DON'T WANT TO THROW RICE Dolly Parton 8,441 CW/0296 I DON'T WANT YOU AROUND ME ANY Dolly Parton 8,442 CW/0037 I DON'T WANTA Patsy Cline 8,443 COM/0089 I DREAM OF BROWNIE WITH THE LI Spike Jones 8,444 COM/0102 8,445 D/080 I DREAM OF JEANNIE ROBERT FARNON 8,446 CS/A5/18 Stuart Burrows 8,447 CS/A3/42 I dream of Jennie wiith the li Robert White 8,448 Cs/A1/22 I dream too much Lily Pons 8,449 CS/A3/28 UNKNOWN ORCHESTR 8,450 CW/0163 I DREAMED ABOUT MOM LAST NIGHT LARRY CUNNINGHAM 8,451 CW/0057 I DREAMED I SAW AMERICA ON HER Porter Wagoner 8,452 CW/0013 I DREAMED OF A HILL-BILLY HEAV Tex Ritter 8,453 CW/0113 8,454 CD\1854b I DREAMT I DWELT IN HARLEM BILLY MAY 8,455 CM/0497 I EAT CANNIBALS TOTO COELO 8,456 D/073 I Fall In Love With You Every Harry Secombe 8,457 D/252 I fall to pieces Boots Randolph 8,458 CW/0256 Patsy Cline 8,459 CW/0273 Ray Price 8,460 D/252 To be entered. 8,461 CM/0440 I FEEL A SONG Gladys Knight & 8,462 CM/0231 I FEEL A SONG IN MY HEART Gladys Knight/Pi 8,463 CW/0132 I FEEL ANOTHER HEARTBREAK COMI Marty Robbins 8,464 CW/0080 I FEEL BETTER ALL OVER Johnny Cash 8,465 CW/0142 8,466 CM/0044 I FEEL FINE Beatles 8,467 CM/0086 8,468 D/004 JAMES LAST 8,469 CM/0519 I FEEL FOR YOU CHAKA KHAN 8,470 CM/0740 I FEEL LOVE BRONSKI BEAT & M 8,471 CM/0237 Donna Summer 8,472 CM/0008 8,473 DC&BG/01 I Feel Merely Marvellous Mabel Mercer 8,474 CS/A3/14 I feel pretty Soundtrack 8,475 CR/0336 I FEEL SO SMOOCHIE LENA HORNE 8,476 COM/0044 I FELL FOR A BLACK & WHITE MIN PAM AYRES 8,477 COM/0006 I FELL IN LOVE WITH AN ENGLISH SOPHIA LOREN/PET 8,478 CS/A5/25 I forgot how to live Julio Iglesias 8,479 CW/0128 I FORGOT MORE THA YOU'LL EVER Johnny Cash 8,480 CW/0128 I FORGOT MORE THAN YOU'LL EVER Johnny Cash 8,481 CM/0380 I FORGOT TO REMEMBER TO FORGET Elvis 8,482 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 8,483 CW/0204 Johnny Cash 8,484 CM/0034 I FOUND A LOVE Marvin Gaye 8,485 CM/0152 I FOUND LOVE John Weider 8,486 CM/0350 I FOUND LOVIN' FATBACK BAND 8,487 COM/0060 I GAVE MY LOVE A CHERRY Anna Russell 8,488 COM/0058 Paddy Roberts 8,489 CM/0342 I GAVE YOU MY HEART Hot Chocolate 8,490 CD\1857a I GET A KICK OUT OF YOU BILLY MAY 8,491 CM/0405 Gary Shearston 8,492 CM/0446 8,493 CM/0302 I GET AROUND Beach Boys 8,494 CM/0447 8,495 CSM/0263 8,496 CW/0258 I GET THE FEVER Bill Anderson 8,497 CW/0105 I GET UP EARLY IN THE MORNING Roger Miller 8,498 CS/A5/18 I give thanks for you Stuart Burrows 8,499 CM/0219 I GO APE Neil Sedaka 8,500 CM/0406 I GOT A LETTER Stylistics 8,501 CW/0236 I GOT A NAME REX ALLEN Jr. 8,502 CW/0085 I GOT A WOMAN CASH/JUNE CARTER 8,503 CM/0226 Osmonds 8,504 D/262 Ray Charles 8,505 CM/0271 I GOT EVERYTHING I NEED SAM & DAVE 8,506 CM/0271 SOUL 8,507 COL/0051 I GOT LOST IN HIS ARMS DOLORES GRAY 8,508 CS/A2/22 I got plenty o'nuttin' Benjamin Luxon 8,509 CS/A4/15 I GOT RHYTHM in medley WALLY STOTT ORCH 8,510 CW/0148 I GOT STRIPES Johnny Cash 8,511 CM/0246 I GOT THE NEWS Steely Dan 8,512 COL/0052 I GOT THE SUN IN THE MORNING CHORUS 8,513 Cs/A1/16 JOE LOSS ORCH 8,514 CM/0406 I GOT TIME ON MY HANDS Stylistics 8,515 CW/0235 I GOT YOU WAYLON JENNINGS/ 8,516 CW/0165 I GOTTA FLY Berni Flint 8,517 CM/0242 I GOTTA GO HOME Darts 8,518 CM/0216 I GOTTA HAVE A SONG Stevie Wonder 8,519 CM/0341 I GUESS I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU ISLEY BROTERS 8,520 CD\1854a I GUESS I'LL HAVE TO DREAM THE BILLY MAY 8,521 CW/0163 I GUESS I'M CRAZY LARRY CUNNINGHAM 8,522 CM/0230 I HAD A DREAM LAST NIGHT Gladys Knight/Pi 8,523 D/080 I HAD THE CRAZIEST DREAM ROBERT FARNON 8,524 CW/0086 I HANG MY HEAD & CRY Glen Campbell 8,525 CW/0145 I HARDLY EVER SING BEER DRINKI Johnny Cash 8,526 CS/A3/14 I have a love Soundtrack 8,527 D/280 I HAVE A SONG- SERVANTS CHORUS MUSIC BOX-12 AIR 8,528 D/280 To be entered. 8,529 CW/0026 I HAVE NO RIGHT TO CARE Porter Wagoner 8,530 CM/0442 I HAVEN'T CHANGED THE ROOM Barry Manilow 8,531 CM/0310 I HAVEN'T HAD A HEARTACHE DONALD CLARK OSM 8,532 CW/0017 I HAVEN'T SEEN MARY IN YEARS DOWN COUNTY BOYS 8,533 COM/0027 I HAVEN'T TOLD HER, SHE HASN'T Peter Sellers 8,534 COM/0071 I HAVN'T BEEN HOME FOR THREE W Spike Jones 8,535 CM/0290 I HEAR A SYMPHONY Diana Ross & Sup 8,536 CM/0290 DIANA ROSS & THE 8,537 CM/0341 ISLEY BROTHERS 8,538 D/257 I hear music Bing Crosby 8,539 D/257 To be entered. 8,540 D/283 I HEAR THY WELCOME VOICE JACK WARD PIANO 8,541 D/283 To be entered. 8,542 D/279 I hear you calling me Cliff Adams Sing 8,543 CS/A5/18 Stuart Burrows 8,544 D/279 To be entered. 8,545 CM/0089 I HEAR YOU KNOCKING Dave Edmunds 8,546 CM/0416 Gary Glitter 8,547 CM/0283 I HEAR YOU NOW John & Vangelis 8,548 CM/0283 JON & VANGELIS 8,549 CM/0034 I HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPE Marvin Gaye 8,550 CM/0400 I HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVI Creedence Clearw 8,551 CM/0197 8,552 CM/0231 Gladys Knight/Pi 8,553 CM/0034 Marvin Gaye 8,554 CM/0455 8,555 CW/0284 I HEARD THAT LONESOME WHISTLE George Hamilton 8,556 CW/0183 Hank Williams 8,557 CW/0204 Johnny Cash 8,558 CS/X2/26 I Heard The Bells Of Christmas Placido Domingo 8,559 CS/A3/36 I HEARD THE BELLS ON CHRISTMAS BERT KAEMPFERT 8,560 CS/XM/26 Placido Domingo 8,561 CW/0046 I HONESTLY LOVE YOU OliviaNewtonJohn 8,562 CW/0075 I HOPE YOU'RE HAVIN' BETTER LU Crystal Gayle 8,563 CM/0296 I IDOLIZE YOU Ike & Tina Turne 8,564 CM/0536 I JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE STEVIE WONDER 8,565 D/091 I Just Called To Say I Love Yo James Last 8,566 CM/0370 I JUST CAN'T GET OVER YOU Mathis & William 8,567 CM/0380 I JUST CAN'T HELP BELIEVING Elvis 8,568 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 8,569 CM/0787 I JUST CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU MICHAEL JACKSON 8,570 CW/0112 I JUST DON'T LIKE THIS KIND OF Hank Williams 8,571 CW/0116 8,572 CW/0205 I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND Jerry Reed 8,573 CW/0117 I JUST GOT TO HAVE YOU Eddie Rabbitt 8,574 CW/0315 I JUST HAD YOU ON MY MIND Dottsy 8,575 CW/0031 Tammy Wynette 8,576 CM/0172 I JUST WANNA Various 8,577 CM/0410 I JUST WANNA GET INSIDE YOUR H Adrian Gorvitz 8,578 CM/0145 I JUST WANNA MAKE YOU HAPPY David Cassidy 8,579 CSM/0255 I JUST WANT TO MAKE LOVE TO ROLLING STONES 8,580 CM/0255 I JUST WANT TO MAKE LOVE TO YO Rolling Stones 8,581 CW/0094 I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW Hank Snow 8,582 CW/0160 8,583 CM/0381 I KEEP SINGING THAT SAME OLD S HEAVY JELLY 8,584 D/296 I KISS YOUR HAND MADAME REGINALD DIXON 8,585 COM/0147 Spike Jones 8,586 CW/0110 I KNEW THE MOMENT I LOST YOU BOB WILLS 8,587 CM/0714 I KNEW YOU WERE WAITING FOR ARETHA FRANKLIN 8,588 CM/0213 I KNOW BERYL MARSDEN 8,589 CW/0211 BLACKWOOD BROS. 8,590 COM/0158 I KNOW 'COS I WAS THERE MAX BOYCE 8,591 COM/0162 I KNOW A STORY Spike Jones 8,592 CH/0006 I KNOW FRIENDS Choir Red Army 8,593 CD\1859 I know him so well David Firman Orc 8,594 Cs/A1/13 I know my love/Larkinmorn+2 Corries 8,595 Cs/A1/31 I KNOW NOW JAMES GALWAY 8,596 CW/0092 I KNOW ONE Charlie Pride 8,597 CW/0245 8,598 CW/0299 8,599 CH/0088 I KNOW THAT MY REDEEMER LIVETH Aled Jones (Boy 8,600 CH/0046 Ernest Lough 8,601 COL/0121 ISOBEL BAILLIE 8,602 COL/0258 8,603 CM/0013 I KNOW WHAT I LIKE GENESIS 8,604 CW/0172 I KNOW WHO I'LL BE SEEING IN N Tom T. Hall. 8,605 CW/0105 I KNOW WHO IT IS-& I'M GONNA T Roger Miller 8,606 CM/0798 I KNOW WWHAT LOVE IS IMAGINATION 8,607 CM/0480 I KNOW YOU GOT SOUL ERIC B & RAKIM 8,608 CW/0280 I LEANED ON A MAN Tex Ritter 8,609 CH/0032 I LEAVE MY HEART IN AN ENGLISH Choir Luton Girl 8,610 D/298 Ronnie Ronalde 8,611 CS/A5/32 Webster Booth 8,612 CS/A3/09 I left my heart in an English Ronnie Ronalde 8,613 CSM/0259 I LEFT SOME DREAMS BACK THER FREDA PAYNE 8,614 CM/0259 I LEFT SOME DREAMS BBACK THERE Freda Payne 8,615 CR/0114 I LET A SONG GO OUT OF MY HEAR BILLY ECKSTINE 8,616 CM/0252 I LIED Chi-lites 8,617 CSM/0252 8,618 CM/0055 I LIKE BEING A WOMAN Three Degrees 8,619 CM/0439 8,620 CM/0363 I LIKE IT Silver Conventio 8,621 CM/0252 I LIKE TO LIVE THE LOVE Chi-lites 8,622 CSM/0252 8,623 CW/0253 I LIVE MY WHOLE LIFE AT NIGHT Ronnie Milsap 8,624 CM/0145 I LOST MY CHANCE David Cassidy 8,625 CM/0021 I LOST MY HEART TO A STARSHIP HOT GOSSIP 8,626 CS/A5/24 I love Cliff Richard 8,627 CW/0172 I LOVE - Tom T. Hall. 8,628 CW/0238 I LOVE A RAINY NIGHT EDDY RABBITT 8,629 CM/0389 I LOVE AMERICA Patrick Duvet 8,630 CM/0021 PATRICK JUVET 8,631 CM/0699 8,632 D/299 I LOVE HOW YOU LOVE ME CHET ATKINS 8,633 D/251 Eddy Arnold 8,634 CW/0250 Lynn Anderson 8,635 D/251 To be entered. 8,636 D/299 8,637 Cs/A1/28 I LOVE I.R.E.L.A.N.D. JAMES LAST 8,638 COM/0058 I LOVE MARY Paddy Roberts 8,639 COM/0066 8,640 CW/0181 I LOVE MUSIC George Hamilton 8,641 CM/0581 O'JAYS 8,642 Cs/A1/16 I LOVE PARIS JOE LOSS ORCH 8,643 CW/0077 I LOVE PIZZA Ben Colder 8,644 CM/0014 I LOVE THE CITY LIFE O.P.M. 8,645 D/278 I love the moon Cliff Adams Sing 8,646 D/278 To be entered. 8,647 CW/0180 I LOVE THE SOUND OF A WHISTLE Boxcar Willie 8,648 COM/0060 I LOVE THE SPRING Anna Russell 8,649 D/296 I LOVE THE SUNSHINE OF YOUR REGINALD DIXON 8,650 CW/0233 I LOVE THE WAY THAT YOU'VE BEE Roy Drusky 8,651 CS/A1/38 I LOVE THEE NEW PHILHARMONIA 8,652 CM/0488 I LOVE TO LOVE TINA CHARLES 8,653 CM/0775 8,654 CD\1856b I love to play my ukelele Max Bygraves 8,655 CM/0635 I LOVE TO SEE YOU DANCE FINISHED TOUCH 8,656 CW/0048 I LOVE WHAT LOVE IS DOING TO M Lynn Anderson 8,657 CW/0242 I LOVE WHAT MY WOMAN DOES TO M DAVID ROGERS 8,658 D/247 I love you Cliff Richard 8,659 D/240 8,660 CM/0412 Diana Ross + 8,661 CM/0107 Isley Brothers 8,662 D/240 To be entered. 8,663 D/247 8,664 CM/0156 I LOVE YOU A THOUSAND TIMES Platters 8,665 CR/0321 I LOVE YOU BABY PAUL ANKA 8,666 CW/0201 I LOVE YOU BECAUSE Bill Anderson 8,667 CW/0297 Billie Jo Spears 8,668 CW/0206 Jim Reeves 8,669 D/236 Jim Reeves V1 8,670 CW/0204 Johnny Cash 8,671 CW/0044 MARIE OSMAN 8,672 D/236 To be entered. 8,673 CW/0258 I LOVE YOU DROPS Bill Anderson 8,674 CW/0211 I LOVE YOU HONEY Patsy Cline 8,675 CM/0018 I LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU AR BILLY JOEL 8,676 CM/0392 I LOVE YOU LIKE A BALL & CHAIN Eurythmics 8,677 CW/0045 I LOVE YOU LIKE NOBODY EVER DA Chris Nielsen 8,678 CM/0416 I LOVE YOU LOVE ME LOVE Gary Glitter 8,679 CM/0195 I LOVE YOU MORE Chanson 8,680 CW/0311 I LOVE YOU MORE TODAY Conway Twitty 8,681 CW/0318 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IT HURTS BOBBY SYKES 8,682 CW/0310 BOBBY SYKES & LO 8,683 CW/0044 MARIE OSMAN 8,684 CW/0088 TEXAS JIM ROBERT 8,685 CW/0268 Unknown Vocalist 8,686 D/179 I love you truly Bing Crosby 8,687 D/179 To be entered. 8,688 CM/0199 I MADE A MISTAKE Bob Marley 8,689 CS/A3/35 I MADE IT THROUGH THE RAIN JAMES LAST 8,690 D/189 I MARRIED JOAN TV THEMES 8,691 CR/0037 I MAY BE WRONG (FOX-TROT) Jack Hylton 8,692 CM/0083 I ME MINE Beatles 8,693 CM/0306 I MET HER IN CHURCH Box Tops 8,694 CW/0047 I MIGHT AS WELL BE HERE ALONE Lynn Anderson 8,695 CW/0058 I MISS MARY DUFFY BROS/RON R 8,696 CW/0260 NASSINGTON FLYER 8,697 COM/0085 I MISS MY NORM BARRY HUMPHRIES 8,698 CS/A3/09 I miss my Swiss Ronnie Ronalde 8,699 D/298 8,700 CW/0257 I MISS YOU ALREADY Faron Young 8,701 CW/0124 I MUST HASVE BEN BLIND Slim Whitman 8,702 CW/0124 I MUST HAVE BEEN BLIND Slim Whitman 8,703 CM/0445 I NEED A LITTLE LOVIN' K.C. & Sunshine 8,704 CM/0254 I NEED A LOVE Impressions 8,705 CSM/0254 8,706 CW/0207 I NEED A THING CALLED LOVE Charlie Rich 8,707 CM/0385 I NEED IT JOHNNY WATSON 8,708 CW/0063 I NEED SOME GOOD NEWS BAD Bobby Bare 8,709 CM/0481 I NEED YOU B.V.S.M.P. 8,710 CM/0255 I NEED YOU BABY Rolling Stones 8,711 CSM/0255 8,712 D/302 I need you now Eddie Fisher 8,713 D/302 To be entered. 8,714 CW/0198 I NEED YOU REAL BAD StonewallJackson 8,715 CW/0046 I NEVER DID SING YOU A LOVE SO OliviaNewtonJohn 8,716 CW/0132 I NEVER LET YOU CROSS MY MIND Marty Robbins 8,717 CM/0271 I NEVER LOVED A MAN ARETHA FRANKLIN 8,718 CM/0271 SOUL 8,719 CW/0202 I NEVER LOVED A WOMAN LIKE YOU George Hamilton 8,720 CW/0145 I NEVER MET A MAN LIKE YOU BEF Johnny Cash 8,721 CW/0185 I NEVER PICKED COTTON Roy Clark 8,722 CW/0225 I NEVER SLEPT A WINK LAST NIGH HILLSIDERS 8,723 CM/0295 I NEVER THOUGHT I'D LIVE TO BE Moody Blues 8,724 CM/0457 I NEVER THOUGHT I'D SEE THE DA Sade 8,725 CW/0230 I NEVER THOUGHT I'D WAKE TO FI CARL JACKSON 8,726 COM/0135 I NEVER THOUGHT SHE'D DO THAT MAX MILLER 8,727 CM/0295 I NEVER THOUGHT TO LIVE TO BE Moody Blues 8,728 D/338 I Never Was Loved By Anyone Beverley Sisters 8,729 D/0338/a I never was loved by anyone el Beverley Sisters 8,730 D/004 I ONLY CAME TO DANCE WITH YOU JAMES LAST 8,731 CD\1859 I only have eyes for you David Whittaker 8,732 D/295 Dick Haymes 8,733 CM/0037 FLAMINGOS 8,734 D/295 To be entered. 8,735 CM/0130 I ONLY WANNA DANCE WITH YOU Bay City Rollers 8,736 CM/0418 I ONLY WANT TO BE WITH YOU BAY CITY ROLLERS 8,737 D/240 Dusty Springfiel 8,738 D/009 JAMES LAST 8,739 D/240 To be entered. 8,740 CM/0008 I OWE YOU ONE SHALAMAR 8,741 CM/0025 8,742 CM/0323 8,743 CM/0197 I PUT A SPELL ON YOU Creedence Clearw 8,744 CM/0197 Kate Bush 8,745 CM/0115 Them 8,746 CS/A3/24 I rage I melt I burn - opera Peter Dawson 8,747 CW/0161 I REALLY DON'T WANT TO KNOW Jimmy Dean 8,748 CW/0231 Ronnie Milsap 8,749 CW/0167 I RECALL A GYPSY WOMAN Berni Flint 8,750 CW/0091 Don Williams 8,751 CW/0102 8,752 CW/0090 8,753 CD\1858 I REMEMBER IT WELL FROM GIGI HILL BOWEN ORCH 8,754 COM/0059 I REMEMBER TILLY Paddy Roberts 8,755 CM/0237 I REMEMBER YESTERDAY Donna Summer 8,756 D/240 I remember you Frank Ifield 8,757 CR/0249 RAF DANCE ORCH 8,758 D/240 To be entered. 8,759 CW/0147 I RIDE AN OLD PAINT Johnny Cash 8,760 CR/0101 I SAW ESAU MICHAEL HOLLIDAY 8,761 CM/0317 I SAW HER AGAIN MAMAS & PAPAS 8,762 CM/0318 I SAW HER AGAIN LAST NIGHT MAMAS & PAPAS 8,763 CM/0320 8,764 CM/0084 I SAW HER STANDING THERE Beatles 8,765 CM/0474 8,766 CM/0084 John Lennon 8,767 CS/XM/03 I SAW MOMMY KISSING SANTA CLAU HAMMOND ORGAN 8,768 CS/X2/03 MARK LAUB(ORGAN) 8,769 CS/A3/30 I saw thre ships Choir Lincoln Ca 8,770 CS/A4/29 I Saw Three Ships Choir Kings Camb 8,771 CS/X2/25 Choir St.Paul's 8,772 CS/XM/22 ChoirSt.JohnsCol 8,773 CS/X2/19 MANTOVANI 8,774 CS/XM/19 8,775 CS/X2/23 St.John's Coll 8,776 CS/XM/28 Three Cathedrals 8,777 CS/X2/22 VARIOUS 8,778 CW/0010 I SAW YOUR FACE IN THE MOON WEBB PIERCE 8,779 CW/0025 I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER ANNE MURRAY/GLEN 8,780 CM/0006 ARETHA FRANKLIN 8,781 CW/0279 I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER FOR YOU Connie Francis 8,782 D/161 8,783 CSM/0261 I SECOND THAT EMOTION DI ROSS/SUPREMES 8,784 CM/0233 Diana Ross 8,785 CM/0261 Diana Ross + 8,786 CM/0485 JAPAN 8,787 CM/0036 Smokey Robinson 8,788 CM/0344 TEMPTATIONS 8,789 Cs/A1/02 I see red CLANNAD 8,790 CM/0403 I SEE THE LIGHT Passage 8,791 CM/0077 I SEE THE RAIN Marmalade 8,792 CM/0301 8,793 CW/0016 I SEE THE WANT IN YOUR EYES Conway Twitty 8,794 CM/0060 I SEE YOU Yes 8,795 CR/0283 I SHALL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU SM AMBROSE 8,796 CM/0306 I SHALL BE RELEASED Box Tops 8,797 CM/0301 Marmalade 8,798 D/283 I SHALL KNOW HIM JACK WARD PIANO 8,799 D/283 To be entered. 8,800 CH/0006 I SHALL NEVER FORGET YOU Choir Red Army 8,801 CW/0323 I SHOT SAM MARGIE WARD 8,802 CM/0480 I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY KYLIE MINOGUE 8,803 CM/0481 8,804 D/004 I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER JAMES LAST 8,805 CW/0327 I SHOULD WRITE A SONG ABOUT YO HILLBILLY HALEY 8,806 CS/X2/02 I Sing Of A Maiden Chapter House Ch 8,807 CS/XM/02 8,808 COL/0344 I SORT OF KNEW COLUMBIA LIGHT O 8,809 D/189 I SPY TV THEMES 8,810 CM/0292 I STARTED A JOKE BEST OF THE BEE 8,811 Cs/A1/31 JAMES GALWAY 8,812 CW/0175 I STAYED LONG ENOUGH George Jones 8,813 CW/0031 I STILL BELIEVE IN FAIRY TALES Tammy Wynette 8,814 CW/0222 I STILL FEEL THE SAME ABOUT YO Bill Anderson 8,815 CM/0356 I STILL LOVE YOU Bee Gees 8,816 CW/0233 I STILL LOVE YOU ENOUGH TO LOV Roy Drusky 8,817 D/121 I Still Miss Someone Crystal Gayle 8,818 CW/0142 Johnny Cash 8,819 CW/0155 8,820 CW/0249 LESTER FLATT & E 8,821 CW/0068 Linda Ronstadt 8,822 D/251 Loretta Lynn 8,823 D/251 To be entered. 8,824 CW/0259 I SURE MISS THOSE GOOD OLD TIM Jerry Lee Lewis 8,825 CW/0118 I TAKE IT ON HOME Charlie Rich 8,826 CM/0406 I TAKE IT OUT ON YOU Stylistics 8,827 CW/0154 I TALK TO JESUS EVERY DAY Johnny Cash 8,828 CR/0361 I TAUT I TAW A PADDY TAT MEL BLANC 8,829 CW/0201 I THANK GOD FOR YOU Bill Anderson 8,830 CM/0254 I THANK HEAVEN Impressions 8,831 CSM/0254 8,832 CM/0166 I THINK I CAN HEAR YOU Carole King 8,833 CW/0038 I THINK I'LL GO HOME Billie Jo Spears 8,834 CM/0607 I THINK I'M GONNA FALL IN LO SUPERCHARGE 8,835 CM/0011 I THINK I'M GONNA FALL IN LOVE DOOLEYS 8,836 CM/0494 I THINK IT'S GONNA RAIN UB 40 8,837 CM/0139 I THINK IT'S TIME Cecil Parker 8,838 CW/0188 I THINK IT'S TIME SHE LEARNED Waylon Jennings 8,839 CM/0481 I THINK WE'RE ALL ALONE NOW TIFFANY 8,840 CM/0906 I THOUGHT IT TOOK A LITTLE TIM DIANA ROSS 8,841 CM/0022 I THOUGHT IT WAS YOU HERBIE HANCOCK 8,842 CM/0428 8,843 COM/0012 I THOUGHT WE CAME HERE TO PICK MAX MILLER 8,844 CW/0175 I THREW AWAY THE ROSE George Jones 8,845 CW/0156 I TOLD MY HEART Marty Robbins 8,846 CW/0157 8,847 CS/A3/01 I Trovatore duets Bjorling&Merrill 8,848 CM/0230 I TRUST IN YOU Gladys Knight/Pi 8,849 CS/XM/05 I Understand Freddie & Dreame 8,850 CS/X2/06 Freddie&Dreamers 8,851 DC&BG/01 I Used To Be Colour Blind Fred Astaire 8,852 CH/0046 I WAITED FOR THE LORD Ernest Lough 8,853 CW/0229 I WAKE UP EVERY MORNING WITH A Boxcar Willie 8,854 CW/0077 I WALK THE LINE Ben Colder 8,855 CW/0201 Bill Anderson 8,856 CW/0195 Hank Locklin 8,857 CW/0002 Jody Miller 8,858 CW/0092 Johnny Cash 8,859 CW/0095 8,860 CW/0162 8,861 CW/0008 SLEEPY LABEFF 8,862 CW/0078 WELLINGS & TRAVI 8,863 CS/A5/03 I walk with God John Talliavini 8,864 Cs/A1/14 I wanna be loved by you Helen Kane 8,865 CM/0014 I WANNA BE WITH YOU ARMENTA 8,866 CW/0138 R.HARLAN SMITH 8,867 CM/0106 I WANNA BE YOUR MAN Beatles 8,868 CM/0474 8,869 CM/0169 Rolling Stones 8,870 CW/0052 I WANNA COME BACK TO YOU Crystal Gayle 8,871 D/121 8,872 CM/0385 I WANNA DANCE WIT CHOO DISCO TEX 8,873 CM/0462 I WANNA DANCE WIT' CHOO DISCO TEX 8,874 CM/0774 I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY WHITNEY HOUSTON 8,875 CM/0496 I WANNA DO IT WITH YOU BARRY MANILOW 8,876 CM/0641 I WANNA DO THE DO BOBBY RUSH 8,877 CM/0161 I WANNA FUNK WITH YOU TONITE Munich Machine 8,878 COM/0119 I WANNA GAL JUST LIKE THE GAL Spike Jones 8,879 CM/0848 I WANNA GET NEXT TO YOU ROSE ROYCE 8,880 COM/0162 I WANNA GO BACK TO WEST VIRGIN Spike Jones 8,881 COM/0058 I WANNA GO HOME Paddy Roberts 8,882 CW/0305 I WANNA GO TO HEAVEN Slim Whitman 8,883 D/308 I Wanna Live Roy Orbison 8,884 CM/0076 I WANNA MAKE THE WOMEN TREMB Dr. HOOK 8,885 CM/0160 I WANNA ROCK YOU Giorgio Moroder 8,886 CM/0236 I WANNA RULE THE WORLD 10CC 8,887 CM/0916 I WANNA STAY LOVE UNLIMITED 8,888 CM/0472 I WANNA STAY WITH YOU GALLAGHER & LYLE 8,889 CM/0316 I WANNA TO BE A STAR MAMAS & PAPAS 8,890 CS/A1/36 I WANT 2 HEAR THOSE OLDTYM MEL PRIMO SCALA 8,891 D/278 I want a girl Cliff Adams Sing 8,892 D/278 To be entered. 8,893 COM/0072 I WANT MY Baby back JIMMY CROSS 8,894 COM/0109 8,895 CR/0028 I WANT MY MAMMY PEERLESS QUARTET 8,896 CM/0230 I WANT THAT KIND OF LOVE Gladys Knight/Pi 8,897 CW/0326 I WANT TO BE A COWBOY'S SWEETH PATSY MONTANA 8,898 CW/0326 I WANT TO BE A REAL COWBOY GIR GIRLS OF THE GOL 8,899 CM/0460 I WANT TO BE FREE Elvis 8,900 CM/0460 Elvis Presley 8,901 CM/0460 Toyah 8,902 CR/0067 I WANT TO BE HAPPY LAYTON & JOHNSTO 8,903 D/243 RUSS CONWAY 8,904 D/255 WURLITZER JOHN M 8,905 CM/0171 I WANT TO BE STRAIGHT Ian Drury 8,906 CM/0025 IAN DURY 8,907 CS/A1/42 I want to believe HARRY SECOMBE 8,908 CR/0462 I WANT TO CLING TO IVY JACK HULBERT 8,909 CW/0142 I WANT TO GO HOME Johnny Cash 8,910 CM/0044 I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND Beatles 8,911 CM/0086 8,912 D/004 JAMES LAST 8,913 CR/0367 I WANT TO LEARN TO DANCE LOU PREAGER 8,914 CW/0164 I WANT TO LIVE John Denver 8,915 CW/0261 I WANT TO MAKE YOU SMILE Kenny Rogers 8,916 CM/0018 I WANT TO STAY WITH YOU GALLAGHER & LYLE 8,917 CM/0325 I WANT TO WAKE UP WITH YOU BORIS GARDINER 8,918 CM/0081 I WANT YOU Beatles 8,919 CM/0493 Bob Dylan 8,920 CM/0071 I WANT YOU BACK Jackson 5 8,921 CM/0455 8,922 CM/0481 MICHAEL JACKSON 8,923 CM/0041 I WANT YOU I NEED YOU I LOVE Clarence Frogman 8,924 CM/0041 I WANT YOU I NEED YOU I LOVE Y Clarence Frogman 8,925 CM/0380 Elvis 8,926 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 8,927 CM/0114 I WANT YOU TO BE MY BABY BILLIE DAVIS 8,928 CW/0271 I WAS COUNTRY WHEN COUNTRY WAS BARBARA MANDRELL 8,929 CS/A4/45 I Was Glad Cant.Cath.Choir 8,930 CS/A5/29 I was glad when they said unto Choir King's Cam 8,931 CH/0099 WANDSWORTH BOYS 8,932 D/236 I was just walkin' out the doo Jim Reeves V1 8,933 D/236 To be entered. 8,934 CM/0001 I WAS MADE FOR DANCING LEIF GARRETT 8,935 CM/0216 I WAS MADE TO LOVE HER Stevie Wonder 8,936 COM/0128 I WAS MONTY'S TREBLE GOON SHOW 8,937 CM/0142 I WAS ONLY JOKING Rod Stewart 8,938 CW/0224 I WASHED MY HANDS IN MUDDY WAT StonewallJackson 8,939 CW/0249 8,940 CW/0234 I WENT TO YOUR WEDDING Slim Whitman 8,941 COM/0147 Spike Jones 8,942 COM/0071 8,943 CM/0010 I WILL RUBY WINTERS 8,944 CD\1858 I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU DAVID FIRMAN ORC 8,945 CW/0043 Dolly Parton 8,946 D/244 8,947 D/244 To be entered. 8,948 CM/0124 I WILL BE YOUR FRIEND Sade 8,949 CW/0288 I WILL LOVE YOU ALL OF MY LIFE Foster & Allen 8,950 CW/0285 I WILL MISS YOU WHEN YOU GO George Hamilton 8,951 CH/0086 I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU COMFORTLE Choir Pontarddul 8,952 CW/0109 I WILL ROCK & ROLL WITH YOU Royston Jones 8,953 CH/0046 I WILL SING OF THY GREAT MERCI Ernest Lough 8,954 D/142 I will sing the Wondrous Story Various 8,955 CW/0180 I WILL SRVIVE Billie Jo Spears 8,956 CW/0181 I WILL STAY WITH YOU RAYMOND FROGGATT 8,957 CW/0038 I WILL SURVIVE Billie Jo Spears 8,958 CM/0217 I WISH Stevie Wonder 8,959 CW/0008 I wish I coud fall in love to- DARRELL MCCALL 8,960 CW/0139 I WISH I COULD BE Statler Bros 8,961 CD\1859 I wish I were in love again Lee Roberts Orch 8,962 D/0338/a I wish I wuz Beverley Sisters 8,963 D/338 8,964 CS/X2/04 I Wish It Could Be Christmas Wizzard 8,965 CS/XM/04 I Wish It Could Be ChristmasEv Wizzard 8,966 CM/0102 I WISH IT WOULD RAIN Faces 8,967 CS/A5/24 I wish we'd all been ready Cliff Richard 8,968 CW/0218 I WISH YOU LOVE CARL BELEW 8,969 CM/0214 I WISH YOU WOULD David Bowie 8,970 CW/0010 I WISHED A THOUSAND TIMES FERLIN HUSKY 8,971 CM/0153 I WON'T BE THERE Equals 8,972 D/236 I won't come in while he's the Jim Reeves V1 8,973 D/236 To be entered. 8,974 CW/0179 I WON'T FORGET YOU BILL QUINN 8,975 CW/0206 Jim Reeves 8,976 D/251 8,977 D/236 Jim Reeves V1 8,978 D/236 To be entered. 8,979 D/251 8,980 CM/0478 I WONDER Abba 8,981 CW/0138 I WONDER HOW IT FEELS FOR YOU R.HARLAN SMITH 8,982 CW/0209 I WONDER IF YOU FEEL THE WAY I BILL MONROE 8,983 CW/0173 I WONDER WHAT SHE'LL THINK ABO Merle Haggard 8,984 CW/0173 I WONDER WHERE I'LL FIND YOU A Merle Haggard 8,985 CW/0165 I WONDER WHO'S KISSING HER NOW Berni Flint 8,986 CH/0093 BOSTON BARBERS 8,987 CR/0396 DANNY KAYE 8,988 D/214 Edward Woodward 8,989 CW/0079 George Hamilton 8,990 CW/0263 8,991 Cs/A1/16 JOE LOSS ORCH 8,992 CM/0906 I WONT LAST A DAY WITHOUT YOU DIANA ROSS 8,993 CS/A3/15 I would be like Jesus Salvation Army 8,994 CH/0017 I WOULD BESIDE MY LORD MUNICH BACH CHOI 8,995 CW/0296 I WOULD EASY Dolly Parton 8,996 CW/0144 I WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOU AGAIN Don Williams 8,997 COM/0015 I WOULD'NT GO BACK JOYCE GRENFELL 8,998 CW/0224 I WOULD'NT WANT TO LIVE IF YOU EARL POWERS 8,999 CW/0253 I WOULDN'T HAVE MISSED IT FOR Ronnie Milsap 9,000 CW/0174 I WOULDN'T KNOW ABOUT THAT George Jones 9,001 CW/0059 I WOULDN'T TRADE THE SILVER- Eddy Arnold 9,002 CW/0099 I WOULDN'T WANT TO LIVE IF YOU Don Williams 9,003 CW/0090 I WOULDN'T WANT TO LIVE- Don Williams 9,004 CW/0091 9,005 CW/0099 9,006 CW/0027 I WOUND EASY Tammy Wynette 9,007 CM/0393 I WRITE THE SONGS Barry Manilow 9,008 D/009 JAMES LAST 9,009 D/071 I Zampognari SantaCecilia Ch. 9,010 CM/0216 I'D BE A FOOL RIGHT NOW Stevie Wonder 9,011 CW/0165 I'D BE THE LAST ONE TO KNOW Berni Flint 9,012 CM/0216 I'D CRY Stevie Wonder 9,013 CW/0201 I'D FIGHT THE WORLD Bill Anderson 9,014 CW/0089 Bobby Bare 9,015 CM/0149 I'D FLY AWAY Al Green 9,016 CH/0096 I'D GIVE A MILLION TOMORROWS CRAWLEY CHORDSME 9,017 CH/0095 READING BARBERET 9,018 CW/0249 I'D HATE TO BE HIM SKEETS McDONALD 9,019 CW/0080 I'D JUST BE FOOL ENOUGH (TO FA Johnny Cash 9,020 CW/0302 I'D LIKE TO SEE JESUS ON THE M Tammy Wynette 9,021 CM/0427 I'D LKE TO TEACH THE WORLD NEW SEEKERS 9,022 CW/0045 I'D LOVE YOU LIKE NOBODY EVER Chris Nielsen 9,023 CW/0173 I'D NEVER TOLD ON YOU Merle Haggard 9,024 CM/0357 I'D RATHER FIGHT Edwin Starr 9,025 CM/0006 I'D RATHER LEAVE WHILE I'M IN C.BAYER SAGER 9,026 CW/0092 I'D RATHER LOVE YOU Charlie Pride 9,027 CW/0245 9,028 CW/0022 I'D RUN A MILE TO YOU Lynn Anderson 9,029 CW/0051 9,030 CW/0184 9,031 CM/0073 I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU Detroit Spinners 9,032 CR/0261 TEDDY JOHNSON 9,033 CW/0183 I'LL BE A BACHELOR'TIL I DIE Hank Williams 9,034 CW/0218 I'LL BE BLUE'TILL THEN Hank Locklin 9,035 CW/0202 I'LL BE HERE IN THE MORNING George Hamilton 9,036 CM/0144 I'LL BE HOME Pat Boone 9,037 D/266 9,038 CM/0156 Platters 9,039 D/251 Slim Whitman 9,040 CW/0304 9,041 CS/X2/01 I'll Be Home For Christmas Bing Crosby 9,042 CS/X2/17 9,043 CS/XM/17 9,044 CS/XM/01 9,045 CS/XM/10 GLENN MILLER 9,046 CS/X2/11 GLENN MILLER ORC 9,047 CS/XM/03 HAMMOND ORGAN 9,048 CS/X2/08 HAYSBRIDGE STRGS 9,049 CS/XM/06 9,050 CS/X2/03 MARK LAUB(ORGAN) 9,051 CS/XM/05 Pat Boone 9,052 CS/X2/06 9,053 CS/X2/26 Placido Domingo 9,054 CS/XM/26 9,055 CM/0069 I'LL BE IN TROUBLE Temptations 9,056 CD\1856c I'll be satisfied Jackie Wilson 9,057 CM/0110 9,058 CS/A4/26 I'LL BE SEEING YOU LIBERACE 9,059 CW/0105 I'LL BE SOMEWHERE Roger Miller 9,060 CM/0412 I'LL BE THERE Diana Ross + 9,061 CW/0024 George Jones 9,062 CM/0071 Jackson 5 9,063 CM/0035 9,064 CW/0195 I'LL BE THERE IF YOU EVER WANT Hank Locklin 9,065 CM/0332 I'LL BE THUNDER Tina Turner 9,066 CW/0201 I'LL BE WAITING Bill Anderson 9,067 CD\1856b I'll be with you in apple Rosemary June 9,068 Cs/A1/16 I'LL BE WITH YOU IN APPLE-BLOS JOE LOSS ORCH 9,069 D/252 I'll be your Baby tonight Anne Murray 9,070 D/244 Linda Ronstadt 9,071 D/244 To be entered. 9,072 D/252 9,073 CW/0278 I'LL BE YOUR HOLD ME TIGHT Frank Ifield 9,074 D/214 I'll be your sweetheart Edward Woodward 9,075 D/267 Fureys 9,076 D/267 To be entered. 9,077 D/295 I'll buy that dream Forrest & Haymes 9,078 D/295 To be entered. 9,079 CR/0268 I'LL CHANGE YOUR CLOUDS TO SUN THOMAS JACKSON 9,080 CW/0127 I'LL DO AS MUCH FOR YOU SOMEDA Slim Whitman 9,081 CM/0454 I'LL DO FOR YOU ANYTHING YOU W BARRY WHITE 9,082 D/121 I'll Do It All Over Again Crystal Gayle 9,083 CW/0211 I'LL FLY AWAY BLACKWOOD BROS. 9,084 CS/A2/12 I'LL FOLLOW MY SECRET HEART HARMONICA+PIANO 9,085 CW/0223 I'LL FOLLOW YOU UP TO OUR CLOU George Jones 9,086 CW/0100 I'LL FORGIVE BUT I'LL NEVER FO Don Williams 9,087 D/121 I'll Get Over You Crystal Gayle 9,088 CM/0285 I'LL GO CRAZY MAGNIFICENT MOOD 9,089 CM/0285 Moody Blues 9,090 CM/0126 I'LL GO GIRL CLOUDS 9,091 CW/0293 I'LL GO ON ALONE Hank Locklin 9,092 CW/0121 I'LL HAVE TO MAKE SOME CHANGES Marty Robbins 9,093 CW/0086 I'LL HOLD YOU IN MY HEART Glen Campbell 9,094 CW/0241 I'LL JUST TAKE IT OUT IN LOVE George Jones 9,095 CM/0325 I'LL KEEP ON LOVING YOU PRINCESS 9,096 CM/0147 I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER Cliff Richard 9,097 CM/0486 I'LL MAKE IT UP TO YOU Val Stoecklein 9,098 CM/0033 I'LL MAKE YOU MINE Bobby Vee 9,099 COM/0069 Goons 9,100 COM/0069 I'LL MAKE YOU SMILE MILLIGN SELLERS 9,101 CM/0418 I'LL MEET YOU AT MIDNIGHT SMOKIE 9,102 CW/0100 I'LL NEED SOMEONE TO HOLD ME Don Williams 9,103 CW/0297 I'LL NEVER FALL IN LOVE AGAIN BOBBIE GENTRY 9,104 D/269 9,105 D/269 To be entered. 9,106 CM/0441 Tom Jones 9,107 CM/0146 9,108 CM/0238 I'LL NEVER GET ENOUGH OF YOU Samantha sang 9,109 COM/0108 I'LL NEVER KNOW Benny Hill 9,110 COM/0133 9,111 CW/0225 I'LL NEVER NEED YOU AGAIN HILLSIDERS 9,112 CW/0127 I'LL NEVER PASS THIS WAY AGAIN Slim Whitman 9,113 CW/0206 9,114 CSM/0264 I'LL NEVER SAIL THE SEA AGAI DETROIT EMERALDS 9,115 D/295 I'll never smile again Dick Haymes 9,116 CS/A3/44 Joe Loss & SamB 9,117 D/295 To be entered. 9,118 CR/0124 VICTOR SILVESTER 9,119 CR/0046 I'LL NEVER SMILE AGAIN UNTIL LEN GREEN 9,120 CM/0398 I'LL NEVER STOP Herbie/Royalists 9,121 CW/0036 I'LL PAINT YOU A SONG Vera Lynn 9,122 CM/0021 I'LL PUT YOU TOGETHER AGAIN HOT CHOCOLATE 9,123 CM/0342 9,124 CM/0373 9,125 CR/0285 I'LL REMEMBER TODAY Vera Lynn 9,126 CD\1856b I'll remember tonight Pat Boone 9,127 Cs/A1/20 I'll see you again JanetteMacDonald 9,128 CS/A3/28 UNKNOWN ORCHESTR 9,129 CW/0056 I'LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS CHET ATKINS 9,130 CS/A4/43 Mario Lanza 9,131 CM/0144 Pat Boone 9,132 CM/0068 I'LL SET YOU FREE Diana Ross+Sup 9,133 CW/0311 I'LL SHARE MY WORLD WITH YOU Conway Twitty 9,134 D/257 I'll take romance Bing Crosby 9,135 D/257 To be entered. 9,136 CW/0031 I'LL TAKE WHAT YOU CAN GIVE ME Tammy Wynette 9,137 CW/0031 I'LL TAKE WHAT YOUU CAN GIVE M Tammy Wynette 9,138 CH/0094 I'll take you home again Kathl Barrytones 9,139 D/279 Cliff Adams Sing 9,140 D/214 Edward Woodward 9,141 CW/0288 Foster & Allen 9,142 D/267 Fureys 9,143 D/267 To be entered. 9,144 D/279 9,145 CM/0427 I'LL TAKE YOU THERE STAPLE SINGERS 9,146 CM/0434 I'LL TAKE YOU WHERE THE MUSIC' Drifters 9,147 CS/A4/41 I'll Tell My Ma Dubliners 9,148 CSM/0261 I'LL TRY SOMETHING NEW DI ROSS/SUPREMES 9,149 CM/0261 Diana Ross + 9,150 CM/0046 I'LL TURN TO STONE FOUR TOPS 9,151 CH/0088 I'LL WALK BESIDE YOU Aled Jones (Boy 9,152 D/278 Cliff Adams Sing 9,153 D/278 To be entered. 9,154 CS/A4/44 I'll Walk With God Mario Lanza 9,155 CM/0103 I'M ALIVE Electric Light O 9,156 COL/0279 I'M 94 TODAY WILL FYFFE 9,157 COL/0052 I'M A BAD BAD MAN BILL JOHNSON 9,158 CM/0046 I'M A BELIEVER FOUR TOPS 9,159 D/253 Monkees 9,160 D/253 To be entered. 9,161 CW/0297 I'M A BELIEVER IN A WHOLE LOT JEAN SHEPARD 9,162 CM/0135 I'M A BOY Who 9,163 CR/0506 I'M A DREAMER AREN'T WE ALL LAYTON & JOHNSTO 9,164 CW/0240 I'M A FOOL Slim Whitman 9,165 CW/0279 I'M A FOOL TO CARE Connie Francis 9,166 D/161 9,167 CM/0255 I'M A KING BEE Rolling Stones 9,168 CSM/0255 9,169 CM/0076 I'M A LAMB Dr. HOOK 9,170 CW/0163 I'M A LONESOME FUGITIVE LARRY CUNNINGHAM 9,171 CW/0031 I'M A LOVER Skeeter Davis 9,172 CW/0005 I'm a lover not a fighter Skeeter Davis 9,173 CW/0219 9,174 CW/0228 9,175 CW/0269 9,176 COM/0073 I'M A NUT Barron Knights 9,177 CW/0175 I'M A PEOPLE George Jones 9,178 CM/0153 I'M A POOR MAN Equals 9,179 CM/0445 I'M A PUSHOVER K.C. & Sunshine 9,180 CM/0148 I'M A RAM Al Green 9,181 CW/0323 I'M A REAL GONE JESSE GENE TABOR 9,182 CM/O455 I'M A ROAD RUNNER WALKER & ALL STA 9,183 COL/0312 I'M A ROAMER NORMAN ALLIN 9,184 CS/A5/25 I'm a rogue I'm a gentleman Julio Iglesias 9,185 CM/0053 I'M A SONG Neil Sedaka 9,186 CM/0116 I'M A STRANGER John Mayall 9,187 CM/0170 I'M A TRAIN Albert Hammond 9,188 CM/0485 I'M A WONDERFUL THING KID CREOLE 9,189 CW/0294 I'M ALL WRAPPED UP IN YOU DON GIBSON 9,190 CW/0035 I'M ALRIGHT Jean Shephard 9,191 D/0338/b I'm always chasing rainbows Beverley Sisters 9,192 D/295 Helen Forrest 9,193 D/295 To be entered. 9,194 D/302 I'm always hearing wedding bel Eddie Fisher 9,195 D/302 To be entered. 9,196 CM/0376 I'M ALWAYS TOUCHED BY YOUR Blondie 9,197 CW/0074 I'M BEGINNING TO BELIEVE MY OW Charlie Pride 9,198 CW/0136 I'M BEGINNING TO FORGET Marty Robbins 9,199 CW/0093 I'M BITING MY FINGERNAILS- ERNEST TUBB 9,200 CM/0208 I'M BORN AGAIN Boney M 9,201 CM/0398 I'M BREATHING HEAVY Herbie/Royalists 9,202 CW/0127 I'M CASTING MY LASSO TOWARDS T Slim Whitman 9,203 CW/0206 9,204 CM/0304 I'M CELEBRATING Glitter Band 9,205 CM/0146 I'M COMING HOME Tom Jones 9,206 CM/0234 I'M COMING OUT Diana Ross 9,207 CW/0127 I'M CRYING FOR YOU Slim Whitman 9,208 CW/0206 9,209 CM/0384 I'M DOING FINE NOW NEW YORK CITY 9,210 CS/X2/26 I'm dreaming of a white Christ Placido Domingo 9,211 CM/0001 I'M EVERY WOMAN CHAKA KHAN 9,212 CM/0843 CHAKAKHAN 9,213 CS/A5/22 I'm falling in love with someo Mario Lanza+Pian 9,214 CM/0915 I'M FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU LOVE UNLIMITED 9,215 CS/A5/20 I'm Fancy Free (No Strings) Peter Skellern 9,216 COM/0148 I'M FIVE Muppets 9,217 CM/0135 I'M FREE Who 9,218 CW/0183 I'M FREE AT LAST Hank Williams 9,219 CM/0434 I'M FREE FOR THE REST OF YOUR Drifters 9,220 CW/0060 I'M GETTING BETTER Jim Reeves 9,221 CW/0051 9,222 D/236 Jim Reeves V1 9,223 D/236 To be entered. 9,224 CW/0008 TOMMY HILL 9,225 CW/0100 I'M GETTING GOOD AT MISSING Don Williams 9,226 COM/0071 I'M GETTING SENTIMENTAL OVER Y Spike Jones 9,227 COM/0092 9,228 D/135 I'M GETTING SETIMENTAL OVER U WOUT STEENHUIS 9,229 CR/0361 I'M GLAD THAT I'M A BUGS BUNNY MEL BLANC 9,230 COM/0119 I'M GOIN' BACK TO WHERE I CAME Spike Jones 9,231 CM/0248 I'M GOING HOME Spotniks 9,232 COM/0160 I'M GOING TO BE BOB HOPE'S CHI Morecambe & Wise 9,233 D/246 I'm going to get lit up Alan Breeze & BC 9,234 D/246 To be entered. 9,235 COM/0072 I'M GOING TO SPAIN STEVE BENT 9,236 COM/0109 9,237 COM/0161 I'M GOING TO WRITE HOME Spike Jones 9,238 CW/0079 I'M GONNA BE A COUNTRY BOY AGA George Hamilton 9,239 CW/0263 9,240 CW/0190 I'M GONNA BE A COUNTRY GIRL AG BUFFY St.MARIE 9,241 CS/X2/05 I'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter Connie Francis 9,242 CW/0319 I'M GONNA BURN YOUR PLAYHOUSE George Jones 9,243 CW/0206 I'M GONNA CHANGE EVERYTHING Jim Reeves 9,244 CM/0115 I'M GONNA DRESS IN BLACK Them 9,245 CW/0198 I'M GONNA FIND YOU StonewallJackson 9,246 CW/0282 I'M GONNA GALLOP GALLOP TO GAL Roy Rogers 9,247 CM/0027 I'M GONNA GETCHA NEW CHINA 9,248 CW/0221 I'M GONNA KILL YOU Gene Watson 9,249 CM/0282 I'M GONNA LOVE YOU VAN MCCOY 9,250 CM/0681 I'M GONNA LOVE YOU FOREVER CROWN HEIGHT AFF 9,251 CM/0178 I'M GONNA LOVE YOU JUST A LITT Barry White 9,252 CM/0454 9,253 CW/0242 I'M GONNA LOVE YOU RIGHT OUT O DAVID ROGERS 9,254 CSM/0261 I'M GONNA MAKE YOU LOVE ME DI ROSS/SUPREMES 9,255 CM/0036 Diana Ross 9,256 CM/0233 9,257 CM/0261 Diana Ross + 9,258 CM/0226 Osmonds 9,259 CM/0544 TEMPTATIONS 9,260 CM/0005 I'M GONNA MAKE YOU MINE LOU CHRISTIE 9,261 CW/0082 I'M GONNA SETTLE DOWN FLATT & SCRUGGS 9,262 D/243 I'M GONNA SIT RIGHT DOWN & RUSS CONWAY 9,263 CW/0047 I'M GONNA WRITE A SONG Lynn Anderson 9,264 CW/0038 I'M GOOD AT WHAT I DO Billie Jo Spears 9,265 CW/0246 I'M GROWING UP ALL OVER AGAIN Lynn Anderson 9,266 D/097 I'm Henery The Eighth I Am - M Hallmark of Harm 9,267 CW/0292 I'M HERE TO GET MY BABY OUT OF Hank Snow 9,268 CM/0137 I'M HOOKED ON YOU BABY Coast to Coast 9,269 CW/0323 I'M HOT TO TROT GENE TABOR 9,270 CM/0001 I'M IN LOVE & I LOVE THE FEELI ROSE ROYCE 9,271 CM/0140 I'M IN LOVE AGAIN Alvin Stardust 9,272 CM/0068 Diana Ross+Sup 9,273 COM/0173 I'M IN LOVE WITH A BIG BLUE FR Muppets 9,274 CR/0410 I'M IN LOVE WITH VIENNA Richard Tauber 9,275 D/113 I'm In Love With You Liza Minnelli 9,276 CM/03634 Our Kid 9,277 CR/0348 PAT BOONE 9,278 CW/0296 I'M IN NO CONDITION Dolly Parton 9,279 CM/0472 I'M IN THE MOOD FOR DANCING NOLANS 9,280 D/254 I'M IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE BERT WEEDON 9,281 COM/0102 Spike Jones 9,282 COM/0147 9,283 COM/0089 9,284 D/254 To be entered. 9,285 CM/0401 I'M IN TOUCH WITH YOUR WORLD Cars 9,286 CW/0144 I'M JUST A COUNTRY BOY Don Williams 9,287 CM/0487 First Christian 9,288 CS/A3/08 Val Doonican 9,289 CM/0015 I'M JUST A SUCKER WEST PHILLIPS 9,290 CW/0092 I'M JUST ME Charlie Pride 9,291 CW/0245 9,292 CM/0380 I'M LEAVIN Elvis 9,293 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 9,294 CM/0228 I'M LEAVING IT ALLUP TO YOU Donny & Marie 9,295 CM/0159 I'M LEFT YOU'RE RIGHT SHE'S GO Giorgio Moroder 9,296 CM/0380 I'M LEFT YOUR RIGHT SHE'S GONE Elvis 9,297 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 9,298 CM/0015 I'M LIVING MY OWN LIFE EARLENE BENTLEY 9,299 CW/0133 I'M LONELY DARLIN' Hank Locklin 9,300 CM/0088 I'M LOOKING THROUGH YOU Beatles 9,301 CM/0085 I'M LOSING YOU John Lennon 9,302 CM/0344 TEMPTATIONS 9,303 CM/0242 I'M MAD Darts 9,304 COM/0069 I'M MAKE YOU MINE Goons 9,305 CM/0236 I'M MANDY FLY ME 10CC 9,306 CM/0085 I'M MOVING ON John Lennon 9,307 CW/0212 I'M MY OWN GRANDPA LONZO & OSCAR 9,308 CS/A3/44 I'm nobody's baby Nat Gonella 9,309 CW/0031 I'M NOT A HAS-BEEN Tammy Wynette 9,310 CM/0471 I'M NOT A SLOT MACHINE Silver Conventio 9,311 CM/0371 I'M NOT FREE Secret Affair 9,312 CW/0118 I'M NOT GOING HUNGRY ANYMORE Charlie Rich 9,313 CM/0300 I'M NOT IN LOVE Tony Christie 9,314 CM/0905 9,315 CW/0246 I'M NOT LISA Lynn Anderson 9,316 CW/0027 I'M NOT MINE TO GIVE Tammy Wynette 9,317 CW/0205 I'M NOT PLAYING GAMES Jerry Reed 9,318 CW/0241 I'M NOT READY YET George Jones 9,319 CR/0498 I'M NOT THE SAME OLD ME INK SPOTS 9,320 CW/0315 I'M NOT TRYING TO FORGET Dottsy 9,321 D/016 I'M NOTHING WITHOUT YOU JAMES LAST+PJ&RL 9,322 D/009 I'M ON FIRE JAMES LAST 9,323 D/058 I'm On My Way Wally Stott Chor 9,324 CM/0458 I'M ONLY SLEEPING Beatles 9,325 CM/0826 I'M OVER YOU SEQUAL 9,326 Cs/A1/16 I'M PUTTING ALL MY EGGS IN ONE JOE LOSS ORCH 9,327 CM/0245 I'M RIGHT,YOU'RE WRONG, I WIN Gary Glitter 9,328 CM/0313 I'M SATISFIED BEE GEES 9,329 CS/A3/44 I'm sending my blessing Ivy Benson & RW 9,330 CR/0342 I'M SENDING YOU THE SEIGFRIED LEON CORTEZ 9,331 D/214 I'm shy Mary Ellen I'm shy Edward Woodward 9,332 COM/0069 I'M SO ASHAMED Goons 9,333 COM/0029 Peter Sellers 9,334 COM/0026 9,335 CM/0100 I'M SO FREE Lou Reed 9,336 CM/0068 I'M SO GLAD I GOT SOMEBODY Diana Ross+Sup 9,337 CM/0175 I'M SO INTO YOU Edwin Starr 9,338 CW/0316 I'M SO LONELY I COULD CRY CARTER FAMILY 9,339 CW/0304 I'M SO LONESOME Slim Whitman 9,340 CW/0229 I'M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY Boxcar Willie 9,341 CW/0238 9,342 CW/0316 CARTER FAMILY 9,343 CW/0012 Glen Campbell 9,344 CW/0116 Hank Williams 9,345 CW/0080 Johnny Cash 9,346 CW/0142 9,347 D/235 Johnny Cash - Be 9,348 CW/0132 Marty Robbins 9,349 CW/0219 Skeeter Davis 9,350 CW/0032 9,351 CW/0009 9,352 D/235 To be entered. 9,353 COM/0085 I'M SORRY BARRY HUMPHRIES 9,354 CM/0038 BRENDA LEE 9,355 CM/0310 DONALD CLARK OSM 9,356 CS/A2/14 John Denver 9,357 CM/0414 Osmonds 9,358 CM/0156 Platters 9,359 CW/0279 I'M SORRY I MADE YOU CRY Connie Francis 9,360 D/161 9,361 COM/0084 I'M SORRY I'LL READ THAT AGAIN BROOKE-TAYLOR/CL 9,362 CW/0150 I'M SORRY WE MET JIMMIE RODGERS 9,363 CR/0046 I'M STEPPING OUT WITH A MEMORY LEN GREEN 9,364 CM/0223 I'M STILL GONNA NEED YOU Osmonds 9,365 CM/0035 I'M STILL WAITING DIANA ROSS 9,366 CM/0074 9,367 CM/0234 9,368 CM/0043 I'M STONE IN LOVE WITH YOU Stylistics 9,369 CM/0384 9,370 CM/0018 I'M STONED IN LOVE WITH YOU JOHNNY MATHIS 9,371 CW/0221 I'M TELLIN' ME A LIE Gene Watson 9,372 COL/0064 I'M THE FACTOTUM OF THE TOWN DENNIS NOBLE 9,373 CM/0173 I'M THE GREATEST Ringo 9,374 CM/0416 I'M THE LEADER OF THE GANG Gary Glitter 9,375 CW/0161 I'M THE ONE WHO LOVES YOU Jimmy Dean 9,376 CM/0262 I'M THE ONE YOU NEED Smokey Robinson 9,377 CSM/0262 9,378 COM/0135 I'M THE ONLY BIT OF COMFORT TH MAX MILLER 9,379 CW/0040 I'M THE ONLY WOMAN Jeannie C Riley 9,380 CW/0251 I'M THE OTHER WOMAN JEAN SHEPARD 9,381 CW/0077 I'M THINKING TONIGHT OF MY BLU Ben Colder 9,382 CW/0003 Montana Slim 9,383 CW/0126 Slim Whitman 9,384 CW/0059 I'M THROWING RICE Eddy Arnold 9,385 CW/0273 I'M TIRED Ray Price 9,386 CW/0218 I'M TIRED OF BUMMING AROUND Hank Locklin 9,387 COM/0017 I'M TOO HEAVY FOR THE LIGHT BR CHARLIE DRAKE 9,388 CW/0006 I'M WALKIN' PETE DRAKE 9,389 CM/0382 I'M WALKING FATS DOMINO 9,390 CR/0355 I'M WALKING BACKWARDS FOR CHRI GOONS 9,391 CS/X2/05 9,392 D/302 I'm walking behind you Eddie Fisher 9,393 D/302 To be entered. 9,394 CW/0175 I'M WASTING GOOD PAPER George Jones 9,395 CW/0223 9,396 D/256 I'm with the wrong one Miki & Griff 9,397 D/256 To be entered. 9,398 CM/0213 I'M WITH YOU BIG THREE 9,399 CM/0216 I'M WONDERING Stevie Wonder 9,400 CM/0085 I'M YOUR ANGEL John Lennon 9,401 CM/0842 I'M YOUR LOVIN' MAN JERRY MIDDLETON 9,402 CM/0325 I'M YOUR MAN WHAM 9,403 CM/0126 I'MA MOVER FREE 9,404 CM/0146 I'TS NOT UNUSUAL Tom Jones 9,405 CW/0186 I'VE BEEN A LONG TIME LEAVIN' Roger Miller 9,406 CW/0254 I'VE BEEN DOWN SOME ROADS Gene Watson 9,407 CM/0427 I'VE BEEN LONELY FOR SO LONG FREDERICK KNIGHT 9,408 CM/0139 I'VE BEEN MISSING YOUR LOVIN' Cecil Parker 9,409 CM/0438 I'VE BEEN THIS WAY BEFORE Neil Diamond 9,410 CW/0278 I'VE BEEN TOO LONG WITHOUT YOU Frank Ifield 9,411 CM/0254 I'VE BEEN TRYING Impressions 9,412 CSM/0254 9,413 CW/0250 I'VE CRIED THE BLUE RIGHT OUT Crystal Gayle 9,414 CW/0075 I'VE CRIED THE BLUE- Crystal Gayle 9,415 CW/0066 I'VE ENJOYED AS MUCH OF THIS A Jim Reeves 9,416 CM/0118 I'VE FOUND A LOVE DAVID GARRICK 9,417 CM/0364 I'VE FOUND A NEW GIRL Our Kid 9,418 CM/0178 I'VE FOUND SOMEONE Barry White 9,419 CM/0254 I'VE FOUND THAT I'VE LOST Impressions 9,420 CSM/0254 9,421 CD\1859 I've got a crush on you Ken Thorne Orch 9,422 CM/0285 I'VE GOT A DREAM MAGNIFICENT MOOD 9,423 CM/0285 Moody Blues 9,424 CM/0083 I'VE GOT A FEELING Beatles 9,425 CW/0226 I'VE GOT A NEW HEARTACHE Ray Price 9,426 CW/0273 9,427 CW/0013 I'VE GOT A TIGER BY THE TAIL Buck Owens 9,428 CW/0144 I'VE GOT A WINNER IN YOU Don Williams 9,429 CW/0151 I'VE GOT A WOMAN'S LOVE Marty Robbins 9,430 CW/0211 I'VE GOT CONFIDENCE BLACKWOOD BROS. 9,431 CW/0257 I'VE GOT FIVE DOLLARS & IT'S S Faron Young 9,432 CS/A5/24 I've got news for you Cliff Richard 9,433 CM/0311 I'VE GOT PLANS FOR YOU DONNY OSMOND 9,434 CM/0178 I'VE GOT SO MUCH TO GIVE Barry White 9,435 CM/0446 I'VE GOT THE MUSIC IN ME KIKI DEE 9,436 CW/0036 I'VE GOT TIME Vera Lynn 9,437 CM/0073 I'VE GOT TO FIND MYSELF Detroit Spinners 9,438 CSM/0264 I'VE GOT TO MOVE DETROIT EMERALDS 9,439 CM/0451 I'VE GOT TO USE MY IMAGINATION GLADYS KNIGHT 9,440 CM/0384 9,441 CM/0440 Gladys Knight & 9,442 CM/0231 Gladys Knight/Pi 9,443 CM/0190 I'VE GOT WHAT YOU NEED Motown 9,444 CM/0422 I'VE GOT YOU Paper Lace 9,445 CM/0453 I'VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN Frankie Vali + 9,446 D/005 JAMES LAST 9,447 Cs/A1/16 JOE LOSS ORCH 9,448 CM/0292 I'VE GOTTA GET A MESSAGE TO BEST OF THE BEE 9,449 CM/0292 I'VE GOTTA GET A MESSAGE TO YO Bee Gees 9,450 CW/0104 I'VE GOTTEN USED TO THE CRYIN' Roger Miller 9,451 CD\1858 I'VE GROWN ACCUSTOMED TO HER CICHARD ALDEN OR 9,452 CM/0324 I'VE HAD ENOUGH Earth Wind & Fir 9,453 D/257 I've heard that song before Bing Crosby 9,454 D/257 To be entered. 9,455 CW/0116 I'VE JUST TOLD MAMA GOODBYE Hank Williams 9,456 CW/0116 I'VE JUST TOLD MAMMA GOODBYE Hank Williams 9,457 CW/0067 I'VE LIVED A LOT IN MY TIME Jim Reeves 9,458 CW/0296 I'VE LIVED MY LIFE Dolly Parton 9,459 CM/0380 I'VE LOST YOU Elvis 9,460 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 9,461 CW/0211 I'VE LOVED & LOST AGAIN Patsy Cline 9,462 CM/0482 I'VE LOVED THESE DAYS Billy Joel 9,463 CD\1859 I've never been in love before Ken Thorne Orch 9,464 CW/0250 I'VE NEVER BEEN TO ME CHARLENE 9,465 D/239 Howard Keel 9,466 D/239 To be entered. 9,467 CW/0246 I'VE NEVER LOVED ANYONE MORE Lynn Anderson 9,468 CW/0024 I'VE SEEN BETTER DAYS George Jones 9,469 CM/0491 I'VE SEEN THE WRITING ON THE W Foundations 9,470 CS/A3/28 I'VE TOLD EV'RY LITTLE STAR UNKNOWN ORCHESTR 9,471 CW/0099 I'VE TURNED YOU TO STONE Don Williams 9,472 CD\1856a I've waited so long Anthony Newley 9,473 CM/0529 I.O.U. FREEEZ 9,474 CM/0245 Gary Glitter 9,475 CM/0128 9,476 CM/0708 I.O.U. ULTIMATE MIX FREEEZ 9,477 COM/0041 I.T.M.A. TOMMY HANDLEY 9,478 COM/0042 9,479 COM/0009 ICE CREAM PARLOUR R.Barker&Corbett 9,480 CM/0236 ICEBERG 10CC 9,481 Cs/A1/30 Ich Bin Die Christl Von Der Po ElizabethSchwarz 9,482 Cs/A1/10 ICH HAB DAS FRAULEIN HELEN BAD JAMES LAST 9,483 Cs/A1/30 Ich Schenk Mein Herz ElizabethSchwarz 9,484 CH/0017 ICH WILL BEI MEINEM JESU WACHE MUNICH BACH & MU 9,485 CD\1854b IDA SWEET AS APPLE CIDER BILLY MAY 9,486 CM/0150 IDOL Elton John 9,487 CS/X2/15 Idumea Watersons 9,488 CS/XM/15 9,489 CH/0033 IESU DYRCHAFEDIG Choir Cymanfa 9,490 CH/0094 IF FORTUNAIRS 9,491 D/118 PERCY FAITH ORCH 9,492 CM/0055 IF & WHEN Three Degrees 9,493 CM/0439 9,494 D/126 IF - (GATES) CITY COVENTRY 9,495 D/239 Howard Keel 9,496 D/239 To be entered. 9,497 CW/0021 IF A WOMAN ANSWERS LEROY VAN DYKE 9,498 CM/0144 IF DREAMS CAME TRUE Pat Boone 9,499 CW/0241 IF DRINKIN' DON'T KILL ME HER George Jones 9,500 CM/0444 IF EVER I WOULD LEAVE YOU Tom Jones 9,501 CW/0024 IF EVER YOU WANT ME JONES/WYNETTE 9,502 CS/X2/04 If Every Day Was Like Christma Elvis Presley 9,503 CS/XM/04 If Every Day Was LikeChristmas Elvis Presley 9,504 CW/0321 IF HEARTS COULD TALK Eddie Noack 9,505 CR/0002 IF I AM DREAMING RICHARD CROOKS 9,506 CH/0088 IF I CAN HELP SOMEBODY Aled Jones (Boy 9,507 CM/0211 IF I CAN'T HAVE YOU Bee Gees 9,508 CM/0211 YVONNE ELLIMAN 9,509 CM/0270 IF I COULD DO IT ALL OVER AG CARAVAN 9,510 CW/0211 IF I COULD ONLY STAY ASLEEP Patsy Cline 9,511 CW/0054 IF I COULD SING A COUNTRY JAMES O'GWYNN 9,512 CW/0279 IF I DIDN'T CARE Connie Francis 9,513 CW/0054 IF I DON'T LOVE YOU George Jones 9,514 CW/0252 IF I FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU REX ALLEN Jr. 9,515 CM/0469 IF I HAD A HAMMER Aretha Franklin 9,516 CH/0014 Dai Francis 9,517 CM/0496 IF I HAD A PHOTOGRAPH OF YOU FLK.OF SEAGULLS 9,518 CR/0506 IF I HAD A TALKING PICTURE OF LAYTON & JOHNSTO 9,519 D/267 If I had my life to live over Fureys 9,520 D/267 To be entered. 9,521 CH/0095 IF I HAD THE HEART OF A CLOWN MINOR BIRDS QUAR 9,522 CM/0019 IF I HAD YOU KORGIS 9,523 CM/0176 IF I LAUGH Cat Stevens 9,524 CM/0253 IF I LOSE YOUR LOVE Detroit Emeralds 9,525 CSM/0253 9,526 CR/0421 IF I LOVED YOU EVE BOSWELL 9,527 D/273 Harry Seacombe 9,528 CD\1859 Robert Mandell 9,529 D/273 To be entered. 9,530 CR/0151 IF I LOVED YOU - broken rec EDMUND HOCKRIDGE 9,531 CM/0088 IF I NEEDED SOMEONE Beatles 9,532 CM/0136 Hollies 9,533 D/009 IF I ONLY HAD TIME JAMES LAST 9,534 D/274 If I ruled the World Harry Seacombe 9,535 CM/0216 Stevie Wonder 9,536 D/274 To be entered. 9,537 CM/0327 IF I SAY YES Five Star 9,538 CM/0442 IF I SHOULD LOVE AGAIN Barry Manilow 9,539 CW/0082 IF I SHOULD WANDER BACK TONIGH FLATT & SCRUGGS 9,540 CS/A3/09 If I were a Blackbird Ronnie Ronalde 9,541 D/298 9,542 COM/0176 IF I WERE A CARPENTER BOB WILLIAMSON 9,543 CM/0046 FOUR TOPS 9,544 CW/0162 Johnny Cash 9,545 CW/0140 JOHNNY CASH & JU 9,546 D/235 Johnny Cash - Be 9,547 CW/0206 Tim Hardin 9,548 D/235 To be entered. 9,549 CM/0266 IF I WERE KING OF THE FOREST MECO 9,550 CM/0167 IF I'D ONLY COME '& GONE Dr. Hook 9,551 CM/0434 IF IT FEELS GOOD DO IT Drifters 9,552 CM/0494 IF IT'S KORGIS 9,553 CW/0061 IF IT'S ALRIGHT WITH YOU Eddy Arnold 9,554 CM/0217 IF IT'S MAGIC Stevie Wonder 9,555 CW/0254 IF LOVE COULD FIND US NOW Gene Watson 9,556 CW/0277 IF LOVE IS JUST A GAME Frank Ifield 9,557 CW/0278 IF LOVE MUST GO Frank Ifield 9,558 COM/0134 IF LOVE WERE ALL JOYCE GRENFELL 9,559 CS/A2/36 9,560 CM/0258 IF MY DAD WERE PRESIDENT Impressions 9,561 CSM/0258 JIMMY OSMOND 9,562 CW/0223 IF MY HEART HAD WINDOWS George Jones 9,563 CM/0007 IF NOT FOR YOU O.NEWTON-JOHN 9,564 CW/0297 IF NOT YOU Dr. HOOK 9,565 CM/0391 DR.HOOK 9,566 CW/0179 IF ONLY I HAD YOU BILL QUINN 9,567 CS/A5/27 IF ONLY THEY COULD TALK JAMES HERRIOT 9,568 CW/0062 IF SHE KEEPS LOVING ME MOE BANDY 9,569 CW/0266 IF SHE'S WHERE YOU LIKE LIVIN' JESSI COLTER 9,570 CW/0218 IF THE GOOD LORD'S WILLING Johnny Cash 9,571 CW/0237 IF THE SHOE FITS WEAR IT Gene Watson 9,572 CM/0150 IF THERE'S A GOD IN HEAVEN Elton John 9,573 CW/0064 IF THERE'S NOT A HELL Bobby Bare 9,574 D/277 If this isn't love Jeannie Carson & 9,575 D/277 To be entered. 9,576 D/232 Trio Howes/Carso 9,577 CW/0288 IF THOSE LIPS COULD ONLY SPEAK Foster & Allen 9,578 CW/0139 IF WE NEVER HAD Statler Bros 9,579 CW/0053 IF WE NEVER LOVE AGAIN Tammy Wynette 9,580 CW/0244 9,581 CH/0034 IF WITH ALL YOUR HEARTS ROYAL CHORAL SOC 9,582 CW/0257 IF YOU AIN'T LOVIN' YOU AIN'T Faron Young 9,583 CM/0165 IF YOU CAN BEAT ME ROCKIN' Elkie Brooks 9,584 CW/0035 IF YOU CAN LIVE WITH IT Jean Shephard 9,585 CM/0256 IF YOU CAN WANT Smokey Robinson 9,586 CSM/0256 9,587 D/251 If you could read my mind Glen Campbell 9,588 D/251 To be entered. 9,589 CM/0367 IF YOU DON'T GIVE A DOGGONE AB James Brown 9,590 CW/0024 IF YOU DON'T SOMEBODY ELSE WIL George Jones 9,591 CW/0279 IF YOU EVER CHANGE YOUR MIND Connie Francis 9,592 D/161 9,593 CW/0294 IF YOU EVER GET TO HOUSTON DON GIBSON 9,594 CM/0170 IF YOU GOTTA BREAK ANOTHER HEA Albert Hammond 9,595 CM/0105 IF YOU GOTTA GO GO NOW Manfred Mann 9,596 D/097 If You Had All The World & Its Hallmark of Harm 9,597 CM/0485 IF YOU KNEW SOUSA RPO 9,598 D/296 IF YOU KNEW SUSIE in med REGINALD DIXON 9,599 CS/A4/17 IF YOU KNEW SUZA & FRIENDS NS RPO 9,600 CS/A4/17 IF YOU KNEW SUZA - NON-STOP RPO 9,601 CM/0362 IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN Showaddywaddy 9,602 CM/0003 IF YOU LEAVE ME NOW CHICAGO 9,603 CM/0141 Elkie Brooks 9,604 CM/0771 IF YOU LET ME STAY TERENCE TRENT D' 9,605 CW/0125 IF YOU LOVE ME Slim Whitman 9,606 CW/0125 IF YOU LOVE ME LET ME KNOW Slim Whitman 9,607 CW/0303 9,608 CM/0216 IF YOU REALLY LOVE ME Stevie Wonder 9,609 CW/0323 IF YOU SEE MY BABY SONNY BURNS 9,610 CW/0120 IF YOU SHOULD COME BACK TODAY Charlie Pride 9,611 CM/0353 IF YOU SHOULD NEED A FRIEND BLAZE 9,612 CM/0353 Slade 9,613 CW/0233 IF YOU THINK I LOVE YOU NOW-I' Roy Drusky 9,614 CM/0018 IF YOU THINK IT'S OVER CHRIS REA 9,615 CW/0105 IF YOU WANT ME TO Roger Miller 9,616 CM/0003 IF YOU WANT MY LOVE CHEAP TRICK 9,617 CW/0067 IF YOU WERE MINE Jim Reeves 9,618 CW/0026 Porter Wagoner 9,619 COM/0152 IF YOU WERE THE ONLY GIRL DUDLEY MOORE TRI 9,620 CH/0093 IF YOU WERE THE ONLY GIRL IN T BOSTON BARBERS 9,621 CM/0160 IF YOU WEREN'T AFRAID Giorgio Moroder 9,622 CW/0118 IF YOU WOULDN'T BE MY LADY Charlie Rich 9,623 CW/0116 IF YOU'LL BE A BABY TO ME Hank Williams 9,624 CM/0025 IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A WAY OU ODYSSEY 9,625 CM/0451 IF YOU'RE READY STAPLE SINGERS 9,626 CM/0463 IF YOU'RE THINKING WHAT I'M TH Herman's Hermits 9,627 CW/0171 IF YOU'VE BEEN WODERING George Hamilton 9,628 CW/0088 IF YOU'VE GOT THE MONEY TEXAS JIM ROBERT 9,629 CM/0385 IF YOU'VE HEARD IT ALL BEFORE BILLY OCEAN 9,630 CH/0063 IFIFELL Choir LdnWelshMV 9,631 CS/A4/05 Il Bachio Deanna Durbin 9,632 CS/A3/09 Il Bacio Ronnie Ronalde 9,633 D/298 9,634 CS/A4/31 Il EST NE PHIL.JONES BRASS 9,635 CS/X2/02 Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant Chapter House Ch 9,636 CS/XM/02 HANDBELLS 9,637 CS/XM/32 Kings Singers 9,638 CS/X2/27 Kings' Singers 9,639 CH/0039 IL EST TEMPS DE SE METTRE EN R Choir Red Army 9,640 CS/A1/40 Il mio tesero Richard Tauber 9,641 D/242 IL SILENZIO - with chorus RONNIE HUGHES TR 9,642 COL/0064 IL TROVATORE DENNIS NOBLE 9,643 CH/0098 IL TROVATORE, ANVIL CHORUS R.WAGNER CHORALE 9,644 CH/0020 ILEF WELSH MASSED CHO 9,645 COM/0004 ILL WIND Flanders & Swann 9,646 COM/0123 9,647 COL/0388 ILLUSION QUEENS HALL LIGH 9,648 Cs/A1/30 Im Chambre Separee ElizabethSchwarz 9,649 D/259 IM GRUNEN WALDE TIVOLI PROM ORCH 9,650 Cs/A1/10 IM PRATER BLUHN DIE BAUME JAMES LAST 9,651 CW/0175 IMAGE OF ME George Jones 9,652 CM/0075 IMAGINATION Earth Wind & Fir 9,653 CW/0114 IMAGINATION RUNNING WILD Faron Young 9,654 CM/0906 IMAGINE DIANA ROSS 9,655 COM/0062 IMAGINE ME ON THE MAGINOT LINE ALAN RANDALL 9,656 D/281 9,657 CR/0456 IMAGINE MY SURPRISE FATS WALLER 9,658 CW/0313 IMMAGINATION RUNNING WILD Faron Young 9,659 CR/0431 IMMER LEISER WIRD MEIN SCHLUMM ELIZABETH SCHUMA 9,660 CM/0051 IMMORTAL Sad Cafe 9,661 D/054 Immortal Invisible God Only Brid.Priory 9,662 CH/0064 IMMORTAL INVISIBLE GOD ONLY WI Choir Treorchy 9,663 CH/0101 HUDD'FIELD CHORA 9,664 CS/A2/01 Seaford Coll Cho 9,665 CS/A4/11 Immortal Love forever full Choir RNC.GRENWI 9,666 D/120 IMOGENE LES REED ORCH 9,667 CS/A2/38 IMPERIAL ECHOES ROYAL MARINES 9,668 D/296 IMPERIAL ECHOES MARCH REGINALD DIXON 9,669 CS/A5/29 IMPERIAL MARCH ROYAL LIVERPOOL 9,670 COL/0436 IMPERIAL WALTZ HARRY DAVIDSON 9,671 Cs/A1/10 IMPORTANCE OF THE ROSE JAMES LAST 9,672 CM/0469 IMPOSSIBLE Aretha Franklin 9,673 CH/0063 IMPOSSIBLE DREAM Choir LdnWelshMV 9,674 CSM/0261 DI ROSS/SUPREMES 9,675 CM/0261 Diana Ross + 9,676 CW/0312 Glen Campbell 9,677 CS/A3/41 MANCINI 9,678 COM/0055 IMPRESSIONS Morecambe & Wise 9,679 COM/0127 9,680 D/293 IMPROMPTU IN A FLAT OP.29 PETER KATIN PIAN 9,681 COL/0427 IMPROMPTU IN C SHARP MINOR IRIS LOVERIDGE 9,682 D/293 IMPROMTU in A # PETER KATIN 9,683 CW/0261 IN & OUT OF YOUR HEART Kenny Rogers 9,684 D/080 IN A DREAM WORLD ROBERT FARNON 9,685 CR/0061 IN A LITTLE GIPSY TEAROOM Arthur Tracy 9,686 CR/0061 STREET SINGER 9,687 CR/0148 IN A LITTLE SPANISH TOWN DE GROOT 9,688 Cs/A1/16 JOE LOSS ORCH 9,689 CS/A3/07 MANUEL 9,690 CS/XM/31 In a lowly stable St. Winifred's 9,691 CS/X2/29 St.Winifred's Ch 9,692 COL/0242 IN A MONASTERY GARDEN ALBERT W.KETELBE 9,693 D/126 BRIGHOUSE & RAST 9,694 COL/0191 COURT SYMPH 9,695 COL/0252 COURT SYMPH. 9,696 COL/0003 COURT SYMPHONY 9,697 COL/0452 HUBERT EISDELL 9,698 COL/0452 IN A PERSIAN GARDEN HUBERT EISDELL 9,699 D/105 IN A ROMANTIC MOOD To be entered. 9,700 CS/A2/12 IN A SENTIMENTAL MOOD HARMONICA+PIANO 9,701 CR/0508 IN A SHANTY IN OLD SHANTY TOWN BILLY COTTON 9,702 CS/A3/10 IN AN 18th CENTURY DRAWING RM ALBERT SANDLER 9,703 CR/0007 IN AN OLD WORLD GARDEN FOUR BRIGHT SPAR 9,704 D/258 TEDDY BROWN XYLO 9,705 CW/0215 IN BETHLEHEM - NARRATIVE Johnny Cash 9,706 D/237 In Crowd Bryan Ferry 9,707 CM/0041 Clarence Frogman 9,708 CM/0322 MAMAS & THE PAPA 9,709 D/237 To be entered. 9,710 CH/0080 IN DEEPEST GRIEF Choir Mormon Tab 9,711 CH/0058 IN DEM BUNTEN KAMFGEWUHLE (IL CHORUS & HAMBURG 9,712 CM/0436 IN DREAMS Roy Orbison 9,713 CS/A4/31 IN DULCE JUBILO PHIL.JONES BRASS 9,714 CS/X2/20 Various 9,715 CS/X2/28 In Dulci Jubilo Bach Choir 9,716 CS/XM/27 Bach Choir+BRASS 9,717 CS/A4/29 Choir Kings Camb 9,718 CS/X2/25 Choir St.Paul's 9,719 CS/XM/32 Kings Singers 9,720 CS/X2/27 Kings' Singers 9,721 CS/XM/09 ORGAN 9,722 CS/X2/10 ORGAN-M.SOUTER 9,723 CS/A3/30 IN DULCI JUBILO - BACH ORGAN ChrisHughs 9,724 CS/X2/10 IN DULCI JUBILO. ORGAN-M.SOUTER 9,725 COM/0136 IN GARDENS IN THE RHONDDA Ray Smith 9,726 COL/0086 In Happy Moments (MARITANA) Henri Scott(Bass 9,727 COL/0086 IN HAPPY MOMENTS-MARITANA HENRI SCOTT 9,728 CM/0448 IN LIKE A SHOT FROM MY GUN Slade 9,729 D/295 In love in vain Helen Forrest 9,730 CR/0388 SQUADRONAIRES 9,731 D/295 To be entered. 9,732 CM/0162 IN LOVE WITH LOVE Munich Machine 9,733 CH/0103 IN MEMORIAM 6,500 VOICES 9,734 CR/0395 IN MY DREAMS VAUGHAN MUNROE 9,735 CW/0271 IN MY HEART BARBARA MANDRELL 9,736 CW/0070 IN MY HOME IN SHELBY COUNTY Johnny Horton 9,737 CW/0131 IN MY HOUR OF DARKNESS SIOUX 9,738 CM/0044 IN MY LIFE Beatles 9,739 CM/0088 9,740 CW/0044 IN MY LITTLE CORNER OF THE WOR MARIE OSMAN 9,741 CM/0447 IN MY ROOM Beach Boys 9,742 CSM/0263 9,743 CM/0160 IN MY WILDEST DREAMS Giorgio Moroder 9,744 CW/0231 IN NO TIME AT ALL Ronnie Milsap 9,745 COM/0121 IN OLD MEXICO TOM LEHRER 9,746 COM/0124 9,747 CR/0365 IN OLD SANTE FE SQADRONAIRES 9,748 CH/0018 IN OUR UNIT Choir Red Army 9,749 CH/0019 9,750 CM/0196 IN SEARCH OF PETER PAN Kate Bush 9,751 CS/X2/07 IN SECULUM BREVE WIND ENSEMBLE 9,752 CW/0136 IN THE ASHES OF AN OLD LOVE AF Marty Robbins 9,753 CM/0397 IN THE BAD OLD DAYS Foundations 9,754 CM/0293 IN THE BEGINNING MOODY BLUES 9,755 CS/X2/24 In The Bleak Mid Winter Choir Warwick 9,756 CS/X2/21 In The Bleak Mid-Winter Chichester Cath 9,757 CS/X2/25 Choir St.Paul's 9,758 D/142 IN THE BLEAK MIDWINTER BRIGHOUSE & RAST 9,759 CS/XM/21 Choir Chichester 9,760 CS/XM/22 Choir Worcester 9,761 CS/XM/24 ChoirSt.MaryWarw 9,762 CS/X2/20 Various 9,763 CS/X2/23 Worcester Cath. 9,764 CM/0272 IN THE BUSH KEEP ON JUMPIN' 9,765 CM/0272 Musique 9,766 CM/0488 9,767 D/257 In the chapel in the moonlight Bing Crosby 9,768 D/257 To be entered. 9,769 CS/XM/10 IN THE CHRISTMAS MOOD GLENN MILLER 9,770 CS/X2/11 GLENN MILLER ORC 9,771 CS/A2/07 IN THE COUNTRY - COATES Ryl.LIV.PHILHARM 9,772 COM/0004 IN THE DESERT Flanders & Swann 9,773 COM/0123 9,774 CH/0057 IN THE DON VALLEY Choir Don Cossac 9,775 CS/A4/10 IN THE FEN COUNTRY - SYMPHONIC NEW PHILHARMONIA 9,776 CM/0376 IN THE FLESH Blondie 9,777 CW/0215 IN THE GARDEN OF GETHSEMANE - Johnny Cash 9,778 CW/0208 IN THE GHETTO Dolly Parton 9,779 CW/0041 9,780 D/252 DollyParton 9,781 CM/0380 Elvis 9,782 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 9,783 D/252 To be entered. 9,784 CW/0041 IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS Dolly Parton 9,785 CW/0208 9,786 CW/0076 IN THE GRAND WAY John Denver 9,787 CW/0310 IN THE JAILHOUSE NOW BOBBY SYKES & LO 9,788 CW/0318 BOBBY SYKES/LOU 9,789 CW/0146 Hank Snow 9,790 CW/0148 Johnny Cash 9,791 CW/0128 9,792 CM/0429 Prism 9,793 CW/0268 Unknown Vocalist 9,794 CS/XM/04 In The Middle Of The Year Elton John 9,795 CM/0238 IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR Samantha sang 9,796 CW/0163 IN THE MISTY MOONLIGHT LARRY CUNNINGHAM 9,797 CW/0234 Slim Whitman 9,798 CR/0271 IN THE MOOD GLENN MILLER 9,799 D/128 JOE LOSS 9,800 CS/A2/15 9,801 CR/0274 9,802 CM/0476 Mud Rock 9,803 CM/0168 9,804 D/242 SAX IN GOLD 9,805 CW/0100 IN THE MORNIN' Don Williams 9,806 CM/0422 IN THE MORNING Paper Lace 9,807 CM/0019 IN THE NAVY VILLAGE PEOPLE 9,808 CM/0737 9,809 COM/0108 IN THE PAPERS Benny Hill 9,810 COM/0133 9,811 CW/0247 IN THE PINES PERNELL ROBERTS 9,812 CR/0246 IN THE QUIET OF AN AUTUMN NIGH DICK JURGENS ORC 9,813 CW/0091 IN THE SHELTER OF YOUR EYES Don Williams 9,814 CS/A4/20 IN THE STEPPES OF CENTRAL ASIA GD.ORCH.LUXEMBOR 9,815 Cs/A1/17 R.T.LUXEMBOURG 9,816 D/115 IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT IVOR RAYMONDE 9,817 CM/0324 IN THE STONE Earth Wind & Fir 9,818 D/312 In the Summertime Andy Williams 9,819 CM/0426 MUNGO JERRY 9,820 D/312 To be entered. 9,821 COM/0103 Two Ronnies 9,822 CM/0803 IN THE SUMMERTIME (87) MUNGO JERRY & BR 9,823 CW/0186 IN THE SUMMERTIME YOU DON'T WA Roger Miller 9,824 D/142 In The Sweet By & By Ian Wallace 9,825 CW/0211 IN THE SWEET BYE & BYE BLACKWOOD BROS. 9,826 COM/0012 IN THE THEATRE Max Miller 9,827 D/214 In the Twi-twi-Twilight Edward Woodward 9,828 CW/0134 IN THE VALLEY OF THE RIO GRAND Marty Robbins 9,829 CM/0196 IN THE WARM ROOM Kate Bush 9,830 D/0338/b In the wee small hours of the Beverley Sisters 9,831 CH/0095 PURBROOK SWEET A 9,832 CM/0375 IN THE WINTER Janis Ian 9,833 CM/0034 IN THE WORLD TODAY Marvin Gaye 9,834 CW/0142 IN THEM OLD COTTONFIELDS BACK Johnny Cash 9,835 CW/0152 9,836 CM/0251 IN TIME Earth Wind & Fir 9,837 D/096 PEPE JARAMILLO 9,838 CM/0066 IN TOO DEEP Genesis 9,839 CM/0014 IN YOUR EYES SHARON BENSON 9,840 CM/0418 IN ZAIRE JOHNNY WAKELIN 9,841 CM/0171 INBETWEENIES Ian Drury 9,842 CM/0379 9,843 COM/0167 INCREDIBLE PLAN MAX BOYCE 9,844 CM/0380 INDESCRIBABLY BLUE Elvis 9,845 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 9,846 D/084 INDIA RON GOODWIN 9,847 COL/0448 INDIAN LOVE CALL E.DAY/D.OLDHAM 9,848 COL/0349 9,849 Cs/A1/20 Eddy & MacDonald 9,850 COL/0244 EDITH DAY/DEREK 9,851 COL/0038 9,852 COL/0297 EDOTH DAY /OLDHA 9,853 CW/0320 INDIAN ON A STOMP THE BALFA BROTHE 9,854 COM/0077 INDIAN SERGEANT GEORGE CARLIN 9,855 COM/0177 9,856 CR/0407 INDIAN SUMMER Melachrino 9,857 CR/0264 Richard Tauber 9,858 COM/0055 INDIANS Morecambe & Wise 9,859 COM/0127 9,860 CS/XM/02 Infant King Chapter House Ch 9,861 CS/X2/02 9,862 CS/A4/30 Choir Kings Camb 9,863 CH/0029 INFLAMMATUS FROM STABAT MATER Choir Vienna Boy 9,864 COM/0070 INFLATIONARY LANGUAGE VICTOR BORGE 9,865 COM/0013 INFLUENCE MAX MILLER 9,866 COM/0093 INGLE JINGLE JANGLE JONG Spike Milligan 9,867 CM/0900 INNER CITY PARADISE 9,868 CM/0900 INNER CITY THEME PARADISE 9,869 CM/0206 INNER DREAM Gordon Giltrap 9,870 CM/0458 INNER LIGHT Beatles 9,871 CM/0138 INNER LONDON VIOLENCE Bad Manners 9,872 CS/X2/20 Innkeeper's Wife Various 9,873 CS/XM/20 INNKEEPER'S WIFE - READING FRM CLIVE SANSOME 9,874 CM/0907 INNOCENT BYSTANDER LEO SAYER 9,875 CM/0063 INSIDE OUT Phil Collins 9,876 D/194 INSPECTOR GADGET TV GREATEST HITS 9,877 D/004 INSPIRATION JAMES LAST 9,878 CM/0009 INSTANT REPLAY DDAN HARTMAN 9,879 COL/0380 INSUBORDINATION ARTHUR PRINCE 9,880 CM/0339 INTELLECTUALLY AMANDA LEAR 9,881 CD\1857b INTERLUDE BILLY MAY 9,882 COL/0046 INTERMEZZO LIVERPOOL PHILHA 9,883 CS/A4/26 INTERMEZZO (SCHUBERT) LIBERACE 9,884 COL/0419 INTERMEZZO IN E MINOR WALTER GIESEKING 9,885 COM/0010 INTERNAL COMBUSTION DAVID FROST/JOHN 9,886 COM/0002 INTERVIEW Benny Hill 9,887 COM/0064 9,888 D/246 Into each life some rain must Ella Fitzgerald 9,889 D/246 To be entered. 9,890 D/192 INTO THE ALTERNATE UNIVERSE TV THEMES SiFi V 9,891 CM/0747 INTO THE GROOVE MADONNA 9,892 CW/0115 INTO THE NIGHT Toby Beau 9,893 CS/A1/34 INTRO & ALLEGRO - RAVEL NANCY ALLEN-HARP 9,894 COM/0099 INTRODUCING TOBACCO TO CIVILIS BOB NEWHART 9,895 COM/0100 9,896 CM/0009 INTUITION LINX 9,897 D/192 INVADERS TV THEMES SiFi V 9,898 CR/0276 INVICTUS OSCAR NATZKE 9,899 D/141 INVINCIBLE EAGLE HM COLDSTREAM 9,900 Cs/A1/15 ROYAL MARINES 9,901 CM/0484 INVISIBLE SUN Police 9,902 CW/0044 INVISIBLE TEARS MARIE OSMAN 9,903 CM/0066 INVISIBLE TOUCH Genesis 9,904 CM/0548 9,905 COL/0269 INVITATION TO THE WALTZ FELIX WEINGARTNE 9,906 CS/A4/14 LONDON PHILHARM 9,907 CW/0054 INVITATION TO YOUR PARTY Jerry Lee Lewis 9,908 D/051 IOLANTHE SELECTION BLACK DYKE MILLS 9,909 CH/0050 IONA BOAT SONG Choir Silver Rin 9,910 Cs/A1/12 Phil.Chmbr.Choir 9,911 CM/0026 IOU FREEEZ 9,912 COL/0387 IRENE E.DAY/R.MICHAELI 9,913 COL/0248 IRENE VOC.GEMS COLUMBIA LIGHT O 9,914 COL/0248 IRENE WALTZ EMPIRE TH.ORCH. 9,915 CW/0207 IRISH C.W. SINGER GENE STUARTS 9,916 CW/0208 GERRY FORD 9,917 CW/0209 IRISH C.W. SINGERS CLIFF LEDGER 9,918 CW/0210 9,919 Cs/A1/09 IRISH FOLK MUSIC BOTHY BAND 9,920 Cs/A1/08 DUBLINERS 9,921 Cs/A1/08 FUREY BROTHERS 9,922 Cs/A1/09 WOLFTONES 9,923 COM/0020 IRISH MEDLEY - THE Ronnie Barker 9,924 CM/0350 IRISH ROVER POGUES 9,925 CM/0767 POGUES & DUBLINE 9,926 Cs/A1/28 IRISH STEW JAMES LAST 9,927 Cs/A1/07 IRMELIN - PRELUDE TO LONDON SYMPHONY 9,928 CM/0002 IRON HORSE CHRISTIE 9,929 CM/0205 IRONSIDE Quincy Jones 9,930 D/140 IRONSIDE THEME TV THEMES 9,931 D/121 Is A Handy Place To Be Crystal Gayle 9,932 CW/0111 IS ANYBODY GOIN' TO SAN ANTONE Charlie Pride 9,933 CW/0092 IS ANYBODY GOING TO SAN ANTONE Charlie Pride 9,934 CW/0111 9,935 CW/0245 9,936 CM/0111 IS ANYBODY OUT THERE Frankie goes to 9,937 D/098 Is anyone there Elaine Paige 9,938 CW/0210 IS ANYTHING BETTER THAN THIS CHET ATKINS 9,939 CW/0207 IS GOODBYE THAT EASY TO SAY Charlie Rich 9,940 CM/0125 IS IT A CRIME Sade 9,941 CH/0067 IS IT NOTHING TO YOU (CRUCIFIX Choir Guildford 9,942 CW/0197 IS IT REAL ? Porter Wagoner 9,943 CW/0206 IS IT REALLY OVER Jim Reeves 9,944 D/252 9,945 D/236 Jim Reeves V1 9,946 D/236 To be entered. 9,947 D/252 9,948 D/296 IS IT TRUE WHAT THEY SAY REGINALD DIXON 9,949 CH/0034 IS NOT HIS WORD LIKE A FIRE ROYAL CHORAL SOC 9,950 COM/0116 IS THAT THE SUN MIKE HARDING 9,951 COM/0048 IS THAT YOUR CAR OUTSIDE Tony Hancock 9,952 CM/0430 IS THE BOY IN YOUR HEART Connie Francis 9,953 CW/0156 IS THERE ANY CHANCE ? Marty Robbins 9,954 CW/0157 9,955 CW/0134 IS THERE ANYTHING LEFT I CAN S Marty Robbins 9,956 CM/0082 IS THIS LOVE Bob Marley 9,957 CM/0905 IS THIS THE WAY TO AMARILLO TONY CHRISTIE 9,958 CM/0031 IS WRITTEN DOWN Peter Sarstedt 9,959 D/246 Is you is or is you ain't my Louis Jordan & T 9,960 D/246 To be entered. 9,961 CM/0418 ISLAND GIRL ELTON JOHN 9,962 COM/0125 ISLAND IN THE RIVER DANE BLASTER BATES 9,963 CR/0423 ISLAND IN THE SUN HARRY BELAFONTE 9,964 CS/A5/25 Julio Iglesias 9,965 D/276 Island Love Kenneth McKellar 9,966 D/276 To be entered. 9,967 Cs/A1/10 ISLE OF CAPRI JAMES LAST 9,968 CS/A1/36 PRIMO SCALA 9,969 D/162 Isle Of Golden Dreams Al Ciola 9,970 CW/0290 ISLE OF INNISHFREE Foster & Allen 9,971 CH/0022 ISLE OF MULL Choir Treorchy 9,972 Cs/A1/12 Phil.Chmbr.Choir 9,973 CW/0285 ISLE OF NEWFOUNDLAND George Hamilton 9,974 DC&BG/01 Isn't It A Lovely Day To be Ca Fred Astaire 9,975 CW/0278 ISN'T IT ALWAYS LOVE ? Frank Ifield 9,976 CM/0032 ISN'T IT LONELY TOGETHER Ray Stevens 9,977 CM/0011 ISN'T SHE LOVELY DAVID PARTON 9,978 CM/0217 Stevie Wonder 9,979 D/257 Isn't this a lovely day Bing Crosby 9,980 CS/A5/20 Peter Skellern 9,981 D/257 To be entered. 9,982 CM/0089 IT AIN'T EASY Dave Edmunds 9,983 CM/0232 IT AIN'T EASY BEING EASY Rose Marie 9,984 CM/0493 IT AIN'T ME BABE Bob Dylan 9,985 CM/0118 DAVY JONES 9,986 CW/0085 J.CASH/JUNE CART 9,987 CW/0092 Johnny Cash 9,988 CW/0162 9,989 CW/0249 9,990 D/235 Johnny Cash - Be 9,991 D/251 June Carter 9,992 D/235 To be entered. 9,993 D/251 9,994 CM/0285 IT AIN'T NECESSARILY SO MAGNIFICENT MOOD 9,995 CM/0285 Moody Blues 9,996 CR/0134 IT AIN'T NO FAULT OF MINE Jack Payne 9,997 CM/0434 IT AINT NO BIG THING Roy Orbison 9,998 CM/0435 9,999 CW/0164 IT AMAZES ME John Denver 10,000 CW/0095 IT ANIN'T ME BABE Johnny Cash 10,001 COM/0103 IT BLOWS MY MIND Two Ronnies 10,002 CS/X2/01 It Came Upon A Midnight Clear Ames Brothers 10,003 CS/X2/25 Choir St.Paul's 10,004 CS/X2/08 HAYSBRIDGE STRGS 10,005 CS/XM/06 10,006 CS/X2/31 Joan Sutherland 10,007 CS/X2/23 Johnny Mathis 10,008 CS/X2/19 MANTOVANI 10,009 CS/X2/23 10,010 CS/XM/05 Pat Boone 10,011 CS/X2/20 Various 10,012 CS/XM/01 It came upon the midnight clea Ames Brothers 10,013 CS/A3/30 Choir Lincoln Ca 10,014 CS/XM/29 Joan Sutherland 10,015 CS/XM/19 MANTOVANI 10,016 CS/XM/22 Mantovani & Chor 10,017 CS/A3/44 It can't be wrong Geraldo Dot.Squi 10,018 CM/0232 IT COMES FROM THE HEART Rose Marie 10,019 CW/0158 IT COULD BE SAID THAT WAY Willie Nelson 10,020 CW/0158 Willy Nelson 10,021 CW/0109 IT COULDN'T HAVE BEEN ANY BETT Royston Jones 10,022 CM/0042 IT DOESN'T MATTER ANY MORE Bobby Vee 10,023 CD\1856c It doesn't matter anymore Buddy Holly 10,024 CW/0297 Linda Ronstadt 10,025 D/295 It had to be you Dick Haymes 10,026 D/078 Ray Conniff 10,027 D/295 To be entered. 10,028 CW/0105 IT HAPPENED JUST THAT WAY Roger Miller 10,029 CW/0218 IT HAPPENED WHEN I REALLY NEED CARL BELEW 10,030 CW/0253 IT HAPPENS EVERY TIME I THINK Ronnie Milsap 10,031 CM/0230 IT HURT ME SO BAD Gladys Knight/Pi 10,032 CM/0116 IT HURTS ME TOO John Mayall 10,033 D/236 It hurts so much Jim Reeves V1 10,034 D/236 To be entered. 10,035 CM/0415 IT HURTS TO BE IN LOVE GENE PITNEY 10,036 CH/0034 IT IS ENOUGH ROYAL CHORAL SOC 10,037 CW/0211 IT IS NO SECRET Eddy Arnold 10,038 CS/A3/06 It is no sectret what God can Ken Dodd 10,039 D/252 It keeps right on a hurtin' Boots Randolph 10,040 D/252 To be entered. 10,041 CW/0166 IT KEEPS RIGHT ON A-HURTIN' Jimmy Dean 10,042 CW/0061 IT KEEPS RIGHT ON HURTIN' Eddy Arnold 10,043 CM/0146 IT LOOKS LIKE Tom Jones 10,044 CS/A1/36 IT LOOKS LIKE RAIN IN CHERRY PRIMO SCALA 10,045 COM/0121 IT MAKES A FELLOW PROUD TO BE TOM LEHRER 10,046 COM/0124 10,047 CW/0076 IT MAKES ME GIGGLE John Denver 10,048 CW/0088 IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE NOW TEXAS JIM ROBERT 10,049 CM/0009 IT MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE DANCIN' ROSE ROYCE 10,050 CM/0454 IT MAY BE WINTER OUTSIDE BARRY WHITE 10,051 CM/0451 LOVE UNLIMITED 10,052 CM/0278 10,053 D/246 It might as well be Spring Dick Haymes 10,054 D/122 RONNIE ALDRICH 10,055 D/0122 10,056 D/246 To be entered. 10,057 CM/0033 IT MIGHT AS WELL RAIN UNTIL Bobby Vee 10,058 CM/0038 CAROLE KING 10,059 CM/0033 IT MIGHT AS WELL RAIN UNTIL SE Bobby Vee 10,060 CM/0038 CAROLE KING 10,061 CM/0107 IT MOVES ME TO TEARS Isley Brothers 10,062 CW/0144 IT MUST BE LOVE Don Williams 10,063 D/1715 It must be Spring Joan Regan 10,064 D/179 It must be true Bing Crosby 10,065 D/179 To be entered. 10,066 CM/0170 IT NEVER RAINS IN SOUTHERN CAL Albert Hammond 10,067 COM/0119 IT NEVER RAINS IN SUNNY CALIFO Spike Jones 10,068 CW/0180 IT ONLY RAINS ON ME Don Williams 10,069 CM/0588 IT SEEMS TO HANG ON ASHFORD & SIMPSO 10,070 COM/0062 IT SERVES YOU RIGHT YOU SHOULD ALAN RANDALL 10,071 D/281 10,072 CW/0038 IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN EASY Billie Jo Spears 10,073 CW/0315 Dottsy 10,074 CM/0036 IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME YVONNE FAIR 10,075 CS/A5/27 IT SHOULDN'T HAPPEN TO A VET JAMES HERRIOT 10,076 CS/A5/28 10,077 CM/0342 IT STARTED WITH A KISS Hot Chocolate 10,078 CM/0312 IT TAKES A LOT OF LOVE DONNY OSMOND 10,079 CW/0186 IT TAKES ALL KINDS TO MAKE A W Roger Miller 10,080 D/0338/b It takes so long Beverley Sisters 10,081 CM/0227 IT TAKES TWO Donny & Marie 10,082 CM/0228 10,083 CW/0200 IT WAS ALWAYS YOU TANYA TUCKER 10,084 CR/0377 IT WAS NEVER LIKE THIS EDMUNDO ROS 10,085 CM/0434 IT WASN'T VERY LONG AGO Roy Orbison 10,086 CM/0435 10,087 CM/0106 IT WON'T BE LONG Beatles 10,088 CS/X2/06 It Won't Seem Like Christmas Elvis Presley 10,089 CS/XM/05 10,090 D/121 It'a All Right With Me Crystal Gayle 10,091 CW/0270 IT'LL BE HER TOM PALL & GLASE 10,092 CM/0349 IT'LL BE ME Lindisfarne 10,093 CM/0225 Osmonds 10,094 D/196 10,095 CW/0206 IT'LL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN Tim Hardin 10,096 CM/0162 IT'S Munich Machine 10,097 CW/0200 IT'S A COWBOY LOVIN' NIGHT TANYA TUCKER 10,098 CW/0194 IT'S A CRAZY WORLD Skeeter Davis 10,099 CW/0242 IT'S A CRYIN' SHAME THAT PEOPL DAVID ROGERS 10,100 CM/0015 IT'S A GAME FRANKIE 10,101 CM/0016 STRING DRIVEN TH 10,102 D/097 It's A Good Day - M Hallmark of Harm 10,103 D/097 It's A Great Big Shame - M Hallmark of Harm 10,104 CW/0070 IT'S A LONG ROCKY ROAD Johnny Horton 10,105 CH/0007 IT'S A LONG TIME AGO Choir AuriShanty 10,106 CH/0009 10,107 CR/0303 IT'S A LONG WAY TO TIPPERARY PRIMO SCALA 10,108 Cs/A1/16 IT'S A LOVELY DAY TODAY JOE LOSS ORCH 10,109 CH/0013 IT'S A MIRACLE Angels of Korea 10,110 CM/0393 Barry Manilow 10,111 CM/0003 IT'S A MISTAKE MEN AT WORK 10,112 CM/0460 IT'S A MYSTERY Toyah 10,113 CM/0073 IT'S A SHAME Detroit Spinners 10,114 CM/0232 IT'S A SIN TO TELL A LIE Rose Marie 10,115 CR/0022 IT'S A SIN TO TELL A LIE (WALT BILLY COTTON 10,116 CR/0333 IT'S A SMALL WORLD ERIC WINSTONE 10,117 CM/0364 IT'S A TWO WAY FEELING Our Kid 10,118 D/189 IT'S ABOUT TIME TV THEMES 10,119 CM/0398 IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF ME Herbie/Royalists 10,120 CM/0229 IT'S ALL BEEN SAID BEFORE Donny & Marie 10,121 CW/0253 IT'S ALL I CAN DO Ronnie Milsap 10,122 CM/0035 IT'S ALL IN THE GAME FOUR TOPS 10,123 CW/0125 Slim Whitman 10,124 CW/0303 10,125 D/269 Tennessee Ernie 10,126 CM/0352 IT'S ALL IN YOUR MIND BAMBOO 10,127 CM/0352 Slade 10,128 CM/0077 IT'S ALL LEADING UP TO SATUR Marmalade 10,129 CM/0249 IT'S ALL ON ME Prairie League 10,130 D/247 It's all over Cliff Richard 10,131 CW/0019 DAVID HOUSTON/TA 10,132 D/247 To be entered. 10,133 CM/0102 IT'S ALL OVER NOW Faces 10,134 CW/0266 JESSI COLTER 10,135 CM/0169 Rolling Stones 10,136 CM/0493 IT'S ALL OVER NOW BABY BLUE Bob Dylan 10,137 CM/0115 Them 10,138 D/195 It's all right with me Bing Crosby 10,139 CW/0052 Crystal Gayle 10,140 D/195 To be entered. 10,141 CM/0413 IT'S ALL UP TO YOU Osmonds 10,142 CM/0414 10,143 CW/0049 IT'S ALL WRONG BUT IT'S ALL RI Dolly Parton 10,144 D/266 It's almost tomorrow Dreamweavers 10,145 D/266 To be entered. 10,146 CW/0089 IT'S ALRIGHT Bobby Bare 10,147 CM/0392 Eurythmics 10,148 CM/0414 Osmonds 10,149 CM/0413 10,150 D/269 It's alright with me Crystal Gale 10,151 CW/0052 Crystal Gayle 10,152 Cs/A1/16 JOE LOSS ORCH 10,153 D/269 To be entered. 10,154 D/252 IT'S BEEN A LONG LONG TIME CHET ATKINS&LES 10,155 D/076 Ray Conniff 10,156 D/252 To be entered. 10,157 CW/0033 IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE AT DOTTIE WEST 10,158 CW/0285 IT'S BEEN SO LONG DARLING George Hamilton 10,159 CS/XM/17 It's beginning to look like Ch Bing Crosby 10,160 CS/X2/17 10,161 CS/X2/01 Perry Como 10,162 CS/XM/01 It's beginning to look like Xm Perry Como+Fon.S 10,163 CM/0109 IT'S CALLED A HEART Depeche mode 10,164 CM/0357 IT'S CALLED THE ROCK Edwin Starr 10,165 CS/X2/26 It's Christmas time this year Placido Domingo 10,166 CS/XM/26 10,167 CW/0035 IT'S ENOUGH TO MAKE A WOMAN LO Jean Shephard 10,168 CM/0162 IT'S FOR YOU Munich Machine 10,169 CW/0009 It's four in the morning Eddy Arnold 10,170 CW/0032 10,171 CW/0061 10,172 CW/0219 10,173 CW/0257 Faron Young 10,174 CM/0318 IT'S GETTING BETTER MAMAS & PAPAS 10,175 CM/0241 IT'S GOING TO TAKE SOME TIME Carole King 10,176 D/007 JAMES LAST 10,177 CS/X2/23 It's Gonna Be A Cold Cold Chri Dana 10,178 CS/XM/22 10,179 CS/XM/04 It's Gonna Be a Cold Cold Xmas Dana 10,180 CW/0092 IT'S GONNA TAKE A LITTLE BIT Charlie Pride 10,181 CW/0111 IT'S GONNA TAKE A LITTLE BIT L Charlie Pride 10,182 CW/0245 10,183 CW/0053 IT'S GONNA TAKE A LONG LONG TI Tammy Wynette 10,184 CW/0244 10,185 CM/0296 IT'S GONNA WORK OUT FINE Ike & Tina Turne 10,186 CM/0069 IT'S GROWING Temptations 10,187 CW/0206 IT'S HARD TO BELIEVE IN LOVE F Tim Hardin 10,188 CM/0312 IT'S HARD TO SAY GOODBYE DONNY OSMOND 10,189 D/096 IT'S IMPOSSIBLE PEPE JARAMILLO 10,190 D/282 XAVIER CUGAT 10,191 CR/0418 IT'S IN THE BOOK (Pts 1 & 2) JOHNNY STANDLEY 10,192 CW/0044 IT'S JUST THE OTHER WAY AROUND MARIE OSMAN 10,193 CD\1856a It's late Ricky Nelson 10,194 CM/0034 IT'S LOVE I NEED Marvin Gaye 10,195 D/082 IT'S MAGIC JOHNNY GREGORY 10,196 CM/0444 Tom Jones 10,197 D/082 VARIOUS ORCH 10,198 CM/0234 IT'S MY HOUSE Diana Ross 10,199 CM/0036 IT'S MY TURN Diana Ross 10,200 CM/0234 10,201 CM/0463 IT'S NICE TO BE OUT IN THE MOR Herman's Hermits 10,202 D/0338/b It's no sin Beverley Sisters 10,203 CM/0245 IT'S NOT A LOT Gary Glitter 10,204 CW/0266 IT'S NOT EASY JESSI COLTER 10,205 CM/0464 IT'S NOT EASY TO LIVE TOGETHER ENGELBERT HUMPER 10,206 CM/0343 IT'S NOT ENOUGH Swing out Sister 10,207 CW/0173 IT'S NOT LOVE Merle Haggard 10,208 CM/0470 IT'S NOT THE SPOTLIGHT Rod Stewart 10,209 CM/0441 IT'S NOT UNUSUAL Tom Jones 10,210 D/240 10,211 D/282 XAVIER CUGAT 10,212 D/241 It's now or never Elvis Presley 10,213 D/241 To be entered. 10,214 D/241 It's only love Elvis Presley 10,215 D/241 To be entered. 10,216 D/240 It's only make believe Conway twitty 10,217 D/240 To be entered. 10,218 CM/0916 IT'S ONLY WHAT I FEEL LOVE UNLIMITED 10,219 CM/0341 IT'S OUT OF THE QUESTION ISLEY BROTHERS 10,220 CM/0101 IT'S OVER Electric Light O 10,221 CM/0466 IT'S PREYING ON MY MIND David Cassidy 10,222 CM/0022 IT'S RAINING DARTS 10,223 CM/0242 10,224 CM/0210 IT'S RAINING ON PROM NIGHT CINDY BULLENS 10,225 CS/A5/14 It's raining sunbeams Deanna Durbin 10,226 D/312 It's so easy Andy Williams 10,227 CM/0042 Bobby Vee 10,228 CW/0046 OliviaNewtonJohn 10,229 D/312 To be entered. 10,230 CR/0350 IT'S SPRING AGAIN AMBROSE 10,231 CW/0307 IT'S SUCH A PRETTY WORLD TODAY NANCY SINATRA 10,232 CW/0013 WYNN STEWART 10,233 CM/0238 IT'S THE FALLING IN LOVE Samantha sang 10,234 CS/X2/05 It's The Happiest Time Of The G.Knight & Pips 10,235 CS/XM/01 It's the most wonderful time Andy Williams 10,236 CS/X2/03 MARK LAUB(ORGAN) 10,237 CM/0455 IT'S THE SAME OLD SONG FOUR TOPS 10,238 D/076 It's The Talk Of The Town Ray Conniff 10,239 CW/0016 IT'S TIME TO CROSS THE BRIDGE Jack Greene 10,240 CW/0236 IT'S TIME WE TALK THINGS OVER REX ALLEN Jr. 10,241 CM/0033 IT'S TOO LATE Bobby Vee 10,242 CM/0117 Small Faces 10,243 CM/0144 IT'S TOO SOON TO KNOW Pat Boone 10,244 CR/0455 10,245 D/251 It's true love Conway Twitty & 10,246 D/251 To be entered. 10,247 CW/0253 IT'S WRITTEN ALL OVER YOUR FAC Ronnie Milsap 10,248 CM/0497 IT'S YOU ONLY YOU LENE LOVICH 10,249 CM/0011 IT'S YOUR LIFE SMOKIE 10,250 CW/0048 IT'S YOUR LOVE THAT KEEPS ME G Lynn Anderson 10,251 COL/0172 ITALIAN IN ALGIERS JENNIE TOUREL-ME 10,252 D/198 ITALIAN MUSIC - MANDOLINS TOMMY GARRETT 10,253 D/038 ITALIAN POLKA - RACHMANINOFF TWO PIANOS 10,254 CH/0005 ITALIAN SALAD Choir Froncysyll 10,255 CH/0106 Choir Rhos MV 10,256 CR/0420 ITALIAN TALES & DIALOGUES SIGNOR IGINO FLO 10,257 D/275 ITALY TOMMY GARRETT 50 10,258 COM/0061 ITMA HANDLEY PERCIVAL 10,259 CM/0382 ITS MY PARTY LESLEY GORE 10,260 Cs/A1/16 IV'E GOT MY LOVE TO KEEP ME WA JOE LOSS ORCH 10,261 COL/0219 IVAN CARYLL MEMORIES COLUMBIA LIGHT O 10,262 COM/0001 IZAAC PETTER CYRIL FLETCHER 10,263 CW/0320 J'AI PASSE DEVANT TA PORTE THE BALFA BROTHE 10,264 DC&BG/01 J'ATTENDRAI JOHNNY HOWARD 10,265 CH/0054 JA JA JA SCHELDELOODSENKO 10,266 CM/0496 JACK & DIANE JOHN COUGAR 10,267 CR/0436 JACK & THE BEANSTALK UNCLE REX OF 2 L 10,268 CS/A3/23 Jack in the Box Not Original 10,269 CM/0786 JACK MIX III MIRAGE 10,270 CM/0800 JACK MIX IV MIRAGE 10,271 D/259 JACK PROPELLED JACK SIMPSON 10,272 D/259 To be entered. 10,273 CM/0776 JACK THAT HOUSE BUILT JACK N'CHILL 10,274 CM/0351 JACK THE GROOVE RAZE 10,275 CM/0351 JACK THE GROVE Slade 10,276 CM/0707 JACK YOUR BODY STEVE 'SL 10,277 D/296 JACK'S THE LAD in med REGINALD DIXON 10,278 COM/0170 JACKANORY NOT 9 O'CLOCK NE 10,279 D/189 JACKIE GLEASON SHOW TV THEMES 10,280 CW/0235 JACKSON BOBBY BEAR & SKE 10,281 CW/0085 CASH/JUNE CARTER 10,282 CW/0095 Johnny Cash 10,283 CW/0152 10,284 CW/0092 10,285 CW/0316 JOHNNY CASH JUNE 10,286 CW/0307 NANCY SINATRA & 10,287 CW/0019 JACKSON AIN'T A VERY BIG TOWN JOHNNY DUNCAN/JU 10,288 CW/0017 10,289 CW.0027 Tammy Wynette 10,290 CW/0027 10,291 COM/0049 JACKSONS TOM O CONNOR 10,292 CH/0047 JACOB'S LADDER Choir MonmouthMV 10,293 CS/A3/11 JACOB'S WELL ALBION BAND 10,294 CH/0064 JACOBS LADDER Choir MonmouthMV 10,295 CW/0291 JACQUELINE WALTZ - The Foster & Allen 10,296 CM/0380 JAILHOUSE ROCK Elvis 10,297 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 10,298 D/005 JAMES LAST 10,299 CM/0462 JAM BAND REPRISE JAM BAND 10,300 COM/0179 JAMAICA RUM STAG 10,301 Cs/A1/31 JAMAICAN RUMBA JAMES GALWAY 10,302 D/322 JAMBALAYA COUNTRY GUITARS 10,303 CW/0058 DUFFY BROS/RON R 10,304 CW/0053 Emmylou Harris 10,305 CM/0391 10,306 CW/0309 Hank Williams 10,307 CW/0028 JIMMY NEWMAN 10,308 CW/0260 NASSINGTON FLYER 10,309 CW/0311 JAMBALAYA ON THE BAYOU Conway Twitty 10,310 CM/0462 JAMBAND JERRY CORBETTA 10,311 COM/0161 JAMBOREE JONES Spike Jones 10,312 CM/0378 JAMES BOND DISCO THEME Biddu Orch 10,313 CW/0109 JAMESTOWN FERRY Royston Jones 10,314 CW/0034 TANYA TUCKER 10,315 CW/OO34 10,316 CM/0082 JAMMING Bob Marley 10,317 CM/0751 10,318 CW/0017 JANE JEANS & MIGHT HAVE BEEN BRYAN CHALKER 10,319 CM/0472 JANUARY FEBRUARY BARBARA DICKSON 10,320 CS/A3/32 Japanese Boy James LastSinger 10,321 CS/A4/42 Jar Of Porter Dubliners 10,322 D/242 JAVA BOB CROSBY 10,323 D/242 To be entered. 10,324 CR/0483 JAVA JIVE INK SPOTS 10,325 CM/0024 JAZZ CARNIVAL AZYMUTH 10,326 CR/0273 JAZZ ME BLUES HARRY ROY 10,327 COM/0060 JE N'AI PAS LA PLUME DE MA TAN Anna Russell 10,328 COM/0005 JE SUIS LE TENEBREUX Flanders & Swann 10,329 COM/0095 10,330 D/265 10,331 D/265 To be entered. 10,332 CW/0320 JE SUIS ORPHELIN THE BALFA BROTHE 10,333 COM/0014 JE T'AIME Judge Dread 10,334 D/133 VARIOUS SEE CARD 10,335 COM/0111 JE T'AIME(MOI NON PLUS) Judge Dread 10,336 CM/0175 JEALOUS Edwin Starr 10,337 D/237 Jealous Guy Bryan Ferry 10,338 D/237 To be entered. 10,339 D/133 VARIOUS SEE CARD 10,340 CM/0430 JEALOUS HEART Connie Francis 10,341 CW/0007 JEAN SHEPARD 10,342 CW/0113 Tex Ritter 10,343 CM/0016 JEALOUS MIND ALVIN STARDUST 10,344 CM/0140 10,345 CM/0910 10,346 CM/0399 JEALOUSY Amii Stewart 10,347 CR/0189 FRANKIE LAINE 10,348 CW/0193 10,349 CS/A3/34 MANTOVANI 10,350 Cs/A1/03 JEALOUSY (PHILIP JONES BRASS) Brass Ensemble 10,351 CM/0432 JEAN Paper Lace 10,352 CM/0250 JEANIE Sweet 10,353 CW/0074 JEANIE NORMAN Charlie Pride 10,354 CH/0023 JEANIE WITH THE LIGHT BROWN HA Choir Mormon Tab 10,355 CH/0023 JEANNIE WITH THE LIGHT BROWN H Choir Mormon Tab 10,356 D/126 CORY BAND 10,357 CH/0091 SQUARE PEGS 10,358 CM/0418 JEANS ON DAVID DUNDAS 10,359 D/296 JEEPERS CREEPERS in med REGINALD DIXON 10,360 CM/0097 JEEPSTER T.Rex 10,361 D/194 JEFFERSONS TV GREATEST HITS 10,362 CM/0131 JENNY GOTTA DANCE Bay City Rollers 10,363 CM/0087 JENNY JENNY Little Richard 10,364 D/189 JEOPARDY TV THEMES 10,365 CM/0397 JERKING THE DOG Foundations 10,366 CM/0491 10,367 CS/XM/15 Jerod & the cock Watersons 10,368 COL/0129 JEROME KERN MUSIC - 1/2 ANDRE KOSTELANET 10,369 COL/0123 JEROME KERN MUSIC OF- VOL 2 ANDRE KOSTELANET 10,370 CW/0259 JERRY LEE'S ROCK & ROLL REVIVA Jerry Lee Lewis 10,371 COM/0018 JERSEY JASPER CARROTT 10,372 D/259 JERSEY BOUNCE - voc Betty Kemp JACK SIMPSON 6 10,373 D/259 To be entered. 10,374 CS/A2/10 JERUSALEM BBC SYMPHONY ORC 10,375 CH/0087 BBC Welsh Chorus 10,376 CS/A4/45 Cant.Cath.Choir 10,377 CH/0055 CHOIR & BRASS BA 10,378 CH/0053 Choir Glasgow Ph 10,379 D/245 Choir Leeds Pari 10,380 CH/0064 Choir Morriston 10,381 CH/0004 Choir Warwick SM 10,382 D/279 Cliff Adams Sing 10,383 CS/A1/42 HARRY SECOMBE 10,384 CH/0024 PAISLEY ABBEY 10,385 CH/0100 PAISLEY ABBEY CH 10,386 D/245 To be entered. 10,387 D/279 10,388 CS/A5/32 JERUSALEM - PATRIOTIC AIR HM ROYAL MARINES 10,389 CW/0033 JESSE DOTTIE WEST 10,390 CW/0283 JESSE JAMES HARRY MAC' McCLI 10,391 CW/0055 JESSYE LISABETH Bobbie Gentry 10,392 CW/0191 JESSYE' LISABETH BOBBIE GENTRY 10,393 CH/0008 JESU GRANT ME THIS I PRAY Choir Salisbury 10,394 CS/A3/02 JESU JOY OF MAN'S DESIRING ACADEMYSt.MARTIN 10,395 CH/0088 Aled Jones (Boy 10,396 D/092 BBC Welsh Chorus 10,397 CH/0003 Choir Glasgow Or 10,398 CH/0053 Choir Glasgow Ph 10,399 CH/0080 Choir Mormon Tab 10,400 CH/0097 10,401 CS/A2/04 Choir Oxfd Cath 10,402 CH/0025 Choir Treorchy 10,403 CH/0060 Choir WestminBac 10,404 D/279 Cliff Adams Sing 10,405 D/068 HALLE ORCHESTRA 10,406 CH/0036 MYRA HESS (PIANO 10,407 CS/XM/09 ORGAN 10,408 CS/X2/10 ORGAN-M.SOUTER 10,409 CS/A2/39 SEMPRINI 10,410 D/279 To be entered. 10,411 CH/0100 JESU LOVER OF MY SOUL Choir Morriston 10,412 CH/0024 10,413 CH/0004 Choir Warwick SM 10,414 CM/0147 JESUS Cliff Richard 10,415 CH/0102 JESUS BLESSED SAVIOUR TEMPLE CHU CHOIR 10,416 CH/0004 JESUS CHRIST IS RISEN TODAY Collegiate Churc 10,417 CM/0487 JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR First Christian 10,418 CH/0060 JESUS CHRIST WE ASK Choir WestminBac 10,419 D/283 JESUS IS CALLING JACK WARD PIANO 10,420 D/283 To be entered. 10,421 CW/0063 JESUS IS THE ONLY ONE THAT LOV Bobby Bare 10,422 CW/0253 JESUS IS YOUR TICKET TO HEAVEN Ronnie Milsap 10,423 CS/A3/15 Jesus loves me Salvation Army 10,424 D/005 JESUS LOVES YOU JAMES LAST 10,425 CH/0067 JESUS SAID (CRUCIFIXION) Choir Guildford 10,426 CW/0032 JESUS SEND A SONG Tammy Wynette 10,427 CW/0243 10,428 CH/0067 JESUS THE CRUCIFIED Choir Guildford 10,429 CH/0021 JESUS WANTS ME FOR A SUNBEAM S.A.SUNBURY SING 10,430 CW/0154 JESUS WAS A CARPENTER Johnny Cash 10,431 CM/0187 JET Wings 10,432 CM/0465 10,433 CM/0901 JET AIRLINER MODERN TALKING 10,434 CS/A3/14 Jet song Soundtrack 10,435 COM/0056 JET:PROPELLED GUIDED NAAFI GOONS 10,436 CM/0243 JETHRO TULL JETHRO TULL 10,437 CW/0317 JETHRO'S A POWERFUL MAN BUDDY EBSEN/MAX 10,438 COL/0009 JEUX D'EAU EILEEN JOYCE 10,439 CM/0097 JEWEL T.Rex 10,440 COM/0093 JEWELLER'S SHOP Morecambe & Wise 10,441 CW/0193 JEZABEL Frankie Laine 10,442 CM/0463 Herman's Hermits 10,443 CM/0125 JEZEBEL Sade 10,444 CD\1858 JEZEBEL LOVE THEME RCA SYMPH.ORCH 10,445 COM/0116 JIGGERY POKERY HIKE HARDING 10,446 Cs/A1/29 JIGS - VARIOUS JIMMY SHAND 10,447 Cs/A1/29 JIGS. VARIOUS - 2 JIMMY SHAND 10,448 CR/0256 JIM VICTOR SILVESTER 10,449 CW/0209 JIMMIE BROWN THE NEWSBOY LESTER FLATT & M 10,450 CW/0093 JIMMIE RODGERS' LAST THOUGHTS ERNEST TUBB 10,451 CW/0150 JIMMIE THE KID JIMMIE RODGERS 10,452 CW/0287 10,453 CW/0287 JIMMIE' MEAN MAMA BLUES JIMMIE RODGERS 10,454 CW/0181 JIMMY BROWN THE NEWSBOY MAC WISEMAN 10,455 D/286 JIMMY DURANTE ROUTINE FRANK SINATRA SH 10,456 D/286 To be entered. 10,457 CM/0757 JIMMY LEE ARETHA FRANKLIN 10,458 CM/0455 JIMMY MACK MARTHA REEVES 10,459 CM/0224 JIMMY OSMOND MEDLEY Osmonds 10,460 CW/0146 JIMMY RODGERS STORY - The Hank Snow 10,461 Cs/A1/29 JIMMY SHAND WALTZ JIMMY SHAND 10,462 D/0331 Jimmy Young Cassette Jimmy Young 10,463 CS/XM/23 Jing Bell Rock Johnny Mathis 10,464 CM/0532 JINGLE BELL RAP COMFORT & JOY 10,465 CS/XM/04 Jingle Bell Rock Brenda Lee 10,466 CS/X2/23 Johnny Mathis 10,467 CS/X2/17 Jingle Bells Bing Crosby 10,468 CS/XM/17 10,469 D/246 Bing Crosby & AS 10,470 CS/X2/02 Chapter House Ch 10,471 CS/XM/02 10,472 CR/0397 ERIC DELANEY 10,473 CS/X2/14 Fireside Singers 10,474 CS/XM/10 GLENN MILLER 10,475 CS/X2/11 GLENN MILLER ORC 10,476 CS/X2/08 HAYSBRIDGE STRGS 10,477 CS/XM/06 10,478 CS/XM/32 Kings Singers 10,479 CS/X2/27 Kings' Singers 10,480 CS/X2/19 MANTOVANI 10,481 CS/XM/19 10,482 COM/0119 Spike Jones 10,483 D/246 To be entered. 10,484 CS/X2/22 VARIOUS 10,485 CS/A4/31 JINGLE BELLS - DECK THE HALL PHIL.JONES BRASS 10,486 CS/X2/03 JINGLE BELLS - M MARK LAUB(ORGAN) 10,487 CW/0113 JINGLE JANGLE JINGLE Tex Ritter 10,488 CS/A3/36 JINGO JANGO BERT KAEMPFERT 10,489 CM/0172 JITTERBUGGIN' Various 10,490 CM/0211 JIVE TALKIN Bee Gees 10,491 D/212 JO STAFFORD CASSETTE 45m JO STAFFORD 10,492 D/212 To be entered. 10,493 CM/0040 JOANNA Best of 50/60s 10,494 CM/0040 Best of 50s/60s 10,495 Cs/A1/13 Jock O'Hazeldean Corries 10,496 CW/0186 JODY & THE KID Roger Miller 10,497 CW/0014 Roy Drusky 10,498 CW/0239 10,499 CW/0262 10,500 CW/0172 JOE DON'T LET YOUR MUSIC KILL Tom T. Hall. 10,501 CM/0408 JOE HILL Scott Walker 10,502 CM/0481 JOE LE TAXI VANESSA PARADIS 10,503 COM/0153 JOE'S COMMERCIALS BOB WILLIAMSON 10,504 D/005 JOG DIG OAS JAMES LAST 10,505 COM/0105 JOHN & MARSHA STAN FREBERG 10,506 COM/0156 10,507 COM/0164 10,508 COM/0165 JOHN AND MARSHA STAN FREBERG 10,509 CH/0054 JOHN BROWN'S BODY SCHELDELOODSENKO 10,510 COM/0178 STAG 10,511 CS/A3/11 JOHN DORY ALBION BAND 10,512 CW/0007 John Henry Hank Thompson 10,513 CH/0054 JOHN KANAKA SCHELDELOODSENKO 10,514 CH/0006 JOHN REED WALKS IN PETROGRAD Choir Red Army 10,515 COM/0162 JOHN SCOTTER TROT Spike Jones 10,516 DC&BG/01 John Took Me Home To See His G.Kelly-Hayworth 10,517 CM/0319 JOHN'S MUSIC BOX MAMAS & PAPAS 10,518 CM/0494 JOHNNY & MARY ROBERT PALMER 10,519 CW/0311 JOHNNY B. GOODE Conway Twitty 10,520 CM/0447 JOHNNY B.GOODE Beach Boys 10,521 CM/0037 CHUCK BERRY 10,522 CM/0037 JOHNNY BE.GOODE Chuck Berry 10,523 CW/0290 JOHNNY BROWN Foster & Allen 10,524 CW/0058 JOHNNY CASH DUFFY BROS/RON R 10,525 CW/0260 NASSINGTON FLYER 10,526 CW/0212 JOHNNY CASH AT SAN QUENTIN (Gr Johnny Cash 10,527 CM/0198 JOHNNY I LOVE YOU Booker T. Jones 10,528 CW/0147 JOHNNY REB Johnny Cash 10,529 CM/0005 JOHNNY REGGAE PIGLETS 10,530 CM/0497 JOHNNY ROCCO DAVE STEWART 10,531 CM/0144 JOHNNY WILL Pat Boone 10,532 CM/0395 JOIN THE BOYS Joan Armatrading 10,533 COM/0104 JOKER IS WILD THE Jan & Dean 10,534 CW/0041 JOLENE Dolly Parton 10,535 CW/0042 10,536 CW/0043 10,537 CW/0190 10,538 CM/0450 JOLLY CUP OF TEA Wizzard 10,539 CR/0520 JOLLY GOOD COMPANY Jack Hylton 10,540 CS/X2/01 Jolly Old Saint Nicholas Ames Brothers 10,541 CS/XM/01 Jolly Old St.Nicholas Ames Brothers 10,542 CM/0468 JOLLY ROGER Adam & the Ants 10,543 COM/0092 JONES LAUGHING RECORD Spike Jones 10,544 D/189 JONNY QUEST TV THEMES 10,545 CS/A2/33 JOPLIN COMPOSITIONS LABEQUE SISTERS 10,546 COM/0153 JOSE CANTINA BOB WILLIAMSON 10,547 COM/0108 JOSE'S CANTINA Benny Hill 10,548 COM/0133 10,549 D/0319 Josef Schmit - Tenor Josef Schmit 10,550 CS/A5/24 Joseph Cliff Richard 10,551 CS/XM/05 Jake Thackray 10,552 D/301 Joseph Schmit Story - TENOR Joseph Schmidt 10,553 D/301 To be entered. 10,554 COM/0050 JOSEPHINE Max Miller 10,555 COM/0062 10,556 CW/0042 JOSHUA Dolly Parton 10,557 CM/0246 JOSIE Steely Dan 10,558 D/194 JOSIE & THE PUSSYCATS TV GREATEST HITS 10,559 CM/0378 JOURNEY INTO ECSTACY Biddu Orch 10,560 CM/0378 JOURNEY INTO FANTASY Biddu Orch 10,561 D/051 JOURNEY INTO FREEDOM RHAPSODY BLACK DYKE MILLS 10,562 CS/X2/20 Journey of The Magi Various 10,563 CS/XM/20 JOURNEY OF THE MAJI- READING T.S. ELIOT 10,564 D/191 JOURNEY TO THE 7th GALAXY TV THEMES SiFi V 10,565 CM/0488 JOURNEY TO THE MOON BIDDU 10,566 CM/0378 Biddu Orch 10,567 CM/0632 BIDDU ORCH. 10,568 CM/0378 JOURNEY TO THE SUN Biddu Orch 10,569 D/051 JOUSTS BLACK DYKE MILLS 10,570 CM/0451 JOY ISAAC HAYES 10,571 CS/A5/26 JOY - BACH APOLLO 100 10,572 CM/0217 JOY INSIDE MY TEARS Stevie Wonder 10,573 CM/0147 JOY OF LIVING Cliff Richard 10,574 CS/X2/13 Joy To The World Andy Williams 10,575 CS/XM/12 10,576 CS/XM/05 Dolly Parton 10,577 CS/X2/31 Joan Sutherland 10,578 CS/XM/29 10,579 CW/0047 Lynn Anderson 10,580 CS/X2/26 Placido Domingo 10,581 CS/X2/03 JOY TO THE WORLD - M MARK LAUB(ORGAN) 10,582 COM/0015 JOYFUL NOISE JOYCE GRENFELL 10,583 CS/A4/18 Jubilate Deo Choir Gloucester 10,584 CM/0297 JUBILEE WITH SOUL Four Tops 10,585 COL/0373 JUDAS MACCABAEUS SHEFFIELD CHOIR 10,586 COM/0129 JUDY IN DISGUISE JOHN FRED & PLAY 10,587 D/287 JUGGLING ON THE STAGE W.C. FIELDS ROUT 10,588 CM/0419 JUICER Sweet 10,589 D/004 JUKE BOX JIVE JAMES LAST 10,590 CR/0334 JUKEBOX JUMBA JACK PARNELL 10,591 CM/0221 JULIE Osmonds 10,592 CM/0911 JUMBO SAM DISCO TECH 10,593 CM/0009 JUMP TO THE BEAT STACEY LATTISAW 10,594 CM/0212 JUMPIN' JACK FLASH JOHNNY WINTER 10,595 CM/0169 Rolling Stones 10,596 CW/0215 JUNE AT SEA OF GALILEE - NARRA Johnny Cash 10,597 D/179 June in January Bing Crosby 10,598 D/078 Ray Conniff 10,599 D/122 RONNIE ALDRICH 10,600 D/0122 10,601 D/179 To be entered. 10,602 CH/0010 JUNE IS BUSTIN' OUT ALL OVER RAF Brize Norton 10,603 CM/0101 JUNGLE Electric Light O 10,604 CM/0359 JUNGLE JAZZ Kool 10,605 CM/0460 JUNGLES OF JUPITER Toyah 10,606 CM/0465 JUNIORS FARM Wings 10,607 CM/0324 JUPITER Earth Wind & Fir 10,608 CD\1858 JURASSIC PARK OVERTURE NAT.PHIL.ORCH 10,609 CM/0437 JUST A COUNTRY BOY Showaddywaddy 10,610 CM/0138 JUST A FEELING Bad Manners 10,611 CM/0131 JUST A LITTLE LOVE Bay City Rollers 10,612 CD\1856c Just a little too muchRicky Ne lson 10,613 CM/0491 JUST A LITTLE WHILE LONGER Foundations 10,614 CM/0041 JUST A MATTER OF TIME Clarence Frogman 10,615 CM/0480 JUST A MIRAGE JELLYBEAN 10,616 CM/0281 JUST A NORMAL DAY SUPERTRAMP 10,617 CD\1857a JUST A SITTIN' AND A ROCKIN' BILLY MAY 10,618 D/267 Just a song at twilight Fureys 10,619 CS/A5/21 Robert White 10,620 D/267 To be entered. 10,621 CM/0212 JUST A THOUGHT JONATHAN SWIFT 10,622 D/179 Just a-wearyin' for you Bing Crosby 10,623 D/279 Cliff Adams Sing 10,624 D/179 To be entered. 10,625 D/279 10,626 CM/0341 JUST AIN'T ENOUGH LOVE ISLEY BROTHERS 10,627 CW/0305 JUST AN ECHO IN THE VALLEY Slim Whitman 10,628 CM/0164 JUST AN EXCUSE Elkie Brooks 10,629 CM/0239 JUST AN OLD SONG Melanie 10,630 CS/A4/11 Just as I am without one plea Choir RNC.GRENWI 10,631 CH/0004 Choir Warwick SM 10,632 CW/0027 JUST AS SOON AS I GET OVER LOV Tammy Wynette 10,633 CW/0237 JUST AT DAWN Gene Watson 10,634 CM/0380 JUST BECAUSE Elvis 10,635 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 10,636 CW/0041 JUST BECAUSE I'M A WOMAN Dolly Parton 10,637 CW/0231 JUST BECAUSE IT FEELS GOOD Ronnie Milsap 10,638 CM/0369 JUST BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME Sparks 10,639 CW/0092 JUST BETWEEN YOU & ME Charlie Pride 10,640 CW/0245 10,641 CW/0299 10,642 CW/0068 JUST BEYOND THE MOON Tex Ritter 10,643 CW/0171 JUST BIDIN' MY TIME George Hamilton 10,644 CW/0218 JUST BUMMING AROUND Jimmy Dean 10,645 CW/0069 JUST CALL ME LONESOME Wanda Jackson 10,646 CM/0109 JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH Depeche mode 10,647 CM/0735 10,648 CW/0237 JUST CROSSING HER MIND Gene Watson 10,649 CM/0489 JUST DON'T LET THE GOOD LIFE Karlins 10,650 CM/0451 JUST DON'T WANT TO BE LONELY MAIN INGREDIENT 10,651 COM/0042 JUST FANCY ERIC BARKER 10,652 CW/0129 JUST FOR THE LONELY ONES Porter Wagoner 10,653 CM/0703 JUST FOR YOU ALAN PRICE 10,654 CM/0304 Glitter Band 10,655 COM/0010 JUST FOUR JUST MEN DAVID FROST/JOHN 10,656 CW/0238 JUST GOOD OLD BOYS (DUKES OF H RONNIE PROPHET 10,657 CW/0094 JUST GOT OFF THE MERRY-GO-ROUN Hank Snow 10,658 CW/0160 10,659 CM/0366 JUST LET IT LAY Gonzalez 10,660 CM/0493 JUST LIKE A WOMAN Bob Dylan 10,661 CM/0105 Manfred Mann 10,662 CM/0136 JUST LIKE ME Hollies 10,663 CM/0036 JUST MY IMAGINATION Temptations 10,664 CM/0344 10,665 CM/0253 JUST NOW & THEN Detroit Emeralds 10,666 CSM/0253 10,667 CM/0254 JUST ONE KISS FROM YOU Impressions 10,668 CSM/0254 10,669 CW/0054 JUST ONE MORE George Jones 10,670 CW/0080 Johnny Cash 10,671 D/286 JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS FRANK SINATRA SH 10,672 D/286 To be entered. 10,673 COM/0148 JUST ONE PERSON Muppets 10,674 CW/0158 JUST ONE STEP AFORE LOSING YOU Willie Nelson 10,675 CW/0158 Willy Nelson 10,676 CW/0270 JUST ONE TIME TOM PALL & GLASE 10,677 CW/0179 JUST OUT OF REACH BILL QUINN 10,678 CW/0308 CHET ATKINS 10,679 CW/0017 COUNTRY SHACK 10,680 CW/0061 Eddy Arnold 10,681 D/244 Jim Reeves 10,682 CS/A3/06 Ken Dodd 10,683 CW/0211 Patsy Cline 10,684 CW/0010 10,685 D/244 To be entered. 10,686 COM/0157 JUST SO PROUD TO BE HERE Ray Stevens 10,687 CM/0032 JUST SO PROUD TO BE THERE Ray Stevens 10,688 CW/0063 JUST THE OTHER SIDE OF NOWHERE Bobby Bare 10,689 CW/0044 JUST THE OTHER WAY AROUND Marie Osmond 10,690 CW/0041 JUST THE WAY I AM Dolly Parton 10,691 CW/0250 10,692 CM/0454 JUST THE WAY YOU ARE BARRY WHITE 10,693 D/244 Billie Jo Spears 10,694 CM/0908 CANDLEWICK GREEN 10,695 CM/0370 Mathis & William 10,696 D/244 To be entered. 10,697 D/133 VARIOUS SEE CARD 10,698 CM/0231 JUST WALK IN MY SHOES Gladys Knight/Pi 10,699 D/240 Just walkin' in the rain Johnnie ray 10,700 D/240 To be entered. 10,701 CM/0334 JUST WE TWO Modern Talking 10,702 CM/0401 JUST WHAT I NEEDED Cars 10,703 CM/0023 JUST WHEN I NEEDED YOU MOST RANDY VANWARMER 10,704 CM/0211 K-JEE Bee Gees 10,705 CM/0211 M.F.S.B. 10,706 CM/0279 UNIVERSAL LOVE 10,707 CM/0365 KALAMAZOO Barry Blue 10,708 CM/0298 KALIMBA STORY Earth Wind&Fire 10,709 CM/0324 KALIMBA TREE Earth Wind & Fir 10,710 CH/0016 KALINKA APOLLO TEESIDE 10,711 CH/0057 Choir Don Cossac 10,712 CH/0081 Choir Morriston 10,713 CH/0037 Choir Red Army 10,714 CH/0039 10,715 CH/0035 10,716 CH/0014 JOHN BOULTER 10,717 CH/0037 KAMARINSKAYA Choir Red Army 10,718 CM/0474 KANSAS CITY Beatles 10,719 CM/0444 Tom Jones 10,720 CM/0039 WILBUR HARRISON 10,721 D/091 Karma Chameleon James Last 10,722 CM/0196 KASHKA FROM BAGHDAD Kate Bush 10,723 D/279 Kashmiri Song Cliff Adams Sing 10,724 CS/A1/45 Peter Dawson 10,725 D/279 To be entered. 10,726 D/135 KASSIAN WOUT STEENHUIS 10,727 CW/0015 KATE Johnny Cash 10,728 CW/0018 10,729 D/280 KATE KEARNEY MUSIC BX 8 AIR C 10,730 D/280 To be entered. 10,731 Cs/A1/13 Kate of Dalrymple/ Petronella Corries 10,732 D/087 Kathe trello pedi Nana Mouskouri 10,733 COL/0359 KATINKA SELECTION HERMAN FINCK 10,734 CW/0209 KATY HILL BILL MONROE 10,735 CW/0092 KAW-LIGA Charlie Pride 10,736 CW/0299 10,737 CW/0245 10,738 D/252 Danny Davis & Na 10,739 CW/0238 Hank Williams 10,740 D/252 To be entered. 10,741 CW/0233 KE-KALI-NEI-AU(Hawaiian Weddin Roy Drusky 10,742 CM/0274 KECHAK FANTASY Voyage 10,743 CSM/0274 10,744 CH/0031 KEEL ROW Choir Consett Ci 10,745 CS/A4/38 Kiri Te Kanawa 10,746 CD\1857b KEEN AND PEACHEY BILLY MAY 10,747 CM/0271 KEEP LOOKING SOLOMON BURKE 10,748 CM/0087 KEEP A KNOCKIN Little Richard 10,749 CM/0080 KEEP A KNOCKIN' Dave Clark Five 10,750 CM/0385 KEEP IT COMING LOVE KC/SUNSHIBE BAND 10,751 CM/0010 KEEP IT UP OLYMPIC RUNNERS 10,752 CM/0457 KEEP LOOKING Sade 10,753 CM/0334 KEEP LOVE ALIVE Modern Talking 10,754 CM/0132 KEEP ON DANCING Bay City Rollers 10,755 CM/0427 10,756 CM/0282 KEEP ON HUSTLIN' VAN MCCOY 10,757 CM/0272 KEEP ON JUMPIN' KEEP ON JUMPIN' 10,758 CM/0272 Musique 10,759 CM/0003 KEEP ON LOVING YOU REO SPEEDWAGON 10,760 CM/0172 Various 10,761 CM/0448 KEEP ON ROCKING Slade 10,762 CM/0455 KEEP ON TRUCKIN (PART 1) EDDIE KENDRICKS 10,763 COL/0438 KEEP RIGHT ON TO THE END OF TH HARRY LAUDER 10,764 CW/0024 KEEP THE CHANGE George Jones 10,765 CM/0425 KEEP THE HOME FIRE BURNING LATIMORE 10,766 CR/0303 KEEP THE HOME FIRES BURNING PRIMO SCALA 10,767 CW/0231 KEEP THE NIGHT AWAY Ronnie Milsap 10,768 CW/0285 KEEP THOSE CARDS & LETTERS COM George Hamilton 10,769 CW/0249 JOHNNY & JONIE M 10,770 CM/0769 KEEP YOUR EYE ON ME HERB ALPERT 10,771 CH/0031 KEEP YOUR FEET STILL GEORDIE H Choir Consett Ci 10,772 CM/0349 KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY BABY Lindisfarne 10,773 CR/0472 KEEP YOUR LAST GOODNIGHT FOR M AMBROSE 10,774 D/097 Keep Your Sunnyside Up Hallmark of Harm 10,775 CM/0297 KEEPER OF THE C Four Tops 10,776 CW/0057 KEEPER OF THE KEY Porter Wagoner 10,777 CM/0406 KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSSED Stylistics 10,778 CM/0040 KEEPS A TELLIN' ME NO Best of 50/60s 10,779 CM/0040 Best of 50s/60s 10,780 COL/0137 KELTIC LAMENT JACQUES ORCH 10,781 COL/0169 10,782 CW/0005 KENTUCKY CHET ATKINS 10,783 CW/0269 10,784 CW/0228 10,785 CW/0017 THE BIG TIMERS 10,786 CM/0380 KENTUCKY RAIN Elvis 10,787 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 10,788 COL/0092 KENTUCKY SELECTION SYDNEY BAYNES OR 10,789 CW/0230 KENTUCKY WALTZ CARL JACKSON 10,790 CW/0088 TEXAS JIM ROBERT 10,791 CS/A1/45 Kerry Dance Peter Dawson 10,792 CS/A3/24 10,793 CS/A4/39 KERRY MARCH IRISH GUARDS BND 10,794 CH/0049 KERZENSERENADE Gunther Kallman 10,795 Cs/A1/09 KESH JIG BOTHY BAND 10,796 CM/0116 KEY TO LOVE John Mayall 10,797 CM/0358 KEY TO THE WORLD Heaven 17 10,798 CW/0251 KEY'S IN THE MAILBOX - The JEAN SHEPARD 10,799 COL/0233 KEYS OF HEAVEN C.BUTT/K.RUMFORD 10,800 COM/0072 KICK OUT THE JAMS TUB THUMPER 10,801 COM/0109 10,802 CD\1857 KID FROM RED BANK BILLY MAY 10,803 CD\1857a 10,804 CW/0073 KID STUFF BARBARA FAIRCHIL 10,805 D/070 KID.THE LONDON FEST.ORCH 10,806 COM/0136 KIDDIES OLYMPICS M.GRIFFITH/N.LEW 10,807 D/004 KIDDY KIDDY KISS ME JAMES LAST 10,808 COM/0077 KIDNAPPED WOODY ALLEN 10,809 COM/0177 10,810 COM/0166 KIDS TOM O'CONNOR 10,811 CW/0286 KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS Tammy Wynette 10,812 COM/0153 KIDS' PROGRAMMES BOB WILLIAMSON 10,813 CM/0468 KILLER IN THE HOME Adam & the Ants 10,814 CM/0258 KILLER JOE Impressions 10,815 CSM/0258 JIMMY OSMOND 10,816 CM/0065 KILLER QUEEN Queen 10,817 CM/0142 KILLING OF GEORGIE Rod Stewart 10,818 CW/0157 KIN TO THE WIND Marty Robbins 10,819 CW/0236 REX ALLEN Jr. 10,820 CM/0223 KIND OF A WOMAN THAT A MAN WAN Osmonds 10,821 CW/0136 KINDA HALFWAY FEEL Marty Robbins 10,822 COM/0090 KINDERGARTEN BILL COSBY 10,823 CS/A2/19 KING & I - FILM SOUNDTRACK FILM SOUNDTRACK 10,824 Cs/A1/12 King Arthur Phil.Chmbr.Choir 10,825 CM/0267 RICK WAKEMAN 10,826 CM/0267 KING ARTHUR & KNIGHTS OF ROUND CK WAKEMAN 10,827 COM/0149 KING COLE FIRST XV SING RU 10,828 CS/A4/40 KING COTTON CORPS.TRANS.BAND 10,829 D/141 HM COLDSTREAM 10,830 D/056 ROCHDALE WILSONS 10,831 Cs/A1/15 ROYAL MARINES 10,832 CH/0067 KING EVER GLORIOUS (CRUCIFIXIO Choir Guildford 10,833 COM/0082 KING IS STILL IN LONDON DAD'S ARMY 10,834 CS/A4/29 King Jesus Hath a Garden Choir Kings Camb 10,835 CM/0909 KING OF CLOWNS NEIL SEDAKA 10,836 D/053 KING OF KING & LORD OF LORDS To be entered. 10,837 D/054 King Of Love My Shepherd Is Brid.Priory 10,838 CH/0008 Choir Salisbury 10,839 CH/0004 Choir Warwick SM 10,840 CM/0480 KING OF ROCK 'N' ROLL PREFAB SPROUT 10,841 CM/0097 KING OF THE MOUNTAIN COMETH T.Rex 10,842 CM/0040 KING OF THE ROAD Best of 50/60s 10,843 CM/0040 Best of 50s/60s 10,844 CM/0209 Boney M 10,845 D/114 NATHAN WILLIAMS 10,846 CW/0186 Roger Miller 10,847 CW/0002 Tennessee Ernie 10,848 CM/0288 KING OF THE RUMBLING SPIRES T.REX 10,849 CM/0288 TREX 10,850 CM/0203 KING SNAKE Mangione 10,851 CS/A4/06 King's Horses Various 10,852 D/263 KING'S HORSES - IN MED YORKSHIRE IMPERI 10,853 Cs/A1/27 KINGFISHER JAMES LAST 10,854 CM/0468 KINGS OF THE WILD FRONTIER Adam & the Ants 10,855 CM/0483 KINGSIZE Haircut 100 10,856 COM/0176 KIPPERS FOR TEA BOB WILLIAMSON 10,857 D/004 KISS & SHAKE JAMES LAST 10,858 CW/0245 KISS AN ANGEL GOOD MORNING Charlie Pride 10,859 CW/0074 10,860 CW/0092 10,861 CW/0072 Joe Simon 10,862 CM/0085 KISS KISS KISS John Lennon 10,863 CS/A4/05 Kiss me again Deanna Durbin 10,864 Cs/A1/21 Rbt.Shaw Chorale 10,865 COM/0062 Kiss me goodnight Sgt. Major ALAN RANDALL 10,866 D/281 Kiss Me Goodnight Sgt.Major Alan Randall 10,867 CD\1856a Kiss me honey honey kiss me Shirley Bassey 10,868 D/240 10,869 CR/0309 KISS OF FIRE BILLY ECKSTINE 10,870 CR/0255 KISS THE BOYS GOODBYE AMBROSE 10,871 CM/0022 KISS YOU ALL OVER EXILE 10,872 CM/0382 KISSES SWEETER THAN WINE JIMMIE RODGERS 10,873 D/0304 New Christy Mins 10,874 CM/0192 KISSIN' Stylus 10,875 CM/0013 KISSIN' IN THE BACK ROW DRIFTERS 10,876 CM/0434 KISSING IN THE BACK ROW OF THE Drifters 10,877 CM/0433B KISSING WITH CONFIDENCE WILL POWERS 10,878 CW/0200 KNEE DEEP IN LOVING YOU TANYA TUCKER 10,879 CS/A4/39 KNEES UP MOTHER BROWN ROYAL CORPSTRANS 10,880 CM/0009 KNOC ON WOOD AMII STEWART 10,881 CW/0021 KNOCK AGAIN TRUE LOVE CLAUDE GRAY 10,882 CS/A3/23 Knock Knock who's there Not Original 10,883 CM/0496 KNOCK ME OUT GARY'S GANG 10,884 CW/0198 KNOCK OFF YOUR NAGGIN' StonewallJackson 10,885 CM/0001 KNOCK ON WOOD AMI STEWART 10,886 CM/0271 EDDIE FLOYD 10,887 CM/0271 SOUL 10,888 CM/0268 KNOCK THREE TIMES Dawn 10,889 CM/0427 10,890 CW/0047 Lynn Anderson 10,891 CM/0268 TONY ORLANDO & D 10,892 CM/0268 Tony Orlando+D 10,893 D/321 KNOCKIN' AT THE FAMOUS DOOR CHARLIE BARNETT 10,894 CM/0217 KNOCKS ME OFF MY FEET Stevie Wonder 10,895 D/194 KNOT'S LANDING TV GREATEST HITS 10,896 CM/0448 KNOW WHO YOU ARE Slade 10,897 CM/0449 10,898 CM/0478 KNOWING ME KNOWING YOU Abba 10,899 CM/0276 KNUCKLE HEAD FUNKIN THE GAP BAND 10,900 CM/0276 KNUCKLE HEAD FUNKIN' Gap Band 10,901 CW/0004 Ko ko Joe Jerry Reed 10,902 D/194 KOJAK TV GREATEST HITS 10,903 COM/0005 KOKORAKI Flanders & Swann 10,904 D/265 10,905 D/265 To be entered. 10,906 COM/0095 KOKORAKI-A GREEK SONG Flanders & Swann 10,907 COM/0116 KOMIC KUTS MIKE HARDING 10,908 CH/0017 KOMMT IHR TOCHTER HELFT MIR KL MUNICH BACH & MU 10,909 CM/0404 KONEKUF Manfred Mann 10,910 CM/0020 KOOL IN THE KAFTAN B.A.ROBERTSON 10,911 CH/0013 KOREAN - FOLK SONGS Angels of Korea 10,912 CH/0013 KOREAN CHOIR GIRLS Angels of Korea 10,913 CH/0013 KOREAN FOLK SONGS Angels of Korea 10,914 CM/0701 KORVA SELECTION PPRIME FORCE 10,915 CH/0028 KRAKOWIAK MAZOWSZE 10,916 CM/0064 KRISCO KISSES Frankie goes to 10,917 COM/0100 KRUSCHEV LANDING REHEARSAL BOB NEWHART 10,918 D/110 Kula Serenade Morriston Orp.Ch 10,919 CH/0051 KULAMBU AT PAYALOK PHILIPPINE DANCE 10,920 CH/0022 KUM-:BAY-YAH Choir Treorchy 10,921 CH/0022 KUM-BAY-YAH Choir Treorchy 10,922 CH/0064 KUMBAYA 1000 WELSH MALE 10,923 CH/0016 APOLLO TEESIDE 10,924 CH/0052 Choir Welsh Male 10,925 D/307 London Commun.Go 10,926 D/307 To be entered. 10,927 D/052 Kumbyah LONDON C.GOSPELC 10,928 CM/0013 KUNG FU FIGHTING CARL DOUGLAS 10,929 CM/0910 10,930 D/004 JAMES LAST 10,931 CM/0451 KUNG FU MAN MR.SUPERBAD 10,932 CH/0017 KYRIE ST.HEDWIG'S CATH 10,933 CH/0021 L S.A.SUNBURY SING 10,934 CW/0050 Stella Parton 10,935 CS/A2/06 L FOR LOVE RICHARDCLAYDERMN 10,936 D/260 L'ALLOUETTE ZAMFIR 10,937 Cs/A1/20 L'AMOUR TOUJOURS L'AMOUR MANTOVANI 10,938 COM/0066 L'ANGLAIS AVEC SON SANG FROID Paddy Roberts 10,939 COM/0120 10,940 CS/A4/21 L'ARLESIENNE - FARANDOLE GD.ORCH.LUXEMBOR 10,941 Cs/A1/17 L'ARLESIENNE FARANDOLE K.T.LUXEMBOURG 10,942 COL/0256 L'ARLESIENNE SUITE HALLE ORCH. 10,943 COL/0301 10,944 D/031 L'ARLESIENNE SUITE - BIZET To be entered. 10,945 COL/0001 L'ARLESIENNE SUITE NO.1 HALLE ORCH. 10,946 CS/A3/01 L'ho Perduta! Qual Pallor Bjorling&Merrill 10,947 D/194 L.A. LAW TV GREATEST HITS 10,948 CM/0010 L.A.RUN CARVELLS 10,949 CW/0093 LA BAMBA Glen Campbell 10,950 D/008 JAMES LAST 10,951 CM/0349 Lindisfarne 10,952 CS/A3/07 MANUEL 10,953 CM/0039 RICHIE VALENS 10,954 CM/0132 LA BELLE JEANE Bay City Rollers 10,955 COL/0062 LA BOHEME JOAN HAMMOND 10,956 COL/0343 10,957 COL/0350 10,958 COL/0117 LA BOUTIQUE FANTASQUE LPO 10,959 CS/A3/34 MANTOVANI 10,960 CS/A2/07 LA CAPRICE DE NANETTE PHILHARMONIA ORC 10,961 CS/A5/26 LA CI DAREM LAS MANO-DON GIOV APOLLO 100 10,962 D/094 LA COMPARSA PEPE JARAMILLO 10,963 D/096 LA CUCARACHA PEPE JARAMILLO 10,964 CW/0320 LA DANSE DE MARDI GRAS THE BALFA BROTHE 10,965 CD\1858 LA DOLCE VITA THEME RCA SYMPH.ORCH 10,966 CS/A4/44 La Donna E Mobile Mario Lanza 10,967 COL/0089 LA FAVORITA-SPIRITO GENTIL TOMMASO ALCAIDE 10,968 Cs/A1/10 LA FELICIDAD JAMES LAST 10,969 CS/A4/36 LA FILLE AUX CHEVEUX DE LIN HARP - 19th Cent 10,970 Cs/A1/25 LA FILLE MAL GARDEE - HEROLD R.LIV.P.O. 10,971 D/036 LA GOLONDRINA MANUEL 10,972 CM/0005 LA LA MEANS I LOVE YOU DELFONICS 10,973 CM/0384 LA LA PEACE SONG O.C.SMITH 10,974 CS/A4/36 LA MANDOLINE OP.84 HARP - 19th Cent 10,975 CR/0227 LA MATTINATA JUSSI BJORLING 10,976 CR/0378 LA MER CHARLES TRENET 10,977 D/249 MANTOVANI 10,978 CS/A2/06 RICHARDCLAYDERMN 10,979 CS/A2/23 Richd.Clayderman 10,980 D/249 To be entered. 10,981 CM/0162 LA NUIT BLANCHE Munich Machine 10,982 CR/0325 LA PALOMA BOSTON PROMENADE 10,983 D/008 JAMES LAST 10,984 D/242 SAX IN GOLD 10,985 CH/0065 LA PASTORELLA Choir Vienna Boy 10,986 D/282 LA PLAYA XAVIER CUGAT 10,987 COL/0272 LA RINKA HARRY DAVIDSON 10,988 COL/0307 10,989 COL/0119 LA RONDE DES LUTINS MAYER GORDON-VIO 10,990 D/010 LA SORELLA JAMES LAST 10,991 CH/0039 LA TEMPETE DE NEIGE Choir Red Army 10,992 CS/A5/26 LA TRAVIATA ACT 1 PRELUDE TO APOLLO 100 10,993 CW/0320 LA VALSE DE GRAND BOIS THE BALFA BROTHE 10,994 CW/0325 10,995 COL/0070 LA VIE DE BOHEME JANE LAVAL 10,996 D/249 LA VIE EN ROSE MANTOVANI 10,997 CR/0376 PHILIP GREEN 10,998 CS/A2/23 Richd.Clayderman 10,999 D/249 To be entered. 11,000 COL/0041 LA VIOLETERA PHILIP GREEN 11,001 CS/XM/26 La Virgen lava panales(Spanish Placido Domingo 11,002 CS/X2/26 La Virgenlava Panales Placido Domingo 11,003 CW/0097 LA-BAMBA Glen Campbell 11,004 CM/0299 LA-LA MEANS I LOVE YOU Delfonics 11,005 CM/0382 LABAMBA RITCHIE VALENS 11,006 CW/0320 LACASSINE SPECIAL THE BALFA BROTHE 11,007 CW/0324 11,008 COM/0116 LADIE'S MAN HIKE HARDING 11,009 CW/0188 LADIES LOVE OUTLAWS Waylon Jennings 11,010 CD\1855 LaDonna e Mobile Mark Rattray 11,011 CW/0033 LADY DOTTIE WEST 11,012 CM/0422 Paper Lace 11,013 CM/0281 SUPERTRAMP 11,014 CW/0242 LADY & THE BABY - The DAVID ROGERS 11,015 CM/0275 LADY AMERICA VOYAGE 11,016 COM/0038 LADY AT THE DOOR Michael Bentine 11,017 COL/0376 LADY BE GOOD SELECTION 1926 ORCHESTRA 11,018 CW/0206 LADY CAME FROM BALTIMORE Tim Hardin 11,019 CM/0349 LADY ELEANOR Lindisfarne 11,020 CM/0426 11,021 CM/0316 LADY GENEVIEVE MAMAS & PAPAS 11,022 CM/0358 LADY ICE & MR HEX Heaven 17 11,023 CM/0189 LADY IN MY LIFE Michael Jackson 11,024 D/195 Lady is a tramp Bing Crosby 11,025 D/286 FRANK SINATRA SH 11,026 D/195 To be entered. 11,027 D/286 11,028 CM/0169 LADY JANE Rolling Stones 11,029 COM/0178 STAG 11,030 CM/0334 LADY LAI Modern Talking 11,031 CW/0317 LADY LESSONS NANCY KULP/DONNA 11,032 CM/0505 LADY LOVE ME GEORGE BENSON 11,033 CM/0003 LADY LYNDA BEACH BOYS 11,034 CM/0045 LADY MADONNA Beatles 11,035 CM/0438 LADY MAGDELENE Neil Diamond 11,036 CS/A4/03 Lady Marian Clannad 11,037 D/004 LADY MARMALADE JAMES LAST 11,038 CM/0009 LABELLE 11,039 CM/0003 PATTI LABELLE 11,040 Cs/A1/10 LADY OF SPAIN JAMES LAST 11,041 CS/A4/43 Mario Lanza 11,042 CM/0032 Ray Stevens 11,043 D/119 LADY SINGS THE BLUES JOHN SCOTT ORCH 11,044 CS/A4/22 LAKME - AIRS DE DANSES MODERAT GD.ORCH.LUXEMBOR 11,045 CS/A4/21 LAKME-AIRS DE DANSE (DELIBES) GD.ORCH.LUXEMBOR 11,046 COM/0134 LALLY TULLETT JOYCE GRENFELL 11,047 CS/A2/36 11,048 CH/0021 LAMB. THE SALV.ARMY SUNBUR 11,049 CM/0835 LAMBADA KAOMA 11,050 CS/A5/32 Lambeth Walk Ronnie Munro 11,051 CS/A4/06 Various 11,052 D/263 LAMBETH WALK - FANTASIA YORKSHIRE IMPERI 11,053 D/263 LAMBETH WALK FANTASIA YORKS IMP METALS 11,054 CH/0031 LAMBTON WORM Choir Consett Ci 11,055 Cs/A1/08 LAMENT FUREY BROTHERS 11,056 CM/0108 Ultravox 11,057 CS/A5/03 Lamento di Frederico John Talliavini 11,058 CS/A5/22 Mario Lanza+Pian 11,059 COL/0198 LANCERS HARRY DAVIDSON 11,060 COL/0304 11,061 CS/A1/40 Land od smiles song Richard Tauber 11,062 CM/0119 LAND OF 1000 DANCES Walker Brothers 11,063 CM/0271 LAND OF A THOUSAND DANCES SOUL 11,064 CM/0271 WILSON PICKETT 11,065 CM/0066 LAND OF CONFUSION Genesis 11,066 CR/0503 LAND OF DREAMS HUGO WINTERHALTE 11,067 CS/A5/29 LAND OF hOPE & gLORY Choir King's Cam 11,068 CR/0301 R.A.F.BAND 11,069 CS/A5/32 RAF CENTRAL+Choi 11,070 CW/0215 LAND OF ISRAEL Johnny Cash 11,071 CM/0027 LAND OF MAKE BELIEVE BUCKS FIZZ 11,072 CM/0472 11,073 CM/0471 Silver Conventio 11,074 CH/0063 LAND OF MY FATHERS Choir LdnWelshMV 11,075 CH/0011 Choir Morriston 11,076 CH/0082 11,077 COL/0264 DAILY EXPRESS CO 11,078 CH/0012 Ivor Emmanuel+Fr 11,079 CH/0048 LINDEN SINGERS 11,080 CH/0105 WELSH MASSED CHR 11,081 CH/0081 LAND OF SONG Choir Morriston 11,082 D/231 Welsh Songs 11,083 D/192 LAND OF THE GIANTS TV THEMES SiFi V 11,084 CM/0576 LANDLORD GLADYS KNIGHT & 11,085 CM/0384 LANDSLIDE TONY CLARKE 11,086 CW/0190 LANGUAGE OF LOVE JOHN D.LOUDERMIL 11,087 CS/A5/22 LANZAat the ALBERT HALL LONDON Mario Lanza+Pian 11,088 COM/0179 LARGE SIZE MAMMA STAG 11,089 COL/0073 LARGO BOURNEMOUTH MUNI 11,090 CR/0098 REEGINALD FOORT 11,091 CS/A3/02 LARGO - HANDEL ACADEMYSt.MARTIN 11,092 CS/A3/10 ALBERT SANDLER 11,093 CS/A3/20 Largo al Factotem Unknown Orchestr 11,094 CS/A2/02 LARK ASCENDING - VIOLIN ACADEMY St.MARTI 11,095 CH/0015 LARK IN THE CLEAR AIR Choir Bath SR 11,096 CH/0015 LARK IN THE CLEAR AIR. THE Choir Silver Rin 11,097 D/005 LARRY O'GAFF JAMES LAST 11,098 CW/0012 LAST BLUES SONG DICK CURLESS 11,099 CS/XM/04 Last Christmas Wham 11,100 CW/0210 LAST DATE FLOYD CRAMER 11,101 CM/0223 LAST DAY IS COMING Osmonds 11,102 CM/0407 LAST DAY OF JUNE 1934 Al Stewart 11,103 CM/0413 LAST DAYS Osmonds 11,104 CW/0225 LAST DOLLAR HILLSIDERS 11,105 D/0304 Last Farewell New Christy Mins 11,106 D/269 Slim Whitman 11,107 CM/0028 LAST FILM KISSING THE PINK 11,108 D/018 LAST FOREVER To be entered. 11,109 CW/0280 LAST FRONTIER Tex Ritter 11,110 CW/0283 LAST GUNFIGHTER BALLAD - The GUY CLARK 11,111 CW/0172 LAST HARD TOWN Tom T. Hall. 11,112 COM/0169 LAST KEG ON EARTH Frankie Davidson 11,113 CW/0061 LAST LETTER Eddy Arnold 11,114 CS/A2/10 LAST NIGHT AT THE PROMS BBC SYMPHONY ORC 11,115 CD\1859 Last night of the world Criswell/Wayne 11,116 CD\1856c Last night on the back porch Alma Cogan 11,117 COM/0106 LAST OF THE MCHANCOCKS Tony Hancock 11,118 CW/0129 LAST ONE TO TOUCH ME - The Porter Wagoner 11,119 CM/0104 LAST ORDERS PLEASE Faces 11,120 CM/0438 LAST PICASSO Neil Diamond 11,121 CS/A2/01 LAST POST Seaford Coll Cho 11,122 CM/0158 LAST RESORT Eagles 11,123 CW/0094 LAST RIDE Hank Snow 11,124 CW/0095 11,125 CS/A5/14 Last rose of Summer Deanna Durbin 11,126 CS/A4/38 Kiri Te Kanawa 11,127 CW/0149 LAST ROUND UP JIMMIE RODGERS 11,128 COM/0139 LAST SMOKING SEAGOON GOONS 11,129 D/312 Last tango in Paris - theme Andy Williams 11,130 D/312 To be entered. 11,131 D/009 LAST THE WHOLE NIGHT LONG To be entered. 11,132 CW/0111 LAST THING ON MY MIND Charlie Pride 11,133 CW/0213 Glen Campbell 11,134 CW/0293 Hank Locklin 11,135 CW/0270 TOM PALL & GLASE 11,136 CM/0169 LAST TIME Rolling Stones 11,137 CW/0224 LAST TIME - The BOBBY BEAR 11,138 CM/0906 LAST TIME I SAW HIM DIANA ROSS 11,139 CS/A5/12 LAST TIME I SAW PARIS EDMUNDO ROS 11,140 CW/0021 LAST TOWN I PAINTED George Jones 11,141 CSM/0257 LAST TRAIN GRAHAM CENTRAL 11,142 CM/0257 Graham Central S 11,143 CM/0046 LAST TRAIN TO CLARKSVILLE FOUR TOPS 11,144 CS/A4/35 SHADOWS 11,145 CW/0078 LAST TRAIN TO SAN FERNNANDO WELLINGS & TRAVI 11,146 CW/0014 LAST WALTZ Faron Young 11,147 COL/0163 LAST WALTZ-PINK LADY HARRY DAVIDSON 11,148 CSM/0260 LAST WAR ZAP POW 11,149 CM/0260 Zap-Pow 11,150 CW/0071 LAST WORD IN LONESOME IS ME Eddy Arnold 11,151 D/270 11,152 D/270 To be entered. 11,153 CM/0414 LAT DAYS Osmonds 11,154 CM/0054 LATE & GREAT SAM COOKE Neil Sedaka 11,155 COM/0054 LATE CALL BILLY CONNOLLY 11,156 CM/0242 LATE LAST NIGHT Carole King 11,157 CM/0242 Darts 11,158 CW/0050 LATE LATE LATE LATE SHOW Stella Parton 11,159 CW/0129 LATE LOVE OF MINE Porter Wagoner 11,160 COM/0009 LATE NEWS RONNIE BARKER/RO 11,161 COM/0019 Two Ronnies 11,162 COM/0019 LATE NEWS 2 Two Ronnies 11,163 CS/X2/08 LATE NIGHT CHRISTMAS MOODS HAYSBRIDGE STRGS 11,164 CS/A2/14 Late night radio John Denver 11,165 CW/0170 11,166 CM/0362 LATEST CRAZE Showaddywaddy 11,167 CM/0361 LATIN AMERICA Gibson Bros 11,168 D/288 LATIN AMERICAN MUSIC LOS FABULOSOS PA 11,169 D/288 To be entered. 11,170 D/080 LATIN DREAMER ROBERT FARNON 11,171 CM/0275 LATIN ODYSSEY VOYAGE 11,172 CH/0047 LAUDAMUS Choir MonmouthMV 11,173 CH/0012 Ivor Emmanuel+Fr 11,174 CH/0105 WELSH MASSED CHR 11,175 CH/0017 LAUDATE DOMINUM BERLIN HANDEL 11,176 CH/0088 LAUDATE DOMINUM - MOZART Aled Jones (Boy 11,177 CH/0029 LAUDATE DOMINUM FROM PSALM 11 Choir Vienna Boy 11,178 CM/0163 LAUGHING BOY Mary Wells 11,179 D/004 LAUGHTER IN THE RAIN JAMES LAST 11,180 CM/0053 Neil Sedaka 11,181 COM/0091 LAURA Spike Jones 11,182 CH/0028 LAURA & PHILON MAZOWSZE 11,183 CR/0411 LAURA - BEGUINE ROBERTO INGLEZ 11,184 CH/0023 LAURA LEE Choir Mormon Tab 11,185 CD\1858 LAURA TITLE SONG RCA PYMPH.ORCH 11,186 D/185 LAUREL & HARDY CASSETTE VOL 1 11,187 D/186 CASSETTE VOL 2 11,188 D/185 To be entered. 11,189 D/186 11,190 COM/0072 LAURIE DICKIE LEE 11,191 COM/0109 11,192 CH/0088 LAUSANNE Aled Jones (Boy 11,193 COM/0066 LAVENDER - THE Paddy Roberts 11,194 CW/0305 LAVENDER BLUE (DILLY DILLY) Slim Whitman 11,195 COM/0120 LAVENDER COWBOY Paddy Roberts 11,196 CH/0031 LAVENDER'S BLUE Choir Consett Ci 11,197 D/194 LAVERNE & SHIRLEY TV GREATEST HITS 11,198 D/087 Lavrion Nana Mouskouri 11,199 CW/0064 LAW IS FOR PROTECTION OF THE P Bobby Bare 11,200 CM/0344 LAW OF THE LAND TEMPTATIONS 11,201 CM/0080 LAWDY MISS CLAWDY Dave Clark Five 11,202 CM/0380 Elvis 11,203 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 11,204 CM/0415 LLOYD PRICE 11,205 CD\1858 LAWRENCE OF ARABIA THEME RCA SYMPH.ORCH 11,206 CW/0185 LAWRENCE WELK-HEE HAW CNTER RE KOY CLARK 11,207 CR/0353 LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS ANNE SHELTON 11,208 CW/0278 LAY IN YOUR ARMS Frank Ifield 11,209 CM/0307 LAY IT DOWN SLADE 11,210 CW/0224 LAY LADY LAY PETE DRAKE 11,211 CM/0308 LAY ME DOWN HOT CHOCOLATE 11,212 CW/0307 LAY SOME HAPPINESS ON ME NANCY SINATRA 11,213 CM/0021 LAY YOUR LOVE ON ME RACEY 11,214 CM/0076 LAYIN' TOO LOW TOO LONG Dr. HOOK 11,215 CW/0212 LAYING ON OF HANDS CONNIE SMITH & D 11,216 CM/0427 LAYLA DEREK/DOMINOS 11,217 CS/A4/23 L.S.O. 11,218 COL/0179 LAYTON & JOHNSTONE MEDLEY LAYTON & JOHNSTO 11,219 COL/0230 11,220 COL/0334 11,221 CM/0293 LAZY DAY MOODY BLUES 11,222 CM/0179 LAZY DAYS Paul Young 11,223 CM/0236 LAZY WAYS 10CC 11,224 CW/0176 LAZY WILLIE BOBBY GENTRY 11,225 CM/0113 LAZYBONES JOHNATHAN KING 11,226 CS/A4/21 LE CID - ARAGONAISE (MASSENET) GD.ORCH.LUXEMBOR 11,227 CS/A4/21 LE CID - AUBADE (MASSENET) GD.ORCH.LUXEMBOR 11,228 CS/A5/13 LE CYGNE JULIAN L WEBBER 11,229 CS/A4/36 LE CYNGNE (SAINT-SAENS) HARP - 19th Cent 11,230 CM/0009 LE FREAK CHIC 11,231 CM/0662 11,232 D/255 LE REVE PASSE WURLITZER JOHN M 11,233 CS/A4/22 LE ROI D'YS OVERTURE (LALO) GD.ORCH.LUXEMBOR 11,234 CS/A4/22 LE ROI L'A DIT OVERT.DELIBES GD.ORCH.LUXEMBOR 11,235 CH/0011 LEAD KINDLY LIGHT Choir Morriston 11,236 D/054 Lead Me Lord Brid.Priory 11,237 CSM/0257 LEAD ME ON GRAHAM CENTRAL 11,238 CM/0257 Graham Central S 11,239 CS/A2/01 Lead us Heavenly Father Seaford Coll Cho 11,240 CS/A4/11 lead us Heavenly Father lead u Choir RNC.GRENWI 11,241 CM/0910 LEADER OF THE GANG GARY GLITTER 11,242 CM/0382 LEADER OF THE PACK SHANGRILAS 11,243 CD\1857b LEAN DADDY BILLY MAY 11,244 CM/0007 LEAN ON ME BILL WITHERS 11,245 D/263 Leanin' on a lamp post. YORKSHIRE IMPERI 11,246 D/263 LEANING ON A LAMPOST YORKS IMP METALS 11,247 D/263 LEANING ON A LAMPPOST YORKSHIRE IMPERI 11,248 D/321 LEAPIN' AT THE LINCOLN CHARLIE BARNETT 11,249 CM/0164 LEARN TO LOVE Elkie Brooks 11,250 COM/0018 LEARNER DRIVER JASPER CARROTT 11,251 CM/0225 LEARNIN' HOW TO LOVE AGAIN Osmonds 11,252 D/196 11,253 CM/0113 LEAVE A LITTLE LOVE LULU 11,254 CM/0109 LEAVE IN SILENCE Depeche mode 11,255 CM/0137 LEAVE ME BABY Coast to Coast 11,256 CR/0213 LEAVE ME WITH A SMILE LEONARD HUBBARD 11,257 D/091 LEAVE THE BEST TO LAST To be entered. 11,258 COM/0092 LEAVE THE DISHES IN THE SINK M Spike Jones 11,259 CW/0114 LEAVIN' & SAYIN' GOODBYE Faron Young 11,260 CW/0313 11,261 CM/0107 LEAVING HERE Isley Brothers 11,262 CM/0391 LEAVING LOUISIANA EMMYLOU HARRIS 11,263 CW/0053 LEAVING LOUISIANA IN THE BROAD Emmylou Harris 11,264 CS/A4/41 Leaving Of Liverpool Dubliners 11,265 CW/0205 George Hamilton 11,266 CW/0194 HILLSIDERS 11,267 D/252 Leaving on a jet plane Brenda Lee 11,268 CW/0087 John Denver 11,269 D/113 Liza Minnelli 11,270 D/252 To be entered. 11,271 COM/0099 LEDGE PSYCHOLOGY BOB NEWHART 11,272 CM/0253 LEE Detroit Emeralds 11,273 CSM/0253 11,274 CM/0431 LEE CROSS Aretha Franklin 11,275 CM/0325 LEFT OF CENTER SUZANNE VEGA 11,276 D/280 LEGACY MUSIC BX 8 AIR C 11,277 D/280 To be entered. 11,278 CW/0128 LEGEND OF JOHN HENRY'S HAMMER Johnny Cash 11,279 CW/0141 11,280 CW/0153 11,281 CR/0383 LEGEND OF THE GLASS MOUNTAIN Melachrino 11,282 COL/0028 LEGENDE (VIOLIN) ARTHUR CATTERALL 11,283 CM/0716 LEGS ZZ TOP 11,284 CS/A4/27 LEHAR WALTZES J.STRAUSS VI.ORC 11,285 COM/0089 LEIBESTRAUM Spike Jones 11,286 COM/0102 11,287 CS/A4/06 Leicester Square Rag Various 11,288 D/0006 LEICHTES BLUT JAMES LAST 11,289 D/006 LEICTES BLUT JAMES LAST 11,290 D/072 LEIGHTES BLUT POLKA LONDON PHIL.ORCH 11,291 CS/A3/11 LEMADY ALBION BAND 11,292 CM/0463 LEMON & LIME Herman's Hermits 11,293 CM/0483 LEMON FIREBRIGADE Haircut 100 11,294 CR/0357 LERO LERO ETHEL SMITH (ORG 11,295 CH/0039 LES CAVALIERS Choir Red Army 11,296 CH/0039 LES ETOILES Choir Red Army 11,297 CH/0039 LES FEUX DU CREPUSCULE Choir Red Army 11,298 CR/0097 LES MILLIONS D'AMOUR PAUL DIETRICH 11,299 CS/A4/01 LES PATINEURS VIENNA FOLKOPERA 11,300 COL/0284 LES PATINEURS-SKATER'S WALTZ HM GRENADIER GUA 11,301 COM/0093 LES PATTERSON,AUSTRALIAN CULTU BARRY HUMPHRIES 11,302 CS/A4/01 LES SIRENES VIENNA FOLKOPERA 11,303 COL/0285 LES SIRENES WALTZ HM GRENADIER GUA 11,304 CS/A4/14 LES SYLPHIDES LONDON PHIL 11,305 COL/0065 LPO 11,306 COL/0141 LES SYLPHIDES BALLET LPO 11,307 COL/0296 11,308 COL/0054 LES TROIS CLOCHES Edith Piaf 11,309 D/071 Les Voici De Geneve Ch. 11,310 COL/0072 LESLIE STUART'S POPULAR SONGS LESLIE STUART 11,311 CS/A4/13 Lesson IV IN a Major Harpsichord 1775 11,312 CM/0465 LET 'EM IN Wings 11,313 CM/0199 LET HIM GO Bob Marley 11,314 CR/0450 LET HIM GO LET HIM TARRY BARNEY O'LEARY 11,315 CW/0298 LET HIM ROLL Bobby Bare 11,316 CM/0208 LET IT ALL BE MUSIC Boney M 11,317 CM/0112 LET IT ALL HANG OUT JOHNATHAN KING 11,318 CM/0045 LET IT BE Beatles 11,319 CM/0083 11,320 CM/0151 Leo Sayer 11,321 CR/0310 PHIL REGAN 11,322 CM/0908 LET IT BE ME CANDLEWICK GREEN 11,323 D/244 Davis / Bare 11,324 CM/0299 Delfonics 11,325 CM/0228 Donny & Marie 11,326 CW/0235 JIMMY DEAN & DOT 11,327 D/256 Miki & Griff 11,328 D/244 To be entered. 11,329 D/256 11,330 CM/0062 LET IT BLEED Rolling Stones 11,331 CM/0149 LET IT SHINE Al Green 11,332 CS/XM/22 Let it snow Andy Williams 11,333 CS/X2/03 LET IT SNOW - M MARK LAUB(ORGAN) 11,334 CS/X2/23 Let It Snow Let It Snow Andy Williams 11,335 CS/X2/14 Fireside Singers 11,336 CS/X2/11 LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW .... GLENN MILLER ORC 11,337 CS/XM/14 Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Fireside Singers 11,338 CS/XM/10 GLENN MILLER 11,339 CS/XM/06 HAYSBRIDGE STRGS 11,340 CS/X2/08 11,341 CW/0025 LET ME BE THE ONE ANNE MURRAY/GLEN 11,342 CW/0222 Bill Anderson 11,343 D/247 Cliff Richard 11,344 CW/0195 Hank Locklin 11,345 CW/0054 11,346 CW/0225 HILLSIDERS 11,347 D/004 JAMES LAST 11,348 CS/A3/23 Not Original 11,349 D/247 To be entered. 11,350 CW/0287 LET ME BE YOUR SIDE TRACK JIMMIE RODGERS 11,351 D/179 Let me call you sweetheart Bing Crosby 11,352 D/267 Fureys 11,353 COM/0087 LAUREL & HARDY 11,354 CW/0272 Slim Whitman 11,355 D/179 To be entered. 11,356 D/267 11,357 CS/A3/06 Let me cry on your shoulder Ken Dodd 11,358 CM/0277 LET ME DOWN EASY FIRST CHOICE 11,359 CM/0622 LET ME FILL YOUR WORLD WITH BIZARRE 11,360 CM/0027 LET ME GO HEAVEN 17 11,361 CM/0358 11,362 CM/0497 11,363 CM/0285 MAGNIFICENT MOOD 11,364 CM/0285 Moody Blues 11,365 CW/0045 LET ME GO DOWN EASY Chris Nielsen 11,366 CM/0413 LET ME IN Osmonds 11,367 CM/0414 11,368 COM/0058 LET ME INTRODUCE THE BOYS Paddy Roberts 11,369 CM/0383 LET ME KNOW Leo Sayer 11,370 CW/0073 LET ME LOVE YOU ONCE BEFORE YU BARBARA FAIRCHIL 11,371 CM/0187 LET ME ROLL IT Wings 11,372 Cs/A1/14 Let me sing & I'm Happy Al Jolson 11,373 CM/0251 LET ME TALK Earth Wind & Fir 11,374 CM/0324 11,375 CM/0311 LET MY PEOPLE GO DONNY OSMOND 11,376 COL/0332 LET THE BRIGHT SERAPHIM ISOBEL BAILLIE 11,377 COL/0453 11,378 D/068 LET THE BRIGHT SERAPHIM-SAMSON HALLE ORCHESTRA 11,379 CW/0299 LET THE CHIPS FALL Charlie Pride 11,380 CM/0118 LET THE HEARTACHES BEGIN LONG JOHN BALDRY 11,381 CM/0076 LET THE LOOSE END DRAG Dr. HOOK 11,382 CM/0353 LET THE MUSIC MOVE U RAZE 11,383 CM/0353 Slade 11,384 CM/0454 LET THE MUSIC PLAY BARRY WHITE 11,385 CH/0096 LET THE REST OF THE WORLD GO B READING CHORUS 11,386 D/283 LET THE SUNSHINE IN JACK WARD PIANO 11,387 D/283 To be entered. 11,388 D/235 Let there be country Johnny Cash - Be 11,389 D/235 To be entered. 11,390 D/092 Let Us Break Bread Together BBC Welsh Chorus 11,391 CH/0008 LET US WITH A GLADSOME MIND Choir Salisbury 11,392 CM/0371 LET YOUR HEART DANCE Secret Affair 11,393 CW/0278 LET YOUR LOVE FALL BACK ON ME Frank Ifield 11,394 CM/0006 LET YOUR LOVE FLOW BELLAMY BROTHERS 11,395 CW/0180 11,396 D/251 Loretta Lynn & C 11,397 D/251 To be entered. 11,398 CM/0007 LET YOUR YEAH BE YEAH PIONEERS 11,399 Cs/A1/16 LET YOURSELF GO JOE LOSS ORCH 11,400 CM/0190 Motown 11,401 CW/0019 LET'S ALL GO DOWN TO THE RIVER JODY MILLER/JOHN 11,402 COM/0135 LET'S ALL HAVE A CHARABANC RID MAX MILLER 11,403 CM/0054 LET'S BE FRIENDS Neil Sedaka 11,404 DC&BG/01 Let's Call The Whole Thing Off Fred Astaire 11,405 CS/A5/20 Peter Skellern 11,406 CM/0039 LET'S DANCE CHRIS MONTEZ 11,407 CM/0349 Lindisfarne 11,408 Cs/A1/16 LET'S FACE THE MUSIC & DANCE JOE LOSS ORCH 11,409 D/128 ROY FOX 11,410 CSM/0260 LET'S FALL IN LOVE ZAP POW 11,411 CM/0260 Zap-Pow 11,412 CM/0180 LET'S FALL IN LOVE ALL OVER AG Lou Rawls 11,413 COM/0168 LET'S FLY AWAY BOBBY PICKETT 11,414 CM/0274 Voyage 11,415 CSM/0274 11,416 D/262 Let's get stoned Ray Charles 11,417 CW/0295 LET'S GET TOGETHER George Hamilton 11,418 CW/0051 Skeeter Davis 11,419 CW/0053 Tammy Wynette 11,420 CM/0305 LET'S GET TOGETHER AGAIN Glitter Band 11,421 CW/0244 LET'S GET TOGETHER ONE LAST TI Tammy Wynette 11,422 CM/0132 LET'S GO Bay City Rollers 11,423 CM/0349 Lindisfarne 11,424 CM/0911 LET'S GO BACK TO DAY ONE DISCO TECH 11,425 CM/0510 LET'S GO CRAZY PRINCE & REVOLUT 11,426 CM/0279 LET'S GO DISCO UNIVERSAL LOVE 11,427 CM/0326 LET'S GO GO REAL ROXANNE 11,428 CM/0219 LET'S GO STEADY AGAIN Neil Sedaka 11,429 CM/0496 LET'S GO TO BED CURE 11,430 CW/0206 LET'S GO TO CHURCH Slim Whitman 11,431 CW/0127 LET'S GO TO CHURCH NEXT SUNDAY Slim Whitman 11,432 CM/0113 LET'S GO TO SAN FRANCISCO FLOWER POT MEN 11,433 CM/0447 LET'S GO TRIPPIN' Beach Boys 11,434 CM/0324 LET'S GROOVE Earth Wind & Fir 11,435 CM/0014 MIRAGE 11,436 CM/0442 LET'S HANG ON Barry Manilow 11,437 CM/0453 Frankie Vali + 11,438 CM/0415 LET'S HAVE A PARTY WANDA JACKSONN 11,439 CM/0010 LET'S HAVE A QUIET NIGHT IN DAVID SOUL 11,440 CM/0018 11,441 CM/0137 LET'S JUMP THE BROOMSTICK Coast to Coast 11,442 CW/0200 LET'S KEEP IT THAT WAY TANYA TUCKER 11,443 CW/0073 LET'S LOVE WHILE WE CAN BARBARA FAIRCHIL 11,444 CM/0629 LET'S MAKE LOVE LOVE SYMPHONY OR 11,445 CM/0043 LET'S PUT IT ALL TOGETHER Stylistics 11,446 CM/0406 11,447 CW/0259 LET'S PUT IT BACK TOGETHER AGA Jerry Lee Lewis 11,448 D/076 Let's Put Out The Lights Ray Conniff 11,449 CW/0285 LET'S SAY GOODBYE LIKE WE SAID George Hamilton 11,450 CW/0093 LET'S SAY GOODBYE- ERNEST TUBB 11,451 COL/0462 LET'S SAY GOODNIGHT TILL THE M J.BUCHANAN/E.RAN 11,452 CM/0169 LET'S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER Rolling Stones 11,453 CH/0018 LET'S START Choir Red Army 11,454 CH/0019 11,455 CM/0418 LET'S STICK TOGETHER BRYAN FERRY 11,456 D/237 11,457 D/237 To be entered. 11,458 CM/0213 LET'S STOMP FARON'S FLAM' 11,459 CM/0213 L.CURTIS & STARS 11,460 CM/0442 LET'S TAKE ALL NIGHT Barry Manilow 11,461 CW/0011 LET'S TALK IT OVER AGAIN Hank Williams 11,462 CW/0054 LET'S TURN BACK THE YEARS SLEEPY LABEEF 11,463 CR/0263 LET'S WALK THAT-A-WAY DORIS DAY/JOHNNI 11,464 CM/0811 LETS GO ROUND AGAIN AVERAGE WHITE BA 11,465 CM/0700 LETS ROCK 'N' ROLL ATLANTIC STARR 11,466 CM/0148 LETTER Al Green 11,467 CM/0399 Amii Stewart 11,468 CM/0040 Best of 50/60s 11,469 CM/0040 Best of 50s/60s 11,470 CM/0306 Box Tops 11,471 CM/0417 Ventures 11,472 CM/0480 LETTER FROM AMERICA PROCLAIMERS 11,473 Cs/A1/20 Letter Song Rise Stevens+RM 11,474 CW/0285 LETTERS HAVE NO ARMS George Hamilton 11,475 COM/0136 LETTERS TO GASBOARD MORE EXTRA Various Artists 11,476 CM/0188 LETTING GO Wings 11,477 CH/0005 LEVITES CHORUS Choir Froncysyll 11,478 CH/0005 LEVITES' CHORUS Choir Froncysyll 11,479 CD\1857a LI'L DARLIN' BILLY MAY 11,480 D/067 LIBERTY BELL BMC MASSED BANDS 11,481 CS/A5/23 GRENADIER GUARDS 11,482 D/141 HM COLDSTREAM 11,483 CS/A5/04 RAFBAND CRANWELL 11,484 Cs/A1/15 ROYAL MARINES 11,485 D/280 LIBIAMO - TRAVIATA POLYPHON DISK 24 11,486 CH/0094 LIDA ROSE FIVE BRIDGE 4 11,487 CW/0050 LIE TO LINDA Stella Parton 11,488 CW/0120 LIE TO ME Charlie Pride 11,489 D/259 LIEBESFREUD TEDDY BROWN 11,490 Cs/A1/10 LIEBESTRAUM JAMES LAST 11,491 COL/0342 JOHN MCHUGH 11,492 CS/A2/06 RICHARDCLAYDERMN 11,493 CS/A2/23 Richd.Clayderman 11,494 COM/0162 Spike Jones 11,495 COM/0147 11,496 COM/0079 VICTOR BORGE 11,497 COL/0316 LIEBESTRAUME SOUTHPORT CORP.B 11,498 CM/0121 LIEGE & LIEF FAIRPORT CONV. 11,499 CM/0213 LIES JOHNNY SANDON 11,500 CM/0790 JONATHAN BUTLER 11,501 CM/0494 MANFRED MANN 11,502 CM/0496 THOMPSON TWINS 11,503 CR/0464 LIFE Jack Hylton 11,504 CS/A4/06 Life begins at Oxford Circus Various 11,505 CM/0019 LIFE BEGINS AT THE HOP XTC 11,506 CW/0028 LIFE GETS TEE-JUS DON'T IT CARSON ROBINSON 11,507 CW/0028 LIFE GETS TEE-JUS DON'T IT? CARSON ROBISON 11,508 CW/0214 LIFE GOES ON Johnny Cash 11,509 COM/0085 LIFE IN A GOLDFISH BOWL BARRY HUMPHRIES 11,510 CM/0904 LIFE IN THE AIR-AGE SUNBURST FINISH 11,511 CM/0158 LIFE IN THE FAST LANE Eagles 11,512 CM/0496 LIFE IN TOKYO JAPAN 11,513 CM/0675 11,514 CM/0027 LIFE IS A CELEBRATION KIDS FROM FAME 11,515 CM/0426 LIFE IS A LONG SOPNG JETHRO TULL 11,516 CR/0441 Life is a song Gracie Fields 11,517 CM/0221 LIFE IS HARD ENOUGH WITHOUT GO Osmonds 11,518 CM/0312 LIFE IS JUST WHAT YOU MAKE I DONNY OSMOND 11,519 COM/0075 LIFE OF BRIAN MONTY PYTHON 11,520 CW/0327 LIFE OF THE PARTY (DUO) HILLBILLY HALEY 11,521 CW/0026 LIFE RIDES THE TRAIN Porter Wagoner 11,522 CW/0223 LIFE TURNED HER THAT WAY George Jones 11,523 CW/0321 LIFE YOU'VE LIVED Eddie Noack 11,524 D/0006 LIFE'S BLOOD JAMES LAST 11,525 CW/0246 LIFE'S NO BED OF ROSES Lynn Anderson 11,526 CW/0046 LIFESTREAM OliviaNewtonJohn 11,527 COM/0046 LIFT Tony Hancock 11,528 CH/0034 LIFT THINE EYES ROYAL CHORAL SOC 11,529 CH/0087 LIFT THINE EYES - ELIJAH BBC Welsh Chorus 11,530 CH/0032 LIFT UP YOUR HEARTS Choir Luton Girl 11,531 D/259 LIGHT CAVALRY TEDDY BROWN 11,532 CS/A5/26 LIGHT CAVALRY OVERTURE APOLLO 100 11,533 COL/0113 COURT SYMPHONY 11,534 CS/A4/09 VIENNA FESTIVAL 11,535 CM/0054 LIGHT IS DARK ENOUGH Neil Sedaka 11,536 CM/0148 LIGHT MY FIRE Al Green 11,537 CW/0042 LIGHT OF A CLEAR BLUE MORNING Dolly Parton 11,538 CS/A4/25 LIGHT OF EXPERIENCE PAN PIPES P.LEON 11,539 CS/A5/04 LIGHT OF FOOT RAFBAND CRANWELL 11,540 CS/A3/15 Light up the Sunshine Salvation Army 11,541 CM/0405 LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER OF AMERICA Gary Shearston 11,542 D/030 LIGHTNING To be entered. 11,543 D/294 Lightning Tree Choir Wells Cath 11,544 D/294 To be entered. 11,545 CW/0323 LIGHTS ARE ON JIM BUSBY 11,546 D/263 LIGHTS UP - SELECTION YORKS IMP METALS 11,547 D/263 LIGHTS UP SELECTION x 10 YORKSHIRE IMPERI 11,548 COM/0048 LIKE A DOGS DINNER Tony Hancock 11,549 CM/0493 LIKE A ROLLING STOE Bob Dylan 11,550 CM/0422 LIKE A ROLLING STONE Paper Lace 11,551 CW/0076 LIKE A SAD SONG John Denver 11,552 CW/0156 LIKE ALL THE OTHER TIMES Marty Robbins 11,553 CM/0654 LIKE AN EAGLE DENNIS PARKER 11,554 CM/0904 LIKE AN OLD BLUES SUNBURST FINISH 11,555 CM/0022 LIKE CLOCKWORK BOOMTOWN RATS 11,556 CM/0395 LIKE FIRE Joan Armatrading 11,557 D/116 LIKE ME & YOU STANLEY BLACK 11,558 CM/0434 LIKE SISTER & BROTHER Drifters 11,559 CM/0300 Tony Christie 11,560 CR/0040 LIKE THE BIG POTS DO CLARKSON ROSE 11,561 CM/0297 LIKE THE ONE I'VE GOT Four Tops 11,562 CW/0230 LIL' JIMMY (Instrumental) CARL JACKSON 11,563 CM/0018 LILAC WINE ELKIE BROOKS 11,564 CM/0141 11,565 CM/0339 LILI MARLEEN AMANDA LEAR 11,566 CR/0390 LILLIBURLERO R.A.F.CENTRAL BA 11,567 CR/0149 LILY OF LAGUNA EVER-BRIGHT BOYS 11,568 CH/0001 LILY OF THE VALLEY Choir MonmouthMV 11,569 CH/0047 11,570 CH/0064 11,571 CS/A4/06 Limehouse Blues Various 11,572 CS/A5/25 Limelight Julio Iglesias 11,573 D/070 LONDON FEST.ORCH 11,574 D/249 MANTOVANI 11,575 D/249 To be entered. 11,576 COM/0009 LIMERICK WRITERS RONNIE BARKER/RO 11,577 CW/0064 LINCOLN PARK INN Bobby Bare 11,578 CM/0230 LINDA Gladys Knight/Pi 11,579 CH/0015 LINDEN LEA Choir Bath SR 11,580 CH/0011 Choir Morriston 11,581 CH/0025 Choir Treorchy 11,582 CH/0099 COLNE MALE CHOIR 11,583 D/038 LINDEN LEA - VAUGHN WILLIAMS PETER SAVIDGEbar 11,584 CM/0303 LING TING TONG Bill Haley 11,585 CS/A3/42 Linger in blissful repose Robert White 11,586 COM/0067 LINKING INCIDENTAL MUSIC Barron Knights 11,587 COM/0067 LINKING/INCIDENTL MUSIC Barron Knights 11,588 CS/A5/07 Linnet Bird Songs 11,589 COL/0063 LIONEL MONCKTON MEMORIES COLUMBIA LIGHT O 11,590 COL/0044 LIONEL MONKTON MEMORIES DEBROY SOMERS 11,591 CM/0138 LIP UP FATTY Bad Manners 11,592 CD\1856c Lipstick on your collar Connie Francis 11,593 CM/0430 11,594 CW/0159 LISTEN STRANGER Willie Nelson 11,595 CW/0159 Willy Nelson 11,596 CW/0015 LISTEN TO A COUNTRY SONG LYNN ANDERSDON 11,597 CW/0018 Lynn Anderson 11,598 CM/0136 LISTEN TO ME Hollies 11,599 D/148 LISTEN TO THE BANDS VARIOUS BRASS 11,600 CR/0434 LISTEN TO THE OLD WELLS RIPPLI Joseph Schmidt 11,601 CM/0188 LISTEN TO WHAT THE MAN SAID Wings 11,602 D/016 LISTEN TO YOUR HEART JAMES LAST+PJ&RL 11,603 D/294 Litany to the Holy Spirit Choir Wells Cath 11,604 D/294 To be entered. 11,605 CW/0130 LITLE JOE THE WRANGLER Tex Ritter 11,606 CW/0059 LITTLE ANGEL WITH THE DIRTY FA Eddy Arnold 11,607 CW/0005 Little arrows Skeeter Davis 11,608 CW/0255 11,609 CW/0269 11,610 CM/0426 LITTLE BIT OF LOVE FREE 11,611 CM/0276 Gap Band 11,612 CM/0276 THE GAP BAND 11,613 CR/0149 LITTLE BIT OFF THE TOP EVER-BRIGHT BOYS 11,614 CM/0071 LITTLE BITTY PRETTY ONE Jackson 5 11,615 CM/0349 Lindisfarne 11,616 CR/0418 Little Bo Peep - see It's in t JOHNNY STANDLEY 11,617 CW/0023 LITTLE BOXES Pete Seeger 11,618 CS/X2/01 Little Boy That Santa Claus Fo Vera Lynn 11,619 CS/XM/01 11,620 CS/X2/01 Very Lynn 11,621 D/162 Little Brown Gal Al Ciola 11,622 D/321 LITTLE BROWN JUG GLENN MILLER 11,623 CW/0292 LITTLE BUDDY Hank Snow 11,624 CS/A5/30 Little Buttercup London Ensemble+ 11,625 CM/0255 LITTLE BY LITTLE Rolling Stones 11,626 CSM/0255 11,627 CW/0325 LITTLE CAJUN BOY BOBY LEGER 11,628 CM/0106 LITTLE CHILD Beatles 11,629 CW/0058 LITTLE COWBOY DUFFY BROS/RON R 11,630 CW/0260 NASSINGTON FLYER 11,631 CM/0037 LITTLE DARLIN' DIAMONDS 11,632 CM/0349 Lindisfarne 11,633 CH/0015 LITTLE DAVID PLAY ON YO' HARP Choir Bath SR 11,634 CM/0447 LITTLE DEUCE COUPE Beach Boys 11,635 CSM/0263 11,636 CM/0909 LITTLE DEVIL NEIL SEDAKA 11,637 CS/XM/31 Little Donkey St. Winifred's 11,638 CS/X2/29 St.Winifred's Ch 11,639 CS/X2/22 VARIOUS 11,640 CS/A3/36 LITTLE DRUMMER BOY BERT KAEMPFERT 11,641 CD\1856a Beverley Sisters 11,642 CS/X2/24 Choir Warwick 11,643 CS/XM/24 ChoirSt.MaryWarw 11,644 CS/X2/14 Fireside Singers 11,645 CS/XM/14 11,646 CS/X2/23 Harry Simeone Ch 11,647 CS/XM/22 Hary Simone Chor 11,648 CW/0154 Johnny Cash 11,649 CS/X2/23 Johnny Mathis 11,650 CS/XM/23 11,651 CS/XM/32 Kings Singers 11,652 CS/X2/27 Kings' Singers 11,653 CS/XM/31 St. Winifred's 11,654 CS/X2/29 St.Winifred's Ch 11,655 CM/0032 LITTLE EGYPT Ray Stevens 11,656 COM/0157 11,657 CW/0008 Little footprints in the snow WILLIS BROTHERS 11,658 CM/0212 LITTLE GIRL LOST KRIS KRISTOFF' 11,659 CM/0258 LITTLE GIRLS ARE FUN Impressions 11,660 CSM/0258 JIMMY OSMOND 11,661 CW/0210 LITTLE GREEN APPLES FLOYD CRAMER 11,662 CW/0106 Roger Miller 11,663 CW/0186 11,664 CW/0014 Roy Drusky 11,665 CH/0066 LITTLE HEART Choir Vienna Boy 11,666 CM/0302 LITTLE HONDA Beach Boys 11,667 D/194 LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE TV GREATEST HITS 11,668 CH/0081 LITTLE INNOCENT LAMB Choir Morriston 11,669 COM/0044 LITTLE LAWRENCE GREENWAY PAM AYRES 11,670 CM/0914 LITTLE LUCY MIDNIGHT CAFE 11,671 CH/0094 LITTLE MAN YOU'VE HAD A BUSY D FORTUNAIRS 11,672 CM/0463 LITTLE MISS SORROW Herman's Hermits 11,673 CM/0341 LITTLE MISS SWEETNESS ISLEY BROTHERS 11,674 CW/0163 LITTLE NELL LARRY CUNNINGHAM 11,675 CW/0065 LITTLE OLD CHURCH IN THE VALLE Gene Autry 11,676 CR/0440 Little old lady Gracie Fields 11,677 CM/0447 LITTLE OLD LADY FROM PASADENA Beach Boys 11,678 CW/0326 LITTLE OLD LOG SHACK WILL CARTER 11,679 CW/0066 LITTLE OLE DIME Jim Reeves 11,680 CW/0017 LITTLE ORPHAN BOY ROGER JAMES GROU 11,681 CH/0094 LITTLE PAL Barrytones 11,682 CM/0746 LITTLE RED CORVETTE PRINCE 11,683 CM/0169 LITTLE RED ROOSTER Rolling Stones 11,684 CW/0136 LITTLE RICH GIRL Marty Robbins 11,685 CW/0157 11,686 D/092 Little Road To Bethlehem BBC Welsh Chorus 11,687 CS/XM/04 Little Saint Nick Beach Boys 11,688 CH/0021 LITTLE SHIP S.A.SUNBURY SING 11,689 CR/0485 LITTLE SIR ECHO BILLY COTTON 11,690 CH/0044 Choir St Winifre 11,691 Cs/A1/16 JOE LOSS ORCH 11,692 D/036 LITTLE SPARROW OF PARIS MANUEL 11,693 CS/A4/05 Little Star - Estrellita Deanna Durbin 11,694 CM/0113 LITTLE THINGS DAVE BERRY 11,695 CW/0058 DUFFY BROS/RON R 11,696 CW/0260 NASSINGTON FLYER 11,697 CW/0243 Tammy Wynette 11,698 CW/0032 11,699 D/1715 Little things mean a lot Joan Regan 11,700 D/266 Kitty Kallen 11,701 CS/A4/26 LIBERACE 11,702 D/266 To be entered. 11,703 CS/XM/04 Little Town Cliff Richard 11,704 CH/0044 LITTLE WHITE BULL Choir St Winifre 11,705 CR/0279 LITTLE WHITE DUCK DANNY KAYE 11,706 D/295 Little white lies Dick Haymes 11,707 D/295 To be entered. 11,708 CM/0250 LITTLE WILLY Sweet 11,709 CM/0427 11,710 D/279 Little yellow bird Cliff Adams Sing 11,711 D/279 To be entered. 11,712 CM/0465 LIVE & LET DIE Wings 11,713 CD\1858 LIVE & LET DIE SONG TITLE SONG G.LANGFORD ORCH 11,714 CW/0257 LIVE FAST LIVE HARD DIE YOUNG Faron Young 11,715 CW/0020 LIVE FOR THE GOOD TIMES WARNER MACK 11,716 CW/0199 11,717 D/005 LIVE IN LONDON To be entered. 11,718 D/021 11,719 CM/0079 LIVE IN THE SKY Dave Clark Five 11,720 COM/0067 LIVE IN TROUBLE Barron Knights 11,721 COM/0130 11,722 CM/0350 LIVE IS LIFE OPUS 11,723 CM/0062 LIVE WITH ME Rolling Stones 11,724 D/267 Liverpool Lou Fureys 11,725 D/267 To be entered. 11,726 CD\1856c Livin' Lovin' Doll Cliff Richard 11,727 CW/0038 LIVIN' OUR LOVE TOGETHER Billie Jo Spears 11,728 CW/0230 LIVIN' WITH THE PAST CARL JACKSON 11,729 CM/0020 LIVING AFTER MIDNIGHT JUDAS PRIEST 11,730 CM/0024 LIVING BY NUMBERS NEW MUSK 11,731 CD\1856a Living doll Cliff Richard 11,732 CM/0356 LIVING EYES Bee Gees 11,733 CW/0289 LIVING HERE IN LONDON Foster & Allen 11,734 CW/0323 LIVING HIGH & WIDE GLEN BARBER 11,735 CM/0764 LIVING IN A BOX LIVING IN A BOX 11,736 CM/0383 LIVING IN A FANTASY Leo Sayer 11,737 Cs/A1/14 Living in Clover Jack Buchanan 11,738 CW/0042 LIVING IN MEMORIES OF YOU DOLLY P 11,739 CM/0091 LIVING ON AN ISLAND Status Quo 11,740 CM/0475 11,741 CW/0042 LIVING ON MEMORIES OF YOU Dolly Parton 11,742 CM/0019 LIVING ON THE FRONT LINE EDDIE GRANT 11,743 CM/0269 LIVING THE LIFE DOUBLE 'A' 11,744 CM/0269 Movies 11,745 CM/0269 The Movies 11,746 CM/0313 LIVING TOGETHER BEE GEES 11,747 D/089 LIZA WITH A Z To be entered. 11,748 CH/0090 LLANFAIR CHOIR CESTRIAN 11,749 CH/0063 Choir LdnWelshMV 11,750 CH/0104 Choir Rhos MV 11,751 CH/0086 LLANFAIR - WELSH HYMN Choir Pontarddul 11,752 CH/0047 LLEF Choir MonmouthMV 11,753 CH/0026 Choir Pendyrus 11,754 CH/0056 11,755 CH/0059 Welsh Voices Cho 11,756 CH/0020 LLEF (CRY) 5000 WELSH VOICE 11,757 CS/A3/30 Lo he comes with cluds decendi Choir Lincoln Ca 11,758 CM/0481 LOADSAMONEY HARRY ENFIELD 11,759 CS/A2/36 LOBDON SCOTTISH JOYCE GRENFELL 11,760 COL/0084 LOBE IS A WOOD-BIRD WILD - CAR MARIA GAY 11,761 CD\1858 LOBR STORY WHERE DO IT BEGIN HENRY MANCINI 11,762 COM/0018 LOCAL RADIO JASPER CARROTT 11,763 COM/0094 LOCAL RADIO PRESENTERS JASPER CARROTT 11,764 CH/0050 LOCH LOMOND Choir Silver Rin 11,765 CH/0025 Choir Treorchy 11,766 CS/A4/05 Deanna Durbin 11,767 Cs/A1/12 Phil.Chmbr.Choir 11,768 CW/0103 LOCK STOCK & TEARDROPS Roger Miller 11,769 CM/0350 LOCO-MOTION LITTLE EVA 11,770 CM/038 LOCOMOTION LITTLE EVA 11,771 CM/0197 LODI Creedence Clearw 11,772 CM/0197 Kate Bush 11,773 CM/0288 LOFTY SKIES T.REX 11,774 CM/0288 TREX 11,775 COL/0090 LOHENGRIN'S NARRATION CHARLES KULLMAN 11,776 CH/0098 LOHENGRIN, WEDDING CHORUS R.WAGNER CHORALE 11,777 CM/0078 LOLA Kinks 11,778 COL/0168 LOLA TANGO HARRY DAVIDSON 11,779 CW/0132 LOLENE Marty Robbins 11,780 CM/0419 LOLLIPOP MAN Sweet 11,781 COL/0026 LONDON AGAIN ERIC COATES 11,782 COL/0067 LONDON AGAIN SUITE ERIC COATES 11,783 CR/0119 LONDON BRIDGE WELSH GUARDS' BA 11,784 COL/0077 LONDON FANTASIA COL. LT. SYMPH 11,785 COL/0183 COLUMBIA LIGHT S 11,786 COL/0440 SIDNEY TORCH 11,787 COL/0347 LONDON FANTASIA PARTS 1/2 COLUMBIA LIGHT S 11,788 D/271 LONDON FANTASIA x 2 (12 CLIVE RICHARDSON 11,789 D/271 To be entered. 11,790 CS/A4/06 London fire Brigade Various 11,791 D/263 LONDON MEDLEY YORKS IMP METALS 11,792 CS/A4/06 London on a rainy night Various 11,793 CS/A4/06 LONDON PRIDE various 11,794 CS/A4/06 London pride - Various 11,795 COM/0134 LONDON SCOTTISH JOYCE GRENFELL 11,796 Cs/A1/29 LONDON SCOTTISH - SELECTION JIMMY SHAND 11,797 D/084 LONDON SERENADE RON GOODWIN 11,798 COL/0016 LONDON SUITE ERIC COATES 11,799 COL/0409 11,800 COL/0417 11,801 COL/0346 LONDON SUITE PART 1 ERIC COATES 11,802 COL/0346 LONDON SUITE PART 2 ERIC COATES 11,803 COL/0291 LONDON SUITE PTS 1 & 2 - COATE ERIC COATES SYMP 11,804 D/159 LONDON TOWN VARIOUS 11,805 D/169 LONDON UNDERGROUND RAILWAY SOUNDS 11,806 Cs/A1/03 LONDONDERRY AIR Brass Ensemble 11,807 CH/0079 Choir Mormon Tab 11,808 CH/0015 Choir Silver Rin 11,809 COL/0389 HALLE ORCH. 11,810 D/003 JAMES LAST 11,811 Cs/A1/28 11,812 COL/0053 PHILHARMONIA ORC 11,813 CS/A3/12 SANDY MACPHERSON 11,814 CS/A4/15 LONDONDERYY AIR DOUGLAS GAMLEY 11,815 CM/0019 LONE RANGER QUANTUM JUMP 11,816 CW/0326 LONE STAR TRAIL KEN MAYNARD 11,817 CM/0023 LONELIEST MAN IN THE WORLD TOURISTS 11,818 CW/0284 LONELINESS ALL AROUND ME George Hamilton 11,819 CW/0307 LONELY AGAIN NANCY SINATRA 11,820 D/249 LONELY BALLERINA MANTOVANI 11,821 D/249 To be entered. 11,822 CW/0028 LONELY BLUE BOY Conway Twitty 11,823 COM/0133 LONELY BOY Benny Hill 11,824 CM/0128 Gary Glitter 11,825 CW/0043 LONELY COMIN' DOWN Dolly Parton 11,826 CW/0250 11,827 CW/0042 LONELY COMING DOWN Dolly Parton 11,828 D/123 LONELY DAYS PAUL MAURIAT 11,829 CH/0013 LONELY GOATHERD Angels of Korea 11,830 D/269 Lonely hearts Cafe Lynn Anderson 11,831 D/269 To be entered. 11,832 CW/0170 LONELY HEARTS IN ARKANSAS John Denver 11,833 CM/0254 LONELY MAN Impressions 11,834 CSM/0254 11,835 CW/0232 LONELY ME Gene Watson 11,836 CW/0066 LONELY MUSIC Jim Reeves 11,837 CM/0053 LONELY NIGHT Neil Sedaka 11,838 CM/0188 LONELY OLD PEOPLE Wings 11,839 CW/0061 LONELY PEOPLE Eddy Arnold 11,840 D/005 LONELY SHEPHERD JAMES LAST 11,841 D/260 ZAMFIR 11,842 CW/0030 LONELY STREET Tammy Wynette 11,843 CW/0178 11,844 CM/0110 LONELY TEARDROPS Jackie Wilson 11,845 CM/0901 LONELY TEARS IN CHINATOWN MODERN TALKING 11,846 CM/0467 LONELY THIS CHRISTMAS Mud 11,847 CS/X2/04 11,848 CS/XM/04 11,849 CR/0457 LONELY VILLA PRIMO SCALA 11,850 CM/0119 LONELY WINDS Walker Brothers 11,851 CM/0436 LONELY WINE Roy Orbison 11,852 CW/0182 LONELYVILLE Clinton ford 11,853 CM/0434 LONER Roy Orbison 11,854 CM/0435 11,855 CW/0028 LONESOE BLUES Marvin Rainwater 11,856 CD\1856b Lonesome Chris Barber 11,857 D/257 Lonesome & Sorry Bing Crosby 11,858 D/257 To be entered. 11,859 CW/0028 LONESOME BLUES Marvin Rainwater 11,860 CM/0199 LONESOME FEELING Bob Marley 11,861 CW/0122 LONESOME FIDDLE MAN Jerry Lee Lewis 11,862 CW/0294 LONESOME NUMBER ONE DON GIBSON 11,863 CW/0093 LONESOME TWELVE Glen Campbell 11,864 CW/0097 11,865 CW/0229 LONESOME WHISTLE Boxcar Willie 11,866 CW/0032 Hank Snow 11,867 CW/0219 11,868 CW/0217 11,869 CW/0183 Hank Williams 11,870 CW/0088 TEXAS JIM ROBERT 11,871 CW/0294 LONESOME WHISTLE BLOW DON GIBSON 11,872 CM/0045 LONG & WINDING ROAD Beatles 11,873 CR/0127 LONG AFTER TONIGHT (WALTZ) VICTOR SILVESTER 11,874 D/295 Long ago & far away Forrest & Haymes 11,875 CS/A3/44 Geraldo & AL 11,876 CS/A3/41 MANCINI 11,877 D/082 REG TILSLEY ORCH 11,878 D/295 To be entered. 11,879 CM/0083 LONG AND WINDING ROAD Beatles 11,880 CM/0197 LONG AS I CAN SEE THE LIGHT Creedence Clearw 11,881 CM/0400 11,882 CR/0003 LONG BEFORE I KNEW YOU PETULA CLARK 11,883 CW/0285 LONG BLACK LIMOUSINE George Hamilton 11,884 CW/0162 LONG BLACK VEIL Johnny Cash 11,885 CH/0082 LONG DAY CLOSES - THE Choir Morriston 11,886 CH/0099 LONG DAY CLOSING COLNE MALE VOICE 11,887 COM/0087 LONG DISTANCE LAUREL & HARDY 11,888 CW/0112 LONG GONE LONESOME BLUES Hank Williams 11,889 CSM/0258 LONG HAIRED LOVER FROM LIVER JIMMY OSMOND 11,890 CM/0258 LONG HAIRED LOVER FROM LIVERPO Impressions 11,891 CD\1856c Long John John Barry Seven 11,892 CM/0380 LONG LEGGED GIRL Elvis 11,893 CM/0413 11,894 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 11,895 CM/0413 11,896 CW/0140 LONG LEGGED GUITAR PICKIN' MAN Johnny Cash 11,897 CM/0016 LONG LEGGED WOMAN DRESSED IN B MUNGO JERRY 11,898 CS/A3/23 Long live Love Not Original 11,899 CM/0253 LONG LIVE THE KING Detroit Emeralds 11,900 CSM/0253 11,901 D/270 Long long friendship Eddy Arnold 11,902 D/270 To be entered. 11,903 CM/0063 LONG LONG WAY TO GO Phil Collins 11,904 CS/A3/12 LONG MEDLEYS - 3 FROM POSTBAG SANDY MACPHERSON 11,905 COM/0179 LONG PLAYING DADDY STAG 11,906 CM/0151 LONG TALL GLASSES Leo Sayer 11,907 CM/0474 LONG TALL SALLY Beatles 11,908 CM/0080 Dave Clark Five 11,909 CM/0087 Little Richard 11,910 CM/0382 11,911 CM/0415 11,912 CM/0144 Pat Boone 11,913 CM/0447 LONG TALL TEXAN Beach Boys 11,914 CW/0054 SLEEPY LABEEF 11,915 CW/0174 LONG TIME TO FORGET George Jones 11,916 Cs/A1/31 LONG WHITE CLOUD JAMES GALWAY 11,917 CW/0071 LONG, LONG FRIENDSHIP Eddy Arnold 11,918 CW/0085 LONG-LEGGED GUITAR PICKIN' MAN J.CASH/JUNE CART 11,919 CW/0019 JOHNNY CASH/JUNE 11,920 CM/0438 LONGFELLOW SERENADE Neil Diamond 11,921 CS/A4/42 Longford Collector Dubliners 11,922 CM/0449 LOOK AT LAST NIGHT Slade 11,923 CM/0192 LOOK AT ME Stylus 11,924 CM/0210 LOOK AT ME I'M SANDRA DEE O.NEWTON JOHN 11,925 CM/0210 STOCKARD CHAN- 11,926 CW/0145 LOOK AT THEM BEANS Johnny Cash 11,927 CM/0004 LOOK AT YOURSELF URIAH HEEP 11,928 D/242 LOOK FOR A STAR SAX IN GOLD 11,929 CS/A5/32 Look for the Silver Lining Jessie Matthews 11,930 CR/0322 MAY VINCENT - ST 11,931 CS/A5/21 Robert White 11,932 CS/A3/28 UNKNOWN ORCHESTR 11,933 CW/0169 LOOK HOMEWARD ANGEL NARVEL FELTS 11,934 CW/0221 LOOK IN BABY'S EYES - The Gene Watson 11,935 CM/0268 LOOK IN MY EYES PRETTY WOMAN Dawn 11,936 CM/0268 TONY ORLANDO & D 11,937 CM/0268 LOOK IN MY EYESPRETTY WOMAN Tony Orlando+D 11,938 CW/0269 LOOK INTO MY TEARDROPS WATLON JENNINGS 11,939 CW/0228 Waylon Jennings 11,940 CW/0005 11,941 CW/0279 LOOK OF LOVE Connie Francis 11,942 CM/0035 GLADYS KNIGHT 11,943 CM/0231 Gladys Knight/Pi 11,944 CM/0318 LOOK THROUGH MY WINDOW MAMAS & PAPAS 11,945 CM/0319 11,946 CM/0320 11,947 D/277 Look to the rainbow Jeannie Carson 11,948 D/277 NV Orchestral 11,949 D/277 To be entered. 11,950 D/232 Look to the rainbow - Finian's Jeannie Carson + 11,951 D/232 To be entered. 11,952 CR/0129 LOOK UP & LAUGH FILM SELECTION PRIMO SCALA 11,953 CM/0449 LOOK WOT YOU DUN Slade 11,954 CM/0197 LOOKIN' OUT MY BACK DOOR Creedence Clearw 11,955 CM/0400 11,956 CM/0071 LOOKIN' THROUGH THE WINDOWS Jackson 5 11,957 CM/0011 LOOKING AFTER NUMBER ONE BOOM TOWN RATS 11,958 CM/0060 LOOKING AROUND Yes 11,959 CW/0150 LOOKING FOR A NEW MAMA JIMMIE RODGERS 11,960 CM/0792 LOOKING FOR A NEW WORLD JODY WATLEY 11,961 CM/0232 LOOKING FOR LOVE Rose Marie 11,962 CM/0247 LOOKING FOR ME Walker Brothers 11,963 CS/A2/14 Looking for space John Denver 11,964 CW/0277 LOOKING FOR THE SUNSHINE Frank Ifield 11,965 COM/0116 LOOKING ON THE BRIGHT SIDE HIKE HARDING 11,966 CM/0490 LOOKING THROUGH THE EYES OF LO Partridge Family 11,967 CM/0393 LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT Barry Manilow 11,968 D/189 LOONEY TUNES TV THEMES 11,969 COM/0129 LOOP DI LOOP JOHNNY THUNDER 11,970 CW/0195 LOOSE TALK Hank Locklin 11,971 CS/X2/10 LORD CHRIST THE ONLY SON OF GO ORGAN-M.SOUTER 11,972 CS/XM/09 LORD CHRIST THE ONLY SON OFGOD ORGAN 11,973 CS/A4/11 Lord enthroned in Heavenly spl Choir RNC.GRENWI 11,974 COM/0149 LORD FORTESQUE OF FORLEY FIRST XV SING RU 11,975 COM/0166 LORD HAD MERSEY ON ME TOM O'CONNOR 11,976 CH/0073 LORD I'M COMING HOME EVANGELICAL MIXE 11,977 COL/0372 LORD IS A MAN OF WAR M.MCEACHERN/H.WI 11,978 COL/0209 LORD IS MY LIGHT JEAN WATSON 11,979 D/245 Lord is my Shepherd Choir Leeds Pari 11,980 D/245 To be entered. 11,981 CS/A2/03 Worcs.Cath.Choir 11,982 CS/A4/31 LORD JESUS HATH A GARDEN PHIL.JONES BRASS 11,983 CW/0229 LORD MADE A HOBO OUT OF ME Boxcar Willie 11,984 CS/A2/01 Lord of all hopefulness Seaford Coll Cho 11,985 D/142 Valerie Monese 11,986 Cs/A1/08 LORD OF THE DANCE DUBLINERS 11,987 CS/A2/01 Lord's my Shepherd Seaford Coll Cho 11,988 CH/0100 LORD'S MY SHEPHERD - B.J.A. Choir Llandaff 11,989 CH/0053 LORD'S MY SHEPHERD - Crimond Choir Glasgow Ph 11,990 CH/0101 HUDD'FIELD CHORA 11,991 CH/0102 TEMPLE CHU CHOIR 11,992 D/142 LORD'S MY SHEPHERD.THE MALE VOICE CHOIR 11,993 COM/0082 LORD'S OF THE AIR DAD'S ARMY 11,994 CH/0047 LORD'S PRAYER Choir MonmouthMV 11,995 CH/0079 Choir Mormon Tab 11,996 CH/0097 11,997 COL/0377 MARY JARRED 11,998 CH/0064 LORD'S PRAYER - THE Choir MonmouthMV 11,999 CM/0138 LORRAINE Bad Manners 12,000 CM/0030 Explainer 12,001 CM/0482 LOS ANGELENOS Billy Joel 12,002 COM/0004 LOS OLIVIDADOS Flanders & Swann 12,003 COM/0123 12,004 CM/0468 LOS RANCHEROS Adam & the Ants 12,005 CM/0408 LOSS OF LOVE Scott Walker 12,006 CW/0019 LOST CARL & PEARL BUT 12,007 CM/0437 Showaddywaddy 12,008 CM/0159 LOST ANGELES Giorgio Moroder 12,009 CH/0022 LOST CHORD Choir Treorchy 12,010 CH/0025 12,011 COL/0413 CLARA BUTT 12,012 D/279 Cliff Adams Sing 12,013 COL/0377 MARY JARRED 12,014 CS/A5/31 ORGAN BrianSharp 12,015 CS/A1/45 Peter Dawson 12,016 D/279 To be entered. 12,017 CW/0028 LOST HIGHWAY OSBORNE BROTHERS 12,018 D/119 LOST HORIZON JOHN SCOTT ORCH 12,019 CM/0018 LOST IN FRANCE BONNIE TYLER 12,020 CM/0023 LOST IN MUSIC SISTER SLEDGE 12,021 D/192 LOST IN SPACE I & II TV THEMES SiFi V 12,022 D/295 Lost in the stars Dick Haymes 12,023 D/295 To be entered. 12,024 CM/0179 LOST IN YOUR LOVE Paul Young 12,025 CH/0083 LOST LOVE - THE -(WORDSWORTH) Choir Morriston 12,026 CM/0507 LOST OPERA KIMERA & OPERAID 12,027 COM/0017 LOST THE END OF MY YODEL CHARLIE DRAKE 12,028 CM/0398 LOST VOYAGE Herbie/Royalists 12,029 CW/0186 LOU'S GOT THE'FLU Roger Miller 12,030 CH/0084 LOUD ALARUM BELLS TEMPLE UNIVERSIT 12,031 CM/0038 LOUIE LOUIE KINGSMEN 12,032 CW/0324 LOUISIANA ACES SPECIAL BADEAUX/LOUISIAN 12,033 CW/0002 Louisiana man BOBBIE GENTRY 12,034 CW/0055 12,035 CW/0191 12,036 CW/0111 Charlie Pride 12,037 CW/0216 Concrete Cowboy 12,038 CW/0144 LOUISIANA SATURDAY NIGHT Don Williams 12,039 D/021 LOVE JAMES LAST+PJ&RL 12,040 CM/0395 LOVE & AFFECTION Joan Armatrading 12,041 D/149 LOVE & DANCING To be entered. 12,042 CM/0257 LOVE & HAPPINESS Graham Central S 12,043 CR/0413 LOVE & MARRIAGE RITA WILLIAMS/BO 12,044 CM/0432 LOVE - YOU'RE A LONG TIME COMI Paper Lace 12,045 CM/0473 LOVE ACTION Human League 12,046 CW/0277 LOVE AIN'T WORTH THE LIVING WH Frank Ifield 12,047 D/189 LOVE AMERICAN STYLE TV THEMES 12,048 CM/0199 LOVE AND AFFECTION Bob Marley 12,049 CSM/0257 LOVE AND HAPPINESS GRAHAM CENTRAL 12,050 Cs/A1/27 LOVE BIRD JAMES LAST 12,051 D/194 LOVE BOAT TV GREATEST HITS 12,052 CM/0230 LOVE CALL Gladys Knight/Pi 12,053 CM/0480 LOVE CHANGES CLIMIE FISHER 12,054 CD\1859 Love changes everything John Dulieu 12,055 CM/0233 LOVE CHILD Diana Ross 12,056 CM/0282 VAN MCCOY 12,057 CM/0030 LOVE COME DOWN Evelyn King 12,058 CH/0025 LOVE COULD I ONLY TELL THEE Choir Treorchy 12,059 COL/0447 NORMAN WALKER 12,060 CS/A1/45 Peter Dawson 12,061 CS/A3/24 12,062 D/110 Love Could I Only Tell You Morriston Orp.Ch 12,063 CM/0464 LOVE CRAZY LOVE CRYSTAL GAYLE 12,064 CM/0651 LOVE DANCE ANDROIDS 12,065 CS/A4/11 Love divine all loves excellin Choir RNC.GRENWI 12,066 CH/0102 TEMPLE CHU CHOIR 12,067 CM/0021 LOVE DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE ROSE ROYCE 12,068 CM/0403 LOVE EYES Passage 12,069 CM/0162 LOVE FEVER Munich Machine 12,070 CM/0231 LOVE FINDS ITS OWN WAY Gladys Knight/Pi 12,071 CM/0469 LOVE FOR SALE Aretha Franklin 12,072 Cs/A1/16 JOE LOSS ORCH 12,073 COM/0162 Spike Jones 12,074 CD\1856b Love game Mudlarks 12,075 CM/0434 LOVE GAMES Drifters 12,076 CM/0514 LEVEL 42 12,077 CM/0005 LOVE GROWS ED.LIGHTHOUSE 12,078 CM/0485 LOVE HANGOVER ASSOCIATES 12,079 CM/0233 Diana Ross 12,080 CM/0592 12,081 CM/0906 12,082 CW/0246 LOVE HAS NO PRIDE Lynn Anderson 12,083 CM/0279 LOVE HAS NO TIME OR PLACE UNIVERSAL LOVE 12,084 CM/0300 LOVE HURTS Tony Christie 12,085 CW/0114 LOVE I COULDN'T GIVE Faron Young 12,086 CW/0313 12,087 CM/0384 LOVE I LOST HAROLD MELVIN 12,088 CM/0488 12,089 COM/0066 LOVE IN A MIST Paddy Roberts 12,090 COM/0120 12,091 D/179 Love in Bloom Bing Crosby 12,092 CR/0110 HENRY KING 12,093 COM/0147 Spike Jones 12,094 COM/0092 12,095 D/179 To be entered. 12,096 CM/0109 LOVE IN ITSELF Depeche mode 12,097 CM/0433B 12,098 CM/0188 LOVE IN SONG Wings 12,099 CS/A4/18 Love in the close Choir Gloucester 12,100 D/116 LOVE IN THE RAIN STANLEY BLACK 12,101 CM/0062 LOVE IN VAIN Rolling Stones 12,102 CM/0270 LOVE IN YOUR EYE CARAVAN 12,103 CM/0139 LOVE IS Cecil Parker 12,104 CM/0283 John & Vangelis 12,105 CM/0283 JON & VANGELIS 12,106 CM/0729 LOVE IS (EUROVISION) VIKKI 12,107 CM/0491 LOVE IS A FIVE LETTER WORD Foundations 12,108 CW/0073 LOVE IS A GENTLE THING BARBARA FAIRCHIL 12,109 CM/0839 LOVE IS A HOUSE GINA FOSTER 12,110 CW/0136 LOVE IS A HURTING THING Marty Robbins 12,111 CM/0462 LOVE IS A KILLER CHOCOLATE KISSES 12,112 CW/0083 LOVE IS A LONESOME RIVER Glen Campbell 12,113 CW/0091 12,114 CM/0210 LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THIN NOT KNOWN 12,115 CR/0405 Love is a many splendoured FOUR ACES 12,116 CR/0188 FRANK CHACKSFIEL 12,117 D/273 Love is a many splendoured thi Harry Seacombe 12,118 CS/A4/26 LIBERACE 12,119 D/273 To be entered. 12,120 CM/0012 LOVE IS A SATRANGER EURYTHMICS 12,121 CW/0199 LOVE IS A SOMETIME THING Bill Anderson 12,122 CW/0020 LOVE IS A SOMETIMES THING Bill Anderson 12,123 CH/0094 LOVE IS A SONG Barrytones 12,124 CR/0514 GERALDO 12,125 COM/0059 LOVE IS A WONDERFUL THING Paddy Roberts 12,126 CW/0050 LOVE IS A WORD Stella Parton 12,127 CS/A5/14 Love is all Deanna Durbin 12,128 D/069 LOVE IS BLUE CARLINI'S STRING 12,129 CM/0384 DELLS 12,130 D/058 Wally Stott Chor 12,131 CM/0204 LOVE IS COMING DOWN Who 12,132 CS/A2/14 Love is everywhere John Denver 12,133 CW/0170 12,134 CM/0290 LOVE IS HERE & NOW YOU'RE GO DIANA ROSS & THE 12,135 CM/0290 LOVE IS HERE AND NOW YOU'RE GO Diana Ross & Sup 12,136 D/009 LOVE IS IN THE AIR JAMES LAST 12,137 CM/0472 JOHN PAUL YOUNG 12,138 CW/0135 Marty Robbins 12,139 CM/0179 Paul Young 12,140 CM/0018 12,141 D/179 Love is just around the corner Bing Crosby 12,142 D/179 To be entered. 12,143 CM/0336 LOVE IS JUST THE GREAT PRETEND Animal Nightlife 12,144 CM/0373 LOVE IS LIFE Hot Chocolate 12,145 Cs/A1/21 Love is like a breeze in May James Melton 12,146 CW/0042 LOVE IS LIKE A BUTTERFLY Dolly Parton 12,147 CW/0043 12,148 CW/0180 12,149 CM/0068 LOVE IS LIKE A HEATWAVE Diana Ross+Sup 12,150 CS/A3/06 Love is like a violin Ken Dodd 12,151 CM/0067 LOVE IS LIKE AN ITCHING Supremes 12,152 CM/0290 LOVE IS LIKE AN ITCHING IN M DIANA ROSS & THE 12,153 CM/0290 LOVE IS LIKE AN ITCHING IN MY Diana Ross & Sup 12,154 CM/0455 DIANA ROSS/SUPRE 12,155 CW/0235 LOVE IS NO EXCUSE JIM REEVES & DOT 12,156 D/251 12,157 D/251 To be entered. 12,158 CW/0083 LOVE IS NOT A GAME Glen Campbell 12,159 CW/0090 12,160 CW/0091 12,161 CM/0457 LOVE IS STRONGER THAN PRIDE Sade 12,162 CM/0406 LOVE IS THE ANSWER Stylistics 12,163 D/237 Love is the drug Bryan Ferry 12,164 D/237 To be entered. 12,165 D/195 Love is the sweetest thing Bing Crosby 12,166 D/076 Ray Conniff 12,167 D/195 To be entered. 12,168 COL/0314 LOVE IS THE TIME NELSON EDDY 12,169 COM/0066 LOVE ISN'T WHAT IT USED TO BE Paddy Roberts 12,170 COM/0120 12,171 D/299 LOVE LETTERS CHET ATKINS 12,172 D/295 Dick Haymes 12,173 CM/0380 Elvis 12,174 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 12,175 CS/A4/26 LIBERACE 12,176 D/295 To be entered. 12,177 D/299 12,178 CW/0036 Vera Lynn 12,179 CM/0303 LOVE LETTERS IN THE SAND Bill Haley 12,180 CM/0144 Pat Boone 12,181 D/052 Love Lifted Me LONDON C.GOSPELC 12,182 D/307 London Commun.Go 12,183 D/307 To be entered. 12,184 CM/0387 LOVE LIGHTS CHUCK JACKSON 12,185 CM/0104 LOVE LIVED HERE Faces 12,186 CM/0068 LOVE MAKES ME DO FOOLISH THI Diana Ross+Sup 12,187 D/257 Love makes the World go round Bing Crosby 12,188 D/257 To be entered. 12,189 CM/0297 LOVE MAKES YOU HUMAN Four Tops 12,190 CM/0906 LOVE ME DIANA ROSS 12,191 CM/0311 DONNY OSMOND 12,192 CM/0044 LOVE ME DO Beatles 12,193 CM/0084 12,194 CM/0458 12,195 CM/0222 LOVE ME FOR A REASON Osmonds 12,196 CM/0224 12,197 CR/0475 LOVE ME FOREVER Arthur Tracy 12,198 CR/0475 STREET SINGER 12,199 CM/0418 LOVE ME LIKE A LOVER TINA CHARLES 12,200 D/308 Love Me Like You Did Roy Orbison 12,201 D/308 Love me like you did last nigh Roy Orbison 12,202 CW/0200 LOVE ME LIKE YOU NEVER WILL AG TANYA TUCKER 12,203 CM/0434 LOVE ME LOVE THE LIFE I LEAD Drifters 12,204 CW/0113 LOVE ME NOW Tex Ritter 12,205 CM/0380 LOVE ME TENDER Elvis 12,206 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 12,207 D/005 JAMES LAST 12,208 CW/0151 Marty Robbins 12,209 CW/0101 LOVE ME TONIGHT Don Williams 12,210 Cs/A1/14 Janette Macdonal 12,211 Cs/A1/14 Maurice Chevalie 12,212 CM/0441 Tom Jones 12,213 CM/0146 12,214 CM/0119 LOVE MINUS ZERO Walker Brothers 12,215 CM/0704 LOVE MOVES BLUE ZOO 12,216 CM/0297 LOVE MUSIC Four Tops 12,217 CM/0490 LOVE MUST BE THE ANSWER Partridge Family 12,218 D/007 LOVE MUST BE THE REASON JAMES LAST 12,219 D/007 To be entered. 12,220 CM/0033 LOVE MUST HAVE PASSED ME BY Bobby Vee 12,221 CM/0003 LOVE MY WAY PSYCHEDELIC FURS 12,222 CW/0107 LOVE OBSESSION Muskrats 12,223 CW/0317 LOVE OF MONEY NANCY KULP/RAYMO 12,224 CM/0010 LOVE OF MY LIFE DOOLEYS 12,225 CM/0287 12,226 CM/0244 12,227 CM/0190 Motown 12,228 CM/0028 LOVE OF THE COMMON PEOPLE PAUL YOUNG 12,229 CW/0068 Wanda Jackson 12,230 CM/0016 LOVE ON A MOUNTAIN TOP ROBERT KNIGHT 12,231 CM/0259 LOVE ON BORROWED TIME Freda Payne 12,232 CSM/0259 12,233 CS/A3/35 LOVE ON THE ROCKS JAMES LAST 12,234 CS/A4/18 Love One Another Choir Gloucester 12,235 CW/0109 LOVE OR SOMETHING LIKE IT Royston Jones 12,236 CM/0911 LOVE PAINS DISCO TECH 12,237 CM/0483 LOVE PLUS ONE Haircut 100 12,238 CM/0497 12,239 CM/0037 LOVE POTION NO.9 CLOVERS 12,240 CM/0488 LOVE REALLY HURTS WITHOUT YOU BILLY OCEAN 12,241 COM/0179 LOVE SAMBA STAG 12,242 CM/0178 LOVE SERENADE Barry White 12,243 CM/0030 LOVE SHADOW Fashion 12,244 CM/0212 LOVE SONG LESLEY DUNCAN 12,245 CM/0432 Paper Lace 12,246 CR/0094 PAUL ROBESON 12,247 CW/0234 LOVE SONG OF THE WATERFALL Slim Whitman 12,248 D/121 LOVE SONGS To be entered. 12,249 D/017 LOVE SONGS IN HI FI STEREO VARIOUS 12,250 CM/0410 LOVE SPACE Adrian Gorvitz 12,251 CW/0025 LOVE STORY ANNE MURRAY/GLEN 12,252 CM/0412 Diana Ross + 12,253 D/243 HAMMOND ORG-LAMB 12,254 D/113 Liza Minnelli 12,255 D/123 PAUL MAURIAT 12,256 D/243 To be entered. 12,257 CS/A3/41 LOVE STORY THEME MANCINI 12,258 CW/0004 Love takes a lot of my time Skeeter Davis 12,259 CR/0380 LOVE TEARS & KISSES DAVID WHITFIELD 12,260 CM/0277 LOVE THANG FIRST CHOICE 12,261 D/244 Love the one you're with Bobby Goldsboro 12,262 CM/0451 ISLEY BROTHERS 12,263 D/244 To be entered. 12,264 D/179 Love thy neighbour Bing Crosby 12,265 CS/A5/12 EDMUNDO ROS 12,266 D/179 To be entered. 12,267 CM/0660 LOVE TO LOVE YOU BABY DONNA SUMMER 12,268 CM/0418 12,269 CM/0161 Munich Machine 12,270 CW/0026 LOVE TO SEE US THROUGH Porter Wagoner 12,271 CM/0384 LOVE TRAIN O'JAYS 12,272 CM/0488 12,273 CM/0581 12,274 D/073 Love Walked In Harry Secombe 12,275 CS/A4/15 LOVE WALKED IN - GOLDWYN FOLLI JOE REISMAN ORCH 12,276 CR/0461 LOVE WHAT HAS GIVEN YOU W.MELVILLE/D.OLD 12,277 D/301 Love Wherever I Roam Joseph Schmidt 12,278 CW/0137 LOVE WHILE YOU CAN Carl Smith 12,279 COL/0459 LOVE WILL FIND A WAY JOSE COLLINS 12,280 CM/0053 LOVE WILL KEEP US TOGETHER Neil Sedaka 12,281 CM/0481 LOVE WILL SAVE THE DAY WHITNEY HOUSTON 12,282 CM/0051 LOVE WILL SURVIVE Sad Cafe 12,283 CM/0313 LOVE YOU INSIDE OUT BEE GEES 12,284 CM/0349 LOVE YOU MORE THAN I CAN SAY Lindisfarne 12,285 CM/0412 LOVE YOU SAVE Diana Ross + 12,286 CM/0071 Jackson 5 12,287 CM/0455 12,288 Cs/A1/14 Love your magic spell is every Gloris Swanson 12,289 CM/0326 LOVE ZONE BILLY OCEAN 12,290 CM/0270 LOVE'S A FRIEND CARAVAN 12,291 CW/0068 LOVE'S BEEN GOOD TO ME FERLIN HUSKY 12,292 CW/0172 Tom T. Hall. 12,293 CM/0308 LOVE'S COMING ON STRONG HOT CHOCOLATE 12,294 D/080 LOVE'S DREAM ROBERT FARNON 12,295 CW/0132 LOVE'S GONE AWAY Marty Robbins 12,296 CW/0134 12,297 CW/0322 LOVE'S GONNA LIVE HERE George Jones 12,298 CM/0483 LOVE'S GOT ME IN TRIANGLES Haircut 100 12,299 CM/0108 LOVE'S GREAT ADVENTURE Ultravox 12,300 CM/0324 LOVE'S HOLIDAY Earth Wind & Fir 12,301 CM/0217 LOVE'S IN NEED OF LOVE TODAY Stevie Wonder 12,302 CM/0042 LOVE'S MADE A FOOL OF YOU Bobby Vee 12,303 D/279 Love's old sweet song Cliff Adams Sing 12,304 CS/A4/05 Deanna Durbin 12,305 CS/A5/21 Robert White 12,306 D/279 To be entered. 12,307 D/267 Love's old sweet song - see Ju Fureys 12,308 D/267 To be entered. 12,309 COL/0338 LOVE'S SENTRY EVELYN LAYE/DERE 12,310 CR/0338 LOVE'S SERENADE VIOLIN DUET WITH 12,311 CW/0034 LOVE'S THE ANSWER TANYA TUCKER 12,312 CM/0454 LOVE'S THEME BARRY WHITE 12,313 CM/0384 LOVE UNLIMITED 12,314 CM/0278 12,315 CM/0278 LOVE'S THEME (INSTRUMENTAL) Love Unlimited 12,316 CM/0237 LOVE'S UNKIND Donna Summer 12,317 CR/0465 LOVE. YOU FUNNY THING AMBROSE 12,318 CD\1855 Loveliest night of the year Mark Rattray 12,319 CR/0502 PERCY FAITH 12,320 CM/0428 LOVELY DAY BILL WITHERS 12,321 CM/0488 12,322 D/162 Lovely Hula Hands Al Ciola 12,323 COL/0437 LOVELY MAID IN THE MOONLIGHT E.STRALIA/F.MULL 12,324 COL/0364 JOAN HAMMOND 12,325 COL/0343 12,326 COL/0138 LOVELY MAID IN THE MOONLIGHT-L JOAN HAMMOND/LLO 12,327 CM/0428 LOVELY NIGHT FOR DANCING BILL WITHERS 12,328 CR/0475 LOVELY TO LOOK AT Arthur Tracy 12,329 D/078 Ray Conniff 12,330 CR/0475 STREET SINGER 12,331 CM/0130 LOVELY TO SEE YOU Bay City Rollers 12,332 CM/0293 MOODY BLUES 12,333 COL/0128 LOVER ANDRE KOSTELANET 12,334 D/082 KEN THORNE ORCH 12,335 CM/0730 LOVER COME BACK TO ME DEAD OR ALIVE 12,336 COL/0354 EVELYN LAYE 12,337 Cs/A1/20 JeanetteMacDonal 12,338 CH/0010 RAF Brize Norton 12,339 CM/0722 LOVERBOY BILLY OCEAN 12,340 CM/0337 Chairmen of Boar 12,341 CM/0337 LOVERBOY (INSTRU) Chairmen of Boar 12,342 CW/0028 LOVESICK BLUES Hank Williams 12,343 CW/0112 12,344 CW/0218 Patsy Cline 12,345 CM/0179 LOVIN IN YOUR SOUL Paul Young 12,346 CW/0270 LOVIN' HER WAS EASIER TOM PALL & GLASE 12,347 CW/0167 LOVIN' KINDA WOMAN Berni Flint 12,348 CM/0077 LOVIN' THINGS Marmalade 12,349 CM/0301 12,350 CM/0417 Ventures 12,351 CW/0099 LOVIN' UNDERSTANDIN' MAN Don Williams 12,352 CW/0099 LOVIN' UNDERSTANDING MAN Don Williams 12,353 CW/0049 LOVIN' YOU Dolly Parton 12,354 CM/0488 MINNIE RIPERTON 12,355 CW/0252 LOVIN' YOU IS EVERYTHING TO ME REX ALLEN Jr. 12,356 CM/0278 LOVIN' YOU THAT'S ALL I'M AF LOVE UNLIMITED 12,357 CM/0278 LOVIN' YOU THAT'S ALL I'M AFTE Love Unlimited 12,358 CW/0046 LOVING ARMS OliviaNewtonJohn 12,359 CW/0063 LOVING HER WAS EASIER Bobby Bare 12,360 CM/0299 LOVING HIM Delfonics 12,361 CM/0025 LOVING JUST FOR FUN KELLY MARIE 12,362 CH/0021 LOVING SHEPHERD OF THY SHEEP S.A.SUNBURY SING 12,363 COM/0130 LOVING YOU Barron Knights 12,364 COM/0067 12,365 CM/0080 Dave Clark Five 12,366 CW/0194 NAT STUCKEY 12,367 CW/0241 LOVING YOU COULD NEVER BE BETT George Jones 12,368 CW/0053 LOVING YOU I DO Tammy Wynette 12,369 CW/0244 12,370 CW/0045 LOVING YOU IS RIGHT Chris Nielsen 12,371 CM/0034 LOVING YOU IS SWEETER THAN E Marvin Gaye 12,372 CM/0034 LOVING YOU IS SWEETER THAN EVE Marvin Gaye 12,373 CW/0098 LOVING YOU SO LONG NOW Don Williams 12,374 CS/A5/03 Lovliest night of the year John Talliavini 12,375 CW/0189 LOW DOWN FREEDOM Waylon Jennings 12,376 CM/0418 LOW RIDER WAR 12,377 CH/0027 LOWICZ GIRL MAZOWSZE 12,378 D/004 LU-LE-LA JAMES LAST 12,379 CR/0464 LUCERNE Jack Hylton 12,380 CM/0206 LUCIFER'S CAGE Gordon Giltrap 12,381 COM/0067 LUCILLE Barron Knights 12,382 CM/0080 Dave Clark Five 12,383 CM/0415 LITTLE RICHARD 12,384 CM/0039 12,385 CS/A4/32 SHADOWS 12,386 CM/0333 LUCKY GUY Modern Talking 12,387 CM/0901 12,388 CM/0127 LUCKY STARS DEAN FRIEDMAN 12,389 COM/0054 LUCKY UNCLE FREDDIE BILLY CONNOLLY 12,390 CM/0045 LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMOND Beatles 12,391 CM/0045 LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS Beatles 12,392 CS/A2/08 Lullaby Barb.Courtney-Kn 12,393 CH/0088 LULLABY - BRAHMS Aled Jones (Boy 12,394 CH/0082 Choir Morriston 12,395 CM/0379 LULLABY FOR FRANCIS Ian Drury 12,396 D/078 Lullaby of Birdland Ray Conniff 12,397 D/082 LULLABY OF BROADWAY KEN THORNE ORCH 12,398 D/296 LULLABY OF BROADWAY in med REGINALD DIXON 12,399 CR/0010 LULLABY OF THE LEAVES Jack Payne 12,400 CS/A1/36 LULLABY OF THE VOLGA PRIMO SCALA 12,401 CS/X2/21 Lully Lulla Thou Little Tiny Chichester Cath 12,402 CS/XM/21 Lully Lulla thou little tiny c Choir Chichester 12,403 COM/0012 LULU MAX MILLER 12,404 CR/0459 LULU'S BACK IN TOWN Jack Payne 12,405 COM/0096 LUMMOCKSHIRE AIR KENNETH WILLIAMS 12,406 CM/0111 LUNAR BAY Frankie goes to 12,407 CM/0280 LUNCH BREAK MOODY BLUES 12,408 CW/0204 LUTHER PLAYED THE BOOGIE Johnny Cash 12,409 D/230 Luton Girl's Choir Luton Girl's Cho 12,410 D/230 To be entered. 12,411 CS/A4/27 LUXEMBOURG (COUNT OF LUXEMBOUR J.STRAUSS VI.ORC 12,412 CW/0053 LUXURY LINER Emmylou Harris 12,413 CM/0127 LYDIA DEAN FRIEDMAN 12,414 COM/0173 LYDIA THE TATTOOED LADY Muppets 12,415 CM/0157 LYIN' EYES Eagles 12,416 CW/0315 LYING IN MY ARMS Dottsy 12,417 CR/0476 LYING IN THE HAY RAY NOBLE 12,418 CS/A2/06 LYPHARD RICHARDCLAYDERMN 12,419 CR/0418 Lysol - see It's in the book JOHNNY STANDLEY 12,420 D/278 M-O-T-H-E-R Cliff Adams Sing 12,421 D/278 To be entered. 12,422 D/194 M.A.S.H. TV GREATEST HITS 12,423 CW/0075 M.R.S. DEGREE Crystal Gayle 12,424 CM/0352 MA FOOM BAY CULTURAL VIBE 12,425 CM/0352 Slade 12,426 CH/0095 MA HE'S MAKING EYES AT ME READING BARBERET 12,427 CS/A1/34 MA MERE L'OYE NANCY ALLEN-HARP 12,428 CR/0389 MABYE YOU'LL BE THERE GORDON JENKINS 12,429 D/259 MAC & MAC - DUET WILDER/FLOOK ROYAL MARINES 12,430 D/113 MacArthur Park Liza Minnelli 12,431 CH/0006 MACHINE-GUN CART Choir Red Army 12,432 CM/0668 MACHO MAN VILLAGE PEOPLE 12,433 D/287 MACK SENNETT MOVIES W.C. FIELDS ROUT 12,434 CS/A4/26 MACK THE KNIFE LIBERACE 12,435 D/298 MacNamara's band Ronnie Ronalde 12,436 CS/A3/09 12,437 COM/0092 Spike Jones 12,438 D/296 MACNAMARA'S BAND in med REGINALD DIXON 12,439 D/278 Macushla Cliff Adams Sing 12,440 D/278 To be entered. 12,441 CS/A5/32 Mad dogs & Englishmen Noel Coward 12,442 D/094 MADALENA PEPE JARAMILLO 12,443 COL/0062 MADAM BUTTERFLY JOAN HAMMOND 12,444 COL/0350 12,445 COL/0322 MADAM BUTTERFLY SEL. GRANDA/VANELLI/N 12,446 COL/0070 MADAME BUTTERFLY JANE LAVAL 12,447 COL/0271 MADAME BUTTERFLY SEL. NEW QUEEN'S HALL 12,448 CH/0098 MADAME BUTTERFLY, HUMMING CHOR R.WAGNER CHORALE 12,449 COM/0170 MADE FROM WHALES NOT 9 O'CLOCK NE 12,450 CM/0030 MADE IN JAPAN Nancy Nova 12,451 COM/0005 MADEIRA M'DEAR Flanders & Swann 12,452 COM/0095 MADEIRA, M'DEAR? Flanders & Swann 12,453 CW/0320 MADELEINE THE BALFA BROTHE 12,454 CR/0256 MADELINE VICTOR SILVESTER 12,455 D/265 Madera my dear Flanders & Swann 12,456 D/265 To be entered. 12,457 CM/0471 MADHOUSE Silver Conventio 12,458 CH/0020 MAE D'EISIAU DI BOB AWR 5000 WELSH VOICE 12,459 CH/0059 Choir Welsh Voic 12,460 CH/0063 MAE HEN WLAD FY MHADAU Choir LdnWelshMV 12,461 CH/0047 MAE HEN WLAD FY NHADAU Choir MonmouthMV 12,462 CM/0466 MAE TIME David Cassidy 12,463 D/287 MAE WEST'S TOP BILLING W.C. FIELDS ROUT 12,464 CH/0103 MAESGWYN 6,500 VOICES 12,465 CM/0199 MAGA DOG Bob Marley 12,466 CW/0290 MAGGIE Foster & Allen 12,467 D/267 Fureys 12,468 Cs/A1/28 JAMES LAST 12,469 D/267 To be entered. 12,470 CM/0083 MAGGIE MAE Beatles 12,471 CM/0005 MAGGIE MAY ROD STEWART 12,472 CM/0142 12,473 CS/A4/32 MAGGIE'S SAMBA SHADOWS 12,474 CM/0103 MAGIC Olivia Newton Jo 12,475 CM/0135 MAGIC BUS Who 12,476 CW/0192 MAGIC CARPET Don Williams 12,477 COL/0059 MAGIC FLUTE OSCAR NATZKA 12,478 COL/0159 MAGIC FLUTE - OVERTURE BEECHAM SYMPHONY 12,479 CS/A4/08 VIENNA FESTIVAL 12,480 COL/0159 MAGIC FLUTE OVERTURE BEECHAM SYMPHONY 12,481 CM/0011 MAGIC FLY SPACE 12,482 CM/0360 12,483 CM/0324 MAGIC MIND Earth Wind & Fir 12,484 CR/0181 MAGIC MOMENTS Perry Como 12,485 D/240 12,486 CM/0471 MAGIC MOUNTAIN Silver Conventio 12,487 D/258 MAGIC NOTES RUDI STARITA 12,488 CM/0364 MAGIC OF YOUR LOVE Our Kid 12,489 COM/0018 MAGIC ROUNDABOUT JASPER CARROTT 12,490 CM/0156 MAGIC TOUCH Platters 12,491 CM/0497 MAGIC'S WAND WHODINI 12,492 CS/A4/32 MAGICAL Mrs.CLAMPS SHADOWS 12,493 CM/0045 MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR Beatles 12,494 CM/0188 MAGNETO AND TITANIUM MAN Wings 12,495 CS/A2/03 Magnificat in A - Stanford Worcs.Cath.Choir 12,496 CS/A4/18 Magnificat in G Choir Gloucester 12,497 CM/0468 MAGNIFICENT FIVE Adam & the Ants 12,498 CM/0212 MAGNIFICENT SANCTUARY BAND DAVID CLAYTON 12,499 D/194 MAGNUM P.I. TV GREATEST HITS 12,500 CS/A5/23 MAGPIE - TV THEME MURGATROYD BAND 12,501 CR/0365 MAHARAJA OF MAGADOR SQUADRONAIRES 12,502 COM/0173 MAHNA MAHNA Muppets 12,503 CM/0234 MAHOGANY THEME Diana Ross 12,504 CM/0906 12,505 CS/A4/32 MAID MARION'S THEME SHADOWS 12,506 COL/0407 MAID OF THE MOUNTAINS SEL. DALY'S THEATRE O 12,507 CH/0013 MAIDEN FROM ULSAN Angels of Korea 12,508 CW/0110 MAIDEN'S PRAYER BOB WILLS 12,509 CW/0293 Hank Locklin 12,510 CR/0011 MAIDS OF CADIZ Deanna Durbin 12,511 CS/A2/15 MAIGRET THEME JOE LOSS 12,512 CH/0018 MAILMAN OF ALT-AUSSEE VIENNA WOODS BOY 12,513 CH/0019 12,514 CM/0144 MAIN ATTRACTION Pat Boone 12,515 CM/0096 MAIN MAN T.Rex 12,516 COM/0170 MAIN POINTS AGAIN NOT 9 O'CLOCK NE 12,517 CH/0090 MAIRE MY GIRL CHOIR CESTRIAN 12,518 CS/A5/30 Major General London Ensemble+ 12,519 CM/0296 MAKE 'EM WAIT Ike & Tina Turne 12,520 CW/0052 MAKE A DREAM COME TRUE Crystal Gayle 12,521 Cs/A1/21 Make Believe Allan Jones 12,522 D/274 Harry Seacombe 12,523 D/274 To be entered. 12,524 CS/A2/15 MAKE BELIEVE BALLROOM JOE LOSS 12,525 CW/0282 MAKE BELIEVE COWBOY Roy Rogers 12,526 CM/0242 MAKE IT Darts 12,527 CM/0270 MAKE IT 76 CARAVAN 12,528 CM/0119 MAKE IT EASY ON YOURSELF Walker Brothers 12,529 CM/0575 MAKE IT WITH YOU WHISPERS 12,530 CM/0090 MAKE ME STAY A BIT LONGER Status Quo 12,531 CM/0323 MAKE THAT MOVE Shalamar 12,532 D/015 MAKE THE PARTY LAST To be entered. 12,533 CW/0077 MAKE THE WORLD GO AWAY Ben Colder 12,534 CW/0029 CHET ATKINS 12,535 CW/0308 12,536 CW/0190 Eddy Arnold 12,537 CW/0114 Faron Young 12,538 CW/0313 12,539 CM/0224 Osmonds 12,540 CW/0036 Vera Lynn 12,541 CM/0100 MAKE UP Lou Reed 12,542 CS/X2/02 Make We Merry Chapter House Ch 12,543 CS/XM/02 12,544 CM/0914 MAKE YA BOOGIE MIDNIGHT CAFE 12,545 CM/0489 MAKE YOUR OWN KIND OF MUSIC Karlins 12,546 CM/0440 MAKE YOURS A HAPPY HOME Gladys Knight & 12,547 CM/0231 Gladys Knight/Pi 12,548 CW/0177 MAKES ME WONDER IF I EVER SA Kenny Rogers 12,549 CW/0177 MAKES ME WONDER IF I EVER SAID Kenny Rogers 12,550 CM/0916 MAKIN' BELIEVE THAT IT'S YOU LOVE UNLIMITED 12,551 CM/0908 MAKIN' IT CANDLEWICK GREEN 12,552 CM/0167 MAKIN' IT NATURAL Dr. Hook 12,553 CD\1856a Makin' love Floyd Robinson 12,554 COM/0002 MAKING A COMMERCIAL Benny Hill 12,555 COM/0064 12,556 CW/0125 MAKING BELIEVE Slim Whitman 12,557 CW/0303 12,558 CM/0468 MAKING HISTORY Adam & the Ants 12,559 CM/0076 MAKING LOVE & MUSIC Dr. HOOK 12,560 D/036 MALAGUENA MANUEL 12,561 COM/0079 VICTOR BORGE 12,562 COM/0097 MALAYAN AMBASSADOR Vaughn Meader 12,563 CM/0761 MALE STRIPPER I MANZMAN-MAN PARR 12,564 CM/0762 MALE STRIPPER II MANZMAN-MAN PARR 12,565 CW/0059 MAMA & DADDY BROKE MY HEART Eddy Arnold 12,566 CM/0137 MAMA DON'T YOU HIT THAT BOY Coast to Coast 12,567 CW/0075 MAMA IT'S DIFFERENT THIS TIM Crystal Gayle 12,568 CW/0075 MAMA IT'S DIFFERENT THIS TIME Crystal Gayle 12,569 CW/0181 MAMA SANG A SONG Bill Anderson 12,570 CW/0258 12,571 CM/0489 MAMA SAY Karlins 12,572 CW/0187 MAMA USED TO LOVE ME BUT SHE Roger Miller 12,573 D/270 12,574 CW/0187 MAMA USED TO LOVE ME BUT SHE D Roger Miller 12,575 CM/0449 MAMA WEER ALL CRAZEE NOW Slade 12,576 CW/0155 MAMA YOU BEEN ON MY MIND Johnny Cash 12,577 CM/0258 MAMA'D KNOW WHAT TO DO Impressions 12,578 CSM/0258 JIMMY OSMOND 12,579 CW/0011 MAMA'S GENTLE HANDS WALT CONKLIN 12,580 CM/0412 MAMA'S PEARL Diana Ross + 12,581 CM/0071 Jackson 5 12,582 CW/0224 MAMAS DON'T LET YOUR BABIES Willie Nelson 12,583 D/248 12,584 CW/0224 MAMAS DON'T LET YOUR BABIES GR Willie Nelson 12,585 CM/0477 MAMMA MIA Abba 12,586 D/261 12,587 D/261 To be entered. 12,588 CS/A5/22 Mamma Mia che vo sape ? Mario Lanza+Pian 12,589 CM/0409 MAMMMA ROCK 'N' ROLLER Motors 12,590 CR/0062 MAMMY'S LITTLE KINKY-HEADED BO PAUL ROBESON 12,591 CW/0324 MAMOU BLUES AUSTIN PITRE 12,592 CW/0325 MAMOU HOTSTEP MAMOU PLAYBOYS 12,593 CM/0187 MAMUNIA Wings 12,594 CW/0031 MAN FROM BOWLING GREEN Tammy Wynette 12,595 COM/0169 MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER Frankie Davidson 12,596 CD\1859 Man I love Norman Percival 12,597 CS/A4/15 MAN I LOVE - PORGY & BESS ROBERT BENTLEY 12,598 CM/0077 MAN IN A SHOP Marmalade 12,599 CM/0301 12,600 CW/0057 MAN IN THE LITTLE WHITE SUIT Porter Wagoner 12,601 CS/A4/35 MAN OF MYSTERY SHADOWS 12,602 CM/0314 MAN OF STORM SALLY OLDFIELD 12,603 COM/0091 MAN ON THE FLYING TRAPESE Spike Jones 12,604 CW/0321 MAN ON THE WALL Eddie Noack 12,605 CW/0034 MAN THAT TURNED MY MAMA ON TANYA TUCKER 12,606 CW/0034 MAN THAT TURNED MY MAMA ON. TANYA TUCKER 12,607 CW/0034 MAN THAT TURNED MY MAMA ON. TH TANYA TUCKER 12,608 CW/0175 MAN THAT YOU ONCE KNEW - The George Jones 12,609 CM/0373 MAN TO MAN Hot Chocolate 12,610 CR/0149 MAN WHO BROKE THE BANK AT MONT EVER-BRIGHT BOYS 12,611 COM/0124 MAN WHO NEVER WAS GOONS 12,612 D/095 MAN WHO PLAYS THE MANDOLINO BA PEPE JARAMILLO 12,613 COM/0136 MAN WITH A MICROPHONE MARI GRIFFITH 12,614 CW/0054 MAN WITH THE BLUES Willie Nelson 12,615 CW/0323 12,616 CS/A5/12 MANAGUA NICARAGUA EDMUNDO ROS 12,617 D/198 MANDOLINS - ITALIAN MUSIC TOMMY GARRETT 12,618 CM/0393 MANDY Barry Manilow 12,619 CR/0028 MANDY 'N' ME AMERICAN QUARTET 12,620 CM/0027 MANEATER HALL & OATES 12,621 D/195 Manhattan Bing Crosby 12,622 D/195 To be entered. 12,623 D/141 MANHATTAN BEACH HM COLDSTREAM 12,624 Cs/A1/15 ROYAL MARINES 12,625 D/126 MANHATTAN BEACH MARCH CORY BAND 12,626 CM/0211 MANHATTAN SKYLINE DAVID SHIRE 12,627 CM/0325 MANIC MONDAY BANGLES 12,628 CM/0027 MANNEQUIN KIDS FROM FAME 12,629 CW/0126 MANSION ON THE HILL Slim Whitman 12,630 CM/0492 MANTECA Quincy Jones 12,631 D/184 MANTOVANI - VERY BEST OF WARWICK CASSETTE 12,632 CS/X2/19 MANTOVANI CHRISTMAS ALBUM MANTOVANI 12,633 COM/0093 MANUEL MIKE HARDING 12,634 CM/0177 MANY COLOURED SEMI PRECIOUS Peter Sarstedt 12,635 CW/0251 MANY HAPPY HANGOVERS TO YOU JEAN SHEPARD 12,636 CM/0430 MANY TEARS AGO Connie Francis 12,637 CW/0279 12,638 D/161 12,639 D/310 MAPLE LEAF RAG RAGTIMERS 12,640 CW/0017 MARBLE TOWN ORANGE BLOSSOM S 12,641 CS/XM/16 MARCEL DUPRE - 15 ANTIPHONS ORGAN-NOTRE DAME 12,642 CH/0063 MARCH OF MEN OF HARLECH Choir Welsh MVC 12,643 CS/A2/38 MARCH OF THE COBBLERS - NOVELT ROYAL MARINES 12,644 COL/0012 MARCH OF THE KNIGHTS OF THE HO GRENADIER GUARDS 12,645 D/190 MARCH OF THE LIZARD MEN TV THEMES SiFi V 12,646 CH/0022 MARCH OF THE MEN OF HARLACH Choir Treorchy 12,647 CH/0022 MARCH OF THE MEN OF HARLECH Choir Treorchy 12,648 CS/A2/15 MARCH OF THE MODS JOE LOSS 12,649 CS/A5/30 March of the Peers London Ensemble+ 12,650 CD\1858 MARCH OF THE SIAMESE CHILDREN MALCOLM LOCKYER 12,651 CS/A3/20 March of the Toreadors Unknown Orchestr 12,652 CM/0266 MARCH OF THE WINKIES MECO 12,653 CS/A5/04 MARCHE LORRAINE RAFBAND CRANWELL 12,654 D/056 ROCHDALE WILSONS 12,655 CR/0098 MARCHE MILITAIRE REGINALD FOORT 12,656 D/0335 MARCHES SELECTION ROBERT STOLTZ 12,657 D/194 MARCUS WELBY M.D. TV GREATEST HITS 12,658 CS/X2/05 Marguerita Time Status Quo 12,659 CS/A4/36 MARGUERITE DOULOUREUSE AU ROUE HARP - 19th Cent 12,660 CS/A2/22 Maria Benjamin Luxon 12,661 CM/0443 Gene Pitney 12,662 CD\1859 New York Pops 12,663 CS/A3/14 Soundtrack 12,664 CW/0151 MARIA (IF I COULD ) Marty Robbins 12,665 CS/A4/32 MARIA ELENA SHADOWS 12,666 D/244 Maria Elenor Marty Robbins 12,667 D/244 To be entered. 12,668 CD\1858 MARIA FROM WEST SIDE STORY ERIC HAMMERSTEIN 12,669 CM/0361 MARIANA Gibson Bros 12,670 CM/0147 MARIANNE Cliff Richard 12,671 D/134 MARIGOLD NORRIE PARAMOR+p 12,672 CM/0483 MARINE BOY Haircut 100 12,673 COL/0436 MARINE FOUR STEP HARRY DAVIDSON 12,674 CS/A5/22 Mario Lanza 1958 London R.A.H. Mario Lanza+Pian 12,675 CS/A5/03 MARIO LANZA TRIBUTE TO John Talliavini 12,676 CM/0460 MARIONETTE Toyah 12,677 COL/0086 MARITANA HENRI SCOTT 12,678 COL/0086 MARITANA - In happy moments Henri Scott(Bass 12,679 D/280 MARITANA-LOST CHORD-PRIEST MCH POLYPHON MUSIC B 12,680 COM/0009 MARK MY WORDS RONNIE BARKER/RO 12,681 CM/0420 MARLEY PURT DRIVE Bee Gees 12,682 CM/0132 MARLINA Bay City Rollers 12,683 CS/A4/34 MAROC 7 SHADOWS 12,684 D/287 MARRIAGE & A SON W.C. FIELDS ROUT 12,685 CM/0235 MARRIAGE BUREAU RENDEZVOUS 10cc 12,686 CS/A5/16 MARRIAGE OF FIGARO - OVERTURE RPO 12,687 CS/A5/26 MARRIAGE OF FIGARO OVERTURE APOLLO 100 12,688 CS/A4/09 VIENNA FESTIVAL 12,689 COM/0036 MARRIAGE WITH LICENCE Morecambe & Wise 12,690 CM/0019 MARRIED MEN BONNIE TYLER 12,691 CW/0280 MARSHAL'S DAUGHTER Tex Ritter 12,692 CW/0283 MARSHALL OF SILVER CITY - Th JIMMIE DRIFTWOOD 12,693 CW/0283 MARSHALL OF SILVER CITY - The JIMMIE DRIFTWOOD 12,694 CM/0422 MARTHA Paper Lace 12,695 CW/0151 MARTHA ELLEN JENKINS Marty Robbins 12,696 CM/0155 MARTHA'S MADMAN Manfred Mann 12,697 CH/0001 MARTYRS OF THE ARENA Choir Morriston 12,698 CS/A3/08 Marvellous Toy Val Doonican 12,699 COM/0110 MARY ANN Judge Dread 12,700 COM/0016 12,701 COM/0013 MAX MILLER 12,702 CW/0008 Mary don't you weep TOMMY HILL 12,703 COM/0012 MARY FROM THE DAIRY MAX MILLER 12,704 COM/0013 12,705 COM/0135 12,706 CW/0312 MARY IN THE MORNING Glen Campbell 12,707 CM/0432 Paper Lace 12,708 CM/0177 MARY JANE Peter Sarstedt 12,709 CM/0039 MARY LOU RONNIE HAWKINS 12,710 COM/0163 Spike Jones 12,711 CS/X2/09 MARY MOTHER MARTIN BEST ENSE 12,712 CM/0010 MARY OF THE 4TH FORM BOOMTOWN RATS 12,713 CH/0089 MARY STUART'S PRAYER - DONIZ Choir M/cr Boys 12,714 CH/0089 MARY STUART'S PRAYER - DONIZET Choir M/cr Boys 12,715 D/189 MARY TYLER MOORE TV THEMES 12,716 CS/X2/02 Mary's Boy Child Chapter House Ch 12,717 CS/XM/02 HANDBELLS 12,718 CS/XM/05 Harry Belafonte 12,719 CS/X2/23 12,720 CS/XM/22 12,721 CS/XM/32 Kings Singers 12,722 CS/X2/27 Kings' Singers 12,723 CS/X2/19 MANTOVANI 12,724 CS/XM/19 12,725 CS/XM/26 Placido Domingo 12,726 CS/X2/26 12,727 CS/XM/31 St. Winifred's 12,728 CS/X2/29 St.Winifred's Ch 12,729 CS/X2/22 VARIOUS 12,730 CM/0480 MARY'S PRAYER DANNY WILSON 12,731 CS/X2/09 MARY'S SON MARTIN BEST ENSE 12,732 CM/0460 MASAI BOY Toyah 12,733 CM/0598 MASH THEME NEW MARKETTES 12,734 CM/0402 MASK Rupert Holmes 12,735 COM/0121 MASOCHISM TANGO TOM LEHRER 12,736 COM/0124 12,737 CS/A4/41 Mason's Apron Dubliners 12,738 CS/A2/26 MASQUERADE SUITE -RUSSIAN FANT LSO 12,739 COL/0069 MASS IN C MINOR LEEDS FESTIVAL C 12,740 COL/0118 MASS IN C MINOR - MOZART CHOIR LEEDS FEST 12,741 CM/0292 MASSACHUSETTS Bee Gees 12,742 CM/0292 BEST OF THE BEE 12,743 D/009 JAMES LAST 12,744 COM/0093 MASSAGE FROM THE SWEDISH PRI MONTHY PYTHON 12,745 COM/0093 MASSAGE FROM THE SWEDISH PRIME MONTHY PYTHON 12,746 COM/0159 MASSAGE PARLOUR CHAS & DAVE 12,747 CM/0109 MASTER & SERVANT Depeche mode 12,748 CS/A3/35 MASTER BLASTER JAMES LAST 12,749 CW/0121 MASTER'S CALL Marty Robbins 12,750 CW/0121 MASTER'S CALL - The Marty Robbins 12,751 CW/0151 MASTER'S TOUCH - The Marty Robbins 12,752 CS/A5/06 Mastersingers chorus Hamburg State Ch 12,753 D/140 MATCH OF THE DAY TV THEMES 12,754 D/193 TV THEMES FAVOUR 12,755 CM/0474 MATCHBOX Beatles 12,756 CS/A3/06 Matchstalk men & Matchstalk ca Ken Dodd 12,757 CM/0563 MATERIAL GIRL MADONNA 12,758 CH/0081 MATHIAS - SUNG IN WELSH Choir Morriston 12,759 CW/0017 MATILDA BRYAN CHALKER 12,760 CH/0022 MATONA Choir Treorchy 12,761 COM/0010 MATTER OF TASTE DAVID FROST/JOHN 12,762 D/055 MATTERHORN MAIL ROYAL DOULTON BD 12,763 CM/0114 MATTHEW & SON CAT STEVENS 12,764 D/194 MAUDE TV GREATEST HITS 12,765 CH/0016 MAUREEN APOLLO TEESIDE 12,766 CM/0125 Sade 12,767 COM/0136 MAVERIC TALFRYN THOMAS 12,768 D/189 MAVERICK TV THEMES 12,769 COM/0001 MAVIS HOLLY CYRIL FLETCHER 12,770 CH/0103 MAWL GAN 6,500 VOICES 12,771 COM/0013 MAX AT THE MET MAX MILLER 12,772 COM/0082 MAX MILLER DAD'S ARMY 12,773 COM/0050 MAX MILLER RECORDED AT STAR Max Miller 12,774 CM/0902 MAX MIX 6 VARIOUS ARTISTS 12,775 CM/0111 MAXIMUM JOY Frankie goes to 12,776 COL/0307 MAXINA HARRY DAVIDSON 12,777 COL/0272 HARY DAVIDSON 12,778 CM/0081 MAXWELL'S SILVER HAMMER Beatles 12,779 CH/0066 MAY BELLS & THE LITTLE FLOWE Choir Vienna Boy 12,780 CH/0066 MAY BELLS & THE LITTLE FLOWER Choir Vienna Boy 12,781 D/179 May I Bing Crosby 12,782 D/179 To be entered. 12,783 CH/0066 MAY IS HERE Choir Vienna Boy 12,784 CW/0249 MAY THE BIRD OF PARADISE FLY LITTLE JIMMY DIC 12,785 CW/0023 Statler Bros 12,786 CW/0249 MAY THE BIRD OF PARADISE FLY U LITTLE JIMMY DIC 12,787 CW/0211 MAY THE GOOD LORD BLESS & KE Eddy Arnold 12,788 CW/0065 Gene Autry 12,789 CW/0211 MAY THE GOOD LORD BLESS & KEE Eddy Arnold 12,790 CW/0211 MAY THE GOOD LORD BLESS & KEEP Eddy Arnold 12,791 CW/0065 Gene Autry 12,792 CM/0227 MAY TOMORROW BEA PERFECT DAY Donny & Marie 12,793 CD\1856a May you always Joan Regan 12,794 CM/0038 MAYBE CHANTELS 12,795 CM/0434 Roy Orbison 12,796 CM/0435 12,797 CM/0042 MAYBE BABY Bobby Vee 12,798 CM/0037 Buddy Holly 12,799 CM/0007 MAYBE I KNOW SEASHELLS 12,800 CW/0192 MAYBE I JUST DON'T KNOW Don Williams 12,801 CW/0221 MAYBE I SHOULD HAVE BEEN LIS Gene Watson 12,802 CW/0221 MAYBE I SHOULD HAVE BEEN LISTE Gene Watson 12,803 CM/0130 MAYBE I'M A FOOL TO LOVE YOU Bay City Rollers 12,804 CM/0102 MAYBE I'M AMAZED Faces 12,805 CS/A5/32 Maybe it's because I'm a Londo Flanagan & Allen 12,806 D/097 Hallmark of Harm 12,807 CM/0033 MAYBE JUST TODAY Bobby Vee 12,808 CW/0319 MAYBE LITTLE BABY George Jones 12,809 CM/0490 MAYBE SOMEDAY Partridge Family 12,810 CW/0224 MAYBELLINE George Jones 12,811 CD\1856b Maybrr tomorrow Billy Fury 12,812 CS/A2/33 MAYERL COMPOSITIONS LABEQUE SISTERS 12,813 D/293 MAZURKA in A Min PETER KATIN 12,814 D/293 MAZURKA IN A MINOR OP.17 NO.4 PETER KATIN PIAN 12,815 D/293 MAZURKA in D PETER KATIN 12,816 D/293 MAZURKA IN D OP.33 NO.2 PETER KATIN PIAN 12,817 COM/0170 MCENROE'S BREAKFAST NOT 9 O'CLOCK NE 12,818 D/174 McLOUD TV THEMES CASSET 12,819 CM/0419 MCMCGALLAGHER Sweet 12,820 CW/0063 ME & BOBBY MCGEE Bobby Bare 12,821 D/244 Charlie Pride 12,822 CW/0111 12,823 CW/0180 CHET ATKINS 12,824 CW/0190 Hank Snow 12,825 CW/0122 Jerry Lee Lewis 12,826 CW/0186 Roger Miller 12,827 CW/0106 12,828 D/244 To be entered. 12,829 CR/0428 ME & JANE IN A PLANE LIDO DANCE ORCHE 12,830 CW/0049 ME & LITTLE ANDY Dolly Parton 12,831 CW/0168 ME & MARTIN FJELLGAARD 12,832 CW/0323 ME & MY BABY Eddie Noack 12,833 CW/0252 ME & MY BROKEN HEART REX ALLEN Jr. 12,834 CW/0297 ME & MY GUITAR FRANK JENNINGS S 12,835 COM/0043 ME & MY MUMMY BOBBY PICKETT 12,836 COM/0168 12,837 CS/A4/26 ME & MY SHADOW LIBERACE 12,838 CS/A5/21 Robert White 12,839 CM/0116 ME & MY WOMAN John Mayall 12,840 CM/0370 ME FOR YOU YOU FOR ME Mathis & William 12,841 CS/A5/25 Me Olvide de vivir Julio Iglesias 12,842 CW/0214 MEAN EYED CAT Johnny Cash 12,843 CW/0093 MEAN MAMA BLUES ERNEST TUBB 12,844 CM/0081 MEAN MR.MUSTARD Beatles 12,845 CM/0281 MEANING SUPERTRAMP 12,846 CM/0595 MECHANICAL QUARKS 12,847 COM/0150 MECHANICS JASPE CARROTT 12,848 COM/0090 MEDIC BILL COSBY 12,849 D/189 MEDICAL CENTER TV THEMES 12,850 CM/0188 MEDICINE JAR Wings 12,851 CM/0225 MEDICINE MAN Osmonds 12,852 D/196 12,853 CS/XM/07 MEDIEVAL CHRISTMAS CHORUS 12,854 CS/XM/08 12,855 CS/XM/08 MARTIN BEST ENSM 12,856 CS/XM/07 PRO CANTIONE ANT 12,857 CS/XM/07 WIND ENSEMBLE 12,858 CS/X2/07 12,859 CS/A2/30 MEDIEVAL ENGLISH MUSIC HILLIARD ENSEMBL 12,860 CS/A3/10 MEDITATION - THAIS ALBERT SANDLER 12,861 CR/0330 MEDITERANEAN CONCERTO SEMPRINI 12,862 CM/0286 MEDLEY 5TH DIMENSION 12,863 CM/0476 Mud Rock 12,864 COM/0059 Paddy Roberts 12,865 CM/0737 MEDLEY '85 VILLAGE PEOPLE 12,866 CS/A1/36 MEDLEY - 1 PRIMO SCALA 12,867 CS/A1/36 MEDLEY - 2 PRIMO SCALA 12,868 CS/A2/21 Medley of 3 songs Vera Lynn 12,869 D/259 MEDLEY OF SIX TUNES JACK SIMPSON SEX 12,870 D/259 To be entered. 12,871 CS/A2/15 MEDLEY OF TUNES - 1 JOE LOSS 12,872 CS/A2/15 MEDLEY OF TUNES - 2 JOE LOSS 12,873 D/134 MEDLEYS - ABOUT 6 IN ALL NORRIE PARAMOR+p 12,874 CS/A4/07 MEDLEYS VARIOUS CHARLIE KUNZ 12,875 CM/0450 MEET ME AT THE JAILHOUSE Wizzard 12,876 CR/0471 MEET ME IN MY DREAMS TONIGHT Jack Hylton 12,877 CM/0029 MEET ME ON THE CORNER LINDISFARNE 12,878 CM/0349 12,879 CM/0126 MEET ON THE LEDGE FAIRPORT CONVEN. 12,880 CR/0046 MEET THE SUN HALF WAY LEN GREEN 12,881 Cs/A1/10 MEINE LIPPEN DIE KUSSEN SO HEI JAMES LAST 12,882 D/004 MELANCHOLIE JAMES LAST 12,883 D/123 MELANCHOLY MAN PAUL MAURIAT 12,884 CS/X2/17 Mele Kalikimaka Bing Crosby 12,885 CS/XM/17 12,886 CM/0203 MELLOW OUT Mangione 12,887 CH/0084 MELLOW WEDDING BELLS TEMPLE UNIVERSIT 12,888 CR/0007 MELODY DIVINE (WALTZ) FOUR BRIGHT SPAR 12,889 CM/0420 MELODY FAIR Bee Gees 12,890 CS/A3/12 MELODY IN F SANDY MACPHERSON 12,891 CS/A2/39 SEMPRINI 12,892 COL/0393 W.H.SQUIRE (CELL 12,893 COM/0049 MELODY MAKERS TOM O CONNOR 12,894 CW/0234 MELODY OF LOVE Slim Whitman 12,895 D/120 STANLEY BLACK 12,896 CW/0236 MEM'RIES REX ALLEN Jr. 12,897 D/098 Memories Elaine Paige 12,898 CM/0380 Elvis 12,899 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 12,900 D/266 Memories are made of this Dean Martin 12,901 CW/0029 Hank Snow 12,902 D/266 To be entered. 12,903 CS/A3/08 Val Doonican 12,904 CW/0241 MEMORIES OF US George Jones 12,905 D/239 Memory Howard Keel 12,906 D/239 To be entered. 12,907 D/133 MEMORY (FROM CATS) VARIOUS SEE CARD 12,908 COM/0170 MEMORY KINDA LINGERS NOT 9 O'CLOCK NE 12,909 CM/0270 MEMORY LANE HUGH CARAVAN 12,910 CM/0102 MEMPHIS Faces 12,911 CM/0104 12,912 CS/A4/34 SHADOWS 12,913 CM/0080 MEMPHIS TENNESSEE Dave Clark Five 12,914 D/004 JAMES LAST 12,915 D/308 Roy Orbison 12,916 CW/0150 MEMPHIS YODEL JIMMIE RODGERS 12,917 CW/0287 12,918 D/067 MEN OF HARLECH BRASS BANDS 12,919 D/148 CORY WORKMEN 12,920 CH/0012 Ivor Emmanuel+Fr 12,921 CH/0048 LINDEN SINGERS 12,922 CH/0105 WELSH MASSED CHR 12,923 CH/0064 MEN OF HARLECH - MARCH Choir Morriston 12,924 CS/A5/26 MENDELSSOHN'S 4th APOLLO 100 12,925 CM/0833 MENTAL MANIC MC'S 12,926 CH/0048 MENTRA GWEN LINDEN SINGERS 12,927 COL/0224 MERCENARY MARY SEL PERCIVAL MACKEY 12,928 CW/0081 MERCY MERCY MERCY COUNTRY GUITAR 12,929 D/189 MERRIE MELODIES TV THEMES 12,930 CM/0224 MERRILL'S BANJO MEDLEY Osmonds 12,931 CS/X2/05 Merry Christmas Baby Beach Boys 12,932 CS/X2/05 Merry Christmas Everybody - 2 Various 12,933 CS/X2/06 Merry Christmas Everybody - 3 Various 12,934 CS/XM/04 MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY -1 VARIOUS 12,935 CS/XM/05 MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY -2 VARIOUS 12,936 CS/XM/06 MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY -3 VARIOUS 12,937 CS/X2/04 Merry Christmas Everyone Shakin' Stevens 12,938 CS/XM/04 Shakin'Stevens 12,939 CS/XM/01 Merry Christmas Polka Andrews Sisters 12,940 CS/X2/01 Andrews SSisters 12,941 CM/0266 MERRY OLD LAND OF OZ MECO 12,942 COL/0013 MERRY WIDOW PAUL WHITEMAN 12,943 COL/0166 MERRY WIDOW SELECTION HERMAN FINCK 12,944 Cs/A1/21 MERRY WIDOW WALTZ MANTOVANI 12,945 CS/A3/34 12,946 CS/A3/12 SANDY MACPHERSON 12,947 CS/A3/28 UNKNOWN ORCHESTR 12,948 D/051 MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR BLACK DYKE MILLS 12,949 COL/0317 LPO 12,950 CS/A4/08 MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR - OVERT VIENNA PEOPLE'S 12,951 COL/0058 MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR-DRINKIN OSCAR NATZKA 12,952 CS/X2/04 Merry Xmas Everybody Slade 12,953 CS/XM/04 12,954 CM/0301 MESS AROUND Marmalade 12,955 CM/0030 MESSAGE Grand Master Fla 12,956 CS/A2/17 MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE ROYAL PHILHARMON 12,957 COL/0390 MESSIAH ISOBEL BAILLIE 12,958 CM/0041 MESSIN' AROUND Clarence Frogman 12,959 CM/0242 MESSING SHOE BLUES Darts 12,960 CM/0096 METAL GURU T.Rex 12,961 COM/0136 METAMORPHOSIS Ray Smith 12,962 CM/0351 METROPOLIS Gibson Bros 12,963 CM/0494 GIBSON BROTHERS 12,964 CW/0179 MEXICALI ROSE BILL QUINN 12,965 CS/A5/12 EDMUNDO ROS 12,966 Cs/A1/16 JOE LOSS ORCH 12,967 D/240 Karl Denver 12,968 D/240 To be entered. 12,969 CM/0021 MEXICAN GIRL SMOKIE 12,970 COM/0101 MEXICAN HAT DANCE Allan Sherman 12,971 CD\1854b BILLY MAY 12,972 CR/0370 MEXICAN MADNESS PHILIP GREEN 12,973 CM/0123 MEXICO Jefferson Airpla 12,974 D/110 MFANWY To be entered. 12,975 CM/0279 MFSB UNIVERSAL LOVE 12,976 CS/A1/40 Mgic Flute song Richard Tauber 12,977 COL/0089 MI PAR D'UDIR ANCORA- PEARLFIS TOMMASO ALCAIDE 12,978 CR/0337 MIA CANZON' D'AMORE Monte Rey 12,979 CM/0482 MIAMI 2017 Billy Joel 12,980 D/194 MIAMI VICE TV GREATEST HITS 12,981 CH/0064 MICHAEL ROW THE BOAT ASHORE Choir Treorchy 12,982 COM/0048 MICHAEL-HANCOCKELO Tony Hancock 12,983 CW/0081 MICHELE COUNTRY GUITAR 12,984 CM/0044 MICHELLE Beatles 12,985 CM/0086 12,986 CM/0088 12,987 CM/0421 OVERLANDERS 12,988 D/282 XAVIER CUGAT 12,989 D/248 Michigan city Howdy Do Johnny Cash 12,990 D/248 To be entered. 12,991 CM/0497 MICKEY TONI BASIL 12,992 CM/0455 MICKEY'S MONKEY SMOKEY ROBINSON 12,993 COM/0094 MICROPHONES JASPER CARROTT 12,994 CS/A3/45 MIDDLE AGES - MUSIC OF MIDDLE AGES INST 12,995 CS/A4/35 MIDNIGHT COWBOY SHADOWS 12,996 CM/0916 MIDNIGHT GROOVE LOVE UNLIMITED 12,997 D/242 MIDNIGHT IN MOSCOW HUMPHREY LYTTLET 12,998 D/242 To be entered. 12,999 CM/0426 MIDNIGHT LADY MOTT THE HOOPLE 13,000 CM/0471 Silver Conventio 13,001 CSM/0265 MIDNIGHT LOVE AFFAIR TONY ORLANDO 13,002 CM/0190 MIDNIGHT MUSIC MAN Motown 13,003 CM/0062 MIDNIGHT RAMBLER Rolling Stones 13,004 COL/0302 MIDNIGHT REVIEW NORMAN ALLIN 13,005 CM/0440 MIDNIGHT TRAIN TO GEORGIA Gladys Knight & 13,006 CM/0231 Gladys Knight/Pi 13,007 CM/0020 MIDNITE DYNAMOS MATCHBOX 13,008 CR/0078 MIGHTY LAK' A ROSE PAUL ROBESON 13,009 D/278 Mighty like a rose Cliff Adams Sing 13,010 D/278 To be entered. 13,011 CM/0298 MIGHTY MIGHTY Earth Wind&Fire 13,012 D/189 MIGHTY MOUSE TV THEMES 13,013 CM/0615 MIGHTY POWER OF LOVE TAVARES 13,014 CM/0040 MIGHTY QUINN Best of 50/60s 13,015 CM/0040 Best of 50s/60s 13,016 CM/0105 Manfred Mann 13,017 CM/0155 13,018 COL/0295 MIKADO - SELECTION COURT SYMPHONY 13,019 COL/0289 MIKADO SEL COURT SYMPHONY 13,020 COL/0401 MIKADO SEL. COURT SYMPH. 13,021 COL/0400 HARRY DAVIDSON 13,022 COM/0118 MIKE HARDING ALBUM MIKE HARDING 13,023 CW/0166 MILE LONG TRAIN Jimmy Dean 13,024 CM/0459 MILES AWAY Joe Bolan 13,025 D/263 MILITARY MEDLEY YORKS IMP METALS 13,026 D/263 MILITARY MEDLEY x 3 YORKSHIRE IMPERI 13,027 COL/0126 MILITARY TWO STEP - UNCLE SAMM HARRY DAVIDSON 13,028 COL/0199 MILITARY TWO-STEP - UNCLE SAMM HARRY DAVIDSON 13,029 CM/0099 MILK & ALCOHOL Dr.feelgood 13,030 CM/0483 MILK FILM Haircut 100 13,031 CM/0201 MILK SHAKE Johnny & Hurri 13,032 CM/0123 MILK TRAIN Jefferson Airpla 13,033 CW/0089 MILLER'S CAVE Bobby Bare 13,034 CW/0098 Don Williams 13,035 CW/0008 TOMMY HILL 13,036 CM/0383 MILLIONAIRE Leo Sayer 13,037 Cs/A1/32 MILLIONS D'ARLEQUIN JAMES GALWAY 13,038 CW/0071 MILLIONS OF ROSES Eddy Arnold 13,039 D/270 13,040 D/270 To be entered. 13,041 D/119 MILO'S THEME JOHN SCOTT ORCH 13,042 D/129 MILONGA ESPANA Y OLE 13,043 CW/0212 MILWAUKEE, HERE I COME George Jones 13,044 COL/0343 MIMI'S FAREWELL JOAN HAMMOND 13,045 COL/0364 13,046 COL/0138 MIMI'S FAREWELL -LA BOHEME JOAN HAMMOND 13,047 CM/0428 MIND BLOWING DECISIONS HEATWAVE 13,048 CM/0488 13,049 CM/0019 MINDLESS BOOGIE HOT CHOCOLATE 13,050 CM/0373 13,051 CM/0637 13,052 D/135 MINEHAHA WOUT STEENHUIS 13,053 CR/0149 MINER'S DREAM OF HOME EVER-BRIGHT BOYS 13,054 COL/0282 MINIATURE REVUES NO.2 BILLY LEONARD MA 13,055 CW/0112 MINNIE PEARL - Talk with Hank Williams 13,056 Cs/A1/32 MINUET - BACH - No.2 IN B MIN JAMES GALWAY 13,057 D/296 MINUET - BOCCHERINI REGINALD DIXON 13,058 CS/A4/13 MINUETs (TWO) Harpsichord 1775 13,059 CS/A5/15 MINUETS - 12 FOR ORCHESTRA ACAD.St.MARTIN 13,060 CM/0056 MINUTE BY MINUTE DOOBIE BROS 13,061 D/189 MINUTE MOUSE TV THEMES 13,062 D/280 MIRA O NORMA - BELLINI POLYPHON 24 13,063 CS/A2/08 Mirabel Bridge Barb.Courtney-Kn 13,064 CM/0339 MIROIR AMANDA LEAR 13,065 CM/0414 MIRROR MIRROR Osmonds 13,066 CM/0413 13,067 CM/0113 PINKERTON'S ASS. 13,068 CM/0218 MIRROR OF YOUR MIND Joe South 13,069 D/265 Misalliance Flanders & Swann 13,070 D/265 To be entered. 13,071 CM/0379 MISCHIEF Ian Drury 13,072 CR/0409 MISERERE T.PHILIPS/F.VADA 13,073 COL/0445 MISERERE SCENE (IL TROV) M.LICETTE/H.NASH 13,074 CM/0084 MISERY Beatles 13,075 CM/0458 13,076 CR/0027 MISIRLOU HARRY JAMES 13,077 CS/X2/04 Misletoe & wine Cliff Richard 13,078 CM/0340 MISS BROADWAY LA BELLE EPOQUE 13,079 COM/0179 MISS CUSTER'S LAST STAND STAG 13,080 CM/0689 MISS FRISCO JOHNNY GUITAR WA 13,081 CM/0102 MISS JUDY'S FARM Faces 13,082 CM/0104 13,083 D/300 MISS MARPLE CONSORT 13,084 D/300 To be entered. 13,085 D/285 MISS MOLLY SHAW SINGS MARX BROTHERS 13,086 D/285 To be entered. 13,087 CM/0908 MISS YOU NIGHTS CANDLEWICK GREEN 13,088 D/247 Cliff Richard 13,089 D/247 To be entered. 13,090 CH/0099 MISSA BREVIS WANDSWORTH BOYS 13,091 D/236 Missing Angel Jim Reeves V1 13,092 D/236 To be entered. 13,093 CM/0418 MISSISSIPPI PUSSYCAT 13,094 COL/0434 MISSISSIPPI DIP HARRY DAVIDSON 13,095 COM/0173 MISSISSIPPI MUD Muppets 13,096 CR/0295 MISSOURI WALTZ GLENN MILLER 13,097 COL/0168 HARRY DAVIDSON 13,098 CM/0608 MISTA COOL BROTHERS JOHNSON 13,099 CM/0688 MISTER DEE JAY MATCH 13,100 CM/0491 MISTER PERSONALITY MAN Foundations 13,101 D/189 MISTER ROGER'S NEIGHBOURHOOD TV THEMES 13,102 CS/XM/04 Mistletoe & Wine Cliff Richard 13,103 CM/0469 MISTY Aretha Franklin 13,104 D/195 Bing Crosby 13,105 CM/0443 Gene Pitney 13,106 CS/A2/12 HARMONICA+PIANO 13,107 CS/A4/26 LIBERACE 13,108 CS/A3/41 MANCINI 13,109 CM/0032 Ray Stevens 13,110 D/195 To be entered. 13,111 D/244 Misty Blue Billie Jo Spears 13,112 CM/0428 DOROTHY MOORE 13,113 CM/0488 13,114 CM/0418 13,115 D/270 Eddy Arnold 13,116 D/244 To be entered. 13,117 D/270 13,118 CM/0494 MISUNDERSTANDING GENESIS 13,119 CM/0013 MIT HIT & RUN BARRY BLUE 13,120 D/286 MITZI'S ROUTINE FRANK SINATRA SH 13,121 D/286 To be entered. 13,122 D/061 MIXED FEELINGS To be entered. 13,123 CH/0104 MOAB Choir Rhos MV 13,124 CW/0112 MOANIN' BLUES Hank Williams 13,125 CW/0112 MOANIN' THE BLUES Hank Williams 13,126 COM/0162 MOANIN'LOW Spike Jones 13,127 CS/A2/07 MOCK MORRIS - GRAINGER Lt.MUSIC SOCY 13,128 CW/0310 MOCKIN' BIRD HILL BOBBY SYKES & LO 13,129 CW/0318 BOBBY SYKES/LOU 13,130 CR/0504 JOE LOSS 13,131 CM/0421 MIGIL 5 13,132 D/298 Ronnie Ronalde 13,133 CS/A3/09 13,134 CW/0088 TEXAS JIM ROBERT 13,135 CW/0268 Unknown Vocalist 13,136 CW/0218 MOCKING BIRD HILL TEXAS JIM ROBERT 13,137 CM/0431 MOCKINGBIRD Aretha Franklin 13,138 CM/0030 Belle Stars 13,139 CM/0657 MODEL KRAFTWERK 13,140 D/120 MODERATO CANTABILE GIAMPIERO BONESC 13,141 CR/0430 MODERN DIVER.THE Flotsam & Jetsam 13,142 CM/0235 MODERN MAN BLUES 10cc 13,143 D/070 MODERN TIMES LONDON FEST.ORCH 13,144 D/070 MODERN TIMES THEME LONDON FEST.ORCH 13,145 CR/0373 MODERN TIMES THEME 'SMILE' FRANK CHACKSFIEL 13,146 COM/0014 MOI NON PLUS Judge Dread 13,147 CS/A5/11 MOLDAU JAMES LAST 13,148 COM/0094 MOLE JASPER CARROTT 13,149 CD\1854b MOLE.THE BILLY MAY 13,150 CW/0230 MOLLY & TENBROOKS CARL JACKSON 13,151 CH/0091 MOLLY DEAR GOOD NIGHT SQUARE PEGS 13,152 Cs/A1/31 MOLLY IN THE SHORE JAMES GALWAY 13,153 CR/0346 MOLLY MALONE DANNY KAYE 13,154 CW/0290 MOLLY MY LOVELY MOLLY Foster & Allen 13,155 CS/A5/17 MOLLY ON THE SHORE - GRAINGER BOURNEMOUTH SYMP 13,156 CM/0073 MOMENT YOU LEFT ME Detroit Spinners 13,157 CM/0238 MOMENTS Samantha sang 13,158 D/116 MON AMOUR STANLEY BLACK 13,159 D/254 MONA LISA BERT WEEDON 13,160 CW/0218 CARL MANN 13,161 CD\1856c Conwat Twitty 13,162 D/249 MANTOVANI 13,163 CM/0334 Modern Talking 13,164 CM/0224 Osmonds 13,165 CM/0144 Pat Boone 13,166 D/249 To be entered. 13,167 D/254 13,168 CM/0320 MONDAY MONDAY MAMAS & PAPAS 13,169 CM/0321 MAMAS & THE PAPA 13,170 CM/0322 13,171 CM/0474 MONEY Beatles 13,172 CM/0106 13,173 CM/0067 Supremes 13,174 CM/05339 MONEY FOR NOTHING DIRE STRAITS 13,175 CM/0128 MONEY HONEY Gary Glitter 13,176 D/246 Money is the root of all evil Andrews Sisters 13,177 D/246 To be entered. 13,178 CM/0015 MONEY MANIAC FEMME FATALE 13,179 CM/0478 MONEY MONEY MONEY Abba 13,180 D/009 JAMES LAST 13,181 CM/0213 MONEY THAT'S WHAT I WANT SHAKERS 13,182 D/189 MONKEES TV THEMES 13,183 CM/0093 MONKEY IN YOUR SOUL Steely Dan 13,184 CM/0062 MONKEY MAN Rolling Stones 13,185 CM/0212 MONKEY TIME BOZ SCAGGS 13,186 COM/0148 MONOLOGUE Muppets 13,187 COL/0356 MONOTONOUSLY RINGS THE LITTLE DON COSSACKS CHO 13,188 COM/0168 MONSTER HOLIDAY BOBBY PICKETT 13,189 CM/0447 MONSTER MASH Beach Boys 13,190 COM/0043 BOBBY PICKETT 13,191 COM/0168 13,192 COM/0043 MONSTER MINUET BOBBY PICKETT 13,193 COM/0168 13,194 COM/0043 MONSTERS MASH PARTY BOBBY PICKETT 13,195 COM/0168 13,196 D/096 MONTEGO BAY PEPE JARAMILLO 13,197 CM/0167 MONTEREY JACK Dr. Hook 13,198 COM/0076 MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAI MONTY PYTHON 13,199 COM/0113 MONTY PYTHON LIVE AT DRURY LAN Various Artists 13,200 COM/0115 MONTY PYTHON MATCHING TIE & HA Various Artists 13,201 COM/0114 MONTY PYTHON'S CONTRACTUAL OBL Various Artists 13,202 CS/A5/23 MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS GRENADIER GUARDS 13,203 D/189 TV THEMES 13,204 COM/0074 MONTY PYTHON'S PREVIOUS RECORD MONTY PYTHON 13,205 COM/0129 MONY MONY T.JONES/SHONDELL 13,206 COM/0163 MOO WOO WOO Spike Jones 13,207 COL/0127 MOOD INDIGO ANDRE KOSTELANET 13,208 CW/0119 Charlie Rich 13,209 D/241 Moody Blue Elvis Presley 13,210 D/241 To be entered. 13,211 CM/0144 MOODY RIVER Pat Boone 13,212 D/315 MOOG INDIGO JEAN JACQUES PER 13,213 D/0334 MOON & I - ARABIAN NUSIC RON GOODWIN 13,214 COL/0212 MOON HATH RAISED HER LAMP ABOV F.RUSSELL/H.WILL 13,215 DC&BG/01 Moon Is High Harriet Hillyard 13,216 CH/0027 MOON IS SHINING MAZOWSZE 13,217 D/135 MOON OF MANAKOORA WOUT STEENHUIS 13,218 D/312 Moon River Andy Williams 13,219 D/240 Danny Williams 13,220 D/115 JOHNNY GREGORY 13,221 CS/A4/26 LIBERACE 13,222 CS/A3/41 MANCINI 13,223 D/243 RUSS CONWAY 13,224 D/240 To be entered. 13,225 D/312 13,226 D/135 WOUT STEENHUIS 13,227 CD\1858 MOON RIVER-BREAKFAST AT TITTAN HENRY MANCINI 13,228 CW/0167 MOON SHADOW Berni Flint 13,229 Cs/A1/20 Moonbeams Richard crooks 13,230 D/115 MOONGLOW REG TILSLEY 13,231 CM/0210 MOONING LOUIS ST.LOUIS+ 13,232 D/236 Moonlight & Roses Jim Reeves V1 13,233 CH/0010 R.A.F.BRISE NORT 13,234 CH/0010 RAF Brize Norton 13,235 D/236 To be entered. 13,236 CR/0257 MOONLIGHT BECOMES YOU AMBROSE 13,237 D/115 JOHNNY GREGORY 13,238 D/036 MOONLIGHT FIESTA MANUEL 13,239 CM/0170 MOONLIGHT LADY Albert Hammond 13,240 CD\1854b MOONLIGHT ON THE GANGES BILLY MAY 13,241 COL/0306 MOONLIGHT SAUNTER HARRY DAVIDSON 13,242 COL/0125 MOONLIGHT SAUNTER-YEARNING HARRY DAVIDSON 13,243 CH/0036 MOONLIGHT SONATA MARK HAMBOURG (P 13,244 D/292 PETER KATIN 13,245 D/292 PETER KATIN PIAN 13,246 CS/A2/06 RICHARDCLAYDERMN 13,247 CM/0032 MOONLIGHT SPECIAL Ray Stevens 13,248 COM/0157 13,249 CR/0472 MOONLIGHT THE DANUBE & YOU AMBROSE 13,250 CM/0758 MOONLIGHTING AL JARREAU 13,251 CM/0151 Leo Sayer 13,252 CH/0045 MOONLIT NIGHT Choir Red Army 13,253 D/016 MOONRAIN JAMES LAST+PJ&RL 13,254 D/191 MOONRAKER TV THEMES SiFi V 13,255 CM/0029 MOONSHADOW CAT STEVENS 13,256 CM/0176 13,257 CW/0115 MOONSHINE Toby Beau 13,258 COL/0052 MOONSHINE LULLABY DOLORES GRAY 13,259 CM/0467 MOONSHINE SALLY Mud 13,260 CM/0248 MOONSHOT Spotniks 13,261 CM/0372 MOOSE ON THE LOOSE Modern Romance 13,262 D/312 More Andy Williams 13,263 CM/0469 Aretha Franklin 13,264 CM/0443 Gene Pitney 13,265 CS/A4/26 LIBERACE 13,266 CS/A3/34 MANTOVANI 13,267 CR/0492 Perry Como 13,268 D/312 To be entered. 13,269 D/283 MORE ABOUT JESUS JACK WARD PIANO 13,270 D/283 To be entered. 13,271 D/136 MORE BACHARACH HITS To be entered. 13,272 COM/0150 MORE CARS JASPER CARROTT 13,273 D/102 MORE GOLDEN HAMMOND POPS To be entered. 13,274 CM/0310 MORE I LIVE (MORE I LOVE) DONALD CLARK OSM 13,275 CM/0008 MORE MORE MORE ANDREA TRUE CON 13,276 CM/0910 ANDREA TRUE CONN 13,277 CM/0216 MORE THAN A DREAM Stevie Wonder 13,278 CM/0211 MORE THAN A WOMAN Bee Gees 13,279 CM/0211 TAVARES 13,280 CM/0628 MORE THAN I CAN BEAR MATT BIANCO 13,281 CM/0033 MORE THAN I CAN SAY Bobby Vee 13,282 CM/0025 LEO SAYER 13,283 CM/0383 13,284 CS/A3/06 More than love Ken Dodd 13,285 CW/0001 More than we deserve ROY DRUSKY/PRISC 13,286 D/317 More Than You Know Mario Lanza 13,287 D/317 Mario Lanza. 13,288 D/317 To be entered. 13,289 CD\1859 Wally Stott Orch 13,290 COM/0009 MORE WORMS RONNIE BARKER 13,291 CH/0063 MORFAWR WYT TI Choir LdnWelshMV 13,292 D/242 MORGEN SAX IN GOLD 13,293 COL/0232 MORGENBLATTER WALTZ JOHANN STRAUSS 13,294 CW/0055 MORNIN' GLORY Bobbie Gentry 13,295 CW/0191 13,296 CM/0280 MORNING MOODY BLUES 13,297 CS/A4/15 MORNING - PEER GYNT LONDON FESTIVAL 13,298 D/119 MORNING AFTER JOHN SCOTT ORCH 13,299 COM/0054 MORNING AFTER THE NIGHT BEFORE BILLY CONNOLLY 13,300 CM/0368 MORNING CHANGE Norman Connors 13,301 CM/0486 MORNING CHILD Val Stoecklein 13,302 CM/0023 MORNING DANCE SPYRO GYRA 13,303 CM/0176 MORNING HAS BROKEN Cat Stevens 13,304 CM/0426 13,305 CS/A3/15 Salvation Army 13,306 D/133 VARIOUS SEE CARD 13,307 Cs/A1/27 MORNING IN CORNWALL JAMES LAST 13,308 Cs/A1/08 MORNING LIES HEAVY FUREY BROTHERS 13,309 CM/0402 MORNING MAN Rupert Holmes 13,310 CM/0230 MORNING NOON & NIGHT Gladys Knight/Pi 13,311 CS/A4/08 MORNING NOON & NIGHT OVERTURE HM WELSH GUARDS 13,312 CM/0489 MORNING OF MY LIFE Karlins 13,313 CS/A5/19 MORNING PAPERS BERLIN PHILHARM 13,314 CH/0089 Choir M/cr Boys 13,315 CS/A4/08 MORNING PAPERS WALTZ LONDON FESTIVAL 13,316 CM/0228 MORNING SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN Donny & Marie 13,317 COM/0136 MORRISTON LADIES MAGIC CIRCLE RUTH MADOC 13,318 CH/0001 MORTE CHRISTE Choir Treorchy 13,319 CW/0202 MOSE RANKIN George Hamilton 13,320 CW/0203 MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL Charlie Rich 13,321 D/244 13,322 CW/0118 13,323 CW/0190 13,324 D/251 Floyd Cramer 13,325 CS/A4/32 SHADOWS 13,326 D/247 13,327 D/244 To be entered. 13,328 D/251 13,329 CM/0905 TONY CHRISTIE 13,330 CW/0118 MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL - The Charlie Rich 13,331 CM/0016 MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WOR CHARLIE RICH 13,332 CM/0391 13,333 CW/0125 Slim Whitman 13,334 CW/0303 13,335 CW/0237 MOST OF ALL WHY Gene Watson 13,336 CH/0062 MOTETS (3) DANISH STATE RAD 13,337 CS/A2/03 Motets - 3 unaccompanied Worcs.Cath.Choir 13,338 COM/0013 MOTHER BROWN STORY MAX MILLER 13,339 CM/0359 MOTHER EARTH Kool 13,340 COM/0092 MOTHER GOOSE MEDLEY Spike Jones 13,341 D/0338/b Mother never told me it was an Beverley Sisters 13,342 CS/A5/18 Mother O' Mine Stuart Burrows 13,343 CH/0013 MOTHER OF MINE Angels of Korea 13,344 CM/0258 Impressions 13,345 CSM/0258 JIMMY OSMOND 13,346 CW/0150 MOTHER QUEEN OF MY HEART JIMMIE RODGERS 13,347 CM/0169 MOTHER'S LITTLE HELPER Rolling Stones 13,348 COM/0178 MOTHER-IN-LAW STAG 13,349 Cs/A1/32 MOTO PERPETUO JAMES GALWAY 13,350 CS/A4/09 MOTO PERPETUUM VIENNA FESTIVAL 13,351 COM/0097 MOTORCADE Vaughn Meader 13,352 CM/0047 MOTOWN GOLD VARIOUS ARTISTS 13,353 CM/0226 MOTOWN SPECIAL Osmonds 13,354 CW/0159 MOUNTAIN DEW Willie Nelson 13,355 CW/0159 Willy Nelson 13,356 CW/0271 MOUNTAIN DEW (MEDLEY - Instrum BARBARA MANDRELL 13,357 D/036 MOUNTAIN FIESTA To be entered. 13,358 CM/0039 MOUNTAIN OF LOVE HAROLD DORMAN 13,359 CS/A4/42 Mountain Road Dubliners 13,360 D/279 Mountains of Mourne Cliff Adams Sing 13,361 CW/0288 Foster & Allen 13,362 CS/A1/45 Peter Dawson 13,363 D/279 To be entered. 13,364 Cs/A1/20 Mounties Nelson Eddy 13,365 CH/0084 MOURNFUL IRON BELLS TEMPLE UNIVERSIT 13,366 D/311 MOURNFUL SERENADE MAX HARRIS & PEP 13,367 D/311 To be entered. 13,368 CM/0318 MOVE IN A LITTLE CLOSER, BAB MAMAS & PAPAS 13,369 CM/0425 MOVE ME BABY GWEN MCCRAE 13,370 D/0338/b Move over -Poor Whip-Pour-Will Beverley Sisters 13,371 D/287 MOVE TO HOLLYWOOD W.C. FIELDS ROUT 13,372 CM/0623 MOVE UP STARSKY MEXICANO 13,373 CM/0351 MOVE YOUR BODY MARSHALL JEFFERS 13,374 CM/0351 Slade 13,375 CM/0413 MOVIE MAN Osmonds 13,376 CM/0414 13,377 CM/0401 MOVING IN STEREO Cars 13,378 CM/0698 MOVING IN THE DIRECTION OF L CRAIG PRUESS 13,379 COM/0108 MOVING ON AGAIN Benny Hill 13,380 COM/0133 13,381 CS/A5/26 MOZART LISTENING TO APOLLO 100 13,382 COL/0426 MOZART QUARTETTE NO.15 LONDON STRING QU 13,383 CM/0488 MR & MRS.JONES BILLY PAUL 13,384 COM/0062 MR WU (IS IN THE CHINESE NAVY ALAN RANDALL 13,385 CM/0488 MR. & MRS. JONES BILLY PAUL 13,386 CW/0093 MR. & MRS. USED TO BE ERNEST TUBB 13,387 CW/0058 MR. BARMAN DUFFY BROS/RON R 13,388 CW/0260 NASSINGTON FLYER 13,389 CM/0387 MR. BARTENDER BROOK BENTON 13,390 CM/0349 MR. BASS MAN Lindisfarne 13,391 COM/0173 MR. BASSMAN Muppets 13,392 CM/0101 MR. BLUE SKY Electric Light O 13,393 CM/0485 MR. BLUNT KISSING THE PINK 13,394 CW/0224 Mr. BOJANGLES Tom T. Hall. 13,395 CM/0032 MR. BUSINESS MAN Ray Stevens 13,396 COM/0017 MR. CUSTER CHARLIE DRAKE 13,397 COM/0129 LARRY VERNE 13,398 COM/0157 Ray Stevens 13,399 COM/0104 MR. FREEZE Jan & Dean 13,400 CM/0301 MR. LION Marmalade 13,401 D/194 Mr. MAGOO TV GREATEST HITS 13,402 CR/0419 MR. MOON YOU'VE GOT A MILLION JIMMY LEACH 13,403 COL/0313 MR. PENNY ON GOVERNMENT SERVIC RICHARD GOOLDEN 13,404 CW/0158 Mr. RECORD MAN Willie Nelson 13,405 CW/0158 Willy Nelson 13,406 CM/0336 MR. SOLITAIRE Animal Nightlife 13,407 CM/0493 MR. TAMBOURINE MAN Bob Dylan 13,408 CM/0301 Marmalade 13,409 CM/0077 13,410 CW/0272 Mr. TING-A-LING (Steel Guitar Slim Whitman 13,411 CS/A2/21 Mr. Wonderful Vera Lynn 13,412 CM/0125 MR. WRONG Sade 13,413 COM/0062 MR. WU (IS IN THE CHINESE NAVY ALAN RANDALL 13,414 CM/0404 MR. YOU'RE A BETTER MAN THAN I Manfred Mann 13,415 CM/0387 MR.BARTENDER BROOK BENTON 13,416 CM/0349 MR.BASS MAN Lindisfarne 13,417 CD\1856b Mr.Blue Dave MacBeth 13,418 CM/0101 MR.BLUE SKY Electric Light O 13,419 CM/0485 MR.BLUNT KISSING THE PINK 13,420 CM/0032 MR.BUSINESS MAN Ray Stevens 13,421 COM/0017 MR.CUSTER CHARLIE DRAKE 13,422 COM/0157 Ray Stevens 13,423 CM/0301 MR.LION Marmalade 13,424 CR/0419 MR.MOON YOU'VE GOT A MILLION JIMMY LEACH 13,425 COL/0313 MR.PENNY ON GOVERNMENT SERVICE RICHARD GOOLDEN 13,426 CM/0336 MR.SOLITAIRE Animal Nightlife 13,427 CM/0493 MR.TAMBOURINE MAN Bob Dylan 13,428 CM/0301 Marmalade 13,429 CM/0077 13,430 D/057 Mr.WONDERFUL VARIOUS ORCH 13,431 CM/0125 MR.WRONG Sade 13,432 D/281 Mr.Wu Is In The Chinese Navy Alan Randall 13,433 CM/0404 MR.YOU'RE A BETTER MAN THAN I Manfred Mann 13,434 CM/0247 MRS. MURPHY SCOTT WALKER 13,435 CM/0181 MRS. ROBINSON Simon & Garfunke 13,436 CM/0187 MRS. VANDEBILT Wings 13,437 CM/0247 MRS.MURPHY SCOTT WALKER 13,438 CM/0910 MS GRACE TYMES 13,439 COM/0041 MUCH FIDDLING TOMMY HANDLEY 13,440 D/068 MUCH LOVED MUSIC To be entered. 13,441 CW/0323 MUCH TOO MUCH LOUISIANA LANNIS 13,442 COM/0061 MUCH-BINDING-IN-THE-MARSH HORNE MURDOCH DE 13,443 D/265 Mud mud Glorious mud - see Hip Flanders & Swann 13,444 D/265 To be entered. 13,445 CM/0469 MUDDY WATER Aretha Franklin 13,446 COM/0094 MUG JOB JASPER CARROTT 13,447 COM/0169 MULDOON THE GLUTTON Frankie Davidson 13,448 CW/0040 MULE SKINNER BLUES Dolly Parton 13,449 CW/0005 13,450 CW/0041 13,451 COM/0129 FENDERMEN 13,452 CM/0039 13,453 CW/0028 OSBORNE BROTHERS 13,454 CW/0001 RUSTY DRAPER 13,455 CW/0269 MULE SKINNER BLUES BLUE YODEL Dolly Parton 13,456 CW/0228 MULE SKINNER BLUES/BLUE YODEL Dolly Parton 13,457 CW/0209 MULESKINNER BLUES BILL MONROE 13,458 CW/0230 CARL JACKSON 13,459 CW/0288 MULL OF KINTYRE Foster & Allen 13,460 D/133 VARIOUS SEE CARD 13,461 CM/0465 Wings 13,462 D/276 Mull of the Cool Bens Kenneth McKellar 13,463 D/276 To be entered. 13,464 CW/0028 MULSKINNER BLUES OSBORNE BROTHERS 13,465 COM/0022 MUMMY WILL WORRY BLASTER BATES 13,466 CM/0266 MUNCHKINLAND MECO 13,467 D/194 MUPPET SHOW TV GREATEST HITS 13,468 COM/0148 MUPPET SHOW THEME Muppets 13,469 COM/0173 13,470 COM/0094 MUPPETS JASPER CARROTT 13,471 CS/A2/06 MURMURS (LIEBESLIED) RICHARDCLAYDERMN 13,472 CM/0823 MUSCLES Diana Ross 13,473 CS/A4/05 Musetta's Waltz Song Deanna Durbin 13,474 CM/0241 MUSIC Carole King 13,475 CH/0027 MAZOWSZE 13,476 CM/0485 MUSIC AND LIGHTS IMAGINATION 13,477 CS/A2/27 MUSIC BOX TUNE JOHN WILLAMS GUI 13,478 CM/0175 MUSIC BRINGS OUT THE BEAST IN Edwin Starr 13,479 CH/0032 MUSIC IN MY HEART Choir Luton Girl 13,480 D/128 MUSIC MAESTRO PLEASE JACK HYLTON 13,481 CM/0224 MUSIC MAKIN' Osmonds 13,482 CW/0298 MUSIC MAN ARTHUR BLANCH 13,483 CM/0204 MUSIC MUST CHANGE Who 13,484 COM/0177 MUSIC TEACHER P.COOK/D.MOORE 13,485 COM/0077 MUSIC TEACHER-THE COOK/MOORE 13,486 COM/0040 MUSICAL EVENING STEPTOE & SON 13,487 COL/0007 MUSICAL JIG-SAW COURT SYMPHONY 13,488 COL/0274 REGAL CINEMA ORC 13,489 Cs/A1/08 MUSICAL PRIEST/BLACKTHORN STIC DUBLINERS 13,490 CS/A3/26 MUSICAL WORLD -APPROX 44 TUNES CHARLIE KUNZ 13,491 CM/0756 MUSIQUE NON STOP KRAFTWERK 13,492 CH/0096 MUSKRAT RAMBLE HOVE HARMONISERS 13,493 CH/0022 MUSS I DENN Choir Treorchy 13,494 CS/A2/15 MUST BE MADISON JOE LOSS 13,495 CS/XM/01 Must be Santa Alma Cogan 13,496 CM/0271 MUSTANG SALLY SOUL 13,497 CM/0271 WILSON PICKETT 13,498 CW/0283 MY ABODE HACIENDA PEE WEE KING 13,499 CW/0314 MY ADOBE HACIENDA SONS OF THE PURP 13,500 COL/0337 MY AIN FOLK ETHEL HOOK 13,501 CW/0115 MY ANGEL BABY Toby Beau 13,502 CM/0480 MY ARMS KEEP MISSING YOU RICK ASTLEY 13,503 CW/0030 MY ARMS STAY OPEN LATE Tammy Wynette 13,504 CW/0178 13,505 CM/0069 MY BABY Temptations 13,506 D/195 My baby just cares for me Bing Crosby 13,507 D/195 To be entered. 13,508 CM/0400 MY BABY LEFT ME Creedence Clearw 13,509 CM/0380 Elvis 13,510 CM/0380 Elvis Presley 13,511 CM/0419 MY BABY LOVES LOVIN' Pipkins 13,512 CM/0112 WHITE PLAINS 13,513 CM/0401 MY BEST FRIEND'S GIRL Cars 13,514 CM/0080 MY BLUE HEAVEN Dave Clark Five 13,515 CW/0157 Marty Robbins 13,516 CS/A5/21 Robert White 13,517 CW/0041 MY BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAIN BOY Dolly Parton 13,518 CW/0004 My blue tears Dolly Parton 13,519 CW/0146 MY BLUE-EYED JANE Hank Snow 13,520 COM/0017 MY BOOMERANG WON'T COME BACK CHARLIE DRAKE 13,521 D/241 My boy Elvis Presley 13,522 D/241 To be entered. 13,523 CM/0040 MY BOY LOLLIPOP Best of 50/60s 13,524 CM/0040 Best of 50s/60s 13,525 D/004 JAMES LAST 13,526 COM/0085 MY BRIDESMAID AND I BARRY HUMPHRIES 13,527 D/128 MY BROTHER MAKES THE NOISES JACK PAYNE 13,528 CH/0044 MY BRUDDA SYLVESTE Choir St Winifre 13,529 CW/0116 MY BUCKET'S GOT A HOLE IN IT Hank Williams 13,530 CW/0309 13,531 CW/0305 MY BUDDY Slim Whitman 13,532 CR/0517 MY CABIN OF DREAMS DICK ROBERTSON 13,533 CW/0171 MY CAROLINA HOME George Hamilton 13,534 CM/0036 MY CHERIE AMOUR Stevie Wonder 13,535 CM/0216 13,536 CM/0652 TRIPLE'S CONNECT 13,537 CM/0430 MY CHILD Connie Francis 13,538 CW/0273 MY CONFESSION Ray Price 13,539 CM/0140 MY COO CA CHOO Alvin Stardust 13,540 D/069 MY CUP RUNNETH OVER CARLINI'S STRING 13,541 CM/0177 MY DADDY IS A MILLIONAIRE Peter Sarstedt 13,542 CH/0018 MY DEAR MOTHER Choir Red Army 13,543 CH/0019 13,544 CW/0326 MY DEAR OLD ARIZONA HOME REX ALLEN 13,545 COL/0051 MY DEFENCES ARE DOWN BILL JOHNSON 13,546 CR/0257 MY DEVOTION AMBROSE 13,547 CW/0327 MY DREAM HILLBILLY HALEY 13,548 CW/0025 MY ECSTACY MURRAY/CAMPBELL 13,549 CW/0025 MY ECSTASY ANNE MURRAY/GLEN 13,550 D/251 My elusive dreams Bobby Gentry & G 13,551 D/248 Charlie Rich 13,552 CW/0294 DON GIBSON 13,553 CW/0272 Slim Whitman 13,554 CW/0286 Tammy Wynette 13,555 CW/0019 TAMMY WYNETTE/GE 13,556 D/248 To be entered. 13,557 D/251 13,558 CM/0453 MY EYES ADORED YOU Frankie Vali + 13,559 CW/0096 MY EYES CAN ONLY SEE Charlie Pride 13,560 CW/0096 MY EYES CAN ONLY SEE AS FAR AS Charlie Pride 13,561 Cs/A1/10 MY FAIR LADY - IN THE STREET- JAMES LAST 13,562 D/189 MY FAVOURITE MARTIAN TV THEMES 13,563 Cs/A1/11 MY FAVOURITE POLKAS JAMES LAST 13,564 CM/0325 MY FAVOURITE WASTE OF TIME OWEN PAUL 13,565 CM/0555 13,566 COM/0072 MY FEET START TAPPING ADOLPH BABEL 13,567 COM/0109 13,568 CW/0003 My Filipino Rose Hank Snow 13,569 CR/0477 MY FIRST LOVE TO LAST LEO REISMAN 13,570 CM/0145 MY FIRST NIGHT ALONE WITHOUT Y David Cassidy 13,571 D/1715 My foolish Heart Joan Regan 13,572 CM/0444 Tom Jones 13,573 CM/0357 MY FRIEND Edwin Starr 13,574 CM/0242 MY FRIEND'S WIFE Darts 13,575 D/195 My funny valentine Bing Crosby 13,576 CD\1859 David Whittaker 13,577 D/195 To be entered. 13,578 COM/0108 MY GARDEN OF LOVE Benny Hill 13,579 COM/0133 13,580 CM/0135 MY GENERATION Who 13,581 CM/0148 MY GIRL Al Green 13,582 CM/0258 Impressions 13,583 CSM/0258 JIMMY OSMOND 13,584 CM/0319 MAMAS & PAPAS 13,585 CM/0321 MAMAS & THE PAPA 13,586 CM/0069 Temptations 13,587 CM/0344 13,588 CM/0035 13,589 CM/0033 MY GIRL - HEY GIRL (MEDLEY) Bobby Vee 13,590 CM/0138 MY GIRL LOLLIPOP Bad Manners 13,591 CM/0485 13,592 CM/0323 MY GIRL LOVES ME Shalamar 13,593 CH/0008 MY GOD I LOVE THEE Choir Salisbury 13,594 CR/0112 MY GOLDEN BABY (FOX-TROT) JOE LOSS 13,595 CW/0030 MY GOOD LOOKING Tammy Wynette 13,596 CW/0178 13,597 COM/0136 MY GRANDFATHER TOLD ME TALFRYN THOMAS 13,598 CH/0090 MY GRANDFATHER'S CLOCK CHOIR CESTRIAN 13,599 CW/0239 MY GRASS IS GREEN Roy Drusky 13,600 CW/0262 13,601 CM/0035 MY GUY MARY WELLS 13,602 CM/0163 13,603 CM/0455 13,604 CM/0430 MY HAPPINESS Connie Francis 13,605 D/161 13,606 CW/0279 13,607 CW/0011 LLOYD GREEN/PETE 13,608 D/251 Skeeter Davis 13,609 CW/0151 MY HAPPY HEART SINGS Marty Robbins 13,610 COL/0329 MY HEART & I LUTON GIRLS CHOI 13,611 CS/A1/40 Richard Tauber 13,612 CH/0032 MY HEART AND I Choir Luton Girl 13,613 CW/0279 MY HEART CRIES FOR YOU Connie Francis